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BOLD - Gotta Get Some (ultimate 60s GARAGE-PUNK classic of PEBBLES fame)-Label:MISTY LANE An ultimate GARAGE-PUNK classic. Combined on this 7" EP are two great singles including the 'Pebbles-fame classic 'Train Kept Rollin''. Rare unseen pictures of the band, story/interview with former member Steve Walker! Color artwork and usual great sound mastering.T 45 RPM $12 SKU:20255

E TYPES - I’ll Be On My Way (Brilliant 60s folk-rock magic from South Ca) Label:TEEN SOUND Brilliant folk-rock magic from South Californian legendary band from the '60s. Limited to 500 copies. 45 RPM $12 SKU:20256

BREAKOUT - KAMIENIE (1970 Polish psych-blues legends)Label:MUZA The classic 1972 album by the well known Polish blues-rockers, reissued on CD. This edition is presented in a digipack. CD $16 SKU:20103

COOLEY MUNSON- In Debt (70s So Cal. hippie psych ) -Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS Bill Cooley and Alan Munson were two friends in Santa Barbara, California, living their early 20s writing folk-rock songs for their pleasure. That was 1972, and they decided to put these songs into the studio, self-produce the album and press a tiny quantity of 500 pieces hoping it could help getting a contract with a major company. This never happened, as you would have guessed, and sure this fact helped making their sole album, In Debt, a major collectable item in the folk-rock and psychedelic rock listeners and collectors. Today, original copies of this record fetch quite interesting sums when changing hands in record fairs or internet auctions. Being a private pressing, you can easily imagine it's not a big production, but no care. This album has the right feel and you won't need anything else to make it one of your faves. All tracks are original compositions, and the style is very personal. It's folk-rock, but many tracks are quite psychedelic too, in their own way. But don't look close for influences, they will not come to mind that easily. Bill and Alan had their own psychedelic folk-rock style, and the raw, sometimes amateurish feel that these recordings have give the album the final distinctive touch. Never reissued before in any format, now here we come with a splendid reissue, with the collaboration of the guys. Remastered sound taken from the master tapes, CD version comes with booklet and outer slimcase. Alan Munson kept going the folk-rock way and released two solo albums during the '70s too, which we are also re-releasing along with In Debt CD $12 SKU:7814

FLIPPERS- PRONTO VIVEREMOS UN MUNDO MUCHO.(Columbian 60s/70s Psych)-Label:GUERSSEN One of Colombia's better known 60s & 70s groups is Los Flippers. But few people outside Colombia knows about this wonderful 1973 album they did. Its probably because it was self-released by their leader Arturo Astudillos own label rather than the bigger labels they used before, hence low sales. But in any case, its no doubt a great album that must be heard. The music on this album is quite special, as it blends psychedelia with progressive sound and soul as well. With a very good production, here we find Los Flippers at their peak of inspiration and being now a bunch of very experimented musicians. The result is much more mature than any of their previous works of course, and they really achieved a sound that ranges with any supergroup. With all original compositions except a Buddy Miles cover, they used a good dose of psychedelic effects and some tasty horns as well. As an addition, this first ever reissue comes with a killer bonus track from an earlier 45, with a killer sound reminiscent of Iron Butterfly. Remastered sound from tapes (except the bonus track), and insert with liners by Arturo Astudillo. CD $12 SKU:10036

GARRIE,NICK -49 ARLINGTON GARDENS (70s folk psych) Label: ELEFANT British musician Nick Garrie is best known for his 1968 psych-folk cult LP 'The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas'. His album '49 Arlington Gardens', here presented on CD, was recorded in 2009, with contributions from members of Teenage Fanclub and BMX Bandits. CD $16 SKU:19851

GIOBIA -NIGHT SOUND (neo-psychedelic-rock)-Label:SULATRON Debut full length album by Giobia, the new psychedelic sensation from Milano, Italy! Giobia celebrate a intense neo-psychedelic-rock, who is deeply inspired by the sound of the late sixties and shoegaze. Next to Guitars, Bass, Drums and Organ they use Sitars, vintage Keyboards and Effects to create a colourful and swirling sound. Their vocals are often in the background to produce a more far out athmosphere. They play tight and punchy as well as relaxed and floating in higher spheres. All that filled with love and passion for their music. Also they made some excellent coversongs of Electric Prunes and Santana and show their creativity and individuality. A very tasty album and a true highlight in the growing Sulatron-history! The trippy coverdesign is made by Lulu Artwork!, the bassplayer of Electric Moon. The mastering is done by krautrocklegend Eroc. CD $16 SKU:20243

GOLDEN GRASS - ST (70s style power trio)-Label:SVART Debut album! Special LP replica sleeve. The glory of American hard rock has returned with the debut eponymous album by THE GOLDEN GRASS! This Brooklyn-based power-trio is the real deal, and their LP harkens back to the golden age when heavy rock music was upbeat, skillfully played, energetic, edgy, and bursting with goodtime sunshine vibes. They come hard with a strong backbone of deep-pocket funky flare and an earnest/uplifting southern/country/mountain rock vibe, layered with waves of psychedelic textures that explode into jaw-dropping proto-metal moves. And throughout their progressive arrangements and timeless grooves are lush and powerfully delivered vocals, stacked with gorgeous harmonies and maddeningly catchy verses and choruses singing the tales of real-life loves, losses, and the drive to keep on keepin on! This album is a sure treat for fans of classic underground hard rock such as Truth and Janey, Dust, and Josefus as well as fans of classic UK psychedelia such as The Move, The Pretty Things, and Mighty Baby. THE GOLDEN GRASS will also greatly appeal to folks into the contemporary sounds of Danava, Horisont, Graveyard, and Dead Man. CD $12 SKU:20128

