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ARTEAGA - VOL. II DIOS SO (stoner space rock)-Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE A major player in the current South American stoner rock movement, Arteaga combine stoner rock, noise, and space rock into one cohesive sound. This version has different art and music from the digital release on the Arteaga Bandcamp page. This CD is limited to 100 copies and is for fans of Black Sabbath, Devil's Witches, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Snuff Queen, Magma, El Jefazo, Beastmaker or Elder. CD $16 SKU:19514

BLUES GOES ON - ST (70s basement psych rock from Hamburg)Label:GEAR FAB Unpolished exploitation with a genuinely stoned underground vibe, wasted vocals and stunning guitar brilliance! Originally released by the German budget label Ken in 1971, The Blues Goes On may very well be be the strongest delivery from the trio responsible for those awesome early '70s Hendrixploitation LP's that were credited to The Live Experience Band. At last reissued on CD for the very first time, The Blues Goes On is the real deal, for exploito geeks and 'serious music lovers' alike!! The CD is presented in a cardeboard miniature LP-sleeve and features informative liner notes from renowned record collector and historian Hans von Seydlitz. CD $10 SKU:19655

CATHERINE’S HORSE- Garage Blues from Connecticut (rare 1969 5 star POKORA FAVE!) - Label:BREAK- A-WAY RECORDS (Germany) Due to a long time growing interest into local 60s rock, most band stories, even of those who did put out rare and local records, have since been written. Not so with Connecticut band Catherine´s Horse. Their sole album dates from 1969 and was released only in an inner sleeve and no cover. Due to its rarity it is still a largely unknown release among today's record collectors and honoured with five stars in Hans Pokora’s “1001 Record Collectors Dream Book”. But those who happen to be familiar with it, appreciate it for the fresh sound of the music and the clear production. That and the fact, that it’s an amazing white blues rock album with a strong garage attitude provided by five high school students who never played professionally. The tracks are nearly all cover versions of classic, often moody blues tracks reminiscent of early Paul Butterfield Blues Band or Blues Project. The LP incl. long time standards such as “Good Morning Little School Girl”, “Think Twice”, “One More Mile” or “Can’t Keep From Cryin” mixed with covers of Jimmy Brenstons’ “Rocket 88” or Jagger / Richards “Good Times, Bad Times”. The only group original ''Sun Going Down'' hints at the talent and potential the band had and rounds off the groups effortless white electric bluesrock expertise. As the vinyl release from 15 month ago, this CD release comes with the originally intended coloured cover-art. The detailed booklet has the band’s history as related by original members Roger Goodspeed, Jay Geary and Putnam Smith, alongside rare photos and memorabilia. A 100% legit release and a must for late 60s rock collectors.500 copies only! CD $12 SKU:13721

COSMONAUT FUZZ- ST (FUZZED OUT STONER ROCK) Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE Another South American masterpiece brought to you by Forbidden Place Records. Take a trip into the mind of Adriano Alves, the master mind creator behind Cosmonaut Fuzz. Primal drums pound while distorted fuzzed out guitars slowly grind into oblivion. For fans of Sleep, stoner rock, heavy drone, Lunar Funeral, Devil's Witches or Arteaga. Limited edition of 100 copies. Essential! CD $16 SKU:19561

DEAD END ALLEY BAND -STORMS (HEAVY PSYCH) -Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE Hailing from Lima, Peru The Dead End Alley Band push the envelope to the absolute limit within the modern heavy psych movement. Like a glimpse into the mind of an evil wizard they will confuse and destroy you all at the same time. CD $15 SKU:19562

DEVIL'S WITCHES -VELVET MAGIC (60s style heavy psych) Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE The debut-album by Devil's Witches from Glasgow is a far-out celebration of late '60s/early '70s worship, full of heavy psychedelia, fuzz, doom and a deep fascination for the Vietnam War! Limited edition of 300 copies. CD $16 SKU:19563

