Aug 27, 2021


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FORD’S FUZZ INFERNO - Deniers of Fuzz Will Be Executed -Label:SUBUNDERGROUND This release marks the surprising return of Dutch singer and guitarist Hans F. Ford, following nearly 17 years of silence! Never mind his previous lo-fi/psych project Ford's Imaginary Inferno, 'cos with Ford's Fuzz Inferno he revisits his punk roots! (Hans was a member of early '80s hc-unit Waste and '90s freak punks Betty Ford Clinic.) For the occasion he is joined by his friend Patrick Delabie (a.o. Scoundrels, Betty Ford Clinic and owner of the renowned Studio 195) on drums. The duo's super explosive debut-EP offers five short, ultra catchy blasts that bridge the gap between fuzzed-out garage-punk and early hardcore. And as a bonus there's an almost 3-minute freak-noise jam! This limited DIY-style edition comes with white labels, a paper inner sleeve, a plastic protection bag and a folder cover featuring artwork and lyrics.
"Musically, imagine Mudhoney at their fuzzed-out best, in a snotty, sneering collision with the Angry Samoans... trust me, it works really well. This is a great record and you really need to hear it!" - Fear And Loathing (UK online fanzine)"This release manages the tricky ability to sound both classic/vintage and at the same time, contemporary and vibrant. It's fast, moderately heavy and catchy as fuck." - Issue (#114 - UK punkzine) 45 RPM $15 SKU:24724

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -TUNE IN, TURN ON, ELECTRIFY!(: MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)...-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Roaring like a a twin cylinder engine, here's the 2017 full-length from The Lords Of Altamont. Fueled up by the MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers, to name a few, the pack follows Jake 'The Preacher' Cavaliere (vocals, organ) on his uncompromising rock'n'roll journey. CD $17 SKU:24662

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -MIDNIGHT TO 666 (MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The Lords' highly regarded 2010 garage-punk masterpiece is finally available again! CD $17 SKU:24663

MOOT, THEE - TOMORROWS CALLING EP (Paisley-hued pop psych) Label:DETOUR Thee Moot are purveyors of Paisley-hued melodic pop and psych. The debut six-track EP by UK band Thee Moot, recorded on analogue and vintage recording equipment. CD $19 SKU:24702

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS SAMPLER - VA Vol V IILabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The friendly priced seventh sampler from the Rome-based Heavy Psych Sounds label, available on CD! TRACKS: 01. 16 - Death On Repeat 02. 1782 - The Chosen One 03. ACID MAMMOTH - Berserker 04. ACID TRIP - Faster Chopper Boogie 05. BIG SCENIC NOWHERE - Blink Of An Eye 06. BONGZILLA - Sundae Driver 07. COSMIC REAPER - Hellion 08. DOZER - Vultures 09. GRIME - A Piece Of Meat 10. HIGH REEPER - Winter King/Devils Grip 11. HIPPIE DEATH CULT - Hornet Party 12. KOMATSU - Stare Into The Dawn 13. PINK CIGS - Lazy Lover 14. SONIC FLOWER - Super Witch 15. STÖNER - Nothin' 16. TONS - Chronic Morning Obesity - Pt 1 17. WEDGE - At The Speed Of Life COMP CD $10 SKU:24699

HAI NOROC!-GARAGE,BEAT AND POP ARTIFACTS From 60s Romania-Label:667 Presented on vinyl is a collection of totally awesome and unique beat and garage rock sounds from communist Romania, recorded during the wild '60s! Featured bands/artists include Sincron, Savoy, Sideral, Mondial, Margareta Paslaru (with Sincron), Coral, Cometele, Phoenix and more! This is the sound of genuine East European rock'n'roll rebellion! Stick it on, crank it up and dance the grey away! COMP LP $30 SKU:24660

HECK- WHO? THE HECK!!! (Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio Sonics style Label:SOUNDFLAT The Heck, all the way from the North of the Netherlands, Drenthe that is, writes sixties-garage-stompers that easily might blow you away! Frontman Henri was the preaching frontman of de Keefmen and the Miracle Men. This debut album 'Who? The Heck!!!,' which is out on Dirty Water Records (London, UK), contains some future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. Living legend Frans Hagenaars managed to capture the energy of their live shows in the studio which resulted in this timeless debut! Musically the band can be placed somewhere in between the Sonics and Reigning Sound. Their personal favourites Dead Moon, Seeds, Real Kids and Pagans are present and obviously also the Nederbeat influence; Cuby and the Blizzards, The Outsiders and Q65 can be heard when listening to The Heck! Some other good news is that their sold out and sought after singles 'Waiting In Line' and 'For Cryin' Out Loud' are included on the LP! Limited to 100 copies! LP $24 SKU:24657

LORDS OF ALTAMONT -TUNE IN,TURN ON,ELECTRIFY!(MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers style-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Roaring like a a twin cylinder engine, here's the 2017 full-length from The Lords Of Altamont. Fueled up by the MC5, Stooges and Chambers Brothers, to name a few, the pack follows Jake 'The Preacher' Cavaliere (vocals, organ) on his uncompromising rock'n'roll journey. LP $25 SKU:24659

ROMUALD & ROMAN -THE POLISH PSYCHEDELIC TRIP, VOL.2-Label:KAMELEON Second compilation of tracks by one of the best Polish psychedelic groups ever. Their first recordings are similar to early Pink Floyd, later they played harder, with heavy riffs and strong guitars. LP $30 SKU:24656


