Aug 29, 2023


Got a nice batch of goodies for you guy. Check out the new titles just in from our friends at HEAVY MEDICATION, and we have 2 more archival sets, one-of-a kind items for the ultimate fan. The Lazy Cowgirls set has a letter from Greg Shaw, vintage photos,and more. The MC5 set has autographs! Both have great covers designed by our art department. Check all our sets here!

And get yourself one of our mystery promo bundles, 5 cds for $10, cant beat the price kids.

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Suzy Shaw



26712, 26714, 26707, 26713, 26710, 26711, 26709, 26708, 26719, 26720, 26715, 26716, 26718, 26717


12452, 12454, 11085, 16527, 23104, 10804, 19615, 19324 , 10900, 10901, 26308, 13136, 18731, 19161, 14941, 19632, 12657, 11551, 26184, 11567, 16531, 13114, 6347, 19301, 11162, 12596, 12474, 10787, 26300, 11016, 16263, 11938, 10948, 12291, 18742, 11962, 19267, 11571, 12069, 16307, 10951, 16741


5 SURPRISE ALIVE or BOMP cds for $10 We have a few boxes of random promo cds (same as regular CDs, just with a hole punch thru the bar code) that we hate to go to waste, we’ll give you a great deal on these. It’s a SURPRISE, so just have some fun and order away. BUT ...(1) Dont be all driving me crazy asking me what’s in the bundle (2) Dont send me a list of all the cds you have to make sure you don’t get a duplicate, I know you want to! $10 SKU:16741


LAZY COWGIRLS - ARCHIVAL SET, FOR THE ULTIMATE FAN! Tapping the Source- 1987 LP $100 SKU:12250



PAT TODD AND THE RANK OUTSIDERS Label:HEAVY MEDICATION two new tracks by ex-Lazy Cowgirl Pat Todd and his stellar bad the Rankoutsider 45 RPM $10 SKU:26719

WILD ZEROS - Diggin'It Label: HEAVY MEDICATION French trash-rock titans are back with three new tracks, wrapped in a lovely "Back From the Grave" styled sleeve. 45 RPM $10 SKU:26720

NEVERLAND RANCH DAVIDIANS - ST Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Bassless LA trio that are the missing link between Blues Explosion, Suicide and Stax Records CD $14 SKU:26715

PRIMEVALS- DIVIDING LINE -Scottish garage-punk legends Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Scottish garage-punk legends are back with their newest album, celebrating their 40th anniversary with 12 new soulful garage-rock originals CD $14 SKU:26716

NEVERLAND RANCH DAVIDIANS - ST Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Bassless LA trio that are the missing link between Blues Explosion, Suicide and Stax Records LP $22 SKU:26718

PRIMEVALS- DIVIDING LINE (Scottish garage-punk legends )Label:HEAVY MEDICATION Scottish garage-punk legends are back with their newest album, celebrating their 40th anniversary with 12 new soulful garage-rock originals LP $24 SKU:26717


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND- I’M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANNA DO - JEWEL CASE DBL CD , PROMO COPY Label:Rhino Handmade NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP .(NOT NUMBERED. PROMO WITH A SMALL HOLE DRILLED IN THE BAR CODE )_ This concert was recorded live and mixed directly to a 2-track stereo reel-to-reel tape. This tape was then duplicated and the duplicate used for a radio broadcast on WLIR_FM on 11 December 1978. The archivists at the Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology have mastered this compact disc from the original mixed 2-track stereo reel-to-reel tape which has been on deposit in the Warner Bros. archive. CD $25 SKU:26712


JANIS JOPLIN- GREATEST HITS COLUMBIA- JEWEL CASE Label:COLUMBIA NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . CD $5 SKU:26707

ROBERT WYATT - NOTHING CAN STOP US/ OLD ROTTENHAT - JEWEL CASE Label:Gramavision NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Nothing Can Stop Us Now and 1985's Old Rottenhat on one CD. A bit strident politically and a tad cynical, these are, however, wonderful records built upon righteous indignation that is never cruel or simplistic. As with much of Wyatt's work, these recordings are emotionally complex, somewhat ambiguous, and always rewarding. CD $10 SKU:26713

SWAMP DOGG- SORRY YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT- Gatefold Card Sleeve- Label:JOYFUL NOISE Recording sessions took place at Sound Emporium in Nashville. It features contributions from John Prine, Justin Vernon, Jenny Lewis, and Ryan Olson among others. The duet sung between Swamp Dogg and John Prine appearing at the end of the album ("Please Let Me Go Round Again") is one of John Prine's final in-studio recording sessions. Swamp Dogg had known Prine since 1972, when he covered the country singer's ballad "Sam Stone" on his album third LP Cuffed, Collared & Tagged. CD $15 SKU:26710