EDGAR'S HAIR-JONATHAN'S DIVE(KRAUTROCK) DOUBLE-Label:HOOR75 Presented on DOUBLE-CD, this is a 94-minute concept album by Dutch band Edgar's Hair (featuring ex-members of I$I$ and Oak). The music represents an exploration into an inner bleakness and a 'higher plane of existence', resulting in the most magical aural trip you can imagine. This mind bending work combines acoustic ethnic instruments with vintage electronica. If you enjoy high quality Krautrock, or bands s.a. Soft Machine, this release will definitely get you excited. Comes in a specially designed oversized wooden cover. Limited to 100 copies. CD $19 SKU:19617

FIFTH ORDER-BONFIRE! RETURN OF THE FIFTH ORDER sALE w 3 bonus cuts &TV appearance -Label:BREAK A WAY CD contains the 10 tracks from the vinyl format + 3 BONUS cuts, including two organ based demos of 'Walkin' Away' and 'I Was A Fool', plus a 6-minute 1967 TV appearance by the boys presenting a medley of 'Hit The Road Jack'/'Sixteen Tons'. Including 8-page booklet. CD $12 SKU:1516

FLASHCUBES- FOREVER- DOUBLE Label:NORTHSIDE a 2-CD career retrospective CD $25 SKU:19661

GUILLOTEENS- ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!(60s GARAGE) Deluxe DBL CD w booklet,bios and photos -Label:Breakaway This 20-track collection presents for the first time in one place the titanic trio's complete output, along with rare related 45s and amazing side ventures by the band or various members. Disc one of this de-luxe double CD release has their complete set of 45 As & Bs incl. long time compilation classics such as "Hey You", "For My Own", "I Sit And Cry" or "Wild Child". Disc two presents the bands ,Odds and Sods" incl. among others the complete 45 A & B side releases by pre-Guilloteens instro band The LeSabres, a rare 1966 local single release by the Memphis Marks feat Laddie Hutcherson plus an amazing 45 by hitmaking brother & sister duo Nino Tempo & April Stevens recorded with the Guilloteens on backing instrumental duties. Along with a detailed band bio and cool pictures collected in a 16-page booklet, this CD captures and distills what the Guilloteens stood for during their halcyon three-year existence - Action! Action! Action! IMPORT CD $12 SKU:5260

MOTHS & LOCUSTS-INTRO/OUTRO(Canadian psych-rock trailblazers)-Label:NOISEAGONYMAYHEM The third full-length offering from these Canadian psych-rock trailblazers, 'Intro/Outro', is an organic recording that captures the current zeitgeist, reflecting global tension and uncertainty. While Moths & Locusts' music has always been woozily psychedelic, 'Intro/Outro' is also infused with a yet unseen darkness. CD $15 SKU:19509

RADIO BIRDMAN - Zeno Beach -Label:INDIGO 1st album of new material from legendary Australian punk outfit since their break up over 25 years ago. "Zeno Beach" is a long overdue new chapter in the RB story. The Stooges/MC5 influences are still apparent, but the writing & performances have matured & broadened. The results are no proto punk museum piece, but rather vital new music entirely worthy of a place alongside RB's early gems. CD $14 SKU:4958

