Jul 9, 2021


The monthly imports have arrived, and you know the drill, ltd quantities so get in there, kids! Also the new SHINDIG! Check it all out below.

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24638, 24501, 24579, 23986, 24208, 24271, 24213, 24237, 24597, 24297, 13525, 24614, 24577, 24608, 19347, 20629, 20953




SHINDIG!-#117 Laura Nyro-Label: OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just SEND US A NOTE with your choices along with your order!.Shindig! issue no. 117 contains features on Laura Nyro, Goldie & The Gingerbreads, The Fugs, French revolutionary rock, Jon Savage, Dr John, The Unclaimed, The Murlocs, Witch, disco-prog, Living Music, Meic Stevens etc. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on. BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:24638

ACTION -SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS(4CD BOX THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1964-1968)Label:GRAPEFRUIT THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1964-1968' - Sixties mod band The Action only released six singles in their lifetime -or seven, if you count a pre-Action single by The Boys- but their legend has grown exponentially since their demise in 1968. They were the first band signed by Beatles producer George Martin after he left EMI to set up his own company AIR Productions. In due course, he produced the band's five singles issued on Parlophone between 1965 and 1967 as well as tracks intended for a never-released album. 'Shadows And Reflections' is far and away the most comprehensive tribute to The Action so far assembled, boasting all their known recordings in the studio and live on radio/TV. Many of the original Parlophone single mixes have never been reissued in their original form on compact disc - until now. The fresh discovery of multi-tracks and rehearsal tapes has led to a whole disc's worth of previously unheard mixes and performances. The box set includes numerous photos of the band in their heyday, with 16,000 words of sleeve-notes by David Wells and a 36-page booklet within a handsome 4-CD digibook. Includes all previous material issued from the band's BBC sessions and post-Parlophone period, suitably remastered by Alec Palao. CD $75 SKU:24501

BRADLEY, SID- CHILD OF THE SEA (70s psych pop/ proto power pop)Label:GUERSSEN Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!). CD $32 SKU:24579

DOGFEET -ST(1970 UK psychedelic bluesrockers)Label:PROG TEMPLE BACK IN PRINT! The highly collectable self-titled album by UK psychedelic bluesrockers Dogfeet was originally released in 1970. This CD-reissue comes with six bonus tracks, including two live recordings from 1991, featuring a renewed line-up of the group. CD $18 SKU:23986

HERD-LIVE ON AIR 1967-1969(UK psych pop masters)-Label:LONDON CALLING A 26-track collection of BBC radio broadcast live session recordings (1967-1969) of UK psychedelic pop masters The Herd, issued on CD! This great archival release comes with remastered audio, interviews and a full-colour booklet with background liners and rare images. CD $18 SKU:24208

RAIN-1971 The Lost Album- Label:JARGON Rain was a popular blues inspired rock band from Rochester, New York. Members were Brad Morse on vocals, Ted Paris on bass, Mick Guerin on drums and led by guitar maestro, Helmut Getto. Rain was a real powerhouse in their day! This legendary band broke up shortly after recording their studio album in 1971. Lost and forgotten for nearly 50 years, the album was never released! '1971... The Lost Album', a collection of original songs that the band recorded in the summer of 1971, was originally planned to be a follow up to their first record, 'Live Christmas Night', which came out on the band's label, Whazoo Records in early 1971. Through fate's twists and turns, the plan changed and the studio album fell by the wayside. Decades later and after lots of detective work, the studio tapes finally surfaced! These eight previously unreleased original songs have finally manifested themselves on CD, and Jargon Records are proud to present to you this epic treasure of rock history as a part of Jargon Records' Time Capsule Series! CD $19 SKU:24271

WE'RE GONNA CHANGE THE WORLD -Savage Garage Punk From Valhalla 1964-1968 - 6 cd BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE SIX CD's chock full of killer '60s garage rock, freakbeat and '60s punk from Scandinavia's most savage combos! Featured bands include The Holders, Gaggas, 1-2-6, Gonks, The Deejays, The Beatmakers, Firebeats Inc., Thors Hammer, The Kingbeats, The Namelosers, Tages, The Shanes, Jackie Fountains, The Cads, Stamping Bricks, The Hitmakers, The Telstars, The Friends, The Walkers, We 4, The Cherry Stones and many more. You get over 160 tracks, plus a full-colour 96-page booklet with detailed group biographies and rare images. CD $50 SKU:24213