WILSON PICKETT- DONT KNOCK MY LOVE - JEWEL CASE Label:Collectors' Choice Music NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . This 1971 album was Wilson s last for Atlantic, and was really his last great record, as the title cut scored his final #1 hit on the R&B charts. But for some reason this baby has NEVER come out on CD, so this new exclusive marks both a long-awaited CD debut and the addition of another legend to our Collectors Choice Music label roster! This is hard-driving soul as only Pickett could pound out; includes Covering the Same Old Ground ; Don t Knock My Love Pt. 1 ; Fire and Water ; Hot Love ; Mama Told Me Not to Come ; Not Enough Love to Satisfy ; Pledging My Love ; Woman Let Me Be Down Home ; You Can t Judge a Book by Its Cover , and (Your Love Has Brought Me) A Mighty Long Way . Gene Sculatti supplies the notes. CD $15 SKU:26711

ZAPPA -ZOOT ALLURES - JEWEL CASE Label:RYKODISC NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . From the soundtrack of the same name. CD $5 SKU:26709

DAZED AND CONFUSED - JEWEL CASE Label:MEDICINE NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . From the soundtrack of the same name. COMP CD $5 SKU:26708


BARRACUDAS- What You Want Is What You Get (garage punk ) Label:NDN “What You Want Is What You Get” – Three minutes or more of squalling, screaming and kicking garage punk genius, flipped by “Somebody ‘05”, The Barracudas reinvention of their timeless “Drop Out With The Barracudas” classic, only this time, some 25 years later, the band is tighter, the playing is harder, and the attitude is more in your face. 45 RPM $5 SKU:12452

SEMI TRUTH - You Call (Barracudas related ) pic slv. -Label:NDN this Semi-Truth single is the first new recording by ex-Barracuda heart and mind, Jeremy Gluck, in some 10 years. 45 RPM $5 SKU:12454

TIMEMAZINE#4 with CD (Psychedelic Greek Fanzine in English ) -Label: Psychedelic Greek Fanzine, 84 pages (A4) full of psych, all in English, with 17 track FREE CD compilation. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS: - HP LOVECRAFT (Dave Michaels) (11 pages!) - THE WILDFLOWER etc, more on site and CD Compilation trac16ks on site. BOOKS & MAGS $20 SKU:11085

BBQ - Tie Your Noose (King Khan 60s party music)-Label:BOMP One of Greg Shaw's last signings on BOMP records, and the the latest project from Mark Sultan (from the KING KAHN & BBQ Show, and Les Sexareenos), a man who has slept in the garage all his life. BBQ is not a group, it's the best one-man band since Wilbert Harrison (and no, we're not forgetting the Legendary Stardust Cowboy), doing a raw, soul-shaking style of pre-frat '50s/ early '60s party music--pre-frat frat rock. Take our word for it: with this crazy sound he's puttin' down, you can't sit down! A superb album. CD $5 SKU:16527

BLACK LIPS - S/T(Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll)Label:BOMP Records garage/punk's new kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!" CD $10 SKU:23104

BREAKAWAYS- Walking Out On Love-The Lost Sessions 1978(NERVES related POWERPOP - Label:ALIVE After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including c. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case. CD $10 SKU:10804

CIRCUS- 1973 (hard hitting Wisconsin R&R blues)-Label:GEAR FAB Another great undiscovered band from Wisconsin. This hard hitting Rock and Roll and Blues band played with Tayles, Yancy Derringer, SOUP, and Tongue and toured the mid-west from 1969-1976 to crowds of thousands. Their Loggins & Messina/Allman Brothers sound comes out loud and clear on their 1974 self-titled LP. Off the master tapes, this release also features bonus tracks not on the original LP. CD $10 SKU:19615

CYKLE - Featuring the Young Ones (US 60s PSYCH LEGENDS! - Label:GEAR FAB Reissue taken from the original masters by USA PSYCH-LEGENDS 'Cykle'. Included here all of their 1969 album + 4 tracks by THE YOUNG ONES (pre-CYKLE) and 3 solo trax by Jim Sossman (leader of the group CD $10 SKU:19324

