Sep 17, 2021


Got some nice little zines in this weekend from our friends at Big Stir, plus some new ltd edition vinyl titles and a batch of restocks of previously sold out titles. Dig in! 

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw

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24752, 24753, 24754, 24755, 24756, 24713, 24630, 24751


23226, 2314, 4180, 15680, 13799, 15002, 18363, 19956, 21137, 22972, 24716, 24718, 24719


BIG STIR MAGAZINE #1- ARmoires, Plasticsoul Premiere Issue! Lovingly created by and for the international Big Stir music community, Big Stir Magazine is a 21st Century spin on the classic Zine format, published quarterly. Not just music reviews and features (although we have those, from some of the best critics out there), it's just as much a lifestyle journal, with the prime movers from your favorite bands musing on whatever may strike them: books, food, culture, history, and of course records and live shows. All 36 pages are packed with original illustrations and comics from the contributors, designed by the always-brilliant Champniss of London, making Big Stir Magazine a feast for the eyes as well as the mind and soul. As diverse, whimsical, and loose as the community it represents, BSM aims to be an antidote to the divisiveness that too often pervades social media, and a reminder that music, now more than ever, can and must bring people together. BOOKS & MAGS $3 SKU:24752

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #2 The second issue has so many astonishingly fantastic contributors that we have to look through the proofs to make sure we haven't missed anyone! Brilliantly designed as alway by Champniss of London, BSM #2 features our regular correspondents: Food Follies with Christina Bulbenko (The Armoires, BSR), Blake's Heaven with Blake Jones of the Trike Shop, Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul with more Mondo Obsesso, notes from the Nashville desk with Patrick "Pooch" DiPuccio (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), whatever Rex is on about, and new illustrated installments of "The Embarrassment of Satchmo PaNDa" and "Great Power Pop Things”, this time with “The Plasticsoul Story”
Also on board this time: Ed Huerta of Rockford, The Creachies, Simon Glickman of The Ex Teens, Mark Cotton of Northampton England, Carl Cafarelli of This Is Rock & Roll Radio, Ray Gianchetti of Kool Kat Musik, David Bash and Rina Bardfield of IPO, Peter Marston of Shplang, Aaron Kupferberg of Powerpopaholic, Mark English of The Gold Needles (Hull, UK), Steve Rosenbaum of San Diego's Mess of Fun, John Borack of Goldmine Magazine & The Popdudes, Jeff Beals of Rockford (with a crossword puzzle!) and art from Ridley Broome, Larysa Bulbenko (The Armoires), Andy Rennie (The Fast Camels), and Sumishta Brahm (13 Frightened Girls). BOOKS & MAGS $3 SKU:24753

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #3 Dec 2018 Robyn HitchcockLabel: #3 is bigger (now at comic book size and 52 pages) and packed to bursting with articles and artwork by and about your favorite artists on the global pop scene, lavishly designed by the inimitable CHAMPNISS of London, all for a mere $5! Here's what's inside:
PETS OF POP SPECIAL: Learn all about the animal companions of the movers and shakers of the scene.ARTIST TO ARTIST INTERVIEWS! KARLA KANE (The Corner Laughers) talks to both MARTIN NEWELL (Cleaners from Venus) about autumn and more, and ROBYN HITCHCOCK about cats. STEVEN WILSON (Plasticsoul) talks to PAT FISH (The Jazz Butcher). And CHRISTINA and REX (The Armoires) chat with ADDISON LOVE about his solo debut.REVIEWS and MUSIC MEMORIES from DAVID BASH, JOHN BORACK, CARL CAFARELLI, RAY GIANCHETTI, AARON KUPFERBERG, ROBERT LAMBERT, STEVE ROSENBAUM, and more!COMICS and ARTWORK from CHAMPNISS, SUMISHTA BRAHM (13 Frightened Girls), REX BROOME, RIDLEY BROOME, LARYSA BULBENKO (The Armoires), EDWARD HUERTA (Rockford) and more!FICTION from MARK ENGLISH (The Gold Needles)

