Jul 23, 2021


More new ltd edition imports this weekend, and restocks of lots more previously sold out stuff.

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24514, 24415, 13466, 24387, 24518, 18345, 24300, 24211, 24455, 24463, 24266, 24467, 24496, 23356


GIOBIA -Magnifier (Italian psych sensations)Label:SULATRON The fourth album (the second on Sulatron) by Giöbia, the psychedelic sensation from Milano, Italy! The band plays intense neo-psychedelic-rock, strongly inspired by the sound of the late sixties. Next to guitars, bass, drums and organ the band uses sitar, bouzuki, vintage keyboards and effects to create a colourful and swirling sound. 'Magnifier' sucks you into a lysergic vortex of exotic mantras and Sabbathian rituals. The sound of this album is heavier and darker than the past records, but always unique. Cover art by Laura Giardino. CD $15 SKU:24613

HEAVY FEATHER - MOUNTAIN OF SUGAR (60s/70s rock psych vibe) Label:THE SIGN Root rockers Heavy Feather are back with their second album 'Mountain of Sugar'. The band have '60s and '70s rock influences, and blues vocals at the chore of the release. The album has also an even rawer, heavier sound than its predecessor, still with the root rock and psychedelic touch at the very core. CD $19 SKU:24426

DUKES OF KENT -WELCOME TO THE OAST HOUSE (blend of rock/psych/power pop/folk) Label:SUGARBUSH Recorded between 2010 and 2012, this great album is the first by this band which includesthe duo of MARKUS HOLLER & CHRIS GUSSMAN. Recorded in rural Crowborough, this album of 9 songs blends 70s style Rock, Psych & Folk as well as Power Pop. The songs are filled melodic hooks and deeply personal lyrics while guitars jangle and chime and play stunning solos. Each song springs excellent surprises and as a whole this album will please any fan of 1960s / 70s American Guitar Music. The boys are big fans of ROLLING STONES, ALLMAN BROTHERS, NEIL YOUNG, TOM PETTY, CHEAP TRICK, HENDRIX as well as many more and each of those artists has influenced this LP. Markus has previously played with SILENT BLUE, THE FORTUNATE SONS, THE ORGONE BOX while Lead Guitarist Chris Gussman has his own band KINKY MACHINE who released a rollicking CD some years back. WELCOME TO THE OAST house is limited to 500 copies on vinyl. LP $25 SKU:24609

HOLY TROIKA-HOLY TRINITY (60s psych IYL Doors/Jefferson Airplane) Label:BLACKSPIN Evocative of The Doors with melodies reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. Having recorded their album on vintage equipment from the USSR and beyond, their post modern aesthetic will sit comfortably with fans of Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Moody Blues and Love... They clearly enjoy weaving solos throughout non-traditional song structures, wheeling around like a Ray Manzarek curiosity. Eerie, spindly guitar sounds lie within the mix, voicing nostalgic progressions evocative of '60s West Coast psychedelia." ~Shindig! LP $30 SKU:24598

MIETERS-BLITS!(12 original Nederbeat stompers with a touch of sixties garage rock)Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB he Mieters' debut album 'Blits!' brings us 12 original Nederbeat stompers with a touch of sixties garage rock. Bring the party home with 'Blits!' All songs are in Dutch as true Nederbeat should be. SIDE 1: 1. Willem 2. De Dancing 3. Blitse Gozer 4. Weerzien 5. Dat Heb Ik Weer 6. Konijntje SIDE 2: 1. Egotrip 2. Kan Er Helemaal Niets Van 3. Liefde Op Het Eerste Gezicht 4. Ik Voel Hem Niet 5. Wat Vond Je Er Zelluf Van? 6. Geen Hond LP $25 SKU:24620