CYNICS- Living is the Best Revenge ( 60s style garage )- Label:GET HIP Living Is The Best Revenge CD completes the jumpstart upon my Ray-O-Vac heart. Alongside the two above-referenced originals and the Prunes tune are stellar covers of the Satans and the 13th Floor Els (what would a Cynics album be without the band genuflecting before the sonic teats that have nourished them since their cub scout years?) plus a slew of prime Cyns’ skree. Among my picks to click are the malevolent, iPsycho”-edged “The Tone” and the interstellar hard rock jam “Shine” which sounds like Coltrane crossed with the old Alice Cooper Group. But there ain’t a duff track in the bunch, and all I can close this appreciation with is — boy fuggin’ howdy!Fred MillsMAGNET Magazine CD $10 SKU:10900

CYNICS- No Siesta Tonight (60s style garage)Label:GET HIP 15 tracks of wild garage punk recorded live in Madrid during the Cynics 1990 Rock ‘N’ Roll tour. This album catches the Cynics at their high-energy best; in front of a live crowd CD $10 SKU:10901

DEE RANGERS - DOWN IN THE PLAYGROUND (uptempo powerpop, tuff garage with fuzz guitars)Label:SUCKER'S CHOICE Their 2010 release on CD. This might be The Dee Rangers' poppiest album, but it also includes some of the tuffest tracks they ever recorded. This is a 14-track album filled with uptempo powerpop, tuff garage with fuzz guitars, and what do you say about that supercool organ-dominated instrumental? CD $17 SKU:26308

DEVIANTS,/ MICK FARREN - On Your Knees Earthlings 1967-2001 w Chrissie Hynde and Mark Ramone LAST COPIES-Label:ALIVE On Your Knees, Earthlings!!! is a goldmine of recordings made by sci-fi garage rock guru Mick Farren and his band, the Deviants, between 1967 and 2001. The retrospective begins with the eerie intro "People's Suite" ("We are the people who creep in the night, we are the people who hide from the light"), and then proceeds to lay waste to human civilization with an onslaught of psychedelic guitar. "You've Got to Hold On" combines a folky harmonica with screeching guitar and vocals that are half Johnny Rotten and half Love on a psychotic day. "Observe the Ravens" is a twisted and insane organ jam, like the Doors falling to pieces, and "All in the Picture" revs like a drag race. On 1968's "Last Man," Mick Farren spits with a seething fury backed by an evil ambience that could be a premonition of Bauhaus and goth. That's not all. The retrospective includes cranked-up covers of Dylan ("It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding"), Frank Zappa ("Trouble Coming Every Day"), and the Rolling Stones ("Play with Fire"). Citizens of the world, bow down. CD $10 SKU:13136

GOSPELBEACH- ANOTHER SUMMER OF LOVE digipack Label:ALIVE CD DIGIPAK w/ one BONUS TRACK. Includes booklet. Whether you call it power pop, folk rock or alt-country (at times all of these terms apply) GospelbeacH are bursting with melody, with terrific harmonies to boot. This is straight-up genius song writing: honest, brilliantly played and superbly produced. – LOUDER THAN WAR (9/10 review) CD $10 SKU:18731

HACKENSACK-GIVE IT SOME(70s gritty blues rock)-Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed CD. Here are 15 previously unreleased tracks, recorded between 1969-1972. This material was intended for a proptosed debut album on Island and dates from the band's early recording period, highlighting their gritty hard-edged blues rock origins. CD $12 SKU:19161

HOLLIS BROWN - Ride on the Train digipack -Label:ALIVE Taking queues from classic pop, rock’n'roll, and Americana, Hollis Brown combines raw rock sensibilities with sweet melodies and hearfelt lyrics to create a rich, warm sound that can fill any room. Principal songwriters Mike Montali (vocals) and Jon Bonilla (lead guitar) grew up listening to the classics. These native New Yorkers were born in the late ’80 s when the city was identified by its grit, passion, and authenticity. The combination of an urban upbringing and throwback musical influences of traditional blues contributed heavily to the band’s sound. However, contrary to most blues-influenced bands, Hollis Brown leans heavily toward melodic pop as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Beatles song these boys don’t know by heart, and you can hear it in the music. Classic rock with a New York state of mind, Hollis Brown is a throwback to an era when music felt fresh, songwriting was revered, and performances routinely inspired. CD $10 SKU:14941

HORSES- ST (Rare 1969 gem CSNY style) Label:GEAR FAB Rare 1969 gem, features songs by Carter-Gilbert who penned "Incense & peppermints" for Strawberry Alarm Clock & "That Acapulco road" for Rainy Daze. blend of Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young and Poco: excellent vocal harmonies, hammond organ & harmonica.3 of the 5 members went on to the Dead-related band KINGFISH. CD $10 SKU:19632

