Jan 26, 2024


A big batch of new arrivals for you, along with more SELLING AT COST items, and two new archival sets, one from IGGY POP and one from the DEAD BOYS. Lots of original items and glossy photos from the BOMP files, and the Dead Boys set includes 5 DOUBLE SIDED BOMP NEWSLETTERS FROM 1977! Impossibly rare.

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BOB DYLAN- MIXING UP THE MEDICINE - Photographs & More 1965-1966 HARDCOVER RARE! - Label:BEN ROLLINS This book comes with the latest installment of Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series (Vol.12) called "The Cutting Edge" It contains a ton of exclusive photos made during the studio sessions, on stage, backstage, and onA other occasions (for instance in Andy Warhol's "Factory").In addition you'll find facsimiles of lyric sheets, other promotional items, newspaper clips etc.
It takes you back to the time frame 1965-1966, when Dylan recorded three of his masterpiece albums: Bringing It All back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde.Essential stuff for any fan of Bob Dylan. BOOKS & MAGS $25 SKU:27058

BLACK WATCH -INNERCITY GARDEN EP (spacey, poppy, catchy)Label:PINK HEDGEHOGS New, limited edition EP & 10th CD by popsters TBW, a critically revered, long-running Los Angeles quartet whose winning boy/girl vocals & cool violin/guitar sonic tapestries are characterized by absolutely beautiful shifts of mood; soothing, memorable melodies; & great, poetic lyrics that warrant repeated listens. Think New Order in a pastoral frame of mind, XTC in a fit of delicious melancholy, My Bloody Valentine at your local coffeehouse, or an angry Yo La Tengo! 5 great new songs: spacey, poppy, catchy, & above all, mesmerizingly beautiful. CD $10 SKU:26768

DAILY FLASH -THE LEGENDARY RECORDINGS 1965-1967-Label:GUERSSEN Seattle's first 'alternative' band from the '60s, the Daily Flash were caught in the psychedelic explosion of the West Coast with their electrifying blend of folk-rock, pop, blues and jaGUERSSENzz. This compilation (the most comprehensive to date) includes their essential 45s ('Jack Of Diamonds' of 'Nuggets' fame, 'Queen Jane Approximately,' 'The French Girl'...) plus unreleased studio/live recordings and rare demos/acetates. File under: '60s psych, garage, folk-rock, pop psych. Comes with booklet with liner notes/photos. Featuring Doug Hastings (Buffalo Springfield/Rhinoceros) on guitar/vocals. "The Daily Flash began in Seattle, to which they quickly became what the Beau Brummels were to San Francisco and the Byrds were to L.A." ~Patrick Lundborg. CD $18 SKU:26864

ESTUARY BLACKS- ESTUARY BLACKS (stoner fuzz)Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Having formerly worked with these Welsh rockers on their previous project, 'Bomb The Sun', Kozmik Artifactz release their stunning debut. Their debut has been gaining rave reviews, and rightly so, this is an incredibly deep and intensely atmospheric record which you are sure to dig! Hailing from The Gower Peninsula, South Wales, Estuary Blacks are a 3 piece band who play progressive, dynamic, heavy psych. For fans of Kyuss, Mogwai, GY!BE and Elder. Prog like complexity, post-rock intensity and stoner-like fuzz all weaved together in a tapestry of moving, atmospheric and at times breathtaking intelligent groove. CD $10 SKU:26762

JADE STONE & LUV - MOSAICS, PIECES OF STONE (psych gem from the 70s)Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUND The sole album from male-female duo Jade Stone & Luv is a lost gem from the heart of the psychedelic 1970s. Composed and self-produced in Nashville, "Mosaics; Pieces Of Stone" went unnoticed by the music industry upon release. Fortunately for us, it didnt disappear forever, but simply went into retreat, biding its time. While almost unknown outside specialist circles, "Mosaics" has been an underground cult favorite for many years. The combination of top-level songwriting, skillful guitar/keyboard arrangements and soaring vocals is just too impressive to ignore. And beyond these obvious qualities, the album has something subtle and unique, a magnetic power that keeps drawing the listener back. One of Jade Stone & Luv's earliest advocates was the legendary New York City musicologist Paul Major. Heres a typical Major impression of the music on "Mosaics": "Groovy love vibes thru a prism of jade statues in swinging singles apartment complex action... Cadillac with fuzzy dice, feather boa, lotsa cigarette burns, stale perfumed ashen air. This album in the 8-track player at 5 AM with someone you don't even know passed out in the backseat, as you head to the diner to meet up with an early-bird Lava Lite salesman who deals pills on the side. Bubbly champagne molecules become the plastic vinyl booths in dim-lit dive bars; it's crackerbox post-war suburban low-rent psychedelic."
The albums cinematic qualities were also highlighted in a review in the recent Acid Archives book, which deals with vintage underground music: ".The music is notoriously hard to describe, but projects scenes of all-night cruising through Edge City... a hip which is not metropolitan hip, but dreams of stardom and glamour from the American underbelly, two renegade souls zooming down the highway between Austin and Nashville..."
After 30 years, this rare experience is finally available for general consumption. Done in collaboration with Jade Stone himself, this reissue of "Mosaics; Pieces Of Stone" features the complete original album, adds a rare 45 and lots of previously unreleased tracks, and comes with extensive liner notes. CD $12 SKU:26770

