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SUMMER OF LOVE 1969 SERIES- Peace Love and Music

The "Summer of '69" series opens new colored-vinyl versions of the two classic Woodstock collections everyone knows and loves: WOODSTOCK: MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND MORE (3-LP, half blue/half hot pink vinyl, and WOODSTOCK TWO (2-LP, half orange/half mint green vinyl, Originally released in 1970 and 1971 respectively, these sets include indelible performances by Jimi Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone, Santana, The Who and more.

WOODSTOCK - 50th Anniversary MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK AND MORE -BLUE AND PINK vinyl TRIPLE Label:COTILLION /Rhino First volume. These are the hard to find COLORED VINYL VERSIONS with the hype stickers! LP $50 SKU:23744

WOODSTOCK TWO- 50th Anniversary -Orange and Green vinyl DOUBLE LP set of the 1971 Soundtrtack Label:COTILLION /Rhino These are the hard to find COLORED VINYL VERSIONS with the hype stickers! This is the second live album featuring additional performances from the Woodstock festival. Features additional performances by The Butterfield Blues Band, Canned Heat, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and more. LP $50 SKU:23741


DOUGLAS FIR -HARD HEART SINGIN (Classic heavy 70s rock)Label:GEAR FAB Their classic 1970 LP, recorded in the great Pacific Northwest State of Portland, Oregon. Great heavy and haunting organ, driving guitars, and outstanding "Guess Who" style vocals make this reissue the favorite choice to look forward to for the summer of 2000!! CD $10 SKU:18724

HILLOW HAMMET Hammer (legendary 70s hard psych - Label:GEAR FAB The unknown group that many have speculated came from the Washington, D.C. area. This is Hard Rock and Heavy Psych music that most collectors describe as legendary. Recorded in 1970 in Nashville, this Mega Rarity will not disappoint!! CD $10 SKU:12745

MAD TIMOTHY- A Very Snug Joiner (previously unknown late ’60s/ early ’70s acetate, BLue Cheer style)-Label:GEAR FAB First ever release for this previously unknown late ’60s/ early ’70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz–psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat. CD $10 SKU:20585

PALACE GUARDS - ST (60s Louisiana garage ) -Label:GEAR FAB Yes, the great Southern California band that featured Don Grady of Yellow Balloon & "My Three Sons" fame, Emitt Rhodes of The Merry-Go-Round, and Terry Rae of Jamme. They were the featured band at The Hullaballoo club in LA in the 1960's.CD $10 SKU:22074

ROCK ISLAND - ST (Chicago 70s psych ) Label:GEAR FAB Their self-titled debut album from 1970. This Chicago-based rock group provides a lot of hard driving rock, psychedelic, acid and R&B sounds that were so prevalent during the 11/6/2019turn of that decade. They would later morph into Rain, who released another LP in 1972. Several members of the band would later go on to play with Paul McCartney!!" CD $10 SKU:11176

SALEM MASS - Witch Burning (1971 Fuzz vocals, heavy organ)- Label:GEAR FAB Salem Mass, the Caldwell, Idaho band that recorded their classic "Witch Burning" LP at their favorite bar, converted into a studio, in 1971. (Using serial number 023 Moog Synthesizer!!) Heavy Organ, Outstanding Vocals, Fuzz Guitar, Pounding Bass, and Drums that will shake your walls!!!! Turn up the volume on this one!! CD $10 SKU:21730

SHORTCROSS - Arising (1972 Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad style)-Label:GEAR FAB AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart [-]Opening with song titles such as "Nothin' But a Woman," "Wastin' Time," "Suicide Blues," and "Just Don't Care," Short Cross made no secret on their sole 1972 album, Arising of the fact that they aspired to make hard blues-rock like their idols -- Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad -- were creating. Sure enough, the album is a piece of competently played blues-rock. All the bandmembers are quality musicians: the drums fall into a nice groove, the basslines soar and dip, and there is no shortage of good guitar licks CD $10 SKU:18655

SKY FARMER - Amazing Grace (1971 country blues psych) Label:GEAR FAB “Country blues with tinges of psychedelia" -- a cross between J. Geils and It's A Beautiful Day. he Post-Mountain Bus R&B/Rock band that fromed in 1971 and continued on until 1975. Never before released studio and live sessions!! CD $10 SKU:21732

SLEEPY JOHN - ST (60S IDAHO PSYCH W BONUS TRACKS)-Label:GEAR FAB The Washington State psych band's total recorded output of music between 1969-1970. Heavy swirling organ coupled with fuzzed out guitars!! Off the master tapes. Over 70 minutes in all. These guys played with the likes of Stone Garden and The Bards!! CD $10 SKU:18659

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- Alabama In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB More great unearthed 60's stuff by recently discovered bands from Alabama. Lots of unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18599

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- MARYLAND In The 60’s DOUBLE CD -Label:GEAR FAB DOUBLE CD Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $14 SKU:18609

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- MISSOURI In The 60’s VOL 1&2 DOUBLE CD Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $14 SKU:18612


