May 17, 2023

More new arrivals and SAALE

Lots of saale items this week, check our last copies and SAALE section!

Also more new stuff, including another a brand new release from Hypnotic Bridge, check out the label.

And more of those BENT CORNER BARGAINS for you guys too, new ones listed below and see them all.

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26447, 26421, 26423, 26427, 26429, 26425, 26426, 26424, 26431, 26430, 26432, 26428, 26435, 26437, 26434, 26433, 26436


25325, 25323, 12944, 22287, 19312, 26041, 15813, 24724, 25165, 21915, 24256, 19845, 24906, 21476, 26181, 25831, 10898, 26180, 20598, 23183, 23184, 18840, 21185, 19733, 25313, 25806, 19635, 26194, 19636, 25997, 22789, 16219, 17085, 25298, 25074, 22221, 23550, 25291, 25416, 23727, 25740, 25518, 25387, 25054, 25289, 25290, 25723, 17112, 25230, 24496, 19427, 24776, 25867, 25403, 24687, 25909, 24379, 25235, 22930 , 23356


BLACK SNAKE MOAN- (Fire The Beatles, Love, and Jefferson Airplane style) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE While encompassing a new vision of the legendary sound of the 1960s, both songs also reflect the innovative songcraft of the pioneers of the psychedelic genre, including The Beatles, Love, and Jefferson Airplane. 45 RPM $10 SKU:26447

ADZ - PIPER AT THE GATES OF DOWNEY W TONY ADOLESCENT Label:TRIPLE X Tony Adolescent recruited new members (Mat from Flower Leperds on drums, Mark Arnold (ex MIA, Big Drill Car; guitar). Recorded at Westbeach Studios this album features also original Adolescent guitar player Frank Agnew and stands in the tradition of the great first Adolescents albums. CD $5 SKU:26421

ALLEN TOUSSAINT- WHAT IS SUCCESS (The Scepter And Bell Recordings)-2007 JEWEL CASE EDITIONLabel:KENT NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . This CD restores to catalogue Toussaint's second album the first that he released under his own name titled originally "Toussaint", then renamed "From a Whisper to a Scream", augmented with the A and B-sides of three Bell 45s from 1968 and 1969. Five of these have never been reissued in 35+ years. Originally released on vinyl on Scepter Records in 1970, New Orleans' eminent musical genius's solo LP was largely overlooked at the time but is nowadays considered to be a real masterpiece of Crescent City Soul. CD $10 SKU:26423

STOOGES -ST - DBL CD-Label:ELEKTRA RHINO NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Standard 2-disc jewel case with hinged tray. Includes a 20 page color insert booklet with extensive liner notes and photographs. CD $15 SKU:26427

STOOGES- STUDIO SESSIONS Label:PILOT NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . CD $15 SKU:26429

TALKING HEADS-REMAIN IN LIGHT Label:SIRE NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . CD $10 SKU:26425

THIN LIZZY- FIGHTING DELUXE EDITION- RARE! 4 PANEL GATEFOLD DBL CDLabel:MERCURY NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Quad-fold digipak with 16-page booklet. CD $50 SKU:26426

THROBBING GRISTLE- JOURNEY THROUGH A BODYLabel:GREY AREA NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Extract from tray card notes: "Recorded in Roma in March 1981. This is the last studio recording by Throbbing Gristle (Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Gen P-Orridge & Sleazy Christopherson). It was recorded in five days, a day per body section. No tracks were re-recorded or added to after their day. Each was mixed immediately after recording. No tracks were pre-planned, all tracks are invented directly onto the tape. This record is dedicated to TG, now a terminated mission." CD $15 SKU:26424

ULTRAVOX! HA! HA! HA! Label:ISLAND NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Issued in standard jewel case, black tray, with a 4-page booklet. CD $5 SKU:26431

