Jan 21, 2022


At long last, a big shipment from our friends in Holland, lots of new stuff and restocks of previously sold out items! Shop fast, these are limited.

LOTS of volumes of FADING YELLOW back in too, check them all out here!

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24803, 24899, 24829, 24900, 24832, 24872, 24865, 24828, 24937, 24954, 24938, 19999


24693, 24663, 24790, 12732, 13484, 14583, 15077, 18692, 18694, 21217, 21218, 18693, 24530, 24230, 18363, 24213, 22041, 23522, 24734, 24368, 23683, 24760, 24461, 24517, 23356, 24635


ELEGY -ST (1972 prog monster)Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)
Lost 1972 heavy prog monster by British band who became the house band in Vienna's underground music club Electronic. With a sound like Jethro Tull meets Marsupilami vibes with manic flute and heavy prog guitar, and at times a King Crimson intensity. CD $19 SKU:24803

HAZEMAZE-ST slow, blues-infused hard rockLabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The Stockholm trio's eponymous 2018 full-length is just about as good as it gets for all the groove it's giving. As the record spins, its hypnotic gaze takes us back through the maze of time, surrounding us in the electrically charged haze of the feel good era. It sounds for all the world like this could be a contemporary of Ozzy and the boys, though it never condescends to full-on Sabbath worship. No, Hazemaze has found their own way, niching somewhere between the early styles of doom that manifested on both sides of the Atlantic, though I hasten to add "slow, blues-infused hard rock" might be a better descriptor than straight-up "heavy metal." That is, unless this exciting release had come out in the seventies. Back then, it would have been considered the epitome of heavy metal, just as Zeppelin and Priest were in teenage years. Capturing this authentic a sound and making it so alive, so vibrant, so now... well, that is no small feat. CD $16 SKU:24899

TINTERN ALLEY- BEESIDE: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS (2CD) unreleased Brit psychLabel:GRAPEFRUIT The greatest, most important cache of unreleased vintage British psychedelia to have surfaced for decades, 'Beeside: The Complete Recordings' gathers together everything ever recorded by the iconic Tintern Abbey. A legendary name from the British psychedelic scene, Tintern Abbey's enduring reputation rests on one of the definitive forty-fives to emerge from the genre, the November 1967 coupling of 'Beeside' backed with 'Vacuum Cleaner' which originally appeared on Deram. Since its release, just a small handful of skeletal demo recordings have trickled out, all of which were essentially minor addenda to the band's little-documented but legendary career. Now, Grapefruit has finally unearthed the full, definitive story. After two decades of planning, research, tape transfer and sound restoration, 'Beeside: The Complete Recordings' features over two hours of music recorded by Tintern Abbey between the summer of 1967 (when they spent a month in a Cornwall cottage, rehearsing and taping their performances prior to their London launch) and the end of 1968. Featuring more than 90 minutes of previously unreleased and unheard material, indeed, everything on the 68-minute disc two is now receiving its first-ever public airing. Alongside that genre-defining Deram single and those previously-leaked demos are some astonishing treasures. Included are two finished masters of the intended late 1967 follow-up 45 'Snowman' (a disorientating melange of sinister Mellotron, disembodied voices and backward tapes that was abandoned when original guitarist Don Smith left the group); the Arabic-sounding 'My Prayer' and the 'SF Sorrow'- anticipating 'Let The Wind Blow', along with late 1968 creations like 'Raspberry Ripple', 'Life Goes By' and 'My House' suggesting that, even at the point of their collapse, Tintern Abbey remained a vital, vibrant unit. Featuring a 6000 word essay with band quotes and previously unpublished photos and memorabilia, this lovingly-assembled 2CD set is the final word on a group that turned out to be as mysterious and elusive as the Wordsworth poem that inspired their name. CD $24 SKU:24829

TOTAL REJECTION -WRAPPING YOURSELF IN SILVER FOIL garage-rock/pop-psych...Label:RAVING POP BLAST! ..WON'T SAVE YOU FROM THE BLAST' - The first album by The Total Rejection. Nine tracks of garage-rock/pop-psych, with DIY attitude, and a healthy distrust of all things in modern recording. "Smashing piece of garage rock, something like The Seeds or early Love - It's raw and raucous and brilliantly authentic!" ~Norman Records. "TTR channel the pulsating drone rock of Spacemen 3 and the stomping R&B beat of The Who. All out garage rockers with wild screaming guitars and primitive drums." ~Shindig Magazine. "Stooges collide with The Small Faces. Incessant beats, wig-outs and astral tripping farfisa vibes. The spirit of pop-art as pioneered by The Who and taken into new territory by The Creation is revisited and rebooted." ~Scootering Magazine. CD $17 SKU:24900

