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(3) THREE and 3 4/ on PURPLE VINYL


BREADMAKERS- NIGHT OF THE COBRA ( R & B stompers) Label:OFF THE HIP The Breadmakers recipe (ouch) is timeless. Vocalist Lazy Dic sings rather than bawls and blows a righteous harp. If you’ll excuse a parochial Sydney reference, he sings a little like Continental Robert of the Dynamic Hepnotics with a touch more grit. Sonically speaking, Cajun Spice throws in a generous amount of keyboards, engine room duties are more than capably handled by Deadbelly Stilton (drums) and Cadillac Slim. Blacktop Brierley is a humdinger six-string strummer who pulls out some occasionally eccentric, tightly-wound balls of lead-pickin’ stonk.This band brings home the dough (groan) time after time on this album. It’s a relentless steamroller of suave. Even the Atkins diet couldn’t put the skids under these Breadmakers; their brand of Louisiana stomp is as crunchy as homebaked wholemeal.(194) CD $8 SKU:19220

CHEATS-HATS OFF TO THE CHEATS-Label:OFF THE HIP 2 piece garage from Melbourne CD $8 SKU:19224

CREEP OUTS- Hopeless Friends (60s style FOLK POP from the UK)Label:OFF THE HIP Folk/pop from the UK, 60s style. CD $8 SKU:19219

DIMI DERO INC -Sisyphus...Window Cleaning FRENCH R&R STOOGES DOLLS STYLE-Label:OFF THE HIP Dero grew up listening to David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Idol before a friend of his sister gave him mix-tapes featuring punk bands from France and all over the world. “I soon got addicted to The Stooges, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, then a French label called Closer started to release Australian bands: New Christs, Died Pretty, The Fun Things, etc”, Dero recalls.Inspired by the “energy ... the smell of freedom” in The Stooges’ first album, Dero started playing drums in a band by the name of Moby Dick in 1989. “We were mainly playing covers of the bands listed above. I started to play guitar and sing a few years later covering some Johnny Thunders songs then started to write my own stuff,” says Dero. CD $8 SKU:19216

GREEN CIRCLES-TAVISTOCK STREET (PEBBLES STYLE 60s Psych/mod/pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Poppy rock and roll that's fresh and catchy. CD $8 SKU:19221

LONG STRIDES-ST (psych-leaning fuzzed out garage rock..).-Label:OFF THE HIP Psych from perth, band influenced by The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground, T-Rex, The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, Television, The Saints, The Scientists, Joy Division, New Order, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spaceman 3, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, The Strokes CD $8 SKU:19225

MESS MAKERS- WIPE YOUR FACE (Aussie garage feat ex-Crusaders, Thurston Howlers)Label:OFF THE HIP Great garage from down under. CD $8 SKU:19217

MIDNIGHT WOOLF-TROPICAL DISEASE (Cramps inspired garage )-Label:OFF THE HIP Swamp, blues, surf and garage all go into MIDNIGHT WOOLF’s heady brew. "Tropical Disease" is their fourth, and best, album. Think Cramps, Gun Club, Johnny Cash, or Australia’s own Exotics. CD $8 SKU:19223

PINK FITS-DE JA BLUES (rabid garage punk)-Label:OFF THE HIP If it's more powerpop-ish, it's only by degrees. Wollongong's Pink Fits still kick up a helluva racket on their second full-length for Off the Hip, and do it in a way that will please glued-on fans and win fresh support.Like the EP that prefigured it, this is a progression in the series. For sure there's less noise for noise's sake, but it's been replaced by a bristling intensity that's at the heart of almost every song with Michelle Dilevski's uncluttered production spot-on. Occasional colouring (like Karl Webber's blues harp on the title track) and a bucketload of hooks (especially the catchy "Got Nothing On") shine through again. CD $8 SKU:19227

RECKLESS HEARTS-GET UP AND RUN (Milwaukee powerpop) -Label:OFF THE HIP While Powerpop certainly didn’t take its first steps here in the Midwest (we can actually thank the first wave of ‘60s Britpop bands, such as The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and, yes, even The Fab Four, for this distinction), it, nonetheless, became fertile ground for many of today’s most respected Power-poppers. Rockford’s Cheap Trick, The Shoes from Zion, IL and Chicago’s Pezband all helped redefine the genre for a new generation of music fans.
Joining the new wave of Midwestern Powerpop bands is the Milwaukee-based four-piece, The Reckless Hearts, featuring Thomas Culkin (vocals, guitars), Ian Lund (bass, vocals), Joel Kopp (guitars) and Jered Piencikowski (drums). Built from the ashes of the late, great Kenosha punk band The Danger, The Reckless Hearts have traded the sweat and saliva from their previous incarnation in favor of melody-driven pop songs filled indelible guitar riffs, hooks galore and unbridled energy. CD $8 SKU:19226

