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This is a big one! We have a huge batch of INTERNATIONAL titles arriving Monday in limited quantities, lots of really cool stuff ranging from cds to vinyl to rare psych reissues, some picture disc pressings of 70s titles, and a major restock of items previously sold out, including FADING YELLOW VOL 2 and 3which sold out instantly last month.

Dig in, and thanks for all.

Suzy Shaw

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DOCTOR CYCLOPS -LOCAL DOGS (70s heavy rock style) Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The third album by Doctor Cyclops offers an explosive mixture of '70s heavy rock, NWOBHM and doomier Sabbath-style riffage, ready to take you back to a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods feel like the epic saga of the '70s is truly likely to continue its course. CD $12 SKU:21261

FVZZ POPVLI- FVZZ DEI(Italian stoner psych)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Awesome psychedelic rock, played by three potheads from Rome. This is the band's self-titled full-length on CD. CD $12 SKU:21264

INSIDER- JAMMIN' FOR SMILING GOD (STONER-SPACE-ROCK deluxe.)-Label:BEARD OF STARS STONER-SPACE-ROCK deluxe. Debut album by INSIDER a Italian PSYCHEDELIC ROCK experience you haven't heard in ages. Strongly drawn and rooted in the ever inspiring PSYCHEDELIC ROCK GIANTS of the 70's. 4 long psychedelic space journeys featuring endless guitar-walls and swirling space-effects, echoplex guitars. All trick of the psychedelic book mixed with 90'S STONER rock CD $10 SKU:21321

JOHN HOLLAND EXPERIENCE- ST(power trio with heavy acid-stoner sounds)Label:ELECTRIC VALLEY John Holland Experience is a power trio with a sound that combines classic rock'n'roll and rootsy blues, sometimes with additional heavy acid-stoner sounds. CD $12 SKU:21323

ORANGE WEDGE-WEDGE(70s U.S psych)- Label:LONGHAIR Originally released as a private pressing and on label ,Contraband" Orange Wedges 1st album ,Wedge" features 7 songs full of driving guitars and strong vocals. Orange Wedge hailed from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., where they formed in 1968. They released 2 albums (CD release 2nd album ,No One Left But Me", Long Hair LHC 68). Both albums show a mix of long and short songs and lots of loud guitars. Exellent songwriting and remarkable hooks, too. Highlights of the album are 11-minute track ,Death comes slowly" and final song ,Revenge", which features some suberb Neil Young-influenced guitar playing. CD comes with comprehensive booklet, linernotes by guitar player and composer Joe Farace, and a lot of unseen photos. Digitally remastered CD $19 SKU:8353

SCHOBER'S CABINET - IT IS IN THE WRONG ENVELOPE (London 67-68 style psych) -Label:BAM BALAM Denis Stockhausen Von Ulm (guitars, bass, organ, vocals) and Zach Ryl (percussion) are offering us a psychedelic album, which seems to have come directly from London of 1967-1968. Recorded in their small studio, with the garage sound and mixing typical of the era, vintage guitar, the good old Farfisa organ accompaniment, and featuring a 10 minutes experimental piece at the end with a mesmerizing riff. One may indeed believe it came from the sixties! CD $10 SKU:21324

BEATFREAK! Vol 1 (Rare And Obscure British Beat 1964-1968) Label:PARTICLES Original Sound Recordings From The British Beat Archive COMP CD $12 SKU:21279

BEATFREAK! Vol 3 Rare And Obscure British Beat 1966-1969Label:PARTICLES Original Sound Recordings From The British Beat Archives COMP CD $12 SKU:21280

BEATFREAK! Vol 4 Rare And Obscure British Beat (1964-1969)Label:PARTICLES Original Sound Recordings From The British Beat Archives COMP CD $12 SKU:21281

CORNFLAKE ZOO - EPISODE 2 (rare garage and psych 67-69)-Label:PARTICLES This new series consists of international psyche bands that where putting out 45s and lps between 1967 and 1969 and you can sure hear the flower power in every song here, you got some very unknown bands and then you got your then very well known bands like the Motions and David. COMP CD $12 SKU:21278

