Mar 11, 2022


Got a nice import shipment coming this weekend, including new items and restocks of lots of previously sold out stuff. Check it all out below.

And if you missed the mid week update, the new SHINDIG has arrived too.

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24783, 24918, 24971, 24972, 24916, 24653, 24785, 24974, 24901


24803, 21830, 24925, 24784, 15346, 19292, 24662, 24663, 20992, 14654, 12758, 19670, 24469, 24900, 24300, 24211, 24786, 21104, 16939, 24832, 24213, 24760, 24787, 23550, 24734, 24865, 24480, 24828, 24749, 24833, 16353, 21343, 14363, 24937, 24745, 24954, 24750, 21011, 19999, 24291, 23554


ALAN BOWN-LIVE ON AIR 1966-1970 ( r&b, soul and psychedelic pop/rock )Label:LONDON CALLING Presenting the band's exciting mixture of r&b, soul and psychedelic pop/rock at its most vivid best, the remastered radio broadcast live recordings (1966-1970) collected on this CD capture The Alan Bown's sound and energy better than the vinyl releases from back in the day. The CD comes in a 4-panel digipack and includes an 8-page booklet full of background liners and rare archival memorabila. CD $19 SKU:24783

APE SKULL - ST (WHo/ MC5 /BLue Cheer style)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Heavy '70s style psych-hard funk-rock for lovers of the sound of Cream, Free, Cactus, Blue Cheer, Humble Pie, The Who, MC5, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Alamo, Jerusalem, The Damnation Of Adam Blessing etc. Featuring a cover of Orange Peel's 'I Got No Time'. CD $17 SKU:24918

WELDERS- OUR OWN ODDITIES 1977-81 (all-female punk pop )Label:BACHELOR The Welders were an all-female punk pop band from St. Louis, MO. Formed by four young, teenage women in 1975; they started playing shows in 1976, in one of the toughest climates to get booked for bands playing original material. The Welders bonded over their love of The Monkees, The Beatles and early glam rock. The comedy of the National Lampoon Radio Hour and the Marx Brothers were just as big of an influence. The Welders played several shows in the St. Louis metro area and eventually caught the attention of a local photographer and newspaper owner. He financed a recording session in 1979, with plans to release a four song EP. The newspaper folded before the release could happen, and all that survived was a cassette copy of the recordings. The Welders continued for a couple more years after recording the EP. They had brief line up changes, and added an organ which shifted their sound more towards a '60s garage pop sound. They were ahead of their time again, pre-dating most of the neo-garage explosion of the '80s. By 1981, the band had moved on to other interests. In 2010 BDR Records (a sub-label of Rerun, designated for St. Louis area artists) issued that previously unreleased EP. The EP was well received worldwide and has been sold out for several years. This collection includes a newly remastered and improved version of the 1979 EP tracks, along with other studio, rehearsal and live recordings. The fold-out digipack is filled with amazing photos of the band. CD $19 SKU:24971

BLOW MY MIND!-THE DORE, ERA, MIRA PUNK & PSYCH LEGACY-Label:BIG BEAT Liners by Alec Palao. Three of the quirkier imprints from Hollywood's heyday in the mid-1960s were the record labels Doré, Era and Mira. Like most seasoned indie producers in that epoch, their owners Lew Bedell, Herb Newman and Randy Wood struggled to get to grips with the onslaught of rock'n'roll activity that followed in the wake of the British Invasion. But amongst each company's catalogue of R&B, pop schlock and novelty discs were a number of outstanding garage and proto-psych 7" that today are sought-after collectors' items. COMP CD $28 SKU:24972

LET'S MAKE SOME MUSIC!-SUNSHINE, SOFT & STUDIO POP 1966-1970-Label:TEENSVILLE 'Let's Make Some Music!' is Teensville's ninth look at the late '60s world of turned-on sunshine, soft and studio pop COMP CD $19 SKU:24916