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSETHE AKASHIC FIELD (70's cosmic psychedelic)-Label:SOUND EFFECT CD reissue of the 2022 album on Headspin Records, featuring bonus tracks!! A more diverse and rocking set of tunes, but still with that well known Lamp Of The Universe sound. A fusion of otherworldly lysergic vibes with a heavy rock element. Catchy tunes with a nod to the ever inspiring Beatles, and heavier sounds, bending the unwritten rules of psych. An expanded bigger sound enhances things greatly also this time around. All instruments and vocals by Craig Williamson (Datura, Arc Of Ascent). CD $17 SKU:26444

LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-THE COSMIC UNION (70's style cosmic psych)-Label:SOUND EFFECT CD reissue of the classic Lamp Of The Universe debut from 2001, featuring bonus tracks!! Lamp Of The Universe is a solo project by Craig Williamson, who was the vocalist, lyricist and bass player in the mighty Datura, but this is the total opposite of that group's full-on rock overload. 'The Cosmic Union' is an incense drenched mellow groove of an album, with sitars, tablas, flute, keyboards, spacious guitar and stoned trancy drumming. The authentic eastern flavoured '60s sound is comparable to Dead Flowers, Saddar Bazaar and Tangle Edge, combined with the hypnotic groove of Spacemen 3 and the spacier moments of Porcupine Tree. The perfect, opium-hazed soundtrack to those "quiet nights in." CD $17 SKU:26445

SECOND HAND-REALITY (60s prog /acid rock ) Label:THINK LIKE A KEY Second Hand's groundbreaking debut album 'Reality' from 1968 is a captivating journey into experimental psychedelia that defies categorization. A true hidden gem of the era, revered by Pete Townsend of The Who, 'Reality' continues to break free from the monotony, offering an authentic and highly unique musical experience even well over 50 years after its initial release. The album is lyrically biographical and thematically unified, weaving an intricate and compelling sonic narrative. It pushes the boundaries with its 'kitchen sink' production, employing ambitious techniques of the era such as backward tapes and treated vocals and instruments. The 2023 edition of this underappreciated gem boasts a fantastic upgrade in sound quality, thanks to the skillful remastering by Prof. Stoned as well as an informative 12-page booklet and restored artwork and photos. CD $19 SKU:26670

SMALL BREED - REMEMBER A DREAM (60s psych, baroque and sunshine pop style)Label:SUBLIMINAL SOUND Delicately crafted songs, influenced by '60s psych, baroque and sunshine pop, and early '70s soft pop. Fans of '60s acts s.a. 'Sgt. Pepper'-era Beatles, The Left Banke, Zombies and Curt Boettcher's Millennium and Sagittarius projects will be amazed! CD $12 SKU:26772

ST JOHNS WOOD AFFAIR-ST (60s psych-pop vibe)Label:THINK LIKE A KEY Indulge in the bewitching allure of 1960s psychedelia with the expanded edition of St Johns Wood Affair's 2016 debut album. This collection mirrors the era's psych-pop vibe through inventive original tracks, including the moving 'Sky Forever,' an ode to Sky Saxon of The Seeds. Guided by Keith Smart and connected by a shared love of psychedelic music, the band creates a unique sonic journey, through quirky songs and amplified by their creative use of unusual instruments. This expanded edition includes never-before-heard demos, bonus cover tracks from The Seeds and Nirvana UK, and a 12-page lyric booklet. CD $19 SKU:26671