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #4 Aug 2019 It's here at last: the all-new, full-color 72-page BIG STIR MAGAZINE #4! It's the biggest and brightest issue yet, lavishly designed as always by the enigmatic CHAMPNISS OF LONDON, and features RUSS TOLMAN (True West) and STEVE WYNN (The Dream Syndicate) in conversation with each other, separate contributions from former Soft Boys KIMBERLY REW and MATTHEW SELIGMAN, and words, artwork, wit and whimsy from the width and breadth of the global pop and rock community!The fourth issue also includes:-Exclusive Interviews: KARLA KANE (The Corner Laughers) chats with ANTON BARBEAU, JULIA BOORINAKIS HARPER. catches up with KIM REW and LEE CAVE-BERRY, and MIKE LIDSKIN (Twirl Radio) goes international with KAI DANZBERG.-Comics and artwork from SUMISHTA BRAHM (13 Frightened Girls), RIDLEY BROOME, LARYSA BULBENKO (The Armoires) ED HUERTA (Rockford), and of course CHAMPNISS himself, including the brand-new MIDDLE EIGHT section starring SATCHMO PANDA, PETER WATTS and RUTH ROGERS from SPYGENIUS, and more!-Fiction from MARK ENGLISH (The Gold Needles) and S.W. LAUDEN (The Brothers Steve, Tsar)!
Musical memories and musings from NELSON BRAGG, CHRISTINA BULBENKO (The Armoires), CARL CAFARELLI (This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio), PATRICK “POOCH” DiPUCCIO (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), VIC ERWIN (SpyderPop Records), NICK FRATER, SIMON GLICKMAN (The Ex Teens), BLAKE JONES (The Trike Shop), DARRIN LEE (Subjangle Sounds and JanglePopHub), PETER MARSTON (Shplang), JEFF PARTRIDGE (Suite 100), ROBBIE RIST, STEVE ROSENBAUM, MARTY SCHNEIDER (Trip Wire), RICK WARHALL (Chasing The Essential) and STEVEN WILSON (Plasticsoul) and more!-Reviews from the likes of DAVID BASH (IPO), JOHN BORACK (Goldmine), REX BROOME (The Armoires), RAY GIANCHETTI (Kool Kat Musik), ALAN HABER (Pure Pop Radio), AARON KUPFERBERG (Power Popaholic), DON VALENTINE (I Don't Hear A Single), ADAM WALTEMIRE (Pop Garden Radio) and more.-Side trips, psychedelic diversions and Easter eggs galore!BOOKS & MAGS $5 SKU:24755

BIG STIR MAGAZINE #5 At last! At 76 lavishly illustrated full-colo(u)r pages, the first Big Stir Magazine (#5) of 2021 takes you back to the pre-pandemic days with articles and art by Champniss, Christina Bulbenko Rex Broome, David Bash, John Borack, KC Bowman, Nelson Bragg, Sumishta Brahm, Ridley Broome, Larysa Bulbenko, Kevin Burke, Carl Cafarelli, Lee Cave-Berry, Dolph Chaney, Chris Church, Charlie Crabtree, Mike DeAngelis, Nadja Dee, Patrick “Pooch” DiPuccio, Patrick Donders, Linus Dotson, Mark English, Victor Erwin, Nick Frater, Ray Gianchetti, Simon Glickman, Alan Haber, Tim Hinely, Edward Huerta, Khoi Huynh, Chris Hyde, Blake Jones, Stephen Kalinich, Karla Kane, Octavia Kane, Jared Levite’s, Paul Levinson, Mike Lidskin, Robert Lambert, S.W. Lauden, LMNOP, Peter Marston, Michael McCartney, Freya Maclaine-Jones, Paul Meagher, Joe Normal, Richard Ohrn, Victoria Pearson, Steve Rosenbaum, Matthew Seligman, Michael Simmons, Don Valentine, Adam Waltemire, Rick Warhall, Peter Watts, and Steven Wilson! With features on Marty Rudnick,SpyderPop Records, The Corner Laughers, In Deed, David Crosby, T. Rex, The Armoires, Lemmy, Deep Purple, Michael Quercio, Spygenius, Martin Newell, Anton Barbeau, Glyder, Ian Hunter, Linus of Hollywood, Terry Scott Taylor, Human Switchboard, Emmit Rhodes, the Oklahoma Pop Scene, Spanish Kitchen, Lannie Flowers, Brian Wilson, and Black Flag. BOOKS & MAGS $5 SKU:24756