CORNFLAKE ZOO #1 - EPISODE 1 (rare garage and psych 67-69)-Label:PARTICLES This new series consists of international psyche bands that where putting out 45s and lps between 1967 and 1969 and you can sure hear the flower power in every song here, you got some very unknown bands and then you got your then very well known bands like the Motions and David.You get a great mix of fuzz, bubble gum and acid rock to round this out best, all the tracks have been remastered for this cd release and sound fantastic and of course as with all Particles releases the inside of the inlay will tell you everything you need to know about each artist. COMP CD $12 SKU:21277

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 3 (A Rare Collection Of Aural Antiquities And Objets D'art 1968-1971))Label:PARTICLES Psych, Garage and obscurities COMP CD $12 SKU:21283

DIGGIN' IN THE GOLDMINE - DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS (60s) 8 CD BOX SET with 201 tracks PLUS BOOK! !Label:PSEUDONYM DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS' - In the 1960s, the Netherlands had one of the most vibrant and creatively fertile music scenes on the planet. A beat music explosion triggered a full-blown youth revolution, transforming the country forever. A uniquely Dutch strain of rock and pop music -Nederbiet- was its soundtrack. Hundreds of Dutch beat, pop, blues, and psychedelic records were released between 1965 and 1969, and the overall quality was extremely high. This the most comprehensive collection of Nederbiet music ever assembled, showcasing many of the greatest and rarest Dutch singles: 8 CDS with 201 tracks by 100 bands - more than nine hours of top quality sounds from 1965-1970, many of them appearing in the digital realm for the first time. All are sourced from the original masters, in their original mono mixes, except in the rare instances that the original releases were in stereo. This lavishly-packaged anthology includes a 204-page hardcover book with track-by-track liner notes by Mike Stax, an overview of the most important Dutch recording studios by Peter Voskuil, and an essay about the history of Muziek Expres magazine by editor-in-chief Ruud van Dulkenraad. The book also features more than 800 full-color and black and white images, including all the relevant picture sleeves, rare and previously unseen band photos, five years of Muziek Expres magazine covers, unique gig and festival posters and lots more. COMP CD $105 SKU:21271

PEOPLE!LET'S FREAK OUT! - 5CD BOX SET PLUS 88 PAGE BOOKLET!-First ever box set anthology of Ireland's 1960s rock music scene.Label:PARTICLES Particles presents the first ever box set anthology of Ireland's 1960s rock music scene. Only two long-out-of-print compilations have ever emerged to profile Ireland's rock roots, making this anthology doubly inviting. From the R&B/blues scene in Belfast to the late 1960s psychedelia of Dublin, People! Let's Freak Out reveals a wider account of the beat scene, and it's transition into psychedelia and blues rock. While Ireland has never been given equal acclaim to that of it's neighboring England, it nevertheless produced some of the most iconic and influential bands of the period. As Van Morrison and Them were leaving Belfast for London, a slew of new hopefuls arrived to establish their own niche under the nose of the dominant showband scene. Compiled here, are 125 original recordings featuring various groups from Eire and Northern Ireland, some of whom went on to huge success in the 1970s. From Ian Whitcomb to Eire Apparent, The Bye-Laws to the Belfast Gypsies and Gentry to Sugar Shack, People! Let's Freak Out is a fascinating account of Ireland's more obscure and vibrant music scene of the 1960s. Spanning five discs with rare and previously unreleased recordings, a plethora of memorabilia and expansive liners housed in an 88-page, full-color booklet, People! Let's Freak Out offers an excellent companion to similar anthologies such as Nuggets, Rubble, and Buried Alive. COMP CD $42 SKU:21251

ANUBIS ST (1983 Zep and Brit hard rock style gem) 180 GRAM Label:REPLICA (France) 180g vinyl. Originally released in 1983 this is Anubis' unique long-player filled with LED ZEPPELIN and British hard-rock influences. Remastered from the original tapes, this hard-to-find gem is now finally available again!” "The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.” LP $26 SKU:21348

BAKER,KURT-BRAND NEW B-SIDES(powerpop For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat)Label:DOl For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat, here are 11 energetic power pop tunes that will have 'em bouncing around the room in no time! LP $21 SKU:21331

