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BRIMSTONE HOWL- BOX - 60's influenced garage Label:RED LOUNGE Two 7" singles in silkscreened box 4 sides of stomping, screaming and hollering from NEBRASKA's finest! 6 Songs.. Heavy wrapped around beautiful cardboard cover with silkscreen all around art! DELUXE!! 45 RPM $5 SKU:8171

BROTHERS GROSS- Ready to Roll (POWER TRIO) Label:Back Track Records Power trio from Indiana. 500 pressed on random mixed color vinyl. Produced by Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys. Includes 45 RPM adaptor punch out center, and free digital download of all songs. PLUS sticker! 45 RPM $5 SKU:15858

BUFFALO KILLERS- Dangerous Highway: A Tribute to the Songs of Eddie Hinton Vol. 4 PIC SLV - Label:SHAKE IT Some artists considered geniuses spend a lifetime in the spotlight. Some artists, deemed the same, spend their time in the shadows helping that elusive spotlight shine a little brighter on others. Nothing could be truer to that sentiment than the career of songwriter/singer/guitarist Eddie Hinton. As a key player in the Muscle Shoals Sound, his session work quickly becomes a game of Six Degrees of Eddie Hinton that connects Dusty Springfield to Toots of The Maytals, Herbie Mann to The Staple Singers, Lulu to Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett to UB40 and Aretha Franklin to countless others… and throughout, one constant stands at the center: Eddie Hinton & his uniquely passionate, soulful vision. This series is a humble attempt to shine that same spotlight on Eddie for a well-deserved standing ovation. Everyone on their feet! 45 RPM $10 SKU:14556

DRIPPING LIPS (Damned)-My Heaven/Once Upon a Time -PIC SLV - Label: U Featuring BRIAN JAMES. LAST COPIES ! Two monster tracks of primitive raw energy featuring the chainsaw massacre six strings style of the former Damned and Lords of New Church guitarist. These are two alternate versions not available on their album. PIC SLV 45 RPM $2 SKU:2249

GERMS - Forming (2) / 'Round & 'Round THEIR FIRST SINGLE! 1977 -Label:BOMP Records 7" The Germs 1st single. A reissue of the '77 classic What Records? release on black vinyl with the original artwork. 45 RPM $5 SKU:2210

GREEN PAJAMAS- Very rare early flexi disc ( Brit -style paisley underground psych former VOXX BAND! ) LAST COPIES - Label:GREEN MONKEY Warehouse find of "British-style psychedelia” paisley underground band from Seattle , 1980. 45 RPM $4 SKU:1869

WILSON, CHRIS - Sympathy for the Devil (Flamin Groovies /Barracudas) -Label:MARILYN / ALIVE BW / Dark haired Girl pic slv. Mike Wilhelm, Danny Mihm & James Ferrell . Recorded at CD Studios, San Francisco in 1993 . Track A is a cover version of a song originally performed by The Rolling Stones. Executive-Producer – Patrick Boissel (ALIVE RECORDS ) 45 RPM $5 SKU:15425

LULA CORTES -Rosa de Sangue (Brazilian 1973 private press monster rarity)-Label:TIME LAG deluxe reissue of this Brazilian private press monster rarity, the closing chapter of the amazing Recife psychedelic movement that flourished briefly in the Brazilian sun, centered around the singular talents of Lula Cortes. The Recife story began in 1973 with the creation of “Abracadabra,” Lula’s loose art/music/design collective. By the time of “Rosa,” Lula had produced and privately released Satwa, as well as Marconi Notaro’s “No sub reino dos metazoarios” LP (both in 1973). Cortes then started the legendary but incredibly short lived Solar label, releasing only two albums: 1975’s “Paebiru” double album under his own name, and a year later the lone album by Flaviola eo bando sol. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also heavily involved in other productions, and performed on seminal albums coming out of the region, including collaborations with Alceu Valença. By the end of the 1970’s, the Rozemblit recording studio/pressing plant had been destroyed by repeated floods, Abracadabra had run its course, and along with Lula’s marriage, the Solar label was no more. So, “Rosa de sangue” was conceived as a final tribute to the dying era. As Lula himself said, “I want to close all of this with a golden key”. Lula created an album overflowing with ideas. Along with the backing of his power trio, he was assisted by old friends, including Alceu Valença, Flaviola, Ze Ramalho de Flauta and Paulo Rafael. With hints of the past era and also of things to come, it is a truly wild audio experience, covering many styles and moods, from crazed ethno folk-rock, to magical, gentle, jungle folk/psych zones, to hard hitting, coke dusted fuzz rock, to insane mutant disco dance floor groove, to acid vocal raga trance, and way beyond. Compact disc version in a heavy mini LP style cover with exact reproduction original artwork, and a full color foldout mini poster insert with new liner notes by Lula Cortes. CD $10 SKU:20302

