27 DEVILS JOKING- SMELLS LIKE FUN (1989 twisted psych with R.K. Sloan) LP

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Rare early Dionysus Records album from 1989 featuring some twisted psychedelica from New Mexico's 27 Devils Joking - Note that the album cover is by the legendary (and unfortunately departed) R.K. Sloan. with insert.

Sometimes These Words Don't Mean Anything
Ghost Train
Why Is Asparagus Purple Like A Dog
Once Again
Good As Gold
Chicken Head
Don't Interrupt Me, I'm Stepping On Reptiles
All Up Hill
Down On This Ground
Luxury Should Not Be Confused With Need

27 Devils Joking was a music group started in 1985 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by former Delinquents (an Austin punk band that recorded with Lester Bangs) member Brian Curley. Brian started out on bass and vocals, with Chip Holz on drums, and Jamie Bigelow on guitar. One of the few hardcore punk bands in New Mexico at the time, 27 Devils Joking played a seminal part in the New Mexico punk scene. Each release from them took the band in new directions, eventually being on the forefront of the grunge scene until their demise in 1993.