Jan 22, 2021


It’s been a while, I know. Between Covid and Brexit, it’s been a long haul, but finally a nice batch of new arrivals AND restocks from overseas. Dig in!

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ATLAS -JUST PLAYIN' RHYTHM & BLUES(60s Hungarian beat/soul)Label:KEPT ALIVE This CD features the music of the very first period of Atlas, the great Hungarian beat/soul band. In the early '60s they played mainly rhythm and blues and some guitar instrumentals. The recordings were made in 1965, with just one magnetophone and one mike. Most of the tracks were recorded in Buda Youth Park, a very popular outdoor venue of the age. The five bonus tracks are taken from a long-forgotten demo recording. The CD comes with a 8-page booklet with pics and the band's early story in Hungarian. Limited to 300 copies. CD $15 SKU:24236

DOUBLE FEATURE CREATURE - RETURN(File under Incredibly Weird Garage Music)Label:TEEN SOUND High in the mid 90's the DFC, a deranged and totally obscure/underrated combo hailing From Totonto, Canada shocked local audienced with their unique blend of distorted fuzzy guitars,(deliciously outta tune) vocals and basic riffs stolen from the US garage punk combos of the 60's. Add enough crazy psychness, stomping drums and screams and you nearly get an idea what we're talking about. BEWARE this is sick, in a positive way...ehehehe. Forget the Pandoras and the Brood clean retro garage thang, bthis is a wild buncha teen gals going crazy all the way...and we dare you to drink their homemade cup of LSD up! CD $18 SKU:24239

PINK CIGS -ST (70s style acid blues garage) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Pink Cigs are truly inspired by the '70s kind of sound and they can write songs like if they were living back in the '70s. The sound is devoted to the low-fi, raw rock n' roll of the Freak Age, mixed with a lot of cool guitar riffs, and groovy drumming. The attitude is the one you could find back in the days, they play a unique sound of acid rock, fuzz rock, heavy blues, garage psych. They are sons of the magik trinity: Stooges, Blue Cheer and MC5 but also perfect for fans of early Pentagram, Witchfinder General and Black Sabbath. CD $17 SKU:24048

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT- END OF FOREVER - STONER PSYCH , for Radio Moscow fans -Label:ELECTRIC MAGIC Samsara Blues Experiment, one of the heavyweights of German psychedelic rock are leaving the scene, but anything but silently! 'End Of Forever' consists of seven songs. Compared to the 2017 album 'One Of The Universe' - which was defined in particular by the elaborate, 15-minute title track - the listeners will again experience a very organic production and a self-reflective bow in the direction of the early days of the band, without copying themselves. What is striking is the almost equal use of keyboards and synthesizers next to the guitar, which again and again manage to create a great atmosphere, not infrequently reminiscent of bands like Pink Floyd in the seventies - not necessarily from the sound, but simply from the craftsmanship with which they manage to send the listener on a journey, where destination and return are indeterminate and solely at the discretion and imagination of the listener - if he gets involved. With 'End Of Forever' Samsara Blues Experiment created a farewell statement, which already makes you want to see them again." (Rockblog Bluesspot) CD $19 SKU:24221

SURVIVOR -ALL YOUR PRETTY MOVES (1979 Louisiana hard rock meets classic metal) Label:ROCKADROME Reissue of 1979 Louisiana hard rock meets metal classic and collector's item with a sound inspired by Thin Lizzy, UFO, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest, highlighted by the outstanding guitars of Pat O'Hara and Paul Restovich! Includes bonus non-LP cut! This group later evolved into the Christian heavy metal group Philadelphia, who released 2 albums. Finally available again after over a decade, now on the Rockadrome label. This was originally released on their own label in 1979. Digipak with 4-panel insert with liner notes, lyrics and photos. CD $19 SKU:24272