LONESOME SHACK - City Man (Great boogie blues groove)Label:KNICK KNACK On the surface, it's easy to burrow into City Man and imagine it was recorded in some Mississippi juke joint a long, long time ago (accentuated by the fact that Todd pushes both his guitar and the vocal through the same little amp). But when you put an ear to what's really going on, you start hearing all the subtle-but-wild-ass stuff Garrard's doing - or the cool how-did-he-do-that riffs Todd pulls, tugs, and flecks out of his Tiesco's strings or Bergman's not-what-you-would've-expected-was-going-to-happen approach to blues bass. And therein lies the secret to Lonesome Shack: you can have a happy, casual hangout with City Man and have a good time or you can dig into the thing as deeply as you like and find a treasure trove of mind-blowing grooves that go somewhere beyond the traditional. --Brian Robbins, Brian-Robbins.com, January 1, 2013 CD $10 SKU:21849

TONGUE - Keep on Truckin (forgotten classic of late '60s American psych)Label:GEAR FAB Tongue were a blues-based, organ-fueled, country and rural folk-influenced hard rock band that emerged from the copious student population of countercultural Wisconsin. Though Tongue remains a criminally underrated outfit, and never made it big on a national level, their touring reached legendary status, particularly in the mid-west. They were on the road for 10 years and played 250 gigs a year without flying to a single one of them. CD $10 SKU:19455

TORMENTORS, THE- Hanging 'Round ( 1967 undiscovered psych pop) -Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:10787

TOTAL REJECTION - THE TIME TRAVELLER'S 3RD WILL AND TESTAMENTLabel:RAVING POP BLAST! The third album from these garage rocking pop-psych heads is very possibly the best one yet. Taking their '60s influenced garage rock music a step further, 'The Time Traveller's...' finds deeper darker depths. Influences are worn on the front of t-shirts, quite openly yes, but you can actually believe these guys know what they're wearing! This album builds on the raw sound of its predecessors with a further blast of psych'n'roll. Tremelo and wah wah pedals get abused to squalling effect, Keith Moon-esque drums clatter and the Hammond wails. It's ALIVE! And THRILLING! The songs are stuffed with pop melodies and the sound has its tentacles over all manner of '60s bands - the cover of Bohemian Vendetta's 'Enough' gives a clue as to where the band's collective head is. The album is beautifully produced in a way it sounds like it wasn't produced at all. Totally raw and occasionally rough-edged, exactly how music was recorded, before technology smoothed everything out to near blandness. Guitars twang, chime, fuzz and wah-wah into a frenzy of excitement, vocals stretch beyond their abilities and occasionally scream and break, while the drums biff bang and pow (er) their way through, while somehow holding everything together. Organs swirl, and a variety of 'strange sounds' all of which were created by experimentation, rather than using modern day 'plug ins' or 'pressing buttons', will have you wondering, what is that?... CD $17 SKU:23479

TOUCH- Street Suite (1968 blues psych) -Label:GEAR FAB AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart :Coming directly from playing live with some of the finest hard rock bands of the era, Touch entered the studio to record their only album in 1968, released the following year in a limited pressing of 100 LPs. This Gear Fab reissue collects that entire album with the original lineup's two non-LP 45s, three songs recorded by the altered post-LP lineup, and a couple cuts by the Essence, the latter day band of Touch leader Ray Schulte. As such, it is the complete collection of the band's intense, sometimes left-leaning psychedelia grounded in blues.CD $10 SKU:18644

TRAFFIC SOUND - Virgin (1969 Peruvian hard rock/ psych ) Label:MUNSTER The second LP by Traffic Sound, released in 1969, is one of the masterpieces of Latin rock. On their first album with self-written songs, the band from Lima combined psychedelia, hard rock, a hint of progressive rock and a Latin tinge to create a personal, mighty sound full of details. The best example is Meshkalina, a track with references to Incan culture which became an anthem of the period and was heard all over Peru. The LP was a great success and even saw a US release. CD $10 SKU:20131

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - Lonely Road Revival Overlooked ALIVE favorite, Amazing Beachwood Sparks style folk and dirty punk blues -Label:ALIVE Fans of The Band Or Buffalo Springfield should check this album out. – Terrascope. “There's a spirit of music made for sheer joy in Lonely Road Revival that could've come straight out of The Bristol Sessions.” – Rhino. CD $5 SKU:22857