LUMBEE- Overdose (60s hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych)Label:GEAR FAB This period piece typifies the habits, moods & practices of the youth during the late 60’s. The music is a hard-edged fuzzed/freak-out psych experience CD $10 SKU:17728

MACKAY,DUNCAN- Chimera (70s prog w bonus track)Label:FRESH first time reissue of this 1974 debut album by ex Cockney Rebell/10CC keyboard player (he also played with Kate Bush and Camel), Duncan Mackay. It’s an epic prog rock album in the vein of Rick Wakeman, ELP and Patrick Moraz and is highly recommended for keyboard driven prog rock fans. Remember those heady days of the early 70’s, when a trio of keyboard wizards—Keith Emerson (ELP), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Jon Lord (Deep Purple)—were winning all the polls and dominating the album sales? Duncan Mackay's “Chimera,” recorded in 1973/4 and forever forgotten by all but the most devout, is a brilliant slice of 70s progressive keyboard-based rock. All three of the wizards mentioned above are obvious influences, but McKay clearly stamps his own sound onto this three-track album. (only three tracks? well this was 1974, the era of 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' by Yes). This reissue includes a bonus track, to make it an even four. CD $15 SKU:20405

MACKAY,DUNCAN-- Score (70s prog w bonus track)Label:FRESH Rock keyboard genius Duncan Mackay hooks up with heavyweight players like John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) and the London Symphony Orchestra on his second album "Score". Released in 1977, it marks a departure from the all-instrumental direction of his debut "Chimera" to a more traditionally structured rock album without losing his prog rock virtuosity. Highlighted by soaring vocals, stellar playing and sweeping epic songs, "Score" is a welcome addition to Duncan's musical legacy." CD $16 SKU:20411

PAUL, BILLY -Feelin' Good at the Cadillac Club (1967)TWO ONLY Label:BIG BREAK As a young man in the mid-1940s, Paul was already known on the Philadelphia airwaves, and he parlayed his success into live gigs with artists as renowned as jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. He opened for artists including Nina Simone, Miles Davis and Dinah Washington, and won an amateur night at the Apollo. Naturally, record labels pursued Paul, and he had been recording since 1959. Paul was performing at Philadelphia’s Cadillac Club in 1967 when Kenny Gamble spotted him. He ushered him into the studio for "Feelin’ Good at the Cadillac Club," his long-playing album debut for Gamble Records. Typical of the era, it was a studio effort despite the live title. "Feelin’ Good..." was primarily composed of theatrical standards ('On a Clear Day You Can See Forever,' 'Just in Time,' 'Feelin’ Good,' 'Somewhere') with some more recent pop songs also in the mix ('That’s Life,' 'Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.') CD $10 SKU:20664

PAUPERS- Ellis Island w bonus tracks ( 60s Byrds style )- Label:PACEMAKER ENTERTAINMENT (Canada) The second album from The Paupers -- a mix of searing guitar jams, more easygoing psychedelic pop bigger arrangements, even a little bit of a comic take on Byrdsy country rock-- CD $10 SKU:11175

PENTWATER - ST ( digipack with lyrics insert and bonus tracks -rare 70s prog rock ) -Label:BEEF Band-released reissue of 1978 progressive from Illinois, remixed and remastered from the original analog tapes, digipack with lyric insert. "Today this collectible LP brings hundreds at auction; the band released this remastered version on CD, with four additional never-heard tracks as bonus CD $12 SKU:14565