SCREWTOP DETONATORS- 3, 2, 1 I'M DONE (high energy R&R)Label:OFF THE HIP New young combo from Melbourne, tight and exciting live, but with a true ear for melody akin to Redd Kross, Ash, and distinctly Australian acts like the Eastern Dark. A band hitting their peak with a rhythmic gut punch and a sweet melodic centre CD $8 SKU:19222

UPTIGHT- ST(Pop Punk from Wellington, Ohio)Label:OFF THE HIP Groovy organ garage CD $8 SKU:19214

WRONG TURN-NOTHING GROWS FROM SCARS-Label:OFF THE HIP Debut album ex-freeloaders, Lords of Gravity, Philisteins CD $8 SKU:19218



AFTER ALL - ST (TRIPPY 70s PSYCH)Label:GEAR FAB The largely unknown buy trippy psychedelic 1970 classic recorded in Nashville. Outstanding and haunting organs with a tinge of CSN&Y and Van Morrison inlfuence. CD $10 SKU:18836

BLACK KEYS- Thickfreakness Digipack Label:FAT POSSUM CD $15 SKU:15734

BUMP - ST (70s guitar psych monster)-Label:GEAR FAB This is a fantastic prog/psychedelic monster, a mixture of dreamy organ psych with heavy fuzz bluster, very much like CA Quintet. Ghostly, swirly organs, burning rough guitars, sound effects, fuzz/wah-wah guitars, trippy, lysergic vocals and great melodies. A killer album from start to finish CD $10 SKU:13437

CHIRCO - Visitation (1972 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB This 1972 rock opera LP was first released in Denver, Colorado but recorded in New York City and Connecticutt. It is full of fuzz guitar, fine vocals, and outstanding vibes.

CD $10 SKU:18870

COSMIC MICHAEL-ST PLUS After A While -BOTH lps on digipack (rare 60s mayhem ) - Label:GEAR FAB One of the strangest albums you will ever hear. In 1969 and 1970, Cosmic Michael released two bizzare albums of unknown origin. A cross between A CId Symphony & The Unfolding!! CD $10 SKU:13697

ELLISON-St(amazing 70s heavy psych)Label:GEAR FAB Reissue of one of all time's best HEAVY-PSYCH albums. One and only lp recorded in 1971. From the original mastertapes. Soundquality is beyond belief! CD $10 SKU:18835

ELYSIAN FIELD -ST (!968 PSYCH) Label:GEAR FAB The final incarnation of Soul, Inc. The band had by now transitioned from the innocence of the Pop/RoclkPsych sound to a more hard, angrier, and heavier sound, very much like most of the music in late 1968 and early 1969. 17 never before released tracks PLUS their two Imperial 45s and newly discovered acetates from 1968!! CD $10 SKU:18656

FAPARDOKLY- ST (60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psych)-Label:GEAR FAB Fapardokly is probably regarded as the most important release in Merrell Fankhausers long career, and an absolute collectors item. The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from 1965 to 1967, when the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of these tracks. With such different recording dates, you find here different sounds..organ-ized 60s pop, jangly folk-rock, psychedelia. CD $10 SKU:18663

FEVER TREE - San Francisco Girls (TEXAS 1968)-Label:GEAR FAB The great Houston, Texas band that had a slew of 45's, EP's and LP"s out between 1967-1970. Collection contains all the original 10 tracks from their first self-titled 1968 LP on UNI + 5 previously unre. tracks. From the original mastertapes.17 tracks CD $10 SKU:18658

SLEEPY JOHN - ST (60S IDAHO PSYCH W BONUS TRACKS)-Label:GEAR FAB The Washington State psych band's total recorded output of music between 1969-1970. Heavy swirling organ coupled with fuzzed out guitars!! Off the master tapes. Over 70 minutes in all. These guys played with the likes of Stone Garden and The Bards!! CD $10 SKU:18659

STONE GARDEN -ST (US. 60s HEAVY PSYCH) Label:GEAR FAB For the late 60╒s, there wasn╒t a much heavier record thanthis amazing slab of US Heavy Psychedelic/Acid Rock!Stone Garden hailed from a state one could assume was among the last touched by the chemical stimulant-inspired revolution in rock music in the '60s. But you wouldn't be able to tell that from Stone Garden. Cobbled together from live and studio recordings made between 1969 and 1971, the reissue collects virtually every available note by the pack of Idaho teens, including both sides of their lone, extremely rare 45 ("Oceans Inside Me"/"Stop My Thinking"). Aside from that single, all the tracks remained unreleased until appearing as a superbly packaged 1998 Rockadelic LP, reproduced in its entirety on this Gear Fab CD. So is it worth all the archival fuss? Mostly, yes, it really is. Stone Garden is an always blistering and often thrilling racket that splits the difference between the plundering depths of hard rock and the mind-excursion highs of psychedelia (or, more precisely, acid rock), carving out a nifty Western patch of its own. A heady trick for a group of boys from the potato state in the year of Woodstock, and, if dated in minor ways, still body-rattling music decades after the fact. There is some dense riffage (the re-recorded version of "Oceans," "It's a Beautiful Day," an awesome "Woodstick") that comes as close to proto-heavy metal shredding as anything else recorded in or around 1969 (that includes Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, and Blue Cheer), and the band had both an affinity and knack for scintillating, dual-guitar electric blues ("Stop My Thinking"), although the album's sole outright misstep, "SF Policeman Blues," apes early Grateful Dead a little too closely. But there is plenty of consciousness-expanding, detail-intriguing, and ominous melodic shifts, nifty but queasy coats of echo, Zappa-esque avant-garde effects ("Bastard"), and surprisingly mature and hip lyrics -- even if the performances are not exactly nuanced. Subtle Stone Garden was not. But the music can cut you off at the knees and knock the wind out of you, which is pretty impressive stuff. CD $10 SKU:18837

