BILLYLEE JANEY -No Saints Ringin The Bells (classic hard rock from ex Truth and Janey guitarist)- CD

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Legendary Iowa Rock Hall of Fame guitarist Billylee Janey has been bending strings since the late 60s, and released his first single in the early 70s with his hard rock band, Truth and Janey. Since, he’s released more than fifteen albums and had guest appearances on many more, been elected to the Iowa Rock Hall of Fame, received a Grammy entry mention, appeared on stage with Buddy Guy and Little Ed, was featured in Bo Diddley’s backing band, and played more than 600 major shows in the USA and Canada. His recordings with 70s rock band Truth and Janey have been featured in several books on 70s hard rock and have achieved cult status. Billylee continues to write and release new material in the blues and classic rock genres and gig almost non-stop. Up next for Billylee is his fourth release for the Rockadrome label, “No Saints Ringin’ the Bells”, which hit the streets in the Spring of 2011.