THE BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP CD $19 SKU:24832

ELEPHANT STOMP- 12 INSTRUMENTAL FREAKY STOMPER ROCK GEMS FROM THE 70s'-Label:NAUGHTY RHYTHM The team that compiled the 'Cosmic Discotheque' series, move the spotlight on the rock scene from the '70s. Killer drum breaks, tribal freak rock, instrumental psych rock and proto-disco are a few of the explosive ingredients of this compilationCOMP LP $25 SKU:24872

FEEL LUCKY PUNK?!!-Killer compilation of archetypal late 70s style U.S and Australian punk rock-Label:GONZO HATE BINGE Brings together many of the best tracks to be found on the various volumes of the 'Killed By Death' series. Featuring Queers, Child Molesters, Nervous Eaters and many more... SIDE 1: 01 Rocks - Hanging On 02 Queers - I Don't Wanna Work 03 Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action 04 Nervous Eaters - Just Head 05 News - Tell Me Why 06 Queers - I'm Useless 07 Violators - N.Y. Ripper 08 Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler 09 Lewd - Kill Yourself 10 Mad - Disgusting 11 Rocks - Damn You SIDE 2: 01 Unnatural Axe - They Saved Hitler's Brain 02 Rocks - Kick Her Out 03 Queers - At The Mall 04 Nervous Eaters - Get Stuffed 05 Freestone - Bummer Bitch 06 Mad - I Hate Music 07 Nasal Boys - Hot Love 08 Queers - This Place Sucks 09 Leftovers - I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do 10 Child Molesters - Hillside Strangler 11 Queers - Kicked Out Of The Webelos COMP LP $25 SKU:24865

ALLIN, GG -& THE JABBERS- ALWAYS WAS, IS, AND ALWAYS SHALL BE-Label:ORANGE GG Allin is one of the most divisive legends in punk rock history. A true individual, Allin lived the real punk rock lifestyle all the way up until his untimely death of a heroin overdose in 1993. Originally released in 1980, 'Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be' is Allin's debut record and the finest full length he ever released. Full of snotty and brutal punk with Stooges and New York Dolls influences, this is a necessary album for anyone interested in punk history. LP $22 SKU:24828

ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA--ST (Top notch UK psych album from 1968)Label:GUERSSEN Top notch UK psych album from 1968, officially reissued on vinyl for the first time. Original artwork, sourced from the original masters, and includes insert with cool photos and liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things). Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera evolved from R&B/soul band The Five Proud Walkers. All of the band members - Elmer Gantry (lead vocals), Colin Forster (guitar), John Ford (bass) and Richard Hudson a.k.a. Hud (drums) - were accomplished musicians with several years of work experience on the on the beat and R&B circuit before their psychedelic rebirth in the summer of 1967. With their colorful image and explosive live shows, the band soon became a favorite on the London club scene, securing a deal with the CBS subsidiary label Direction. In 1967 they released their first single, 'Flames', a minor hit that was even covered by the embryonic Led Zeppelin and was also included on the famous CBS budget compilation album 'The Rock Machine Turns You On'. In early 1968, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera registered their self-titled debut, now considered a post-mod psychedelic classic. Influences of psych-era Beatles, Who, Small Faces, Beach Boys or early Pink Floyd are noticeable, but the band brings their own personality and offer a set of brilliant and varied songs with inventive arrangements. Highlights include the sitar laden 'Air', the terrific 'Mother Writes', driven by a killer bass line, 'Dream Starts' (a lysergic number complete with backward tapes and vocals-through-a-Leslie), the catchy pop-psych of 'Mary Jane', a terrific cover of Oscar Brown Jr.'s 'I Was Cool', or the Mellotron-fuelled 'Long Nights Of Summer' and 'Reaction Of A Young Man'. By July 1968, when the album was released, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera had a new lineup. Colin Forster exited, and Paul Brett (ex-Tintern Abbey) took his place. They eventually disbanded in 1969 and a new line-up emerged as Velvet Opera, releasing an album. Later, Elmer played with Stretch and he also recorded with the Alan Parsons Project, Jon Lord, and Cozy Powell. John and Hud went on to success in the seventies with the Strawbs. LP $28 SKU:24937