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- VOL 7 (60s Garage/Punk w photos and booklet) Label:CRYPT All 32 cuts from LP #7. Fully re-mastered and with swank new 28-page booklet with newly updated liners and extra photos and label scans. DIGIPAC format. COMP CD $18 SKU:18346

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS MIDWEST - VA ( rare KDB punk reissue ) -Label:BLOODSTAINS Compilation of tracks from rare midwestern US punk records (1978-1982). COMP CD $14 SKU:10937

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 6 GATEFOLD (15 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk aceness)-Label:CRYPT Features 15 under-appreciated, mid-60s garage rippers, including cuts by The Plague, The Sires, The Riots, The Greg Stokes, The Uniteds, and more! Comes with plenty of band photos, label scans, and extensive liner notes.COMP LP $18 SKU:17656

NIGHT IS SO DARK- VA (rare US 60╒s punk garage)-Label:LANZE Euro release. 14 Moody, fresh & fuzzy US garage rarities. This follows the 'Time Won't Change My Mind' compilation album. All tracks previously uncompiled. Featuring DIAMOND RINGS (Which End Is Up), INNSMEN (I Don't Know), DOLPHINS (I Should Have Stayed), JIM CARTER & THE SENATORS (Society), SHADES (I Need You), etc COMP LP $16 SKU:668

BIRDS- SAY THOSE MAGIC WORDS - BLUE VINYLLabel:BEAT Say Those Magic Words collects 12 essential tracks by The Birds (UK), a brilliant mid-60s Garage-R&B-Beat band featuring Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood. Repressed on blue vinyl. LP $18 SKU:18292

BLACK KEYS - Thickfreakness - Label:FAT POSSUM BACK IN STOCK!!! The sophomore album from Akron, Ohio duo BLACK KEYS╤DAN AUERBACH and PATRICK CARNEY. Eleven tracks of stripped and meaty blues, punk, and rock flavors, delivered in grit, stomp, and holler fashion with guitar, organ, vocals and some broke-dick drums. Includes cover versions of The Sonics' "Have Love, Will Travel," and Junior Kimbrough's "Everywhere I Go." LP $16 SKU:12584

REINHOLD MOLITOR- ST (Trippy Mexican psych )Label:VAM Official reissue of this ultra-rare album (Discos Zave LPL 163, 1969). Globe-trotting artist Bodo Molitor may have been born in Germany, but he╒ll forever be associated with the psychedelic scene in Mexico and South America. In addition to creating the zoomorphic art for his own bizarre album, ╥Hits Internacionales,╙ he also created the psychedelic art for the Kaleidoscope album, for La Libre Expresion, and for his brother Reinhold╒s solo album. He had this to say about the Reinhold record: ╥My Brother Reinhold came for a visit from Germany where he was playing with several bands. He was only 19. I knew Edghar Zamudio (from Peru) and one day he asked us to record that LP. Just acoustic╤guitars and a banjo played brilliantly by my brother. I think we recorded the whole album in three or four days. I played some guitars and did some vocals as well. It╒s folky and bluesy with originals some covers and traditionals. My brother sings and plays guitar and banjo, on some of the songs he wrote.╙ The Reinhold album is so rare, even with the connection to his more famous artist brother, no one seems to have discovered it╔ until now. Despite being from the end of the 1960's, Reinhold has more of an early-60's NYC Greenwich Village Cafe Wha?-ish folk underpinning. The best tracks have gravel-pated vocals in a vaguely Tom Waits/Joseph Spence sort of vein,really syrupy and quite excellent. Overall, a dark and morose vibe dominates; and we can all use some minor key laments, now and then, right? Limited editions

R.I.P.- IN THE WIND (stoner psych) DOUBLE GATEFOLD Label:RIDING EASY Imagine that you take the sound of bands like Jerusalem, Lucifer's Friend, Dust, Sir Lord Baltimore, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Witchfinder General, Cirith Ungol and you pass it through a sieve: what you get is R.I.P.Hank thumbna LP $24 SKU:18575