BLUE LIPSTICK-34 GLORIOUS GIRL POP GEMS FROM THE MID-SIXTIES-Label:TEENSVILLE Presented on CD, including a 28-page booklet with extensive liner notes, is a delightful 34-track collection of rather obscure girl-sung '60s pop. Featured artists/groups include The Debs, Heather, Patricia-Anne, The Candy Girls, Joani Camp, The 4 Making Do, Ronni Wallis, Pam Dickinson, Georgetta Banks, The Lornettes, Toni Stante, Donna Lynn, The Reasons, Pat Powdrill, The Lollipops, Susan Sands, Debbie Burton and many more. COMP CD $17 SKU:24015

FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES 60 Miles High- Issued on 180-GRAM RED VINYL is a collection of prime '60s fuzz-rich garage-punk obscurities. The blueprint for punk rock metal, indie pop and grunge lays here. Adolescent angst, juvenile fun... call it what you like, but teenage kicks don't get any better than this! The LP comes in a hand-numbered sleeve with a 4-page vinyl booklet featuring liner notes and rare photographs. COMP LP $21 SKU:23983

IT'S A MONSTER BASH PARTY, VOL. 1-20 Creepy 50's-60's Halloween Smashers! RED GREEN VINYL Label:NOW SOUND COOL cover art by Canadian comic artist Darren Merinuk and also a LARGE poster inside done by the same madman!! Back is full colour with pictures of bands and labels. To make this release perfect it's pressed on groovy ghoulie red/green vinyl! COMP LP $19 SKU:24238

PLUNDERED, VOL. 2-THE MUMMIES UNWRAPPED PART 1 -Label:RED BARON A collection of primitive rock'n'roll that inspired The Mummies! COMP LP $25 SKU:24289

BEATRICE-TAMADAS! (70s Hungarian power trio) Label:KEPT ALIVE Punkish, boogie-ish, ironical, but at its roots it is blues rock - played by a Hungarian power trio (guitar/bass/drums) and led by Nagy Feró, singer and lyric writer. Beatrice caused a huge scandal in Communist Hungary during their 1978-1981 period, which ended with a total ban of the band! Here is their legendary September 1980 gig played for a public of 10.000 fans, titled 'Támadás!' (Attack!). Some excerpts were already published, but the entire set remained unreleased to this day. Limited to hand numbered 350 copies. LP $32 SKU:24231

CADDY - TEN TIMES FOUR (powerpop!) ONE ONLY Label:SUGARBUSH Caddy features Tomas Dahl, known as the drummer of Turbonegro and The Yum Yums. Another very fine selection of fantastic songs, this really is the last word in powerpop, influenced by bands as diverse as The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, The Shadows and Kraftwerk. With fantastic production, a killer cut and a fantastic sound, this 140 gram pressing is housed in a PVC lined inner for added protection. Only 300 copies pressed, this is expected to sell out very quickly. LP $25 SKU:24115

COVEN (USA) -(USA) WITCHCRAFT DESTROYS MINDS AND REAPS SOULS (1969)Label:REAL GONE Repress on fire and brimstone vinyl. Released in 1969 at the height of hysteria about satanism whipped up by the Manson killings, the album was withdrawn by the Dunwich label after a photo surfaced of Charles Manson carrying a copy. Whether it was coincidence, influence, or good old show biz imitation, Coven's 1969 album featuring the lead-off track 'Black Sabbath' was released the same year as the formation of the more popular heavy metal band. To make the story more even interesting, Coven featured a bass player named Oz Osborne. The soon-to-be-famous band Black Sabbath emerged a year after the release of this LP with a similar image and their own song called 'Black Sabbath.' LP $38 SKU:24050

DM3 -GARAGE SALE COMPENDIUM DOM MARIANI GARAGE BASED POWERPOP!) -Label:SUGARBUSH A vinyl-only sampler based on the original CD series from some years ago, this is classic guitar-based power-pop by Aussie garage/power pop legend Dom Mariani. Tracks include killer originals as well as choice cover versions. Beautifully mastered to bring out the power of the recordings and pressed, as ever, on virgin 140 gram vinyl. LP $30 SKU:24118

