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SECICH, FRANK - NOT THAT WAY ANY MORE - BOOKS & MAGS- High Voltage After the success of his first book 'Circumstantial Evidence', Frank once again has put pen to paper to please his fans with more short stories of his Rock'n'Roll' past, memories, gig lists, reviews and more. BOOKS & MAGS $18 SKU:17079


KEYMEN - Surf Party a Go Go (60s New Mexico )- Label:COLLECTABLES Live 16 tracks from mid 60s by surf group from Las Cruces, NM - many previously unissued. (all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay) CD $10 SKU:27057

KING RICHARD & THE KNIGHTS - Precision ( Plus Other 60's Albuquerque Groups excellent new mexico 60's garage) -Label:COLLECTABLES This Albuquerque, NM outfit, also known as The Knights, had outlasted most of its contemporaries, albeit with a 30 year hiatus in the middle, mostly by virtue of the quality of their singles, which turned them into local stars. King Richard and the Knights started out in 1961 as a Ventures-type instrumental outfit, playing surf instrumentals and throwing in the occasional Chuck Berry-authored vocal number for variety. By 1964, they'd evolved sufficiently to rate a recording contract with Red Feather, who scored with the Knights' first release, "Precision," which became a regional hit in the southwest and rode the No. 1 spot on Albuquerque's top radio station for weeks. The band's classic line-up consisted of Dick Stewart (aka "King Richard) on lead guitar and vocals, Larry Longmire on lead and rhythm guitar, and Corky Anderson (later succeeded by Jack Paden) on drums, with Larry Reid handling the saxophone and some vocals. The group's bassists included Gary Butler and Gary Snow. (all copies have a small cut out hole in inlay) CD $10 SKU:10149

LEWALLEN BROTHERS- Hitch-Hike! (1964-1968) Byrds, the Beau Brummels, and the ZombiesLabel:COLLECTABLES "The '60s were filled with garage bands that could play up a storm covering other peoples' material, but the Lewallen Brothers made a sound that had the immediacy of those bands and the kind of polish that one associated more with the Byrds, the Beau Brummels, and the Zombies. The fourteen songs on this CD come from sessions dating between November of 1964 and April 1967, and it's like listening to good outtakes by the Beatles or the Roulettes. Some of it was a bit retro in its time ('What More Can I Say,' with its soaring harmonies, chiming rhythm guitars, hot drumming, and memorable hooks, could have competed with the Beatles if only it had been cut in 1964 or 1965, not the spring of 1967), but it all sounds sweet today, and, in terms of the pleasure that it will elicit, is nearly as essential to any collection of '60s rock & roll as any album ever cut by the Byrds or the Zombies. By the mid-1960s, the Lewallen Brothers were opening for musical acts such as the Turtles, the Beau Brummels, and Paul Revere and the Raiders. Ironically, the heavy live schedule impeded them from recording consistently. Music critic Bruce Eder explains "Their impeccable harmony singing, coupled with their considerable instrumental prowess and their tight sound, made them highly desirable both as a warm-up act as well as a backing band.” This collection includes their classic songs from 1964-1968, including ‘Only a Dream,’ a song which led to the band ’s numerous performances on Dick Clark's famed TV show, Happening ’68. Typical Collectables label packaging, including the omnipresent small drill-hole, for this long out of print disc. CD $10 SKU:27049

LOBLOLLY -Hymns to Dymphnashrinkwrapped-Label: Hard to find — and hard to define — rock from Milwaukee: is it space rock? punk? hard rock? noise? quasi-Devo? a little bit Pavement? all these things in turn and at once? The first track ('White Flight Suburban Nightmare’) sounds like Sonic Youth; the second (‘Burning Feet’) is punky and weird; the third (‘Is It So’) is in a dissonant guitar rock space; the fourth ('Tell Me About Your Perfect Smelling Dreams’) is peppier and snotty and then spins off into jam-land; the fifth (‘Prowl’) rocks out; the seventh (‘Going Nowhere’) sounds like a lost Pixies track… and so on. Featuring Plasticland guitarist Dan Mullen as half of the main writing duo together with photographer and guitarist Veronica Rusnak, supported by Andy Pagel on drums. Apparently, "Hymns To Dymphna" includes reworked tunes from their demo "You’ve Taken Too Much Acid," as well as all-new material. Surprising, weird, and recommended. CD $10 SKU:26989

