Nov 19, 2021


Big batch of releases for you this weekend, including SEELIE COURT CDS, 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs). Seelie Court will be doing their releases on CD only until the worldwide vinyl shortage issue is resolved, if it ever is. Most of these cds are already sold out from the source, but we have some copies for you. Check it all out below.

And big thanks to all of you for supporting not just us, but all of the other indie businesses. A lot of small record labels are struggling right now, buying indie is much appreciated, thanks for keeping the music alive!

Suzy Shaw

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24809, 24801, 24802, 24804, 24808, 24805, 24824, 24827, 24825, 24807, 24790, 24826, 24715


24720, 23389, 10134, 24717, 12121, 20847, 24682, 20889, 24797


ACROSS THE WATER- ST -ST (1975 prog rock rarity) This unknown album from 1975 was recorded in the UK by two close friends. Both of them recorded one side of the album, which originally only existed on two acetate records. It contains epic neo classical prog rock in the style of Renaissance and Continuum, inspired by the wild and pagan isles of St Kilda. The second part of the album has intense Cohen-like songs which were the result of the heartaches and homesickness of a Canadian student who went to university in the UK. CD $19 SKU:24809

BERTIE - Algy Lord Gray (1970 Kinks influenced)-Label:SEELIE COURT A mad Kinks-influenced underground progressive masterpiece. It's as if Noel Coward, Hawkwind, The Incredible String Band, Neu, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and The Kinks were scrambled together in a disastrous Star Trek teleportation accident. In 1970 the Berties took over a crumbling mansion in the wilds of Wales, made this album, sent it to John Peel, and never left. They remain in Wales to this day. 'Algy Lord Grey' is a deranged subversive and witty concept album about a man's descent into ruin. CD $19 SKU:24801

CROOKED OAK -FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW(reissue of rare 1976 release)-Label:SEELIE COURT Crooked Oak is one of the very few folk bands who imbued their songs with mystery, power and grandeur. The combination of Steve Evans' sonorous voice and haunting Irish pipes convert the songs into a beautiful mystical experience. So to describe Crooked Oak as 'acid folk' would be misleading, instead it is a deep, profound work of art, lifted by superb vocals and wrapped in a sense of mystery. The band channel the music, tradition, heritage, and the magic that still courses through Sainted Albion's blood soaked lands. Originally released in 1976. CD $19 SKU:24802

FLUX -ST (1973 monsterpiece King Crimson style)Label:SEELIE COURT Searing art rock monsterpiece dominated by a relentlessly coruscating lead guitar sonic attack as if played by a demonically possessed John McLaughlin. Flux is ex-Babe Ruth, ex-Motiffe, with lead guitar by John Grimaldi before he joined Argent and worked on their prog masterpiece 'Circus'. This album is taken from a mono mastertape recorded on a BBC Mobile Unit at a live gig in 1973. A shocked Record Mirror journalist witnessed the concert and described it in a published Record Mirror review as 'a new form of music'. Sound quality is great and this is a band in top form playing exactly what they want, in a zone a bit like King Crimson's 'Red', but with insane guitar leads that bludgeon the listener to death. The vocalist later joined Italian prog rockers Flea On The Honey. Play this with a hangover and you will die in screaming agony. One very short track, and four very long ones. The gig ended with an IRA bomb scare. Yes really. CD $19 SKU:24804

ISOLATION -ST (UK private press 70s prog)Label:SEELIE COURT One of England's rarest privately pressed progressive LPs, Isolation is barely known and generally misunderstood. It's a concept LP tackling the sense of loneliness and loss after the breakup of a relationship, and was performed with an accompanying experimental film. The LP has fantastic compositions of melodic progressive rock CD $19 SKU:24808

LIFEBLUD - BE THOU MY VERY ARMOUR (RARE 70s folk prog CD ONLY)Label:SEELIE COURT Masterful studio recordings by this accomplished '70s prog-folk band purveying poetismic underground sounds, and includes the only surviving track from their heavy guitar folk phase 'Man Of War'. CD $19 SKU:24805