HOWLIN WOLF- Greatest Sides Vol 1 LTD ED ORANGE VINYL- Label:JACKPOT Compilation of landmark original studio singles, from Chicago blues artist Howlin’ Wolf. Originally recorded from 1954-1965. Howlin’ Wolf electrified the sound of the Mississippi Delta blues and brought it to Chicago, laying down what would be come the foundation of rock and roll in the early 1950s. Delivered in his gruff, haunting voice, his lyrics spoke of his hard life experiences and his signature growlin’ mesmerized audiences and blues musicians alike. Howlin Wolf helped make Chess Records a historic label and solidified Chicago as the worlds capital of blues. LP $25 SKU:24024

JULIUS VICTOR From The Nest (Great and extremely rare 1969 Iron Butterfly style!! )Label:OUTSIDER The sole album by this US hard-rock/psychedelic band, recorded at the famous Record Plant Studios in New York and produced by jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. Organ-dominated, hard-progressive sound with powerful and soulful vocals, hot lead guitar and atmospheric, swirling NHammond. LP $25 SKU:24234

MARIANI, DOM -& THE MAJESTIC KELP-- HI SEAS (60s surf sounds featuring Dom on guitar) Label:SUGARBUSH Taking its cue and influence from soft '60s surf sounds Dom Mariani's 2018 album also incorporates elements of Lee Hazlewood, Jack Nitzsche and sounds of exotica. Always prevalent, however, is Dom's twangy reverb drenched guitar. What makes this album stand out are the superb arrangements and an overwhelming air of mystery and wonder. Some of the tracks are so laid back as to be almost soporific but keep the listener hooked and awaiting the next surprising twist. The album is almost completely instrumental with a few vocals added here and there. Limited to 300 copies. LP $30 SKU:24119

NOT MOVING-FLASH ON YOU (80s Italian garage punk)Label:AREA PIRATA Another nugget from the '80s Italian garage/r'n'r/punk scene is coming back to you with this reissue of 'Flash On You' by legendary Not Moving. Originally released in 1988 by Electric Eye, 'Flash On You' is one of the band's finest records. The album has been remastered from the original master source to sound more powerful and dynamic, keeping intact the soul of each song. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve including liner notes, lyrics and previously unseen photos! LP $21 SKU:23214

PAX- May God And Your Will Land You And Your Soul Miles Away From Evil(1972 Peruvian prog psych) Label:MUNSTER A classic Peruvian psychedelic/progressive heavy rock LP, originally released in 1972, gets reissued on vinyl! The group was led by Pico Ego-Aguirre, an ex-member of iconic garage band Los Shain's. The LP contains eight killer tracks with English lyrics and influences from the mind expanding '60s as well as early hardrock groups à la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Essential! LP $30 SKU:24215

Q65-INJECTION (70s Dutch beat)Label:PSEUDONYM Packaged in a lavish gatefold sleeve supplemented by rare photos and memorabilia. Comes on 180 gram black vinyl Q65 was one of The Netherlands' most popular beat bands from the '60s. After their glory years, that ended abruptly in January 1968 when singer Willem Bieler joined the army, the band reformed in the spring of 1970, with drummer Beer Klaasse of the legendary Group 1850 behind the drumkit. The album 'Injection' contains (unreleased) live recordings and demos (8 tracks, 1970), the legendary Beatnach concert (4 tracks, 1980) and two acoustic songs from 1996. Remastered from the original master tapes. LP $30 SKU:24269

Q65-REVOLUTION(MONO)YELLOW Label:PSEUDONYM To all their fans - then and now - Q65 were more than a musical group, they were a way of life. Formed in The Hague in 1965, Q65's wild, unconventional music and rebellious image quickly inspired a large and fiercely fanatical following. Q65 became legendary with their first album 'Revolution', it became a worldwide collectors item by collectors of Dutch beat. Finally this deluxe edition of 'Revolution' sees its first official reissue on 180 gram audiophile vinyl since 1966 in original glorious mono. Dynamically remastered from the original master tapes the songs sound like they never did before. Beautifully packaged in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine. The 'Revolution' mono version presents Q65 in their prime, making music of a deeply inspired brilliance few bands could ever hope to match. Comes on 180 gram transparant yellow vinyl. LP $28 SKU:24270