FARREN, MICK- Vampires Stole My Lunch Money :(1977 Deviants member reissue)Label:MUNSTER Finally back on vinyl is the noteworthy 1977 full-length from ex-Deviants member Mick Farren. Farren was rooted in the psychedelic subculture, but this album also reveals punk influences and some rhythm'n'blues jammin'. Participating musicians included Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood), Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) and Andy Colquhoun (Warsaw Pakt). The LP includes liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things Magazine). LP $30 SKU:24954

MAGI-WIN OR LOSE(1976 hard rocker) BLACK VINYLLabel:GOT KINDA LOST First time authorized reissue of Rust Belt hard rockers Magi's 1976 privately-pressed hard rock nugget 'Win Or Lose', originally issued on the infamous Uncle Dirty's Sound Machine label. 'Win Or Lose' carries similar glimmers to other vulgar, pre-PC, mid-Amerigan rock whose stock-in-trade boy meets girl early rock'n'roll topicry could easily be pulled from the Rock 101 playbook, but Magi was more than mired in muscle and machismo. Magi displayed the general insouciance, hormones, and discontent of their age, but also a concerned and wounded heart underneath the veneer, much less common to the field. While essentially a meat-and-potatoes hard rock record, the album flies closer to the early '70s beginnings of the genre (with nuance and psychedelic hangover in tow), when the definition was less rigidly and generically defined, and is additionally expertly sequenced across its eight strong tracks, improved by a masterful mix and remaster by T. Dallas Reed (Electric Wizard, Iron Claw, Mos Generator, Orange Sunshine, Poobah, Saint Vitus, Treepeople, Truth And Janey, et al.), utilizing a reel-to-reel from the original recording sessions. In-depth and informative liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Got Kinda Lost/NTS Radio) and Patrick Lundborg. As the uncredited seeker who penned the original rear sleeve text expressed... "Energy is apparent, the subtleties are there, listen, there's no question how they feel! Feel it with them! Feel the Magi!" "...quite contemporary in style for its 1976 release year. Regional and local bands tend to lag behind dominating music trends by a few years, but Magi's sound seems entirely in line with then popular acts like Aerosmith, early Kiss, and maybe Ted Nugent." ~Patrick "The Lama" Lundborg (The Acid Archives). RIYL: Aerosmith, Blue Öyster Cult, '70s Alice Cooper, Eternity, Foghat, Grand Funk Railroad, James Gang, Led Zeppelin, Lodestar, (early) Ted Nugent, Orang-Utan, et al. LP $24 SKU:24938

NEON PEARL1967 Recordings-UK Psych garage- Label:GUERSSEN Lost-in-time, dreamy, mysterious sounding British psychedelia from the magical year of 1967, never released at the time. Neon Pearl was created in 1967 by supreme drummer/songwriter Peter Dunton (The Flies, Gun, Please, T2...) with the intention of playing in Germany. Once there, they played a lot of gigs and were offered a residency at the Top Ten Club in Siegen. Their particular sound, mix of covers, original material (written by Dunton) and psychedelic improvisation, earned them local cult status. After some line-up changes, the band regrouped in London as a trio: Peter Dunton on drums/keyboards/vocals plus Bernie Jinks (Bulldog Breed, T2) on bass and Nick Spenser on guitar. This line-up recorded some studio demos, featuring tracks like 'Dream Scream', which was usually their final number in their live sets, where they extended it to 10 minutes or more. With no interest from record companies, Neon Pearl split, giving birth to Please, another cult band led by Peter Dunton. Those demos were first recovered by the Acme label in 2001 and subsequently released as '1967 Recordings'. Out of print for many years, here's a new vinyl edition with newly designed artwork. Taken from the original masters. Insert with liner notes and photos. "The music of Neon Pearl is not about complication or extraordinary guitar playing - Neon Pearl is about the steady redemption of warm fog, ethereal jangling guitars, dream laden lyrics and the altered state of consciousness it's able to bring on though an elegant deep and pervasive sedative drone." ~Jenell Kesler LP $28 SKU:19999


ANACONDA - SYMPATHY FOR THE MADMAN 1969(psych folk)-Label:SEELIE COURT 300 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters his recently rediscovered masterpiece of psychedelic folk melancholia is being hailed as one of the greatest folk rock lps of all time. post arcadium genius. since the vinyl edition, all band members have been located and this cd edition features full credits and sleeve notes by band members detailing the history of the recording, which was made in late 1969 in John Kongos flat. CD $19 SKU:24693

