Nov 20, 2020


Some interesting new arrivals, and some wildly popular items back in stock that were previously sold out. 5 CRAMPS albums have just arrived too, check it all out below.

Happy weekend!
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CRAMPS-TRASH IS NEAT #5 THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT-Label:KRAKATOA Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (unofficial) Cramps albums with 3 additional tracks including a second, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot' and revised artworks. This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed. Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the 75-100 euro range. LP $26 SKU:21083

CRAMPS- BORN BAD AT THE BARROWLAND BALLROOM Feb 1980-Label: CTHULHU FHTAGN Live at the world famous Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow 21 February 1980. LP $25 SKU:23721

CRAMPS -ROCK N' ROLL MONSTER BASH (DE LUX VERSION of COLLECTORS HOLY GRAIL)Label:ILL EAGLE Considered to be something of a holy grail among Cramps collectors (1st press LPs go for 100+ euros). This album has been completely remastered, re-edited and now includes the 5 tracks missing from the original release giving the complete live set. A revamped sleeve (heavy weight card) using the original poster art which inspired the first release and liner notes detailing the various aspects and history of this release. An iconic and highly sought after album. This one is limited to 500 copies. LP $25 SKU:21779

CRAMPS M-M-M- MAD MAD DADDIES LIVE AT NAPA STATE HOSPITAL 1978- Label:ILL EAGLE On 13 June 1978, NYC punkabillies The Cramps played a free show for 300 psychiatric patients at the Napa State Hospital. The greatest live show in the history of rock and roll music!!! A unique document of a wild performance where the only folks wilder than the band are the audience!!! LP $24 SKU:21889

CRAMPS -GOD BLESS THE CRAMPS (1981 French live)Label:RANCID Recorded 03/06/1981 Marseilles France. Randomly inserted, red, yellow or blue vinyl. LP $22 SKU:23398

-Label:IGNITE Live in Portsmouth on 26th May 1986 during the 'A Date With Elvis' tour. British trash heroes The Sting-Rays were the support for all the Cramps dates on the UK leg of their tour. Captured here at one of the earlier dates The Sting-Rays deliver a knock out performance while The Cramps showcase tracks from the then recently released album, 'A Date With Elvis'. Also includes classics such as 'Thee Most Exhalted Potentate', 'Can Your Pussy Do The Dog' and 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Fabulous artwork and limited to 500 copies. A class punkabilly slapdown extravaganza! LP $22 SKU:21661


1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - Unfinished Business-(Garage punk legends)Label:CACOPHONE 13 never-before-heard recordings from garage punk legends 1313 Mockingbird Lane! What we have here is a mixed bag of songs the band never released, combined with unreleased versions of songs that are totally different from the released versions CD $14 SKU:24019

AMEN CORNER -LIVE ON AIR '67-'69 (UK psych-pop)Label:LONDON CALLING Collected on CD are highlights from the BBC radio sessions of UK psych-pop group Amen Corner, dating back to the years 1967-1969. Included are renditions of songs s.a. 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', 'In The Pocket', 'Bend Me Shape Me', 'The Duck', 'High In The Sky', 'I Don't Want To Discuss It', 'Gin House Blues', 'World Of Broken Hearts', '(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice', 'So Fine', 'Day Tripper' and many more. Presented in a 4-panel digipack, the CD comes with an 8-page booklet offering background liners and rare images. CD $17 SKU:22868

LEMON DROP GANG -I'M NOT THE ONE (IYL Nikki Corvette, Pandoras etc) -Label:RUM BAR Based in Tuscon, Arizona, The Lemon Drop Gang releases an album of deranged, hi-energy rock'n'roll that will please fans of The Detroit Cobras, Nikki Corvette, Vicky And The Vengents, Reigning Sound, The Pandoras, The Dogmatics and the like. CD $15 SKU:23751

LOVELY EGGS-I Am Moron(heavy psych/pop)Label:EGG The Lovely Eggs' 2020 full-length 'I Am Moron' once again offers a delightful mixture of heavy psych, catchy pop and strangeness. CD $17 SKU:23728

SHORT FUSES - DAWN OF THE DEAF (IYL MC5, Blondie, The Runaways)-Label:RUM BAR Georgia Peach, Justin Staggs and Travis Ramin are back with a bang as they unleash their first release in 15 years. 'Dawn Of The Deaf' is recommended to fans of a.o. MC5, Blondie, The Runaways, Helicopters and Detroit Cobras. CD $17 SKU:23752