ROCKY KOELPIN & the SATANIC ORCHESTRA - Oh, Betsy (rootsy Neil Young-esque)-Label:Spit in Your Face Really interesting rootsy Neil Young-esque disc (c. “Freedom”) from 1996 opens up with a couple of reflective tunes (albeit with nice Moog on them) before going full Crazy Horse on ‘I Wonder,’ on which gravel-voiced Rocky sings, “I was the hottest thing in town, but I’ve achieved invisibility.” As we write this, there is some truth to that statement. It’s always interesting to end up distributing a disc by someone about whom virtually nothing can be found online. Aside from his obituary, David James “Rocky” Koelpin is one such person. That obit notes that Rocky was passionate about his musical pursuits. Rocky Koelpin and The Otters and his other band, Generic Beans, appeared at clubs, on radio station WMSE 91.7 and on Milwaukee's Summerfest Rock Stage. Milwaukee Journal reviewer, Paul Christianson apparently said, "you either loved him or hated him". He had a brief career as a travel agent, but his meticulous attention to detail and electronics expertise resulted in his favorite employment in The Strategic Sensors Group/Space Systems Division at Honeywell Corporation — his dream job. A description of his achievements at Honeywell left his technologically challenged family lost. When asked what he did, Rocky would reply, "I'm a genius!” So here we are with this disc by a beloved (or hated) eccentric, songwriting, guitar playing, undiscovered “genius.” My favorite track might be the Neil Young-meets-Violent Femmes’-“Hallowed Ground” -with-a-Tom Waits-ian-melody, down-home march, ’Someday I’ll Lead the Parade,’ the kind of song which could only be created in middle America, on which Rocky sings: ‘The sweetest time to rest, all is forgiven from the past; someday, I will, one day I know I will, someday I will lead the parade.” Happily, with this disc, Rocky’s invisibility may not remain an absolute truth for eternity, and he might well lead the parade... somewhere. CD $10 SKU:26988

WHITE HOT TIZZIES -Stash (Driving rock/power pop c. 2005)Label:EASTER Driving rock/power pop c. 2005 from this obscure Milwaukee band, featuring local heroes Rob McCuen (drummer for Plasticland on their first — and best — two albums); Paul Wall (the Exotics); and Ron Turner; has plenty of early-Replacements energy and guitar firepower. Well worth a listen. CD $10 SKU:26990

DRIVE IN A GO GO Vol. 1- 14 vintage garage obscurities- Label:COLLECTIBLES Even though it seems to be a stretch associating these 14 obscurities with the "drive-in theme," It doesn't matter because its the music that counts. This first volume of Drive-In a Gogo! is packed with obscure garage band muck from the '60s. Some of the more absurd cuts include 'Young and Able’ (the Offbeats), 'Troubled Souls’ (he Hallmarks), 'I Lied’ (the Mixed Emotions), and a bonus drive-in coming attraction for the film Hell's Playground. Fun stuff! “Get ready for a fun evening as the Bordertown Drive-In highlights a batch of garage bands from the Daytona Beach, Florida area… all released on the immortal Tropical Records label. The fabulous Offbeats were the star of the movie Daytona Beach Weekend (also starring Del Shannon and Rayna Leggett). The there is the Bytel Kums, whose song, ‘Do You Know What It’s Like’ was featured in the classic biker thriller Hells’ Playground; (that same film also included an appearance by the Surftones; their song, ’Take a Lok at Yourself’ displays a fine flair for a more PF Sloan vibe.” Includes tracks by: the Mixed Emotions, the Offbeats, the Bytel Lums, Drive-In Coming Attraction, Katie Froelich, Pete Thayer, the Surftones, the Hallmarks, and the Deadbeats. COMP CD $10 SKU:27050


PLAN 9 SET WITH ARCHIVAL ITEMS -FRUSTRATION - Obscure early VOXX release orig press 1982. LPLabel:VOXX VOXX 2007 -RARE early BOMP release, nearly out of print. Get yourself a piece of history before it's gone. Orig 1982 pressing.Their first - great raw 60s sound.. Featuring four guitars and a sound straight from those psychedelic '60sLP $75 SKU:26231