IRON CLAW-ST DBL LP Label:ROCKADROME •Newly re-mastered for vinyl and sounding better even than our earlier edition!! •Official vinyl issue, taken from the original tapes•Pressing of only 500x copies "Sixteen pulverizingly heavy early masterpieces of dirty doom metal, this is a can't miss package for all fans of heavy psych, proto-metal and the early days of doom rock." - The Ripple Effect"This Scottish band are just ridiculously heavy and I think it's a travesty that the sixteen songs they wrote around 1970/1971 never got an official release until 2009. This whole album is just breathtaking." - TerrorizerOfficial gatefold double album of early 1970s Scottish underground heavy rock from Iron Claw, a band who were stomping around the UK with the likes of Black Sabbath, Hackensack, Pink Fairies, Juicy Lucy and others, but who never released a proper album. Iron Claw started their career in 1970 as (more or less) the world's first Black Sabbath tribute band: they incorporated the entire first Black Sabbath LP and single into their live set! And as it happens, it was Iron Claw bassist Alex Wilson who unearthed the oldest known concert recording of Black Sabbath, a 1969 gig recorded by Wilson in Dumfries, Scotland. As time progressed, Iron Claw's live sets started to include many originals. This collection of sixteen original studio tracks documents Iron Claw's existence from 1970 through 1974. It includes extensive liner notes, lyrics and photos inside the gatefold and on a 12” insert. For fans of Tear Gas, Leaf Hound, Jerusalem, Ancient Grease, Toad, Incredible Hog, and Elias Hulk! Newly re-mastered for vinyl and sounding better even than our earlier edition!
LP $28 SKU:24713

LORE CITY Participation Mystique LP + download (elements of psych rock, post- rock, dark wave, and dream pop)Label:LORE CITY Praise for Lore City:
“Lore City pack a mystical punch” – LOUD WOMEN"Their cinematic flair bodes well for a soundtrack to the great shift of humanity.” – POST-PUNK“a trance-inducing shamanistic ritual, meant to bring you closer to both one’s ancestors and the universe” – The Joy of Violent Movement“positively artful and stirring” – Destroy//Exist “sounds as if it were reverberating in a deep cave below the forest floor” – Tome to the Weather Machine“a massively psychedelic landscape” – MangoWave“brings a unique, atmospheric sound, has a post-punk feel, and a mystical aura” – Roadie Music“combines elements of psych rock, post- rock, dark wave, and dream pop” – YMX “close your eyes and let the music seep into your brain” – Faeton Music “natural and unique” – Artists Central“Lore City has made a seriously successful attempt to innovate” – Maxazin Album Statement and Backstory"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow never was. Move your piece around the board, sheath of the physical. Light the lamp within. Corral. Catch sight of a fireball careening across the sky, blazing. Something is on fire, and it’s coming down on us. Lull into the love that is afforded to you, lull into the lead of sleep, lull into the movies. Push, pull. Marching to our realizations, marching to work, marching to our resolutions. And you’re waiting, waiting for that call to come. Standing across from, standing next to, coming to a standstill. Earthly divide. The eternal afternoons, parallel. The moments when something moves closer. A phantom ship wafting, calling home across the water. Recreating the familiar, ancient original feeling. An expanse, cascading.
A rare event happened in early 2020, something that occurs only once every 500 years. Saturn directly aligned with Pluto within the constellation of Capricorn. Essentially, hard lessons joined forces with transformational evolution regarding the infrastructure between the material and the spirit. I know you know. Queued up in a world of limbo and revolution, Lore City tunneled into new songs, finally sending Alchemical Task to press in the early summer days. By then, they were halfway through Participation Mystique. Original Feeling cleared the way, and by the time Buttons materialized with somber holiness, they knew it was finished. Another installment for the continuum, its contents esoterically encyclopedic." LP $25 SKU:24630

PLUS -ST Belgian jazz-funk-rock LP from 1972. CLEAR VINYL-Label:Golden Pavilion Records Exclusive pressing on clear vinyl of this holy grail of European progressive jazz-funk featuring players from Marc Moulin's Placebo / Sam Suffy, and El Chicles / Nico Gomez crew…. or as someone says on Discogs: "HOLY GRAIL! A Funk Jazzy classic record. Deep groove with a deep bass and powerful horns. Excellent from start to finish. KILLER!!!” If you prefer a more restrained description, there is also this: "New pressing of the highly sought-after and very expensive Belgian jazz-funk-rock LP from 1972. Featuring members of Marc Moulin’s Placebo and Sam Suffy line-ups.” All of this leads us to the same conclusion — this is an album well worth investigating if you like funky grooves!z LP $25 SKU:24751