GOLDEN RING- ST -Iranian Styled 60's Garage & Other Exotic Sounds: Complete Recordings-Label:PERSIANNA As collectors continue to explore and discover new music from around the world, one country that's starting to gain momentum is Iran. Iran has been a mystery to collectors for many years, and even today it remains a blackbox to most. Within the rubbles of Iran's lost musical history comes Golden Ring, one of the first, and most prodominent Iranian garage groups from the '60s. Based in Teheran, Golden Ring recorded and released a series of songs on 7" during the late 60's and early 70's before disbanding. They were one of the first Iranian bands to be influenced by Western music such as The Beatles, combining traditional Iranian instrumentation and melodies with structures found in UK and North American rock and pop. This combination resulted in an Iranian take on garage music during the genre's climax. One of the members of Golden Ring, Arif, later went on to become a solo artist, and over time became one of the legendary artists within Irans musical landscape. His solo material spread across 45's, soundtracks and generations of fans. Sadly Golden Ring never recorded or released a full length album, but through a lot of hard work and effort we are pleased to offer a full length compilation of Golden Ring's music for you to enjoy. Limited to 500 copies CD $14 SKU:14335

HEAVY GLOW -PEARLS & SWINE AND EVERYTHING FINE (Classic fuzz rock trio)-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT HEAVY GLOW from Cleveland, Ohio is a classic rock trio that delivers its rock with a fresh and modern vibe, built on a foundation of fuzz-fueled hard rock, appointed with psychedelically-tinted blues and beautifully textured washes of Motown/Memphis soul. CD $14 SKU:20133

INTERKOSMOS-HYPNOTIZER(swirly psych acid madness-Label:SULATRON Sprawling space sounds tell stories of far galaxies - the music fuses single intstruments into each other and the sound gets a swirly acid madness. This is psychedelic music without being bound to certain stylistic directions: what matters is the flow. A wonderful soundtrack for a journey to the far out vastnesses of the inner cosmos. Interkosmos was founded in 2008 by Sula Bassana (Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone) on bass, Pablo Carneval (formerly Electric Moon, The Blowing Lewinsky) on drums und Sergio Ceballos (RIP KC) on guitar. CD $16 SKU:20244

KIKAGAKU MOYO- ST (Japanese 60s style psych)- Label:GURUGURU BRAIN Repress on the band's own label! This Tokyo-based band started channeling the spirits of the Japanese psychedelic underground in the Summer of 2012, quickly developing the sound of '60s psychedelia to a breathtaking degree. The band's s/t debut exerts an elemental power. Enlivening its sound with sitars, percussive drums, theremins, wind instruments and ethereal vocals, the band manages to sound powerfully spacious and lazily serene all at once. CD $17 SKU:20187

KLENCZON,KRZYSZTOF-COMPLETE RECORDINGS 1970-1972(Polish heavy rock 2CD+DVD-Label:KAMELEON On 2 CD complete recordings of the first Polish heavy-rock band. 13 tracks published first time ever. Third disc is DVD with two videos of the band. Remastered edition in digipack with 24 page colour booklet, 8 page insert with song lyrics. 150 minutes of music. CD $18 SKU:19151

LYRES- A Promise Is a Promise digipack -Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Munster reissues the third Lyres LP, originally released on Ace of Hearts, from 1988. CD $10 SKU:14875

MATADORS - GET DOWN FROM THE TREE- rare Czechoslovakian 60s beat psych!) Label:MUNSTER Studio recordings from 1966-1968 for the first time ever appear as a complete collection. From the early twist instrumentals through to solid R&B/soul covers and up to their classic psychedelic freakbeat originals, all tracks have been remastered from the original analogue master tapes. Even 40 years after they disbanded, the legendary Matadors still remain one of the best known "big beat" bands from former Czechoslovakia. Some of the original members would continue with munch-respected groups such as The Blue Effect or Emergency CD $14 SKU:20129

MISTY HUSH REVIVAL- Your Heart Is Broken (60s rarity Acid Archives fave) - Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) One of the most obscure US private pressings from the late 60s / early 70s. As Patrick Lundborg says in Acid Archives: "A cool, atmospheric trip for fans of the tri-state late '60s club sound" First time ever reissue, remastered from 24-bit files, original artwork, insert with rare pictures and liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer CD $12 SKU:14044

MUNSON, ALAN - FIRST LIGHT (70s psych rock) -Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS And heres the last of the 70s works by our friend Munson! This one got released in 1979, again in small quantities, on the Parallax label in California. The "First light" album doesnt easily fit into a music category box. The songs range from psych rock, to some fairly "laid back" folk-rock, and even a song with a country rock feel. Instruments played on the record include electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass and drums. Lead solos are all played on electric guitar; a "clean" sound on the acoustic based songs and guitar effects were used on the psych rock songs. Strong lead vocals and background harmony vocals, all in all making another excellent album as result. Also one unreleased bonus track is added, all remastered from the original tapes. First time ever reissue as well, the CD comes with a booklet, and outer carton slimcase. CD $12 SKU:20126