RADIO BIRDMAN - Radios Appear-Label:TRAFALGAR Deniz Tek moved from Ann Arbor, MI, to Australia and founded Radio Birdman in 1974 with Rob Younger and the rest of The Rats' rhythm section. By the time 'Radios Appear' was recorded in 1977, the group was already legendary with a cult-like following and an ascetic devotion to the fierce 1960s rock'n'roll Tek assimilated as a Michigan resident. Homage to these influences is one aspect of 'Radios Appear'. It boasts a fiery cover of 13th Floor Elevators' 'You're Gonna Miss Me', the lyrics to 'Do the Pop' wax nostalgic for The Stooges and MC5, and 'Radio Birdman' was, of course, taken from a misheard lyric in The Stooges '1970'. However, Radio Birdman's maverick performances and songwriting on this debut elevate them far beyond pure pastiche. Opener 'What Gives?' kicks the record off at an alarmingly fast pace inspired by punks new up-tempo glee, but the trotting bass lines and savage guitar solos that follow reveal a staunch rejection of punks then-hip ineptitude. Hyperactive riffs underpin vocalist Youngers assertive, clear delivery, and Pip Hoyle takes a brilliant keyboard solo. Each instrument is separate in the mix and the production highlights Radio Birdman's technical proficiency honed for years in Sydney's few rock clubs with open doors to the uniformed sect of elitist rockers. Record labels were eager to place Radio Birdman in the new context of late-'70s punk-somewhat, inaccurately considering the band's long hair and technical skill, so WEA picked up 'Radios Appear' for distribution after its initial mail-order release on the Trafalgar imprint. Then, legendary Sire boss Seymour Stein saw Radio Birdman while visiting Australia to sign The Saints, and resolved to re-release 'Radios Appear' internationally with a different track order and particular overdubs. This version is presented here, as heard by so many late-'70s youth before starting bands of their own and citing 'Radios Appear' as an influence in interviews to come. CD $22 SKU:17489

RINGERS- Let Them Be Known(Obscure 60s L.A. garage )Label:BREAK AWAY 21 Track collection (COMPLETE output) of obscure 1965/1966 garage beat from Los Angeles, including rare 45s, great sounding unreleased tracks, and their 1970 Peruvian-only LP. Detailed 12-page insert with complete history and rare pictures. Featuring drummer BILL LYNN, who also played with Elvis Presley. CD $12 SKU:7537

STONE OAK COSMONAUT- THE LAST MACHINE (2CD)heavy stoner rock)Label:SELF RELEASE Stone Oak Cosmonaut's 2018 double album contains great heavy stoner rock songs and long epic journeys way deep into the multiverse. The band sounds fresh and dynamic and very heavy. Spacey sounds galore. We guess they grew up on a mixture of Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Motörhead and epic Rush, with some Kyuss and Monomyth thrown in. Fiery drums, monster bass, heavy guitar riffs and freaky old school guitar storytelling in a cosmic movie setting. Star Trek on acid meets Ennio Morricone on a motorbike. CD $18 SKU:19620

TOMORROW - LIVE RECORDINGS: 1967-68 (UK pysch)-Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM 16 live tracks of Tomorrow in their prime! Presented in chronological order, this is the first time the complete live output of this legendary UK psych group has been available! The album features Tomorrow's set at the legendary 1967 London psychedelic all-nighter 'Christmas On Earth' where they played alongside Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and more! This set is bookended by Tomorrow's 1967 BBC appearance on the first episode of John Peel's 'Top Gear', and their hard-to-find 1968 appearance on the same show. CD $17 SKU:19618

TWINK - SOUND OF SILK: DEMOS & RARITIES 1969/1970-Label:THINKPINK50TH.COM Crazy daze at Lighting Wizard Studios. I would arrive there in Hornsey after a Pretty Things gig and start experimenting with sounds and songs. Julian Briggs (bass guitar) and I would roll up some temple balls to smoke and then play. The studio was decked out in Afghan rugs on the floor/walls and was exceedingly comfortable. When I left The Pretty Things I moved into the flat upstairs with my girlfriend Silver and Steve Took, until eventually moving to Notting Hill Gate." -John "Twink" Alder, 2017. Recorded in 1969/1970 except tracks 4, 12, and 13. CD $17 SKU:19619

WEDGE-KILLING TONGUE(1960s garage/psych style)-Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS CD version in a digipack. Sophomore full length by Berlin based '60s garage/psych outfit Wedge. Their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, made from solid rock and when used correctly, causes fire... especially live! CD $14 SKU:19624