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -MIDNIGHT TO 666 (MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The Lords' highly regarded 2010 garage-punk masterpiece is finally available again! CD $17 SKU:24663

RAINBIRD-MAIDEN FLIGHT (1970 obscure prog CD only)-Label:SEELIE COURT LTD ED OF 300 Obscure prog from 1970. Complex and mysterious music with flutes and mystical lyrics, meandering melodies, like the most introverted moments from the Moody Blues classic 'Threshold Of A Dream' era. The original issue came with the wrong cover, here the original Rainbird picture is restored to the sleeve. CD $19 SKU:24790


FADING YELLOW - VOL. 13 Lazy Days (U.S 60s Pop Psych and other delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:13484

FADING YELLOW - VOL.14 Spanish Popsike and Other Delights -67-73-Label:FLOWER MACHINE HAND NUMBERED EDITION OF 500!
A unique trip into the Spanish late 60s/early 70s "pop-sike and other delights" music scene. All the trax on a compilation for the first time. 14 high class Fading Yellow tracks with 3 bonustracks on the CD COMP CD $16 SKU:14583

FADING YELLOW - VOL.15 ( 60s Pop / Psych ) - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at colecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP CD $17 SKU:15077

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 1( 60s Pop / Psych) - Label:FLOWER MACHINE REPRESSED!! AT LAST, HERE IT IS - The second press of much sought after Fading Yellow Volume 1 CD. Already considered a bona Fide Classic! Including magical 60s Popsike & other delights. Out of print since 2003. Limited edition of 500 copies. From the people who brought us the mighty 'Diggin'; For Gold' series comes the long awaited CD version of the FADING YELLOW comp. from 1995. 25 Tracks, 8 of which were on the original vinyl version. Mostly UK acts, but also some unique tracks from Europe. Included is a track by KOOBAS,(only available as a 7" b-side in Denmark) + other timeless pop-sike COMP CD $16 SKU:18692

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 11(60s Pop / Psych) Label:FLOWER MACHINE A Palette of US/Canadian 60's Pop-sike & other delights COMP CD $17 SKU:18694

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 2- A 21 Course Smorgasbord Of US Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-69Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 2 in the FADING YELLOW series present us 21 course smorgasbord of U.S. POP-SIKE and other delights from 1965-1969. COMP CD $16 SKU:21217

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 3: MORE U.S. POP-SIKELabel:FLOWER MACHINE ..'65-'69'. REPRESSED! Vol 3, in the FADING YELLOW series presents us with '22 shiny jewels of US POP-SIKE and other delight from 1965-1969'. 22 magic US 60's tracks on a comp for the very first time. COMP CD $16 SKU:21218

FADING YELLOW - VOL.10 The Better Side- Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:18693

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 13 Lazy Days (U.S 60s Pop Psych and other delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:24530

LOOK OUT! -THE SAN DIEGO SCENE 1958-1973-Label:RELAMPAGO-GO Spanning genres s.a. rockabilly, r&b, surf and related instrumentals, garage rock, psychedelia and more, here are 33 tracks from San Diego's rich and lively music scene during 1958-1973. The CD is presented with a 36-page booklet filled with band biographies, photos and extensive liner notes by Mike Stax, plus a foreword by Andy Rasmussen. Bonuses include radio spots, local ads, and live segments. T COMP CD $21 SKU:24230

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD -Savage Garage Punk From Valhalla 1964-1968 - 6 cd BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE SIX CD's chock full of killer '60s garage rock, freakbeat and '60s punk from Scandinavia's most savage combos! Featured bands include The Holders, Gaggas, 1-2-6, Gonks, The Deejays, The Beatmakers, Firebeats Inc., Thors Hammer, The Kingbeats, The Namelosers, Tages, The Shanes, Jackie Fountains, The Cads, Stamping Bricks, The Hitmakers, The Telstars, The Friends, The Walkers, We 4, The Cherry Stones and many more. You get over 160 tracks, plus a full-colour 96-page booklet with detailed group biographies and rare images. COMP CD $45 SKU:24213

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SPAINVA Spanish punk rock 1977-1982-Label:BLOODSTAINS The cream of the crop of Spanish punk rock 1977-1982. 17 essential punk rock blasts from Spain COMP LP $22 SKU:22041

BOOTBOY DISCOTHEQUE -14 BOVVER ROCK BRUISERS 1969-1979- CLEAR VINYL Label:YOU BETTER RUN If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, "sickening violence", a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn't anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider's web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. COMP LP $25 SKU:23522

