BIG MIDNIGHT - Everything For The First Time ( Former RICHMOND SLUTS, great POWER POP)LAST COPIES!LP

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Nice power pop/garage album from Shea & Chris from Richmond Sluts. Big Midnight is yet another band with shaggy hair and bad attitude joining such luminaries as the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Vue, Warlocks, the Agenda, and Richmond Sluts in the retro-as-if-retro-never-happened category. “Think Iggy doing the Stones a la Sin City and you'll know just what to expect from Big Midnight on the album 'Everything for the First Time'. With a sound that knocks spots off the current scuzzy would-be 60's garage bands, it's loud and proud. As lovingly put together as a Sire-period Groovies record.” - Bucketfull of Brains



A1 Doin' All Right 3:44
A2 Little Miss Mercy 3:01
A3 All The Dreams 4:04
A4 Neglect Yourself 3:31
A5 Treat Me Too Bad 4:33
A6 Push On You 4:26
B1 Gotta Get Down 3:52
B2 Spent Too Much 4:06
B3 Take The Blow 3:44
B4 When Shadows Come Alive 3:39
B5 Make It 3:17
B6 Trying To Get By 2:52