RE-STONED -TOTEMS(heavy-psyche/stoner)BLACKLabel:HEADSPIN "Totems" is the fourth studio album of the Russian premiere instrumental heavy-psyche/stoner band THE RE-STONED. Unlike their previous offering, it includes only instrumental compositions ranging stylistically from the classic 70s heavy-acid-rock to psychedelic rock, desert-rock, stoner and doom music. All songs are performed by the traditional power-trio line-up of Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Alexander Romanov (bass) and Vladimir Muchnov (drums); features guest appearance of Kent Stump of WO FAT among others. The sound-mastering was done by Tobias Swensson in Malmo, Sweden. This is arguably the tightest and heaviest album of the band. Must have for lovers of heavy riffs, solid groves, steadfast melodies and instrumental voodoo! LP $22 SKU:19073

REAL KIDS- Foggy Notion-Label:NORTON All Songs Recorded Live, Boston 1974 This Disc Contains The Earliest Recordings Of The Kids, Later Known As The Real Kids LP $14 SKU:4388

REDONDO BEAT - Meet Redondo Beat ( 60s infl. Raspberries/ Bay City Rollers style ) - Label:DIONYSUS With download coupon .Influences run the gamut from early 60s Brill Building songwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early 70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock n roll music with all the drive of late 70s punk powered 80s power pop. Dionysus commissioned Southern California Surf artist Damian Fulton to paint the cover and the disc was mastered by The Tikiyaki Orchestras Jim Bacchi. Its a marvelous listening experience that will have you traveling time and bobbing your head to some of the sweetest retro-pop-rock music youve EVER heard! LP $14 SKU:16949

REINHOLD MOLITOR- ST (Trippy Mexican psych ) SAALE - Label:VAM Official reissue of this ultra-rare album (Discos Zave LPL 163, 1969). Globe-trotting artist Bodo Molitor may have been born in Germany, but he’ll forever be associated with the psychedelic scene in Mexico and South America. In addition to creating the zoomorphic art for his own bizarre album, “Hits Internacionales,” he also created the psychedelic art for the Kaleidoscope album, for La Libre Expresion, and for his brother Reinhold’s solo album. He had this to say about the Reinhold record: “My Brother Reinhold came for a visit from Germany where he was playing with several bands. He was only 19. I knew Edghar Zamudio (from Peru) and one day he asked us to record that LP. Just acoustic—guitars and a banjo played brilliantly by my brother. I think we recorded the whole album in three or four days. I played some guitars and did some vocals as well. It’s folky and bluesy with originals some covers and traditionals. My brother sings and plays guitar and banjo, on some of the songs he wrote.” The Reinhold album is so rare, even with the connection to his more famous artist brother, no one seems to have discovered it… until now. Despite being from the end of the 1960's, Reinhold has more of an early-60's NYC Greenwich Village Cafe Wha?-ish folk underpinning. The best tracks have gravel-pated vocals in a vaguely Tom Waits/Joseph Spence sort of vein—really syrupy and quite excellent. Overall, a dark and morose vibe dominates; and we can all use some minor key laments, now and then, right? Limited editions (both formats) of only 500 copies, and available exclusively via Lion Productions and our friends. LP $12 SKU:15257

RICHMOND SLUTS-60 Cycles of Love- San Francisco glam)Label:ROCK BOX W DOWNLOAD CARD -Hailing from the Richmond District of San Francisco, The Richmond Sluts are a revved up rock n roll band guaranteed to make you move, sweat, dance, and shake LP $10 SKU:18375

ROCK SHOP - MR LEE’S SWING’N AFFAIR PRESENTS ( ULTRA RARE 69 GARAGE PSYCH) Label:BACCHUS ARCHIVES Limited reissue of ultra rare 1969 Southern Californian folk-garage-psych "real person" LP. Don't pay $200 for an original, just get this one! LP $5 SKU:18739


DOMNICKS- Hey Rock and Roller EPCD (garage power pop ) Label:OFF THE HIP The DomNicks combine the Perth Garage Rock/Power Pop legend Dom Mariani (The Stems, DM3, Someloves), with the British punk attack of Nick Shepherd (The Clash, The Cortinas). CD $10 SKU:11254

DUNHILL BLUES - HULACIDE- RAW POWER Sonics, /MC5, / Dictators/ New York Dolls style -Label:OFF THE HIP "Hulacide" is The Dunhill Blues' third album and it's tighter and more in your face than those that have gone before. The sense of scrappy irreverence is intact but The Dunnies now sound like a well-honed unit. They still mix it up but have developed their own cohesive sound - without losing many rough edges.From the opening surf-a-rama-bama-lama title track to the feedback-laced "It's Gonna Look Like a Murder/Suicide" (who said song names have to be uplifting?) this is garage greatness, a 16-tune stylistic smash-up derby that works on almost every level. A song like "I Wanna Tickle Nick Cave" is a thrashed to within an inch of its life with a couple of grinding chords and a shout-sung vocal, but it holds together. It says 'This is not a band that takes itself too seriously'. It's a figurative hot poker up the orifice of the Dark Prince of Torch Songs that his nearest and dearest should play at his next Birthday Party, if not his wake. Like, Nick, don't take it so seriously, man.-194 CD $8 SKU:18917