YOUNG BEATS, LOS- Exciting Sound of (rare Columbian 66 garage)-Label:BREAKAWAY incredibly rare Columbian 1966 garage LP .15 cool and wild partly English/partly Spanish vocal tracks, w. snarling versions of 'Baby Please Don't Go', 'Train Kept A Rollin', 'Hearts Of Stone', 'For Your Love', 'Not Fade Away' and 'You Really Got Me'. Comes with four 1967 BONUS CUTS by TIME MACHINE, another Colombian band. Completely different artwork than vinyl rel. with 8 page booklet, rare pics and band history Painstakingly remastered in excellent sound. Honoured with five circles in Pokoras '1001 RC Dream Book'. CD $12 SKU:19659

CORNFLAKE ZOO USA 11-THE ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC DREAM' -Label:PARTICLES Another frivolous dose of psychedelic wonder, episode 11 assembles a selection of the most delightful, juvenile '60s absurdity to reach the auditory senses! Included are delightful Dutch bands s.a. Roeks Family, The Riats, The Clarks and The Megas, German heroes The Rivets, The Bats and Tony Hendrik Five, and many others. The 20-page booklet includes background liners and images. COMP CD $17 SKU:19585

MIXED UP MINDS - Pt 13 Obscure Rock And Pop From The British Isles 1970-1973 - Label:PAST & PRESENT (UK) 'OBSCURE ROCK & POP FROM THE BRITISH ISLES 1969-1973' - Part 13 offers another tantalising dose of forgotten dreams from the suburban drifts of late '60s and early '70s Britain. The 20-page full-colour booklet includes liner notes and imagesCOMP CD $16 SKU:19564

SLOW GRIND FEVER-VOL. 3 & 4(50s Slow Dance!)-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Slow Grind Fever' 3+4 again combines the latest two volumes on CD with 12 page booklet. Expect the best in late 50s Slow Dance! COMP CD $17 SKU:19643

GUITAR MOOD - VA 60s COLLECTION OF RARE INSTRUMENTALS FROM AROUND THE WORLDLabel:GUITAR MOOD QUITE A COLLECTION OF RARE INSTRUMENTALS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!' - First ever repress of the most mystical collection of rare and moody, early 1960s guitar instrumentals from around the world! Features 16 tracks of pure instrumental delight and strangeness by Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans (Japan), Los Relampagos (Spain), Les Guitares (France), The Tronics (USA), Les Frangins (Belgium), The Jokers (Belgium), Electric Johnny & His Skyrockets (Holland) and Timebreakers (Holland & Java COMP LP $22 SKU:19642

GUNSMOKE VOL 1-10” oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early 60s-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) The first volume in a new limited edition series on Stag-O-Lee. Limited to 666 copies and packaged in a nice 10-inch sleeve with a hole, this is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early 60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the soundtrack from a jukebox in a ghost town... For the best results, listen after dark COMP LP $19 SKU:19640

MUSIC FOR PUSSYCATS- OBSCURE GIRL GROUP POP on PINK VINYL Label:CACIOCAVALLO Remastered limited edition of 250 copies on pink vinyl. A collection of obscure girl group pop courtesy of lifelong aficionado Boyd Rice. Compiled as an attempt to preserve some of the genre's best music, and to share some forgotten songs with the rest of the world. COMP LP $25 SKU:19492

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 2(obscure and rare rockabilly put together by Lux Interior) Label:MMR Volume two in the 'Vip Vop Tapes' series. These legendary compilations were put together by Lux Interior himself. He compiled these tapes to be played before The Cramps would take to the stage, mixing obscure and rare rockabilly, doo wop, surf and just plain weird tracks with crazed voice-overs and excerpts from B-Movies and worse! Should be considered as complimentary to 'Born Bad', 'Songs The Cramps Taught Us', 'Purple Knif Show' and 'Forbidden City Dog Food' albums. This is an ultra-limited edition of 300 copies and will sell out in a matter of weeks. COMP LP $24 SKU:19576

