Dec 18, 2020


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CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL -6 CD Box Set Includes 78-pages booklet Label:FANTASY With Pre Creedence material, mono and stereo. Not sealed but MINT CDs, box has a few scuffs. CD $40 SKU:24121

CURE- Join The Dots -4 CD BOX SET SEALED, MArk thru bar codeLabel:RHINO /FICTION B-Sides & Rarities 1978>2001 The Fiction Years Sampler CD $30 SKU:24124

FAME STUDIOS STORY - 1961 1973- Home of the Muscle Shoals Sound -3 x CD, Compilation, Stereo, Mono unsealed, MINT CD, box has a few scuffs Label:KENT Includes 82-page hardcover book. CD $30 SKU:24127

JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON Gangster of Love Collection -4 CD WOODEN BOX SET Label:COLLECTABLES NOT SEALED BUT MINT Packaged longbox style, they represent the seamless fusion of Watson's ability to play blues, old-school R&B, funk and disco all at the same time. There are 27 cuts here, all of them with stellar, elaborate arrangements, and Watson's constant sense of groove is ongoing, whether it's a ballad, a call and response anthem, or a nasty funk jam. Add to this the composer's ability to play the living hell out of the guitar and you have the most successful artist -- outside of B.B. King perhaps -- to wed his original blues to the changing trends in black music of the day. CD $75 SKU:24125

NEIL YOUNG Archives Vol. 1: 1963-1972 -SEALED, Label:REPRISE 8-CD version of Archives, released with poster and 24-page booklet. Includes two previously released live albums from Neil Young Archives Performance Series: Live At The Fillmore East (released 2006) and Live At Massey Hall 1971 (released 2008).
CD $225 SKU:24123

RITZ CARLTON - IS NOW INSIDE YOU (garage/rockabilly/psychotic lounge) -Label:CACOPHONE Ritz Carlton magically appeared as Los Straitjackets merch man on several tours over the last decade, singing a few songs at every show and the crowd always went berserk! This Debut LP is a wild mix of garage punk, rockabilly, and psychotic lounge music! CD $15 SKU:24108

SOUL HITS OF the 70s - Didnt it Blow Your Mind Vol 1-5- 5 CD BOX SET Label:RHINO SEALED, MARK THRU BAR CODE CD $50 SKU:24126

VELVET UNDERGROUND- Loaded: Fully Loaded EditionLabel: DBL CD in 3-D slipcase p/s, inside limited edition red velvet bag + sticker) The last VU record featuring Lou Reed – and therefore in-all-but-name-only the final VU record – didn’t make stars of the band either, despite a concerted studio effort to gussy things up and the appearance of two eventual staples of classic rock radio. The slinky “Sweet Jane” and “Rock and Roll” – a straight-ahead rocker featuring Reed in full-on NYC hustler street-patter mode – became anthems of the age and ironic examples of how “pop” the band could have sounded without losing its darker, street-wise nature. The band had been dropped by their jazz-oriented label Verve and signed to Atlantic’s imprint Cotillion, where label owner Ahmet Ertegun allegedly asked the band to keep the drug and dark-side references off a record he hoped would be “loaded with hits” -- hence the snarky, double-entendre title. And while there may not have been anything as obvious as “Heroin” or “Venus In Furs” here, Reed’s songs don’t waver much from their dark-underbelly and loneliness themes, even if the narratives come in the band’s most accessible songs. “New Age” (sung by John Cale replacement Doug Yule) features an encounter between a star-struck fan and washed-up film actor suffering from the same debilitating loneliness; the doo wop-flavored “I Found A Reason” may include Yule’s chuckle-worthy, spoken-word lament in the bridge -- “I’ve walked down life’s lonely highways/hand-in-hand with myself” -- but with its graceful pace and Reed’s Zen-like chorus (“what comes is better than what came before”) the song reads transcendent; and with “Who Loves the Sun,” “Lonesome Cowboy Bill” and the 7-minute stretch-out “Oh, Sweet Nuthin’” (all sung by Yule, by the way), you can hear permeating effect country rock was having throughout the late-60s landscape. Portions of the record were excised by the label – including a whole verse and bridge from “Sweet Jane” and a short portion of “Rock and Roll” – which allegedly led to Reed’s departure, though that’s disputed by other VU members on the record. Those, incidentally, did not include drummer Mo Tucker, who was pregnant during the making of the album. (Thirty years later Loaded: The Fully Loaded Edition was released, which restored the excised song parts and added alternate takes and outtakes, of which “Ocean” is the obvious highlight.) CD $50 SKU:24122