NATIONAL FLAG - (BLACK) THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT (1977 private press rarity)Label:SOMMER Originally released as a small private pressing in 1977 (now impossible to find), here's the first ever vinyl reissue of this collectable hard-rock album by Marquee favourites National Flag. Sourced from the original masters. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. "Defined by their good time guitar licks and blazing rhythms, this delight from the UK seemed poised to hit the big time, yet never did. They're a riveting combination of Grand Funk meets Lynyrd Skynyrd, combined with the sensibilities and smart lyrics of The Doobie Brothers, along with the swagger of Neil Young & Crazy Horse." ~Jenell Kessler. LP $26 SKU:24578

NORMAN HAINES BAND -DEN OF INIQUITY(UK hard prog 1971 LP PLUS CD Label:MAGIC BOX Reissued on vinyl, including a CD with six bonus tracks, is a highly regarded UK hard-prog album from 1971, featuring legendary Birmingham keyboardist Norman Haines (ex-Locomotive). The LP was recorded at London's legendary Abbey Road studio. LP $28 SKU:24640

SURPRISE PACKAGE - FREE UP (Seattle heavy psych fuzz guitar)-Label:MUNSTER The sole album by this psychedelic rock band from Seattle, comprising ex-members of The Viceroys and The Galaxies, gets reissued on vinyl. featuring heavy fuzz guitar, rock organ, keyboard bass (like The Doors) and a 15-minute title track, this fine album was originally released by Lee Hazlewood's company LHI in 1968. This edition comes with remastered audio, reproduced cover art, an interview with singer Rob Lowery and rare photos from the LHI archive. LP $35 SKU:24542


BONGZILLA -WEEDSCONSIN (stoner psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS On the fringe of chaos, in the Year of the Pandemic, the Cannabeast has awoken!! Bongzilla is back with a full length album, 16 years since their last record. These "Pioneers of Weed Metal" would like to present 'Weedsconsin' to the universe. An album written by the three long standing original members of Bongzilla - Muleboy (bass, vocals), Spanky (guitar), and Magma (drums). Recorded and mixed by the late John Hopkins at Future Apple Tree Studios in Rock Island, Illinois in October 2020. These six tracks will blow your mind! In a single instant you are contaminated by the classic weed-infected sounds the band is known for, while also finding new elements mixed into the bowl. In the unique piece that is 'Weedsconsin', Bongzilla delivers heavy doses of crushing stoner doom and psychedelic space rock that sets it apart from earlier material. (That's why HPS Records is the perfect label to release this stuff). This record travels down a path of heavy riffs, mind-expanding jams, sonic tones, and stomping beats in the band's first release as a thunderous three piece, with Muleboy moving from guitar to bass. Approaching these songs as a three piece has created more space musically and allowed the band to showcase their musicianship in a different way. It results in a sound that is very heavy, along the lines of 'Gateway' tone-wise, but sonically more clear. The album is mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois, and Eli Quinn (Madison, Wisconsin) is the artist behind the astounding cover art. 'Weedsconsin' is dedicated to the memory of John Hopkins. CD $19 SKU:24514

COOL GHOULS- AT GEORGE'S ZOO (SF based garage pop)-Label:EMPTY CELLAR The San Francisco-based garage rock and pop band celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of 'At George's Zoo'. This album will please fans of The Beach Boys and Stooges alike! CD $17 SKU:24415

DM3 - Rippled Soul (AUSTR) (power pop )- Label:CITADEL DM3's third album is arguably their best. The song writing is probably leaning more towards pop than power pop which may be the result of more co-writes than on previous albums. Mariani's guitar playing is more highlighted than in past releases and the overall sound has a great warmth and depth. Track Listing on site CD $14 SKU:13466

KIDNAPPERS -RANSOM NOTES AND TELEPHONE CALLS (power pop Nick Lowe/Cheap Trick style!) Label:ALIEN SNATCH! With Spanish Girls 7" (Zaxxon) as Bonus tracks! Rerelease of that now considered as the outstanding punk album of 2003 by this german three-piece. "Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" got raving reviews and fans all over the world and was ranked in many Top Ten lists that year. CD version comes with the no equally acclaimed follow-up 7" on Zaxxon Records, Canada. Both vinyl records are out of print, so finally we decided to rerelease the songs remastered on this new format for all Johnny Come-Lates and another round of world conquest of these highschool fellows. Comes with all their hits and also their mindblowing covers of LOLI & THE CHONES, TEENGENERATE and one song Brian Hermosillo (The FEVERS) once wrote for them. The KIDNAPPERS took the KIDS punk, drenched it with has undeniable power pop of the late 70s one hit wonders, those 90s fast paced killer nippon sound and the howling of the MURDER CITY DEVILS. CD $18 SKU:24387