HIBUSHIBIRE - TURN ON, TUNE IN, FREAK OUT! (JAPANESE PSYCH )Label:RIOT SEASON It would be fair to say Hibushibire's 2017 debut album 'Freak Out Orgasm!' went down well with fans of psych-rock (call it what you will). So far its had three vinyl pressings, two cassette pressings and a CD run back in Japan. Once again their second album is produced by Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner) and it's the next logical step in the band's sonic development. As with its predecessor, side one consists of three tracks, 'Ecstasy Highwaystar', 'Blow! Blow! Blow!' and 'Overdose, Pussycat! More! More!'. Some of these titles will be familiar if you've followed the band's live shows in recent times, and it's pretty much a guitar to the front, full gonzo-style hard-rocking psychedelic freak out from the first blast of Changchang's guitar panning from left to right before the main riff kicks it all off. Again, as with their debut, side two comprises of just one epic length track. 'Rollercoaster Of The Universe' clocks in at seventeen minutes and is the sound of the band moving onto the next level during its journey. It's a shudderingly beautiful piece, with many hypnotic twists and turns. LP $25 SKU:21256

MUSHROOMS -TASTE OF(1970 UK psych-prog)-Label:LABYRINTH OF THOUGHTS Presented on 180-GRAM VINYL, this excellent UK psych-prog album was recorded back in 1970, but remained unissued at the time due to legal difficulties. LP $30 SKU:21333

PUSSY CAT -1966-1969(singer for Hollies, Small Faces,Herman's Hermits,Zombies)Label:LES SENTINELLES DISQUES Pussy Cat (born Evelyn Courtois) was born in Paris on June 14th, 1948. At 17 years old she was already making her guitar purr in her all girl band, Les Petites Souris. Not long after, Tom Jones gave her the name Pussy Cat. Meow! Pussy Cat soon became the leading rhythm singer in France following her take over of the bands of the British Invasion, singing in such iconic acts as The Hollies, Small Faces, Herman's Hermits, Zombies... as well as Dee Dee Warwick and Nancy Wilson. Enjoy this collection showcasing her wild talent in the service of these songs, be seduced by the acid charm and rhythmic genius of Pussy Cat. Limited to 250 copies. LP $25 SKU:21286

SATURNALIA- MAGICAL LOVE (PICTURE DISC! 70s British psych prog underground gem! )Label:BLACK WIDOW Produced by Keith Relf (Yardbirds, Renaissance, Steamhammer), Saturnalia made their 1973 debut with a beautiful 3D picture disc, which has since become a collector's item among fans of the genre. For this release Black Widow Records attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original packaging (picture disc format with booklet, ticket and above all the 3D labels and a second 24 pages booklet) and the result is this fantastic reissue. Featuring the beautiful Aletta and Adrian Hawking on vocals and Rod Roach on guitar. Hawking and Roach were previously together in Horse. A '70s British psych prog underground gem! LP $38 SKU:21342

SAVAGE,ROBERT-THE ADVENTURES OF- VOL 1(OBSCURE HENDRIX STYLE Calif guitar psych)Label:BLUE BUTTERFLY The Adventures Of Robert Savage' is a very obscure psychedelic rock band from the '70s that hailed from California. There is a lot of heavy fuzz guitar here, excellent riffs and far-out solos, this guy was obviously heavily influenced by the great Jimi Hendrix. LP $28 SKU:21334

SHYLOCK- Ile de Fievre (1978 symphonic rock)Label:REPLICA (France) Originally released in 1978 by Alpine instrumental band SHYLOCK, "Île de fièvre" is a real tour de force, combining symphonic rock influences (King Crimson, Genesis) with a taste for experiments ala Zappa or Heldon, is an outstanding album.” "When Shylock's first, Giarlogues, was reissued a few years back by Musea it seemed their second, Île de Fièvre, would not be far behind. But, who cares, it is finally here, hallelujah! From the opening Elka strains of the title track to last spacey moments of the epic "Laocksetal," this four-piece band maneuvers through some tricky symphonic territory and does so always with precision, ambition, and masterful craftsmanship. Finer examples of symphonic prog-rock from this era cannot be found. The 13-minute title opus is worth the price of the disc itself, with its fluent Minimoog lines by Didier Lustig and soaring guitar leads from Frédéric L'Épée (currently of Philharmonie). The shorter middle pieces between the monster bookends are more abstract and ambiguous pieces, but they certainly showcase the band's maturity and giftedness at sculpting various moods. As a bonus, Musea have appended the original CBS album with one bonus track, of (much) lesser sonic quality, but musically every bit as exciting, and representing the band in the last stages of its brief existence. All French, all instrumental, and all outstanding. If there is only one reissue you purchase this year, this should definitely be the one. Enjoy!’ —Expose Magazine LP $25 SKU:21349


WE blew thru these really fast last time, got MORE!