GIMMIES - Roll UP (STOOGES/MC5 style garage)Label:OFF THE HIP THE GIMMIES are rock action personified with screaming guitars that tap into the Detroit tradition of the Stooges & MC5 and matched by a cockiness that would put The Pretty Things to shame. Combined with their love of Australian garage rock and their English-as-a-second-language-lyrics, they twist rock music into shrapnel only matched by their Japanese brethren Guitar Wolf, Teengenerate and the King Brothers. CD $8 SKU:18914

MARIANI , DOM - Shell Collection (guitar based pop/rock Stems/ Someloves) -Label:OFF THE HIP Outtakes And Rarities 1988-2006! Dom Mariani needs no introduction to anyone with an interest in honest Australian music thru the past 20 years. Having fronted such first class acts as THE STEMS, THE SOMELOVES, MAJESTIC KELP & DM3, Dom's name is synonymous with high quality guitar based pop/rock. Collected here on "Shell Collection" are 14 cuts that've never appeared on any of his long players, including 2 exclusive songs and most tracks appearing on CD for the first time. This CD compilation will complete your Dom Mariani collection. CD $12 SKU:4806

MCDONALD,DANNY -FIBROTONES (Aussie powerpop)Label:OFF THE HIP He might not mind the powerpop tag, but Australian singer-guitarist Danny McDonald's output is nowhere near insubstantial. In fact, recent efforts put more celebrated counterparts well in the shade. Danny's a storyteller, painting pictures of rural and beachside Aussie life in a way that few can equal. For the most part, it's set against a musical accompaniment of hooky, finely-honed guitar pop or tuneful garage raunch. In other words, powerpop with balls. CD $8 SKU:18915

MOONSTONES - FUZZ FARFIZA FIESTA(MIRACLE WORKERS, CHESTERFIELD KINGS STYLE GARAGE)- Label:OFF THE HIP THE MOONSTONES are influenced by bands such as THE MIRACLE WORKERS, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS or THE SONICS and produce correspondingly superb music. The title of their debut album FUZZ, FARFISA Y FIESTA already says what they are all about: Rocking music filled with a lot of Fuzz guitar, 60's farfisa organ and a crazy party attitude; all of which is set in Spain. This album is Garage Rock at its best; brilliant melodies, groovy hammondsounds, wild and fuzzy guitars, a strong, mainly CD $8 SKU:18919

PAPA PILKO AND THE BINRATS -TILL THE END OF THE WORLD(swampy, bluesy, downright sleazy rock and roll )-Label:OFF THE HIP "The versatility of the bands sound is incredible – not once moving away from the core image, sound, style and personality of the band. This is definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on." - Meghan Player, Push To Fire. CD $8 SKU:18922

SYSTEMADDICTS -BROKEN HEARTED ON THE NULLABOR-Label:OFF THE HIP Systemaddicts are a fun, energetic six piece garage punk group from Adelaide, South Australia. They were formed by original members Liam Convey, guitarist, singer and songwriter and his bass guitarist sister Kaeli when they were still teenagers. They were joined by Jamie Woolaway on organ, Frank Boulden on drums, later replaced by current drummer Elliot Hoskin, their younger brother Rory, on Trombone (who was only 16 at the time), and Tasman Strachan on second guitar. Their style originally was a blend of the hardcore punk that Liam had been doing in his previous teenaged group The Subtitles, with the more sixties influenced keyboard style Jamie was playing with The Molting Vultures. CD $12 SKU:18017

ANTIPODEAN SCREAMSVol 2 Best of Oz Garage Underground - DBL Label:OFF THE HIP BEST IN OZ GARAGE UNDERGROUND! 25 TRAX 25 track comp highlighting the Aussie scene. Feat. Shutdown 66, Asteroid B-612, Stoneage Hearts, Hands Of Time, Frantics, etc. 12 page booklet eith photos and liners. Imp. COMP CD $14 SKU:11465

TOMORROW IS TODAY - VA DOUBLE CD The Australian Psych Scene 66-70 Label:OFF THE HIP In 2006 Community Radio 3CR and Wakefield Press produced the Tomorrow Is Today: Australia In The Psychedelic Era, 1966-70 book documenting and celebrating the Australian youth culture of the late 1960s. In June 2007 3CR, Weather Records and Off The Hip will release a double CD featuring 19 of Australias finest psych, garage and indie bands covering classic songs from acts such as The Masters Apprentices, Love Ones, The Twilights and Marty Rhone. All of the tracks were recorded live, primarily at 3CRs live-to-air studio, and a bonus disc of originals from 17 of the bands is also included. The two discs feature tracks from Even, The Green Circles, The Sand Pebbles, ninetynine, Mid State Orange, The Masonic Whores, Amaya Laucirica, The Paul Kidney Experience, Sly Hats, Thee Stag Knights, Tarantula, The Great Apes, The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers, Sun Blindness, The Love Letters, Ian D. Marks, Thee Pink Stainless Tail, King Felix and 3D TV COMP CD $16 SKU:6169


