APHRODITE'S CHILD- It's Five O Clock (1969 pop psych )CD

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Three bonus tracks include rare singles; lyrics and photos too in the 16-page booklet.

The first single, ‘Let Me Love, Let Me Live,’ released in October 1969, made it to a number one position in the French charts, but it was the B-side ‘Marie Jolie’ that was most popular in the rest of Europe.

The title track ‘It's Five O'clock’ quickly followed the same path; released in December 1969, it did well in the charts of many European countries. Dream-like, baroque, carefully crafted pop/psych with English lyrics, in some ways very much in the style of English bands of the era, but with that little twist that makes it very special.




1 It's Five O'Clock 3:33
2 Wake Up 4:07
3 Take Your Time 2:41
4 Annabella 3:47
5 Let Me Love, Let Me Live 4:45
6 Funky Mary 4:13
7 Good Time So Fine 2:48
8 Marie Jolie 4:44
9 Such A Funny Night 4:37
  Bonus Tracks
10 Pathenon 4:40
11 Spring, Summer, Winter And Fall 4:56
12 Air 4:18