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 2- A 21 Course Smorgasbord Of US Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-69Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 2 in the FADING YELLOW series present us 21 course smorgasbord of U.S. POP-SIKE and other delights from 1965-1969. COMP CD $16 SKU:21217

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 3: MORE U.S. POP-SIKELabel:FLOWER MACHINE ..'65-'69'. REPRESSED! Vol 3, in the FADING YELLOW series presents us with '22 shiny jewels of US POP-SIKE and other delight from 1965-1969'. 22 magic US 60's tracks on a comp for the very first time. COMP CD $16 SKU:21218

BREAD LOVE AND DREAMS - ST ( 1969 Flower Power Folk classic.) Label:HUGO MONTES 1969 Flower Power Folk classic. This is the debut by the UK folk trio Bread, Love and Dreams. The album is filled with dreamy Folk; flower-power lyrics and simple, beautiful melodies. Coming from Scotland, Bread Love & Dreams was a trio lead by Glaswegian David McNiven, joining in with a two-women act: Carolyn Davis on guitar and Angie Rew on flute and lead vocals. Talking Elephant. CD $8 SKU:19195

CO4 - HIPPIEOLOGY 2 (70s Danish psych/prog/folk sceneLabel:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 2 in series 'Hippieology' about the Danish psych/prog/folk scene from the early '70s, sees the reissue of material by CO4 a band that started in late '60s inspired by CREAM, STEPPENWOLF, FREE, etc. Folky, rural progressive rock with some furious leadguitars. CD $16 SKU:21064

FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE - ST LTd edition ( 70’s Greek psych, 24 page booklet, rare photos ) -Label:PACEMAKER Slightly revamped second edition of an album that many people consider to be the best Greek psychedelic album ever recorded, a belief that would mean that the Four Levels of Existence LP would supersede albums by artists like Axis, Aphrodite’s Child, Socrates, and George Romanos. We’ll let you decide the argument, for there is no doubt of one thing—that this is tremendous hard edged psychedelic rock, originally released on LP in a very small quantity by the private Venus label in 1976. As band leader Athanasios Alatas said: “Through Nick’s musical quest, Mario’s sensitivity, Christos’ madness, and my thoughts, we create many songs, all characterized by a psychedelic music sound, Greek lyrics, and monumental guitar solos.” Since the appearance of our first edition of this album on CD, the excellence of the band has not gone unnoticed.* (see below) This carefully documented reissue contains the entire Four Levels of Existence LP, the only recordings they ever made. A twenty-four page booklet includes historical background on the Greek music scene of the early 1970’s, details of the band’s past written by Alatas, rare photos of the group, as well as lyrics in both Greek and English. This second CD edition is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.*As some of you may know by now, the guitar riff from ‘Someday in Athens’ plays a major role in Jay-Z’s single, ‘Run This Town’ (featuring Rihanna, Kanye West) from his chart-topping “The Blueprint 3” album. Just another reason for people to discover the legendary, fuzz-guitar laced work of Four Levels of Existence. CD $10 SKU:19944

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN- Astra (70s South African psych ) Label:FRESH The classic 1970 2nd LP from South African psych group, deemed by many to be the band's defining moment. Painstakingly tracked down and remastered, the album sounds better than anyone involved ever imagined. W 3 bonus tracks, Coffee Song, Satisfaction, and Little Games CD $15 SKU:4572

HANSENS HONS -HIPPIEOLOGY 3 (early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene.)Label:KARMA MUSIC Vol. 3 in the 'Hippieology' series from Karma Music Danmark focused on the early '70s Danish hippie folk and rock scene. Hansens Hons started as beat band in the sixties and evolved into a well respected progressive flower power rock and blues rock band frequenting the numberous festivals in Denmark at the time and at Roskild CD $16 SKU:21205

HASSE & WILLIAM -GREEN GRASS HARA CHASH (Legendary hippy folk-rock 1970)Label:KARMA MUSIC Legendary hippy folk-rock outfit, who recorded and released 2 albums for Spectator Records in 1970-1971. Both albums are featered here on this CD. They later joined Steppeulvene, a more progressive/psych folk band CD $16 SKU:21056