POP PSYCHEDELIQUE-THE BEST OF FRENCH PSYCHEDELIC POP 1964-2019-Label:TWO-PIERS French Pop - music so effortlessly cool and hip you can't help but fall in love, Psychedelia - fuzzy dance floor music to lose yourself too. Put the two together and you have an intoxicating mix that is so lush and so perfect, and a sound that has helped soundtrack recent hit TV series such as 'The Queens Gambit', 'Killing Eve', and 'The Serpent'. 'Pop Psychedelique' (released on Two-Piers) brings together the early pioneers and superstars of the French Pop sound - Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, with the darlings of the '60S scene - France Gall, Gillian Hills, Jacqueline Taieb. Add in the more recent French Psych sounds of L'Epee and The Liminanas (both tracks used in 'Killing Eve'), the haunting sound of Fabienne DelSol, the '60s Parisien cool of Anna Karina, the freak beat psychedelic rock of Les 5 Gentlemen, the dance floor joy of Charlotte Leslie's Franco cover of The Capitols' soul classic, the eccentric earworm of 'Les Cornichons' by Nino Ferrer, and the sheer Moog pop brilliance of 'E.V.A' by Jean Jacques-Perrey. Finish off with Stereolab's take on French pop on 'Cybele's Reverie', Air, one of the most influential electronic bands of the 2000s, go synth psych-pop on 'Don't Be Light' and Pierre Henry's epic big-beat anthem 'Psyché Rock' rounds things off perfectly! Pop psychedelique - pure joy! COMP CD $42 SKU:24653

UPSIDE DOWN - VOL 8 Coloured Dreams From the Underworld- lysergic 60s pop extravaganza! Label:PARTICLES Volume 8 in this far-out CD-series contains 20 flower-power-era wonders from way down under, lovingly restored to their former, formidable glory. Another whopping dose of what we need in our life right now; a lysergic 60s pop extravaganza!The CD comes with remastered audio and a 20-page full-colour booklet with background liners and rare archival photos from the period. COMP CD $19 SKU:24785

STRAWBERRY PATH -WHEN THE RAVEN HAS COME TO EARTH (70s Japanese heavy psych blues)Label:ABSINTHE Reissue on LP of debut album by Japanese HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC blues rock band from the early '70s. Long tracks with fierce lead guitars all over. Two members went on to form FLIED EGG. Originally from 1971. LP $28 SKU:24974

YESTERDAY’S THOUGHTS -LET'S TAKE A RIDE WITH..(60s style garage psych with SKY SAXON )-Label:MISSING VINYL Limited edition of 950 copies, housed in a laminated cover including insert with lyrics. Greek garage band originating from the 90s with their 2nd album. 15 originals including 2 collaborations with legendary SEEDS member SKY SAXON. This is where 60s garage punk meets psychedelica. LP $19 SKU:24901


ELEGY -ST (1972 prog monster)Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)
Lost 1972 heavy prog monster by British band who became the house band in Vienna's underground music club Electronic. With a sound like Jethro Tull meets Marsupilami vibes with manic flute and heavy prog guitar, and at times a King Crimson intensity. CD $19 SKU:24803

GLASS MENAGERIE - HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHO WE ARE?-ANTHOLOGY 1968-69' (psych)Label:TIME BOX The Glass Menagerie emerged in the late 1960s, in the Lancastrian backdrop of Burnley in the north of England. A move to London in 1968 led to a handful of singles with Pye before changes within the band marked a new chapter under Chas Chandler. A rapidly changing music scene and a lack of investment eventually took its toll on the band who split at the tail end of the decade. From 1968 to 1969, they recorded five singles, and various sessions for Top Gear, Saturday Club, and host Brian Matthew. The majority of songs from these live sessions, would be heading towards their unreleased album. Have You Forgotten Who We Are? presents a missing link in the British psychedelic phenomenon, and provides a precious glimpse into the world of "Frederick Jordan" and what might have been. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with a handsome 12-page booklet with expansive liners, interviews and rare memorabilia. CD $22 SKU:21830