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 1(obscure and rare rockabilly put together by Lux Interior)-Label:MMR Repress of 250 copies. 'Hollywood Strangler Meets The Crippled Masters Of Kung Fu'. The mythical Lux Interior mix-tapes appears on vinyl for the first time, the way they were originally intended to be heard! File next to your copies of 'Purple Knif' and 'Wavy Gravy'! COMP LP $24 SKU:19577

LEAFY - ST(Norwegian stoner fuzz)-Label:MORE FUZZ Debut album by Leafy from Norway. They have a strong classic stoner rock sound with burning riffs that will hook you in instantly! Prepare for strong vocals combined with an avalanche of fuzzy riffage a la early Truckfighters, Lowrider, Dozer or Steak. LP $22 SKU:19621

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! LP $24 SKU:19622

RADIO BIRDMAN- Radios Appear (Scorching STOOGEs/MC5 style) 180 GRAM-Label:4 Men With Beards Originally released in 1977, Radios Appear is the debut album by one of the most important Australian bands of all time. It's a scorching piece of snotty RNR, influenced by the early Detroit sound of The Stooges and MC5. Reissued on color vinyl. (2016) LP $29 SKU:17883

RE-STONED-CHRONOCLASM (MOSCOW based power trio)Label:OAK ISLAND The Moscow-based instrumental psychedelic power-trio The Re-Stoned is usually associated with the local "stoner and psychedelic rock" scene, because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden '70s style. Despite the band is not traditionally fronted by a lead singer and follows the completely instrumental path, they are arguably the most welcomed and popular live act among the Russian classic rock revivalists. Fans of high class psychedelic rock ala My Sleeping Karma, Colour Haze, Monkey3, The Machine will totally enjoy The Re-Stoned! Limited to 300 copies on yellow/blue/black vinyl. LP $29 SKU:19544


TIMEMAZINE -#10 PLUS CD AND 7”-Label: Special 10th anniversary issue of the psychedelic fanzine about the '60s and beyond. 100 pages, A4 size (not photocopied) in hard laminated cover. All text in English. Contents: Interviews with Johnny Echols of Love, Aleck Janoulis of The Nightshadows, Astral Son, Big Foot (solo project from Dor Koren, vocalist/bassist of psychedelic band Tree from Israel) and Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Germany), 1967-2017: Thoughts & Memories by the '60s minds, Dennis Loren: 'Dressing The Music With Graphic Designs For 50 Years', 'Summer Of Love' by Nick Kontogouris (everything you wanted to know about Hasbury & Swinging London), 67 garage-psych singles of 1967 (how psychedelia infused into garage), 67 Albums of 1967 that defined, developed and established psychedelic rock), 67 UK psych freak beat singles of 1967 (by Nick Kontogouris), the story behind 'Time Has Come Today' by The Chambers Brothers and LP/CD/EP/7" reviews. The split 7" features Vibravoid's 'TimeMazine Woman' and Echo Train's Portland 69 BOOKS & MAGS $26 SKU:19467

DENIZEN -TROUBLED WATERS (Highly rated stoner blues rock)-Label:ARGONAUTA Highly rated stoner rock with a bluesy feel from France. This is the band's fourth album. Includes artwork by famous French comic book designer Brice Cossu. CD $14 SKU:19510

FALCO'S, TAV - Wild & Exotic World of Musical Obscurities-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Tav Falco, the Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favorite tunes from '50s rockabilly to tangos, waltzes & other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him, thus shedding much light upon the music that incessantly ignites Falco's muse. This is a wild and wonderful ride. A Back to Mine-style compilation that will open your ears. Double vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes by the maestro himself. CD comes with a 20-page booklet. Artists include: The Johnny Burnette Trio, Don Willis, Bobby Lee, Allen Page, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Jimmy Lloyd, Benny Joy, Alexander Princes, Bachicha Bianco, Anton Karas, Los Indios Tacunau, Carlos Di Sarli, Orchestra Juan D'Arienzo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Elmore James, Bobby Blue Bland, Chet Baker, Fred Buscaglione, Martin Denny, Dion & The Belmonts, Shorty Rogers, Charlie Feathers, and Alex Chilton. CD $17 SKU:16277