UNDERTONES AN ANTHOLOGY SALVO -2008 DOUBLE CD GATEFOL WITH BOOKLET-Label: NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . This Anthology showcases the very best of The Undertones & includes 27 previously unreleased demos, alternate takes, session & live tracks, & is the first CD release in Salvo's Undertones release schedule that runs throughout 2008 & 2009. It will feature original albums with bonus tracks & extended booklets & additional compilations (singles, BBC sessions etc). CD $15 SKU:26430

WHITE NOISE- AN ELECTRIC STORMLabel: ISLAND NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Packaged in standard, clear, jewel case with 16 page booklet.
Originally released in 1969 as Island ILPS 9099. CD $15 SKU:26432

ZZ TOP FANDANGO! -2006 JEWEL CASE RELEASE- Label:WARNER BROS NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . CD $15 SKU:26428

SWAMP DOGG - BLACK VINYL - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND gatefold Label:ALIVE PERFECT VINYL, sealed. Just a bent corner, great deal! TOTAL DESTRUCTION TO YOUR MIND” (1970), has been called “one of the most gloriously gonzo soul recordings of all time”.
The title track is a slam-bangin’ chunk of rock and funk that’s pushed by a great session band including guitarist Jesse Carr and drummer Johnny Sandlin, and is easily Dogg’s finest moment on record. But the rest of this is great too, ranging from the consumer nightmare “Synthetic World” to the paternity blues of “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe.” – AMG LP $10 SKU:26435

SWELL MAPS - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Sweep the Desert (70s early post-punk rock legends ) -BLACK VINYL Label:ALIVE PERFECT VINYL, sealed. Just a bent corner, great deal! More rare and unreleased material exclusive to this release. "The first Swell Maps single I bought (Let's Buid A Car) still to this day gives me a soul scorched buzz'n'rush. As soon as Nikki Sudden's gr comes slicing slabbing and all out fuzzifying off that crackling vinyl groove you know yr gonna rock. The Swell Maps had a lot to do with my upbringing... I wish I saw them." - Thurston Moore / Sonic Youth - 1987 LP $10 SKU:26437

T MODEL FORD- Taledragger BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Ltd ed of 200 ORANGE MARBLE vinyl - Label:ALIVE PERFECT VINYL, Just a bent corner, great deal! On superb retellings of blues staples, the fuzzy, thick-as-molasses reverb-fueled blues-rock-chug of the trio menacingly oozes behind the Ford’s blacker-than-blue cracked growl (…) With a little help from his friends, T-Model Ford has once again walked into the studio and bettered himself. – Alan Brown / PopMatters LP $10 SKU:26434

TELESCOPES-BENT CORNER BARGAIN! TASTE (legendary UK SHOEGAZE PSYCH)CLASSIC BLACK VINYL Label:BOMP PERFECT VINYL, . Just a bent corner, great deal! Reissue of the classic debut album by this legendary UK noise/space rock band. “Taste” was originally released in 1989 on What Goes On and reached #5 on the UK Indie Chart. LP $10 SKU:26433

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! The Perch -Buffalo Springfield, Creedence style )Label:ALIVE Obscure ALIVE release... Great record, last copies! Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Springfield and Creedence Clearwater Revival are among Trainwreck Riders admitted musical references, but it is said that the boys main influence is Rob Kerwin's, Steve and Andrew's dad, music collection of old timey country and fiddle playing. Their new album, "The Perch", is filled with the band's unique brand of romantic urban country, bohemian folk and dirty punk blues, and displays Pete Frauenfelder's and Andrew Kerwin's amazing songwriting evolution, both lyrically and musically. The band has toured the US with Langhorne Slim, Two Gallants and The Black Diamond Heavies LP $10 SKU:26436


AUTOMATIC HEAD DETONATOR- -Road Kill -DIY punk 90s style- each cover different! 1993 orig press -Label:BLUE MAN FROM URANUS Roy Fielden (The Bambi Slam) DIY punk 90s style. 45 RPM $5 SKU:25325

