LOUISVILLE in the 60s - The Lost Allen Martin Tapes COMP CD -

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Since the 1960’s,  the Allen-Martin Studio in Louisville was the place to record for most of the bands in the region. 

In 2006 when Ray Allen and Hardy Martin retired, the studio closed, a group of music lovers (Jay Petach, Marvin Maxwell & Ed Amick) stepped in to rescue the tapes for the all of bands who had recorded there over the last forty-plus years .

After a careful down select process, we chose these 18 previously unreleased tracks as the best representation of the over 100+ songs we sorted through:

1) Doug Cook- British Invasion

2) The Oxfords- Earth and Sea

3)  Debbie Tuggle- Lonesometown

4) The Rugbys-I Want You Baby

5) JB & the Young Wheels- Silly Girl 

6) The Waters- Drive Me Mad

7) The Illusions- Just Be You

8) The Keyes- Dear, Mr. Fantasy

9). Free Reign- Drink Your Wine

10). Conception- Babylon

11) Copperfield Recollection

12) Company Front- Blackbird

13) Debbie Tuggle- The Days I Have With You

14) The Premieres- Nothing Lasts Forever

15). Brothers Pride- Let The Music Play

16). Roc- Open Up

17) Blues- Rats In My Room

18). Magnificent 7- I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Anybody