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This weekend we have a nice batch of import restocks and NEW items from our Aussie friends at OFF THE HIP. lots of powerpop and garage, check out all of their titles here and see the list of new items below too.

Also more more more of those one of a kind items from the archives.

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CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - SUN ZOOM SPARK 1970to 1972Label:RHINO SEALED -Packaged in a 7.5 x 7.5 inches heavy card box, with 20 pp. softbound book. CD $35 SKU:22487

FICTION - RAMONA (Aussie punk/powerpop)-Label:OFF THE HIP 1978 Aussie punk/powerpop, pre Little Murders. 1978. 41 years ago Rob Griffiths and Rob Wellington formed a band. The Fiction were one of the first punk bands in Melbourne and played the small but exciting scene that included legendary bands like the Boys Next Door, La Femme and the Negatives. They played the Ballroom as it was beginning to become the focus of the St. Kilda alternative set. They ventured out to Croydon and Daylesford.
Then they broke up leaving behind demo cassettes, tapes and a single ‘Things Will be Different/Take Me I’m Yours’ which was released under the name Little Murders. 41 years after the fact Off the Hip released a live rehearsal tape. Rough and ready and full of energy. The band started playing again joined by Adam Learner from Blue Ruin and firstly Mick Baty on drums and then Al Murphy. They enjoyed it so much that they wrote a bunch of new songs and went into the studio and recorded a brand new album. This time with bass guitar.
RAMONA takes over where we left them in 1978. Short, energised pop punk songs that go straight to the heart and feet. The album just bounces from one mini classic to another. Plus, they record two songs from 1978. I Know and Boytown (with completely different verses). Then they lead the way to the future with the powerhouse Sweetness Brings The Light or the post punk guitars of My Ramona.
41 years after the fact the two Robs have lost none of their feel for pop edged punk music. Listen to it. It’s a joy! CD $14 SKU:22479

LITTLE MURDERS- DROMANA RAMA (Legendary Australian Power Pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Legendary Australian Power Pop band who've been releasing classic guitar songs since 1979. Named after the 1971 Alan Arkin-directed film, Rob Griffiths formed Little Murders in 1979 and they soon became the most influential mod band during the late '70s and early '80s in Melbourne, Australia.
The band's debut single, "Things will Be Different"/"Take Me I'm Yours," (December 1979), quickly sold its initial 1000 copies and remains a classic Australian pop record of the time. They would move into the power-pop scene as the years progressed and release classics like ‘She Lets Me Know’ and ‘100 drugs’.40 years later to almost the day Little Murders have released their eighth album Dromana-Rama on Off The Hip records. And 40 years have not diluted their energy one bit.As the title suggests the album was initiated by Rob Griffiths (singer/writer) recollections of travelling and gigging around the Mornington Peninsula back in the early eighties. It starts before then as Rob’s introduction to rock and roll was seeing the legendary sixties band Zoot rock out on Dromana beach for 3AK radio. Later Little Murders would play along the coast. Frankston, Sorrento, Hastings and more where their sixties beat captured the surfing crowd.There is also a nod in the energy of the tracks to Little Murders tour of Japan in 2018 where they witnessed and took part in the full-scale garage rock revival going on there. So what we have here is guitar pop complete with harmonies, melodies and minor chords. Rod Hayward remains on lead guitar playing scintillating solos. This time he is joined by Andrew Royal who takes on some of the lead guitar duties. Danny McDonald adds guitar. Bruce Minty plays bass (switching from the guitar in previous line-ups) On drums Shaun Lohoar.The whole package is wrapped with the production of Craig Pilkington who also plays various instruments. And to complete the circle the artwork was done by Stuart Beatty who produced that first record 40 years ago (and did the artwork) Already touted as their best album maybe it’s time you took a trip to Dromana-Rama. CD $14 SKU:22480

NEW RACE- The First and the Last- Label:TOTAL ENERGY w/Deniz Tek, Rob Younger, Ron Asheton, etc - The First And The Last CD (Total Energy CD $25 SKU:11030