AVE ROCK - ESPACIOS (70s Argentine space psych)Label:FONOCOL Ave Rock was a pioneer of symphonic prog in Argentina, their second album "Espacios" being their most accomplished effort. The band's ambitions are evidently high, as it can be inferred from the expansive nature of 'Pausa en Espacios' (21 minutes) and 'Surcos en el Aire' (15 minutes). The band has a lot of strong points: an ability to organize diverse musical motifs with cohesion, a clever management of textures and tempo shifts, robust skills, and solid interplay. While references to Yes are evident in Ave Rock's global sound, Ave Rock's music tends to be more reflective, so their major foreign influences stem from the eerie melancholy of 1973-75 Pink Floyd, Genesis' dramatic sensibility, and some of the special ethereal magic usually associated to Invisible, another compatriot band that was influential in the local rock scene during the early 70s. Keyboardist Alfredo Salomone adds a touch of distinction with his hord progressions, and layers on organ and synthesizer. CD $10 SKU:20330

COLLINS , PAUL BEAT - KIDS ARE THE SAME (NERVES / BREAKAWAYS )-Label:COLUMBIA Paul Collins Beat’s second album followed in the footsteps of his brilliant debut to rave reviews, an apathetic record company and a clueless public. Despite featuring some of his greatest songs – “The Kids are the Same,” “On The Highway,” “Dreaming,” “I Will Say No” – Columbia Records dropped the band as they toured relentlessly while “On The Highway” poured out of FM radio airwaves across the country and the newly launched MTV channel aired the videos for “The Kids Are The Same” and “On The Highway.” CD $15 SKU:22904


GREEN - ST plus bonus tracks (Chicago 80s glam power pop) -Label:LION Seven bonus tracks, including the CD debut of the band’s 1984 EP "The Name of This Band is Green." Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. "Their (first) 45 had two absolute masterpieces: ‘Gotta Getta Record Out,’ which yelps and shouts along like the best of the old Bongos or Jam or Feelies or somebody, and ‘I Don’t Want To Say No,’ which is the sort of white Motown that assholes like the Replacments could never get right. This is not a punk record, except perhaps in spirit, but it isn’t any worse for that."—Steve Albini CD $10 SKU:14882

LEGENDS, THE- High Towers DBL CD ( 60's psych ) - Label:ARF ARF Featuring their four locally released singles and a promotional-onlyflexi from 1970, the first CD documents the Legends from 1967 to 1973, their most renowned era. But the listening pleasure doesn't end with rare 45 sides like the stompin' freakbeat cover of "Baby Get Your Head Screwed On" from '67 and the quirky wah-wah piano of "High Towers" from '69. CD number one is rounded out by a bevy of previously unreleased material, including seven more power-trio psych-outs from 1969, three pounding hard rockers from 1973 that should have the stoner rock crowd in air-guitar heaven, and even a CD-ROM of a video made by band ally Jerry King Musser in 1972 to promote "Rock and Roll Woman," a regional smash (later licensed to Epic Records) that almost got the Legends on American Bandstand. Some people know 'em as the spawning ground for Dan Hartman of Edgar Winter Free Ride/I Can Dream About You fame. Other people know 'em for their four excellent singles. But until you've heard Arf! Arf! Records' new double-CD High Towers compilation retrospective, you haven't gotten the full perspective on the Legends. From '64 to '73, the Legends were as synonymous with Central Pennsylvania as a Hershey Bar with almonds, and every bit as tasty. They got the audiences dancing with their mix of pop, rock and soul in the mid-'60s, freaked 'em out with heavy psychedelia in the late '60s, then rocked 'em back outta their shells with even harder rock in the early '70s. All phases are documented on High Towers, which traces the rise of the Legends from their garage band roots playing teen hops and fire halls into seasoned rockers blowing the doors off larger venues. Featuring their four locally released singles and a promotional-only flexi from 1970, the first CD documents the Legends from 1967 to 1973, their most renowned era. But the listening pleasure doesn't end with rare 45 sides like the stompin' freakbeat cover of Baby Get Your Head Screwed On from '67 and the quirky wah-wah piano of High Towers from '69. CD number one is rounded out by a bevy of previously unreleased material, including seven more power-trio psych-outs from 1969, three pounding hard rockers from 1973 that should have the stoner rock crowd in air-guitar heaven, and even a CD-ROM of a video made by band ally Jerry King Musser in 1972 to promote Rock and Roll Woman, a regional smash (later licensed to Epic Records) that almost got the Legends on American Bandstand. And then there's the second CD, which throws a life preserver to those '60s fanatics who abandon ship when the captain's into psychedelia or hard rock. Fear not, garage fiends, as CD number two completes the Legends' voyage with 26 previously unissued cuts from 1965 and 1966, including a few band originals and teen-fueled renditions of Shakin' All Over, You Really Got Me I Need You, Don't Bring Me Down and even the Shadows of Knight's fuzz ripper, I'm Gonna Make You Mine. Perhaps the coolest garage vault find of all, however, is a pair of cuts by the Donshires (featuring future Legend Joe Caloiero) from 1965, Sad and Blue and Tripeline, which would be lighting up eBay if the songs had ever been pressed on a single. The musical experience is only enhanced by a 24-page booklet lined with pictures, memorabilia and a detailed band history (including interviews with six former members) by Doug Sheppard of Discoveries/Ugly Things. Whether you're into garage, psych, hard rock or even Dan Hartman himself, High Towers is guaranteed to scale the rock and roll heights for you. CD $14 SKU:27010