STONE FROM THE SKY -BREAK A LEG (stoner psych)-Label:MORE FUZZ Huge swathes of succulent stoner delight. Mammoth riffs and searing soundscapes. Colour Haze-ish jams that lift you up into the clouds. CD $10 SKU:26774

BABY BERTHA - JUST THE BEGINNING (heavy 1972 blues metal monster )-Label:SEELIE COURT Pre-Charge crunching heavy blues/metal monster. Only 50 copies were pressed in 1972. A slew of original tracks led by killer lead guitars and pounding rhythm section, fragments of Hendrix crash into John Mayall. Sleeve notes by main man Dave Ellis. LP $24 SKU:26283

CRAMPS, THE -MEMPHIS POSEURS: THE 1977 DEMOS Label:memphis This 1977 early studio session has versions of 'TV Set,' 'I'm Cramped,' 'Surfin' Bird,' 'Strychnine,' 'The Way I Walk,' 'Lonesome Town,' 'Love Me,' 'Human Fly,' 'Sunglasses After Dark,' 'I Was A Teenage Werewolf,' 'Can't Hardly Stand It,' and 'Domino.' Primal, psycho, and totally rockin' as only the Cramps could do it! LP $30 SKU:26744


ATHANOR - Inside out: the demos 1973-1977 (Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psych) Label:GUERSSEN The follow-up to our acclaimed "Flashback" (Guess110), finds Athanor (the duo formed by Greg Herriges and Rick Vittenson) digging deeper into their archives and coming out with and amazing set of previously unreleased recordings, done at their state-of-the-art home studio back at the time. Captivating Beatle'esque, fuzzed-out psychedelia & folk-rock full of Lennon-esque vocals and 12-string Rickenbackers by '70s Chicago wunderkind duo. 1973-1977 recordings plus one '70s-era track cut in 2014 with Jeff Murphy (Shoes) on backup vocals. Basement psych-pop and proto-power pop has rarely sounded better! Remastered sound from the original tapes, insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes Jeff Murphy (Shoes). CD $15 SKU:21145

BABY BERTHA - JUST THE BEGINNING (heavy 1972 blues metal monster )-Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)Pre-Charge crunching heavy blues/metal monster. Only 50 copies were pressed in 1972. A slew of original tracks led by killer lead guitars and pounding rhythm section, fragments of Hendrix crash into John Mayall. Sleeve notes by main man Dave Ellis. CD $18 SKU:24920

GRUPO AMIGOS- Paloma mensajera(1973 Pervian psych) - Label:GUERSSEN “Originally released as a demo pressing in 1973, this album by Peruvian band Grupo Amigos is without doubt one of the rarest albums from the South American psych scene. Only a handful of copies were pressed for the band members and needless to say, an original copy is impossible to find. The band was formed by some long-time friends of Saúl and Manuel Cornejo of legendary Peruvian bands Laghonia and We All Together. Manuel Cornejo played drums on the album recordings and Saúl was the session engineer. Influenced by groups like the Beatles, Byrds, Stones, Badfinger, Shakers and of course Laghonia and We All Together, the music ranges from terrific guitar psych-rock like 'Dirty Girl' (which sounds like an outtake from Laghonia's first album) to British sounding pop-psych ('Mr. Taylor's Train,' ‘Psychiatrist’), harmony pop á la Byrds on 'Looking for home,’ a few rocking tunes and some beautiful mid-tempo numbers which show their We All Together influence. On this Guerssen reissue, you'll find the complete recordings of Grupo Amigos, including their only album and a killer non-LP 45 recorded the same year. Features an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. Taken from the original master tapes, and limited to 500 copies only GW PICK IMPORT CD $10 SKU:23379

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S-BEST OF VOL #2, (NY-based power-pop)Label:JARGON The B.B.B.'s (Bothered By Boredom) is a Rochester, NY-based power-pop band with singer/guitarist Luther Holtzman being the only constant in an ever-shifting line-up. Although the group formed in the early '80s at the University of Rochester and remained an on-and-off presence on the local scene thereafter, it wasn't until 1998 that the B.B.B.'s first proper album was released. This is their second one, containing great tracks that combine the style of Chuck Berry with British Invasion-affected rock'n'roll. CD $15 SKU:22673