TREACLE PEOPLE-ST(70s style prog psych Deep Purple/Zep style) Label:WORLD IN SOUND On their analogue-recorded debut album the quintet Treacle People very impressively and with lot of love to the detail revive the spirit, the musicianship and the passion of their British idols from the early 70s. The eight partly epic original compositions have been recorded in 2 sessions "live" in studio and reflect many-faceted, progressive, psychedelic and classical hard rock. Their wide musical spectrum presents .... expressive, emotional and striking vocals (Cruelest Secret - Zero Gravity) .... atmospheric but also aggressive guitarsolos (Neptune's Kiss - Anschlag I) .... a pulsating, excessive-rocking hammond-organ (Anschlag I - Last Song), warm and dynamic hammond/piano melodies (Cruelest Secret - Moonchild) .... driven by a powerful-grooving bass and soulful to hypnotic drums. Biographic information: All members are in their early/mid twenties and the history of Treacle People begins in 1998 in Worms (south-western part of Germany). They are inspired by the roots of the progressive and psychedelic hard rock from 60's and early 70's, the time period in which youth celebrated musical excesses creatively and revolutionary. Classically trained they practiced themselves in the works of Deep Purple, Led zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, E.L.P, King Crimson and Pink Floyd. Thus originated from experimental, endless jam-sessions technically polished rock songs which have "the own appeal". Live on stage they perform excessively own material but also highlights from rock history: In a Gadda da Vida " (Iron Butterfly), "Black Night" (Deep Purple) and Pink Floyds complete CD $12 SKU:21762

TRUE WEST-Best Western 80s Paisley Underground LIVE,UNRELEASED,RARE RECORDINGS)Label:SKYCLAD True West was an American rock band that originated in 1982 in Davis, California. They were considered part of the Paisley Underground, a psychedelic-inspired rock music movement in California during the 1980s. CD $10 SKU:20432

TRUTH AND JANEY-Topeka Jam ( 70s midwest power trio Psych ) -Label:ROCKADROME RECORDS (USA) Excavated from the archives of a long-time roadie and brought back from the brink of disintegration comes this collection of live recordings made over several nights in Topeka, Kansas circa 1974. The celebrated Iowa hard rock trio is captured here in raw form doing what they did best, stretching out into extended jam sessions featuring heavy guitar action from Billylee Janey, booming fuzz bass from Steve Bock, and Denis Bunce locked in the zone behind his drum kit. "Midnight Horsemen," originally released as a 3-minute single in 1972, is featured here as a 22-minute jam and is a prime example of vintage Truth and Janey. Also included are several previously unreleased songs which have not been heard in over 40 years, as well as early versions of "Down the Road" and "My Mind," from their 1976 underground hard rock classic debut album, "No Rest for the Wicked." Digipak. CD $14 SKU:22586

TURPENTINE BROTHERS - We Don't Care About Your Good Times-Label:ALIVE The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). "Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year." - Kopper / Garagepunk.com CD $5 SKU:13133

UGLY BEATS-Bring on the Beats (AUSTIN TEXAS jangly garage pop ) Label:GET HIP Stellar new release by Austin's favorite jangly Garage crew! Stars Align features your favorite ageless teen punks further refining their pounding folk-jangle sound on their fifth LP: 11 originals + a terrific take on the Real Kids' classic She Come Alive. CD $10 SKU:21813

UGLY BEATS- Motor! (Texas Brit garage style )Label:GET HIP With their second release, the band proves the town, has room enough to accommodate the carefree, buoyant feeling of British Invasion-era garage rock. (Pop Matters ) CD $10 SKU:12051

UGLY BEATS-Stars Align (AUSTIN TEXAS jangly garage pop ) Label:GET HIP Stellar new release by Austin's favorite jangly Garage crew! Stars Align features your favorite ageless teen punks further refining their pounding folk-jangle sound on their fifth LP: 11 originals + a terrific take on the Real Kids' classic She Come Alive. CD $10 SKU:21528

UMBRA - ST(Brown ACid 70s heavy)Label:LION Umbra’s story is that of a band from the early 1970’s who recorded what they wanted to record: heavy, heavy music from the start of the “American Comedown Era” as we’ve seen it described by our friends for their “Brown Acid” series; a band whose music, terrific though it is, has never to this point been released out into the wide world. The tracks are hard-edged and heavy, verging on acid rock at times. Makes sense, as Umbra was a power trio most of their too-brief existence. Yet the songs (heavy though they are) have a deft touch. Spacey intros and weird effects were created by recording guitar licks, then re-recording them played backwards at double speed. There is an utterly refreshing category-free approach to writing songs that makes Umbra’s music exciting to hear. Comes with a 16-page booklet, with lyrics, photos, plus interesting and funny things that can only happen to musicians, and did to Umbra. CD $14 SKU:21740

UNDERGROUND ELECTRICS/THE GENERATION GAP- HEY JUDE/UP UP & AWAY (1960s two great psych/exploito LPs on one CD)
-Label:GEAR FAB From the great period of the late 1960s, two great psych/exploito LPs on one CD, in mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. The Electric Underground & The Generation Gap attempted to cash in on the Summer Of Love sound, outrageous color designs, and real groovy song titles!! CD $10 SKU:21708

UNFOLDING - How to Blow your Mind Freak Out Party (1967 flower power )-Label:GEAR FAB Recorded during the height of the Flower Power Movement, classic 1967 free form LP that features lots of sitars, chimes, harpsichord and other far out sounds. Even includes notes on how to spice up your parties using TV's, kaleidoscopes, and other "natural things" CD $10 SKU:19457

UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Where You Gonna Go (66-75 Michigan proto hard rock)Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Sixties punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order! Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Master tape sound, insert with photos and liner notes. The Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Tracks like “Cry, Cry, Cry” with its teenage-angst vocals and out of control fuzztone guitar break, “The Story Of My Life” with that bizarre and ultra-punk bass line or the moody-punker “It’s gonna rain” have been included on countless garage comps (Back From The Grave, Acid Dreams, Nuggets, etc) and have been covered by numerous bands who worship them as 60s punk Gods. Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. After three outstanding 45s, they recorded a projected fourth single that never saw the light of day, just when the band had changed its name to U.S and had started playing in a heavier vein, similar to early MC5. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes / rehearsals, you’ll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments / Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock! “The Unrelated Segments emerged from the same downriver suburbs that had produced the MC5, and their suburban mutation was almost as unique. Singer Ron Stults had an unforgettable style somewhere between punk snarl and Brit erudition and the songs he wrote with lead guitarist Rory Mack were catchy and substantial” – Ben Edmonds (Creeem, Rolling Stone, Mojo CD $10 SKU:22973

VIV AND THE SECT-THIS WILL PASS (outstanding Garage-Psych band from Mexico City!)Label:GET HIP Debut album by outstanding Garage-Psych band from Mexico City! Powerful, fuzzy, moody, in-your-face with excellent original songs and amazing guitar riffs. Mastered by Jim Diamond. A must for garage fans! The new garage generation is alive and well. CD $10 SKU:23022

WAKEFIELD - Lost Warthog tapes (1969 Colorado psych )Label:GEAR FAB This psychedelic rock band from Pueblo, Colorado formed in 1969 and continued to play all over the Northwest until their breakup in 1974. The band recorded a concept album for Warthog Studios in Denver from 1971-72. CD $10 SKU:21735

WARLOCKS- ST (Spacemen 3, Elevators style) SALE - Label:BOMP Records Debut EP CD. Amazing band, think Velvets, Spacemen 3, 13h Floor Elevators. “On its six-track debut, this L.A. band seems to exist in a kind of opiated haze, redolent of Spacemen 3, a heavier Velvet Underground, and (I suppose) the Jesus and Mar Chain. Occasionally things get a bit more wired, as on the awesomel rollicking "Cavemak Rock." Bomp supremo Greg Shaw is known to be a big fan of these guys, so they'd get my vote even if they didn't have the class to close their album with a 12-minute, 35 second workout entitled "Jam of the Warlocks." - The Big Takeover CD $10 SKU:22945

HIGHS IN THE MID 60’s - Vol 21 OHIO 2 60s rarities) ARCHIVE COPIES! Label:AIP Direct from the BOMP WAREHOUSE, complete with authentic BOMP dust from the 1980’s! These are the last few copies , about to be out of print forever and ever! Sparkles, Lost Generation, Iguanas etc --A regional look at US '60s garage music. These are the last copies , about to be out of print forever and ever! COMP LP $25 SKU:5090

HIGHS IN THE MID 60’s - Vol. 19 Michigan PART 3 ARCHIVE COPIES! (60s rarities)-Label:AIP Direct from the BOMP WAREHOUSE, complete with authentic BOMP dust from the 1980’s! These are the last few copies , about to be out of print forever and ever! Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 19 (subtitled Michigan, Part 3) is a compilation album in the Highs in the Mid-Sixties series, featuring recordings that were released in Michigan. Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 5 and Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 6 are earlier volumes in the series featuring bands from this state. One of Iggy Pop's first band was the Iguanas; the band was formed in 1963 when he was still in high school, and he was the band's drummer. This previously unreleased track comes from early demo tapes and is evidently the first song recorded where he was the songwriter. AIP Records has also released a series of compilation albums of unreleased Iggy Pop material named after this band, called the Iguana Chronicles. This album was released in 1985 as an LP by AIP Records (as #AIP-10028). COMP LP $35 SKU:7982

INTO THE OUTRO: 14 L.A. Hit Makers! -SWINGIN' L.A. SOUNDS-Unreleased tracks from seedy garages and Hollywood back alleys. Label:OUTRO Underground & Over Sexed Rawk! - Unreleased tracks from seedy garages and Hollywood back alleys. On Vinyl Only!!! Into The Outro is a documentation of what is going on in L.A.'s dirty (and packed) underground Rock'n'Roll clubs right now. Each one of the 14 bands on this compilation serves up a previously unreleased song... and every tune is a proper banger! Everything that Outro Records was created to share is represented on this vinyl-only release. Garage, Rock'n'Roll, Punk, Powerpop, and "Astrosurf" are all displayed in the most honest and unpretentiously primitive way! It's been a very, very long time since L.A. has sounded this cool!! COMP LP $19 SKU:22157