WEED DEMON - ASTROLOGICAL PASSAGES (stoner rock) RED MARBLE Label:ELECTRIC VALLEY Pressed in RED MARBLED VINYL, here are five tracks (spread over 50 gigantic riff-soaked minutes) of groove laden, stoned out doom metal, presented by a band out of Columbus, Ohio. The real deal! LP $25 SKU:24116


ALIEN MUSTANGS-Sunrays” b/w “Forest (13th Floor Elevators, Loop, Stooges and Spacemen 3 influenced)- Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Harnessing the equine-like spirit of certain otherworldly entities, Alien Mustangs forge a fresh path through the psychedelic wilderness, sometimes glancing at maps sketched by The 13th Floor Elevators, Loop, Stooges and Spacemen 3, but more often exploring enticing new frontiers. Emanating sonically (and physically) from Thessaloniki, Greece, the band has been crafting its unique blend of ‘60s-flavored, hypnotic, space-psych trippiness since 2013, releasing their debut LP “Alienation” in 2018 45 RPM $10 SKU:21783

ASTEROID 4-Under My Umbrella (stellar psych pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Formed in Philadelphia and now based in Northern California, The Asteroid No. 4 have been melting minds since the late ‘90s, with a prolific discography of reverb-drenched recordings that span the sonic spectrum. Influenced by the finest psychedelic bands of every era, from The Beatles to The Rain Parade to Spacemen 3, the group has a unique sound that expands exponentially under the liquid light projections of their fabled live performances. b/w “House Of The Seventh Moon” A bespoke slice of stellar psych pop crafted especially for Hypnotic Bridge, “Under My Umbrella” finds The Asteroid No. 4 time-tripping back to the heyday of psychedelia’s first wave. With prerequisite ADT vocal recording, Leslie speakers, Mellotron, harpsichord and backward guitars, the band pays homage to revered masters such as Tomorrow, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Donavon, The Hollies (and many more), embracing the atmosphere of London circa 1967 so succinctly that many listeners assume the song is a long-lost classic of the era. House Of The Seventh Moon” takes a more organic approach, enveloping listeners with echoes of The Moody Blues, Grapefruit, Orange Bicycle, early Hawkwind and legendary Bay Area bands that shaped the soundscape of The Asteroid No. 4’s current home. Which is appropriate, as the rich Victorian vernacular of San Francisco and the idyllic countryside of Northern California inspired not only the songs on this single, but also the complementary artwork by one of the band’s favorite artists, Andrew McGranahan, who employed vintage imagery enhanced with a thoroughly modern color palate 45 RPM $10 SKU:22512

BELLTOWERS- TOmorrow Will Remain (psych/power pop/ Byrds-style) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE With its Byrdsian jangle and Beatlesque “Day Tripper” vibe, Influenced by folk-rock, psychedelia and power pop, the band shares a common love of The Byrds, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Gene Clark, Love, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and The Rain Parade. They employ vintage instruments (Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Epiphone, Fender, and Guild) to play their jangly, harmony-laden songs. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23181

BHOPAL’S FLOWERS- Diamond Queen-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “The Majestic Purple Sky -A collective of like-minded musicians led by Lionel Pezzano and based in Montreal, Canada, Bhopal’s Flowers are inspired by both Eastern and Western influences in their soulful, sophisticated approach to songcraft. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23211

HIGHER STATE - In The Morning (psych-folk spirit of ’66 )Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “In The Morning I Will Roam” b/w “Winter Is Blue” The psych-folk spirit of ’66 comes jangling through the mists of time with the profound sounds and imagery of “In The Morning I Will Roam”, transporting those who listen intently into the pensive, rustic realm of classic British troubadours, from Donovan Leitch to Vashti Bunyan.“Winter Is Blue” is, in fact, one of Vashti’s own early classics, transformed into a perfect complement to the A-side by The Higher State’s visionary take on her obscure contribution to 1968’s “Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London” soundtrack. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21478

MAGIC SHOPPE - Doppelganger (60s style Byrds influenced)- Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Coincidentally yet appropriately labeling their reverb-heavy sound as “hypnotic,” Magic Shoppe’s single for Hypnotic Bridge leads off with A-side “Doppelgänger,” a song originally titled “Salventius” after the Dutch artist known for his “single-line” drawings of faces. Shelved from an earlier project, the name “Doppelgänger” was actually suggested by Salventius, given it’s a sort of “double” for the original concept for the song. Songwriter and lead guitarist Josiah Webb used three fuzz pedals (with a “fully cocked wah” at the end) with tones turned to pure treble for the fuzz. The ending riff is a nod to Roger McGuinn: highly compressed, clean and with maximum treble, creating a tone that evokes The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High.”