ONYX (UK) - KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLOURS -DEMOS (1967 psych pop) SAALE~! .Label:WOODEN HILL After relocating to the outskirts of London in the summer of 1967, Cornwall band The Onyx went on to record a clutch of late Sixties singles that are now highly regarded by psychedelic pop fans. A collection of studio demos recorded in late 1967 as they prepared to sign to a major label, Kaleidoscope of Colours features early versions of subsequent single tracks (including So Sad Inside and Youve Gotta Be With Me, the latter with songwriter Guy Fletcher on lead vocals), the bands original recording of subsequent She Trinity B-side Climb That Tree and a host of previously unissued day-glo psychedelic pop offerings, including the extraordinary, heavily phased title song. CD comes with 12 page booklet including previously unpublished photos as well as the first-ever telling of the Onyx story. All tracks previously unissued CD $15 SKU:23043

YOUNG CREATURES- THE FUTURE IS FINALLY NOW (L.A psych) SAAALE! Label:NOMAD EEL Debut album by this Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band. Combining elements of shoegaze, psychedelic rock, indie, and pop, Young Creatures toe the line between blissful dreamy pop and dark, eerie soundscapes. CD $10 SKU:20261

ARF! ARF! -BLITZKRIEG (60's psych/ glam/ and oddities) - Label:ARF ARF This cheap compilation comprise a track from each Arf! Arf! release, so whether you are a garage fiend or a lover of incredibly strange muzak or a glam hound, there is no better way to check out this extraordinary catalog. Including LUCIA PAMELA, SPACE NEGROS, NOBLEMEN, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, THE LOST, THEE WYLDE MANIACS, THE ELECTRAS, etc. COMP CD $10 SKU:20125

ARF! ARF! - El Cheapo 2-CD Sampler 60's psych ) - Label:ARF ARF Best in 60’s garage & psych & incredible strange music. All the tracks are previously unavail. on cd, inc alt/demo versions and prev. unre material. Inc.Lost, Six Feet Under,Erik Lindgren,Legends,LazySmoke,Flowerz,Rising Storm,Fredric,etc COMP CD $10 SKU:26218

CAN'T PLAY A PLAYGIRL1960’S GIRL GOODIES LOST & FOUND-Label:TEENSVILLE Presented on CD, 'Cant Play A Playgirl (1960s Girl Goodies Lost & Found)' spotlights 34 obscure female pop productions from the greatest decade in music. Almost all of the tracks make their digital debut here. This release includes a 20-page booklet with an essay and many photos. COMP CD $19 SKU:26145


FADING YELLOW - VOL. 2- A 21 Course Smorgasbord Of US Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-69Label:FLOWER MACHINE Volume 2 in the FADING YELLOW series present us 21 course smorgasbord of U.S. POP-SIKE and other delights from 1965-1969. COMP CD $19 SKU:21217

FADING YELLOW - VOL.10 The Better Side- Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $19 SKU:18693

UPSIDE DOWN - VOL 8 Coloured Dreams From the Underworld- lysergic 60s pop extravaganza! Label:PARTICLES Volume 8 in this far-out CD-series contains 20 flower-power-era wonders from way down under, lovingly restored to their former, formidable glory. Another whopping dose of what we need in our life right now; a lysergic 60s pop extravaganza!The CD comes with remastered audio and a 20-page full-colour booklet with background liners and rare archival photos from the period. COMP CD $17 SKU:24785

UPSIDE DOWN - VOL 10 COLOURED DREAMS FROM THE UNDERWORLD - final edition- Label:PARTICLES Concluding this landmark series, 'Upside Down Volume 10' lifts the lid on the late '60s Antipodean music scene where pop dropped a pill and went 'over under sideways down under!' 'Upside Down' bids farewell with a handsome selection of flower-power wonders, lovingly restored to their former, formidable glory. Remastered original recorded artefacts with a 20-page, full-colour booklet including background liners and archival photos from the period. TRACKS: 01. The Birds - Magic Words (1970) 02. Second Movement - Gabrielle (1968) 03. Mike Furber - I'm So Glad (1967) 04. Nineteen 87 - It's Wonderful (1967) 05. Coloured Rain - Angie (1969) 06. Glassweb - Two Faced Woman (1969) 07. Surfires - Notice Me (1967) 08. Gus & The House - The Bed (1969) 09. The League Of Gentlemen - Spooky (1968) 10. The Valentines - Why Me? (1968) 11. Masters Apprentices - Titanic (1970) 12. Ray Columbus - East Pinkerton Street (1968) 13. Johnny Young - After Dark (1968) 14. The Velvet Underground - She Comes In Colours (1970) 15. The Apparition - So Strange (1970) 16. Steve Morrice - Good Friends (1967) 17. The League Of Gentlemen - Regent Street (1968) 18. Ray Columbus - I Would Rather Blow A Bagpipe Mrs Leare (1969) 19. The Tunespinners - You Were Born For Me (1967) 20. Dallas Four - Sitting In The Park (1969) 21. Wild Cherries - Gotta Stop Lying (1968) 22. Gene Pierson - Celeste (1967) 23. ***Mystery Track!!*** 24. The Wild Cherries - I Don't Care (1968) 25. Coloured Rain - What More Do You Want (1969) 26. Doug Parkinson In Focus - I Had A Dream (1968) 27. The Atlantics - What Is Love (1968) COMP CD $19 SKU:26080