MERMAID - ST (1973 Danish rock) Label:KARMA MUSIC Mermaid was a very short lived band from Denmark, founded in 1973 by members from Burnin Red Ivanhoe and Young Flowers. Shortly after the band's start, Mermaid took on a tour to Norway in February 1973. This tour was very successful, and most of the material on this CD is actually from this tour. The other recordings are various unreleased studio recordings. The band never made a record, so this is all there is from this now forgotten band CD $16 SKU:21206

ORANGE DROP -STONED IN LOVE (Dreamy psych acid laced sounds) Label:MEGA DODO Hailing from Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the '60s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab. Orange Drop re-invents '60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism! CD $16 SKU:20992

PROTOTIPES - WE ARE BACK (90s Spanish power pop)-Label:NO TOMORROW LAST COPIES.The album debut by a band formed by ex-members of Spanish punk rock legends of the '90s SHOCK TREATMENT and DEPRESSING CLAIM. A superb collection of sing-along power-pop, bittersweet midtempo melodic-punk and some killer blasts of mean punk'n'roll thrown in for good measure. A must for fans of the Spanish punk pop sound of the '90s and for anyone interested in classy punk rock. CD $8 SKU:19898

STEPPEULVENE -HIP (reissue of classic 1967 LP STONES /KINKS style ) Label: ELAP Reissue of classic 1967 album by legendary Danish band Steppeulvene. Musically a mix of Stone/Kinks-like R&B and USA folk ala Dylan, etc. CD $16 SKU:21208

TERJE,JESPER & JOACHIM - ST - ST( early '70s Danish heavy psych/blues/rock)Label:KARMA MUSIC One of the best early '70s Danish heavy psych/blues/rock bands around at the time, who recorded one hell of a filthy guitar fuelled heavy rock album for Spectator Records. As bonus you will find here a lot of material from Denmark Radio. CD $16 SKU:21215

WILDFLOWER-40 YEARS IN A BLINK OF AN EYE (psych/flower/pop/folk)
Label:WILDFLOWERMUSIC A 2007 collection of tracks by the re-united Wildflower, featuring songs the band played in the '60s, but never recorded during that time. Still has the psych/flower/pop/folk feel from that era. The CD comes with 8 page booklet with all lyrics and nice pictures. In 1965, "The Wildflower" began at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland with Stephen Ehret on rhythm guitar, Tom Ellis on drums, John Jennings on bass, Teddy Schneider played percussion, Michael Brown played lead guitar, and the whole band sang. Stephen wrote the songs for the band and also collaborated with poets, Michael McClure and Michael McCausland. The band was soon playing venues all around the Bay Area and was one of the original psychedelic 60s groups developing the San Francisco Sound that reached maturity during the Summer of Love. They played both the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms and toured extensively. Tom left to finish his education and Larry Duncan took over drums until his return. Teddy left the band before a tour back East. Following that, "The Wildflower" toured Canada with "The Youngbloods" and recorded with producer Jerry Corbitt. Just when it seemed their commercial success was secure, they disbanded.
Featured in movies and documentaries about the S.F. rock scene and immortalized in psychedelic poster art, the Wildflower remains a part of the colorful tapestry that was the magic of the sixties CD $12 SKU:21107

ANDERGRAUN VIBRATIONS- VA ( Spanish Hard Psych And Beyond 1970-1978 ) -Label:HUNDERGRUM At last a CD issue containing the long out of print first volume and half of the second one of this highly regarded comps, originally released as very limited vinyl editions.
Andergraun Vibrations! documents the unknown Spanish underground psychedelic & progressive scene from the early seventies. We' ve culled the private collections of some of the more rabid spanish crazy collectors and we are proud to present 16 tracks recorded between 1970 & 1978 and taken from super rare 45s, some of them originally released as private / tiny pressings with only a handful of copies actually known. But don't panic, this is not boring r&b, scratched acetates or lame garage-beat cover versions. Here you' ll find wild garage psychedelia, proto-prog sounds and trashy hard-rock full of screaming spanish & english vocals, swirling Hammond organs, loud drums, fuzz & wah guitars, proggy flutes and more psych mayhem. It comes in a jewelcase housed in a beautiful outer carton slimcase and features a large 20 pages color booklet with detailed & updated liner notes (written in English & Spanish), rare pictures & carefully remastered sound. COMP CD $12 SKU:21127