GIOBIA -Magnifier (Italian psych sensations)Label:SULATRON The fourth album (the second on Sulatron) by Giöbia, the psychedelic sensation from Milano, Italy! The band plays intense neo-psychedelic-rock, strongly inspired by the sound of the late sixties. Next to guitars, bass, drums and organ the band uses sitar, bouzuki, vintage keyboards and effects to create a colourful and swirling sound. 'Magnifier' sucks you into a lysergic vortex of exotic mantras and Sabbathian rituals. The sound of this album is heavier and darker than the past records, but always unique. Cover art by Laura Giardino. CD $15 SKU:24613

GUILLOTEENS- ACTION! ACTION! ACTION!(60s GARAGE) Deluxe DBL CD w booklet,bios and photos -Label:Breakaway This 20-track collection presents for the first time in one place the titanic trio's complete output, along with rare related 45s and amazing side ventures by the band or various members. Disc one of this de-luxe double CD release has their complete set of 45 As & Bs incl. long time compilation classics such as "Hey You", "For My Own", "I Sit And Cry" or "Wild Child". Disc two presents the bands ,Odds and Sods" incl. among others the complete 45 A & B side releases by pre-Guilloteens instro band The LeSabres, a rare 1966 local single release by the Memphis Marks feat Laddie Hutcherson plus an amazing 45 by hitmaking brother & sister duo Nino Tempo & April Stevens recorded with the Guilloteens on backing instrumental duties. Along with a detailed band bio and cool pictures collected in a 16-page booklet, this CD captures and distills what the Guilloteens stood for during their halcyon three-year existence - Action! Action! Action! IMPORT CD $12 SKU:23380

MOOT, THEE -Peel it to Reveal it (Paisley-hued pop psych) SAALE! Label:SELF PRODUCED Thee Moot are purveyors of Paisley-hued melodic pop and psych. Formed in early 2016 by former Onlookers Nick Stone and Mark Leech with ex-Transients Freezer Pinch and DC, they launched an EP entitled 'Tomorrows Calling' in 2018 and as a prelude to their much awaited debut album 'Peel It To Reveal It'. CD $19 SKU:24022

SEALAND AIRLINES-ST (prog rock IYL BLue Oyster Cult/Pink Floyd) Label:THE SIGN Debut album by progrock band Sealand Airlines from Ukraine.An experimental, cross-genre record with a wide array of sounds and lyrical influences, ranging from progrock to kraut, psychedelic, hard rock, electronic and synth-pop. For fans of Blue Oyster Cult, early Yes, Foreigner, Genesis and Pink Floyd. CD $19 SKU:24427

WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD -Savage Garage Punk From Valhalla 1964-1968 - 6 cd BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE SIX CD's chock full of killer '60s garage rock, freakbeat and '60s punk from Scandinavia's most savage combos! Featured bands include The Holders, Gaggas, 1-2-6, Gonks, The Deejays, The Beatmakers, Firebeats Inc., Thors Hammer, The Kingbeats, The Namelosers, Tages, The Shanes, Jackie Fountains, The Cads, Stamping Bricks, The Hitmakers, The Telstars, The Friends, The Walkers, We 4, The Cherry Stones and many more. You get over 160 tracks, plus a full-colour 96-page booklet with detailed group biographies and rare images. COMP CD $50 SKU:24213

BEATNIK TERMITES -ST (Cleveland power pop/punk) YELLOW VINYL Label:HEY SUBURBIA Cleveland power-pop punk trio Beatnik Termites was another group of Ramones fanatics that merged a heavy Ramones influence with a love of surf rock; their caustic pop melodies and ironic, stinging lyrics turning the soft underbelly of pop music on its head, yielding a sound that had tinges of innocence, beneath a knowing, thrash-rock wink. Front man Pat Kim (AKA Pat Termite) started the band back in 1987 with drummer Reggie Silvestri and bassist Brian McCafferty, the group was reputedly a favourite of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain according to his diaries. This is a limited reissue of their hyper rare debut 6 tracks 12", whose original copies are impossibile to find for decent prices online. All Ramones maniacs now can fill that hole in their collection thanks to the Hey Suburbia label. Limited to 300 copies on yellow vinyl with fully remastered sound. LP $24 SKU:24429

HOLY TROIKA-HOLY TRINITY (60s psych IYL Doors/Jefferson Airplane) Label:BLACKSPIN Evocative of The Doors with melodies reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. Having recorded their album on vintage equipment from the USSR and beyond, their post modern aesthetic will sit comfortably with fans of Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Moody Blues and Love... They clearly enjoy weaving solos throughout non-traditional song structures, wheeling around like a Ray Manzarek curiosity. Eerie, spindly guitar sounds lie within the mix, voicing nostalgic progressions evocative of '60s West Coast psychedelia." ~Shindig! LP $30 SKU:24598

OCEAN (USA) -ST (1969 hippies, lost psych folk gem) with CD Label: LOLLIPOP SHOP Recorded in 1969 by an NYC-based hippie group, comprising ex-members of The Family Of Apostolic, a long lost psychedelic folk-rock gem sees its first ever vinyl release! Featuring gorgeous male and female vocals and virtuoso playing, the songs (originals mostly!) reveal influences from the British late '60s folk boom, Middle-Eastern music and traditional US genres s.a. bluegrass. Includes and insert with liner notes and archival photos. Second press ion black vinyl, includes a 2020 CD by band member John Townsley ('The Old Sailor') LP $26 SKU:24294

SWELL MAPS -MAYDAY SIGNALS - Prev rare and unreleased recordings) (2LP)Label:EASY ACTION Here available as a DOUBLE-LP set including printed inner sleeves, 'Mayday Signals' is a collection of rare and previously unreleased recordings of UK DIY punk pioneers Swell Maps. This release comprises 36 tracks, including demo versions of the singles 'Dresden Style' and 'Read About Seymour'. The liner notes are by Jowe Head and the exclusive artwork was originally designed by Epic Soundtracks and Jowe Head in 1977. LP $35 SKU:24468