GREAT CRASH - DEADFIRE ECHOES (70 rarity Elton John/ 10CC style) Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)A genuine masterwork that sounds like a lost classic. This album from The Great Crash includes exquisite songwriting with piano led art rock that conjure the best of early melancholc Elton John and 10CC, recorded in an abandoned mansion in Wales. Put put into modern hands, some of these songs could become hits. Others are so poetically English they may appeal only to those with a certain sensibility and frame of reference. When The Great Crash gradually left their Mansion after decades there, it became Loco Studios, where the the ghosts of the Great Crash's songs swirled unknown around The Verve and Oasis as they recorded their 90's masterpieces. CD $20 SKU:24925

HECTOR (UK) -DEMOLITION - THE WIRED UP WORLD OF HECTOR (unreleased junkshop glam gold dust)-Label:RADIATION Never-before-heard unreleased junkshop glam gold dust from the genre's No. 1 band. Portsmouth's Hector are widely regarded as the very best of the junkshop glam rock bands introduced to us in the early 2000s by the RPM's lipsmackin' '70s CD series. Recently discovered archive analogue tape recordings found in the attic of frontman Phil Brown form this unique album. The band's original DJM singles together with 'Demolition', an unreleased third single, join forces with outtakes, demos, live and rehearsal recordings to make this release an unmissable opportunity for glam rock fans worldwide to hear more from the band whose anthem 'Wired Up' has been adopted as a battle cry by a new audience of fans with books, fanzines, radio shows and club nights proudly named after it. Hector's 'Wired Up' was released in 1973. It had all the ingredients of a hit single. It should have topped the charts and launched a spectacular career for the band. In a fair world, the name Hector would be mentioned alongside bands like Sweet and Slade. Unfortunately, timing and luck weren't on their side. The product was there, the press coverage was there, the Radio 1 airplay (which was everything back then) wasn't and the kids that did hear it must have been deaf, dumb and blind. The plug was finally pulled in 1975 after their second single 'Bye Bye Bad Days', another poky punch of proto punk dressed up in a velvet glove, also failed to become a heavy-hitter. 'Demolition - The Wired Up World Of Hector' is not a phoenix from the ashes. It is Pompey* from Pompeii. Tunes from the ruins. Glamour in amber; perfectly preserved. A second chance to make a first impression. Hector are back! Are you watching and listening? CD $16 SKU:24784

HORDE - Press Button Firmly (mid sixties rare garage ) w 4 bonus tracks -Label:BREAK-A-WAY Rarest 60s garage album by North Carolina students from early 1967. Painstakingly remastered at KSL. Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina. The existence of this self produced album came to collectors ears and eyes only about a year ago. It was recorded more or less accidently in early 1967, released in a micro quantity of only 25 copies and among the local US garage albums of the decade it is one of the few eclectic examples with all the ingredients that makes it outstanding compared with the usual prep-school albums of the time. It contains a blend of exciting originals and well chosen, inspired covers, played in a raw, crude and frantic style. If ever it were true that the over-used assertion that a band's cover versions measured up to the originals, then it is true of The Horde. Why? These five 19-20 year old students from all over the United States did not only blaze a trail for 60s rock in then conservative North Carolina, they also had a general attitude that finds its origins in the young peoples mindset of the mid-sixties that put them outside of the local mainstream and gained them a sort of regional underground popularity. CD has 4 bonus tracks. CD $12 SKU:15346

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -THE WILD SOUNDS OF(: MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)...-Label: HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Roaring like a a twin cylinder engine, here's the 2017 full-length from The Lords Of Altamont. Fueled up by the MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers, to name a few, the pack follows Jake 'The Preacher' Cavaliere (vocals, organ) on his uncompromising rock'n'roll journey. CD $16 SKU:19292

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -TUNE IN, TURN ON, ELECTRIFY!(: MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)...-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Roaring like a a twin cylinder engine, here's the 2017 full-length from The Lords Of Altamont. Fueled up by the MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers, to name a few, the pack follows Jake 'The Preacher' Cavaliere (vocals, organ) on his uncompromising rock'n'roll journey. CD $19 SKU:24662

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -MIDNIGHT TO 666 (MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The Lords' highly regarded 2010 garage-punk masterpiece is finally available again! CD $17 SKU:24663