PENTWATER -Out of the Abyss (70s weirdness prog style) -Label:SYN-PHONIC (USA) Combining heavy helpings of Yes, Genesis and ELP with the some of the weirdness of Frank Zappa, Out of the Abyss, and Pentwater in general had some of the quirkiest and most unusual progressive rock ever created. This album is most likely one of those albums that you will not be all that sure of on the first few listenings, but will probably grow to be one of the most prized CD`s in your collection. The vocals are quite unique, and until one gets used to them, even a bit annoying at times, but actually they are very good. Having an almost psychotic sound occasionally, these songs contain some of the most creative arrangements that I have ever heard. The musicians (Ron Fox, Phil Goldman, Ken Kappel, Mike Konopka, Ron LeSaar, and Tom Orsi) play a wide variety of instruments, augmenting the typical guitar, bass, keyboards and drums with (among other things) anvil, oboe, tubular bells and theremin. Honestly, the theremin itself earns them some points in my book. Pentwater was a Chicago area band that were performing for about nine years in the 1970`s and this album is a compilation of material that they recorded from 1973 to 1976. All of the material here is previously unreleased with the exception of ‘Gwen’s Madrigal,’ and even that is an unreleased version.” - Gary Hill of Music Street Journal CD $15 SKU:20197

RODEN,LEIF - RODEN (1980 ALRUNE ROD)Label:KARMA MUSIC Alrune Rod ended, but singer/bassplayer Leif Roden made this "solo" album in 1980. The drummer was replaced with Jeppe Reipurt (later Bifrost mv.). Further all musicians from Alrune Rod were here. Consequently this record sounds very much as Alrune Rod. Remastered by Leif Roden 2008. This is a magnicifient and at that time shameless overlooked record. CD $16 SKU:21207

STEVE AND THE BOARD - Complete (British Invasion style - with 21 page booklet Label:OFF THE HIP The Australian band Steve & the Board made some British Invasion-style records in the mid-'60s, getting some success in Australia with the singles "The Giggle Eyed Goo" and "I Call My Woman Hinges 'Cause She's Something to Adore." All the members were in their late teens when they recorded for the Spin label, and their progress was no doubt eased by having a lead singer, Steve Kipner, whose dad Nat Kipner was the head of Spin Records. The group wasn't a mere manufactured boy band, though, as in fact much of their material was original, contributed by several members (though most often guitarist Carl Keats). In their blend of British R&B and pop/rock influences, their recordings were fairly solid straight-ahead rock that criss-crossed attributes of the Beatles, the Byrds, Merseybeat, and raunchier groups like the Pretty Things. They issued just one album, though, and a couple of non-LP singles CD $10 SKU:17912

STONE MACHINE - ROCK AIN'T DEAD (Blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia -Led Zep/ Bad COmpany style )Label: GROOVEYARD The excellent third album by a blues-based hard rock band from West Virginia. Here are 11 tracks of awesome dynamic Southern inspired guitar rock. Recommended to fans of Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company, Humble Pie, Whitesnake, James Gang etc. CD $14 SKU:19728

BROWN ACID- THE FOURTH TRIP CLEAR (60S PSYCH RARITIES)Label:RIDING EASY A series of compilations of 60s and 70s bands Wikipedia doesn't even know about—but absolutely influenced the sound and direction of your favorite doom, heavy psych, stoner, sludge, and straight up, no-frills rock 'n' roll bands, without ever making a dime. From Flash Beverage to Cold Swett, this compilation will transport you to a time when only two things mattered: the music and the mojo.Kick back and take the trip, but still, don't take the brown acid. COMP LP $20 SKU:18762

40 WATT BANANA- Peeled (1968 Indo-Afro psych )-Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS The 40 Watt Banana, formed in 1968, was a unique band in New Zealand, the only group that ventured into the esoteric realm of Indo-Afro psychedelic music. “Peeled” includes their sought-after 45 from 1971 (the sitar-psych-dancer “Nirvana”) plus previously unreleased recordings full of sitar, tabla, sarod, tanpura, trumpet, recorder, effects, tape echo… Formed by Kevin Clark and Dave Parsons, initially as a jazz combo playing in restaurants, they soon incorporated elements of Indian and African music to their sound, after some soul searching and spiritual experiences. The result was an atmospheric, spacey, improvised sound. In 1971, they released their only 45 for the HMV label. It featured a great sitar-psych track, “Nirvana”, similar to other psychedelic jazz-pop-funk experiments from the time such as “Mathar” by Dave Pike Set. But during the late 60s and early 70s, the band also recorded other stuff which has remained unreleased until now. * Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Kevin Clark (now a renowned world/jazz/fusion music artist LP $24 SKU:20956

INCLUDES GREAT INSERT with LINER NOTES BY CYNTHIA ROSS, and photos by Rodney Bowes, Theresa Kereakes and Bob Gruen. BAD not EVIL’ is The ‘B’ Girls first full-length Vinyl release.It includes the band’s only single on Bomp!, plus studio recordings from1977 up to 1981, and two live tracks. The songs are produced by Debbie Harry of Blondie, Mick Jones of The Clash, Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell, Suicide, The Zeros), Liam Sternberg (Rachel Sweet, Kirsty McColl, The Bangles), Bob Segarini (The Wackers) and The ‘B’ Girls, with engineer Robin Brouwers (Teenage Head). Peter J. Moore restored and digitally re-mastered all tracks. LP $20 SKU:19009