PLEASURE SEEKERS- What a Way To Die w the Quatro Sisters (60s ) - Label:CRADLE ROCKS Digitally remastered with many never before released recordings! the original 60’s all girl rock and rollers who started a revolution. The Pleasure Seekers lived, played, partied, and rocked the music scene in the Renaissance era of the 60’s, when female musicians were looked upon as “novelty acts”. The Pleasure Seekers and the music they played gained the attention and respect of Detroit “male rockers”, as well as the legends of the era. In just under five years, the Pleasure Seekers toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Far East, as a headliner, as well as being support for acts like the Yardbirds, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Joe Cocker, Alice Cooper, Procol Harem, Badfinger, MC5, Bob Seger, Iggy Stooge, and many others. CD $18 SKU:16258

PROTOTYPE- ST (old school AOR 1983) Label:PACEMAKER An excellent blend of high class melodic rock with great use of backing vocals and loads of keyboard blasts coming out of everywhere! A great AOR album, with a Hipginosis cover and a top 30 hit in 'Video Kids'. Prototype was Dan Lowe and Brad Stekel who had been in the 49th Parallel, Painter and 451. "Very good, if you like old school AOR with great keys, you'll love this CD. Doug Riley is a fantastic singer and this is indeed a very fine AOR album. I don't think you'll find better examples of pompy AOR than 'Behind Your Eyes' or 'Live Forever.’”
CD $10 SKU:21225

QUARTETO 1111 -Singles and EPs(POP PSYCH 1967)-Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A band that featured the most legendary musician in Portuguese pop music history (Jose Cid, widely renowned in mellotron and progressive music circles), and yet this is the first chance we ve had to hear anything by his legendary group. Booklet has some notes on the band s history CD $10 SKU:18994

SUBSONICS -Follow Me Down (Cramps-esque)Label:GET HIP With a mix of influences from the '50s and beyond, Subsonics deliver a Cramps-esque cocktail of belligerent guitar riffs, thumping bass, and tribal drumming. Imagine Lou Reed singing with a garage band who'd raided their father's collection of rare rockabilly gems. Unique songs, unique sound--don't miss this one! CD $10 SKU:23477