VERT:X -HED (motorik / kosmische)-Label:SPIRAL VOID For over a decade the name Vert:x was synonymous with driving, groove laden spacerock. Self-released CDRs and appearances on compilations from the likes of Drone Rock Records and Fruits de Mer culminated in the much lauded vinyl release of 'From Now To Now' (The Weird Beard label) - a veritable tour de force of krautrock inflected, psychedelic spacerock. It was at this point that band mainstay Neil Whitehead called a brief hiatus to rethink the band's direction. Thankfully this break was a short one and Whitehead returned with Mat Handley (Pulselovers) and Dave Millsop (XOND) in tow. This new trio bonded immediately and the initial result was 'Death To False Motorik' (The Weird Beard) - a huge, meaty album that beautifully showcased the band's new motorik direction. The 2020 album 'HED' builds on this... and then some! Right from the get-go with opener 'Glow In The Dark Codex' (complete with a guest appearance from Stephen Bradbury from Black Tempest on vocals) which wears its NEU!/Kraftwerk influences on its sleeves, the triumvirate of Whitehead (bass), Millsop (guitar) and Handley (electronics) draw the listener into a magical kosmische world in which Dinger and Rother are kings. 'Danaë' demonstrates a beautiful delicacy of touch while the closing bruiser of a track, 'Witch/Thief', goes from cosmic ambience to something huge and muscular over the course of 22 minutes. 'HED' is the work of musicians who are not only on top of their game but also students of music... they have created something authentic and yet original. Lovers of all thing motorik and kosmische will fall in love with this record. CD $16 SKU:23685

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 23 -VA (60s soul beat garage punk)Label:PARTICLES Includes 20-page, full color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Volume 23 offers another beguiling blast of international dance floor disasters from the heyday of mod as well as the psychedelic era. Included are 20 slices of funky soul-beat and garage-punk, that wasn't known as punk at the time and wasn't recorded in a garage, but who cares when it sounds this good! COMP CD $17 SKU:23801

FUNKY COUP - KOREAN SOUL, FUNK & RARE GROOVE NUGGETS 1973-1980, VOL.1 DBL LP -Label:BEATBALL This compilation brings together, for the first time, the hottest soul/funk gems that moved the clubs and dancefloors during one of the darkest chapters of Korea's modern history under the Yushin dictatorship. It serves as a perfect guide to proto K-pop, featuring various hits from era-defining divas, relatively less-known rare tracks, as well as two previously unreleased instrumental tracks. These tunes offer an excellent primer on how soul, funk, jazz, and disco were adapted to Korea at the time, with most of the tracks sourced from the original master tapes. Comes on 180 gram vinyl. COMP LP $55 SKU:23848

SATAN'S PARTY-16 SLICES OF EUROPEAN EARLY 70'S PROTO-METAL MADNESS-Label:SATAN if you understand it as a sub-genre of the progressive rock universe, it's no surprise that most lists that you will find on the net suggest that it was mainly an album orientated affair. But it pays dividends big time to dig a little deeper and soon you will find some of the most exciting 45s from that era. Located somewhere in the middle between proto-punk, 'Bonehead Crushers' and the harder side of glam rock with a healthy dose of Black Sabbath or The Stooges thrown in, 70's proto-metal offers some of the most primal assaults ever laid down to 7-inch. Need proof? Then sink the needle into the grooves of this essential compilation, turn up the volume to 666 and celebrate a Satan's Party!!! Limited to 500 copies. COMP LP $24 SKU:23984

BLACK KEYS- The Big COme Up- PURPLE SWIRL-Label:ALIVE NOTE- Keep your panties on, that aging on the LP cover is part of the artwork!! Debut 2002 album of top-of-the-heap two-man blues rock! Includes a cover of The Beatles' "She Said, She Said". Collect em all. Bound to be something to leave the grandkids later!The Big Come Up was the Black Keys debut album and the start of their career. "The album was a visceral statement, recorded in an Akron basement on a 16 track digi recorder by drummer Pat Carney.Many fans have ascribed an almost mythological value to this album. The Big Come Up has elements of all their future releases - hip hop (samples), blues, pop, heavy fuzz and soul - for which they will become popularly known to represent." -- The Black Keys Fan Lounge.Over the years Dan Auerbach has collaborated with Alive Naturalsound records, producing, and often playing, on records by Hacienda, Radio Moscow, SSM, Brimstone Howl, The Buffalo Killers, Nathaniel Mayer, Black Diamond Heavies, and BRIAN OLIVE (ex-Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers)
7 LP $22 SKU:24020