MY EDUCATION -Sunrise (Texas psych advanced ecstacy)Label:STRANGE ATTRACT Described as "advanced ecstacy" by David Fricke in the pages of Rolling Stone, Austin, Texas instrumentalists My Education create sweeping, cinematic music evocative and of the high-lonesome expanse of the Texas Hill Country landscape they call home. Formed in 1999 and comprised of former members of Austin-area psych mainstays Stars of the Lid, ST37 and Cinders, the band has since played over 300 shows all over the United States, alongside like-minded artists Pelican, The Black Angels, Six Organs of Admittance, A Place to Bury Strangers, Isis and many others. Three full-length albums, several compilation appearances and multiple singles are to their credit, including a must-have 12" vinyl collaboration with avant hip-hop act Dalek released last year. Additionally, My Education have received the remix treatment by Kinski, Pelican, Red Sparowes and the aforementioned Dalek, and even have composed an original score to the F.W. Murnau 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, which premiered at the famed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in March 2007. In short, the band has gotten around. CD $12 SKU:20124

OLYMPIC- EVERYBODY! (1965-68 Czech beat) Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Formed in 1963, Olympic were the first Czech beat group to appear on vinyl in 1964, and the first to have an LP album in 1968. They were one of the first bands to write and perform exclusively their own songs, with lyrics mainly in the Czech language. This outstanding compilation presents their best tracks from their "classic" beat period 1965-1971. CD $12 SKU:20130

ONE WAY TICKET-Time Is Right (obscure 60s Brit psych)-Label:GUERSSEN Musically, its an odd album which ranges from late-sixties underground psych in the Chocolate Soup vein to freaky blues-psych not unlike Olivers "Standing Stone" with some glam-mod-psych and rockin tunes. It even features three tracks also covered by the legendary Five Day Rain on their rare album. Reissued with original artwork and remastered sound, insert with lyrics and 500 copies only. CD $12 SKU:20254

ORIENTAL SUNSHINE - DEDICATED TO THE BIRD WE LOVE (70s Norwegian psych folk) -Label:SUNBEAM! Korean import. Norwegian psyche-folk like Magic Carpet but with even nicer melodies and haunting soft Hammond organ to mix with the sitar and guitars, and the sweetest girl vocals, all in English -- highly recommended. CD $14 SKU:1833

SCHIBBINZ - Livin Free (rare 1967 Argentine garage ) Label:GUERSSEN Previously released on vinyl, now available in a CD version. In 1967, a bunch of U.S. and Argentinean kids recorded a magical album which has remained unknown for many years due to its extreme rarity, with less than a handful of copies known to exist. Released in 1968 in Argentina by Phonexa, the Schibbinz album could be regarded as the ultimate teen garage folk-rock album, ever. An album of fragile beauty, full of teen charm, innocent vocals, jangly guitars, charming, lo-fi sound and a lost-in-time atmosphere. Guerssen Records is proud to present this mega-rare album to the world, with the production fully benefitting from the band's involvement and assistance. The original master tapes were lost, but the sound has been carefully-remastered from an original near-mint copy. Extensive, detailed liner-notes and lots of cool pictures from the band's archives are all included in a 4-page insert. Also includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version. CD $12 SKU:10995

SEID -CREATURES OF THE UNDERWORLD (Norwegian PSYCH/PROG SPACEROCK)-Label:SULATRON 2nd album by Norwegian PSYCHEDELIC/PROGRESSIVE SPACEROCK band. A sound flavoured with lots of punky energy and strange Balkan folk influences. Dark, mystic moods and ghostly melodies and weird soundexperiments. Strong instrumentation with roaring hammonds, howling harmonium and melodramatic mellotrons, farfisa and bleeding guitar leads. Drenched in Norwegian mythology and fairytales full of dragons and demons. As bonus the CD features the outstanding 'Meet The Spacemen' video enhanched. CD $16 SKU:20246

SEVEN THAT SPELLS -OMEGA/THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF KRAUTROCK(psych)-Label:SULATRON Beyond. Not of this planet. Asymmetrical, atonal, cold, and yet in perfect harmony with itself. Created over a span of three years in collaboration with Mr. Blake Fleming, the drummer extraordinaire behind bands like Laddio Bolocko, The Mars Volta and many more, 'Omega' is brutal and driving, mystical and out of this world. A suitable end to the 'The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock' trilogy. It's time to abandon this planet and let music speak for itself. Limited to 500 copies CD $16 SKU:20245

SILVERLEAF - ST (female-fronted Danish/Norwegian psych stoner power trio)-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT This s/t album offers a genuine package of progressive rock, stoner, psychedelia and blues mixed with a lot of melodic elements. The trio moves smoothly between the delicate airy breeze and the massive dark abyss with a ton of passion as common denominator. For fans of a.o. Blues Pills, Fuzz Manta, PristineCD $12 SKU:20127

STONEBIRDS -Time(French heavy rock)-Label:ACID BUZZ Hailing from central Britanny (France), STONEBIRDS came out in 2008 as a quintet, inspired by both surrounding desolated landscapes and bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss, The Melvins and Alice In Chains. The 2018 album "Time" confirms the band's unique style matured on "Into The Fog" and its ability to write deeply emotional and complex songs. Once again recorded at Kerwax, this record is darker and more contrasted with heavier metal parts and lighter atmospheric moments. STONEBIRDS asserts itself as a singular voice in heavy music landscapeCD $17 SKU:20177

