ANTORCHA - ST ( lncredible late 60s/early 70s anarchistic acid/psych rock tracks ) LP

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Housed in nice gatefold cover, with liner notes, pictures, discography and poster insert.

Official limited edition vinyl from the original masters, featuring incredible late 60s/early 70Õs anarchistic acid/psych rock tracks with fuzz, organs and all around great vibe.

After the split of Las Antorchas, Victor Motta Aviles and band mate Omar Cortes Gavi–o teamed up with Victor's brother Guillermo and continued as Antorcha. Along with N‡huatl and Toncho Pilatos, Antorcha were one of the few groups in Mexico that managed to break the influences of foreign bands and government oppression and find their own (demented) sound. In fact, Antorcha set out to cerate an anarchist awareness among young people in the era; they understood anarchy as respect to youth, the right to free-thinking, and breaking political and religious taboos.

And the music is acid psychedelic rock, with intelligent use of fuzz guitar and a strong rhythm section. Greats stuff from start to finish, all originals that we can easily rate as some of the best psych rock ever made in Mexico! This LP has all of the band's EP and single tracks, plus one from their only album, which came out at the end of their career


A1 En El Jardín Del Edén  
A2 Grass  
A3 Going Down...  
A4 La Tierra  
A5 Crisálida  
B1 Sodomáquina  
B2 Inconclusa  
B3 Mira  
B4 Bracero  
B5 Intento No. 2  
B6 Quiero Vivir