FLAMIN' GROOVIES-SAN FRANCISCO NIGHTS:LIVE 1979-80-Label:VOGON The Flamin' Groovies captured live on stage during the band's power poppin' 'Now' and 'Jumpin'In The Night' era!! CD $16 SKU:19545

J.RIDER- NO LONGER ANONYMOUS(1976 Acid Archives fave!)-Label: MACHU PICCHU Officially licensed from the group, here's a remastered CD with the entire 'Lunar Dust' sessions as bonus tracks, plus sleeve notes by Aaron Milenski (co-author of 'The Acid Archives'). Hot on the heels of the reissue of Anonymous' classic album 'Inside The Shadow', Machu Picchu reissues their elusive and legendary follow-up. After the 1976 release of 'Inside The Shadow', the group decided to change their name to J. Rider (after the second cut on the Anonymous LP) and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time. The excellent reissue label OR Records already put out a small edition in 1996, but now there's a deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art. It also happens to come with an entire unreleased 10-song album, recorded in the '90s by the group's visionary songwriter Ron Matelic and featuring most of the members of Anonymous. It's a fascinating complement to the Anonymous and J. Rider albums. CD $15 SKU:19408

RADIO BIRDMAN- Ritualism-Label:CITADEL January 1996 saw the reformation of Radio Birdman after an 18 year hiatus. The band themselves were as surprised as everyone else by this development. At the time there was no thought of an ongoing future, only a wait and see approach with the focus being solely on a successful completion of the tour. After all, this was the tour that should have taken place way back in 1978 after their well documented break up and they wanted it to be as good as possible with no damage to their mythology. During the pre-tour rehearsal time, there had been discussion as to whether recording live material for strictly archival purposes should be considered but nothing definite agreed upon. When Melbournes Radio Triple R approached the band's management regarding an appearance on their Caught In The Act live music feature, a window of opportunity opened. This was an workable way to obtain quality live material without the headache of organising a fully blown live recording. Although there were no specific plans for a release, things went well and Ritualism became the end result. (jewel case ) CD $14 SKU:12514

RADIO BIRDMAN-7CD+DVD BOX-Label:CITADEL Repress! Legendary Australian underground band and one of the pioneers of the high energy rock'n'roll scene, Radio Birdman's formidable back catalogue in a comprehensive 7CD+DVD box set. The box set contains the three studio albums 'Radios Appear' (both the Trafalgar and Sire versions) and 'Living Eyes', all remastered from original tapes and each accompanied by a standalone bonus disc. Much of the bonus disc material provides a treasure trove of material for diehard fans. The seventh disc to make up the box set is a previously unreleased live concert recorded at Paddington Town Hall (Sydney, Australia) in 1977. The result is a totally wild and raw release that captures the band's true primal energy. Also includes an all regions PAL format DVD of live footage, consisting of two clips from the December '77 concert, one from April '77, two obscure '76 tracks plus a promotional video made to celebrate the Australia only 1988 LP box set release 'Under The Ashes'. The whole things is packaged in a red and black clamshell box. Also included is a 40-page booklet with liner notes and photos. CD $80 SKU:19384

-Label:CITADEL Living Eyes' was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales during a break in the band's 1978 tour of Britain and Europe. Relations between members were falling apart and Sire had dropped the band prior to the start of recording. Their breakup soon followed. Initial releases were cut from a tape dub of trial mixes as the band never received an official master. Red Eye Records retrieved the master tapes from Rockfield in 1995 and the album was remixed. The second CD contains the original Rockfield tracks remixed for the Redeye Records CD reissue, outtakes and the 1989 12-inch EP 'More Fun'. CD $21 SKU:19468

