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We found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were owned by the late, great GREG SHAW. Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80s. These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment. DONT BE ALL ASKING ME WHAT’S ON THEM, these are being released because they are rather historical, not for their specific content. SOLD AS IS!



SONIC YOUTH- 1986/ RED LORRY London 1984 CASSETTE $50 SKU:23010

STOOGES 1968 /BROOD 1989 /CYNICS 1989 CASSETTE $60 SKU:23006



20/20 - Giving It All / Under the Freeway- POWERPOP ORIG PRESSING 1978 Label:BOMP/LINE MINT BOMP COVER 45 RPM $30 SKU:23015

B GIRLS -FUn at the Beach ORIG PRESSING 1979-Label:BOMP/LINE MINT In 1979 Greg Shaw, owner of Bomp! Records signed them and recordings were made produced by Bob Segarini resulting in a single "Fun At The Beach" b/w "B-Side" which was also released in Europe. They also sang backup vocals on Blondie's Autoamerican and Stiv Bator's solo album. A video was shot for "High School Dance" (A.K.A. "Boys Are Drinking"). Further demos were produced by Debbie Harry and Mick Jones but possible record or production deals with Bomp!, I.R.S. Records and Phil Spector fell through. I.R.S. would instead sign the similar sounding Go-Go's who were also fans of the B-Girls. 45 RPM $30 SKU:23014

JOOK -Jook Rule O.K. ORIG 1978 PRESSING -Label:BOMP /EXHIBIT J Seminal UK pop punk outfit with close links to Sparks. 45 RPM $50 SKU:23013

BUTERA, SAM AND THE WILDEST - On Stage (lounge)-Label:GET HIP A product of New Orleans, Sam learned his craft from some of the greatest jazz musicians including Satchmo himself. He joined up with Louis Prima in 1954 and moved to Las Vegas. Louis Prima with Sam Butera and the Witnesses made the lounge scene come alive in a way that no one has ever seen. Sam is still going strong today, and if you are unable to catch his live act, this album will bring it to you. Includes great cover art by Pittsburgh’s very own Wayno Illustration! CD $10 SKU:22983

CLOCKWATCHERS -- A MIND BLOWING TRIP OF PSYCHEDELIC SOUND Label:GEAR FAB n 1998, Gearfab released a limited 500 vinyl pressing of this great early '90s Pacific Northwest Psychedelic band. They came to the attention of the label through a tape sent to them and, immediately upon listening to it, Gearfab was in awe of how much their music sounded like it came straight from the 1960s: twangy guitars with lots of reverb and wah-wah, haunting farfisa organ, pulsating bass riffs, great harmonics, and fantastic drums!! In addition to the original 12 tracks, the band guys have dug up 10 more tracks. CD $10 SKU:22896

J FRANK WILSON & THE CAVALIERS- LAST KISS - The Definitive Collection- Label:CICADELIC RECORDS n 1999, Pearl Jam scored a Number 1 hit with "Last Kiss". ... Hear all the recordings from the J.Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers,. A richly designed CD booklet, details the complete rise and fall of the group and the effect stardom had on their decline. . CD $10 SKU:22972

KRAMER, WAYNE / MC5 /PINK FAIRIES - AUTOGRAPHED! Cocaine Blues Live at Dingwalls 1979 LAST COPIES! -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Front cover autographed by Wayne Kramer last time he came to our offices. Silver pen. This collection of material from 1974/1978, around the time of Wayne's arrest, brings him back to his roots in rock 'n roll and blues. This is a high-energy release that includes previously unreleased material performed live with the infamous Pink Fairies. The album is complete with rare and unreleased photos. CD $25 SKU:23011

MC5- 66 BREAKOUT -AUTOGRAPHED BY WAYNE KRAMER 66 Breakout -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Front cover autographed by Wayne Kramer last time he came to our offices. Silver pen. CD $25 SKU:23012

PILSNER -AUTOSUGGESTION (Iggy,Ramones,Thunders style!) -Label:GET HIP Influenced by rockers like Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones, Motorhead, and Johnny Thunders, ,inspired mix of punk, blues, and heavy metal. CD $10 SKU:22905

SIR FINKS-TRES MEXICANOS) DEL SUR DE TEXAS (1995-2001 TEXAS SURF ROCK) Label:GET HIP 22-Track Retrospective album by Corpus Christi, TX fantastic SURF-ROCK trio! 1995-2001 recordings including all their Wildebeest releases, comp cuts and a few unreleased songs! Killer artwork and fun liner notes with the band’s story, photos, flyers etc CD $10 SKU:22909

SABRE RECORDS STORY -VA (FOR PEBBLES/ BACK FROM THE GRAVE FANS )-Label:GET HIP This colossal 27-track compilation is an outstanding research project of a musical phenomenon that transcends time and styles and an absolute must-have for fans of the Back From the Grave, Strummin’ Mental, Teenage Shutdown and Pebbles series. The CD version includes a 22-page booklet with lots of rare photos, record label info, and extensive liner notes. The Sabre Records Story collects 27 phenomenal slabs of Detroit-area instrumental and vocal rock ‘n’ roll from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, featuring alternate takes, unreleased relics, and bonafide hits like “What’s the Word” by the Thunder Rocks. COMP CD $10 SKU:22982


BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-Last Time Around (Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:ATCO/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink .The third and final album from Buffalo LP $30 SKU:22999

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-What’s That SOundComplete Album Collection - 5 LP BOX SETLabel:RHINO BLACK MARK THRU BAR CODE BUT SEALED - Re-mastered from the original analog tapes under the auspices of Neil Young. Premium boxed set LP $85 SKU:22989

BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND- Keep on MovingRhino Summer Of '69 GOLD VINYL Label:ELEKTRA Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink The 1969 album from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Includes Love March, which was performed at the Woodstock Festival. Presented on limited edition gold vinyl..The 1969 album from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Includes “Love March,” which was performed at the Woodstock Festival.
LP $25 SKU:22990

GLASS SUN BAND - Cyclonic Review (garage-fuzz classic 64-72) Label:/NONE This album represents the garage band''s evolutionary music experience through a compilation of the band's recordings that were made from 1964 through 1972. Experimental, and Psychedelic Rock. Album includes a complimentary digital Download card ! LP $24 SKU:22988

GUTHRIE ,ARLO LTD ed pickle green vinyl-(Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:WARNER/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink. The greatest hits compilation from Folk singer and Woodstock performer, Arlo Guthrie. Features the songs “Alice's Restaurant Massacree,” “City of New Orleans,” and “Coming into Los Angeles”. LP $30 SKU:23001

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Thirty Seconds Over Winterland- (Rhino Summer Of '69 ) LTD ED SKY BLUE-Label:ELEKTRA/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink. First US vinyl pressing in over 35 years on 180g, Sky Blue Vinyl. This is Jefferson Airplane’s 1973 live album with the famous “Flying Toaster” cover and features performances from their shows at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago and the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. LP $30 SKU:23002

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-LONG JOHN SILVER - 180 gram smokey green vinyl LTD ED (Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:ELEKTRA/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink. This is Jefferson Airplane’s 1972 album with featuring the tracks “Long John Silver,” “Milk Train,” and “The Son of Jesus”. 180g, Smoky Green vinyl packaged with a Limited-Edition Replica Cigar Box. LP $30 SKU:23003

LOVE- Four Sail (Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:ELEKTRA/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink. First complete issue of the original 1969 Arthur Lee mixes. Four Sail is Love’s 1969 album and features “Always See Your Face,” a song that went on to be featured in the film High Fidelity and the Lady Bird soundtrack. LP $30 SKU:23000

WILD CHERRIES-16 POUNDS OF R&B( 1967-68 Kinks Pretty Things style) Label:GROOVIE Back in the years 1967-1968 Melbourne's The Wild Cherries put out a handful of exciting singles (on the Festival label) influenced by a.o. The Kinks and Pretty Things. Unfortunately, at the time the band's music was considered too wild, unconventional and uncommercial for a full album. This 16-track release sets the record straight! The LP includes an insert with tons of photos and info. If you dig Aussies s.a. The Missing Links, early Master's Apprentices, Purple Hearts or Loved Ones, then '16 Pound Of R&B' is an essential title for your collection. If you are into '60s savage stuff like The Kinks or The Pretty Things or even in to more late '60s psychedelia, this is for you. LP $22 SKU:22903


3 HUREL- ST (70’s psych fuzz guitar ) - Label:World Psych Korea Recorded between 1970 and 1975 by the talented HUR EL brothers. CD $10 SKU:9009

A TORTURED SOUL- KISS OF THE THORN (100% old school Heavy Metal )-Label:EYES LIKE SNOW Traditional, 100% old school Heavy Metal for fans of Mercyful Fate and early Iced Earth, with hints of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and classic 80s US Metal + great occult lyrics. CD $10 SKU:20584

ABRAMIS BRAMA-LIVE! (70s inspired hard rock) Label:TRANSUBSTANS One of Sweden grooviest 70's inspired hard rock band recorded LIVE!.12 blistering songs recorded in Stockholm, Oslo a.o. during 2006. The cd also contain a brand new track, "I evighetens nav". Energetic, straight-forward stoner rock with catchy hooks, heavy riffs 'n' grooves and charismatic 'n' powerful vocals sung entirely in their native language. It's obvious that they are influenced by vintage seventies hard rock in the vein of Swedisch progressive hard rock legend November. Abramis Brama are among the finest recent hard rock/stoner bands. Don't hestiate, cross the rubicon and experience an interesting sonic journey. CD $10 SKU:22340

ABSTRACT TRUTH -Silver Trees Totum+7 bonus tracks (70’s psych)-Label:Mason Records UK CD reissue of the rare 1970 debut album and the 1971 follow up "Silver Trees" by this South African psychedelic progressive rock band. Excellent early '70s melodic whistful freak rock blends with African sounds featuring assorted instruments keyboards, flutes, electric guitars, saxophone,harpsichord, percussion etc. A refreshing approach with psychedelic touches.Artwork shows both sleeves.GW PICK IMPORT CD $10 SKU:4975