BATORS, STIV- L.A. Confidential LTD Ed RED vinyl (unreleased demos , studio recordings and alternate mixes ) - Label:BOMP Records In addition to Disconnected, Stiv recorded a number of 45s during his days with Bomp, as well as some unreleased sessions, demos (including a never-released studio session with Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 and members of the Runaways, produced by Kim Fowley!), recently unearthed studio recordings, and alternate mixes that remained in the can until after his death. LP $20 SKU:15166

BEACHWOOD SPARKS- ST (great country pop psych) LTD Edition BLUE vinyl AUTOGRAPHED Label:BOMP Records Following their astounding 1998 single "Desert Skies", Beachwood Sparks signed with Sub-Pop, this is the vinyl version their full-length debut album. ON VINYL ONLY! LP $18 SKU:19320

BEECHWOOD- From the Land of Nod (Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll) CLASSIC BLACK Label:ALIVE Incredible record! Bomp fans and ALIVE fans alike will love this band. Echoes of everything from Stiv Bators to the Electric Prunes to Johnny Thunders. Nuggets style true psych/rock and roll from an amazing band. These guys are going to be huge. LP $15 SKU:19439

BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES- 3 LP BUNDLE - all on ltd ed color vinyl - Amazing punk blues. Label:ALIVE 1) BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES - A Touch Of Someone Else's Class ltd ed color vinyl lp
(2) BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES - Every Damn Time color vinyl LP

BLACK KEYS-Big COme Up NEW BLUE/RED/ORANGE STARBURST VINYL!Label:ALIVE Collect em all. Bound to be something to leave the grandkids later! The Big Come Up was the Black Keys debut album and the start of their career. "The album was a visceral statement, recorded in an Akron basement on a 16 track digi recorder by drummer Pat Carney. Many fans have ascribed an almost mythological value to this album. The Big Come Up has elements of all their future releases - hip hop (samples), blues, pop, heavy fuzz and soul - for which they will become popularly known to represent." -- The Black Keys Fan Lounge. Over the years Dan Auerbach has collaborated with Alive Naturalsound records, producing, and often playing, on records by Hacienda, Radio Moscow, SSM, Brimstone Howl, The Buffalo Killers, Nathaniel Mayer, Black Diamond Heavies, and more recently collaborating with BRIAN OLIVE (ex-Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers) on his upcoming new solo album. LP $20 SKU:21233

BLACK LIPS- ST APPLE GREEN VINYL ltd ed of 100 - Label:BOMP Records Garage/punk's kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!". LP $18 SKU:17261

BLACK LIPS -BLUE We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow-180 gram ELECTRIC BLUE Label:BOMP Records Limited edition of 200. The fabulous second album by one of the leading bands of the new garage scene. Wallows in the same glorious mud of reverb and gothic tales! LP $18 SKU:17499

D- MEN - I Wanna Shout 4 page insert (US mid 1960's Garage Rock and Roll.)- Label:BREAKAWAY Take the 14 tunes of this platter, add a band named The D-Men, and you've got a driving, shaking demonstration of US mid 1960's british invasion influenced Garage Rock and Roll. The D-Men are best remembered today for their minor hit success with 45’s such as “I Just Don’t Care” or “So Little Time”. Their biggest success and recognition though, came in 1967 under their new name “The Fifth Estate” when they charted nationwide with their baroque rock adaptation “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead”. But it’s the 1964 – 66 recorded tracks on this platter which were first played to the neighbourhood kids and then to wild fans which often brought the house down. Included are “Boom Boom," "Hi Heel Sneakers," and their unreleased demo recording of The Stones "Empty Heart". This punctuates its garage rock beat, with a fuzz ing deep guitar riff and sing ing with the sinister resentment that certifies the track as Nuggets ready. But the band had much more to provide than just cover material. With a gift for writing hooks and catchy melodies a string of excellent originals exposes the hidden side of The D-Men perfectly. "Like I Love You" recaptures the Anglopop charms of the British Invasion, even self-consciously sprinkling Fab Four-isms. "Don't You Know," is a song laced with the organ and guitar interplay ideally suited to take on The Animals, The Searchers, and The Dave Clark Five. More Beatlesque notions are provided in "Love Could Show Me", "I Just Don’t Care" and "Don't You Know," tracks that typify the group's early Merseybeat style. A long lost punk rock gem such as "When I'm Gone" explodes with all the subtlety of The Kingsmen's "Long Green" mugging The Kinks' "Till The End Of The Day," as Paul Revere and The Raiders' "Just Like Me" gets ready to pounce. The outstanding “So Little Time”, earned meager attention beyond the regional market. In truth, it deserves a place among the great, if overlooked, slices of hard-edged East Coast folk rock. All these tracks make up a significant part of the group's legacy. A legacy that will only be complete with such recordings as "It's Cruel," the psychedelic "Night On Fire," and the explosive live recording of "I Wanna Shout". This collection has the flamable stuff of the mid 60s beat generation – it’s something the kids could shake it up to. If you didn’t do then, do it now! The disc features painstakingly remastered sound and a 4-page insert with rare photos from the band’s scrapbook and a detailed band history written by Joseph Tortelli LP $ SKU:16045