WYLD BEESTS AND WEIRDOS (-6 CDS OF BRITISH 60'S R&B BEAT PUNK-Label:RUBBLE Wyld Beests And Weirdos' is the full measure of the primal force in '60s British R&B beat punk. Here we are then, in a nutshell, clamshell, box or whatever... the biggest sounds in one little box, fuelled with high explosive R&B punk, and loud, adrenalin-driven mayhem. Wyld beests? Weirdos? who knows... but this is the most definitive and authentic account of the British R&B beat boom on CD that you're gonna get to hear in your life! Comprising over 170 tracks featuring previously unreleased recordings, scarce export-only releases and insanely rare UK 45s, 'Wyld Beests And Weirdos' captures the essence of that British R&B/Beat boom at its height. Combined with rare and obscure recordings from the 1963-1967 period, this landmark edition boasts a plethora of original artefacts, comprehensive liners, interviews, anecdotes and rare photos in a 96 page full colour booklet. Packed with vitriol, adrenaline and laced with crazed teenage dementia... Includes tracks by Screaming Lord Sutch, The Untamed, The Rats, The Wild Ones, The Scorpions, The Eccentrics, The Talismen, The Nashville Teens, The Syndicats and many more. COMP CD $40 SKU:25571

FADING YELLOW - Vol 15 SUNSHOWERS - US CANADIAN POPSIKE AND OTHER DELIGHTS Ltd numbered edition of 500 - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at collecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP LP $21 SKU:15078


CANNABIS - JOINT EFFORT (early 70s psych rock) SAALE Label:SURVIVAL RESEAR Rhode Island rock band Cannabis are another of those fabled groups that were gone in the blink of an eye. With only an album and a single to their name, issued on the short-lived Amphion Seahorse label, the band's particular brand of harmonic psychedelia and keyboard-driven rock deserved a wider audience, as attested by the high prices afforded original copies of this excellent LP. They're at their best on songs like 'See You In The Morning' and 'Sleeping Bride,' both of which display a strong late-period Beatles influence. Another lost gem that is ripe for rediscovery, of interest to all fans of melodic, early '70s psych rock. LP $15 SKU:25779

DEERFIELD- LIVE - Original copies 1971 Label:FLAT ROCK Original copies from 1972 of this private press live release. On this live follow-up, Deerfield truly rock out, though still incorporating some of the roots rock flavor they demonstrated on their studio album. Recorded at Love Street Sound And Light Fantastic in 1972, the same year this was released in an edition of 400x copies. These copies are not in shrink — they are EX/EX originals in resealable poly sleeves. Later copies were numbered and came with an insert; apparently, early copies of the record (like these) did not include insert and were not numbered. LP $50 SKU:25550

FADING YELLOW - Vol 15 SUNSHOWERS - US CANADIAN POPSIKE AND OTHER DELIGHTS Ltd numbered edition of 500 - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at collecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP LP $15 SKU:15078