ABSTRACTS - Hey Let’s Go Now (60s Brit invasion style) - Label:BREAKAWAY They were one of the first bands to utilize a light show and besides their sole 45, their legacy contains a cache of unreleased period recordings, some of them made for Columbia Records in 1964. Finally, over four decades later, this album collects the band’s entire studio material alongside two excellent sounding 1966 live tracks. An in-depth insert with a wealth of never-before-seen-photos traces the history of the band that brought “Abstractmania” to the New York area in the sixties. It’s a pleasure for Break-A-Way Records to celebrate the return of The Abstracts and hear them shout again, “Hey, Let´s Go Now”… TRACKLISTINGS ON SITE CD $5 SKU:19669

ABUELO , MIGUEL & NADA - ST (70s Argentine psych prog )-Label:CONDOR’S CAVE Recorded in 1974 in France, the album that is the bulk of this reissue has long been regarded as one of the finest recorded by any Argentine artist of the era. With a voice sounding like a cross between Tim Buckley and Peter Hammill, Abuelo became a big star in his native land, recording several rare psyched-out singles in the late sixties, with bells, treated vocals, strange edits, lots of phasing etc., included here as bonus tracks. But thanks to his fickle temper, there was no LP from Abuelo during that time—the album would only emerge years later, after a sojourn in Ibiza, and a bit of wandering throughout Europe. For the actual LP, Abuelo received superb support from Nada, who provided excellent musicianship throughout: the tracks are alternately progressive and very psychedelic (described by some as a cross between Led Zeppelin and Van der Graaf Generator), intense and gloomy. Sadly, Abuelo died of AIDS in 1988, which has diminished the importance of his legacy CD $10 SKU:20203

AGAPE -The Problem Is Sin: Live And Unreleased (1973 blazing acid jam but with Jesus!)-Label:HIDDEN VISION Collection of rare material, much of it only previously available on an extremely rare promo-only 8-track tape (!) from one of the first hard rock Jesus music bands, formed around the talent of Fred Caban during the early stages of what became known as the Jesus People movement. Most of it is live from 1973, the stand-outs being a blazing acid jam versions of ‘Wouldn’t it Be a Drag’ and ‘Change of Heart’, live at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. Upon graduating from high school in the spring of 1968, Hendrix-influenced guitarist Fred Caban and his bandmates squeezed into a small Volkswagen van in search of venues to perform. One night, at Huntington Beach's Lightclub, they met a group of enthusiastic teenagers whom Caban described as being "totally immersed with the message of Christ." Though not totally understanding the "Lightclubber's” message, Caban began praying for an introduction to "whomever was out there." When he returned to the van he shared his experience and found that fellow bandmate Jeff Newman had also undergone a spiritual conversion. Caban formed another band naming it Agape, the Greek word for God's love. Having established himself as a guitarist of some merit, the band capitalized on his name to gather crowds. Agape's vision became evangelistic–desiring to share their experience with their peers. "We'd play one or two songs, we'd jam, we'd blow them away and then boom, we'd start preaching..... and people would actually stick around and listen." Within six months a group of fifty young converts had joined the trio as a loose amalgamation of spiritually searching teenagers who gathered together for Bible studies and strategy sessions to promote the band's concerts. CD $10 SKU:19053

AGUATURBIA- S/T COMPLETE TRACKS (1969 fuzz psych from South America) Label:REcord Runner Complete Tracks": all tracks from both albums ("S/T" from 1969 and "Volume 2" from 1970), by one of the best and most important psychedelic bands to emerge from South America in the late 60's/early 70's; very heavy fuzz guitar driven rock with fantastic female vocals (inviting the inevitable comparison to Jefferson Airplane) and English lyrics; impossible to indicate how revolutionary they were-but the fact that the band were naked on their debut, and crucified their singer on the cover of their second album may give you an idea; the addition of three bonus tracks from 1973 makes this the essential issue of the band's work; booklet comes with notes and photos from the band's archive. CD $10 SKU:2654

AINTS -THE AINTS!PLAY THE SAINTS(73-78)-Label:FATAL On the 40th anniversary of the release of The Saints' groundbreaking '(I'm) Stranded' album, guitarist, songwriter and founding member Ed Kuepper took to the stage performing the material he had written for that seminal band across their first three albums '(I'm) Stranded' (1977), 'Eternally Yours' (1978), and 'Prehistoric Sounds' (1978). Joined by like-minded souls, bassist Peter Oxley (Sunnyboys), drummer Paul Larson (The Celibate Rifles) plus keyboard player Alister Spence and a guest brass section, 'The Aints! Play The Saints' captures that energy of the original band delivering on a promise made 40 years ago and not heard since. Tracks include the incendiary '(I'm) Stranded', everybody's favourite 'Know Your Product', the blistering cover of Ike & Tina Turner's 'River Deep Mountain High', the epic 'Nights In Venice' plus 'This Perfect Day', 'Messin' With The Kid' and more. Released on the Fatal label, home to The Saints' original '(I'm) Stranded 7" in September 1976. CD $10 SKU:21391

AKA-DO WHAT YOU LIKE (Indonesian '70s heavy psych rock)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. 'Do What You Like' is a colorful album with a diversity of moods. Of course you find hard driving, wild grooving rock with simmering guitars and pumping rhythms. Go to the next song and some gentle, nearly ethereal dreamy psyche pop will alter your mind. Another step ahead on the tracklist and some easy and melodic 60s beat makes you want to dance the night away. The special factor of this album is the musical flavor of Indonesian pop that all of the songs sung in their native tongue show, while the few English tracks can compete against all of the popular hits from those days from American or European acts. AKA know how to heat you up with their psychedelic sound explosions and eruptive beats. They also know how to calm you down again and lay your soul to rest in a flow of gentle harmonies. Fans of 60s power pop with a regional feel presented by bands such as OMEGA from Hungary and of the 60s US west coast psyche and pop scene will go crazy about this record CD $10 SKU:20862

AKA-REFLECTION (Indonesian '70s heavy psych rock)Label:GRANADILLA MUSIC Fans of 60s US west coast dream pop who may stand heavier tunes and devoted music lovers who go for the classic 60s and early 70s sound will go nuts! AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. A beautiful reissue with lush epic ballads, powerful heavy rock, a great beat tune with a flowery feel that drags you straight to the dancehall and another epic, yet utterly heavy blues rock and psyche freak out track that makes this a colourful album to spin on your stereo. Fans of 60s US west coast dream pop who may stand heavier tunes and devoted music lovers who go for the classic 60s and early 70s sound will go nuts CD $10 SKU:20863

AKBAYRAM ,EDIP ve DOSTLAR - - Singles Overview 1974-1977 (70s Turkish fuzz) Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS Keep one hand on your baglama, bub! B-sides from hard to find 45s that never made onto albums during singer Edip Akbayram's psychedelic period with the awesome Dostlar as backing band. A tiny guy with a great big, easy, open voice, Akbayram glues together disparate arrangements that put ridiculous analog synthesizers up next to mystic poetry that's hundreds of years old. Anatolian melodies are enveloped by western touches, like breakdowns for cosmic whispering, slammin' organ, or wild phasing effects on folk instruments that were never meant to support them.* Remastered sound* Insert / Booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records) and photos CD $10 SKU:21143

AKBAYRAM, EDIP -DOSTLAR- NEDIR NE DEGILDIR? (70s Turkish fuzz) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) As Turkey's political factions turned more aand more violent in the late 1970s, Buscemi-eyed Edip Akbayram was nearly beaten up by rioting audiences for daring to sing about rural points of view that were naturally critical of Istanbul's political leaders. This second album of Anatolian psychedelia, originally released in 1977, showed defiance even in its gatefold art, with a drawing of the band members seeming to grow straight out the ground, covered in plant tendrils. Akbayram poached members of Mogollar and Baris Mano's Kurtalan Ekspres to get the best fuzz breaks and hammond slams & put 'em straight in your ears. The band also tried out some mixes that pushed the vocals or a particular instrument way up front, and of course long, low, reverberant welcomes from Edip's echo-covered voice. CD $10 SKU:20586

AKKOR, Kamuran - ST (Turkish freakout 71-75) -Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS Turkey's recent musical history is littered with bottled blondes who put on a lot of eyeliner, made a few singles & then disappeared. And since the mid-1970s, those twin queens Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu have maintained a semi-rivalry while bulldozing their way over pop charts & sales counters. Piles of Turkish psych & folk reissues have hit the west over the past few years, and yet how many have given the luscious ladies of Anatolia their due? So go beyond Selda, and get your gal power on. It's time to steam up your windows with this foxy arabesque singer who's a real-life Stevie Nicks next-door.