LIFEBLUD - ESSE QUAM VIDERI(1970 folk /prog) -Label:SEELIE COURT Ultra rare serene folk inflected progressive rock. Cherry Red used one song from a poor condition acetate on a recent compilation. 3 acetate copies were made in 1970, and Seelie Court used the only surviving near mint LP that's owned by an ex-member as source with great audio. The songs Oakenshade' and 'Waxing Of The Moon' are poetic genius, using a guitar with a damaged bridge to create a sitar like drone, the vocals have an air of resigned melancholia, and the lyrics connect with a mystical understanding of and reverence for nature. Issued with the full cooperation of all the band. Lifeblud later explored a heavier sound that sometimes hits the level of High Tide. CD $19 SKU:24824

LIFEBLUD - SOngs 1973-1978 (1970 rarity) DBLCD -Label:SEELIE COURT Double CD with an awe inspiring 34-songs, these later tracks find Roger Knott taking on the Lifeblud mantle with various members of The Fixx, Adam and the Ants, and Ducks Deluxe helping out. Here Lifeblud reflect backwards and immerse themselves in the golden age of rock, drawing influences from Roy Orbinson, The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, and British Pop Psych, as they steer into a glorious proggy pub rock that eventually morphed into punk. The musicians on this album spread outwards from this moment ending up with artists such as Nanci Griffith. CD $22 SKU:24827

MOTTIFE -ST (1973 King Crimson style prog)Label:SEELIE COURT Twisted King Crimson-esque progressive rock with dark jazz elements, a monstrously rare private pressing from 1973 originally on the Deroy imprint. Only 99x copies were pressed, with just a handful having hand drawn covers. Record deals were offered but musical differences split the band, with Flux emerging jn the aftermath, before ace guitarist Grimaldi joined Argent to help craft their masterpiece 'Circus’. Valued at £2,000, this is the first fully authorised legal edition with all members consent — and full history written by the band. CD $19 SKU:24825

MOURNING PHASE ST (RARE 1971)Label:SEELIE COURT Extremely complex progressive folk rock, with unique, literate lyrics that poetically manifest the gnarled emotions of a bitter break up, with acerbic guitar strumming and controlled anger. Mourning Phase have remained shrouded in mystery since 1971. CD $19 SKU:24807

RAINBIRD-MAIDEN FLIGHT (1970 obscure prog CD only)-Label:SEELIE COURT LTD ED OF 300 Obscure prog from 1970. Complex and mysterious music with flutes and mystical lyrics, meandering melodies, like the most introverted moments from the Moody Blues classic 'Threshold Of A Dream' era. The original issue came with the wrong cover, here the original Rainbird picture is restored to the sleeve. CD $19 SKU:24790

RUDI TCHAIKOVSKY- The Castles Equivalent (rare 1975 prog, CD ONLY)-Label:SEELIE COURT Their blatantly deranged name conceals Yes and Genesis-like progressive rock artistry and British progressive neo-classicism from the intellectual leftfield choice. Extended complex tracks, keyboard and guitar interplay and unusual lyrics. From 1975. CD $19 SKU:24826

WALLER CREEK BOYS- Featuring JANIS JOPLIN-Label:LYSERGIC SOUND DISTRIBUTORS 1962 recordings from this legendary Austin, TX trio featuring the “Sultan Of Psychedelia,” Powell St. John, and a 19-year old Janis Joplin! Raucous country music and blues, both traditional and original, with a gritty roadhouse sound and feel, recorded in 1962 at Threadgill’s, the famous Austin beer joint and music venue. You’ll hear beer bottles hit the floor, doors slam, chatter by the band, including some choice expletives by Janis as she laughs and banters with Lanny and Powell throughout the recording. However, the music is not overwhelmed by the background, and the raw talent heard in Janis’s clear, so-much-older-than-her-years vocals is unmistakable and undeniable, leaving little doubt about her greatness. Lanny’s consistent and timely guitar playing and Powell’s soulful harmonica work, coupled with the ever-present Janis vocals, offer a time capsule of a sound that would soon circle the globe.

The first authorized vinyl release by this legendary three piece group from Austin, Texas. Formed in 1962, the Waller Creek Boys consisted of Lanny Wiggins on acoustic guitar, Powell St. John, later of The Conqueroo, Mother Earth and songwriter for the 13th Floor Elevators, on harmonica, and a then-unknown 19-year old female singer, recently transplanted from Port Arthur, Texas who would go on to bigger things — that’s right, Janis Joplin.