ORANGE DROP -STONED IN LOVE (Dreamy psych acid laced sounds) Label:MEGA DODO Hailing from Philadelphia, The Orange Drop blends dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-laced sounds of the '60s. Brian Jonestown Massacre fans (particularly of the early records) should appreciate The Orange Drop's approach that is both lo-fi and polished. If this is garage rock, it was made in a garage that conceals an amateur LSD lab. Orange Drop re-invents '60s psychedelia with a 21st century twist of experimentalism! CD $16 SKU:20992


POETS - Try Me Again (Scotland's #1 beat/mod/freakpop group from the 60's) SAALE Label:DYNOVOX The DVD contains a long lost 1965 acetate of 'Try Me Again,' '60s home movies, live show film of 'Midnight Hour', '60s TV clip of 'Now We're Thru' as well as a few unreleased acetates. CD $19 SKU:12758

ROOSTERS All of Our Days ( 60s jangly garage W stunning never-before-seen photos.) Label:BREAK-A-WAY The Roosters have been known among fans and followers of the Californian mid 60s folk rock scene for a long time. Their “One Of These Days” b/w “You Gotta Run” 45 has been included on early garage compilations and is a huge favourite among collectors. Less well known is their second and at least as brilliant 45 “Rosebush” / “Ain’t Gonna Cry Anymore”. Additionally there´s a rare 1965 surf/mersey punk single released under the name “Five More”, an early 1965 acetate put down as the Avengers and most of all, three 1966 stunning unreleased folk/garage janglers recorded at Gold Star Studio. This collection finally puts all these gems in one place and unravels the enigmas behind the band on a LP sized full glossy insert with a detailed history of the band emerging from the memoirs of guitarist and songwriter Timothy Ward and the band’s vocalist Ray Mangigian. This is embellished with a load of stunning never-before-seen photos. Finally here´s the legacy of an underrated, but excellent band direct from Los Angeles, the mid-Sixties epicenter of jangle – The ROOSTERS! CD $15 SKU:19670

SWELL MAPS - MAYDAY SIGNALS (rare and prev unreleased)Label:EASY ACTION Mayday Signals' is a collection of rare and previously unreleased recordings of UK DIY punk pioneers Swell Maps. This release comprises 36 tracks, including demo versions of the singles 'Dresden Style' and 'Read About Seymour'. The liner notes are by Jowe Head and the exclusive artwork was originally designed by Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head in 1977. CD $19 SKU:24469

TOTAL REJECTION -WRAPPING YOURSELF IN SILVER FOIL garage-rock/pop-psych...Label:RAVING POP BLAST! ..WON'T SAVE YOU FROM THE BLAST' - The first album by The Total Rejection. Nine tracks of garage-rock/pop-psych, with DIY attitude, and a healthy distrust of all things in modern recording. "Smashing piece of garage rock, something like The Seeds or early Love - It's raw and raucous and brilliantly authentic!" ~Norman Records. "TTR channel the pulsating drone rock of Spacemen 3 and the stomping R&B beat of The Who. All out garage rockers with wild screaming guitars and primitive drums." ~Shindig Magazine. "Stooges collide with The Small Faces. Incessant beats, wig-outs and astral tripping farfisa vibes. The spirit of pop-art as pioneered by The Who and taken into new territory by The Creation is revisited and rebooted." ~Scootering Magazine. CD $19 SKU:24900

BEAT BESPOKE 9( long-forgotten underground sixties club sounds)Label:DETOUR Dr. Robert's passion for discovering long-forgotten underground sixties club sounds gives them a new lease of life through his DJ sets and this compilation series. 'Le Beat Bespoke Volume 9' features unreleased acetates, an exclusive remix and obscure 7" COMP CD $19 SKU:24300

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 24 ( mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s, featuring bands from a.o. Germany, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Peru... The CD comes with remastered audio and a 16-page booklet to guide you to the end safely. COMP CD $19 SKU:24211

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 25(mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s, featuring bands from a.o. Germany, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Denmark The Netherlands and Belgium. The CD comes with remastered audio and a 20-page booklet. COMP CD $19 SKU:24786