Waka waka funk rhythm guitar, sweet little organs, pumping bass, winging & buzzy synths, electric baglama, syrupy disco strings, and Akkor's little swallowed yodels... It's all here on Istanbul Plak singles released from 1971-75.
Whether she's covering European hits that have Turkish lyrics retrofitted, or ghost voicing a musical scene in a high-profile movie, Akkor often sings like outbursts of tears or frenzy are just beyond her words. And seeing how she always played second fiddle to her classier, more famous sister Gönül, maybe Kâmuran just felt like a little drama was in order, mmm? You might have caught a couple of scant cuts on compilations like "Turkish Freakout Vol. 2" or "Istanbul 70", but there's way more to discover, and now you can. CD $10 SKU:21144

AL UNIVERSO - Viajero Del Espacio (1975 Remastered sound and nice paper-sleeve mini-LP replica. ) - Label:ORFEON 1975 Mexican album with Jorge Reyes (Chac Mool fame). Rock with some classical influence, blues and jazz....a special sounding progressive rock disc in result. Remastered sound and n14ice paper-sleeve mini-LP replica.” CD $5 SKU:15116

ALVARO LOPEZ y Sus Grandes Del Twist- DINAMO TWIST - 1962 MEXICO -MINI LP SLV Label:VAM Dinamo Twist is an incessantly grooving and energetic album from drummer Álvaro López y Sus Grandes Del Twist from 1962. It's also loads of fun! From the back cover of the original record we learn that Álvaro was something of a musical prodigy, starting on the drums at a very early age and playing in jazz combos by the time he was 17. Not sure how old he is on this album, but he looks about 12 in the photo on the back! The album's notes also tell us that when he heard the twist he loved it so much that he decided to make his own group play in that style. Much of the set is instrumental with a handful of vocal numbers as well. It's all very upbeat, direct dance music -- the twist with a Latino touch -- with the driving drums of Álvaro up front in the mix and supported melodically by punchy horns. This is such seriously groovy stuff, it's a shame there aren't more recordings from this group! Includes a fantastic cover of Henry Mancini's "Peter Gun" plus "Dynamo," "El Gallo," "Ya me voy," "Lo mejor," "Siboney," which sounds remarkably like "One Step Beyond" by Prince Buster/Madness, "La Adelita," "Otro tequila," "Muchachos grandes," and more. CD $5 SKU:19389

AMAZING - WAit for a Light ( psych pop perfection) - Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS (SWEDEN) Gatefold digipack. Brand new recordings of Swedish Folk-Rock-Psych-Pop perfection. The Amazing fell far from the tree. A natural process: coming together through affection, then slowly crystallising into a folk-rock-psych-pop- collective slowly pushing, bending then playing with any preconceived notions of pop. Friends first and foremost, its this kindred spirit that imbues the bands debut with a feeling unlike that of most releases - one of natural harmony, persistent progression and with a panoramic gaze fixed on distant settings. Their 2009 debut album has received unanimous critical acclaim worldwide. This is their follow up a new mini-album with an all-encompassing sonic soundscape of groovy electric folk rock, psychedelic pop and heavy jams. The core musicians in The Amazing are Christoffer Gunrup, Reine Fiske, who doubles as the lead guitar wizard in Dungen and whos solos so furiously its as if somethings trapped inside him that must be turned into melody or hell burst into flames, Johan Holmegard (who doubles as the drummer in Dungen too) and Fredrik Swahn. With special guests including some of Swedens finest musicians; Gustav Ejstes (Dungen) and Moussa Fadera (Life on Earth!) amongst others, nothing on Wait for a light to come is introverted or overworked - everything is balanced, kept together by natural melodies, soulful vocals and just how perfect should be. The Amazing is a feeling, an organic consequence of something that effortlessly came together, the start of a quite extraordinary tale. CD $10 SKU:20914

ANACRUSA-El Sacrificio/Fuerza (Early 70s S American RARITY)Label:RAYHUELA Born in the beginning of the 70's, this Latin fusion folk formation has delivered impressively original items in a rather discreet commercial success. The albums feature enchanting, warm female vocals, some prog arrangements and acoustic, classical guitar. I cannot exactly say when Anacrusa moved to France, but a new album on Phillips, a long gap between the third and fourth album and an entirely revamped line-up with many French musicians point to the band's immigration sometime around 1976/77.Actually the only stable members appearing on the album ''El Sacrificio'' (1978) were Anacrusa's founders Susana Lago and José Luis Castiñeira de Dios along with oboist Bruno Pizzamiglio, but these recordings include a huge core of 10 more musicians, mostly of French and Argentinian descent and a few of them were pretty experiened, keyboardist Phillip Pages had worked with Richard Vimal, violinist Patrice Mondon with Laurent Petitgerard and guitarist Daniel Alberto Sbarra was a member of Miguel Abuelo & Nada.On new lands Anacrusa still played a delicate Prog Folk, which has transformed into something different via the strong symphonic elements and the elegant orchestrations, while the use of electric guitar is definitely more pronounced.Again some Premiata Forneria Marconi inspirations are present, especially during the piano and violin parts, while the overall mood has moved away from the Andean Folk traditions and comes as a Symphonic/Folk Rock collage with soft interplays and instrumental depth.The music was conducted by de Dios, while Lagos provides the ultra-dramatic vocal lines, the smooth flute parts and some keyboard themes.The strong string section offers the Classical-spiced movements throughout and what actually this album reminds me is a bit of French band Wurtemberg.A change of scenery, which led to a change of sound with more progressive vibes and a pretty amazing, electroacoustic instrumental arsenal. (Ediciones Rayuela) CD $10 SKU:20266

ANALOGY -THE SUITE (ultra rare heavy 70s Krautrock/Prog) Label:OHRWASCHL Reissue of ultra rare private pressing of German heavy krautadelic/progressive album from the early 70's. Includes a collection of late recordings on which the band plays in a more classic acoustic style. CD $10 SKU:21440

ARCO IRIS- Cronologias (Argentine 67-70 rock rock)-Label:AROMA Rock group from the late 1960s until the late 1970s in Argentina, influential in Argentine rock history. While tagged as an 'acoustic' Argentine rock band in the beginning, Arco Iris were pioneers (with Chilean band Los Jaivas), infusing rock with regional folk music, as well as one of the first bands that projected their beliefs through their music and lifestyle (in their case around the art of yoga). The band's origins are traced to the late 1960s CD $10 SKU:20267

ARCO IRIS- Agitor Lucens V (Argentine 67-70 rock rock)Label:SUNNY PIERROT Rock group from the late 1960s until the late 1970s in Argentina, influential in Argentine rock history. While tagged as an 'acoustic' Argentine rock band in the beginning, Arco Iris were pioneers (with Chilean band Los Jaivas), infusing rock with regional folk music, as well as one of the first bands that projected their beliefs through their music and lifestyle (in their case around the art of yoga). The band's origins are traced to the late 1960s CD $10 SKU:20828

LA DISCOTEQUE PSYCHEDELIQUE,- Vol 1 17 LATE 60s/EARLY 70s TRANS-EUROPEAN FOLKY FUNKY & POP-SIKE TUNES'Label:BOSS A TONE As suggested by the subtitle itself, this psychedelique dance floor in between the late sixties and early seventies presents a great selection of funky grooves, usually with at least slightly progressive touch to it, and with just an occasional detour towards the folky or pop-sike side of the matter. This is a selection of the best 17 tracks from the original compilation out on CD only in 2007, featuring rare U.K. and European danceable pop-sike, acid folk and funky numbers for the first time on vinyl. COMP LP $24 SKU:20259

MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST- VA Vol 3 ( rare 60s tracks w liners ) LASTCOPY SALE! - Label:CAVERN \ LOST TRACKS FROM THE ACTION SIXTIES! 16 boss cuts featuring MONUMENTS, LIVING END, BLUE THINGS, WILD THINGS, BARRY EBLING & INVADERS, INTRUDERS, JERMS, SENDERS, TROLLS+ Includes liner notes for each band on back cover! COMP LP $12 SKU:12707

PSYCHEDELIC POP ISRAEL-Vol 2 -RARE AND OBSCURE SINGLES FROM THE HOLYLAND 1970’s -SAALE! Label:BLACK GOLD Second compilation with ultra rare Israel psychedelic pop singles from the early '70s. Order fast! COMP LP $25 SKU:19857

SCHNITZELBEAT Vol 2 -You Are The Only One (Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970) sAALE! Label:DIGATON Raw Teenage Beat And Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970'. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock made in Austria, 1964-1970. Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), 'Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2' is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity. You'll find instro rock smashers, beat ballads, straight-up rhythm'n'blues pieces, jangling, folksy harmonies, savage proto-punk blowouts, and, of course, the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. COMP LP $15 SKU:16877

DIE ERSTE MENSCHEN- APOCALYPSE NOW & THEN(BFTG style garage) Label:BACHELOR f you have the slightest interest in series like TEENAGE SHUTDOWN or BACK FROM THE GRAVE you get crazy for this. If you have records of bands like (early) BLACK LIPS, HYPSTRZ, HENTCHMEN and such and like to play them over and over - DIE ERSTEN MENSCHEN are the thing you should ask for in your records shop. Their sound is a bit like before mentioned bands, just give them a blend of wylder 60s combos and plant this seed into first class Crypt Records soil from circa 1993... Don't expect this to be your ordinary BFTG copycat band dressed in hipster garment LP $19 SKU:22323

EGYPT -ST (70s style stoner jams) SAALE Label:DOOMENTIA Its laid back stoner jams convey the arid desert of the Sahara. Sabbath (duh) dutifully rears its head amongst the influences, but not to the point where youre hearing duplicate riffs exported from the 70s. There's also a more straightforward Hawkwind and classic Deep Purple style to the album, as if Geezer had replaced Lemmy and the whole gang went on a shrooms bender, meeting up with Ritchie Blackmore later on for a couple of pints. Obviously, this is good stuff, and worth seeking out LP $14 SKU:20948

EL SHALOM - Frost (German prog psych 1976) 180 gram Label:MISSING VINYL An LP-reissue of the only album by this excellent German group. Originally released privately in 1976, it's a multi layered psychedelic progressive work with lyrics both in German and English. This edition contains two bonus tracks, previously unreleased on vinyl. Deluxe edition on 180 gram vinyl, with sound from the original master tapes. Labels and artwork are reproduced from the original first pressing. Limited to 500 copies with original insert. LP $15 SKU:21008

EL TURRONERO -New Hondo (1980 Cosmic Psych Funk,) SALE! Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS An otherworldly mix of Cosmic Disco, Funk, Boogie and traditional Flamenco styles by Spanish “cantaor” El Turronero!! Featuring the legendary Josep Llobell (Oliver’s Planet, Enterprise…) at the controls. “New Hondo” was originally released in 1980 on the Spanish Belter label and in a similar way to Camarón’s “La leyenda del tiempo”, it was an adventurous project where the producers tried to modernize traditional flamenco music. Featuring an amazing studio production (analogue keyboards, synths, disco drums & orchestrations, electric sitar…), it includes the cosmic disco classic “Las Penas”, the psychedelic funk of “Si yo volviera a nacer” and more. Remastered sound from the master tapes, insert with photos and liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk). “A flamenco singer with pedigree like El Turronero lost in Studio 54 on a hangover day” – Txarly Brown (Achilifunk) LP $8 SKU:20628