BLUE CHEER -7 (1979- Rare look at the world’s first Heavy Metal Blues band!) Label:SHROOMANGEL A new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases Raw, heavy, and straight to the point—a rare and wonderful glimpse of Dickie Petersons Blue Cheer. Produced by Eric Albronda and Jim Keylor. Recorded at Army Street Studios in 1979. "Blue Cheer 7 represents a rare look at the world's first true Heavy Metal Blues Band during a late 70s reincarnation which was closest to the sound of their original great success with "Vincebus Eruptum," their million selling debut. "In 1972, the late Dickie Peterson, walked out of the studio after announcing Blue Cheer was finished, after punching his drummer in the mouth for trying to make him drink carrot juice. Despite a glowing review of their sixth LP, "Oh! Pleasant Hope!" by Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone, the band's demise was swift, and about as loud as one hand clapping. Peterson, by his own admission, struggled for years with drug and alcohol abuse, but wasn’t ready to give up on his band. In 1974, an association with Kim Fowley could not get the revamped Blue Cheer lineup a recording contract, though the demos they made together were quite good. Five years later, Dickie had another go at it, briefly enlisting guitarist, singer and songwriter Tony Rainier (whose older brother had been a Cheer roadie before dying in Vietnam) and drummer Michael Fleck." Packaged in a luxurious 6 panel digipac includes expanded artwork and seven additional bonus tracks not on the LP version! CD $10 SKU:24719

HEYOKA- Secret Rarities 1978-86-Label:SHROOMANGEL a new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases The music you are now listening to represents the best of the remaining previously unreleased Heyoka recordings both live and studio. The original 1979 studio sessions were first presented as rough mixes to various people very close to the band at the time, and one of those people fortunate enough to have received one of the demo cassettes was living in Louisiana and was able to preserve that tape over the years. That cassette is the source for the 1979 studio sessions (released on Spirit of Revelation in their final form) herein, and provides a different perspective on the core songs of Heyoka as far as how they were mixed, the lead guitar takes, etc. The track “Moods” is quite the rarity, only recently re-recorded by the band, this song could be considered the last great prog-rock epic written and performed live but never properly recorded in the studio. This live recording of the track is the only surviving example of it from the active period of the band. The other tracks are gathered from various sources and give you more of a clear picture as to what the band was about both in the studio and live– playing their top caliber originals mixed with select covers, usually cuts by artists such as Pink Floyd, Rush, or Jethro Tull among others. Presented in a digipak with foldout mini poster-insert, limited to only 300 copies, all songs and alternate studio versions, are for the first time released on CD. First one in the Texas Rock Dyamonds Series. File Under: Pomp Rock, Melodic Hard Rock, Progressive Hard Rock. For fans of: Prism, Trillion, 70s Kansas, 70s Styx. (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES - TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS SERIES) CD $12 SKU:24718

J FRANK WILSON & THE CAVALIERS-LAST KISS The Definitive Collection- Label:CICADELIC RECORDS n 1999, Pearl Jam scored a Number 1 hit with "Last Kiss". ... Hear all the recordings from the J.Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers,. A richly designed CD booklet, details the complete rise and fall of the group and the effect stardom had on their decline. . CD $10 SKU:22972

LIC --Just a Taste (Texas 1976-79 )Label:SHROOMANGEL a new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases One of the top club acts in Houston during the years 1976 through 1979 was undoubtedly LIC. They built a reputation for high energy performances and in 1979, they recorded their lone album and one year later the "Bomb Iran" single. Like so many great bands of the late 70s, they quickly vanished, leaving a short but impressive legacy. Presented in a revamped cover, on a 6-panel digipak with rare photos and band history, remixed and remastered from the original tapes. Includes the rare single "Bomb Iran" as bonus tracks. File Under: Hard Rock, High Energy Rock & Roll. For fans of Ted Nugent, Rex, Teaze and Diamond Reo. (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES - TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS SERIES) CD $12 SKU:24716

PELME - Relax With LAST COPIES! -Label:GTA Records Noise, classical, trash, electronics, pop and funk CD $15 SKU:4180

SHOTGUN -Dallasian Rock( Led Zep style 70s hard rock )Label:SHROOMANGEL (USA) A blend of hard hitting riff rock á la early Led Zeppelin and James Gang, with a guitar attack reminiscent of bands like Leafhound or Edgar Broughton Band. Tight, muscular, lean and mean urban blues rock riffage and soaring, soulful vocals, punchy bass and solid drumming make for a memorable set of songs that you won't soon forget. Shotgun had a successful career in and around Dallas, TX between 1974 and 1977, playing the club circuit and recording at the cities best studios. Sadly, nothing ever came of the recording sessions and Shotgun eventually morphed into VIZION, which released an album in 1980 that featured the vocals of Jan Houston. Finally after more than 38 years, Shotgun's long lost studio sessions are presented for the first time ever on LP as they were meant to be heard. The CD versions includes eleven additional bonus tracks.The most amazing thing about these tracks is how they remained on the shelf all these years! •Tight, muscular, lean and mean urban blues rock riffage. •Previously unreleased vintage studio tracks from the 1970's CD $10 SKU:19956