CREATURE CUTS VOL. 2-fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities-Label:GET OFF THE ROAD Killer second volume of 'Creature Cuts', a fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities. What a crackin' album! 14 deliciously wicked tracks culled from the depths of the past, '50s rockabilly with the ultra sick Terry Corin and her Boyfriends, never appreciated in her days, but boy do we! Also featuring The Caravans with 'The Spook', a super rare halloween themed garage rocker, Miss ghoul L.L. Louise Lewis with 'The Monster Miss' and her evil laughter and many more! The vinyl is gorgeous blue with black marbling! Another essential slab of wax on Get Off The Road Records. SIDE 1: 1. Terry Corin & Her Boyfriends - Sick! Sick! Sick! 2. Kevin Watson - Watching The Ghouls Go By 3. The Madmen - Haunted 4. The Caravans - The Spook 5. The Rangers - Mogul Monster 6. Electro Tones - Ghost Train 7. Bill Buchanan - Beware SIDE 2: 1. Miss L.L. Louise Lewis - The Monster Miss 2. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - She's Fallen In Love With The Monsterman 3. The Blizzards - Dr. Jekyll 4. The Vic Plati Quintet - The Chiller 5. The Blazers - Graveyard 6. Chiyo & The Crescents - Devil Surf 7. Los Shains - El Monstruo COMP LP $24 SKU:24734

DIGGIN' FOR GOLD- Vol 2 180 gram gold vinyl Label:PAST & PRESENT Rubble presents a collection of rare and obscure 45s from around the world in an international showdown of teenage angst, despair and delinquency. The toxic sound of '60s garage punk never sounded so good! Blasted through 60-watt amplifiers on a diet of amphetamines and adrenalin, 'Diggin' For Gold' offers torment and misery with an explosive twist in mind-bending mono! Comes on 180 gram gold vinyl.
COMP LP $25 SKU:24368

ELECTRIC HELLFIRE-THE OCCULT SIDE OF 70’S BRITISH UNDERGROUND HARD ROCK-Label:ABERRANT RECORDS Focusing on the heaviest, rawest and less known side of 70's UK hard psych, 'Electric Hellfire' rescues a bunch of mind blowing gems from obscure 7"s, and even long forgotten acetates, to present and amazing overview of the early '70s UK underground. With sounds ranging from Sabbath oriented hard rock to proto punk, to fuzzed out psych, 'Electric Hellfire' will blow the brains out of anyone interested in the early days of heavy music in general and the UK in particular, grab a copy and enjoy your brain being melted! Features Heatwave, Camelot, Shado, Tonge, Grind, Sardonicus, Yellow, Pony, Unicorn, Lucifer, and Sioux. COMP LP $25 SKU:23683

THE BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP LP $32 SKU:24760

JASON CREST - A PLACE IN THE SUN (68/69 UK psych pop singles) Label:GUERSSEN A collection of the UK psych-pop band's classic '68 and '69 singles for Philips, with the addition of at the time unissued studio tracks, released on vinyl with remastered sound. An insert with liner notes and rare pix is included. Essential for fans of a.o. Tomorrow, the first LP by Blossom Toes, The Move, Skip Bifferty, 'Sell Out'-era The Who and the like! LP $32 SKU:24461

PLEBB -Yes It Isn’t It (1979 psych proto metal)Label:SOMMOR Originally released in 1979 in an edition of 485 copies, a rare Swedish private press hardrock LP with psychedelic ingredients sees its first ever reissue on vinyl. Plebb, a trio of youngsters from the town of Monsteras, played original material which is rated very highly by fans and collectors of '70s hard-rock and proto-metal. LP $26 SKU:24517

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - DETROIT TANGO (2LP/BLACK )Label:SVART The vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic's Rendezvous Band's 'Basement Tapes' from 1976! Previously only available as part of a six CD set. This album includes some outstanding live rarities as bonus on the second disc, original photos, new liner notes and a new vinyl master! Released on deluxe band-approved double LP. LP $32 SKU:23356

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND -DETROIT (10")-Label:EASY ACTION Presented on 10-INCH RED VINYL are the recordings of a mythical 1978 show featuring Fred 'Sonic' Smith (MC5), Scott Morgan (Rationals), Scott 'Rock Action' Asheton (Stooges) and Gary Rasmussen (The Up), collectively known as Sonic's Rendezvous Band. LP $25 SKU:24635