DEUTER - D (German cosmic psych 1970)Label:MISSING VINYL We say: ““A wonderfully entertaining exploration of drones, swells, rhythms, and melodies. Deuter was clearly a student of Indian ragas, but he took that influence and mixed it with drug-tinged psychedelia and synthesizers to create a vibrant new hybrid. If you're into kraut-rock, world music, ambient, and/or psychedelia, you need to get this album. Also highly recommended to fans of Acid Mothers Temple and the new psychedelia...” Deuter was a product of both East and West. Eckart Rahn, a young record producer at that time, recognized Deuter's talents, and in 1971 released his first recording, “D,” on the then fledgling Kuckuck label (not, we hasten to mention, in any way a “new age” album). Deuter began to go into the mountains to record birds, water and wind to accompany his music; he also began spending much of his time at an ashram in Poona, India. Deuter was also one of the first artists to blend that Eastern influence into his music. Yet he did that blending in such a gentle fashion that it never jarred Western ears, unaccustomed to Eastern rhythms and tonalities. The terrific “D” album is an all solo affair recorded via multi-tracked guitars, electronics, percussion, flutes, and so on, in what looks to be Deuter’s bed-room; very psychedelic processing, at times an almost ADII-like heaviness mixing with more Popol Vuh-ish mystical spaciousness. Perfectly crafted headspace and always a pleasure to absorb, this is one of the finest and most unheralded albums of the early 1970s German scene. An all-time favorite.” label says: “Deuter was one of the earliest multi-instrumental soloists in Germany. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of New Age music and is still active, having released more than 40 albums. D, his first album, was released on the legendary Kuckuck label in 1971 and is considered to be a classic. With guitars, sitar, organ, harmonium, Asian and Oriental percussives, etc., it is a mixture of psychedelic underground rock, cosmic music and ethnic fusion, at places similar to Amon Düül 2, Between and Popol Vuh. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing LP $22 SKU:21068

JOHN THE CONQUEROR - ST LTD EDITION of 100 on MELLOW YELLOW VINYL LAST COPIES! - Label:ALIVE John The Conqueror’s self-titled debut album is an amalgamation of the many sounds and styles (old and new) mined from both the North and the South. Cousins Pierre Moore (vocals & guitar) and Michael Gardner (drums) are natives of Jackson, MS, while bassist Ryan Lynn hails from Philly – where the trio now call home. Together they mix a bedrock of raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll into one helluva potent musical Molotov cocktail. Moore and Gardner have been playing together in bands since their college days in Oxford, MS, and Moore learned to play guitar in his early teens from a homeless man who slept in the back room of an auto repair shop.

"The trio from Mississippi, now based in Philly, have the smoothness of classic 50’s soul mixed with a southern twang." – Knuckle Rumbler

"It’s all smokestacks, greasy ball bearings, mudslides, and corn liquor swilled from mason jars; raggedly scorching guitar riffs, a thunderous rhythm section, and howled vocals. ‘Say What You Want’ rockets me off my rear every time." – Brian Greene / Happening Magazine

"Leader Pierre Moore has a matter-of-fact singing voice, tasteful six-string skills and a tuneful writing style that balances licks and melody and avoids classic rock overload." – Michael Toland / The Big Takeover.