EMBERMEN FIVE- Fire In Their Hearts (60s U.S. garage nugget) SAALE! - Label:BREAK A WAY Another nugget unearthed! North Dakota 60's beat/garagers making it big in their home state and surrounding areas. They had the chance to make it nationally and record for Chess Records. It didn t pan out, but in their region they are fondly remembered today. Among garage aficianados they are appreciated for their outstanding 45s, such as 'Fire In My Heart', 'That's Why I Need You' or 'Baby I`m Forgettin' You'. This package presents their complete studio recordings plus three previously unreleased live tracks including Land Of 1000 Dances, You Make Feel So Good and I ll Go Crazy -Freak Emporium LP $15 SKU:839

EXTROVERTS -SUPPLE (true punk-power pop gem)Label:BEAT GENERATION The Extroverts are one of those true punk-power pop gems unknown to the mainstream public, but not forgotten by those who remember their old days back in 1979-82, when they shared the same bill with the likes of D.O.A, Subhumans & other Canada punk faves LP $22 SKU:21901

FANTASYY FACTORYY-This Is The Future Of Tomorrow (70s prog/psych style). BENT CORNER BARGAIN .. Label:OHRWASCHL WITH INSERT . Contains two tracks which have been released only on CD ,and a lot of mind-blowing , brand new songs! The cover depicts a rare painting by German Surrealist Helmut Wenske. With their seventh release on vinyl Fantasyy Factoryy keep on playing their own style based on 70’s progressive/psychedelic.
(Sounds Like This, A Tab In The Ocean, Remember The Future, Recycled), Steel Mill, Orange Peel or Dzyan for example . With their music Fantasyy Factoryy develop their authentic style – you can hear lots of guitar work, expressive vocals, powerhouse drumming, rocking organ riffs and melodic cello-playing. The album is pressed on 180g-vinyl, comes in a high quality sleeve and contains an insert with lyrics and information about the recording history. LP $16 SKU:21594

FAR OUT -ST LAST ONE! (ORIGINAL PRESSINGS 1981 of Danish power psych rariity)Label:SPIREN Warehouse find! Original mint copies of this Danish psych album from 1981. Good old fashioned heavy power psych rock with scorching acid guitars! Order fast LP $30 SKU:21977

FOLKAL POINT- ST (70s RARITY) SAALE! Label:MIDAS RECORDINGS/HOXA Lost in fire and flood and remastered from original vinyl, now fetching as much as $1,416, 'Folkal Point' (the official release, and the only one with the bonus track) represents a moment in time, captured for all time. Only 250 of the original available ever, and only 500 of this special edition were made. And now, this self-titled album, from its somewhat obscure origins rises again, through the determination and meticulous work carried out by Hoxa Sound and The Vinyl Factory. That original sense of ambition is now a collective sense of satisfaction. Beware unauthorised remasters! The band can make something if you buy the Hoxa edition, having made nothing out of any others for the last 46 years. The recording of this album did constitute a milestone in the career of Folkal Point, but not one that could ever have been anticipated. And what was achieved in that relatively brief period of the early 1970s has truly lasted a lifetime. 'Folkal Point' is a diverse, yet well balanced, collection of folk music stretching from a dark otherworldly place to a more enlightened modern time. LP $22 SKU:20250

FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS-ST (heavy dose of witchy vibes, psychedelic shake and an incessant grind) Label:PERMANENT "Opening their album with more fuzz than an exploded dustbuster, Bloomington, Indiana's Frankie and the Witch Fingers are riding high on the hallmarks of the 2010's pantheon of garage rock heroes. Adding to the sonic soup a heavy dose of witchy vibes, psychedelic shake and an incessant grind that makes it feel vital and raw as skin peeled back, their sophomore album for Chicago's chief gutwrenchers, Permanent Records, is fueled by more than just paint by numbers rock. The band knows when to ride the tide of fuzz-addled freakout, knows when to break in the shake n' shimmy and knows just when to tear all the good times down for a good old fashioned dark horse that draws the shades and draws a little blood in the process. A solid offering from this band, reportedly uprooting from the doldrums of the Corn Belt to LA. It'll be interesting to see how the move affects their sound in the future, but for now these nuggets are more than worth the price of admission." - Raven Sings The Blues

"Frankie and the Witch Fingers are a garage rock outfit [originally] from Bloomington, Indiana, and with one song, they've made their forthcoming self-titled album on Permanent a hot album to pine for in 2015. Aside from the "True Detective" vibes, I'm not sure what exactly is going on in the "sexy and dangerous witchcraft" video for "Vibrations" which is puzzling, creepy and yet, sustains fascination. Regardless, this song is at the top of the heap when it comes to garage pop tunes that could've thrived in the 1960s. You just don't hear organ work like that anymore." - Evan Minsker @ Shake Appeal - The Pitch | Pitchfork ("Vibrations" Video Premier) LP $18 SKU:21534

GAROTOS PODRES -pior que antes- (80s Brazilain punk rarity) Label:CONTINENTAL ARCHIVE COPY-M- with insert .Garotos Podres is a Brazilian punk rock band formed in 1982 in the city of Mauá in the metropolitan region of São Paulo called A.B.C..In 1985, while Brazil was still under military dictatorship, they appeared on the Ataque Sonoro compilation along with Ratos de Porão, Cólera, Lobotomia and others of the Brazilian hardcore. They released the first album of the band, Mais Podres do que Nunca ("More Rotten Than Ever"), on the now defunct Rocker label LP $20 SKU:22470


GLOW KIT- NAIVE ANTLERS (Power pop) LAST ONE! Label:ALIEN SNATCH! Glow Kit has been the best kept garage pop secret in northern Europe. The Danish duo knew how knock out power pop songs in times when Burger Records just started to reissue garage pop records on tape. On 'Naive Antlers' Kasper and Kristoffer again let it bumble around, shakin' of lo-fi accoustic pop LP $19 SKU:22144

GREYLOCK MANSION-ST (underground PSYCH 68 w 3 inserts) LAST ONE! Label:Lysergic Sound Another buried treasure of pure underground psychedelia: GREYLOCK MANSION, who emerged loudly from Tucson, Arizona in 1968. The band's sound (as heard on the opening track of LSD's best-selling "St. Albert's Dream" compilation) is powerful, deep underground psych with thick, dominant funereal organ and distorted fuzz guitar and effects, backed by heavy precise drumming. The Doors and Iron Butterfly influences are evident, and a touch of early Black Sabbath’s slow grinding sludge rears its head at times. •A true masterpiece of 60’s U.S. underground psychedelic rock, finally re-issued LP $19 SKU:17972

GULDEN KARABOCEK VOL 1-Rare Anadolu Pop 70s garage funk - LAST ONE!~ Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS •Insert with photos and liner notes. Exciting compilation featuring some of the best 45s, released 1974-77, by Anadolu Pop singer Gülden Karaböcek. Ba lama and zurna mix with synthesizers, bubbling bass and wah-wah guitars. Traditional folk melodies fold neatly into nippy prog-funk arrangements that owe a lot to pioneering bands like Barı Manço’s Kurtalan Ekspres. LP $15 SKU:20785

HAIR- The Original Japanese Cast Recording 1969 pressing WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:RCA The Japanese version of Hair! Rarer than rare, stranger than strange
GATEFOLD COVER , stereo 1969 . MINT DISC, COVER VG++ Performers credited both in English and Japanese in gatefold six-page sleeve. Tribe members credited only in Japanese, lead cast members credited in abbreviated form in English on labels. LP $25 SKU:17355

HAMMERED SATIN-VELVET VORTEX (Los Angeles power house all star Glam glitter band -line up with members of ZEROS AND FLAMIN GROOVIES )-Label:DEAD BEAT Los Angeles power house Hammered Satin boast an all star line-up containing four lifers who've done time in various legendary bands including the Zeros, Flamin' Groovies, Flytraps, S’cool Girls and Teachers Pet. These guys have been riding their own Glam fueled rockin' rollercoaster for nearly a decade now and on their second album, 'Velvet Vortex', they set their time machine to the 1970's and throw away the key. LP $18 SKU:21337

HANUMAN- ST (1971 German prog Krautrock)180 GRAM Label:MISSING VINYL The label says: “Hanuman was a post MURPHY BLEND, that recorded this excellent German progressive Krautrock album on the KUCKUCK label in 1971. The lyrics are strongly politically and socially engaged, while it is musically very similar to the first two OUT OF FOCUS albums, but more lyrical. This album, is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. Classic German Krautrock album from 1971. Post Murphy Blend outfit. Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl. Expertly remastered from the mastertapes. First ever exact reissue.” Additional information from the Lion Productions archives: Berlin band formed by Murphy Blend organist Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig in May 1971 at a festival in Munich, along with a trio of jazz and blues musicians. Hanuman took the Murphy Blend sound, sans the classical style, and developed a sound that hinted at that of Out Of Focus, although with a more lyrical and offbeat sensibility. Without Uhlig, who left after this album, Hanuman metamorphosized into Lied Des Teufels LP $16 SKU:20930

HIGHWAY- ST(1971 New Zealand underground rock) W bonus tracks SAALE! Label:MELLOTRON the sole album (1971) by this nearly-forgotten band from New Zealand—although they were high profile enough to have their only LP released on EMI-Regal. Highway formed in 1970 with ex-members of Retaliation, Serenity Fair, The Boddys, Apple, Bitter End, a.o. The music is underground-tinged rock with rural and roots influences. Following tours of New Zealand and Australia, Highway disbanded in 1972. This reissue comes with two bonus tracks, 'The Time Is The Time'/'What You're Doing To Me', taken from the band's 7-inch single LP $17 SKU:20939