ARTIFICIAL FACES - VA (rare 60s psych and 70s) Label:CRAZY APPLE BOUTIQUE First was Neurotic Reactions, then Some Songs Stuck In My Mind and now it's Artificial Faces! One of the most exciting and higher quality compilation labels is back with another eclectic comp featuring 16 underground dancefloor tracks from the late '60s/early '70s. Groovy psychedelia, freakbeat, garage, hard funky-rock grooves. You can expect the usual dose of fuzz guitars, Hammond organs, drum breaks and psychedelic effects! Including bands and artists from USA, South America, France, Spain. Listen to the crazy electro-psych sounds from Erasmo Carlos, Elevators influenced garage-psych by The Hobbits, female garage by Sonia and Enchanted Forest, Spanish soul-freakbeat by Nino Bravo, John Wonderling with the original pop-sike version of 'Midway Down,' later popularized by The Creation, heavy phasing-psych by Giant Crab, Brazilian fuzz-freakbeat by Eduardo Araujo, hard psychedelic grooves by Skins, The Bag and more! Fully remastered sound, great artwork, booklet with detailed liner notes and pictures." COMP CD $12 SKU:21119

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE -VOL 3 EVEN MORE LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1964-69-Label:Nickoff Records Before the passing of Nick Giannakakos (man behind the label and compiler of this series) in 2017, he left the nearly completed third volume with a trusted friend and asked him if he would finish the volume and release it. That's been done and Blank Records is handling the manufacture and distribution. The CD features 31 tracks of rare, barely heard or completely unreleased tracks from the city of churches, Adelaide. Includes 16 page booklet with many previously unpublished pictures,rare ephemera and liner notes COMP CD $21 SKU:20740

CURIOSITY SHOP -VOL 2 A Collection of Rare Aural Antiquities and Objet d'Art from the British Isles: Volume Two 1967-1972-Label:PARTICLES Includes 20-page full-color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Professionally remastered sound.A colorful collection of obscured and exuberant pop nuggets -- the psychedelic effects have gone and the lightshows have blown, but their lingering presence in the aftermath of the hallucinogenic haze is, though less defined, strangely evident. The end of the explosive decade that brought us the fab four and gave us the pop star was proving to be a turning point in both musical and political terms. Curiosity Shop Two provides a precious insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Good vibrations indeed! Rare and obscure artifacts by Steve and Stevie, Pythagoras Theorem, Ian Campbell Group, Dr. Marigold's Prescription, Juan and Junior, Marc Reid, Casuals, Ten Feet, Jonathan Kelly, Julie Sullivan, Soft Slipper, Galliard, Noel Harrison, Barry Hopkins, Lori Balmer, Polly Niles, Davey Payne, and Sasperella, originally released between 1967 and 1972. COMP CD $17 SKU:16871

DET BAR ROCK - VA 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat-Label:KARMA MUSIC ..OG RUL MEN VI KA SGU LI DET! A collection of 29 tracks Of Danish '60s and '70s rock'n'roll and beat. COMP CD $16 SKU:21212


FADING YELLOW - VOL. 13 Lazy Days (U.S 60s Pop Psych and other delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:13484

FADING YELLOW - VOL.15 Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images . Ltd numbered edition of 1000 copies. ( 60s Pop / Psych ) - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at colecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP CD $16 SKU:15077

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop / Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $16 SKU:18694

FADING YELLOW - Vol 16 Sad About the Times - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Released five years after the previous 'Fading Yellow' CD, Volume 16 offers more delightful '60s psych obscurities, this time around featuring bands/artists from the UK, USA and, in one case, Australia. COMP CD $16 SKU:20047

MIXED UP MINDS - Part 6 Obscure Rock & Pop from the British Isles 1971-1974 - Label:PARTICLES Volume Six shines a light on the post psychedelic years when progressive pomp reigned supreme and cross-dressing rockers and electric warriors made front page news. Mixed Up Minds embraces a deep affection for a curiously overlooked part of British rock and pop history with a choice selection of obscure plastic artefacts picked for your listening pleasure. COMP CD $12 SKU:15201