AMON DÜÜL - YETI (2LP) 1970)-Label:PURPLE PYRAMID This deluxe DOUBLE-LP reissue of Amon Düül II's classic 1970 album comes with remastered audio, is pressed onto RAINBOW COLOURED SPLATTER VINYL and presented in a a glue-on chipboard gatefold jacket! Limited edition! LP $65 SKU:24237

ARKTIS - ARKTIS TAPES (spaced-out 2nd LP legendary Krautrock unit from Bonn, originally released in 1975)Label:LONGHAIR A vinyl-reissue of the spaced-out second album by the legendary Krautrock unit from Bonn, originally released in 1975. The music can be decribed as heavy blues-rock with a garagey toughness, an emphasis on psychedelic sonorities and trippy hippie vocals. This edition comes with remastered sound and an insert featuring the band's story and rare images. LP $32 SKU:24597

BACON FAT-GREASE ONE FOR ME (1970 blues rock classic)-Label:MAGIC BOX Originally released in 1970, a US blues-rock classic returns to vinyl, including reproduced artwork, background notes and images. The line-up of Bacon Fat featured legendary harmonica player George Smith (who'd played with Otis Rush, Muddy Waters and many others), Rod Piazza (late of the Dirty Blues Band) and pianist J.D. Nicholson. LP $26 SKU:24297

BLOPS- ST (1970s highly sought after killer South American psych/prog rarity -180 gram ltd to 300 ) Label:GUERSSEN First official reissue of this early 1970s highly sought after killer South American psych/progressive rarity Known as 'Del Volar De Las Palomas' ('The Flight Of The Doves'), this is the second eponymous album from Chile's legendary psychedelic folk-rock outfit Los Blops. Originally released in 1971, while the band lived in a communal house known as 'Manchufela', it's another superb psychedelic folk-rock offering with a slightly more electrified sound on some of the tracks. Expect great songs, melancholic atmospheres, deep vocals (in Spanish), acoustic and electric guitars, flute, organ, percussion, drums, cello, violin, backward effects and more. The colour insert features photos and liner notes in English/Spanish and the record is housed in an old style heavy cardboard tip-on sleeve. LP $32 SKU:13525

BOSTON TEA PARTY- ST (1968 psych pop classic)-Label:ENDLESS HAPPINESS A lecture in '60s psych pop - almost power pop with flashes of hard rock - with consistently solid melodical, up-tempo, organ driven songs, soaring vocal harmonies, anthemic choruses. Psyched, poppy and fun. Originally released in 1968. LP $26 SKU:24614

BRADLEY, SID- CHILD OF THE SEA (70s psych pop/ proto power pop) BLACK Label:GUERSSEN Lost and found studio recordings (1971-79) by US singer-songwriter Sid Bradley including some of the sought-after 45 sides released with his band Erik in the early '70s plus fabulous previously unreleased tracks. This is serious stuff, folks!! Pro-sounding sound, ranging from fuzzed-out psychedelic hard-rock to psych-pop and proto-power pop. Master tape sound and insert with liner notes by Sid Bradley and Paul Osborne (Shindig!). LP $24 SKU:24577

CAROUSELS-LOVE CHANGES LIKE THE SEASON(60s style IYL BEAU BRUMMELS, BYRDS and BLUE THINGs) GREEN Label:SUGARBUSH Limited repress of 125 copies on GREEN VINYL. The debut-album by this Scottish band, recorded at home on vintage equipment, resulting in a distinct 1960s sound and feel. The band recalls the sounds of BEAU BRUMMELS, BYRDS and BLUE THINGS, yet tinges its music with a distinct Scottish flavour. LP $25 SKU:24608

CHILDREN - Rebirth (68 TEXAS PSYCH)- Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A vinyl-reissue of the sole album by this great psychedelic band from San Antonio, TX, originally released by Cinema Records in 1968. Starting out as The Stoics in 1966, the band later evolved into The Mind's Eye, before reaching its final incarnation as The Children, featuring the beautiful female voice of Cassell Webb. Ex-Monkee Davy Jones took the band under his wings in 1967, promoting them on the LA Sunset Strip Club scene! 'Rebirth' combines soft psych and baroque pop with fuzzed out psychedelia. The LP was produced by Lelan Rogers (13th Floor Elevators, Golden Dawn, etc). This reissue comes with remastered sound and gatefold artwork faithful to the Cinema originals. Also included is an insert with detailed liner notes and photos. LP $32 SKU:19347

