BIG STIR MAGAZINE #1- ARmoires, Plasticsoul .. BOOKS & MAGS

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Premiere Issue! Lovingly created by and for the international Big Stir music community, Big Stir Magazine is a 21st Century spin on the classic Zine format, published quarterly. Not just music reviews and features (although we have those, from some of the best critics out there), it's just as much a lifestyle journal, with the prime movers from your favorite bands musing on whatever may strike them: books, food, culture, history, and of course records and live shows. All 36 pages are packed with original illustrations and comics from the contributors, designed by the always-brilliant Champniss of London, making Big Stir Magazine a feast for the eyes as well as the mind and soul. As diverse, whimsical, and loose as the community it represents, BSM aims to be an antidote to the divisiveness that too often pervades social media, and a reminder that music, now more than ever, can and must bring people together. Contributors to Issue 1 include Carl Cafarelli (This Is Rock & Roll Radio), Rex Broome (The Armoires) and his daughters Miranda and Ridley, Steven Wilson (Plasticsoul), Blake Jones (Blake Jones & the Trike Shop), Peter Watts (Spygenius), Patrick "Pooch" DiPuccio (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), Sumishta Brahm (13 Frightened Girls), Christina Bulbenko (The Armoires) and her daughter Larysa, Andy Rennie (The Fast Camels), John Borack (Goldmine Magazine, Popdudes), David Bash (International Pop Overthrow Festival), Keith Klingensmith (The Legal Matters, Futureman Records), Jeff Charreaux (The Walker Brigade) and Andy Creighton (The World Record). Also included are special interviews as Big Stir Annoys the Women of Pop: Ella Pearson (Hux & the Hitmen), Karla Kane (The Corner Laughers), Lindsay Murray (Gretchen's Wheel), Ruth Rogers (Spygenius), Christina (The Armoires) and Teresa Cowles (Pacific Soul LTD and Mod Hippie among many others)!