EVIL FUZZHEADS -THE FUZZ-O-PHONIC SOUND OF (60s style Harmony driven fuzz psych)Label:CTHULHU FHTAGN The Evil Fuzzheads are a fuzzy trio from Brussels featuring members of the Vice Barons. This is their debut album. Expect some very powerful hammond-driven fuzzy garage rock with a heavy influence of the '60s and a hint of psychedelia. LP $17 SKU:23722

KESEY,KEN - THE ACID TEST(ultra rare 1966 studio recording)-Label:JACKPOT Repress of 1000 copies on coloured vinyl. Ken Kesey's ultra rare 1966 studio recording of the 'Acid Test' with The Grateful Dead. This is a legendary documentation of the 1965-'66 Bay Area Acid Test scene, selected from 14 hours of the actual trip (recorded in a studio). Expect lots of amazing mind games and word play with Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs in good form, ad libbed poetry, fractured harmonica solos, tape loops and the Grateful Dead lurking in the background. Originally released in March 1966. LP $34 SKU:23812

MEAN THINGS-CHANGE OUR WAYS (60s style garage punk-Label:SOUNDFLAT Among a range of their own rocking songs, they also included a cover of the classic 99TH FLOOR by THE MOVING SIDEWALKS, their version of HANG UP by THE WAILERS, CRY by THE MALIBUS, AND I KNOW by BROTHERS AND SISTERS and SOOPRIZE PACKAGE by SUPERCHARGER - the bands own interpretation of these songs, which are recorded in their signature style, slightly rougher and with a bit of 80s Garage Punk influence. In addition to the great music this LP also offers the cover artwork made by Merunik, like on their previous album; so CHANGE OUR WAY by THE MEAN THINGS is not only musically a must for you, but also visually. All in all the album can just be summarised as "mean" Garage Punk that will leave you in awe. LP $14 SKU:23985


ASHTON,GARDNER & DYKE-THE WORST OF ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE (70s Brit power rock trio)Label:GONZO Compiled onto CD are highlights from the British power rock trio that was active during the early '70s. Organ player and vocalist Tony Ashton and drummer Roy Dyke were ex-members of the legendary Remo Four while Kim Gardener had spent time with The Birds and Creation. CD $10 SKU:23633

ASHTON,GARDNER,DYKE & CO -WHAT A BLOODY LONG DAY IT'S BEEN(70s Brit power rock trio)-Label:GONZO Power rock three-piece Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co. is best remembered for the 1971 single 'Resurrection Shuffle', which reached the charts in various countries. Organ player and vocalist Tony Ashton and drummer Roy Dyke were ex-members of the legendary Remo Four while Kim Gardener had spent time with The Birds and Creation. This is a CD-reissue of the trio's third and final studio album, originally dating back to 1972. CD $10 SKU:23634

CHEEPSKATES- Confessional (60s style power pop) -Label:MUSIC MANIAC 6th lbum showing singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert at his best ad at his melodic CD $5 SKU:16181

ON AND ONS-IT'S THE ON AND ONS CALLING (powerpop w STEMS/WIGGLES members)Label:CITADEL The ON AND ONS line-up includes guitarist Glenn Morris and his drummer brother Brian. Both are members of local Sydney outfit The Zeros and of the Paul Collins Beat live group, while Glenn is perhaps best known for his days with Kings Of The Sun and The Screaming Tribesmen. Penned by Glenn, the 11 songs on this album are firmly rooted in genuine powerpop/-rock and are characterized by great tunes and exceptional harmonies. Other players on the album are bassist Clyde Bramley (ex-Hoodoo Gurus), guitarist and keyboardist Richard Lane (ex-Stems) and guitarist Jon Roberts (ex-Barbarellas). CD $17 SKU:23315