PINK FAIRIES- Do It WAREHOUSE FIND 1999 release Label:Total Energy ONE ONLY! Place any of the first tracks from this compilation next to anything of the White Panther MC5's Kick Out the Jams and you find the material uniquely mated for message and visceral rock energy. This compendium of live recordings from 1969-1971 includes two versions of "Do It!," covered by Henry Rollins on his first solo album. While these '60s superstars played as part of huge, outdoor festivals, the Pink Fairies denied all pretense and jammed outside, entertaining for free. Twink (ex-Pretty Things), drummer and vocalist for this most idealistic of the era's hard rock acts, wrote liner notes for this album chronicling the hippie philosophy of this time period and its decline on many levels. CD $25 SKU:22486


SHIVERS -POWER POP Unreleased Tracks 1988-1991 Label:OFF THE HIP Unreleased Australian powerpop tracks from 1988-1991, featuring the rhythm section of The Stems (Julian Matthews & Dave Shaw), and Wendy Morrison (vocals) and Don Ely (guitar). CD $14 SKU:22481

SONICS- SINDERELLA -BOMP 4011 -Label:BOMP From the BOMP archives,! 1996 release CD $20 SKU:22485

THE STUFF THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF- -Super Rarities and Unissued Gems of the 1920s and ‘30s DBL CD 3 fold DVD size case with 19-page booklet.Label:YAZOO COMP CD $20 SKU:22482

CHILLIHOUNDS- SHAKE YOUR SKULL (Swedish glam blues 70s style oddity)Label:TRANSUBSTANS ]Having grown up on bearded swamp blues, glam flamboyance and menace riffing theres not a doubt in the world that CHILLIHOUNDS learned the swagger of rocknroll in the best of ways. Forming in Gothenburg in 2003 the band take its time perfecting their retrospective groove seldom heard this side of the seventies. CD $10 SKU:22342

DEAD MEADOW-FEATHERS(60s/70s style psych)DBL Label:XEMU 60s and '70s influenced psych rockers is now reissued on CD, adding a second disc presenting session outtakes and demo rarities.CD $19 SKU:22284

MAMONT-PASSING THROUGH THE MYSTERY DOOR (early 70s guitar grooves)Label:OZIUM Excellent 8 tracker that includes all the delicious early '70s guitar grooves from early BLACK SABBATH. This quartet bends your mind with their sonic boom rythms.Thunder and lightning bring out heavy tunes of doom, insanity into psychedelia and stoner.The production has got a retro feeling, '70s rock had a revival during the latest twenty years, but what is it that makes a band stand out in today's great variety of this kind of rock? Is it the uncompromising rawness of the psychedelia-based Sabbath riffs that once was written?Is it the vintage speakers, combined with pure analogue recording that the commercial scene lacks? Or is it just spelled MAMONT? CD $12 SKU:22343

MEDICINE BALL- SCIENCE, SECRETS, STARS (with members of VOXX BAND PLAN 9) Label:SEPTEMBER GURLS German only CD release on SEPTEMBER GURLS RECORDS. LP released on STANTON PARK RECORDS. Follow-up to their highly praised 'Sandwich' album! Featuring ex-members from PLAN 9. CD $12 SKU:22348

MIDNIGHT TRAVELLERS - UNCOMMON SENSE(Spain’s finest hard-70s rock band) Label:WILD PUNK Debut album by Spain’s finest hard-70s rock band. These kids have been heavily influenced by classics like Zeppelin, late The Who and Black Crowes. This album was recorded at the legendary Blind Studios and sounds like thunder. Great "on the road" feeling and amazing guitar playing! CD $12 SKU:22337

SOULBREAKER COMPANY-THE PINK ALCHEMIST(Led Zep/Grand Funk style) Label:ALONE SOULBREAKER COMPANY are the definition of hard rock, the meaning of rock with capital letters. Classic rock and soul rock, so to say. A powerful recording where the band show their passion for LED ZEPPELIN, GROUNDHOGS, BLACK SABBATH, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, CAPTAIN BEYOND, MOUNTAIN or GRAND FUNK.This album is too good to ignore, we insist.Think about Mike Farris singing with Deep Purple and add a vocal chorus with a horn section, as Grand Funk meets gospel and soul. CD $10 SKU:22346

SUNDER-ST (Late 60s fuzz psych style)Label:CRUSHER Sunder is a four-piece band from Lyon, influenced by late '60s psychedelia and armed with Mellotron, fuzzed out guitars and a solid rhythm section. This debut album comprises nine tracks, including the debut single 'Cursed Wolf', the Sabbath heavy 'Bleeding Trees', the trippy 'Don't Leave It Behind' and the heavy psych rolling 'Daughter Of The Snows'. CD $10 SKU:22350