IHRE KINDER-Empty Hands (“Leere Hände”,English version) 1968 German prog psych) SAALE! Label:MISSING VINYL Ihre Kinder, formed in 1968, and were the pioneers among the politically and socially engaged groups in Germany. Their second album Leere Hände was originally released on the legendary KUCKUCK label in 1970. The English version, called Empty Hands, has never been available on vinyl. There was a small number of white label copies pressed by Deutsche Grammophon in 1970/71 to solicit releases by Polyram companies around the world, but as there was no interest, the label dropped the idea. So, now it is the first time ever, that the English version of Leere Hände is being pressed on vinyl, with the original Kuckuck label and number, the original track-listing order and the cover as it would have been adjusted for the English version. A great German progressive psychedelic effort, which sounds different and familiarly great in English, that should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, printed inner-sleeve.” LP $18 SKU:21010

ILIAS ASVESTOPOULOS & 2002 --The Iron Man( Great Greek psych/prog 1974) SAALE! -Label:APS NOVA (Greece) Ilias Asvestopoulos was a previous member of the garage band Persons (with members of the legendary Socrates) playing mostly covers of known hits (i.e. 96 Tears). He founded 2002 in 1974 (!), and together they recorded two albums. It’s the second LP, "O Siderenios Anthropos" (The Iron Man) that gets people excited. It’s an essential gem with great guitar /organ work. Not a stoned psych jam album here, but a very enjoyable psych/prog LP typical of the period—but really ahead of it's time for the just "out of the junta" Greek reality of this partciular period of history. A mega-limited numbered edition of 250 copies LP $15 SKU:20960

JACKSON, MYKE (FELT) - Alone(obscure 70s psych folk/power pop /lounge rock!) SAALE!~Label:ANAZITISI This is the first ever official reissue of this under-rated and very rare record (rarer than Felt on Nasco). You will not find it in the Acid Archives, Endless Tr ip or Fuzz, Acid & Flowers books.Myke Jackson (aka Mychael John Thomas) famous for his FELT LP in 1971, privately pressed "Alone" in 1975. This is an extraordinary LP: a dream for worldwide record collectors.This nine-song album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced (psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc..). Now it’s time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project LP $18 SKU:20820

JARVIS STREET REVUE Singles and More(RARE CANADIAN PSYCH plus insert and liners) Label:VOID WOW! Here's a collection of singles and unissued tracks by Canadian underground psych masters JARVIS STREET REVUE, best remembered for their 1970 LP 'Mr. Oil Man', which remains one of the most extreme albums ever to appear through major Columbia. LP $15 SKU:17090

JEAN-EMMANUEL DELUXE -Rouen Dreams SAALE!! (File between Syd Barrett and Sacha Distel.)-Label:LION "This album has restored my faith in pop music as a concept. File between Syd Barrett and Sacha Distel. Listen to it in the dark." —Tot Taylor"The work is delicious—a buoyant energy that floats above our surface tension here.
Congratulations—-and merci.” —Van Dyke Parks
LP $12 SKU:21222

JODI -Pop Espontaneo- Psychedelic garage, proto-power pop and psych-funk from Paraguay, 1969-1975!Label:OUT-SIDER MUSIC Psychedelic garage, proto-power pop and psych-funk from Paraguay, 1969-1975!“Pop Espontáneo” includes a selection of previously unreleased recordings by Joern and Dirk Wenger’s duo JODI, registered at their state-of the-art 8-track home studio in Asunción, Paraguay. Living in their own isolated world and free from any commercial pressure, Joern Wenger, a kind of Paraguayan Brian Wilson or R. Stevie Moore, created a particular, ahead of its time sound, using electric guitars, fuzz bRIYL: BEATLES, KINKS, SHOES, JAN HAMMER, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CLEANERS FROM VENUS, ARIEL PINK, GUIDED BY VOICES, BEAT HAPPENING, TROPICALIA… LP $24 SKU:20836

JOSEFUS-DEAD MAN(1970 US hard-psych masters) W BONUS TRACKS-Label:ETHELION The classic debut-album by US hard-psych masters Josefus, originally issued in 1970 by the small Hookah imprint. This impressive album is highly rated by fans of fuzzed out, late '60s psychedelia as well as of proto-hardrock/metal and contempotary stoner. Includes 3 bonus tracks LP $18 SKU:21457

KAK- ST (rare 1968 Calif. psych!) Label:MAD ABOUT GUERSSEN A West Coast classic back on vinyl at last! Recorded in 1968, the lone album by the group known as Kak is a beloved masterpiece, full of the inspiration and promise associated with the California psychedelic dream. The oddly-named, eminently talented quartet from the college town of Davis was together less than a year from start to finish, yet within that short time created a record renowned for powerful performances, solid production values and the brilliance of its song craft, with a full playlist of compelling material like ‘Electric Sailor’, ‘Lemonaide Kid’ and ‘Trieulogy'. Kak can stand nobly alongside records like Surrealistic Pillow, Electric Music For The Mind And Body, Sailor or the first Moby Grape album, as one of the most satisfying listens of the late 1960s SF rock renaissance.

This newly remastered vinyl edition features extensive liner notes by Kak aficionado Alec Palao, with contributions from band members Gary Lee Yoder, Dehner Patten, Joe-Dave Damrell and Chris Lockheed.“First rate westcoast psych” – Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives)Housed in heavy cardboard sleeve plus OBI. Colour four pannel insert with photos and liner notes by Alec Palao LP $28 SKU:21989

KALACAKRA Crawling to Lhasa - PIC DISC of psych jewel 1972 (SALE! SLIGHTLY dinged copies BARGAIN ! Label:GARDEN OF DELIGHTS (Germany): Picture disc of this psychedelic jewel, that fully deserves its mythical, mystical reputation. Kalacakra's "Crawling To Lhasa" contains eight tracks of mantric acid-folk self-released in 1972 by the apparently drugged-out duo of Claus Rauschenbach (guitars, kongas, percussions, vocals, harmonica, slentem) and Heinz Martin (electric guitars, flute, piano, vibraphon, schalmi, cello, violin, synthesizer). Their strange, hippie sense of humor and obsession with the culture of Tibet (the name Kalacakra is the Tibetan term for "wheel of time") results in some fantastically nonsensical, eastern-influenced psychedelia. The album begins with the dark, hypnotic ‘Nearby Shiras’, a song about a plague-ravaged town in old Persia; as their crawl to Lhasa continues, Kalacakra venture into zones of lovely folk-strum and raga-rock, before the album wraps up with a deranged and damaged blues stumble called ‘Tante Olga’. Garden of Delights do their usual thorough job with a thick insert full of liner notes (in German and English), plus photos of Claus and Heinz looking about as weird and long-haired and hippie-ish as it's possible to get! Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies. Includes an 8-page insert. LP $14 SKU:20885

KANE, EDEN - It’s Eden MONO (ORIG PRESSING 1964 MONO) VG+ pop before the Beatles! ) -Label:FONTANA • Eden Kane – the stage name for Richard Graham Sarstedt – was a big star of that early 60s period now sometimes labelled ‘Pop Before The Beatles’. Eden is the older brother of musicians Peter and Clive Sarstedt.• After a lone single for Pye, he hit the top spot with his first of many 45s for Decca, ‘Well I Ask You’, which now appropriately lends its name to the first-ever compilation of Eden’s entire recorded output. It was followed by three more Top 10 UK hits over the next year: ‘Get Lost’ (no. 10), ‘Forget Me Not’ (no. 3) and ‘I Don’t Know Why’ (no. 7).• In due course, Eden made seven singles, three EPs and an album for Decca before switching to Fontana Records in 1963. Again, the relationship yielded an album and seven singles (alongside an EP) but while Eden’s music matured, he struggled to maintain the same level of chart success as before. LP $5 SKU:20852

KEDAMA - Live at Sunrise Studios(1976 Private press Kick-ass psych/prog hard-rock-Label:SOMMOR RECORDS Swiss heavy-prog / kraut monster from 1976, originally released as a private, hand-made edition of 200 copies. Long instrumental / experimental tracks fuelled by Mellotron, Hammond, Minimoog, ripping distorted guitar and heavy drums. Kedama came from St. Gallen in the north-eastern corner of Switzerland, near the Bodensee (only a few km from Germany and Austria). Their name was inspired by Ketama, Morocco (famous for its cannabis fields). They were amongst the first bands (probably the first) to record at Etienne Conod’s legendary Sunrise Studios, using the "kunstkopf" artificial head system. "Live At Sunrise Studios" comprises four long instrumental tracks, two on each side of the LP. A digital download card is included, featuring the album plus seven bonus tracks taken from unreleased studio sessions and the compilation “Perspectives”. This is essential stuff, from the weird psych-funk of “Hwrlnzg” to the sitar-drenched“Improvisations”. *Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Alan Freeman (The Crack In The Cosmic Egg) *Repro of a rare promotional booklet *LP includes digital download card of the album plus seven amazing bonus tracks, 1973-77 *Numbered to 550 copies. LP $22 SKU:19485


COUNTDOWN FIVE -Complete Recordings 1969 GARAGE psych ) DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band. All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969. With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!! Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!! Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! CD $14 SKU:20074

ELDERS- Looking for the Answer ( Ohio flower pop rarirty)Label:GEAR FAB Another great and as yet undiscovered album from 1970. Formerly known as Jerry & The Others and also featuring Ron Skinner from The Pictorian Skiffuls, this Dayton, Ohio band recorded this album which blended driving guitar and organ with late flower pop music. CD $10 SKU:21715

IMPALA SYNDROME - ST (ultra rare 60s Venezuelan Cream style psych gem) mini lp slv - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of ultra rare psych gem. Finally, on Compact Disc and in Mini-LP Cardboard Sleeve Format, the classic and ultra-rare 1969 recordings from this Venezuelan band that made more impact on 1960’s Psychedelic Music than most American-born bands. Sounding very much like Cream, their effective blend of melodic, laid-back songs combined with fuzz guitar numbers left a resounding impact on the American Pop culture of the 60’s. CD $10 SKU:13698

