BARRACUDAS - Through the Mysts of Time (70s surf rock garage demos & outtakes) BLACK VINYL LP

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This London-based Anglo-American band, whose members include Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), David Buckley (bass), and Nick Turner (drums), was formed in 1979 and scored a U.K. chart hit in 1980 with the neo-surf song "Summer Fun."

Turner and Buckley left after the release of the first album Drop Out With the Barracudas (1981) and were replaced by Jim Dickson and Terry Smith. Chris Wilson also joined on guitar.

This quintet made the second and third albums, Meantime and Endeavour to Preserve, which were released only in France. The Barracudas disbanded in December 1984, but re-formed in 1989. In the wake of the '70s London punk scene, the Barracudas sought to pick up the pieces.

Their punkish attitude comes from a red-hot, enthusiastic amateurism. The band melded together the sounds of pop surfers like Jan & Dean with hip urban post-garage rockers like Flamin' Groovies and song-oriented '60s ensembles like the Byrds. The result of this formula is infectious, unexpected, and raw. This collection comprises demos, outtakes, and alternate versions from the same era as the Drop Out and Meantime LPs. A running commentary on each track by former members Robin Wills and Jeremy Gluck make for entertaining and informative liner notes. --- by Tom Schulte, All Music Guide


Dont Let Go
Neighborhood Girls
1965 Again
His Last Summer
Surfers Are Back
Little Red Book

I Want My Woody Back
Subway Surfin
Tokyo Rose
Summer Fun
Grammar of Misery
On A Sunday
Ballad of a Liar