"They will bring you from the church to the juke joint in four quick minutes." – Mad Chicago

"John The Conqueror's new LP is downright street smart funky." – Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout.

"Pierre Moore is a charismatic frontman, strutting the stage, ripping away at guitar licks and belting out dynamic vocals. Joining Moore are his cousin Michael Gardner, a force of nature on drums, and local guy Ryan Lynn, who brings a rumbling low end to the mix." – The Key WXPN LP $20 SKU:14630

LITE STORM- WArning (”Genuine underground freakiness”– Acid Archives)Label:OUT-SIDER “Genuine underground freakiness”– Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) Screaming psychedelic garage from L.A. with fuzzed out guitars, Vox organ, killer vocals, early Oriental vibes...Recorded in 1967-68 but not widely released until 1972. File next to Music Emporium, Tiffany Shade, Seeds, Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers … Formed in California in 1967, Lite Storm was the first incarnation of spiritual seekers Johnima & Kalassu Wintergate (later on Lightstorm, One…). A pioneering psychedelic band, Lite Storm played at all the hip Sunset Strip clubs, were friends with Kali Bahlu and travelled to the Orient and Far East, touring in Vietnam in 1970. “Warning” was recorded at a four-track studio in 1967-68, first released as a custom tiny pressing before being licensed to the Beverly Hills label for a proper release. This is the first ever vinyl reissue. *Includes insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby).
LP $28 SKU:20953

MIRLOS,LOS -Cumbia Amazon (Compilation with their best tracks from 1972 to 1980) -Label:PHARAWAY After the celebrated “Cumbias Chichadélicas” compilation, we present our second collaboration with the legendary Infopesa label from Peru. Los Mirlos were one of the most celebrated Peruvian Cumbia bands who recorded for the famous “orange” label. Featuring the incredible electric guitar of Gilberto Reátegui, Los Mirlos released a total of seven LPs for Infopesa. Spanning 1972- 1980, Cumbia Amazónica features all of their classics like ‘El Sonido de Los Mirlos’, ‘Sonido Amazónico’, ‘Poder Verde’ and more. Real Amazonian cumbia / chicha sounds straight from the jungle, full of surf, echo & reverb drenched electric guitars, cheap keyboards, exotic percussion and effects. Master tape sound, insert with liner notes and photos LP $12 SKU:20757

MO -First album( rare 70s psych heads) LAST COPIES Label:ANAZITISI "First Album" is a very rare album, originally released in a small edition of 200 only copies. This is the first ever reissue and comes as a faithful reproduction for the label, the cover and the number of copies.Psychedelic, acid freakout, space, funky soul, progressive, electronica, avant garde, folk, americana; Name it whatever you prefer and all together at once (if you want to be precise) and you have the right music style to categorize this one of a kind LP, which is really recommended to all the psych heads LP $22 SKU:20824

PELOMA BOKIOU - ST (underground Greek rock 1972) DBL LP - Label:APS NOVA(Greece) Peloma Bokiou were a short-lived underground Greek rock band that released only one album in 1972 and three singles (1970-71). A recipe for being utterly forgotten, if not for the fact that their sole album is one of the best rock/progerssive albums from Greece (yes, this statement holds true even for a nation which produced tremendous bands like Socrates, Aphrodite’s Child, and Axis). Vlassis Bonatsos ended up becoming a television and film star in Greece, until his untimely death in 2004. This mega-limited numbered edition of 250 copies includes all of the band’s ultra-rare singles tracks too. Great organ and guitar work!" LP $29 SKU:20959

THEE PROPHETS- Playgirl (1969 Hendrix style) SEALED ORIGINAL w drill hole-Label:KAPP This band from Wisconsin had a promising pop future, thanks to their minor Bubblegum/sunshine pop hit ‘Playgirl,’ but stopped recording after this 1969 album, and then ditched the bubble-gum sound for Jimi Hendrix and Cream covers in concert. So much for a career. This, from Bubblegum University: “The most common schizophrenic theme, paranoia, combines the self-centeredness of narcissism with the hopelessness of depression to make the sufferer feel as if the entire world is against them. Two songs, "It's Up to You, Petula," and the Rare Breed's "Beg, Borrow, and Steal," make the comparison of being kept on a string as a way to illustrate the mental control that someone has over them. The singer in "Dizzy" makes no such metaphor, but admits to the object of his affections, "Girl, you got control of me." "It's Up to You, Petula" illustrates a different type of paranoia, when the singer complains, "I know you've been seeing someone else." LP $8 SKU:17125