The album includes five songs that have never been released — and the album’s remaining nine songs haven’t been commercially released in almost fifty years. All the songs were re-mastered from the original 1962 tapes, which have been in Powell St. John’s possession for almost sixty years.

Included is a 14-page booklet with first person anecdotes from individuals who were part of the band’s inner circle during those formative years in Austin.

Listen carefully to the very last words on this record to hear an example of the freewheelin’ performance style of one of the greatest female blues singers that ever graced planet Earth LP $25 SKU:24715


CHAMELEON- Rising (70s Texas)-Label:SHROOMANGEL a new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases "Beginning in the early 1970’s and continuing until 1980, this relatively unknown band from Houston managed to record a stunning collection of songs that are the musical expression of the word Chameleon. Twisting and turning, changing colors, leaping out of your speakers at times with unbridled ferocity- this band will hold your attention throughout the 70+ minutes contained on this disc. Musicians Spencer Clark (guitars, vocals), Mike Huey (drums), Craig Gysler (keys, vocals), and Rick Huey (bass) rounded out the mid 70’s line-up with a key change being made later in 1978 with the addition of Marty Naul (Oz Knozz) on drums. The band’s sound and style reflect the artists they listened to and loved yet at the same time they managed to craft their own unique tones. One may hear reflections of Peter Gabriel era Genesis, Canterbury heavyweights Camel, King Crimson, Dixie Dregs, and Eloy in their music (emphasis mine)." •Previously unreleased vintage studio tracks spanning 1976 to 1978 •Chameleon to be featured in an upcoming edition of Progression Magazine. CD $10 SKU:24720

CONTENTS ARE-Live Davenport, Iowa 1968 (Iowa legends of psych gem 1969)-Label:ALONA’S DREAM Previously unreleased live recording featuring unheard originals from 1960’s psychedelic legends The Contents Are! CD $17 SKU:23389

JARDINE- Look in the Window( lost jewel of late-1960's UK psych)Label:LION Jardine’s album was recorded in three glorious weeks in June 1969, at Sounds Aquarian Studios, a stone’s throw from that justifiably famous fashion hub, Carnaby Street. The sessions were fun. Polydor was supposed to release the album. Musicians dropped in to say "hello" and ended up on the record (uncredited)—among them Peter Frampton, Andrew "Andy" Bown (Herd and Status Quo), and Brian Appleyard (drummer from East of Eden). Singer Mickey Cox had been in Robert Plant’s pre-Led Zeppelin group The Band of Joy—it was Cox, in fact, who became their singer when Plant left the band. But suddenly, thanks to band management problems, the LP was shelved. Keith Law, who had written all of the songs, joined Velvett Fogg for their only album, and Jardine was forgotten. Now, forty years later, you can be among the first to discover the brooding excellence of these tracks, music both strange and sinister, with moments of fragile beauty. There are some very pretty songs here (haunting melodies abound), but there is no escaping the dark side of life (‘Masochists of Strangulation,’ ‘Execution of the Child,’ and monumental dirge ‘Blackbirds of Jardine’, which tells of self-same birds, and the fact that they will “destroy you, and leave you pain, pain, pain”), songs perhaps more akin to the band Comus than to anything else we have encountered from the psychedelic era. There are also heavy guitar solos, churning organ, flute, and flowing sitar, for good measure. A 16-page booklet includes a band history lyrics, and comments on the songs by Keith Law. A lost jewel of late-1960's UK psychedelia, from a short-lived but charismatic band! CD $10 SKU:10134

JOSEFUS --Not Dead Yet (Texas hard rock Unreleased 1978 Studio Sessions & Live)-Label:SHROOMANGEL Josefus are part of the first wave of Hard Rock bands formed in the end of the 60s, being the true pioneers of Heavy Rock in Texas. Their Dead Man album is one of the greatest American Hard Rock albums of the early 70s and deserves all the cult status it has been given all these years. The band resurfaced in the late 70s and then again in the late 80s, recording sporadically never abandoning their Bluesy Hard Rock roots. In the new millennium when everyone was thought the band was history, Josefus hits the stages again and keeps to this day active. This collection of rare material starts with 4 demo tracks from 1978, plus selected live cuts (mostly from 2012), where we can see the power of the band revived and refreshed after 5 decades of existence.
Presented in a 6-panel Digipak and limited to only 300 copies! Second in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series. File Under: Heavy Rock, Blues Rock, Southern Rock, Psychedelic Rock. (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES - TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS SERIES) CD $14 SKU:24717