TOWNSMEN -The Anthology: We're Doing Fine (60s beat and early psych)Label:PACEMAKER Beat and early psych from one of the finest bands to come out of Ottawa, Canada in the 1960’s. Their lush, four-part harmonies and powerful instrumental prowess made them great live performers. "Ottawa was a hotbed of talent during the mid 1960's. Next to the Staccatos (later the Five Man Electrical Band) and the Esquires, the Townsmen were one of the biggest acts in that region. Between late 1965 and 1968 - the Townsmen had some of the most memorable songs to come out of the Ottawa music scene during that time. All their original single recordings are here: 'We're Doing Fine,’ 'Take A Heart,’ 'Funny How Love Can Be,' 'I'm Such A Dreamer,' 'He's In Town.’ and 'Heaven In The Middle Of Town,' and much much more. This is the full picture of the group in an amazing set. Along with the original Townsmen singles, the set includes pre Townsmen incarnations of the group — the Jades, the Continentals and the Darnels and post-Townsmen duo, Harold. Also included are tracks from the female duo, Lori & Diane backed by the Darnels. The 46 song set includes first time stereo mixes, unreleased tracks, rare live recordings captured at the Ottawa Exhibition in 1966 and 1967 as well as from their reunion concerts from 1987 and 1991. All this is accompanied by a full color 16 page booklet. CD $10 SKU:26892

YORKS, LOS- Los Yorks ‘67(amazing Peruvian 60’s garage psych ) -Label:World Psychedelia A reissue of the first album by this garage psych quartet, who along with Los Saicos and Los Shains, are one of the best and most important bands to come out of Peru in the mid-1960s. Originally released by Mag in 1967, the album features a nonstop beat-influenced, go-go twang, guitar-psych tone throughout. CD $10 SKU:26089

DEADLY DOSE OF - WYLDE PSYCH ( 60s Era ) -Label:ARF ARF Here's the 4th installment of our highly acclaimed Dose series. Trip on out to 26 excessive tracks (over 78 minutes) of sparkling '60s psychedelic acid reign. Presented here is elusive American psychedelic rock at it's bestfrom the savage to the sublime, massive to the mesmerizing, and futuristic to flashbacks. COMP CD $10 SKU:27012

GARAGEAHOLIC - VA Psychedelic! Outsider Music!-Label:ARF ARF Obscure sixties garage punk and psychedelic rock may be the imprint’s main thrust, but every so often they wander outside such territories and release music that is just plain weird. For those not hip to the Arf! Arf! label, this thirty- track sampler serves as a fine overview of what they’re all about. And for those who have been supporting the record company’s cause all these years, you’re still in for a treat, as how nice it is to have such groovy tunes situated in one place. From the spit and swagger of “I Can’t See You” by The Starlites to the absolutely stupid yet utterly charming “Stinky Poodle” by Tangela Tricoli, here’s a disc that offers something for everybody. On the instrumental front, there’s the acid damaged delight of "Kaleidoscope" from Peter Pan and The Good Fairies and Erik Lindgren’s totally gorgeous version of The Edgar Winter Group’s "Frankenstein," which takes classical muzak to new and improved heights. Erik further shares his talents on “Route 28-American Kids Still Wanna Rock,” a super catchy pop rocker where his inner Rick Springfield meets Bryan Adams is revealed. Charted of shuffling rhythms, The Rising Storm’s “Love Starvation” pays loving homage to Bo Diddley, “Flyte” by The Flowerz pairs social oriented prose with the bracing bite of The Rolling Stones and The Standells, The Legends unveil a dosage of wah-wah battered guitar reflexes on “High Towers” and Changin’ Tymes travel a heavy duty psychedelic route on “Blue Music Box.” A strong Jefferson Airplane influence arises on the rebellious tones of 6 Feet Under’s “Inspiration In My Head,” The Victors turn in a loyal cover of Them’s “Little Girl” and The Litter quake and shake on “Mindbreaker.” Stacked from top to bottom with enjoyable sounds, “Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!” is the best greatest hits album that never was. COMP CD $10 SKU:20009

GREAT LOST BREW WAVE VA Milwaukee Punk & New Wave Bands 1979-83Label:BLACK HOLE RARE compilation of recordings from Milwaukee new wave, punk, alternative and psychedelic rock groups of the 1970s and early 1980s. COMP CD $10 SKU:19382