TRAFFIC SOUND - Virgin (70s S American psych) digipack - Label:MUNSTER The second LP by Traffic Sound, released in 1969, is one of the masterpieces of Latin rock. On their first album with self-written songs, the band from Lima combined psychedelia, hard rock, a hint of progressive rock and a Latin tinge to create a personal, mighty sound full of details. The best example is Meshkalina, a track with references to Incan culture which became an anthem of the period and was heard all over Peru. The LP was a great success and even saw a US release. CD $14 SKU:20131

TROGGS- ON AIR: THE LOST BROADCASTS (60s Power pop psych)Label:VOGON Remembered chiefly as proto-punkers who reached the top of the charts with the "caveman rock" of 'Wild Thing' (1966), the Troggs were also adept at crafting power pop and ballads. Hearkening back to a somewhat simpler, more basic British Invasion approach as psychedelia began to explode in the late '60s, the group also reached the Top Five with their flower-power ballad 'Love Is All Around'. While more popular in their native England than the U.S., the band also fashioned memorable, insistently riffing hit singles like 'With A Girl Like You', and the notoriously salacious 'I Can't Control Myself'. Available for the first time on CD, this album includes unique live in the studio recordings of many of the Troggs' finest moments on wax. CD $17 SKU:20178

YVES, SERGE & VICTOR - CAGIBI (1975 PRIVATE PRESSING West Coast folk-rock with a psychedelic edge)-Label:GUERSSEN Mega-rare private pressing from France, 1975, with only 300 copies made. Pretty unknown album, and a killer!!! Nothing you would expect from a French record, really..this is 100% USA early 70s sounding stuff, West Coast folk-rock with a psychedelic edge, CSNY feel, acoustic & electric guitars, some fierce fuzz assaults, English vocals. an incredible discovery! The original pressing came with plain white cover, and a few copies were later pasted-on with a few very low quality photos. For this reissue we've used this artwork (restored) and also included a booklet with infos and photos. Fantastic remastered sound
CD $14 SKU:7021

ARF! ARF! -BLITZKRIEG (60's psych/ glam/ and oddities) - Label:ARF ARF This cheap compilation comprise a track from each Arf! Arf! release, so whether you are a garage fiend or a lover of incredibly strange muzak or a glam hound, there is no better way to check out this extraordinary catalog. Including LUCIA PAMELA, SPACE NEGROS, NOBLEMEN, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, THE LOST, THEE WYLDE MANIACS, THE ELECTRAS, etc. COMP CD $12 SKU:20125

VELVET REVOLUTIONS- VOL. 2: 1968-1971 VA (Iron Curtain 60s psych!)- Label:PARTICLES Eastern bloc rock! 'Velvet Revolution Volume Two' celebrates the hugely innovative and unique sound that was engineered behind the infamous Iron Curtain in cold war Eastern Europe. Enigmatic, bizarre and genious are just a few words that could describe this music, yet they only offer brief praise of the overlooked craft created by a generation whose hindered hopes and dreams were recorded in the 1960s and 1970s. These sounds survive as monumental works in their own right and stand as a testament to their art whilst serving a lesson to those in the west who thought they knew it all. COMP CD $12 SKU:20137

WITH THE SUN IN MY EYES - VA ( Rare UK and European 60s psych)- Label:PSYCHIC CIRCLE With so many similarly-themed comps around, its genuinely difficult to come up with 20 killer tracks previously uncomped on CD. However, we can happily reassure any worried aficianado that the well has not by any means run dry. It may take a little longer for the pebble to hit the water, but when it does there are still bucketfuls of lysergically treated fluid to draw up. You'll find Elton Johns rhythm section, Hungarys top psych band, an army PE instructor who thought he was the reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh, a Swedish Red Indian expert whose brother sold his records door to door, and the man who asked Where Do You Go To My Lovely? getting decidedly strange, plus a whole bunch of other psyched-out artistes. Just say yes. COMP CD $12 SKU:6648

CASH-A-LIKES- VA 18 Men In Black Who Walked The Line-(50s and 60s Johnny Cash inspired rarities) Label:BE! SHARP German version, limited to 500 copies, for much better price and with better sound. This collection of Johnny Cash inspired contemporaries throbs with the man in black's very particular brand of swagger and soul. Featuring contributions from the likes of underappreciated West Coast rockabilly Bobby Wayne and honky tonk colossus Sleepy LaBeef, it's a wild, irresistible musical ride, full of Cash-tastic rhythms and attitude COMP LP $21 SKU:20229

CZECH UP! -Vol 2-WE'D BE HAPPY(2LP)Collection of gems from Czechoslovakia's fan-tastic '60s and '70s- Label:VAMPISOUL (SPAIN) Presented on DOUBLE-LP, this is the second collection of gems from Czechoslovakia's fan-tas-tic '60s and '70s beat, garage and psych underground DOUBLE COMP LP $30 SKU:19991

EIGHTEEN WHEELERS!-TWISTED TALES FROM THE TRUCKSTOLabel:BE! SHARP German version, limited to 500 copies, for much better price and with better sound! Gathered here are some of the toughest cuts from the trucking genre, originally from the '60s and early-mid '70s. These tracks were taken from small label 45s cut by blue collar men who drove an 18 wheeler by day and picked up a guitar on the weekend to tell stories of highway mayhem, double clutchin', gear bustin' and coffee drinking. This collection will literally put you in the seat for a road trip you'll never forget. You will almost smell the diesel fumes. That's a big 10-4! COMP LP $21 SKU:20228