SEE NO EVILS - INNER VOICES (60s style garage pop)Label:HEAVY SOUL The debut-album from exciting Leeds-based 4-piece The See No Evils. Here are twelve tracks that deliver a sound rooted in '60s pop and energetic garage, though a modern twist keeps the tunes from retrogression. The two previous singles have proven that the band takes influences from many genres and eras, be it '50s B-movies scores, '60s garage rock, or '70s punk - not one track sounds the same. Expect chiming guitars, impassioned vocals and songs that just won't leave your head CD $18 SKU:23726

SNOWY DUNES-ATLANTIS(70s style heavy psych blues)Label: OZIUM Snowy Dunes have caught a heavy blues. They're far from the only ones. The last couple years have witnessed a nascent surge of soul-driven heavy rock, and whether manifest in the high-order pop hooks of Snowy Dunes' Swedish countryfolk Blues Pills, the grit of New York's Geezer or the dug-in jams of Australia's Child, these worldwide examples are tied together through a blend of sonic fluidity, songcraft, open atmosphere and underlying naturalism that carries across this core sound as a next logical step forward for what in the earlier part of the decade might've been more straight-ahead boogie rock recorded on vintage gear. Snowy Dunes keeps impressing with their psychedelic/blues rock, putting themselves at the top of interesting bands from Sweden! You don't need any recreational drugs to take the journey. Just let the music in and it will do the rest for you. If you like you music spiced with a huge dose of the '70s then you have come to the right band. CD $17 SKU:23662

BORED TEENAGERS - Vol 12 -27 Great British Punk Originals- ONE ONLY Label:BIN LINER The 12th volume of this anticipated, highly collectable series. Featuring some long lost punk rock gems which have been undiscovered for over 40 years. Comes with A5-size booklet. 1:50 COMP CD $20 SKU:23695

FAR EAST!FAR OUT! (6CD)-The Intoxicating Sounds of Garage, Exotic Beat, & Savage Psychedelia From Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore & Beyond 1964-1971-6 CD BOX SETLabel:RUBBLE Let's go far out in the Far East with Far East! Far Out! Whatever your take, just make sure that before you don't, you witness the rampant fuzz guitar, high impact adrenalin, and drama of the intoxicating sounds from Asia and beyond. Rubble presents a prized collection of bizarre 1960s Eleki, Pop-Yeh-Yeh, Group Sounds, and A-Go-Go scenes from the Far East. It defies western convention and twists it with the same tools into something otherworldly. You have to hear it to believe it! Featuring over 150 tracks of wild garage punk, exotic beat, and raucous psychedelia with a good dose of "what the hell is that!?" So before you open your mind, open your ears! Six-CD box set with 80-page, full-color perfect bound booklet.
COMP CD $42 SKU:23480

GOOD WEATHER MACHINE-SUNSHINE, SOFT & STUDIO POP 1966-1972 -Label:TEENSVILLE Good Weather Machine' offers a closer look at the turned-on sounds of late '60s pop, spanning the sunshine, soft and studio styles. The CD features 31 commercial examples of highly produced, arranged and performed music from artists who had the potential to become famous, but somehow failed to hit the big time. This release includes a full-colour 24-page booklet with extensive liner notes, pictures of the artists and annotations. COMP CD $18 SKU:23692

BOOTBOY DISCOTHEQUE-14 BOVVER ROCK BRUISERS 1969-1979- Label:STAG O LEE If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, "sickening violence", a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn't anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider's web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. COMP LP $22 SKU:23522

SINGAPORE NUGGETS- THE LADIES (60s and 70s pop and fuzz garage!) Label:AKENATON During the '60s and early '70s, Singapore had one of most vibrant and interesting music scenes in Asia and even the world, and this compilation presents undeniable proof of it. Focusing exclusively on the female presence on the scene (be it as solo singers, backed by other bands or as band leaders) 'Singapore Nuggets. The Ladies' presents such and amazing collection of songs many will be shocked by the sheer genius of these ladies. Ranging from naive pop to fuzzed out garage (and more!) all within the confines of pop yeh yeh, the fresh, colorful, local sound of '60s Singapore in which western influences, Chinese, Arabic and Indian sounds were mixed by the locals to create a wonderfully idiosyncratic style. A must! COMP LP $25 SKU:23686