KAMINARI VOL. 2-NINETEEN MORE JAPANESE GARAGE MONSTERS (60s style beat, surf and garage) SALE! -Label:GROOVIE rue to its original concept, this volume of 'Kaminari' brings you another batch of 19 exciting underground bands from all over Japan. If garage rock, trash punk, '60s beat, fuzz or surf is your thing, then you'll dig 'Kaminari' like candy. The LP features artwork by Christophe Lopez Uci. COMP LP $15 SKU:22902

KEYSTONE EFFECT VOL.1:1964-74 -14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND - SALE! -Label:FRANKLIN 14 LOST GARAGE & PSYCHEDELIC TRACKS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIAN UNDERGROUND'. A collection of obscure, forgotten or never released mid-'60s/early-'70s garage and psychedelic rarities from the Keystone state. Limited 300 copies only, so order fast! COMP LP $20 SKU:17888

BOGEYMEN-ACTION TIME!(Small Faces style French garage) -Label: PURPLE ZONE Originally released on CD in 1995 on the defunct French garage-punk label DIG! Records. This was the second album of French #1 mod band The Bogeymen. This record contains 11 originals and 1 cover. All songs are real smashers, no fillers!! Soulful vocals of singer/guitarist Laurent Bauer, smashing Rickenbacker, groovy organ and powerful bass/drums section make this album the perfect companion to any Small Faces, Prisoners, Creeps albums. Only 200 copies on black vinyl. LP $15 SKU:21458

BONNEVILLES-Dirty Photographs STARBURST LP (Left Lane Cruiser, Black Keys, James Leg style) Label:ALIVE Self-annointed a garage, punk, blues outfit like an arrow piercing my very own heart, lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. McGibbon’s song writing is never suspect, influenced from those before yet soaked and steadily glazed in a brine of “cheap beer and buckfast” as well as personal stories, characters, and fore-warnings. Simply a band that needs to be on any rock fans radar regardless of where you stand sub-genre wise, you want to dance and feel like a bad ass at the same time, spin this record on your turntable and turn it up well past your comfort zone. – Scott Zuppardo
Carries on their signature sound with a hint of lo-fi 1960s rock, reminiscent of groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. – PASTE MAGAZINE

Ulster power-duo combines punch with songwriting panache. – CLASSIC ROCK

"Dirty Photographs" continues the duo’s work splicing Chess Records with Nuggets. – BLURT

Something beyond punk blues, the duo takes their sound from the true blues elders, then combining classic rock knowledge with modern day, DIY stylings. – AMERICAN BLUES SCENE

Lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. – NO DEPRESSION

The music rings raw and true and full of heart. – POPMATTERS

The Bonnevilles are the 200 proof rocking real deal. – CHATTANOOGA PULSE LP $18 SKU:19651

BONNEVILLES- Listen for Tone (Left Lane Cruiser, Black Keys, James Leg style) - STARBURST Label:ALIVE Self-annointed a garage, punk, blues outfit like an arrow piercing my very own heart, lovers of heavy licks and head knockin’ back beats need apply in droves. McGibbon’s song writing is never suspect, influenced from those before yet soaked and steadily glazed in a brine of “cheap beer and buckfast” as well as personal stories, characters, and fore-warnings. Simply a band that needs to be on any rock fans radar regardless of where you stand sub-genre wise, you want to dance and feel like a bad ass at the same time, spin this record on your turntable and turn it up well past your comfort zone. – Scott Zuppardo LP $18 SKU:18046

BREAKAWAYS ( NERVES related ) - Walking Out On Love/The Lost Sessions LTd to 300 on TURQUOISE vinyl! LAST COPIES Label:ALIVE Back of the jacket features a collage with rare/unseen photos of Paul and Peter, as well as liner notes by the both of them. After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including studio recordings, demos, and acoustic rehearsals. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case. LP $30 SKU:10802

BRIMSTONE HOWL- Big Deal What’s He Done Lately - GREAT 60s STYLE GARAGE ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third LP for Alive records.LAST COPIES, tghe other two are out of print. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! LP $15 SKU:10948

BRIMSTONE HOWL - Guts Of Steel (produced by DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS!) ORANGE LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE LAST COPIES. A furious mix of 60's influenced garage and old school from Nebraska. "4 Beatles-headed psych-nerds with a taste for razor-sharp snake rock."-NME. "Cranked, lo-fi blues-rock from NE hoodlums."- Uncut. "A foot-stomping, ass-shaking, roof-rattling, 30-minute sonic assault."-HearYa. "Singer John Ziegler channels the ghosts of Jim Morrison and Rob Tyner with reverence and aplomb whilst his able bodied mates.- Amplifier. "Part bluesy roots punk ala Gun Club, part Oblivians/Childish lo-fi raunch, part 60s British Invasion slop; Brimstone Howl is ALL rock'n'roll.”– Lowcut LP $16 SKU:8086