ERTLIF Plus (1972 Swiss Prog) DOUBLE LP-Label:SOMMER "Debut album from 1972 by Ertlif, one of the leading Swiss progressive / psychedelic bands from the 70s. Double set, including a whole extra album of previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 plus a rare compilation only track from 1973. UK sounding doomy & atmospheric psychedelic hard–rock and proto–prog sounds with lot of Hammond organ, hard guitar, occasional Mellotron and English vocals. RIYL: Deep Purple, Procol Harum, , Atomic Rooster, Black Sabbath, Ainigma, Necronomicon. Ertlif was formed in 1970 by two ex–members of Egg & Bacon, lead guitarist Dany Andrey and bass player Teddy Riedo. They were inspired by Pink Floyd, Yes, Procol Harum, Van der Graaf Generator and Genesis amongst others. A strong rhythm section and twin lead guitars blended with the Hammond organ created the characteristic Ertlif sound. Riedo and Beni Hauri (the band’s roadie) had been experimenting with oscillators, noise generators, ring modulators and other devices since 1969. In early 1972 they introduced these electronic sounds into the band’s closing number 'Classical Woman' so becoming pioneers of electronic music in Switzerland. They also became the first Swiss band to use a Mellotron. This double LP contains: The first Ertlif album from 1972, featuring the original tracklist and sound taken from the original master tapes + a bonus LP consisting of previously unreleased 1971 demo recordings, done at the band’s rehearsal studio without overdubs. With these demos, Ertlif were offered a recording contract with Tell Records. Also included as bonus 'Plastic Queen' from 1973, taken from the album "Heavenly and Heavy – Mixed Swiss Rock Candies". *Remastered from the original master tapes by Eroc *Lacquer cut by SST Brüggeman *Insert with liner notes by band member Teddy Riedo plus rare photos and memorabilia. LP $38 SKU:20629

LITE STORM- WArning (”Genuine underground freakiness”– Acid Archives) Label:OUT-SIDER “Genuine underground freakiness”– Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) Screaming psychedelic garage from L.A. with fuzzed out guitars, Vox organ, killer vocals, early Oriental vibes...Recorded in 1967-68 but not widely released until 1972. File next to Music Emporium, Tiffany Shade, Seeds, Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers … Formed in California in 1967, Lite Storm was the first incarnation of spiritual seekers Johnima & Kalassu Wintergate (later on Lightstorm, One…). A pioneering psychedelic band, Lite Storm played at all the hip Sunset Strip clubs, were friends with Kali Bahlu and travelled to the Orient and Far East, touring in Vietnam in 1970. “Warning” was recorded at a four-track studio in 1967-68, first released as a custom tiny pressing before being licensed to the Beverly Hills label for a proper release. This is the first ever vinyl reissue. *Includes insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby). LP $28 SKU:20953


MOOT, THE -Peel it to Reveal it (Paisley-hued pop psych) SAALE! Label:SELF PRODUCED Thee Moot are purveyors of Paisley-hued melodic pop and psych. Formed in early 2016 by former Onlookers Nick Stone and Mark Leech with ex-Transients Freezer Pinch and DC, they launched an EP entitled 'Tomorrows Calling' in 2018 and as a prelude to their much awaited debut album 'Peel It To Reveal It'. CD $19 SKU:24022

NOAH- BRAIN SUCK (1972 US hard psych Blue Cheer style)Label:GUERSSEN A superb, though at the time unissued, US hard psychedelic album from 1972 is now available on CD. Dominated by killer Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals, Noah's music is dark and heavy and recommended to fans of a.o. Fraction, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer. This edition is expanded with rare, stunning demo recordings from the years '67-'71 plus some garage-psych 7-inch sides from pre-Noah outfit The Sound Barrier. Liner notes are included! CD $18 SKU:24518