TWISTED TALES FROM THE VINYL WASTELANDS 3-MURDER IN THE SWAMP - ALLIGATORS! FROGS!! DEATH... AND MORE!!' (comp of rare hillbilly singles )-Label:BE! SHARP This third volume collects a further eighteen ultra rare hillbilly 45rpm 7-inch sides, originally recorded for long-lost independent record labels. Limited to 500 copies. COMP LP $21 SKU:20227

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH -ELECTRIC MUSIC FOR THE MIND AN BODY (1967 Bay Area psych masters) -Label:CRAFT Reissue of 1967 debut album by Bay Area psych-rock band Country Joe & The Fish. Audiophile pressing from the original analogue masters. LP $35 SKU:19709

CRAMPS, THE-REAL MEN'S GUTS VERSUS THE SMELL OF FEMALE 2-Label:CONNOISSEUR Repress of only 250 LP's, containing recordings of the second night of The Cramps performing at The Peppermint Lounge in 1983. This legendary recording, boasting fantastic sound quality, is now available for the first time. It's a completely different set than on the long gone first volume. This will sell out very quickly again, so don't sleep LP $32 SKU:20117

DEAD MOON - TRASH AND BURN(punk w psych edge) Label:MISSISSIPPI One of their harder to find and more perfect records. An absolute monster of a rocker. Killer high energy songs. Once again DEAD MOON deliver a record of all hits with no misses. Pure as can be. The record has a slight psychedelic edge and some definite roots in early rock and roll. The record that started to define the aesthetic that would later inform what Fred and Toody accomplished with Dead Moon. Nuts and bolts great songwriting on songs such as Teenagers, World war 3, Social Indigestion and more LP $21 SKU:19736

THANATOPSIS- GOLDEN VOICE (Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece 1968) Label:ALONA'S DREAM Unreleased pop-psych masterpiece from Morton, Illinois' Thanatopsis. This album was recorded ca. 1968 at Golden Voice Recording by Jerry Milam and unheard until 2018. Thanatopsis treats us to everything from baroque pop to psychedelic teenbeat garage. This release contains the first and only official reissue of the songs from their sought-after Golden Voice 45 as well as 10 other cuts, ranging from Mothers Of Invention inspired wackiness to sincere late '60s teen pop. Thantaopsis pushed the limits of the freshly built four-track studio with new sounds and experimentation. LP $24 SKU:20118


FIRE -#8 ( heavy psych, doom, stoner, sludge, occult, dark and '70s hard rock)Label: Issue #8 of this bi-monthly rock magazine dedicated to heavy psych, doom, stoner, sludge, occult, dark and '70s hard rock. This edition pays attention to Monster Magnet, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nebula, Earthless, Vibravoid, Nik Turner and many more. You may also expect plenty of news, reviews, lots of artwork, comments on movies, etc. BOOKS & MAGS $14 SKU:20088

ARIEL- A STRANGE FANTASTIC DREAM (rare Brit psych 1969 w liners and photos) Label:PROG TEMPLE (UK) Ariel was an Australian band that formed from the ashes of Spectrum and Tamam Shud. Released on EMI's progressive imprint Harvest in 1973, A Strange Fantastic Dream, if having certain similarities to early British progressive rock (Procol Harum, Uriah Heap) and the art rock of Supertramp, has a wry, bluesy rock swagger that's distinctly Oz. The album fared well commercially and critically, reaching #12 in the LP charts in February 1974. CD $10 SKU:19679

BREAKOUT -70A (1970 Polish psych-blues legends)Label:MUZA On CD, presented in a digipack, this is the classic 1970 full-length by Polish psych-blues legends Breakout CD $16 SKU:19969

BREAKOUT -NA DRUGIM BRZEGU TECZY(1969Polish psych-blues legends)-Label:MUZA On CD, presented in a digipack, this is the classic 1969 debut-album by Polish psych-blues legends Breakout, featuring the husband-and-wife-duo of Tadeusz Nalepa and Mira Kubasinska. CD $16 SKU:19970

BULDOZER-THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION 1995 (2CD)-Label:MUZA A fine collection of recordings from the Yugoslavian/Croatian underground band, presented as a DOUBLE-CD. The material dates back to the years 1975-1995. CD $17 SKU:19971

CLARK, GENE& CHRIS HILLMAN FLYTE(1982 BYRDS members)DBL Label:KEYHOLE Last copies. A remastered DOUBLE-CD set presenting two brilliant sets, performed by two of the founding members of The Byrds at California's Palomino Club in 1982. The recordings find them tackling material known from The Byrds, Dillard & Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers and their solo careers. Background notes and images are included. CD $12 SKU:19678

CYMBELINE-1965 - 1971 (homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzzpsych) Label:GUERSSEN *Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael JournathPreviously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!!Tracks like “Third Image” or “Look at the stars” are an incredible find for anyone into US garage-psych (they wouldn’t sound out of place on any Pebbles or Psychedelic Unknowns volume!) and others like “Flicka”, “Stolta Vingar” or “Mittuppslag” are top notch ‘70s fuzzed out Scandinavian psych/prog. We can’t believe that such fabulous stuff has remained hidden in a carboard box until now.Formed in the industrial town of Norrköping in the mid ‘60s, Cymbeline (also known as Motala Ström and W&J) only released a 45 in 1971 before breaking up. But during their existence, the band recorded a lot of stuff, included here for the first time along with their rare 45. CD $17 SKU:19430