OUBA - Freak Out Total (rare 1968 psych)Label:GEAR FAB Another ultra-rare Canadian lost classic. From 1968, this 30 minute long free for all psychedelic party features wild screaming organs and guitars and VERY LOUD drums.. CD $10 SKU:19001

SHORTCROSS - Arising (1972 Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad style)-Label:GEAR FAB AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart [-]Opening with song titles such as "Nothin' But a Woman," "Wastin' Time," "Suicide Blues," and "Just Don't Care," Short Cross made no secret on their sole 1972 album, Arising of the fact that they aspired to make hard blues-rock like their idols -- Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad -- were creating. Sure enough, the album is a piece of competently played blues-rock. All the bandmembers are quality musicians: the drums fall into a nice groove, the basslines soar and dip, and there is no shortage of good guitar licks CD $10 SKU:18655

SOUNDSATIONS/The Ramrods- Complete Recordings SHOUT (Michigan garage 2966 rarity) Label:GEAR FAB The Ramrods Complete Recordings- Another great undiscovered Michgan garage band that released this ultra-rare (R5) LP in 1966. Featuring the female vocals of Patsy Stevens, this reissue includes their long-lost 45 on the rare Fenton label and many unreleased tracks!! True 60's Garage enthusiasts will droll over this one!! CD $10 SKU:20326

THOMAS EDISUNS ELECTRIC LIGHT BULB BAND - ST (1967 garage, psych, & British Invasion sounds) Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:18637

LOST SOULS Vol 2 -Garage Psych from Arkansas and Beyond 1965-1971- VA ( 60s Garage/ Psych ) Label:Psych of the South This compilation gathers unheard, unknown, and legendary garage and psychedelic rock from from Arkansas and SE Missouri in the 1960s. PLUS for the first time the garage punk classic The Modds - Leave My House is sourced directly from a recently discovered reel to reel tape revealing more than ever heard before. Featuring finds from Variety Recording Studio (home of Alley Records) in Jonesboro, Arkansas and MORE. ALL tracks sourced from reel to reel tapes recovered from private collections of the original musicans and studio owners. Fifteen bands are featured in an extensive 20 page full color booklet including liner notes with details on EVERY band. The sounds contained within reveal a hidden history of garage and psychedelic music previously unknown to exist. Hear new sounds from the past ranging from primitive garage to heavy psych and beyond. COMP CD $17 SKU:10777

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 4-Label:GEAR FAB Many unseen photos and stories. 26 tracks. COMP CD $10 SKU:18606

PANCAKES -VOLCANIC FROG ISLAND (+CD) (60s style catchy psych/rock/acid/surf!)
-Label:KERNTONSCHALL LP including CD, limited to 500 handnumbered copies. 'Volcanic Frog Island' is a 10 track album with 1 bonus track on the CD. 'Spanish Surf' is a decent rocker, the best part being the rousing jam at the end. 'Duggyman' is a cool, quirky song, with excellent guitar fills. "Duggymaaaan, inside my mind, Duggymaaaan, inside my head". 'Break It Away' is a killer groove rocker, and in the middle Rainer goes acid ballistic on guitar while an efxd voice. I can't quite make it out but sounds like it's talking about flying saucers in the forest. 'Living In The City' and 'Take The Bus' are both characterized by funk, soul, and psychedelic swing. 'The Sun' is a catchy psych rocker with a really cool '60s pop melody and a monster heavy psych guitar solo. If The Pancakes ever considered a single, this would be the one. 'Aladin' is another '60s styled song, with bits of surf and a fun, quirky main melody. I'd make this the B-side to 'The Sun'. LP $25 SKU:22817

21ST CENTURY SOUND MOVEMENT- ST Mini-LP cardboard sleeve and rare 45 trcks ( 60s garage ) - Label:GEAR FAB Finally, after years of searching, we have finally discovered a copy of this mega-rare garage LP from an unknown group from Missouri. From 1968, these guys did cover versions of the songs of their day even better than the original artists with a great fuzz garage sound! It is a true shame we do not the names of these musicians for the album provides us no credits whatsoever to these truly talented guys!! Mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. Also includes their ultra-rare 45 tracks!! CD $10 SKU:14463

49TH PARALLEL- ST (60’s psych) w 11 bonus tracks and 12 page booklet. - Label:LION First proper version of this legendary Canadian psych album, supplemented by eleven bonus tracks, two of which have never seen reissue before now. Strong melodies, great playing and sympathetic production, make for a must own collection of songs./The twelve page booklet includes two slightly different views of the band's history, as well as the notes from the original LP release. CD $10 SKU:4338

6 FEET UNDER - In Retrospect (Jefferson Airplane style 70s psych SAALE! -Label:ARF ARF Very nice collection of counterculture psych from obscure New Jersey psychedelic band 6 Feet Under: “Like the Jefferson Airplane, Neighb’rhood Children and United States of America, Six Feet Under was blessed with a dynamic diva who soared amidst searing fuzz leads, swirling organ chords, and gifted songwriting with prophetic lyrics.” They released a couple of flop 1970 singles on Scepter before disbanding. Influenced by the Doors, Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, they favored gloomy minor melodies and naively earnest songs reflecting the state of social unrest and psychedelic exploration in the counterculture circa 1969-70. This reissue includes previously unreleased material that approximates what their debut album might have sounded like, along with some unissued home, live and rehearsal recordings. Prior to recording for Scepter, their drummer, Tico Torres, had been replaced on the grounds that he wasn't good enough; he became the only member of 6 Feet Under to make it in the music business, as part of Bon Jovi CD $10 SKU:19626

A CID SYMPHONY - VA (108 Minutes of fweirdness! folk-psych, rock, jazz,and more. DBL Label:GEAR FAB Mortgage your house for an original version of the LP, or buy the Gear Fab Double CD The 1967 classic triple LP recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley .108 Minutes of folk-psych, rock, jazz, acoustic mellowness, flamenco guitar, and other improvisational styles which reflected the order of its day and their association with The Free Speech Movement, The Diggers, The Monterey Pop Festival, and The San Francisco Human-Be-ins. Off the Master Tapes and with liners by none other than the Producer himself: Dustin Mark Miller. Includes Three bonus tracks CD $10 SKU:22020

AFTER ALL - ST (TRIPPY 70s Nashville PSYCH)Label:GEAR FAB The largely unknown buy trippy psychedelic 1970 classic recorded in Nashville. Outstanding and haunting organs with a tinge of CSN&Y and Van Morrison influence. CD $10 SKU:18836

ALAIN PIRE EXPERIENCE-APEX (THEE neo-psych band from Belgium!) Label:CARDINAL FUZZ This is the most ambitious album so far by the Alain Pire Experience, THEE neo-psychedelic band from Belgium. Their third opus is simply called 'Apex', which means a point in Hercules' Constellation towards which our solar system is heading. Never forgetting their sense for melody, the band is also keen to create psychedelic atmospheres, using sitar, tablas, mellotron and backward loops. 'Apex' features a fantastic cover of George Harrison's 'Only A Northern Song' and welcomes, former Magma keyboard player, Jean-Luc Manderlier for an epic trippy improvisation on the Floydish 'Lost On A Cloud'. CD $15 SKU:21468

ALL TOMORROW’s PARTY - Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide (great JAPANESE Hendrix style guitar) -Label:ALIVE A modern acid-gobbling mélange of Hendrixian guitar, sonorous bass and hissingmaracas, performed by a Japanese space-rock trio with musical roots in the ’60s and '70s. “Music this passionate and memorable comes around but
rarely, I suggest you grab a slice of the cake and have yourself a real
good time.” - Terrascope. “Dark, psychedelic, and always passionate.” – The Sentimentalist CD $5 SKU:4201

ALLEN, GREG - Happiness is the on the Way (NEW YORK DOLLS) Label:KUDOS Greg Allen's Fringe Religion is a Boston-based band that formed in 2013 - but they are hardly beginners when it comes to rock and roll. Singer, guitar player and songwriter Greg Allen was in a band with the late great Jerry Nolan (drummer for the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers). But Greg Allen is no Johnny Thunders clone. Yes, he's got that guttersnipe, raw guitar tone but he has a unique song writing style that evokes a dystopic world through a cast of twisted characters.

Allen has released a number of recordings (including those famous last songs with Jerry Nolan) and has done some time with the underground in London and New York. He is joined by bass player Greg Steinbaugh (Two Saints, Port Charles Quintet, World's Greatest Sinners, Prime Movers) and drummer Daley Jones (Two Saints in Boston, Middleman Bob, The Press, Trigger Happy in his hometown Seattle).

The music is rock and roll with a nod to all the greats. The band sounds simultaneously familiar and fresh. Hints of classic arena rock, power pop, sleazy glam, proto punk, gut bucket blues and even some country honk serve as backdrop to Allen's unique story telling. Its pure rock and roll, the kind they don't make anymore.