Open Up Your Mind Up Your Mind - The Psych Pop World of Rembrandt Records 1966-1967- Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Open Up Your Mind covers the first two incredible years of Rembrandt Records, a Chicago based label. The first release in March 1966 was a bluesy garage-band novelty record titled "Boots Are Made For Talkin ". It was a parody of Nancy Sinatras, smash hit at the time, "These Boots Are Made For Walking". When the single failed to chart Rembrandt Records owner Reggie Weiss moved in a different direction, merging pop with psychedelic music, for the next single, "Open Up Your Mind". He wrote the song based on a LSD trip and response to the single was positive. Soon other psych-pop singles were issued featuring The Circus, The Nickel Bag, and Mondays Children. Cash Box magazine began plugging Rembrandt Records during the fall of 1966. However, Weiss was unable to secure solid distribution and could not compete with the larger Chicago based record labels such as Dunwich, USA, and Destination. By 1967, Weiss devoted all of his time promoting a high-school band called The Lemon Drops. He wrote another LSD inspired song titled "I Live In The Springtime" for the band. Unfortunately, the single was unable to chart, even regionally. Over the ensuing decades though, the reputation of The Lemon Drops, The Nuchez, The Nite-Owls and other Rembrandt artists has grown immeasurably. This compilation contains all the singles issued on Rembrandt Records from 1966-1967, plus many previously unreleased versions and mixes that are appearing for the first time ever. The twenty-two recordings on this album make it apparent that Rembrandt Records was way ahead of its time when these treasures from the psychedelic 60s were recorded. COMP CD $10 SKU:12121

AZITIS - HELP (stunning West Coast mystical psych)Label:MISSING VINYL A stunning West Coast psych styled religious, mystical, psychedelic firestorm.Strong melodies, gentle vocals, and moody passages with swirly organ that sound like they were lifted out of the middle of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. First ever official reissue.Exact replica of the original cover.Taken from the original master tapes. Fully authorized. 750 pieces limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. LP $28 SKU:20847

GRANNIE-ST (1971 prog masterpiece)-Label:SEELIE COURT A masterpiece of progressive rock, 1971 heavy yet melodic rock, dominated by Phil Newton's brilliant guitar playing and songwriting — one of the only UK private LPs that may attain classic status alongside Argus and Led Zepelin IV. Six perfect songs ranging from the melodic charm of ‘Dawn' and 'Leaving,' to the fab riffs of 'Saga of the Sad Jester’. Remastered sensitively to retain the power of the original, which was lost in all the previous pirated editions. A string of mishaps destroyed a career that should have seen Grannie the equals of Stray and Wishbone Ash. Instead the world was left with one LP, badly mixed in 1971 by amateur engineers — just six songs. Two printed inner sleeves, insert. First ever legal reissue with permission of Phil Newton's family and heir, the copyright owners. Sleevenotes by band members and family. Originals have sold for more than £5,000. This is a particularly deluxe edition with die-cut sleeve, inner sleeves and special art work, hence slightly more. Limited to 500x copies. LP $38 SKU:24682

JOHN BASSMAN GROUP- Filthy Sky( Psych prog Airplane style 1970)-Label:MISSING VINYL Excellent European psychedelic progressive album, sung in English with Jefferson Airplane- like female vocals and great fuzz guitars. John Bassman Group was a late 60s Dutch group, that recorded their only album in Germany on the A.S.P. label in 1970. Five years after this album, two of the group members (Guitarist John Theunissen and 'Bassman' Theo Wetzeis) achieved international fame with the group Pussycat.
Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl, Expertly remastered, First ever official exact reissue.
Limited edition, fully authorised deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. LP $26 SKU:20889

MINOTAURUS-- Fly Away ( 1977 German prog) ltd ed-Label:MISSING VINYL A deluxe reissue on 180-GRAM VINYL of the self-produced debut album, originally released in 1977, by this excellent German progressive group with English lyrics. With the sound taken from the original analog master tapes, this is an exact reproduction of the original first pressing. Limited to 500 copies. LP $28 SKU:24797