JAMES LEG ( BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES)- Solitary Pleasure (Heavy blues rock ) - Label:ALIVE DIGIPAK WITH DIGITAL BOOKLET Blues-wailing keyboard man James Leg is best known as the lead singer and organ and piano pumper with the heavy blues rock band the Black Diamond Heavies; James Leg, growler, shouter, composer, and Fender Rhodes finger-f*cker, of the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES, steps out with some friends for more songs of hedonistic excess, crazy ass women, and Southern salvation. On "Solitary Pleasure" he is joined by longtime friend and Cincinnati heavy hitter, Andy Jet Jody (The Gazelles, Pearlene, The Long Gones, The Customs, Oxford Cotton, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages) on drums, and a host of guests on guitar, bass and backing vocals. "Solitary Pleasure" was recorded in December 2010 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, during a record cold snap, in the oldest standing church in Rutherford County, now the home of an all analog studio called Grand Palace Studio. The result was then rushed up to Detroit and mixed by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders. Heavy conditions give birth to heavy records. Rock and Soul all night long. CD $10 SKU:12657

JULIUS VICTOR From the Nest(1969 Jefferson Airplane style rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Another undiscovered and Ultra-Rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. CD $10 SKU:11551

KILLER BOOGIE - DETROIT (70s riffs fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) CD in a digipack. Killer Boogie mix '70s riffs and bluesy frequencies into an extremely fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades. The line-up consists of Gabriele Fiori on guitars and vocals (Black Rainbows) , Luigi Costanzo on drums (The Wisdoom) and Matteo Marini on bass. Killer Boogie grounds its roots in the sound of Blue Cheer, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow. This is their debut album, with killer artwork. CD $14 SKU:26184

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinctively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD CD $10 SKU:11567

LOONS - Inside Out Your Mind w MIKE STAXLabel:BOMP With 'INSIDE OUT YOUR MIND' The Loons have created their most compelling and original album to date. Once described as "a perfect pairing of Love-influenced garage-psych and British underground in the mould of The Pretty Things", The Loons are Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine, Anja Stax on bass, Marc Schroeder and Chris Marsteller on guitar, and Mike Kamoo on drums and production. CD $10 SKU:16531

MASON, DUTCH - Im Back (DUBBED by BB KING AS “PRIME MINISTER OF THE BLUES! )LAST FEW COPIES! Label:MARILYN From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning CD $15 SKU:13114

MAYER, NATHANIEL - Why Don’t You Give It To Me (w/ members of the Black Keys, SSM, Outrageous Cherry, and the Dirtbombs.) - Label:ALIVE Detroit Soul R&B legend Nathaniel Mayer come back album w/ members of the Black Keys, SSM, Outrageous Cherry, and the Dirtbombs. "That three successful contemporary rock'n'rollers should have sought out and championed such a lost hero is heroic in itself, and Dan Auerbach, Troy and - most especially - Matthew Smith should be praised to the skies. That the chosen artist should rise to the occasion in such a manner is even more thrilling, which is why I say to Nathaniel Mayer: 'Bravo, Lord Motherf-cker, and deep gratitude for laying this Righteous Thang upon us.' Amen" - Julian Cope CD $10 SKU:6347

MOCK DUCK - TEST Record (60s fuzzed out rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Well, we don't know what else to call this project because there were only 14 acetates made of their live recordings at The Village Bistro in Vancover, B.C. in October 1968. But
never fear, for we have unearthed the master Tapes form those sessions plus a lot more unreleased live and Studio recordings from this same period, including the 12 minute long studio session of June, 1968. Rising from the ashes of such famous Vancouver bands as The United Empire Loyalists, Cement City Cowboys and Six Cylinder, this band played a style of music that crossed between a fuzzed out John Coltrane sound to one of hard driving rock with Farfisa organ and blazing guitars and hard-edged vocals. Includes all their 45s releases plus other unreleased studio tracks. Don't pay $2,000 for an original copy of the acetate….just buy this release!!! CD $10 SKU:19301

MONDO DRAG - New Rituals ( psych / stoner rock Radio Moscow related )- Label:ALIVE Trip out with Mondo Drag! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. CD $10 SKU:11162

OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB - Crimes digipack ( With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 ) SAALE - Label:ALIVE With echoes of The Jam, Boys, Clash, Sham 69 and the passion and forward thinking of Billy Bragg, Occult Detective Club is the sound of today with a nod to the past. Taking a cue from an increasingly active underground Texas music scene, they play a mix of first wave punk and new wave music with a focus on the catchy chorus, the thoughtful lyric, and a DIY mentality. The band has previously released their ten song debut LP " Tortures" in the of spring 2010 on Red Lounge, and fellow Texas gore-hounds Hex Dispensers covered one of their songs. Occult Detective Club is formed by Alx Anguiano on vocals/guitars, Andrew Messer on guitars, Chris Reeves on drums, and Tyler Shults on bass. CD $5 SKU:12596

REDONDO BEAT - Meet Redondo Beat ( 60s infl. Raspberries/ Bay City Rollers style ) -Label:DIONYSUS Influences run the gamut from early 60s Brill Building son- Meet Redondo Beat ( 60s infl. Raspberries/ Bay City Rollers style ) -gwriters and related East Coast Girl Group sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, a touch of Doo Wop, the sound of mid-60s convertible top-down summertime Southern California and early 70s teenage AM radio Raspberry City Rollers flavored love-affairs. It is pure pop as seen through the eyes of the best decades of original rock n roll music with all the drive of late 70s punk powered 80s power pop. Dionysus commissioned Southern California Surf artist Damian Fulton to paint the cover and the disc was mastered by The Tikiyaki Orchestras Jim Bacchi. Its a marvelous listening experience that will have you traveling time and bobbing your head to some of the sweetest retro-pop-rock music youve EVER heard! CD $5 SKU:12474

TORMENTORS, THE- Hanging 'Round ( 1967 undiscovered psych pop) -Label:GEAR FAB A truly experimental psych/rock/pop album from 1967. Featuring some very good garage, psych, and British Invasion sounds. Fuzzed out guitar, great vocal harmonies, and some really bizarre background sounds. CD $10 SKU:10787

WITCHE'S BREW -WHITE TRASH SIDESHOW (70s blues psych style)Label:BLACK WIDOW Witche's Brew band was born from the association of two well-known soloists of the Italian music scene: Mirko Zonca, pioneer of the Psychedelic Grunge in the late 1980s, and Mirko Bosco, ex guitar player of the historic DISPER-AZIONE band (1985 - 89), recently back in Italy after a ten-year adventure in the USA. Confident of their many years experience as musicians, Witche's Brew immediately started to work on new productions and re-editing of music pieces from the personal repertoire of the members. The result is a sound that widely hints to the Seventies atmosphere, with blues and psychedelic nuances but the same strength as Black Sabbath. After an initial period of adjustment, the band (under the final form of a Power Trio) set out for a journey that would have led it to perform almost exclusively abroad. In March 2009, during the Austrian tour, Witche's Brew record a live EP ("Pentatonicspeedfreacks") later published by a label from Pisa, COSTA OVEST RECORDS. A few changes occurred to the bands line up during its history: drummer Max Baxter (ex Warning shock, Insound) substituted the session man Yggy Leonetti, and was lately replaced by Joseph Solci, who finally completed the line up and added a further rock'n'roll "kick" to Witche's Brew's sound. CD $10 SKU:26300

PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS/WHAT’S HAPPENING - PSYCHEDELIC GUITARS/MIND EXPANDERS ( 60s ) Label:GEAR FAB Here are two Ultra-rare and as yet Un-reissued Exploito lps from 1968. Mind-blowingu titles, crazy sound effects, mystical instruments, discordant guitar work and outright and far out sounds from a time when who could be the weirdest won awards! COMP CD $10 SKU:11016

BLOODHOUNDS - Let Loose - bluesy garage-rock! -early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets style HOT PINK MARBLE VINY ! LAST COPIES- Label:ALIVE We’ll take a triple dose of this bluesy garage-rock! RIYL early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets. The BIG TAKEOVERFrom East L.A., The Bloodhounds play fresh, edgy R&B tinged blues with a hint of punk swagger and latin groove, but always with maximum emphasis placed on good old fashioned rock’n’roll " The MAD MACKEREL LP $25 SKU:16263

BLOODY HOLLIES - Who To Trust (bluesy garage punk) SWIRL VINYL -LAST COPIES! - Label:ALIVE This album is the embodiment of the no frills, off the cuff, blues punk rock that The BLOODY HOLLIES are admired for. They do what they do with skill, perfection, and flat out better than anyone else. "The Bloody Hollies are a bass-less, blues-drenched riff monster fronted by a powerfully hoarse singer-guitarist, and they will turn your ears and limbs to jelly if you let them, which you should." - Pop Matters. "The Bloody Hollies' new record is so dirty, it makes me want to grow a mustache and start wearing v-neck T-shirts. With gritty guitars, stabbing vocal and, oh yes, harmonica, it's like garage rock did a shot of punk and chased it with a glass of blues. - Alternative Press LP $20 SKU:11938