SIGN OFFS- ST ((Duane Peters label- kick-ass classic punk rock)LAST FEW COPIES Label:DISASTER What the hell is it about young kids from culturally dead suburban wastelands that makes for such goddamn good rock? Case in point: Cleveland's The SIGN OFFS. Whereas most punk kids are happy just to dress the part and play in useless, shitty bands until banking or insurance sales brings dreary normality to their doors, this bunch of high-schoolers from way-the-hell out on the far-west side of town, knocking out quickie rock'n'roll burners inspired by the usual suspects, (D-Generation, Turbonegro, G'nR, US Bombs, AC/DC, Dead Boys) quickly matured into a powerhouse live band. The the singer and both guitarists just turned 18 when they recorded this album, and one of the members was still in high-school. Some high-energy kick-ass punk rock rooted in their hometown's tradition. CD $10 SKU:23226

SKEPTICS - The Complete Early Years- 1965-1969digipack - Label:GEAR FAB Finally, on Compact Disc and in Digipak Format, the great and legendary garage band from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Featuring all their 45s, alternate takes, and a rare unreleased bonus track. Many collectors andenthusiasts of this period consider them to be the forerunners of the American Garage Sound of the 1960’s!!
These are the complete recordings featuring their lead singer Jerry Waugh. CD $10 SKU:13799

SWAMP DOGG - Total Destruction to Your Mind! digipack W OBI CARD Label:ALIVE TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND” (1970), has been called “one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time”.The title track is a slam-bangin’ chunk of rock and funk that’s pushed by a great session band including guitarist Jesse Carr and drummer Johnny Sandlin, and is easily Dogg’s finest moment on record. But the rest of this is great too, ranging from the consumer nightmare “Synthetic World” to the paternity blues of “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe.” – AMG CD $10 SKU:15002

PLANETARY PEBBLES - Vol 3 SURFBEAT FROM BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN Pt 2 ((26 tracks of demented 60s Cold War sounds)Label:AIP Here comes our third volume of Planetary Pebbles, Vol 3: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain Part 2 dedicated to unearthing '60s classics from all around the world. This is our second compilation of raunchy and extravagant instrumental music recorded during the Cold War, behind the Iron Curtain and including 26 tracks of demented sounds created in extremely difficult conditions by the youth of Eastern Europe. 12-page booklet featuring a comprehensive story of the East German rock scene of the mid-60s. (greg Shaw) COMP CD $5 SKU:2314

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG iLmited edition 500 copies. A cool collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. The CD has a whole lot of megarare garage 45s, 90% of all tracks never before on CD, many previously uncompiled. Coloured label reprints for the garage connisseur's perfect pleasure. Includes tracks by VOXMEN, END RESULT, VEE JAYS, MARK 5, NOVAS, TOMBSTONES, STONE CUTTERS, GLASS THREADS, PUBS, UNITED NOTIONS, SATINS and many more COMP CD $14 SKU:18363

INDEX - Originals Vol. 2 (1969( the holy grail of psych! )-Label:LION In February of 2009, Jim Valice of Index discovered three reels in a cardboard box stuffed in a closet of his parents home in Michigan. These songs from 1969 were on those reels. Fourteen original compositions by Index, seven making their vinyl debut, the other seven released for the first time ever, all transferred from the original tapes!
•All tracks are new to vinyl +this is first release in any format for seven out of the fourteen total tracks•Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos. LP $24 SKU:21137

TORMENTORS- Hanging Around (1967 us, groovy garage psych) BENT CORNER BARGAInLabel:VOID Long awaited Void release of 67 California Garage folkadelia with some fuzz. Originals like the moody ‘Childhood Memories’ and the rocking ‘’Cause You Don't Love Me’ are highlights. Nice cover of the Beau Brummels but the rest are originals. This is mega rare as an original, and sought after the world over. We have used the exact cover design for this vinyl reissue. 700 Press. Full color cover + heavy vinyl.” "A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds." $ LP $18 SKU:15680