RADIO CITY - Class of '77 ( 70s Power Pop Beatles style ) SAALE -Label:Radio Heartbeat If you're anything like the folks at Radio Heartbeat, you can't get enough of '70s power pop bands that were writing songs under the influence of the Beatles, Big Star and Blue Ash and you lament the fact that there's just not as many of these records as there should have been. Enter RADIO CITY. Recorded in NY between 1977 and 1980 these 'lost' Radio City recordings have been carried along until now merely in the rumor of power pop enthusiast and collector. The wait is over as, fortunately, there remains a LPs worth of songs such as "Don't Mistake Love" and "Little Runaway" that should move even the most jaded of hearts with their blend of pop melancholy lyric and Rickenbacker jangle. LP $14 SKU:10220

RAINBOW PRESS- There's a War On (68 psych insert with liners ) SALE -Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Out-Sider presents the first legit reissue of There's a War On by The Rainbow Press, a cool US '68 psychedelic concept album with all the right moves: solid songwriting, refreshing harmonies, studio effects, organ, fuzz guitar, electric piano, sunshine/baroque touches -- think The Rainy Daze, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Doors. The Rainbow Press evolved from The Continental Divide, a college band from New York containing members from two previous British invasion groups: The Group and The Specs. They were Bill Yergin on drums, Dave Troup on bass, Larry Milton on electric piano and 12-string guitar, Marc Ellis on guitar, Charlie Osborne on organ, and Joe Groff on vocals. All the members sang vocal harmonies and the twin electric piano/organ action gave the band an unusual and cool sound. In 1968, Audio Fidelity approached them and a contract was secured. The band changed their name to the more groovy-sounding The Rainbow Press and sessions for their first album started at Radio City in New York. There's a War On saw the light in 1968 on the Mr. G label (the "hip" branch of Audio Fidelity). It's hard to believe this perfectly recorded psychedelic beauty was made by college students! Remastered sound; includes insert with liner notes telling the band's story for the first time. LP $22 SKU:16564

RAINMAN - ST (70's Q-65 related W INSERT AND BONUS TRACKS )Label:PSEUDONYM Original artwork with insert, but with two previously unreleased bonus tracks,
How a guitarist of Q65 became the solo artist Rainman An unexpected incident can have far-reaching consequences. During a friendly game of soccer Frank Nuijens was kicked in such a brutal manner that he ended up with a double leg fracture. Musing on his hospital bed, amidst baskets of fruit and other tokens of attention, he realised that this might be an excellent opportunity to finish some songs, which had not found favour in the eyes of his mates from Q65. The songs did not have definitive lyrics, but Q65 drummer Jay Baar took care of that. The latter subsequently contacted most of the other musicians, the majority of whom arrived at the studio "high as a kite". Nuijens himself contacted guitarist Eelco Gelling and bass player Herman Deinum of Cuby + Blizzards. Due to contractual obligations, on the album cover they were named E. Stoffel and H. Staalmeester respectively. For a part, the production was carried out by ex-Blizzard Dick Beekman, at the time drummer with Livin Blues. The title track Rainman - sung as listlessly as the Dutch weather - provided the stage name, for a great part they took their inspiration from the music of Neil Young, John Lennon, James Taylor, the underground group Moby Grape and last but not least the compositional giant Tim Hardin. The only cover tune on the album was Hardins brilliant Dont Make Promises. LP $18 SKU:13230

RALLIZES DENUDES --Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes (legendary 60s Japanese rockers) Label:PHOENIX Legendary Japanese rock outfit Les Rallizes Denud s were formed in 1967 and incredibly, for a group that had only one official release (Oz Days Live, a double vinyl compilation release in 1973), played their last gig almost 30 years later in October 1996.The band's name apparently means "f*cked up and naked," which more than adequately describes their music.Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes sits at #11 on Julian Cope's list of top Japanese album LP $18 SKU:11986

RED KRAYOLA - Coconut Hotel (far out 1967 release) Label:DRAG CITY Coconut Hotel hails from 1967, when it was recorded for International Artists in the wake of the international success of The Parable of Arable Land. Too far out for its day (!), Coconut Hotel was eventually issued on Drag City in 1995 and features the original Red Crayola at their most extremely experimental, while still retaining the air of whimsey ('One-Second Pieces') that permeates all their releases." LP $14 SKU:16030