Not a reference to San Francisco’s airport but, rather, an acronym for “Skintight Futuristic Outfit,” “S.F.O.” was conceived and tracked in a single session. The band originally intended to play the song quickly, then reverse it completely, possibly adding forward overdubs, but after hearing the results decided to give it more of a “split-brain” dynamic. The first part of the song is played normally, but after some intentional audio degradation (and Vox Cheetah/Fender Twin amp feedback), descends into a total reverse copy of the beginning, with the exception of a forwards vocal overdub. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22188

REVERBERATIONS -Milder High (Beatles style pop psych) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Inspired by a fictional psychedelic experience (with all the exciting highs and mellow lows), “Milder Higher” marks a new, more complex direction in The Reverberations’ sound. With interesting time changes, Leslie vocals and a reversed lead fuzz guitar, the song brings to mind bands such as The Beatles and The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Like the A-side, “Sunshine” was recorded in early 2019 by the legendary Matt Rendon at Midtown Island Studios in Tucson and recorded to 8-track tape for a classic approach and feeling, with backing vocals done as three-part harmonies around a single microphone. The recent addition of keyboards to The Reverberations’ lineup brings an essential psychedelic element to the song, and the band. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21780

SACRED ORANGE -Mister Opel (60s style psych)-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Away My Love” and “Crystal Sunlight” A psychedelic supergroup composed of members of Electric Looking Glass, Triptides, Dream Phases, Frankie and the Witch Fingers and more, Sacred Orange is the brainchild of former Creation Factory guitarist Neil Soiland. With influences as diverse as One In A Million, The Beatles, Tintern Abbey, Graham Gouldman, The Beach Boys, Tommy Roe and Satanic Majesties-era Rolling Stones, the Sacred Orange project epitomizes not only the mind-blowing music that defined psychedelia’s golden age, but the camaraderie and shared inspiration that brought it to life. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22513

SHADOW SHOW -What Again Is Real? (IYL early Bangles (Bangs) and Pandoras from Detroit power trio) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE B/W Is This A Dream?Detroit power trio Shadow Show bring elements of ‘60s garage-psychedelia into a modern, 21st-century pop-art incarnation. Sleek and spellbinding –yet rooted in the raw, untouchable Detroit sound–their music immerses its audience in frenetic psychedelic grooves and dazzling harmonies. 45 RPM $10 SKU:23737

SMALL BREED -An Elderflower Parliament (Classic 60s style psych pop)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE A self-described “small herd of musicians who produce vibrant melodies” with a lush variation of harmonies and instruments, The Small Breed find inspiration in the flower-bathed landscape of the southern Dutch countryside where they were born and bred. 45 RPM $10 SKU:22514

TRIPTIDES-Nirvana Now (sun-drenched psych)-\Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Nirvana Now” b/w “She Is Dressed In Red” An ecstatic reflection on a dream shared by “all who were there”, the paean to enlightenment encapsulated by “Nirvana Now” takes Triptides’ sun-drenched psychedelia to new glorious new heights. Awash in aural delights emanating from a Wurlitzer electric piano along with Epiphone Casino and fuzz guitars, the song has all a seeker of psyched-out bliss could ask for. Shimmering with dronalicious sitar, Farfisa organ, 12-string guitar and Beatle bass, “She Is Dressed In Red” is the perfect marigold comedown after spinning the A-side at maximum volume. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21476