RUNAWAYS -WASTED:LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM, NYC,7TH JAN.1978-Label:RADIO SILENCE The Runaways recorded live when they opened for the Ramones at the NYC Palladium on January 7, 1978, in a four piece line-up with Joan Jett on vocals. Classic hard/glam/punk-rock, captured live at the height of their powers and popularity. CD $17 SKU:18083

STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC- VIVERE (Texas stoner psych)-Label:OFF THE RECORD LABEL Carving its way through earth, stone and space, Texas-based Stone Machine Electric slices off heavy slabs of ominous riffs reinforced by stoner-like overtones with hints of psychedelia and a blues base. This live performance was recorded at the Doublewide in Dallas, Texas on June 3rd, 2016 and captures how the duo crafts and intertwines structured songs with improvised jams, thus creating a continuous, trippy journey from start to finish. Limited to 500 copies worldwide! CD $15 SKU:19375

TRAFFIC -WHERE THE POPPIES GROW (1967 Radio Sessions)-Label:VOGON Historic radio sessions from 1967. Tracks 1-9: BBC radio sessions. CD $17 SKU:19547

BEAT O MANIA - VA TEEN TRASH LIVE FESTIVAL - Label:MUSIC MANIAC Special Music Maniac TEEN-TRASH live festival recordings put on CD featured here are: GREEN SLIME (Germany), CHERYLINAS (Germany), APEMEN (Germany), CLIQUE (UK), RUDI PROTRUDI (USA), HEARTBEATS (Germany), JAYBIRDS (Austria), STRANGE FLOWERS (Italy), THE OTHERS (Italy), etc... COMP CD $5 SKU:18788

CORNFLAKE USA 10-THE ORIGINAL PSYCHEDELIC DREAM-Label:PARTICLES - Another superb collection of cult obscurities from the late(r) '60s scenes of the USA and Canada. COMP CD $17 SKU:19288

CORNFLAKE ZOO-VOL 3 Dustin E Presents (obscure psych)Label:PARTICLES From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum, Upside Down, Velvet Revolutions, Beatfreak and The Electric Sound Show, Particles present Dustin E's...Cornflake Zoo: Episode Three. There is no better joy known to man than the glorious pursuit of something more appealing than the mere meaning of life. Rules are broken, but standards are observed as we assemble a selection of the most delightful, juvenile absurdity to reach the auditory senses. Particles presents a captivating collection replete with archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration and a simple (minded) narrative, what more could you ask? Includes a 20-page full color booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Features: Zen, Petards, The Jet Stars, The Elements, The Fourmyula, The Motions, Ronnie Bird, The Ro-D-Ys, The Kingsmen, Annaabee-Nox, After Tea, The Shoes, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, 14, Wayne Versage, Science Poption, The Floor, Sir Henry and The Klan. COMP CD $16 SKU:17944

DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB-Vol 1(garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche)- Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUBA garage, surfbeat and film noir pastiche on CD, featuring screaming guitars, smoking bass, torn vocal chords and sweet organs. That is 'Down At The Nightclub'. On Vol. 1 you will find a collection of the finest Dutch bands currently around, including The Black Marble Selection, The Reaction, Holy Joe & The Alcoholites, The Bunny Bonanzas, The Surfbeat Club, The Miners Of Muzo, The Malbehavers and De Stekkers. COMP CD $17 SKU:19428

LOOKIN'FOR BOYS!VA GIRL POP & GIRL GROUP GEMS IN STEREO 1962-1967-Label:TEENSVILLE On CD, here's a delightful collection of girl pop sounds from the '60s!Lookin' For Boys! is the newest compilation from awarded collector's-friend label Teensville Records.The CD boasts 32 tracks, 29 of which are in STEREO for the very first time. Alternate takes of girl favorites by The Exciters and Lesley Gore plus dig the wide separation on previously-mono-only tracks by the likes of Diane Christian, Marcie Blane, Yvonne Carroll, The Pin-Ups, Marlina Mars and many more.Includes full colour booklet with annotations and pictures. COMP CD $15 SKU:19528

