ALL TOMORROW's PARTY - Yoo Doo Right (60s style Japanese psych) CD

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A modern acid-gobbling mélange of Hendrixian guitar, sonorous bass and hissing maracas, performed by a Japanese space-rock trio with musical roots in the ’60s and '70s.

“Music this passionate and memorable comes around but rarely, I suggest you grab a slice of the cake and have yourself a real good time.” - Terrascope. “Dark, psychedelic, and always passionate.” – The Sentimentalist


1 Sympathy For The Junkies  
2 Love Can Bring You Down  
3 Light Of Love  
4 In Shade Of Blue  
5 Healer  
6 Cracked  
7 Juliette  
8 Fever  
9 As Tears Go By  
10 Bad Bee Says  
11 Sure Love  
12 The Night Porter