ATHANOR - Flashback (Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psych) Label:GUERSSEN Chicago, early 70s. Greg Herriges is obsessed with Lennon, 12-string guitars and far-out psychedelic sounds. Rick Vittenson is a Beach Boys-Hollies-Who fanatic who writes for Crawdaddy! magazine. Both had previously played in several garage-college bands during the 60s. Combining their mutual love for Sixties music, Athanor was born. With the help of top studio musicians, they recorded and self-released three 45s between 1973 and 1975 (the first one produced by Mark Breyer, with whom Rick had played in pre-Skooshny band Brevity) which are now highly sought-after by fans of obscure psychedelic pop. All of them are featured here in stellar sound taken from the master tapes along with previously unreleased studio tracks and superb sounding home demos (1973-1981), plus a new song recorded in 2006 in the same vein as their vintage recordings. Athanors music features impressive songwriting & musicianship, a collision of Beatlesque harmony vocals, Rickenbacker & Guild 12-string guitars, occasional fuzz-wah leads, Fender Rhodes, studio effects.Psychedelic proto-power pop highly recommended to anyone into Lazy Smoke, Badfinger, Only Ones, Emitt Rhodes, Rockin Horse, Creme Soda.. Remastered sound from the original master tapes, booklet with rare pictures and liner notes by Mark Breyer from cult psych-power pop band Skooshny.CD $19 SKU:23552

GLORIAS- HIP SHAKING BOOGIE (60s style garage)Label:ATLANTIS The Glorias are already an institution on the Basel rockscene. Since 1987 the band has consistenly delivered undiluted 60's Rock with a stimulating nerve and intensive energy not often seen in Switzerland. Unaffected by modern trends and fashions they remain faithful to their deeply original "way of rocking"! Whether they revive old sixties hits or present their own rocking creations, all this is presented live in a grand cocktail with the power of a pure TNT ! CD $12 SKU:23304

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS AUSTRALIAVA 17 Essential Punk Rock Blasts 1978-1983-Label:BLOODSTAINS Repress! Back before the flood of compilations there was 'Killed By Death', 'Feel Lucky Punk', 'Back To Front', a couple of other compilations, and 'Bloodstains Across...'. Then everyone got into the act. COMP LP $20 SKU:22042

CREATURE CUTS VOL. 1-5 tracks of rare, whacked out '50s and '60s weirdness Label:GET OFF THE ROAD Says 14 tracks on sleeve but there's a hidden bonus track appearing on vinyl for the first time. From raw, primal rockabilly through to some stomping garage punk they were never mainstream hits but these cats really had a ghoulishly good time. Thrill to 'The Loch Ness Monster', run from 'The Sadist' and those 'Little Black Things', Take a ride with 'Satan's Chauffeur' or 'The Ghost Train' or just sit back and listen 'cos before you know it, you're gonna be 'Six Foot Under' anyway! COMP LP $24 SKU:23687

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE- THE OCCULT SIDE OF 70’S BRITISH UNDERGROUND HARD ROCK-Label:ABERRANT RECORDS Focusing on the heaviest, rawest and less known side of 70's UK hard psych, 'Electric Hellfire' rescues a bunch of mind blowing gems from obscure 7"s, and even long forgotten acetates, to present and amazing overview of the early '70s UK underground. With sounds ranging from Sabbath oriented hard rock to proto punk, to fuzzed out psych, 'Electric Hellfire' will blow the brains out of anyone interested in the early days of heavy music in general and the UK in particular, grab a copy and enjoy your brain being melted! Features Heatwave, Camelot, Shado, Tonge, Grind, Sardonicus, Yellow, Pony, Unicorn, Lucifer, and Sioux. COMP LP $28 SKU:23683

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST- VOL 2 (67-69 psych pop,An Anthology Of The Transatlantic And Big T Labels 1967-69)) Label:TENTH PLANET IMPORT This time it's a compilation of the Transatlantic label's PSYCHEDELIC pop output during 1967-1969. All tracks taken from original mastertapes. Featuring DEVIANTS, PURPLE GANG, PENTANGLE, and SALLYANGIE as well as cult classics from BRASS TRACKS, THE MOVEMENT and others. Full colour sleeve with insert. 190 gram vinyl and limited 1000 COMP LP $19 SKU:23326