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 23 -VA (60s soul beat garage punk)-Label:PARTICLES Includes 20-page, full color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Volume 23 offers another beguiling blast of international dance floor disasters from the heyday of mod as well as the psychedelic era. Included are 20 slices of funky soul-beat and garage-punk, that wasn't known as punk at the time and wasn't recorded in a garage, but who cares when it sounds this good! COMP CD $19 SKU:23801

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 24( mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s, featuring bands from a.o. Germany, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Peru... The CD comes with remastered audio and a 16-page booklet to guide you to the end safely. COMP CD $19 SKU:24211

FAR EAST!FAR OUT! (6CD)-The Intoxicating Sounds of Garage, Exotic Beat, & Savage Psychedelia From Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Beyond 1964-1971-6 CD BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE Let's go far out in the Far East with Far East! Far Out! Whatever your take, just make sure that before you don't, you witness the rampant fuzz guitar, high impact adrenalin, and drama of the intoxicating sounds from Asia and beyond. Rubble presents a prized collection of bizarre 1960s Eleki, Pop-Yeh-Yeh, Group Sounds, and A-Go-Go scenes from the Far East. It defies western convention and twists it with the same tools into something otherworldly. You have to hear it to believe it! Featuring over 150 tracks of wild garage punk, exotic beat, and raucous psychedelia with a good dose of "what the hell is that!?" So before you open your mind, open your ears! Six-CD box set with 80-page, full-color perfect bound booklet. COMP CD $42 SKU:23480

KRAUTROCK & PROGRESSIVE- SECRET ARCHIVES (60s and 70s UK and German prog rock/pop, psych & kraut)MARBLE VINYL DBLLabel:MUSIC BROKERS Released as a DOUBLE-LP on two OPAQUE MARBLE VINYL records is a diverse selection of weird and wonderful UK and German progressive rock/pop, psychedelia and kraut from the late '60s and early '70s. Included are tracks from highly rated bands s.a. Fuchsia, Andromeda, Kluster, Fruupp, Beggars Opera, Art bears, Consortium, Affinity and others. COMP LP $34 SKU:24012

PSYCHEDELIC ROCK BOX -A TRIP DOWN THE EXPANSIVE ERA OF EXPERIMENTAL ROCK MUSIC-(60s psych/pop and obscurities )Label:MUSIC BROKERS Released as a DOUBLE-LP on COLOURED VINYL is a diverse collection of mind expanding psychedelic rock and pop by both classic and more obscure '60s bands (including The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, John's Children, The Spencer Davis Group, Circus, Fat Mattress, pre-July band The Tomcats, The Deviants) as well as by later acts s.a. Sun Dial, Plasticland and (surprisingly) The Monochrome Set. COMP LP $38 SKU:24013

STRANGE CREATURES -The Best of REbels Vol TWO- 15 ear Bashing Greats (PEBBLES/ NUGGETS STYLE) Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Inspired by the 1980s collection 'Pebbles' which collected together '60s garage punk bands, most of whom would have vanished without trace if not for 'Pebbles' unearthing them and turning them into essential 'must haves', for lovers of raw, often cheaply recorded, guitar based music. 'Rebels' brings together like minded bands/artists from all over the world, who are doing it for love, with no glancing towards what's popular, or what the current musical fashions dictate. So here we have 16 bands, all different but all with a burning desire to play their own kind of rock and roll. From the garage '60s vibe of Leeds based The See No Evils, the wah-wah grooves of The DC Spectres and from Belgium, Thee Martian Boyfriends and Vice Barons to the Joe Meek style twangs of Diamond Daddios and the mod-flavour of (ex-Prisoners) Galileo 7, (ex-Makin' Time) The Deep Six and The Hurricanes (who bring back memories of The Purple Hearts). Bristol's very own Joe James & His Pariahs, conjure up an authentic mid '60s freakbeat sound, while also from Bristol, Rauschenberg get all space-out. The Jack Cades offer up their 'reverb on 10' take on The Byrds jangle sound, and two young 14 year olds from Devon -The Lysping Mynor Byrds- mash up a surf classic with a Clash solo! And lucky for us someone pressed record on the cassette recorder! The self declared 'Best Live Band In Britain', London Based The Fallen Leaves (with drummer Brett Ascott formally of The Chords) tell us the tale of the 'Motorcycle Girl' in an exclusive live recording. Meanwhile Coventry's Sawdust Caesars have been dragged back from the grave screaming with their lo-fi-acid-pop-psych, and the don't move or you'll miss it 'Flower Pop Show'. While from up in Scotland we have the most wonderful The Nettelles who mix their garage punk with a kind of lo-fi-C86 rumble and back down to Taunton where you'll possibly bump into Palooka 5, as they'll most likely be wearing camouflage gear! Play this loud, and often! COMP LP $32 SKU:24453