MY WORLD OF MAKE BELIEVE -SUNSHINE, SOFT &(STUDIO POP 1966-1972)-Label:TEENSVILLE Here's a wonderful 32-track collection that spans sunshine, soft and studio pop sounds from the loate '60s and early '70s. The CD is packed with 80 minutes of glorious full productions, engaging melodies and witty lyrics. The full-colour booklet includes liner notes, annotations and pictures. Among the featured bands and artists are The Seagulls, Bob Dileo, Barry Darvel, Fairchilds, The Robbs, The Tokens, Freshmen, Timothy Clover, Bristol Boxkite, The Razor's Edge, Rockin' Horse People, Don Grady, The Joyride, Frank Lyndon, The Furnacemen, Ritchie Adams, Joey Paige, Paul Vigrass, Timothy Clover. a.m.m. COMP CD $16 SKU:19548

COOLSVILLE-VOL 1(Bongo-laden beats from the 50s and 60s) 10” Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) First of two 10"s called 'Coolsville', compiled by Stay Sick!, a gruesome twosome of deejays from the nightclubs of Brighton, UK. This is a far out selection of moody Las Vegas Grind surfstrumentals and oddball beatnik records from the '50s and '60s. The first side of this platter of wax is full of mean instros for wild cats of the urban jungle. On the flipside, brother, do we have some solid gone finger clickers for you to swing and sway to. Bongo-laden beats that you'll dig the most, daddio. COMP LP $22 SKU:19093

BEDLAM -DEMOS ANTHOLOGY 1968-1970-Label: ACID NIGHTMARE BEDLAM and its earlier incarnations (Ideal Milk, Big Bertha, etc.) was an hotbed for launching the career of superstar drummer Cozy Powell (RIP), who later played with such major Hard Rock acts as Whitesnake, Rainbow and Black Sabbath. In this earlier stage, we can hear the fantastic guitar playing of Dave Ball very influenced by Cream/Clapton, his brother Denny on bass and Cozy on drums. In fact this early incarnation of Bedlam called Ideal Milk was almost a tribute to Cream. Moving on later, singer Ace Kefford enters the picture for a short stint with the band where they change the band name to Ace Kefford Stand. Ace was the ex-bass player of the Move. The B side of the record has the Big Bertha demos which had different singers including Denny Ball which also sang on Ideal Milk. The style is still similar to Cream/Jeff Beck Group, sometimes with an heavier edge predicting what was going to come after 2 years (meanwile Cozy was with The Jeff Beck Group and Dave Ball joined Procol Harum). Some of the standout tracks here are "Ring of Fire" with Frank Aiello singing, the same that sang on the only album in the BEDLAM history recorded in 1973, "Funky Woman" which was an amazing track on a B side of a Big Bertha single that gained some momentum in Germany, "For your Love", a brilliant cover of the Yardbirds classic with Ace Kefford singing and the hard edged "Munich City", recorded in Germany in a tape recorder before one of the shows of the Big Bertha German Tour in 1970. Reissue limited to 400 copies with insert that includes detailed song liner notes written by Denny Ball and rare pics. Remastered from the master tapes for best sound quality possible LP $21 SKU:19412

SOGGY-ST-(78 STOOGES/ALICE COOPER STYLE RARITY)Label:OUTER BATTERY RECORDS "Formed in 1978, Soggy started with covers of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, MC5 and the Stooges but quickly began writing their own songs and developed a unique style, mixing hard rock and punk rock in a Stooges vein. In April of '81, the Waiting For The War 7" was released and a video was shot for French TV. After more than 100 concerts, the band split in July of 1982 but their cult status has only grown over the years. The French label Memoire Neuve released their record in an edition of just 500 copies and it is now long out of print. Original copies of that LP and the single are now in hot demand in collector circles, with original copies of the single selling for over $200. This release from Outer Battery is the full LP, including the tracks from the Waiting For The War single!" LP $22 SKU:18213