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FRANKLIN, RON   - ST  ( Dylanesque folk rock )-   CD

FRANKLIN, RON - ST ( Dylanesque folk rock )- CD

Manufacturer: ALIVE
SKU: 7685
Price: $8.00

As a singer-songwriter-guitarist from his adopted hometown of Memphis TN, Ron Franklin's music brings you back to the time when the urban and the rural, the folk and the blues were not far apart. With an impeccable underground pedigree which includes bands such as The Natural Kicks and The Entertainers, as well as a brief stint with Love and the late Arthur Lee, Ron's music is part of the legacy of the wellspring of Southern sound. This self-titled album is an amazing achievement, timeless and transcending generations. "Ron Franklin's heart beats to traditional American music, the kind that's as right for country nights as it is for city lights-it's a Southern thing. Down there they call him the Rambler and it's not because he's a talker: he likes to stay on the move. Like musicians on a mission before him, from Bob Dylan to the Black Keys, Franklin went in search of his musical heroes-and found them-down on Highway 61." - Crawdaddy. "Ron Franklin is a young, super talented guitar and mandolin playin singer with a lonesome but rockin' voice, knows music, especially blues and old music, writes great new songs." - Peter Case

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