RED KRAYOLA - Singles 69 -2004 SAALE -Label:DRAG CITY Eight years later, and in another era entirely, a summing-up occurred with the compilation of short-play Krayola records, Singles. Spanning the years 1969 - 2004, Singles contains many Krayola klassics of the pre-punk, punk, post-punk, etc. eras once represented by labels like Texas Revolution, Rough Trade, Konkurrenz, and uh, Drag City. This comp was released on CD only ten years ago -- imagine that! Here it is for the first time on vinyl. LP $17 SKU:16031

RELATIVELY CLEAN RIVERS- ST (70s West Coast rural rock ) 180 gram 2014 repress SAALE -Label:PHOENIX RECORDS (UK) 2016 repress; LP version. Former Beat Of The Earth leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early '70s and eventually released this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although Pearlman's first recorded effort was a surf/hot rod 45 entitled Chrome Reversed Rails which appeared on the Fink label in the mid-'60s, it was with Beat Of The Earth that he began to forge a distinctive musical voice. The band was one of the earliest-known experimental bands with a sound reminiscent of their East Coast counterparts, The Velvet Underground, whose influence is often discernible on Relatively Clean Rivers. That said, RCR is recognized by those fortunate enough to have heard it as one of the very finest albums of the era, with a clearly-defined American sound akin to The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp or CSNY circa Déjà Vu. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in '70s West Coast music or simply great music in general. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl once again, and comprehensively remastered using the latest 48-bit technology.
180 gram vinyl LP reissue of this all-time U.S. underground classic, originally released in 1976.
- Formed by Phil Pearlman, who led seminal experimental band Beat Of The Earth.
- "All California sunsets and country living clean, you can feel the wind in this album, in the melodies and in the guitar lines. This is Grateful Dead-esque music for people who hate the Grateful Dead (and also those who love 'em)." --Other Music LP $19 SKU:7931

REP, MIKE AND THE QUOTAS-Hellbender 1975-78 (rare Velvets/Elevators style)Label:HOZAC "Central Ohio is far more of a schizophrenic hotbed of rock than the Library of Alexandria would lead you to believe. If you squint your eyes past the big city lights & skyscrapers (Rep likes to call them 'DIEscrapers'), you can see the outlines of the fertile Ohio Valley Crescent from which much Midwest D.I.Y. Punk emerged in the aftermath of a late-60's/early-70's gestation period. When digging into the Columbus strata of petrified 70's fossil-rock pure Columbus area underground entities bubble up from the deep: Jim Shepard, Ron House, Tommy Jay, Nudge Squidfish, The Quotas, Screaming Urge... many more. It seems that in some way or another Mike Rep has been intertwined with, 'Lovingly Fucking With', melding with, accompanying and/or leading the charge with many comrades in arms into the hipster Ohio Hell unknown for 40+ freaking years. Describing the allure of the mid-70s Ohio sound to the uninitiated isn't too difficult. Take the freaked-out post-13th Floor Elevators to Velvet Underground to Stooges to RFTT/Pere Ubu barbed wire bop and compound those influences with the dawn of home recording equipment access, a D.I.Y scene began to evolve. Just the right mixture of humidity, THC & malt liquor-fueled a primal pool ripe for spontaneous generation producing much fruit from apparent sterile soil as viewed from the overlook of big city coastal-dominated Hipsterism. Rep's homemade debut single 'Rocket To Nowhere' was recorded in 1975/'released' in 1978 and nobody noticed for the next ten years. Add to that the incredible Grim-O-Comix Sequence LP packed with angst ridden 1974 basement recordings (you need to drop everything and track it down if you haven't heard this unblinkingly look into the maw of the 70's loser teen maelstrom). HERE & NOW, on Hellbender you get a full primal serving of mostly previously unheard chaos, recorded between '75 and '78, that will no doubt cause future generations to marvel at just how one could be so brutally honest, raw, and wasted yet, live to chronicle it all. Hozac Archival is bringing these sounds to you now. Why? Because it IS the kind of mind-numbing, eyeball-popping guttural pure D.I.Y. rock & roll that saved so many miserable souls from succumbing to the 'American Dream' sham, and continue to inspire the D.I.Y. spirit in all who care to dare. Mike Rep & The Quotas / Hellbender- Very rare, mostly previously unheard recordings from 1975-78, very recently gleaned straight from the long thought lost original reel-to-reel master tapes." LP $16 SKU:17929

RICE, LARRY SUNSHINE- Here's Sunshine (Texas 60s )SAALE - Label:TIME-LAG RECORDS Beautiful exact reproduction art packaged in a lovely heavy 60s style cover and pressed on 180gm audiophile vinyl. Includes an insert with new notes from the artist, as well as a short except from his book 'Morning Glory,' which was written in 1968 and tells the story behind the album, but has yet to be published. One time vinyl only edition of 500 copies." LP $18 SKU:13202

RIDE- Masturbazione Mentale (Italian punkers KBD style ) IMPORT - Label:RAVE UP The Ride were a punk rock band from Milan strongly influenced by Nuns and ’77 US punk rock. Formed in early eighties, in the same period of italian ‘hardcore’ scene.The band recorded only one 12” in 1986 and two demos in 1985 and 1987. This anthology contains 14 killer studio tracks, one of the best examples of american ‘Killed by Death’punk rock style with great Italian lyrics! LP $10 SKU:16042