"Greg Allen is a true believer who's played with a few of his heroes and probably a few of yours. While his roots are planted in the swagger of the Stooges/Dolls era, he's absorbed the songwriting savvy as well: Of the five tracks on his new EP, there isn't one that doesn't open with a wake-you-up guitar riff or build to a memorable chorus hook…From the power-pop jangle of "Revolution Club: to the soul strut of "Carny Love" to the flat-out rocking on "Joe the Tow Truck Driver," these songs have smarts to match their attitude."
Brett Milano
Author, Vinyl Junkies, Sound of our Town, Don't All Thank Me at Once
Writer, Boston Globe, OffBeat Magazine

"This latest Fringe Religion offering traces the lineage of black-leather six-string hoodlumism, touching on The Stones, Flamin' Groovies, The Heartbreakers, and, not least, Lou Reed, whose hollow-eyed shade is vividly evoked on opening number 'She's Stoned'. 'The Revolution Club' meanwhile employs an evocative Byrds-type guitar jangle, a summery contrast to the stormier closing track 'Miles Away' a white-knuckle, gallows-humour journey to the end of the night."
Hugh Gulland
Vive Le Rock Magazine (UK) CD $10 SKU:20560

ALLISON, MOSE - Way of the World Label:ANTI UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OFBOMP OR ALIVE- DIGIPACK Recorded at The Garfield House, South Pasadena, CA July 27-31, 2009 CD $10 SKU:22402

ALPHA STONE-SPACEMEN 3 - Stereophonic Pop Music- LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Debut album of this band formed by former SPACEMEN 3 's bassist and DARKSIDE vocalist/bassist Pete Bain. His music, while still trippy as hell, now incorporates more sampled sounds, dance beats and the like. But make no mistake: it also rocks. This 10" is a collector's edition with stunning artwork. CD $10 SKU:1919

ARK - Voyages ( legendary USA psych 70s ACID ARCHIVES FAVE ) SAALE- Label:GUERSSEN (Spain) Legendary USA private psychedelic album, a top-level rarity issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies in 1978. "Monster top 5 US psychedelic garage LP. Eerie folk-rock, Doors-sounding spookers with a smattering of D.R. Original artwork, insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives), revealing the Ark story for the first time CD $10 SKU:14762

ASHERTON , JOHAN - El Viaje Sentimental(Hendrix, T Rex influeces) - early pre ALIVE label LAST COPIESLabel:MARILYN Jimi Hendrix, T. Rex, and Creedence Clearwater Revival were influences, and - in addition to Hendrix and Marc Bolan, Rory Gallagher and American bluesman Johnny Winter were strong influences on him during this period. During the first half of the '80s, Asherton formed and led the Froggies, a French garage punk band that released a pair of albums, Hour of the Froggies and Get Frogg'd, in 1984 and 1985, respectively. CD $10 SKU:2285

ASTRAL PROJECTION- The Astral Scene (1968 Pop/Psych-get out the lava lamps! )-Label:GEAR FAB This 1968 Pop/Psychedelic Rock album is just chock full spacey instrumentation and utilizes horns, woodwind, and string sections very much like those used in Sgt. Peppers. The theme of this release is based upon the thoughts and feelings experienced if one were to leave the physical body (Astral Projection) and become the spiritual embodiment (Astral Body). The Astral Body begins to go back into the physical body and causes one to think about The Astral Scene…..There are some very nice male and female vocals which are backed up by the great orchestration and this LP is one to set the lights down low on and turn on the Lava Lamps!!! CD $10 SKU:19613

MOCKERS, LOS-ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1965-1967 (sung in English Stones style)- Label:GET HIP If Los Shakers were (according to the official history of rock) The Beatles of the River Plate region, then Los Mockers were the Stones. Sung in English by Polo Pereira, who (with a slight accent) emulates Mick Jagger's early snarl more accurately than anyone else from the time Some say that Los Mockers were the best group that South America produced during the time. CD $10 SKU:20277

SAINTS I’m STRANDED (reissue of 1997 classic Aussie punk rock) -Label:TRIPLE X /AMSTERDAMNED Drilled bar code but new. Australian rock band, formed in Brisbane in 1974. They are considered to be one of the first and most influential punk groups CD $5 SKU:22790

ROCK AND ROLL FROM OUTER SPACE 1-VA-Label:OUTER SPACE 16 Rock and roll killers, no fillers!! COMP LP $19 SKU:22137

ROMANTICS AND FRIENDS- MIDWEST POP EXPLOSION (CATCH 3) ORIGINAL 1980 RAINBO TEST PRESSING Label:QUARK /BOMP WITH JACKET. Rare release on Quark, a side label of BOMP Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing COMP LP $75 SKU:22461

SHAKE O RAMA PLUS CD -VA (16 gems recorded between 1956 and 1968)Label:BOMP Includes bonus CD copy Imported from the NetherlandsThis selection of 16 gems recorded between 1956 and 1968 is amazingly modern. Irresistibly smooth yet radical, sharply biting, yet affable, these songs from another era have the power to make even the saddest squares laugh and wriggle, dance and jump about COMP LP $19 SKU:18391

SHIELDED BY DEATH - vol. 3 RARE PUNK TRACKS 78-81 -Label:DIONYSUS 19 more rare punk and new wave tracks, concentrating on CT and MA punk . Tracks culled from rare singles and unreleased tapes, a virtual treasure trove of tracks, Liner notes, photos and even contacts for former members of the groups are included for your enjoyment! COMP LP $10 SKU:19836

SONGS FROM SATAN'S JUKEBOX- Vol 2 COUNTRY, ROCKABILLY, HILLBILLY & GOSPEL FOR SATAN'S SAKE-Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) Second selection of satanic songs and maleficient melodies from Satan's infernal jukebox. Compiled by Emmerich Thürmer. COMP LP $19 SKU:21136

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 1 (55-63 with bonus CD-transform your living room into a tiki bar!)Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Includes bonus CD copy, Dutch import These 16 songs recorded between 1955 and 1963 and lovingly selected by El Vidocq will magically transform your living room into a tiki bar. A killer cocktail, cool and erudite, to be enjoyed without moderation! So don your finest Hawaiian shirt and let the groove warm your soul! COMP LP $19 SKU:18392

STRIP-O-RAMA + CD- Vol 3 (Scandalous 50s and 60s strip morsels!) Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY Perhaps the densest (and most scandalous) compilation yet by the ever daring El Vidocq. Already a third folding album that opens to teasingly reveal more sumptuous "strip music" morsels. Indeed, the 1950s and '60s represent an inexhaustible source of delicious tunes, most of which just never hit it off with the media or masses. Once again, our indefatigable connoisseur raises the curtain on an arousing series of smooth tunes, with their languid rhythms, well-rounded melodies and cheeky grooves. An exciting mix of styles struts its stuff in various states of undress: rockabilly (Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Clyde Stacy), pop (Betty Reilly, Ella Johnson), crooner (Louis Jordan), rock (Chuck Miller), swing jazz (Joanie Sommers), burlesque (The Ramcocks), r'n'b (Gino Parks)... An eminently naughty selection of musical gems to peel off one by one. COMP LP $19 SKU:20715

EDDIE LOCKJAW DAVIS COOKBOOK Vol 1 Label:PRESTIGE /CONCORD With Shirley Scott, Jerome Richardson LP $10 SKU:22234

FLAMIN GROOVIES- Straight Outta Madrid - 10” - LAST COPIES! Label:MARILYN/ALIVE 3 former members of The Flamin’ Groovies getting together for some live fun in Spain.
A 10 vinyl EP recorded in mono direct to DAT May 19, 1994 at The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain.Produced by James Ferrell, Chris Wilson & Danny Mihm. Chris Wilson – vocals & guitar (bass on “Sympathy For The Devil”); James Ferrell – lead guitar; Danny Mihm – drums, percussion; special guest, Daniel Jeanrenaud – bass guitar & backing vocals.

Cover art by Paul Mavrides. Design by Patrick Boissel. Edited & mastered by “Doctor” Mike Wolf at Music Box Studio, Hollywood, California. “Thanks to Guy de Seze of La Reniere, Fabrice & Mireille, Philippe Maurizi, Jean-Herve Michel, Easy, Alfonso Cito Sanchez, the Revolver Club, the Spanish audience, Ruta 66, James Henry and to Roy, George, Timmy & Cyril” LP $10 SKU:1859

FOWLEY, KIM - HOTEL INSOMNIA- (1968-1985 glam psych weirdness) LAST COPIES -Label:MARILYN "This album is dedicated to all the crazed twisted obsessed lust-driven and love-denied female animal girls of this sensual and erotic planet love" - Released and unreleased recordings from between 1968 and 1985
Unsealed but mint. 1992 original pressing.
LP $15 SKU:17144

FRANKLIN,RON - ST -Peter Case related (From Bob Dylan to the Black Keys) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE From Bob Dylan to the Black Keys, Franklin went in search of his musical heroes-and found them-down on Highway 61. - Crawdaddy. "A young, super talented guitar and
mandolin playin singer with a lonesome but rockin' voice, knows music, especially blues and old music, writes great new songs." - Peter Case LP $15 SKU:22120

FRENCHY - Che’s Lounge(R&B, obscure jazz and pure pop)
Label:DIONYSUS Pulling threads from torch, R&B, obscure jazz and pure pop, Frenchy plays songs of love-gone-wrong, backyard barbecues, murder and prostitution! Electric guitar by ex-Dead Kennedy East Bay Ray adds a sparkling touch to Frenchy's sound. LP $3 SKU:19834

GABBARD, ANDY - Fluff - BLACK VINYL (BUFFALO KILLERS- Modern Grunge Fuzz Pop with 60’s aura ) -SALE! Label:ALIVE Brimming with creativity, Fluff by Andy Gabbard, his debut release as a solo artist on Alive Naturalsound, isn't moving beyond what Andy has done, or will continue to do with Buffalo Killers. Sometimes, ultimately, you find yourself with extra moments and more ideas than one band can develop. So naturally, it made perfect sense to give that inward creative need an outlet. Fluff is the end result.LP $10 SKU:16542

GARDENS - ST Raised on a diet of Terrence Mckenna,The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Nirvana, and Turkish psych style , - GREEN VINYLLabel:ALIVE Flashes of off-kilter inspiration, piano-organ blues and quirky a cappella lend an artsy flourish to Gardens’ primal rock ‘n’ roll base. A smartly conceived, confidently executed first effort from a band you’ll be hearing more about." – Brian McCollum / Detroit Free Press.
Raised on a diet of Terrence Mckenna,The Beatles, Syd Barrett, Nirvana, and Turkish psychedelic music, GARDENS is part of the new sound of Detroit. Formed by Matthew Mueller, Jeffrey Thomas, Julian Spradlin and Vincent Mazzola, they have already released a couple of singles and cassette, and toured the country, sharing the stage with the likes of Brimstone Howl, Thee Oh Sees, Detroit Cobras, Akron Family, and Tyvek, to name just a few. “Gardens” is their debut album, produced and engineered by Chris Koltay (Akron Family, Dirtbombs, SSM) at High Bias recordings, with Warren Defever of His Name Is Alive. LTD. EDITION with DOWNLOAD CARD LP $17 SKU:12920

GLASS FAMILY - Electric Band ltd ed of 250 DOUBLE LP reissue for fans of US '60s psychedelia - Label:MAPLEWOOD FANTASTIC DELUXE DOUBLE LP REISSUE TAKEN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER! DELUXE REISSUE. The Glass Family released their LP 'Electric Band' in 1968, an acid-, folk- and blues-rock album, with distorted guitars, swirling organ and dirty vocals, that since then has never been reissued until now. Along with a nice remastering of the original LP, this double vinyl package also includes a second disc full of never before heard unreleased tracks from their initial 1968 recording sessions. Standout tracks from the second disc that has a far rawer sound are 'Where'd You Get That Smile' and 'Two x Two' and includes an alternate take of 'House Of Glass'. Within the gatefold packaging of this double LP are unique band photos and a biography of the band's experiences in psychedelic 1960s Southern California. The Glass Family where a part of the 1960s cultural revolution playing gigs and hanging out with people who are now legends. A very relevant release for fans of US '60s psychedelia.