BRIMSTONE HOWL- Big Deal What’s He Done Lately - GREAT 60s STYLE GARAGE ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third LP for Alive records.LAST COPIES, tghe other two are out of print. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! LP $15 SKU:10948

DMZ - DMZ - The First Time 10 " Live demos 76' cover design by Greg Shaw - lLAST COPIES LP - Label:BOMP BACK IN PRINT- last copies. Cover designed by Greg Shaw, rare 10” release. LP $15 SKU:12291

EASY LIVIN' -Good Time Head on Collision (NYC garage punk) -Label:DIONYSUS Formed from the ashes of NY and Virginia garage-slop and drunken sons The Morning Shakes and The M-80s, The Easy Livin' is a garage punk band in the proud NYC tradition. This 14 track platter brings together the best worlds of '60s garage, '70s punk and '90s manic panic garage punk. LP $3 SKU:18742

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale (great 70s style UK guitar psych) LTD ED PURPLE vinyl LAST COPIES -Label:Alive Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange LP $20 SKU:11962

MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER - Death and the Blues (Black Diamond Heavies) CLASSIC BLACK VINYL LP -Label:ALIVE Guitarist, singer, harmonica player, and songwriter MARK PORKCHOP HOLDER is a founding member of the seminal Tennessee punk rock blues band The Black Diamond Heavies (with John Wesley Myers aka James Leg, and Van Campbell of the band King Mud). LP $18 SKU:19267

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - Seemingly Solid Reality ( glam psych ) RED ViNYL -LAST FEW! - Label:ALIVE About to go out of print forever, will NOT be repressed!
After the critically acclaimed glam/psych miasma of 2009's UNIVERSAL MALCONTENTS, and subsequent tours in Europe and the USA, O.C. returned to their analog cave to record Matthew Smith's latest batch of tunes. Throughout SEEMINGLY SOLID REALITY, sweet melodies and harmonies soar over the gnashing of vicious, urban Motor City guitar workouts. Motown-fueled bass and drums throb hypnotically. OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY recently got a lot of love from The NEW P*RNOGRAPHERS who recorded a EP of their songs for Matador titled "Togetherness - The New P*rnographers play Outrageous Cherry" LP $20 SKU:11571

SORROWS - Bad Times Good Times (1977 power pop gems) LP RED VINYL Label:BOMP "Bad Times Good Times" marks the first time ever SORROWS music appears on CD as well as a LIMITED EDITION VINYL. Filled with never released recordings of their power pop gems, demos and live performances, the album is a feast for post-punk new vave fans and collectors who have been asking for years to be able to get their hands on SORROWS music.Formed in 1977 in NYC by Arthur Alexander (ex-Poppees), Joey Cola, Ricky Street and Jett Harris (ex-Poppees), SORROWS were all about the songs. Their tunes are filled with strong melodies, irresistible hooks and creative harmonies supported by their powerful backbeat and hard driving guitars. SORROWS two critically acclaimed albums and several singles on CBS Pavillion have become highly praised and are sought after collector items. LP $15 SKU:12069

SWAMP DOGG - The White Man Made Me Do It BLACK VINYL w digital download Label:ALIVE The VINYL VERSION includes a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD of the complete album. The album cover is by two times Grammy winner Hugh Brown.
The White Man Made Me Do It” is Swamp Dogg’s new album, and his first soul record in decades. Over the course of 14 songs, and with the help of a cast of veteran soul greats, the idiosyncratic performer re-captures the spirit of his 70’s cult recordings. “The White Man Made Me Do It” mixes classic Southern soul grooves with pointed, poignant lyrics, reflecting upon race, love, and money. As usual Swamp demonstrates his savage sense of humor and his instinctive aversion to hypocrisy. LP $18 SKU:16307

THOMAS FUNCTION - CELEBRATION LTD edition ORANGE VINYL (GREAT overlooked Southern pop psych) Label:ALIVE Mellifluously mixing genres like country, R&B, psychedelia and blues underneath a sheen of jangly pop, Thomas Function has crafted a stunning collection of epic, memorable pop that builds up to a stunning release." - Flagpole LP $10 SKU:10951