CAVESTOMPERS - STOMPEDE 10” (Savage mid-’60s garage-punk )
Label:GROOVIE Savage mid-’60s garage-punk with an infectious, primitive beat sound filled with psych guitars, crude fuzz, and electrifying organ passages. Due in part to their heavy use of vintage East-Bloc and Soviet instruments and equipment, the band comes across as a slightly delayed homage to ‘60s garage rock from behind the Iron Curtain. Stompede features seven new analog jams thick with the Cavestompers! signature primordial sound and spirit. Six original tracks accompanied by a faithful rendition of The Noblemen’s “I’m Gone,” LP $10 SKU:22980

CAVESTOMPERS - THE SECOND CHANCE (Russian 60s style fuzz garage) SAALE! Label:GROOVIE Ultimate Russian garage punk! Savage, mid '60s influenced garage punk with an infectious, primitive beat. The songs are filled with psych guitars, crude fuzz, and electrifying organ passages. LP $12 SKU:22899

COLLINS , PAUL -NERVES) LONG TIME GONE/TO BEAT OR NOT TO BEATLabel:LOLLIPOP Paul Collins' (from The Nerves, The Breakaways) two long lost EPs with his band The Beat from the early '80s make it to Lolipop Records as the first re-issue on all formats in over 30 years, from the "king of power pop" himself. To Beat Or Not To Beat was recorded in New York in 1983 at The Ranch with John Mathias (The Romantics) and Paul Collins/Steven Huff producing. It was released in the U.S. by Jem/Passport Records and then it was later released in Europe on Closer Records France and Dro Records Spain. The single "All Over The World" was featured regularly on KROQ in Los Angeles and got a lot of airplay in France and in Spain. Steve and Paul toured in Europe off that record for several years until they wound up in London where they recorded their follow-up EP Long Time Gone, just before returning to the States. Long Time Gone was released in 1985 on Closer France and Dro Spain, and both records were released as a two-fer on Wounded Bird Records in 2004. Paul recalls those days fondly, "I remember getting an $800 royalty check for 'All Over The World' when I was living in San Francisco so I went out and bought a used green Datsun B210! I would always hum 'All Over The World' as I drove up and down all those hills in SF!" LP $19 SKU:18842

COLLINS, PAUL & THE BEAT - Kids Are The Same - Powerpop 80 gram -Label:Columbia-Get Hip The Paul Collins Beat is back and better than ever, touring constantly in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan! We are very proud to present after some 32 years in the bargain basement bins….The Kids Are The Same! Now re-mastered and reissued for the first time on 180 gram vinyl, The King of Powerpop rides again! LP $18 SKU:13701

CREATION FACTORY - ST (psych rock)Label:LOLIPOP RECORDS The debut record from The Creation Factory! An authentic psychedelic rock n' roll, foot stompin' record featuring members of Mystic Braves! Produced by Lolipop Records! LP $18 SKU:22150


TRAFFIC SOUND - A Bailar Go-Go ( 70s S American psych ) digipack - Label:Repsychled This deluxe mini-LP sleeve, limited-edition CD reissue of the mini-album “A Bailar GoGo” is taken from the master tapes, as originally released. As bonus tracks, we’ve added seven remixes from the original four-channel tapes: instrumentals, acoustic versions, and remix/edits; these remixes were approved by Willy Thorne. Comes with a 20-page booklet with unseen pictures and detailed history of the beginning of the band in Spanish and English; also has a silk-screen printed replica of an original Traffic Sound concert poster. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300 copies CD $15 SKU:19982

TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT -GOING HOME(Stoner classic rock style)Label:ALONE It's a very stoner rock affair,keeping to some classic rock roots, title track 'Going Home' is a nine minute wonder stacked with riff after riff, leading beautifully into 'Up In Stakes'. Despite the melancholy feel, it still maintains the characteristic rock 'n' roll attributes of the band's sound. CD $10 SKU:22347

TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT -UNDERGROUND-(Stoner classic rock style)Label:SUPERHOT It's a very stoner rock affair,keeping to some classic rock roots, title track 'Going Home' is a nine minute wonder stacked with riff after riff, leading beautifully into 'Up In Stakes'. Despite the melancholy feel, it still maintains the characteristic rock 'n' roll attributes of the band's sound. CD $10 SKU:22559

UNIVERSAL HIPPIES -ASTRAL VISIONS(heavy guitar Greek power trio)sAALE! Label: GROOVEYARD Mega-awesome third studio disc from this amazing instrumental heavy guitar rock power trio from Greece featuring 10 songs of outstanding, dynamic, blues-based, cosmic stoner guitar music that shines with endless depth, scope and creativity. Flowing through time and spectral space that glows with hypnotic ancient mystery, the Universal Hippies set the controls for the heart of the sun and have produced a stellar work of art. Prepare to fly high far beyond the sky with 'Astral Visions'. CD $15 SKU:21657