GONN - VOXx 2029 TEST PRESSING Iowa ‘s 60’s kings of fuzzed out garage punk.Label:VOXX Original TEST from 1992. Iowa ‘s 60’s kings of fuzzed out garage punk. Rare out of print early Voxx release RARE! LONG OUT OF PRINT ONLY TEST PRESSINGS LEFT .Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. Get a piece of history. LP $40 SKU:21902

BEACHWOOD SPARKS - ST (2000 release on BOMP) CLEAR BLUE (No cd was pressed )

GRAVEDIGGER V - All Black & Hairy (60 PEBBLES style Classic cave garage) BLUE Label:VOXX 1984 RECORDING. ORIGINAL RAINBO PRESSING. The one proper album the band released in its lifetime, All Black and Hairy is both perfectly named and perfectly performed -- if it's nothing but a re - All Black & Hairy LTD ED of 150 CLEAR BLUE VINYL! (60 style Classic cave garage ) -vivalist approach at heart, it's such a damn entertaining one that there's no cause for complaint. With its title track taken from the appropriately goonball back catalog of Screamin' Lord Sutch and its general snot-mouthed attitude from every last Nuggets and Pebbles selection ever, about the only thing missing are the lava lamps and garage stink. Saying the band uses the right combination of fuzztone guitars and echo and heavy frug rhythms is a bit like saying the sky is blue -- it's just one of those things to be expected -- but the sheer energy and abandon present keep everything from simply retracing the past to no point. Leighton's credit is for "lead screaming," and that about sums it up -- he's not so much singing as pulling off the ultimate teen-wannabe-Mick Jagger performance, only even more aggressively snotty. Ted Friedman's lead guitar solos with the right rave-up spirit and John Hanrattie keeps the core melodies going, while the Tom Ward/David Anderson rhythm section aims to get rears shaking instead of sitting. The album is half split between inspired originals (check out the concluding "Stoneage Stomp") and actual songs from the time, the latter resulting in fun versions of tracks like the Uncalled For's "Do Like Me" and Larry & the Bluenotes' "Night of the Phantom." About the only thing missing is the original studio recording of the band's best number, "It's Spooky," but anyone wanting a quick blast of '60s punk thrills filtered through later years could do much worse than to dig this one up. LP $20 SKU:16261

GRODES- TEST PRESSING 1983 (VLP 2010) Rough Diamonds: History of Garage Band Music Vol. 2 The Grodes / Tongues of Truth Label:VOXX 1983 LP (Voxx VXM 200.010) collecting sides from the great Tucson garage rock band The Tongues of Truth (also known as The Grodes). This is volume two of the "Rough Diamonds: The History of Garage Band Music" series, and includesI Won't Be There [1964 version] LP $50 SKU:21947

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa ( prod by Dan of the Black Keys ) (YELLOW VINYL ltd ed last copies ) Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Recorded on the tail-end of a year playing clubs and festivals across North America, Australia and Europe (opening for Dan Auerbach and Dr. Dog, and more recently for Alberta Cross), this new album brings heavier grooves and flavor to the '60s harmonies sound the band is known for. The result is a blend of Tex-Mex roots rock, retro-pop and R&B that can only be described as South Texas Soul. BIG RED & BARBACOA captures the attitude of a band ready to throw pretension to the roadside and play rock'n'roll the way it was intended. LP $15 SKU:11391

HANDSOME JACK -Everything's Gonna Be Alright (70s style blues fused rock and roll LtD ED STARBURST Label:ALIVE Here's what the media had to say about Handsome Jack's last album Do What Comes Naturally :This record is probably more fun than the first Black Crowes record—which from an influence/aesthetics standpoint, it oddly evokes—and were it to bear a Harvest Records imprint and a 1970 copyright date, no one would bat an eye. Which must mean it’s really good. – ROLLING STONENo pretense, no skinny pants, no Swatches to be seen. This is your dad’s rock and roll. And your dad was cooler than you. – GLORIOUS NOISEThis record rules. It’s an album for people who want stanky, swampy, dirty boogie. This one’s a keeper; trust us. You want standout tracks? Try all of ‘em. – PERFORMER MAGAZINEHandsome Jack are mining a tradition, and Do What Comes Naturally digs solid ore from a deep vein… a celebration of laid-back but serious partying, and it'll make a fine soundtrack for your next celebration of the boogie. – ALL MUSICRecalls greasy '70s stoner stuff — Allman Brothers et al. – MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINELThe music of this album seamlessly flows through deep dark mid-tempo boogies, smoky upbeat burners and soulful feel-good rockers all with a natural ease… damn catchy. – GLIDE MAGAZINE Handsome Jack's music resonates with the atmospheres of rock's great ballrooms - the Avalon, Fillmore, Winterland, Agora, Grande - and the bands who rocked them. They call their music ‘boogie soul,’ but the boogie gave birth to rock and their souls are plugged into an extension cord that stretches from Buffalo to the Delta. – NO DEPRESSION LP $20 SKU:20238

HEAD -ST ( 1992-Obscure 60s style psych Creem, Led Zep style ) last copies - Label:VOXX ORIGINAL PRESSING. Unfairly, this album has always remained obscure, even among Voxx releases. Perhaps this is due to their style, which is freeform and creative, rather than the formulaic approach audiences seem to prefer. With influences ranging from Cream to Led Zep to little-known British bands like July, Head blew a lot of minds in Los Angeles in the early '90s with their light show and extended trip-jams. For their album debut, they chose a different approach: using all the studio tricks at their command to make a finely-crafted collage of sounds designed to flow through a listener's most spaced-out headphone session. But this long album also includes most of their live freakout favorites, and there are frequent moments of sublime ensemble playing. [12/92] Greg Shaw LP $15 SKU:22115

HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTERS-ST (Amazing 70s style Eddie Hinton style deep blues) STARBURST VINYL CMON, TRY IT!!Label:ALIVE ALIVE NATURALSOUND RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of HEATH GREEN & THE MAKESHIFTERS, a group of incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.

The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker. Heath Green and The Makeshifters’ self-titled debut album will be released early 2017 on Alive Naturalsound records. Check them out performing live in the studio for the Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions here. Prepare to be blown away! LP $15 SKU:18300

HONEYBUS -SINGLES: 1967-1970 late '60s/early '70s UK psych-pop Label:MAPACHE The complete singles collection of the late '60s/early '70s UK psych-pop outfit Honeybus, featuring Pete Dello, Pete Kircher, Colin Hare and Ray Cane. Included are all the band's A- and B-sides as released by Deram during the years 1967-1970. Of course you get the exquisite tunes 'Can't Let Maggie Go' and 'Girl Of Independent Means', and there's much more to enjoy LP $28 SKU:22128

HYPSTRZ - Hypstrization (Incendiary '70s punk-era performances of '60s garage classics) BLUE VINYL Label:BOMP Records The 1980 garage/soul gem by this legendary Minneapolis outfit, originally released on Voxx and out of print for decades. Entirely remastered from the original master tapes, restored to its original artwork, and lovingly pressed on clear blue vinyl. LP $18 SKU:11922

IGGY AND THE STOOGES- RAW STOOGES VOL 2 - Rare unofficial release! Label:ELECTRIC MINT VINYL very slight cover wear on corner. LP $30 SKU:20901

Harbours wild fire in his breast. – MOJO ( 4 star review)
If you’re a fan of gunnite gypsy punk with a rocksteady back beat, James Leg is your eternal ediface. There is nothing like a Leg record and there never will be, no one plays like him, no one growls like him, and certainly no one rocks like him. He’s a world travelled stalwart and will be forever a gem in the Blues crown. – NO DEPRESSION

The Jerry Lee -meets-Lemmy of the keyboards. – VIVE LE ROCK

Part Howlin’ Wolf, part Iggy Pop, he’s the new standard-bearer for the rebels, the new punk in a land of posers. – ELMORE MAGAZINE

Leg steers a beautifully distorted, heavily chorused Rhodes progression backed by a crafty drumbeat with a lyrical delivery reminiscent of the dark lord himself. – NO DEPRESSION …Greasy and groovy as hell, the whole thing's a trip. – R2 LP $60 SKU:17878

JOHN THE CONQUEROR The Good Life-(raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll) LAST COPIES DEVIL RED VINYL Label:ALIVE FIRST PRESSING You wont find this anywhere else for a while. John The Conqueror are the real deal and will not disappoint your blues rock soul! – The Fire Note
he Good Life". Entirely written by Pierre Moore, with the exception of a notable cover, this is the follow up to the band’s 2012 self-titled debut album. It is a collection of vignettes from Pierre’s childhood in Mississippi and tales of his life in the streets of a Philly project, where the three friends currently live. LP $25 SKU:15748