CORNUFOLKIA-45 ultra rare underground psych-folk gems DBL Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A special double-CD containing 45 ultra rare underground psychedelic-folk gems and medieval sounds from the British and Emerald Isles. This release comes with a large poster sleeve crammed full of rare memorabilia and artefacts together with detailed info on each artist. Our best ever folk offering celebrating the rich history of alternative psych-folk rarely heard. COMP CD $12 SKU:21104

GRAVEL - Vol. 1( U.S. 60s Garage at its best! )-Label:Kumquat May mazing and meticulously remastered US 60s garage rock. Another incredible 30 track collection of rare and outstanding 45´s. 75% of the titles are either uncomped or on CD for the first time! All other titles are in better quality than you‚ve heard them before. A definitive 60s garage collector must-have. Complete playing time nearly 80 minutes! 500 copies only COMP CD $12 SKU:16939

THE BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP CD $19 SKU:24832

WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD -Savage Garage Punk From Valhalla 1964-1968 - 6 cd BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE SIX CD's chock full of killer '60s garage rock, freakbeat and '60s punk from Scandinavia's most savage combos! Featured bands include The Holders, Gaggas, 1-2-6, Gonks, The Deejays, The Beatmakers, Firebeats Inc., Thors Hammer, The Kingbeats, The Namelosers, Tages, The Shanes, Jackie Fountains, The Cads, Stamping Bricks, The Hitmakers, The Telstars, The Friends, The Walkers, We 4, The Cherry Stones and many more. You get over 160 tracks, plus a full-colour 96-page booklet with detailed group biographies and rare images. COMP CD $45 SKU:24213

BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP LP $32 SKU:24760

BORED TEENAGERS - Vol 11-25 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82-Label:BIN LINER The eagerly awaited eleventh instalment of this highly collectable and cult series. The Pebbles series of the punk rock scene... Rare tracks from England and Scotland. COMP LP $22 SKU:24787

COLOGNE CURIOSITIES-THE UNKNOWN KRAUTROCK UNDERGROUND 1972-1976' - DBL Label:MENTAL EXPERIENCE Cologne Curiosities' collects, for the first time on vinyl, all the otherwise unpublished/un-reissued material that originally appeared on the three 'Unknown Deutschland - The Krautrock Archive' CD's, released by Virgin in 1996. These recordings date from 1972-1976 and were made at studios in Cologne and surroundings. The material was produced by Toby Robinson, mainly to have fun at the studio. Bands would come in for practice sessions, to record demos, and during slack periods impromptu jams would happen. Most of these sessions were recorded by Toby, and they feature Toby himself plus a revolving cast of friends and musicians (some of them apparently big Kraut names using made up monikers). The music ranges from killer proto-new wave to far-out space rock, proto-ambient electronic, dark kraut psyche and raw kosmische sounds with lots of analogue synths/Moog. COMP LP $32 SKU:23550

CREATURE CUTS VOL. 2-fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities-Label:GET OFF THE ROAD Killer second volume of 'Creature Cuts', a fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities. What a crackin' album! 14 deliciously wicked tracks culled from the depths of the past, '50s rockabilly with the ultra sick Terry Corin and her Boyfriends, never appreciated in her days, but boy do we! Also featuring The Caravans with 'The Spook', a super rare halloween themed garage rocker, Miss ghoul L.L. Louise Lewis with 'The Monster Miss' and her evil laughter and many more! The vinyl is gorgeous blue with black marbling! Another essential slab of wax on Get Off The Road Records. SIDE 1: 1. Terry Corin & Her Boyfriends - Sick! Sick! Sick! 2. Kevin Watson - Watching The Ghouls Go By 3. The Madmen - Haunted 4. The Caravans - The Spook 5. The Rangers - Mogul Monster 6. Electro Tones - Ghost Train 7. Bill Buchanan - Beware SIDE 2: 1. Miss L.L. Louise Lewis - The Monster Miss 2. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - She's Fallen In Love With The Monsterman 3. The Blizzards - Dr. Jekyll 4. The Vic Plati Quintet - The Chiller 5. The Blazers - Graveyard 6. Chiyo & The Crescents - Devil Surf 7. Los Shains - El Monstruo COMP LP $24 SKU:24734