LOTUS EMPEROR- ST (Greek psych, garage and stoner rock) Label:REBEL SOUND PRODUCTIONS This is the debut album by an upcoming band from Athens, Greece, blending psych, garage and stoner rock elements and showcasing an adventurous approach. CD-version! CD $15 SKU:20051

LOVELY EGGS - COB DOMINOS(kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG Now on their own label! The second album by this eggstraordinary duo from Lancashire. Underground grunge-pop that's bizarre, ironic, surreal and full of twists. CD $16 SKU:19667

LUCIFER -ST(1970 NY wasted garage rockers Iron Butterfly style)-Label:VOID Only real legit! CD reissue of one and only album by legendary NY wasted garage rockers. Originals of this album go for 4 digits buks, so we very much welcome this reissue. Sounds like an early garagy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD mixed with IRON BUTTERFLY magic. This CD version has 1 extra track, NOT on the AKARMA and a nice group picture aswell, (void) CD $16 SKU:19992

MY EDUCATION -BAD VIBRATIONS (Texas psych) Label:STRANGE ATTRACT Described as "advanced ecstacy" by David Fricke in the pages of Rolling Stone, Austin, Texas instrumentalists My Education create sweeping, cinematic music evocative and of the high-lonesome expanse of the Texas Hill Country landscape they call home. Formed in 1999 and comprised of former members of Austin-area psych mainstays Stars of the Lid, ST37 and Cinders, the band has since played over 300 shows all over the United States, alongside like-minded artists Pelican, The Black Angels, Six Organs of Admittance, A Place to Bury Strangers, Isis and many others. Three full-length albums, several compilation appearances and multiple singles are to their credit, including a must-have 12" vinyl collaboration with avant hip-hop act Dalek released last year. Additionally, My Education have received the remix treatment by Kinski, Pelican, Red Sparowes and the aforementioned Dalek, and even have composed an original score to the F.W. Murnau 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, which premiered at the famed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in March 2007. In short, the band has gotten around. Behind this slow-burning momentum, the band is slated to deliver their finest outing to date, the beautiful and sublime fourth full-length Bad Vibrations. CD $12 SKU:20019

OLIVERS -BEEKER ST THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS - Label:BREAK A WAY This 15-track CD presents the band’s 1969 top notch intended psych album Lost Dove Sessions including the group’s sole double-sided 1966 fuzzkiller 45, two rare 1965 single releases by pre-Olivers garage band The Serfmen, and a rare 45 recorded by former Olivers members under the name Triad CD $14 SKU:19735

RADIO BIRDMAN -LIVING EYES (ROCKFIELD VERSION) (2CD) -Label:CITADEL Living Eyes' was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales during a break in the band's 1978 tour of Britain and Europe. Relations between members were falling apart and Sire had dropped the band prior to the start of recording. Their breakup soon followed. Initial releases were cut from a tape dub of trial mixes as the band never received an official master. Red Eye Records retrieved the master tapes from Rockfield in 1995 and the album was remixed. The second CD contains the original Rockfield tracks remixed for the Redeye Records CD reissue, outtakes and the 1989 12-inch EP 'More Fun'. CD $21 SKU:19468

RINGERS- Let Them Be Known (Obscure 60s L.A. garage )-Label:BREAK AWAY 21 Track collection (COMPLETE output) of obscure 1965/1966 garage beat from Los Angeles, including rare 45s, great sounding unreleased tracks, and their 1970 Peruvian-only LP. Detailed 12-page insert with complete history and rare pictures. Featuring drummer BILL LYNN, who also played with Elvis Presley. CD $12 SKU:7537

TEMPONAUTS- A Million Year Picnic (Byrds style psych pop) - Label:MISTY LANE ”. A ltd edition/500 CDs A must if you love the electric jingle-jangle sound of the Byrds,melodic powerpop , neo-psychedelia and the paisley underground (Ok some of you might add echoes from the 90’s brit-pop as well...) CD $18 SKU:7072

WITHIN U -THE NIGHT THAT ROCK'N'ROLL BROKE (Sgt Pepper style psych!)-Label:OTHER EYES To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band', Within U recorded 'The Night That Rock'n'Roll Broke'. If you're a psych freak, you won't get enough of these genuinely out-there sounds! CD $15 SKU:19179

1968: 50 HITU ROKU NADEJE A ZRADY - DBL ( stunning collection of 60s beat, psych and pop hits )Label:SUPRAPHON Presented on DOUBLE-CD are 50 songs that hit the charts in Czechoslovakia during 1968. For those who aren't aware of how good that country's scene actually was during the '60s, this stunning collection of beat, psych and pop hits will come as a huge surprise. COMP CD $19 SKU:19853

BEAT (AL)BOOM 1968-1970- VA DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. Petr Ulrych & Atlantis, Hana Ulrychova & The Bluesmen, Cardinals, Crystal, Flamengo, Framus Five, George & Beatovens, Juventus, Komety, The Matadors, Olympic, Prudy, The Rebels, The Soulmen, Synkopy 61,Vulkan, Blue Effect, Viktor Sodoma & Apollo Beat, Pete Kaplan & Samuels Band, Colour Images a.o. DOUBLE-CD EDITION! COMP CD $17 SKU:19715