NOAH- BRAIN SUCK (1972 US hard psych Blue Cheer style)Label:GUERSSEN A superb, though at the time unissued, US hard psychedelic album from 1972 is now available on CD. Dominated by killer Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals, Noah's music is dark and heavy and recommended to fans of a.o. Fraction, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer. This edition is expanded with rare, stunning demo recordings from the years '67-'71 plus some garage-psych 7-inch sides from pre-Noah outfit The Sound Barrier. Liner notes are included! CD $18 SKU:24518

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 5 & 6 w 24 page booklet (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT All 30 cuts from LPs #3 and #4. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 24-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $17 SKU:18345

BEAT BESPOKE 9( long-forgotten underground sixties club sounds)Label:DETOUR Dr. Robert's passion for discovering long-forgotten underground sixties club sounds gives them a new lease of life through his DJ sets and this compilation series. 'Le Beat Bespoke Volume 9' features unreleased acetates, an exclusive remix and obscure 7" COMP CD $17 SKU:24300

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 24(mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s)Label:PARTICLES Here's another great serving of mind blowing psychedelic pop and freakbeat from the '60s, featuring bands from a.o. Germany, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Peru... The CD comes with remastered audio and a 16-page booklet to guide you to the end safely. COMP CD $19 SKU:24211

BORN BAD, VOL. 1- Songs the Cramps Taught Us-Label:BORN BAD Unavailable for many years, this series shows exactly where The Cramps took their influences from. COMP LP $22 SKU:24463

AMBROSE SLADE-BALLZY (1969 WEst Midlands) Label:AUDIO CLARITY West Midlands rockers Slade started out as The 'N Betweens, a band formed by members of The Vendors and The Mavericks; their earliest recordings were issued in France by Barclay. Signed to Fontana in 1969, they became Ambrose Slade, the name inspired by the shoes and handbag worn by a label secretary. The U.S. edition of their debut album, titled 'Ballzy', shows a range of styles and diverse cover tunes: renditions of the Beatles' track 'Martha My Dear' and Marvin Gaye's 'If This World Were Mine' are contrasted by the slinking, guitar-led instrumental, 'Genesis', and blues-rock creeper, 'Roach Daddy'. Soon after these recordings, they changed their direction and became the well-known glamrock band. LP $24 SKU:24266

GERMS - GI (1979 all-time classic punk album.) Label:SLASH Vinyl reissue of The Germs' 1979 all-time classic punk album. Produced by Joan Jett, '(GI)' is a seminal album, not just in West Coast punk, but in punk rock, period! The start of the Darby Crash legend as well as the illustrious career of Pat Smear (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)! LP $24 SKU:24467

SHUTDOWN 66 -COME ON GIRL GIMME HALF A CHANCE (60s style garage punk/Brit R&B style)-Label:SOUNDFLAT Melbourne's neo-garagepunkers Shutdown 66 are back. Again they present their own sound, strongly influenced by '60s garagepunk and British R&B. Their fourth album 'Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance' is now available, for that dose of stomping garagepunk with a strong R&B-infusion, flaunting dirty fuzz-guitars, farfisa-organ and harmonica, and Nicky Shutdown's screaming voice. LP $24 SKU:24496

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - DETROIT TANGO (2LP/BLACK )Label:SVART The vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic's Rendezvous Band's 'Basement Tapes' from 1976! Previously only available as part of a six CD set. This album includes some outstanding live rarities as bonus on the second disc, original photos, new liner notes and a new vinyl master! Released on deluxe band-approved double LP. LP $32 SKU:23356