FEEL LUCKY PUNK?!!-Killer compilation of archetypal late 70s style U.S and Australian punk rock-Label:GONZO HATE BINGE Brings together many of the best tracks to be found on the various volumes of the 'Killed By Death' series. Featuring Queers, Child Molesters, Nervous Eaters and many more... SIDE 1: 01 Rocks - Hanging On 02 Queers - I Don't Wanna Work 03 Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action 04 Nervous Eaters - Just Head 05 News - Tell Me Why 06 Queers - I'm Useless 07 Violators - N.Y. Ripper 08 Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler 09 Lewd - Kill Yourself 10 Mad - Disgusting 11 Rocks - Damn You SIDE 2: 01 Unnatural Axe - They Saved Hitler's Brain 02 Rocks - Kick Her Out 03 Queers - At The Mall 04 Nervous Eaters - Get Stuffed 05 Freestone - Bummer Bitch 06 Mad - I Hate Music 07 Nasal Boys - Hot Love 08 Queers - This Place Sucks 09 Leftovers - I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do 10 Child Molesters - Hillside Strangler 11 Queers - Kicked Out Of The Webelos COMP LP $25 SKU:24865


ALLIN, GG -& THE JABBERS- ALWAYS WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS SHALL BE-Label:ORANGE GG Allin is one of the most divisive legends in punk rock history. A true individual, Allin lived the real punk rock lifestyle all the way up until his untimely death of a heroin overdose in 1993. Originally released in 1980, 'Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be' is Allin's debut record and the finest full length he ever released. Full of snotty and brutal punk with Stooges and New York Dolls influences, this is a necessary album for anyone interested in punk history. LP $22 SKU:24828

BITTER SEEDS/ROCK SHOP -STATE OF YOUR MIND (superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings from a Monterey-based gang, active between 1966 and '70. In those heady days The Bitter Seeds were gigging regularly at all of California's legendary venues, opening for a.o. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf. In 1967, The Bitter Seeds recorded their only 45, issued under The Rock Shop moniker, as they wanted to avoid confusion with The Seeds. 'State Of Your Mind' b/w 'Is That Your Halo' was released on the Rowena label and is a brutal garage-psych double sider. The following year the group recorded four studio tracks which have remained unreleased until now. These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelia. Also including rare live recordings from '66, this is an exciting release for all lovers of obscure and lost West Coast psychedelia. Also included is a 4-page insert with liner notes and lots of photos and memorabilia. LP $28 SKU:24749

BUBBLEGUM - WHERE IS MATTHEW SMITH? (hidden powerpop jewel)Label:FAMILY SPREE Bubblegum was formed in Ovedo by musicians active in the Asturian scene. They released a self-titled debut album followed by '10 Stereo Pictures'. After their last, and the more mature sounding mini album 'Fast forward' from 2013, the band quit. Here comes a reissue of their hidden powerpop jewel, originally released only in CD format in 2008 by Rock Indiana, now for the first time available on vinyl. LP $24 SKU:24833

CITY BLUES - Blues For Lawrence Street (Ultra-rare private garage blues 67)-Label:VOID RECORDS (USA Limited to 500 copies with insert and reproduced original sleeve. This is the reissue of an ULTRA RARE private garage blues LP from the Los Angeles area that may remind of early Quicksilver Messenger Service, specifically the 1966 pre-Cipollina line-up as heard on those Groucho releases. 'Smokestack Lightning', 'Goin' To New York', 'You Gotta Help Me' and other tracks feature trebly guitars, wailing harmonica, etc. This is one of the rarest 1960s California private LPs with originals virtually non existent and fetching large sums, so this is a welcome reissue. LP $25 SKU:16353