NEUROTIC REACTIONS - VA 16 Obscure Mod Smashers, 1965-1970 - Label:CRAZY APPLE BOUTIQUE In 2008, the first volume of Neurotic Reactions was released. It was received with great success and it was a good example of the kind of sounds that were spun in the Euro sixties scene. Obscure singles from the 60s and 70s were rescued and different genres like freakbeat, garage, psych and hard rock mixed to create the ultimate dancefloor soundtrack. Now we're back in action with a brand new second volume. This time the focus is in 60s mod sounds: beat, freakbeat, garage, wild R&B, mod-soul, groovie ye-ye... You'll find the usual dose of obscure gems and dancefloor friendly tracks. Highlights include the terrific garage sounds of Don & Jerry, killer R&B by The Sting Rays and Measles, mod-soul dancers by Barry Window and Combinations, fuzzy freakbeat by Sparklings and Norma, psychedelic ye-ye sounds by Katty Line and Jack Treese, mod anthems by Virgil Murray, Dave Peace Union and Goodies...and much more! Professionally remastered sound and liner notes about each artist COMP CD $14 SKU:21120

SOME SONGS STUCK IN MY MIND- VA ( 18 rare tracks taken from obscure 60s psych 45s ) SAALE - Label:CRAZY APPLE 18 rare tracks taken from obscure 45s by worldwide bands from the 60s & 70s that will satisfy the most hardcore crate-diggers, compiled for the first time.. Brazilian fuzzed-out insanity, psychedelic grooves, Spanish freakbeat, Mod dancefloor smashers, French psyche-sound, Italian groove-a-delic, moody USA garage, euro hard-rock funkiness, raw garage-psych.its all here! COMP CD $14 SKU:11152

UPSIDE DOWN- VOL 3- Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: 1966-1971 ( lysergic pop extravaganza w 12 page booklet ) -Label:PARTICLES (UK) Particles presents Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Three 1966-1971, a lysergic pop extravaganza featuring twenty original artifacts from the psychedelic age as it flourished way down under. Flower power wonders from the luminous void-dwellers as Zoot and Cannery Row, and pop platters with menacing feats of hocus-pocus courtesy of Daisy Clover, Tapestry, Frank Lewis, Axiom, and The Avengers. Upside Down Volume Three delivers twenty long forgotten relics from Australasia in a potent mix of psychedelic misadventure. Also features tracks by The Brigade, The Ram Jam Big Band, The Groove, Tallifer Group, The Atlantics, Larry's Rebels, Normie Row, The Strangers, Autumn, The Motion, The Executives, and Long Grass. Includes a 12-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare photographs. COMP CD $17 SKU:16474

DIGGIN'IN THE GOLDMINE -DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS( 60s) GATEFOLD COVER RED DBL LP Label:PSEUDONYM In the 1960s, the Netherlands had one of the most vibrant and creatively fertile music scenes on the planet. A beat music explosion triggered a full-blown youth revolution, transforming the country forever. A uniquely Dutch strain of rock and pop music -Nederbiet- was its soundtrack. Hundreds of Dutch beat, pop, blues, and psychedelic records were released between 1965 and 1969, and the overall quality was extremely high. Released in tandem with the 8CD box set of the same name, 'Diggin' In The Goldmine: Dutch Beat Nuggets' is a 2LP collection presenting 32 outstanding examples of the Dutch Beat sound, encompassing sweet, melodic beat and pop, raunchy garage and rhythm & blues, fuzz-powered mod and early psychedelic freakouts. All of these hard-to-find single releases are sourced from the original masters in their original mono mixes. This action-packed collection is packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, the inside depicting all of the original picture sleeves. 'Dutch Beat Nuggets' presents thousands of euros worth of Dutch Beat splendour in one affordable double vinyl package. Black vinyl version.
A1 –The Beatniks Wouldn't You Like To Know
A2 –The Competitors Long Tall Shorty
A3 –Cuby & The Blizzards Stumble And Fall
A4 –The Counsellors I'll Be Your Man
A5 –Nicky And The Shouts Don't Be A Fool
A6 –John Hatton And The Devotions I'm Comin' Home
A7 –The Rolling Beats Sweeter Than You
A8 –The Cheese Town Jewels No One Else
B1 –The Mods Brown Paper Sack
B2 –St. John And The Crew I Am A Man
B3 –Jenny And The Rascals You Told Me A Lie
B4 –The Kwyet No Time For Tears
B5 –The Entertainers Crazy Miss Daisy
B6 –Dat En Wat I Can Live Without You
B7 –Softs Kassie Kijken
B8 –Softs Paarse Broek
C1 –Nicky And The Shouts Tears Inside
C2 –Johnny Kendall & The Heralds Girl
C3 –The Lords In The City
C5 –The Sparklings (2) Now It's Your Turn To Cry
C6 –Flash Call Crying All Day
C7 –The Torero's Bald Headed Woman
C8 –Group $oall Will You Teach Me How To Love
D1 –The Nicols Lord, I've Been Thinking
D2 –The Fallouts I’m Sick Of Living
D3 –The Fallouts I’ve Been Waiting
D4 –Jenny And The Rascals That’s A Man’s Way
D5 –The Riats Run, Run, Run
D6 –Bintangs Please Do Listen
D7 –Adjeef The Poet Iekk! I'm A…. Freak
D8 –The Inn-Sect Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need COMP LP $30 SKU:21170