DAS CLAMPS-SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE(The sexiest Cramps influenced duo ever)-Label:TRASH WAX Bloody hell... you'd buy this for the cover alone! The sexiest Cramps influenced duo ever! Featuring Tina (from Oh Gunquit!) and her gorgeous sidekick Clementine, these two gals deliver an absolute killer album of monumental Crampsesque proportions. This ain't no tribute, cabaret bullshit... it's pure r'n'r, stripped down big noise, oozing sex and decadence. Just look at those vixens! Do the Quahog Stomp while you get Clamped by the Human Clams, but... don't bend over, they're driving! These gals have quite a rabid following. So let's be frank about this, it ain't going to be around for very long so get in early and Stay Sick! Limited to 500 copies LP $24 SKU:21421

HECK- HECK YEAH!!(Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio)Label:SOUNDFLAT 'Heck Yeah!!' is the second album by the Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio The Heck. Musically the band still moves somehere between The Sonics and Reigning Sound, with a touch from The Hives as well, while never losing their main focus: writing future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. LP $24 SKU:24494

JULIAN'S TREATMENT - A TIME BEFORE THIS (2LP) GATEFOLD (spacy 70s prog rock)Label:GUERSSEN Debut, double album by musician/sci-fi writer Julian Jay Savarin. Originally relased on Miki Dallon's Youngblood label in 1970, this is a classic since the early days of record collecting. Hammond dominated, spacey, psychedelic prog-rock with long tracks, cool female vocals and a cosmic, sci-fi concept vibe. This reissue features the original gatefold sleeve, master tape sound in 180g vinyl, and detailed liner notes by Andy Morten (Shindig!). Essential to anyone into early UK prog-rock! LP $28 SKU:24233

NOAH - BRAIN SUCK (US HARD PSYCH 1972) DBL Label:GUERSSEN superb, though at the time unissued, US hard psychedelic album from 1972 is now available on vinyl. Dominated by killer Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals, Noah's music is dark and heavy and recommended to fans of a.o. Fraction, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer. This edition is expanded to the DOUBLE-LP format with rare, stunning demo recordings from the years '67-'71 plus some garage-psych 7-inch sides from pre-Noah outfit The Sound Barrier. An insert with liner notes and photos is included! LP $35 SKU:24516

RADIO DAYS -RAVE ON! (powerpop Plimsouls/Paul COllins style)-Label:SOUNDFLAT 'Rave On!' is the fourth album from the Radio Days and features ten powerpop gems. Taking the Paul Collins' Beat and The Plimsouls as references, the songs of the album take a metaphorical trip from the scratching '70s riffs, back to beatlesque vibes, moving across the British pub-rock of the Elvis Costello-era and through the '90s powerpop of Teenage Fanclub and Weezer. LP $24 SKU:24495

S TO S -ST (obscure hard-rock/proto-metal beast 1978)Label:SOMMER An obscure hard-rock/proto-metal beast from Belgium, originally released in 1978 as a private edition of 300 LP's. Expect a dangerous and aggressive sound, with wall of fuzz guitars and manic speed drumming. Highly recommended to anyone into 'Raw Power'-era Stooges, 'Back In The USA'-era MC5, Pink Fairies, early Motorhead, Hawkwind, Acid Archives US obscurities like White Boy & The Average Rat Band, early NWOBHM bands and compilations à la 'Bonehead Crunchers'. LP $30 SKU:24433

Label:REQUIEM POUR UN TWISTER The Triptides made their debut with a self-released tape entitled 'Psychic Summer', shortly after followed by the album 'Sun Pavilion'. Both albums never were released on vinyl until now. The Triptides have become one of the most endearing contemporary psych band alongside the Californian scene. This reissue is the opportunity to rediscover Triptides in their early days. LP $28 SKU:24509