RODD , KEITH - Black Phoenix Blues ( obscure 70s pop genius ) -Ltd ed w download Label:ROARATORIO (USA) A limited edition LP with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from noted blues guitarist Debbie Davies, one of Keith’s musical and personal compadres from the early 1970s. Download coupon included."
"To call Rodd Keith the king of the song-poems (also known as the “send us your lyrics” quick buck-demo mill) is damning with faint praise: no one else in that shady backwater of the music industry possessed an array of talents as distinctively individual as his. As gifted a singer, composer and arranger as he was, his genius was destined to remain a well-kept secret during his lifetime by virtue of the complete disregard – verging on invisibility – in which song-poem records were held. He was a commercial musician in the most literal sense of the word, but within those confines, he displayed an oddball, personal vision that frequently transcended the work-for-hire nature of his music. This is the third Roaratorio collection of the best of Rodd Keith’s vast output. Dating from 1966 to 1974, the sixteen previously unreissued songs showcase the scope of his work: the should’ve-been-a-hit 'You And I'; the elegant exotica of 'I Love Lovely Chinese Gal'; the history lesson of 'The Explosion Of Holden 22 Mine'; the harrowing psychokiller musings of the title track, 'I’m Proud To Be A Hippie From Mississippi,' the stoner’s answer to Merle Haggard’s 'Okie From Muskogee'; the low-fi 'The Game Of Love' (which, in the tradition of Keith’s infamous 'I’m Just The Other Woman,' prompted the dissatisfied customer to request a more conventional re-take); the disturbingly desperate 'Sing My Death Note,' which was discovered on one of Keith’s private reels; and the unclassifiable wtf?-ness of 'Abidin’ Tuh The Rule.' A limited edition LP with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz and liner notes from noted blues guitarist Debbie Davies, one of Keith’s musical and personal compadres from the early 1970s. Download coupon included. LP $17 SKU:15620

2LP, 180GRAM
One of Hollands greatest, unheralded bands, the Ro-d-ys hailed from the small village of Oude Pekela, in the northeast province of Groningen. From this remote rural outpost, carved out of the regions peat bogs, the Ro-d-ys burst forth onto the Dutch music scene in 1967 with a uniquely original sound that was always several steps removed from the rest of the beat music pack. Between 1967 and 1969 they released two albums, along with a string of unerringly inventive and melodic singles, including the Top 10 hits Take Her Home and Just Fancy. Take Here Home: The Philips 45s is a magnificent double-album collection, presenting all of the Ro-d-ys A- and B-sides of their 45rpm releases in their original mono mixes, along with an array of bonus tracks, including choice selections from their Just Fancy and Earnest Vocation LPs, hard-to-find obscurities like Tomorrow and a previously unreleased version of Flowers Everywhere. All tracks are dynamically remastered from the original tapes. The deluxe gatefold sleeve includes rare photos, single covers and liner notes by Mike Stax - Ugly Things magazine. Music Style: Beat, Mod Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes 2LP high quality 180 gram audiophile pressing Deluxe 350 gram carton gatefold sleeve Rare archival photos included Liner Notes by Mike Stax / Ugly Things magazine LP $25 SKU:15079

ROGERS , KENNY - & THE FIRST EDITION "LIVE VEGAS '72-Label:MAPLEWOOD The New Christy Minstrels helped launch the careers of such notables as Gene Clark (The Byrds) and Kim Carnes; it also helped launch the careers of Kenny Rogers and Mike Settle. After a short stint with the Minstrels, Rogers and fellow members Mike Settle, Terry Williams, and Thelma Camacho left the group. They formed The First Edition in 1967 (later renamed "Kenny Rogers and The First Edition"). Yes, that Kenny Rogers. The Gambler. But before he was the Gambler, Kenny was a long hair with an earring and pink sunglasses.

Presented here, by Maplewood Records, for the first time ever is a live album that was recorded over three nights at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1972. The lineup for the First Edition during this recording included newcomers Gene Lorenzo on Hammond organ and Jimmy Hassell on guitar/backing vocals replacing the departed Mike Settle. The record was produced by Jim Callon, founding member of the Glass Family, in the year after the concert recordings. It was cut from several nights and meant to showcase the band’s live acumen, which was a tight hard rocking machine. It delivers. Long buried in Jim’s garage, you will hear hot versions of such notable numbers as 'King of Rock n’ Roll,' 'Tell It All', 'Take This Hammer', and the band's biggest hit 'Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).' When listening to this record, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a smoky nightclub in the Las Vegas Hilton, don’t you think? Maybe having a cocktail with your old lady or old man after an afternoon of hitting the tables? Give it a listen and see where it takes you. Limited to 500 copies. LP $15 SKU:17192