PSYCHEDELIC POP ISRAEL-Vol 2 -RARE AND OBSCURE SINGLES FROM THE HOLYLAND 1970’s '-Label:BLACK GOLD Second compilation with ultra rare Israel psychedelic pop singles from the early '70s. Order fast! COMP LP $34 SKU:19857

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 3 (50s and 60s strip morsels?) Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Perhaps the densest (and most scandalous) compilation yet by the ever daring El Vidocq. Already a third folding album that opens to teasingly reveal more sumptuous "strip music" morsels. Indeed, the 1950s and '60s represent an inexhaustible source of delicious tunes, most of which just never hit it off with the media or masses. Once again, our indefatigable connoisseur raises the curtain on an arousing series of smooth tunes, with their languid rhythms, well-rounded melodies and cheeky grooves. An exciting mix of styles struts its stuff in various states of undress: rockabilly (Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Clyde Stacy), pop (Betty Reilly, Ella Johnson), crooner (Louis Jordan), rock (Chuck Miller), swing jazz (Joanie Sommers), burlesque (The Ramcocks), r'n'b (Gino Parks)... An eminently naughty selection of musical gems to peel off one by one. COMP LP $22 SKU:20715

WEIRD A GO-GO- VA , Early obscure desperate Rock'n Roll-Label:DOGHOUSE & BONE 14 thundering tracks from the vault! Here's a great new compilation from Doghouse and Bone, 14 Stonkers to get you moving...Sleeve is very cool too ! All of these tracks have been re-mastered so you get a Tip Top sound Daddio ! Yeah, there's a couple of repeats in there but they're good repeats so can be forgiven ! COMP LP $24 SKU:20944

KOMATSIOULIS,SOTIRIS -San Ton Anemo Like The Wind (Some of the best early 70s Greek psychedelic tracks ever recorded)-Label:B OTHERSIDE Some of the best early 70s Greek psychedelic tracks ever recorded with great fuzz guitars, Hammond organ and hunting vocals. “Sotiris Komatsioulis is one of the best kept secrets of the early 70s Greek psychedelic era. He made an ultra rare single in 1971, enjoyed some media exposure at the time and came close to a successful career. In 1973 he moved to England, where he has been living until recently. This compilation contains his impossible to find single, plus six unreleased tracks recorded in 1972-73, when he was trying to secure a contract with Columbia records in Greece, and three tracks with English lyrics, recorded in the UK in 1974. Fully authorized. Deluxe gatefold, with 180g vinyl. Expertly produced from the original tapes. First ever release. 500 pieces strictly limited and hand numbered—350 pcs on black vinyl and the remaining 150 pcs on red vinyl.” LP $24 SKU:20888

TAPIMAN- HARD DRIVE (legendary 1971 hard-rock-psychedelic) -Label:GUERSSEN (Spain) Spanish monster rarity! the legendary 1971 hard-rock-psychedelic album’s first-ever vinyl reissue, with new legit mastering! Extremely underground hard-rocking power trio, features members of Iceberg & Maquina. : Previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 by Barcelona’s hairiest power trio. Raw, in-your-face hard-rock and proto-metal plus some surprising psychedelic, Canterbury styled moves. Featuring the very first line-up of the band comprised of killer guitar player Miguel Ángel Núñez, the legendary Tapi (ex-Máquina!) on drums and Pepe Fernández on bass. Includes a cover of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan", a killer first version of "No Control" featuring Núñez on guitar (later recorded again for their first album with Max Sunyer), the proto-metal sounding "Hard Drive" (not released until now) and more! Deluxe insert with detailed liner notes and rare photos. LP includes digital download Includes fold-out insert w/ photos & liners. Imp. LP $18 SKU:20860