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ANTIPODEAN SCREAMS Vol 2 Best of Oz Garage Underground - DBL COMP CD

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    BEST IN OZ GARAGE UNDERGROUND! 25 TRAX 25 track comp highlighting the Aussie scene. Feat. Shutdown 66, Asteroid B-612, Stoneage Hearts, Hands Of Time, Frantics, etc. 12 page booklet eith photos and liners. ImpORT



    1-01             –The Persian Rugs             St. Peter's Infirmary            

    1-02             –The Pink Fits             Dishwasher Blues            

    1-03             –The Shimmys             Highschool Honey            

    1-04             –Johnny Casino And The Secrets             Keep On Keepin' On            

    1-05             –Thee Mysterious Tapeman*             Ace Of Spades            

    1-06             –Dolly Rocker Movement             Get Up Au Go Go            

    1-07             –Los Hories             Dead Town            

    1-08             –Straight Arrows             Can't Count            

    1-09             –Voodoo Savage & His Savages             Cave Girl            

    1-10             –The White Swallows             Wannabee            

    1-11             –The Stoneage Hearts             Sick Of You            

    1-12             –The Damned Evangelist             Damn You            

    1-13             –The Unfuckable             Turkish Delight            

    1-14             –The Molting Vultures             Hang Up            

    1-15             –Wal Purgis And The Werewolves             Going To The River            

    1-16             –The Sailors             Bury Your Problems            

    1-17             –Knife Fight (3)             Out Of The Window            

    1-18             –The Lords Of Gravity             Paranoid Mind            

    2-01             –The Stems             Move Me '07            

    2-02             –The Booby Traps             What A Guy Can't Do            

    2-03             –The Tash Mints             Dog Tired            

    2-04             –The Mess Makers             Discomfort            

    2-05             –Grande Cobra             Choke            

    2-06             –Mink Jaguar             You've Got The Answers            

    2-07             –Digger & The Pussycats             I Want You            

    2-08             –The Frowning Clouds             Dirty Girl            

    2-09             –The New Invincibles             Fist            

    2-10             –The Bloody Souls             Shitsville            

    2-11             –The Devil Dolls             Bring Me Down            

    2-12             –The Homicides             Babysitter            

    2-13             –Ripping Dylans             Kids            

    2-14             –The Elephant Gods             Take Me Away            

    2-15             –The Beach Chromers             Surfin' U.F.O.            

    2-16             –Wrong Turn             Gelatin Pyramids            

    2-17             –Thee Psycho Delmatics             Mr. Brown            

    2-18             –Boss Christ             Party At Boss Christs' House            

    2-19             –The Crusaders (3)             She's So Good            

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