DARROW MOSLEY BAND -DESERT RAIN ( 1973 PSYCH Moby Grape & Kaleidoscope) 10” -Label:SHAGRAT Very limited 10" on Shagrat featuring three tracks from the Darrow Mosley Band. A collaboration between Bob Mosley (Moby Grape) and Chris Darrow (Kaleidoscope) recorded in 1973. Packaged in a suitably mind-blowing sleeve by legendary psychedelic designer John Hurford (IT, OZ, Dandelion Records etc) and complete with inserts from Chris Darrow this EP is an absolute must for fans of Moby Grape and Kaleidoscope everywhere. 499 copies only LP $22 SKU:21343

DRAGONFLY (USA) 60s Calif heavy psych Blue Cheer style) gatefold - Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (Spain) First-ever vinyl reissue of the self-titled album by Dragonfly, Originally issued in the late '60s., Heavy psych-rock from Colorado, with searing guitar leads -- sounds like: Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, Cream, etc. Includes original artwork and an insert with liner notes. LP $32 SKU:14363

ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA--ST (Top notch UK psych album from 1968)Label:GUERSSEN Top notch UK psych album from 1968, officially reissued on vinyl for the first time. Original artwork, sourced from the original masters, and includes insert with cool photos and liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things). Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera evolved from R&B/soul band The Five Proud Walkers. All of the band members - Elmer Gantry (lead vocals), Colin Forster (guitar), John Ford (bass) and Richard Hudson a.k.a. Hud (drums) - were accomplished musicians with several years of work experience on the on the beat and R&B circuit before their psychedelic rebirth in the summer of 1967. With their colorful image and explosive live shows, the band soon became a favorite on the London club scene, securing a deal with the CBS subsidiary label Direction. In 1967 they released their first single, 'Flames', a minor hit that was even covered by the embryonic Led Zeppelin and was also included on the famous CBS budget compilation album 'The Rock Machine Turns You On'. In early 1968, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera registered their self-titled debut, now considered a post-mod psychedelic classic. Influences of psych-era Beatles, Who, Small Faces, Beach Boys or early Pink Floyd are noticeable, but the band brings their own personality and offer a set of brilliant and varied songs with inventive arrangements. Highlights include the sitar laden 'Air', the terrific 'Mother Writes', driven by a killer bass line, 'Dream Starts' (a lysergic number complete with backward tapes and vocals-through-a-Leslie), the catchy pop-psych of 'Mary Jane', a terrific cover of Oscar Brown Jr.'s 'I Was Cool', or the Mellotron-fuelled 'Long Nights Of Summer' and 'Reaction Of A Young Man'. By July 1968, when the album was released, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera had a new lineup. Colin Forster exited, and Paul Brett (ex-Tintern Abbey) took his place. They eventually disbanded in 1969 and a new line-up emerged as Velvet Opera, releasing an album. Later, Elmer played with Stretch and he also recorded with the Alan Parsons Project, Jon Lord, and Cozy Powell. John and Hud went on to success in the seventies with the Strawbs. LP $28 SKU:24937

FANTASY - BEYOND THE BEYOND (1974 ultimate lost UK prog )Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Recorded in 1974, mellotron-driven, prog-rock masterpiece . Hailed by many as the ultimate lost UK prog album, this is the Sptecial 25th Anniversary edition, celebrating its belated release on Valentine's Day 19CLEAR SPOT 92. Limited to just 500 numbered copies on heavy 180-gram vinyl and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with band photos, song lyrics and updated liner notes by Pete Sarfas, 'Beyond The Beyond' remains a haunting and timeless classic. LP $28 SKU:24745

FARREN, MICK- Vampires Stole My Lunch Money :(1977 Deviants member reissue)Label:MUNSTER Finally back on vinyl is the noteworthy 1977 full-length from ex-Deviants member Mick Farren. Farren was rooted in the psychedelic subculture, but this album also reveals punk influences and some rhythm'n'blues jammin'. Participating musicians included Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood), Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) and Andy Colquhoun (Warsaw Pakt). The LP includes liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine). LP $30 SKU:24954