TRIPPY WICKED & THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT -GOING HOME(Stoner classic rock style)Label:ALONE It's a very stoner rock affair,keeping to some classic rock roots, title track 'Going Home' is a nine minute wonder stacked with riff after riff, leading beautifully into 'Up In Stakes'. Despite the melancholy feel, it still maintains the characteristic rock 'n' roll attributes of the band's sound. CD $12 SKU:22347


CHARLATANS (USA) -LIVE AT THE STRAIGHT THEATRE 1967-Label:1960s Rolling Stone magazine described their music as as "a jaunty, ragtime rhythm that was of a piece with their style. Their repertoire remained essentially folk material - blues, ballads, good time jug band tunes plus a few original numbers and the odd Rolling Stones tune." The Charlatans never enjoyed the popularity or commercial success that their innovative musical and visual approach so richly deserved. Dan Hicks had some success fronting Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks whilst Mike Wilhelm formed his own band Loose Gravel and then became a member of The Flamin' Groovies. 45 RPM $16 SKU:21836

CHEEPSKATES- It Wings Above(power pop) Label:MUSIC MANIAC This powerpop favourite from 1988 is listed as #49 of all time power pop albums by John M. Borack in his book Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide It's even better than that! CD $5 SKU:16182

MARIANI, DOM -POPSIDED GUITAR: ANTHOLOGY (Stems DM3 Someloves)DBL Label:CITADEL 2CD compilation spanning the 1984-2004 period. 38 of the brightest jewels from the pop craftsman who has been playing in THE STEMS, STONEFISH, SOMELOVES, DM3 etc. His work is a distillation of rock'n'roll energy, sun-streaked melodies, ringing guitar work and headlock chorus hooks, finetuned with alchemical precision over 20 years of performance. CD $17 SKU:21676

SCHOBER'S CABINET - IT IS IN THE WRONG ENVELOPE (London 67-68 style psych) -Label:BAM BALAM Denis Stockhausen Von Ulm (guitars, bass, organ, vocals) and Zach Ryl (percussion) are offering us a psychedelic album, which seems to have come directly from London of 1967-1968. Recorded in their small studio, with the garage sound and mixing typical of the era, vintage guitar, the good old Farfisa organ accompaniment, and featuring a 10 minutes experimental piece at the end with a mesmerizing riff. One may indeed believe it came from the sixties! CD $10 SKU:21324

YOUNG SINCLAIRS- OUT OF THE BOX (Shoegaze/psych/soul)Label:REQUIEM POUR UN TWISTER Mix of shoegaze, folk-rock, psychedelia, soul, breakbeats, drone, tough R&B and bouncy pop. For fans of The Stone Roses, Brian Jonestown Massacre, New Order, Happy Mondays, The Byrds, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves, The Dream Syndicate and The Paisley Underground. The Young Sinclairs are a rock 'n roll band and they have been engineering and producing their own recordings in their hometown of Roanoke, Virginia since 2005, led by chief singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Samuel Lunsford. Their album 'Out Of The Box' is a prime example of innate desire for creative expansion and innovation. The album title itself refers directly to a quest for freedom, and a refusal to be confined to any specific style, form, or label CD $17 SKU:22129

BACK FROM THE GRAVE- Vol 9 &10 (60s Garage/Punk) Label:CRYPT Grave LPs 9 & 10 on one monstrous 30-song, deluxe triple fold out digipac - with two 24-page full color booklets crammed with liner notes, band photos, label scans. The ultimate in 60s punk insanity! Balls-out, cruder-than-hell, RARER than hens teeth rawness - 13 of which are the ONLY copy in existence, 5 of which there are only 2 copies in existence! 30 cuts from WARLOCKS, RAEVINS, EMERALDS, WHY-NOTS, TURNCOATS, SHAKLES, KNOLL ALLEN & THE NOBLE SAVAGES, JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS, THE FOUR, ORPHANS, IT’S THEM, NOBODY’S CHILDREN, HOTBEATS, GMC & THE ARCELLS, HARD TIMES, JOHN ENGLISH III, EXPRESSIONS, plus more. COMP CD $19 SKU:16417