UP - Killer Up!Label:Total Energy The Up is one of those "should've been" bands. Similar in sound to Blue Cheer and political philosophy to MC5, Killer Up represents the complete recordings of the Detroit band from the '60s. Save for two singles, none of this material was released by the band while it was still together between 1967-1973. The Up was closely aligned with MC5, living with them in the White Panther Party commune in Ann Arbor and often sharing the bill with them at area concerts. But while the Five and fellow Michiganders the Stooges got record deals and fame, Up remained a regional act.The disc features both of Up's singles, plus several songs from a recording session at Head Sound Studios in Ypsilanti, MI, and some live cuts recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Columbus, OH, in 1972.High volume cuts like "Just Like an Aborigine" and "Free John Now" are further examples to back up the argument that punk rock was invented in '60s Detroit. It's hard to imagine Up gaining a mass audience, but the music on this disc makes one wonder why the band never broke on a large scale outside of the Midwest. CD $50 SKU:22397

URAN -ST(far-out psychedelic from Sweden)Label:SULATRON The debut release of Uran, a far-out psychedelic band from Gothenburg, Sweden CD $8 SKU:21319

VELVET UNDERGROUND- BOSTON TEA PARTY JULY 11, 1969 (2CD) SAALE!-Label:SPYGLASS The Velvet Underground, live at The Boston Tea Party on July 11, 1969. The Boston Tea Party was the leading underground rock club, and something of a home away from home for the Velvet Underground. Lou Reed even described it as his favorite place to play in the late '60s. This superb live date was taped there on Friday, July 11th, and finds the quartet performing numerous tracks from their recently released eponymous third album (1969), as well as epic renditions of "Run Run Run" and "Sister Ray" - an essential document of a great band at their peak. CD $19 SKU:22712

VIBRAVOID-INTERGALACTIC ACID FREAK OUT ORGASM-SAALE! Label:STONED KARMA Connoisseurs of krautrock know about its roots - Vibravoid brought back, with their Pink Floyd interpretations, an essential source of inspiration of krautrock to the legendary Finkenbach Festival. This also reveals the crucial differences between Vibravoid and the current hipster bands, who misinterpret Pink Floyd songs in gothic or heavy metal garb as alleged psych rock. CD $10 SKU:21359

VOLCANICS-TRANSMISSION (Scientists,Stooges/MC5 style)Label:CITADEL The band's third full-length album, produced by Radio Birdman's Bob Younger. Inspired by the Victims and the Scientists as well as by AC/DC, Stooges and MC5, the Volcanics play their own brand of fuel injected rock'n'roll and are well known for their explosive live performances. CD $10 SKU:21669

VOLCANICS -OH CRASH (Scientists,Stooges/MC5 style) Label:CITADEL No hype, just stripped down rock'n'roll at its best, Perth's Volcanics are back with their fourth studio album. 'Oh Crash', like its predecessors 'Get A Move' and 'Transmission', is produced by Radio Birdman's Rob Younger. Inspired by local Perth acts The Scientists and The Victims, the band also pays homage to The Stooges and MC5. Regardless, their sound is their own brand of raw and explosive rock, now notably bolstered by the fact the band has become a five-piece due to the addition of a second guitarist CD $10 SKU:21663

WEIRD OMEN -SURREALISTIC FEAST(hypnotic garage-psych Kinks/Cramps style ) SAALE! Label:DIRTY WATER An hypnotic garage-psych affair, 'Surrealistic Feast' is the 2019 full-length by the unusual French duo that roughly sounds like a blend of The Kinks and The Cramps. Balancing between a gloomy psychedelic atmosphere and fast-paced punk energy, Weird Omen manages to make something new with the old. CD $12 SKU:21498

I KNOW THAT I GOT A HEAVY SOUL, VOL. 3-VA((Eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk) SAALE!Label:HEAVY SOUL The third installment in this popular series features a host of bands that are inspired by the sounds of the '60s. On offer is an eclectic mix of soul, beat, psyche, pop moderniste and funk. COMP LP $15 SKU:22044

BLIND OWLS -ALL DAY & NIGHT(Texas Freakbeat, Mod, '60s Rock'n'Roll)-Label:SOUNDFLAT Here comes the debut album by Texas quartet The Blind Owls. These fab four mix Freakbeat, Mod, '60s Rock'n'Roll and garage rock in a catchy and fresh way that won't be ignored! It's 14 tracks of melodic harmonies, cool bass and swinging guitars! (2016 LP $19 SKU:18769

BOLAN, MARC -PICTURES OF PURPLE PEOPLE:(Archival recordings)SAALE!Label:EASY ACTION Another excellent release of Marc Bolan's archival recordings. This LP is a compilation of tracks from '60s tapes that were stolen from Marc's home many years ago, and retrieved only recently. On offer are rare acoustic demos, dating back to 1965. Many of these tracks already lean towards the sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex material that would be recorded and produced by Tony Visconti a year or so later. In other words, this is an essential addition to any Bolan fan's collection LP $18 SKU:21888

BOONARAAAS!!! MORE KNICK-A-KNACKS (WILD all girl 60s Punkrock) SAALE! -Label:SOUNDFLAT ..FOR YOUR BRIC-A-BRAC SHELF The Boonaraaas!!! are wild and spirited all girl 60s Punkrock from Germany; these four energetic ladies deliver exciting 60s Garage music with wild guitars, fine melodies, great riot grrrl-vocals - and everything with a proper Punkrock attitude. The band exist for more than 15 years now, delivering untamed and powerful live-shows all over Europe. LP $14 SKU:22935