FLOWERPOT MEN- MIDSUMMER DREAMING (psych-based late 60's recordings)-Label:TENTH PLANET 50 minute vinyl anthology of the best psych-based late 60's recordings from John Carter and friends. All tracks from master tapes, including the full 7 minute version of 'Let's Go To San Francisco' Pt1 & 2, both sides of the Carter/Aquist single 'Laughing Man'/'Midsummer Dreaming', THE FRIENDS 45 'Mythological Sunday' plus tracks released under other aliases, some amazing demos and radio jingles. Insert details the full story with illustrations. 1000 numbered on 190 gram. Fantastic full colour 'Swinging London' sleeve. (Tenth Planet) LP $25 SKU:24750

NEKTAR -A Tab in the Ocean (1972 Brit acid psych prog) DOUBLE Lp Label:MISSING VINYL Did you ever wonder what would happen if a giant tab of acid was dropped into the sea? According to Roye Albrighton, Nektar’s guitarist and vocalist, they did. Albrighton and his mates parlayed their curiosity into the group’s acclaimed second album, appropriately titled “A Tab in the Ocean.” built on the sound of Nektar’s first album, Journey to the Centre of the Eye, but further emphasized a “concept” over its five tracks (the lengthiest being album opener ‘A Tab in the Ocean’) which took the band musically in a tighter, more structured and focused direction. “Official, deluxe 180 gram double LP reissue of the second album (dating from 1972) by the legendary British psychedelic progressive group, that was based in Germany. The extra LP contains 4 excellent psychedelic bonus tracks from 1972-1973, which have remained unreleased on vinyl until now. Expertly remastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition in deluxe gatefold cover.” LP $34 SKU:21011

NEON PEARL1967 Recordings-UK Psych garage- Label:GUERSSEN Lost-in-time, dreamy, mysterious sounding British psychedelia from the magical year of 1967, never released at the time. Neon Pearl was created in 1967 by supreme drummer/songwriter Peter Dunton (The Flies, Gun, Please, T2...) with the intention of playing in Germany. Once there, they played a lot of gigs and were offered a residency at the Top Ten Club in Siegen. Their particular sound, mix of covers, original material (written by Dunton) and psychedelic improvisation, earned them local cult status. After some line-up changes, the band regrouped in London as a trio: Peter Dunton on drums/keyboards/vocals plus Bernie Jinks (Bulldog Breed, T2) on bass and Nick Spenser on guitar. This line-up recorded some studio demos, featuring tracks like 'Dream Scream', which was usually their final number in their live sets, where they extended it to 10 minutes or more. With no interest from record companies, Neon Pearl split, giving birth to Please, another cult band led by Peter Dunton. Those demos were first recovered by the Acme label in 2001 and subsequently released as '1967 Recordings'. Out of print for many years, here's a new vinyl edition with newly designed artwork. Taken from the original masters. Insert with liner notes and photos. "The music of Neon Pearl is not about complication or extraordinary guitar playing - Neon Pearl is about the steady redemption of warm fog, ethereal jangling guitars, dream laden lyrics and the altered state of consciousness it's able to bring on though an elegant deep and pervasive sedative drone." ~Jenell Kesler LP $32 SKU:19999

STEVENS, MEIC - SEPTEMBER 1965: TONY PIKE SESSIONS ( lost acid folk classic) Label:TENTH PLANET Regarded as a national treasure in his native Wales. In 1965 however he was just another Dylan/Donovan folkie. In 1965 he recorded this batch of songs to hawk around the various labels as a finished album. Unfortunately the acetates were lost. Recently rediscovered and including previously unheard songs like "Winter of the clan", "Not for me mister MP" and "It ain't for me to ask the reason why". This is the first ever release of this long lost demo album. 190 Gram, vinyl only pressing including liner notes by Meic and limited to 1000 copies. LP $21 SKU:24291

YUM YUMS -FOR THOSE ABOUT TO POP! (power pop) Label:SCREAMING APPLE The Yum Yums' fifth full-length is called 'For Those About To Pop!' and it's stacked with catchy hi-energy, guitar-driven power-pop songs, complete with multi-layered harmonies. These Norwegians know exactly how to put together the essential ingredients of the music of The Ramones, Plimsouls and Ohio Express. LP $21 SKU:23554