HOOKER- Rock and Roll (Ltd ed Houston 1978 blues guitar) ltd color vinyl - Label:SHROOMANGEL Previously unreleased Houston hard rock band from the late 70’s with that ripping Texas twin guitar sound. This album was taken from sessions recorded in 1978, painstakingly unearthed, edited and remastered for proper release. On multi colored vinyl, limited to 500 copies! Hooker had been around in various configurations since 1972. First recordings began in 1974 at Rampart Studios under the direction of studio engineer Jeff Wells. Those early demos featured Hooker as a three piece hard rock/blues rock band, it wasnt until later that they began to take a decidedly heavier approach in sound and style. With the addition of Robert Hampton in place of Tim Cannon on lead/rhythm guitar, the band began to find their direction and hit the clubs hard. Influenced by bands such as Tin House, Ted Nugent, and Black Oak Arkansas, Hooker had it all on stage - flash, great songs, lots of groupies, and of course all the best drugs! Well, that couldnt last, and the band called it a day in 1983 when the lifestyle finally caught up to David Howland. The other members soldiered on in various reconstructed versions of Hooker, with varying degrees of success. The short lived post Hooker band Stallions was a highlight, with all the same elements of Hooker including three of the four members. Eventually, David would rejoin the band and Stallions became Hooker for all intents and purposes. Unfortunately, the music world had changed too dramatically since the days when a band could play the kind of loud, aggressive, dual guitar riff-rock that Hooker so convincingly played. This record represents the pinnacle of the band, the long lost 1978 Inergi Studios recordings that never saw official release all those years ago. This album is the one that should have come out in 1978. Better late than never. LP $20 SKU:13814

KARAKORUM - PRISON BITTERNESS (1969 studio demos, Keith Moon fave!) Label:SEELIE COURT The only surviving 1969 studio demos of this important underground band. Keith Moon raved about them, they were known for their live reputation. Karakorums sonic inner space inevitably conjures up images of heavy cannabis and marijuana usage. The band lock into darkly introverted grooves, with complex patterns, eastern influences, and left field lyricism and vocal, heavy guitar led tracks and the use of wah-wah. They were ultimately uncategorisable, poetic, and this album needs multiple plays to connect to. LP $22 SKU:25510

KNUCKLE GIRLS-Vol 3- 14 Territorial Turf War Tunes from the Tomboy Goons in Split-Knee Loons)Label:ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN An extract from the novel 'Bovver Birds Rool' (...continued)Dawn's preferred nickname was "Demolition Girl." Or, "Demolition Dawn," if needs must. She would never answer to just plain old "Dawn," though. "Dawn" was completely out. She was tired of blokes asking if they could see her "crack," for a start. That was never funny, to Dawn. Or the blokes, after they'd said it and got their comeuppance. And then there was Jane. Her friends called her "Jane Pain," because she liked to inflict it on her enemies in lethal doses. Her enemies called her "Plain Jane," which she wasn't, but she was hardly the Daily Mirror's wartime glamour girl Jane, either. A one-girl war? Yeah, sometimes. Especially if you were one of the chancers attempting to call her "Plain." Or, if you were attempting to cause aggro for her beloved Dawn. And these were The Knuckle Girls. Well, two of them, anyway. The others were many but lesser-spotted, like their Bovver Bird adversaries, unless there was a crisis, which was most weeks. Most days, sometimes. Friday nights were the worst. (To be continued...) COMP LP $15 SKU:25387

LARD FREE- Unnamed (LP+7")- Orig 1997 cover- 180 gram ltd ed of 500 with bonus 7” Label:REPLICA ** 500 copies ** Never heard before until its release on CD in 1997 (on Spa-lax Records), Unnamed was recorded a year before Lard Free’s first album and shows a band that totally foresaw the Rock In Opposition movement. Aventurous, never afraid to explore unknown musical lands, Lard Free definitely owns its place in the great History of Rock Music.Recorded in 1971/1972, these Lard Free "lost" recordings document an interesting, primitive period of the band and shows Artman and Co. moving freely in different directions : jazz, noise and the most radical musical improvisation. Truly stunning from start to finish, Lard Free’s “lost” album, “Unnamed”, is a truly groundbreaking body of work. It’s both tragic and mind-boggling that it remained unreleased as long as it did. Replica Records’ brand-new reissue of this stunner beautifully reproduces the 1997 cover, and is pressed on 180 gr. vinyl in a limited edition of 500, and also includes a bonus 7”. Not for the faint of heart! LP $20 SKU:25461

MOVING SIDEWALKS- FLASH (60s Texas psych rock)- Label:AKARMA One of the most wanted albums that ever came out of the psychedelic rock scene, originally released in 1968 on Tantara Records. An underground masterpiece, and the only album ever done by this great band lead by Billy Gibbons (of later ZZ Top fame), reissued with its original artwork. LP $18 SKU:25767