BIG BEAT LINE 1965-1968 - VA DOUBLE CD Label: SUPRAPHON It may (still) not be common knowledge yet, but one of Europe's best beat scenes of the '60s could be found in Czechoslowakia. This awesome DOUBLE-CD compilation contains recordings from essential representatives s.a. The Beatmen (6 tracks), Crystal (4 tracks), Flamengo (9 tracks), Juventus (5 tracks), Matadors (6 tracks), Mefisto (6 tracks), Olympic (10 tracks), Synkopa Ob Pierov (3 tracks) and Vulkan (6 tracks). COMP CD $17 SKU:19716


HE & SHE -VA 2 FAR-OUT POP PSYCH DUOS from the late 60's!!-Label:Pet Records "It pretty much began with Sonny and Cher. When the teener template of Paul and Paula and Dick and Deedee got superimposed on the hip set, a new genre was born. The success of co-ed pairings like Mimi and Richard and Nino and April had coffee house folkies shacking up in droves and soon every town had it?s own dynamic duo. There were variations too. Paul and Mary found their Peter. John Phillips had two chicks so he had to find another Papa. But the sound was what made it, the call and response, the traded verses?love stories acted out over twelve-strings ringin?, like shaggy-topped Romeos and Juliets in tight slacks and pilgrim belts. You?ve heard some of the reissues?the Blackburns and Snows, the Jims and Jeans?their stories and music made public again after years in obscurity. Now hear the ones who didn?t quite crack the radio charts, at least not for long. The ones whose songs remain unsung. Heroes and heroines in the nightclubs and studio booths. Reaching out in the darkness, and the sunshine too. In love and touching forever. She and He. He and She." COMP CD $14 SKU:19730

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS SAMPLER - VA Vol 3 Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) Heavy Psych Sounds Compilation gives a chance to all Heavy Psych Sounds fans to be able to know all the bands of the 2015/2016 roster. Composed of 17 artists who occasionally cooperated with Heavy Psych Sounds or that are permanently part of their family. Featuring: Ape Machine, Banquet, Black Rainbows, Deadsmoke, Duel, Farflung, Glitter Wizard, Holy Grove, Isaak, Killer Boogie, Killer Boogie, Monsternaut, My Home On Tress, Old Man Lizard, Stoned Jesus, Throneless, Wild Eyes, Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator. COMP CD $8 SKU:19727

TRIP IN TIME- Vol 3 Psychedelic Adventures On Planet Earth Label:WORLD IN SOUND This is the 3rd Chapter of the Trip In Time Psychedelic Series, and at least as interesting as the previous ones, only unreleased material! - It presents 18 of the recent Top-Hard-Psych-Garage-Kraut-Underground Bands (several from Scandinavia and Germany, but also from Spain, France, US, Peru), listening to this Compilation you will NOT believe that all songs are contemporary recordings (most are very well produced but reflect a very intense RETRO-SPIRIT - nearly unbelievable). The music itself ranges from hard&heavy "Doors" Sound, Pink Floyd style, Blues Hard Rock a la Mountain, true 60s Garage Beat but also early Amon D2 or Brainticket flashes. A running time of 78 mins + a 12p booklet will guide the way to the music of TOMORROW. COMP CD $17 SKU:19721

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 1-23 time travelling moody US '60s garage sounds Label:MANIC MUSTANG 25 track collection of US mid sixties rarities including rare and amazing snotty '60s punk, cool teen garagers and excellent moody winners. All contributions from famous Lance LP series. Featuring PIED PIPERS, SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS, VILLAGERS, SCHOLARS, TORQUAYS, SLEEPLESS, KNIGHTS, SITES N SOUNDS, SNAILS, DICKEY TREADWAY & SALADOS, VOXMEN, FABULOUS ROYALS, THE PAATZ, OVAITT BROTHERS, CLANN, SANDPIPERS, etc. Coloured label reprints, painstakingly remastered and 90% of all tracks never before on CD. A definitive '60s garage collector must-have. COMP CD $14 SKU:17712

TRIPWAVE -Vol 1 (COLLECTION OF MODERN RUSSIAN PSYCH ))Label:TRAIL A compilation of some of the best psychedelic and progressive music to come out of Russia during the last 20 years! And to make things extra special, this collection also includes a number of previously unissued cuts. Though often inspired by Western sounds, the music by these bands showcases a unique Russian feel, making this set a treat for the more adventurous space-, psych- and prog-rock lover. COMP CD $15 SKU:19473

DOWN IN THE VALLEY- Vol 1 A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks-Label:PERFECT TOY A heavy selection of mod-rockers, garage and psych-funk tracks," runs the sub-title of the compilation series 'Down In The Valley' from Perfect Toy, encapsulating in a nutshell the multifarious pleasures on offer. COMP LP $22 SKU:19967

FADING YELLOW - Vol 1 DOUBLE LP 65-69 pop psych. anniversary reissue dbl lp gatefold sleeve. HAND NUMBERED! Label:FLOWER MACHINE DOUBLE-LP! 'Fading Yellow Volume 1'. 1995 saw the release of the original 'Fading Yellow' LP, numbered edition of 330 copies which sold out fast. Nine of the trax from that LP made it onto the 2002 'Fading Yellow, Volume 1' CD. So to promote this 10 year anniversary this limited edition double LP (500 numbered copies) is released, including new photos and improved sound. Beautiful fully laminated gatefold sleeve. Pressed on 160-gram thick virgin vinyl, housed in black polylined innersleeves. Considered perhaps the best comp ever made in this genre. COMP LP $29 SKU:18726