MODIFICACION -ST( 1971 heavy underground psych/prog rock)-Label:MUNSTER This heavy underground psych/prog rock band from Valencia, Spain, released two sought after singles in 1971 and 1973 respectively, plus a further promotional 7-inch in 1974. Now, for the first time ever, all the tracks from those releases are collected on one LP with the addition of previously unreleased recordings. The band was influenced by a.o. Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge and Grand Funk Railroad. Fans of those bands will definitely love this compilation. LP $29 SKU:23397

SPARKLES -THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS Texas 60s garage (+7"/CD)-Label:JUKEBOX MUSIC FACTORY The Sparkles were associated with the garage-band and psychedelic rock scene of 1960s Texas, as epitomized by their classic underground hit 'No Friend Of Mine'. The line-up changed few times before 1962, and Stanley Smith finally recruit Harold "Lucky" Floyd (drums and vocals), Donnie Roberts (guitar) and Bobby Smith (bass). Their first recording was the single 'U.T.' under the small label Caron. This third incarnation proved a great hit among the clubs of West Texas, notably the Music Box and The Village Swinger. Indeed, in 2000, local legend Joe Ely described them as the "city's best rock'n'roll band" in the history of the Lubbock music scene published by Texas Monthly. Interestingly, The Sparkles boasted a pair of drummers, with one, the flamboyant Harold Floyd, also lending his voice to their performances. 1966 would constitute a turning point for The Sparkles. Larry Parks -drummer for Roy Orbison, turned producer in Nashville, Tennessee- invited them to sign with Hickory Records, the historic music label founded by Roy Acuff and Fred Rose in 1954. The band came up with 'The Hip', which proved an immediate hit in Austin and extremely popular within the fraternity scene at the University of Texas. On a roll, The Sparkles then recorded 'Something You Said' followed by 'Jack And The Beanstalk'. In 1967, The Sparkles, already a decade old, recorded their chef-d'oeuvre 'No Friend Of Mine', with Nunn's raging guitar riffs and Floyd's remarkably tense vocals. This fiery tour de force would be consecrated by its inclusion on the first CD set of the legendary compilation 'Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968'. Following their final single, 'Hipsville 29 B.C.', for Hickory Records, The Sparkles once again entered rocky waters, with Nunn and Holt finally deciding to throw in the towel in 1968. Floyd, Smith and Marriot immediately set sail for California, along the way renaming their group The Pearly Gate. This brief interlude would include a handful of appearances on the ABC sitcom 'Judd, For The Defense'. Legend has it, they were also scheduled to perform before Bobby Kennedy the evening of his tragic assassination on June 5th 1968... Returning to Texas, Floyd, Smith and Marriot resurrected The Sparkles, bringing into the fold Steve Weisberg, future guitarist for John Denver. But Floyd's departure in 1975 for California to join Red Wilder Blue spelled the end of this group's 15-year musical odyssey, a tumultuous journey typical of such modest rock'n'roll heroes posthumously crowned by multiple thematic compilations. However, the one you're now holding constitutes the very first anthology dedicated to these incredible Texans LP $28 SKU:21875

SPIRITS & WORM-ST (RARE 1969 West coast style psych)Label:AUDIO CLARITY he only album released by psychedelic quintet Spirits & Worm is the stuff of confused legend. The group conjured the kind of sound heavily associated with the West Coast style of psychedelia, as mastered by San Francisco-based Jefferson Airplane. But Spirits & Worm was based in Long Island, New York, laying down the tracks for this A&M release at Bill Stahl's Ultrasonic Studios in Hempstead, where Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge cut most of their work. Spirits & Worm featured chief songwriter Carlos Hernandez on fiery lead guitar, Tommy Parris on subdued bass and vocals, Artie Hicles Junior on drums, with Alfred Scotti on rhythm guitar and vocals, and adding to the Jefferson Airplane reference, the emotive tones of Adrianne Maurici. Despite the album being a fine set of songs dealing, sex, death and other grand relationship themes, the album was pulled from the shelves almost immediately after the first copies were circulated in the New York area, the legend having it that A&M executives were shocked and dismayed by the image of two goats resting on a grave as the front cover, fearing occult references in an era riven by Manson Family hysteria and the situation of a Zodiak Killer at large. The album has been renedered exceedingly rare, this welcome reissue placing it more readily into reach. LP $22 SKU:23720