GREEN CRYSTAL TIES -3 - Gloria Meets 96 Tears 60s psych garage comp) Label:COLLECTIBLES Third installment in the Green Crystal Ties series of psychedelic and garage rock compilations issued by Collectables Records in April 1998. The set commences with two tracks by the Beefeaters, first with the gyrating and thumping intensity of 'Don't Hurt Me,' followed by 'Change My Mind.' The U.S. Britons adroitly mix folk and proto-punk influences on 'Come On' and 'I'll Show You a Man.' The Chevelle V, from Texas, display a gritty blues-based approach in 'Come Back Bird,' and 'I'm Sorry Girl.' Yesterday's Children, from Connecticut, do a feral rendition of ‘Gloria,' followed by the downcast mood of 'Love and Things.' The folk rock-influenced Lewallen Brothers are represented here on the two cuts, 'Tough He Was' and 'Only a Dream.' The set concludes with 'Don't Hurt Me' by the Infinite Pyramid. Like all of the entries in the series, the highly colorful packaging is designed by Nicole Ruhl Fichera and on this occasion features a front cover photograph of Yesterday's Children, who are included in this set. The inner sleeve includes well-researched liner notes written by Steve Kaplan and Matt Wendelken which provide helpful biographical information about the bands and their songs. Small drill hole near bar code. COMP CD $10 SKU:24739

HEAVY DOSE OF- LYTE PSYCH ( 60's psych ) -Label:ARF ARF ARF! ARF! presents two new doses of mind altering '60s psychedelia! This pair of CDs, packaged in colourful 12-page booklets (each over 77 minutes in length!) feature an in depth look at two varieties of Way-Cool Psychedelia. COMP CD $10 SKU:27009

HISTORY OF TEXAS GARAGE BANDS IN THE 60s-Vol 1 - Sea Ell DOUBLE CD Label:COLLECTIBLES "This two-CD set covers the two year history of Houston-based Sea Ell Records, which recorded some of the better and more interesting garage-punk and psychedelic music to come out of Texas during the years 1966-1968. All seven Sea Ell singles are represented, along with additional tracks by most of the bands (George Washington & the Cherry Stompers, Derby Hatville, and the Coachmen) that recorded for the label, and a few (Satyn's Children, the Smokin' Bananas, and the Wolves) that only cut demos for the company. Despite the fact that at least half of this CD was never intended for public consumption, the music holds up startlingly well. The Wolves don't really fit in with the '60s bands here, sounding too much like an early-'70s blues-rock outfit, and some of the later Derby Hatville tracks are too produced and pop-sounding, closer to Gary Puckett & the Union Gap than to the 13th Floor Elevators, but otherwise this could pass for a Pebbles volume. One precious ultra-obscurity — 'Girl Don't Change Your Mind' by Eddie Cunningham & the Lone Rangers — also shows up. The sound varies wildly, from crisp, professionally recorded source tapes to booming, out-of-balance demo tracks. The second disc consists of demos cut in 1967 and 1966, respectively, by the Smokin' Bananas and the Intruders. The former try very hard to sound like the Beatles (especially on their vocals), while the latter have a more brittle, blues-based sound.” —Bruce Eder, allmusic.com. Small drill hole near bar code. COMP CD $12 SKU:24740

KILLED BY DEATH -#2 Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82-Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22913

KILLED BY DEATH Vol 3-Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82--Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22914

KILLED BY DEATH Vol 4-Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82-Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22915

NO NO NO-28 Moody, Somber And Tragic '60s Garage Rock SagasLabel:ARF ARF NO NO NO is an eye-opening collection of a hugely overlooked genre documenting the all too familiar guy gets dumped and longs for girl syndrome. Unlike most vintage garage comps which often go for the crudest, loudest, punkiest and fuzziest, NO NO NO captures the eras moodiest, mega-sombre and most tragic teenage testaments. Beware: this material is highly addictive. For anyone into the instrospective sounds of the Rising Storm and modern-day Italian revivalists Head & The Hares, this depressing overview of mostly uncirculated tracks will make you wonder how you ever survived being a hormonal teen. CD includes honest, heartfelt cuts by the Syndicate, Bounty Hunters, Spectres, Symmetry Of Sound, Paupers, In Mates, etc. Prozac not included. COMP CD $10 SKU:27030

OVERDOSE OF HEAVY PSYCH-- Authentic Way Cool Sixties Artifacts ( 60's psych ) - Label:ARF ARF Mind altering '60s psychedelia! AN OVERDOSE OF HEAVY PSYCH showcases over-the-top, fuzzed-out masterpieces. Excessive guitars, wild effects and tripped-out lyrics all produce magical and imaginative music from this by-gone era. COMP CD $10 SKU:27008