BAKER,KURT-BRAND NEW B-SIDES(powerpop For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat)Label:DOl For fans of a.o. Cheap Trick, early Elvis Costello and Paul Collins Beat, here are 11 energetic power pop tunes that will have 'em bouncing around the room in no time! LP $21 SKU:21331

BONNEVILLES-GOOD SUITS AND FIGHTIN' BOOTS- WHITE VINYL Label: BLUES FOR THE RED SUN he Bonnevilles don't so much play punk blues as it as a spring board to create a completely new genre. The Lurgan duo take Mississippi Hill blues and punk rock and mix into their own unique dark Northern Irish punk blues brew. LP $26 SKU:20636

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT- ELECTRIC SUNSHINE (Paisley Psych) Label:OFF THE HIP Equal parts VELVET UNDERGROUND, BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE and georgeous west-coast folk. Blending quaint psychedelia and haunting jabs of love, DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT pervade a space in your brain that's reserved for acid. [As heard on Australia's TripleJ radio.] CD $10 SKU:4993

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT PURPLE JOURNEY THRU THE MOD MACHINE-Label:OFF THE HIP Second album of psych/folk magic. Less than five months since the release of their highly acclaimed debut album album comes this ace follow-up!!! For fans of BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE. CD $10 SKU:5297

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT- Our Days Mind the Tyme ( Aussie psych paisley )Label:OFF THE HIP 'The Dolly Rocker Movement are a psychedelic rock band, smattered with pop sensibility like ink blots dropped onto a celluloid backdrop. Lead singer, guitarist and psych-pop auteur Daniel Poulter oozes the type of stage charisma you'd associate with the iconic rock stars who now dominate 60's pop memorabilia. The songs are underpinned by riffs so sweet and succulent they'd bring a tear to Anthony Bourdain's eye.' - Patrick Emery - Beat Mag CD $10 SKU:10319

FROWNING CLOUDS-Listen Closlier )60sstyle garage Pebbles style)Label:OFF THE HIP Amazing debut album by 5 teenagers from Geelong, Australia playing the most authentic sounding garage, beat and R'n'B you’ll hear today. You'd swear this album was recorded circa 1965. If you have ever listened to the comps; Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Ugly Things or Nuggets then you'll be instantly blown away by this fantastic record. The Frowning Clouds don't pummel you with fuzz. No, their's is a sadder, more forlorn look at impossible love, teenage angst and rabid yearning. CD $10 SKU:11326

GREEN CIRCLES-TAVISTOCK STREET (PEBBLES STYLE 60s Psych/mod/pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Poppy rock and roll that's fresh and catchy. CD $10 SKU:19221

NOX BOYS- ST (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP Very nice mix of jangly garage and fuzzed-out angst fueled tracks that totally deliver. (2019) CD $10 SKU:22387

PYRAMIDIACS- Teeter-Totter (great Aussie powerpop )-Label:OFF THE HIP Australian powerpop quartet's 2nd LP originally released in Spain in 1996 The original pressing sold out and the album became a collectors powerpop nugget!! Features two members of the mighty FINKERS!! CD $10 SKU:4197

STONEAGE HEARTS-TURN ON (Joyous slabs of 60's inspired garage powerpop) -Label:OFF THE HIP 11 tracks - CD only on Off The Hip - Debut album from highly regarded Melbourne supergroup. featuring: (SEMINAL RATS / HANDS OF TIME / THE PHILISTEINS) & MICKSTER (CRUSADERS / THE FINKERS / PYRAMIDIACS). Joyous slabs of 60's inspired garage powerpop. CD $10 SKU:4507

TRIBUTE TO THE STEMS-The Great Stems Hoax (19 Australian and international garage & power-pop bands)Label:OFF THE HIP Nineteen Australian and international garage & power-pop bands have been compiled to pay tribute to one of Australia's most influential bands- The Stems! While the quintet enjoyed considerable success at home and abroad on an indie level they all but suddenly disbanded at the height of their popularity August of 1987. Reliving their 60's flavoured pop are bands like Even, P76, The Nuggets and The Crusaders to name a few. Comes with a full 16 page color booklet & liner notes from their true fans. For fans of The Hitmen, Hoodoo Gurus, DM3 and the Flamin' Groovies. COMP CD $10 SKU:19210