T2-1970 (180 gram obscure 70s psych prog ) - Label:GUERSSEN Blistering lead guitar, mellotrons, flutes, and lengthy heavy/melodic tracks, featuring the original T2 line-up of Dunton/Cross and Jinks. For fans of classic well crafted UK hard rock and progressive music we think this must rank as one of the most important archival releases in this genre. Even though fame and fortune never came to pass for T2, their Decca album “It’ll All Work out in Boomland” has become an all-time classic amongst collectors of progressive and psychedelic music—and even in the techno and dj scenes. Apart from a BBC radio session, fans long assumed that “Boomland” was both the beginning and the end of the group’s recorded legacy. But some time back, Acme Records unearthed an eponymous second album of material, recorded in 1970 with the original line-up as demo tracks for a planned second album. This second T2 album, had it been released in 1970, could have put the band on the same level of fame with the likes of Deep Purple, Free, and King Crimson (bands with whom T2 shared a stage). It’s hard-driving opener ‘Highway,’ ablaze with wailing guitars, gives way to moody introspection, culminating with the LSD induced finale ‘T2.’ Those of you who were lucky enough to snap up a copy of the earlier limited edition of the Acme Deluxe pressings of this album can testify to the importance of these recordings. For those of you who missed out the first time around—or who have only recently discovered the greatness of the mighty T2—all we can say is, enjoy the power and glory of the second T2 album! *Hard cardboard sleeve. *Includes insert with liner notes & photos LP $22 SKU:25435

THEE ESCAPEES- BREAKING OUT (1960s garage-beat-trash inpsired)Label:SPINOUT NUGGETS Thee Escapees are a trio of runaways, re-grouping to make and perform musical happenings, some of which are now laid into two continuous grooves. Inspired by the sounds of 1960s garage-beat-trash, with a mixture of rhythm & blues, and a rock'n'roll beat, that's gonna knock your towelling socks off!! Based in London, England, they've played in some cracking bands over the years, and recently decided to combine their strengths to create this powerhouse garage beat trio. With Alan Walshe on gutsy lead vocals, raucous guitar and organ (at some point also Lancashire Bombers, The Trick Noise Makers, The SD5, The Voyd and others), Dave Prince skilfully manning his vintage Trixon Speedfire drumkit, vocals and screams (at some point The Voo-Dooms, Lancashire Bombers, The Untamed, The Sundowners, and also with The Hi-Fi's and Diamond Daddio's) and Mark 'Fazza' Farrington on bass guitar and vocals (previously in Long Tall Shorty and Joe Public), Thee Escapees found themselves in Jim Riley's Ranscombe Studios in Medway, and this is the result.
Since the recordings, Mark has since 'escaped', and Sean 'Cookie Boy' Pereira has joined Dave and Alan on bass guitar (also of The Spellbinder Project). Their influences are The Vibes, The Yardbirds, Nine Below Zero, The Milkshakes, The Sonics and Bo Diddley. Get the picture? LP $18 SKU:25784

TRYP - MY BRAIN COLLAPSED!! 80s English psychedelic freak band- SAALE! Label:TRADING PLACES The roots of 80s English psychedelic freak band The Tryp lie in a hoax perpetuated by Steve Lines’ indie mag Mardenbeat, based in the town of Calne in the Marden Delta, which reviewed a gig by a non-existent band; former JP Sunshine main man Rod Goodway and partner Christine Cotter then gave flesh to the beast with Lines and Paul Ricketts of Unhinged mag, cutting My Brain Collapsed! as an exploration of mushroom-fuelled mental instability. First issued on cassette label Marden tapes and later by Acid Tapes (just as Lines took over from Alan Duffy), this edition is the first on vinyl. LP $18 SKU:25294

WEED DEMON CRATER MAKER (stoner rock) GOLD VINYLLabel:ELECTRIC VALLEY Not for the faint of heart, 'Crater Maker' launches with eleven minutes of instrumental stoner rock to set the mood. By the time you get to the devastating vocals of 'Serpent Merchant' you know you're in for a rare treat. Infused with bluesy roots and defined by a search for the perfect tone, 'Crater Maker' is a sonic quest like few others. Their worship of bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard is apparent throughout, but these Columbus, Ohio doomsters are clearly in touch with another side of themselves on this record. An album that rewards multiple listens, it promises to be a worthwhile listen for doom freaks across the globe. Electric Valley Records has once more signed a winner - are you ready to join them on the journey to this riff filled land? LP $18 SKU:23208