GRAVEYARD TRAMPS EAT THE FORBIDDEN - Vol.1 CITY DOGFOOD Double 10” (obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks)- Label:STAG-O-LEE (GERMANY) . Nearly 30 years ago, a now legendary LP by the name of 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The release on Vip Vop Recs spawned many imitators such as 'Wavy Gravy', '4 Hairy Policemen' et al and paved the way for the equally legendary 'Purple Knif Show'. What few folk knew was that 'Forbidden City Dogfood' was actually less than half of the compilation made by Lux Interior. Now, for the very first time, the entire recording is available, weighing in at well over an hour of crazy, whacky sounds from the Maestro of Mad himself. Remastered from the original source, these obscure rockabilly, surf and R&B tracks are interspersed with B-movie trailer clips and wigged out voice overs. This one won't be around for long, so get it while you can. TRACKS: 01. John Buck & The Blazers - Forbidden City 02. The Kingpins - Ungawa 03. Florence Pepper - China Rock 04. Jack Costanzo - Cat Walk 05. Rick McGuire - Space Craze 06. Homer Denison Jr. - March Slav Boogie 07. Rod McKuen - Noisey Vilage 08. The Dynamos - Wow Wow Yea Yea 09. The Phantoms - Night Beat 10. The Sliders - The Lamb Shake 11. Wes Dakus & The Rebels - Sour Biscuits 12. Wes Dakus & The Rebels - Dog Food 13. The Rivingtons - The Bird Is The Word 14. The Sparkles - The Hip 15. The Merced Bluenotes - Do The Pig 16. Grady O'Neal - Turkey Neck Stretch 17. Andre Williams - Bacon Fat 18. The Crystals - The Screw 19. The Rivingtons - Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow 20. Kenny Henkle's Friends - The Bee 21. The Invictas - (Let's Dance) The Hump 22. Buddy Miller - Teen Twist 23. J.J. Jackson & The Jackals - Oo-Ma-Liddi COMP LP $24 SKU:19926

BRAINTICKET - COTTONWOODHILL (ACID PSYCH 1971 (+CD)Label:LILITH Repress! On 180-gram vinyl and coming with a bonus CD of the album. Being as LSD was first developed in a laboratory in Basel, it is perhaps no coincidence that one of the most "far out" albums of all time was made by this Swiss band (no small feat, given the competition!). Brainticket's 1971 debut, 'Cottonwoodhill', begins normally enough with two fine psychedelic/kraut rock-influenced tracks, but the remainder of the album plays like an acid trip with a soundtrack, dominated by Joel Vandroogenbroeck's endless droning organ, a variety of musique concrète-type sound effects and vocalist Dawn Muirs trippy vocals. The album, banned in several countries, even came with this self-imposed warning: "After Listening to this Record, your friends may not know you anymore." / "Only listen to this once a day, your brain might be destroyed!". LP $24 SKU:19708

CRAMPS -HOT PEARL RADIO BROADCAST-LIVE ZURICH 1986 -Label:MIND CONTROL LIVE ZURICH 1986 - In 1986 The Cramps released one of their most well known and best selling albums, A Date With Elvis, which did especially well in Europe. On 21st of April of that year, the group led by Lux and Ivy, rolled into Zurich to perform in front of yet another full crowd of adoring fans. As they did the entire tour, the group opened with a rollicking version of "Heartbreak Hotel", followed by several other classic covers, and of course, what Cramps show from '86 would be complete without "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog." A classic live broadcast from Lux and Ivy and the gang, absolutely essential. TRACKS: 01. Heartbreak Hotel 02. Chicken 03. How Far 04. Hot Pearl Snatch 05. People Ain't No Good 06. Cornfed Dames 07. What's Inside A Girl 08. Blue Moon Baby 09. You've Got Good Taste 10. TV Set 11. Can Your Pussy Do The Dog 12. Surfin' Bird 13. Human Fly LP $24 SKU:19966

CRAMPS, THE-(BLACK)LIVE AT CLUTCH CARGO'S,DETROIT 1982-Label:STAY SICK Never before released live show from 1982, featuring Terry Graham of The Gun Club on drums! Comes with totally remastered sound and in gatefold sleeve with amazing design. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. LP $34 SKU:20075

PRETTY THINGS - BBC 1964-1967 (GREAT UK BLUES ROCK)-Label:NO KIDDING Though they're often most remembered for their later era psychedelic masterpieces, The Pretty Things were one of the greatest UK blues-rock groups of the early to mid-'60s. Right up there with early Rolling Stones, this is some of the finest rock and roll out of England, and their 1964-1967 BBC performances prove The Pretty Things were a force to be reckoned with. Essential live blues-rock from The Pretty Things on No Kidding! Limited edition splatter vinyl LP. SIDE 1: 1. Big Boss Man (Saturday Club, October 1964) 2. Don't Bring Me Down (Saturday Club, October 1964) 3. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Saturday Club, October 1964) 4. Roadrunner (Saturday Club, October 1964) 5. Midnight To Six Man (Saturday Club, May 1966) 6. Buzz The Jerk (Saturday Club, May 1966) SIDE 2: 1. L.S.D. (Saturday Club, May 1966) 2. Sitting All Alone (Saturday Club, May 1966) 3. Defecting Grey (Top Gear, December 3, 1967) 4. Turn My Head (Top Gear, December 3, 1967) 5. Walking Through My Dreams (Top Gear, December 3, 1967) LP $24 SKU:20048