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST,- VA Vol 4 (An Anthology Of The Spark Label 1967-1970) - Label:TENTH PLANET IMPORT 8 slices of Dayglo English psychedelia and baroque sunshine/harmony pop. Highlights this time include obscure releases from the CURLEW CHOIR, JASPER, FRUIT MACHINE, the previous unreleased "Magic people" from JOHN CARTER & FRIENDS, a couple of unreleased-at-the-time performances from ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA, including the title track of the little known 1967 swinging h London horror movie short "Talk of the devil", recorded under the conrtractual alias of THE ILLUSION OF HAPPINESS. Coming in a superb Rubble style Phil Smee sleeve with insert, 190 gram pressing and limited to 1000 copies. COMP LP $19 SKU:21447

PLUNDERED, VOL. 1-THE MUMMIES UNWRAPPED PART 1 -Label:RED BARON A collection of primitive rock'n'roll that inspired The Mummies! COMP LP $25 SKU:23385

SATAN'S PARTY-16 SLICES OF EUROPEAN EARLY 70'S PROTO-METAL MADNESS-Label:SATAN if you understand it as a sub-genre of the progressive rock universe, it's no surprise that most lists that you will find on the net suggest that it was mainly an album orientated affair. But it pays dividends big time to dig a little deeper and soon you will find some of the most exciting 45s from that era. Located somewhere in the middle between proto-punk, 'Bonehead Crushers' and the harder side of glam rock with a healthy dose of Black Sabbath or The Stooges thrown in, 70's proto-metal offers some of the most primal assaults ever laid down to 7-inch. Need proof? Then sink the needle into the grooves of this essential compilation, turn up the volume to 666 and celebrate a Satan's Party!!! Limited to 500 copies. COMP LP $24 SKU:23984

CRAMPS-TRASH IS NEAT #5 THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT-Label:KRAKATOA Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (unofficial) Cramps albums with 3 additional tracks including a second, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot' and revised artworks. This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed. Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the 75-100 euro range. LP $26 SKU:21083

GRIT-ST (1972 ultra rare psych/hard rock)-Label:SOMMER First ever reissue of this ultra-rare acetate (two copies pressed) from 1972, Grit's self-titled album. Featured in Hans Pokora's book with the maximum scale rarity. Psychedelic hard-rock with furious drumming and stunning lead guitar by this unknown until now London based band. Previously only existing in an edition of two acetete LP's (maximum rarity scale in the Pokora collectors' books), an excellent psychedelic hardrock album by a London-based group (featuring ex-members of Merlyn) gets released on vinyl! This edition comes with two lo-fi rehearsal bonus track and a download for the complete album plus further bonus material. (Covers of songs by Chicken Shack and Burnin' Red Ivanhoe'!) LP $25 SKU:23584

PYRAMID (GERMANY)- MIND MAZE (Zep/Sabbath style 70s acid rock)-Label:MADE OF STONE Pyramid is a band set to remind us there was a time "when music could make a difference", a time when bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson were at the zenith. That's what Pyramid, the instrumental stoner/krautrockers from Nuremberg, are. The album takes listeners to a 40-minute trip in a world full of acid rock touches and stoner, prog rock or grunge influences, spanning from the '70s to the '90s and today. Among them careful listeners can trace bands like Yes and Pink Floyd, Kyuss and Fu Manchu, as well as Colour Haze and Sungrazer. With 'Mind Maze' Pyramid do accomplish a milestone that bands crave for: to build a solid and interesting debut, which is accessible and "fun" through its psych jams and spacey krautrock grooves, while at the same time provides enough hidden musical gems for those willing to listen carefully. LP $32 SKU:23071

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - DETROIT TANGO (2LP/BLACK )Label:SVART The vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic's Rendezvous Band's 'Basement Tapes' from 1976! Previously only available as part of a six CD set. This album includes some outstanding live rarities as bonus on the second disc, original photos, new liner notes and a new vinyl master! Released on deluxe band-approved double LP. LP $28 SKU:23356