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 4 (legendary 60s garage psych) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:20085

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 6 (legendary 60s garage psych ) - Label:SCRAP Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s COMP CD $12 SKU:20086

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 3 (legendary 60s garage psych ) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. With tracks by The 4 Of Us, The State Of Mind, The Xtreems, The Crome Syrcus, The Trolls, The Touch and more... Excellent new artwork too!! COMP CD $10 SKU:23135

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 8 (legendary 60s garage psych)Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:27031

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 5 (legendary 60s garage psych) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $12 SKU:27032

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 7 legendary 60s garage psych)Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:27034

YEAH YEAH YEAH- 28 Mega-Manic & Elusive '60s Garage Punkers- Label:ARF ARF Vintage punkers and bona fide garage monsters . COMP CD $10 SKU:27041

DRAGON - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Scented Gardens For The BlindLabel:REPLICA SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. This is the New Zealand group’s second album (released in February 1975 on Vertigo Records) and is a symphonic rock album of very good quality. Dragon have a very British 70s feel. The music is basically a fairly straightforward rock (a couple of "singles" on this album) with organs and guitars. The longer tracks stand out, especially ‘Sunburst' with its excellent melodies and spacey feel. A really nice album and accessible enough for anyone into symphonic rock.” — Expose Magazine
It starts out with psych-tinged tracks, heavy on electric guitar and organ, but soon blows up into a beautiful mix of cool British-styled organ-driven Psychedelic Rock and melodic Symphonic Progressive Rock, with warm vocals and an emphasis on instant melodies. Up there for many in the same league with FANTASY, CRESSIDA, KESTREL. As with most groups of this type and era, songwriting plays a key role; Dragon could write flawless pieces with lovely, atmospheric changes, which makes them a vut above many others. Maybe that’s why this album remains an incredibly sought after collector's item, fetching three-figures in auctions. LP $16 SKU:26952

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- BENT CORNER BARGAIN Everything's For Sale - ( great 70s style UK guitar psych) WITH BONUS CD Label:Alive PERFECT VINYL, sealed. Just a bent corner, great deal! Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange LP $10 SKU:26458

LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - Hot Pants Zone( 10” Detroit Stooges style) LAST COPIES Label:TOTAL ERERGY Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ LP $10 SKU:23593

SOCIAL DEVIANTS - Garbage 10” w MICK FARREN (legendary 60s psych ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE LAST FEW! Farren has stated that The Deviants were originally a community band which "did things every now and then—it was a total assault thing with a great deal of inter-relation and interdependence". Musically, Farren described their sound as "teeth-grinding, psychedelic rock" somewhere between The Stooges and The Mothers of Invention.[citation needed] The Deviants have been described as a transition between classic British psych and the punk/heavy metal aesthetic of the 1970s LP $10 SKU:22122

VIBRAVOID -BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Politics of Ecstasy (German psych heads Electric Prunes/Pink Floyd style!) Label:ANAZITISI GREECE “SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. "A heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors by Düsseldorf, Germany, based psychedelic-heads, Vibravoid. File somewhere between the Electric Prunes and early Pink Floyd. This studio album is basically a musical journey through the ideas of US Acid Guru Timothy Leary and his book, The Politics of Ecstasy.” Stunning new edition of classic 2008 album "The Politics Of Ecstasy" to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary. Features new cover artwork and re-mastered audio tracks. The album is partly re-recorded and fully re-mixed for maximum audio pleasure. This edition also presents for the first time the original recording of ‘Late As A Morning’, a charming piece of relaxed psychedelia that was first released in a different version on the flip of the ‘Doris Delay’ 7" EP from 2004. This is a bonus track. The album includes a poster size full colour insert. Limited edition of 500 copies. “"A heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors by Düsseldorf, Germany, based psychedelic-heads, Vibravoid. File somewhere between the Electric Prunes and early Pink Floyd. This studio album is basically a musical journey through the ideas of US Acid Guru Timothy Leary and his book, The Politics of Ecstasy.” LP $15 SKU:21066