BRANDED -EVIL GONE WRONG (punk, 60s R&B and stomping, wild garage) SAALE!Label:SOUNDFLAT Swedish garage punkers THE BRANDED - and as you could have guessed, this band will once again blow your minds with it! EVIL GONE WRONG is a mixture of punk, 60s R&B and stomping, wild garage. Just like its predecessors (released on DIRTY WATER RECORDS), you will instantly fall in love with this fantastic raw garage-monster! Not least because it has been recorded with analogue equipment and vintage instruments only, to ensure an authentic garage sound. LP $14 SKU:22936

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-Last Time Around (Rhino Summer Of '69 )Label:ATCO/ RHINO Rhino Summer Of '69 exclusive hype sticker on front shrink .The third and final album from Buffalo LP $25 SKU:22999

CARNEY,JEFF -Imperfect Space Journeys- legendary Krautrock Hawkwind style SAALE! -Label: Acme / Lion Productions Recorded live at The Floating Studio—no overdubs employed, no tapes used, and no post-mix done: the sound is exactly what happened on the spot. •24bit/96kHz transfers taken from the original analog tapes. •Mastered for vinyl by legendary Krautrock musician and sound engineer Eroc. •Includes three bonus tracks. •Comes with an eight-page color LP-sized insert booklet "Immediately engaging & all recorded live without overdubs. An analogue e-music roller-coaster ride. Hop on if you dare!” —Eroc
Finally available on vinyl, this underground masterwork of analog electronic music pushed the envelope of melodic synth freakouts to unimaginable edges and undreamt of realms of space. Recorded live on the spot without overdubs, Jeff Carney’s "Imperfect Space Journeys” (ISJ) has become a highly prized collectible amongst “Berlin School” fanatics still soaking in the '70s sounds of Klaus Schulze, Ashra and Tangerine Dream, as well as fans of Terry Riley's organ works (Riley is Carney's cousin), and Heldon heads. Originally a cassette-only release, the rare copy appearing on the collector market can exchange hands at three-figure sums even on cassette, making it one of the most sought after treasures of the electronic underground. LP $22 SKU:23482


CHOOSERS- FILE UNDER POWER POP ( 70s style Japanese powerpop)Label:BACHELOR You surely know that Japan is crazy for powerpop in any direction, they just LOVE it, the bubblegum or '70s blended, the rocking and rolling type, the kind of that make your hearts explode (sic!)... and of course there are hundreds of powerpop bands there - and MOST of them are actually pretty good, but few stand out, and The Choosers are definitely in the Top 3! LP $22 SKU:22280

CICCADA- TALES (Greek psych) SAALE!Label:MISSING VINYL Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, limited to 300 copies and presented in a heavy cover, this is a 2016 mini-LP by the Greek psych rock band. The two side-long tracks, 'The Ring, A Child, Her Laugh' and 'A Dream In The Realm Of Shadows', were previosuly issued on two French CD-comps from the Musea label. • Brand new 12” mini-LP. • 300pcs limited 180g vinyl. • Deluxe heavy cover. • Previously unreleased on vinyl. LP $15 SKU:20848

COCKTAILS -CATASTROPHIC ENTERTAINMENT(S.F POWER POP) SAALE! Label:ALIEN SNATCH! From the San Francisco power pop band Cocktails is full of fuzzed-out melodies, catchy choruses, sticky guitar riffs, and pop rock heaters. Produced and mixed by the band, 'Catastrophic Entertainment' relies heavily on what Cocktails does best: bluntly bashing out well-crafted pop songs LP $18 SKU:23487

COLLECTORS- ST (Canadian 1968 psych gem) Label:MUSIC ON VINYL The Collectors represents the Canadian psychedelic movement. This self-titled album is one of the true forgotten gems from 1968. The superb song-writing and intelligent use of unusual chord progressions are just brilliant on this record. Comes on 180 gram vinyl. LP $22 SKU:22706

COLOURED BALLS -FIRST SUPPER LAST(Pure 70s Aussie proto punk)SAALE! Label:JUST ADD WATER ..OR SCENES WE DIDN'T GET TO- Coloured Balls were one of the best pure rock n roll groups to emerge from the early 70s Australian scene. Sure, The Saints and Radio Birdman stayed together longer and released a slew of fine albums during the punk era but it was the Coloured Balls who pioneered the proto punk sound earlier in the decade. LP $19 SKU:22642

CONSTANTINE-In Memory Of A Summer Day (70s psych folk DOnovan style) SALE! -Label:GUERSSEN Housed in a whimsical storybook-illustrated gatefold sleeve (artwork by Stephen Titra of O.W.L), and includes twelve lyric insert pages. Recommended for fans of Mark Fry, Shide & Acorn, Trader Horne and Donovan. LP $19 SKU:23140