BACKBITER - Rolled (Guitar player from the Freeks drummer from Clawhammer )Label:BLUE MAN FROM URANUS Backbiter's exhilarated debut Get Together is a collection of emphatic and distinct songs that nod to punk's alliances with R&B, as well as the screamy male emoting of late-'70s rock. Guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Hall delivers original and articulate lyrics on seven of the nine cuts, most notably on the melodic "Get Together" and "Rolled," released as a coveted single by Blue Man from Uranus (and co-written with bass player Heath Seifert). Spattered with competent, even magic acoustic moments, Get Together is a great record for remembering that in punk'n'roll, drums mean everything, thanks to a typically brilliant (and mercifully unburied) contribution by Claw Hammer's Bob Lee. 45 RPM $5 SKU:25323

BANANA SPLITS - Tra La La ( 60 s) pic slv - Label:HANNA-BARBERA Fantastic Repro of classic single released in 1968 featuring the theme song from the childrens TV show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour! Full color sleeve and excellent quality! 45 RPM $10 SKU:12944

BATORS NOT THAT WAY ANYMORE - PIC SLV ONLY! Label:BOMP/MUNSTER We have a stack of gorgeous picture sleeves but no records to go with them. Perfect if you already have the single but no sleeve, OR for hanging on your wall! 45 RPM $5 SKU:22287

BLUE RUIN - Dont Come Home (NY DOLLS RELATED) Label:THREE GIRLS MUSIC Comes in oversized foldover picture sleeve. American singer, guitarist and songwriter, he was the last guy to play with Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls His first band Blue RuinDon't Come Home issued a record produced by Billy Rath. He has shared the stage with artists such as Johnny Thunders, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winter, Nazareth or Jon Spencer, and has done some time with the underground in London and New York. 45 RPM $5 SKU:19312

DOM-DOM /Devil’s Grandma -Label:ANCIENT GREASE RIYL : Guru Guru, Can, Ash Ra Tempel DOM (named after the hallucinogenic drug) were a powerful rock trio consisting of siblings & friends, Eberhard Häger, Wolfgang Häger & Werner Wolf. They wrote their music and lived together in an old house in Stuttgart—a lair that they named ‘Bibulus’.
• old-style textured picture sleeve 45
• originally recorded in 1972
• first ever vinyl reissue of one of the rarest psychedelic/krautrock 45s ever • fully restored and remastered 45 RPM $16 SKU:26041

DRIPPING LIPS ( Damned /FLAMIN GROOVIES/ NICK CAVE- Such a Lot of Stars plus 3 pic slv- Label:NDN James' latest project, The Dripping Lips, features Scottish-born/Belgium-living Robbie Kelman on vocals, Nico Mansy (ex-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) on bass, and Paul Zahl (ex-Flamin' Groovies) on drums. The EP's first cut and title track, "Such A Lot Of Stars", is a beautiful and atmospheric, yet catchy song. Though "Such A Lot Of Stars", melodic as hell, still carries the signature Brian James edge, it's a bit of an unchartered territory for Brian, who gets to turn his guitar up louder on the B-side's first track, "Powerful", with its power chord grabbing you firmly by the throat from the very first rotation. 45 RPM $5 SKU:15813

FORD’S FUZZ INFERNO - Deniers of Fuzz Will Be Executed -SAALE!Label:SUBUNDERGROUND This release marks the surprising return of Dutch singer and guitarist Hans F. Ford, following nearly 17 years of silence! Never mind his previous lo-fi/psych project Ford's Imaginary Inferno, 'cos with Ford's Fuzz Inferno he revisits his punk roots! (Hans was a member of early '80s hc-unit Waste and '90s freak punks Betty Ford Clinic.) For the occasion he is joined by his friend Patrick Delabie (a.o. Scoundrels, Betty Ford Clinic and owner of the renowned Studio 195) on drums. The duo's super explosive debut-EP offers five short, ultra catchy blasts that bridge the gap between fuzzed-out garage-punk and early hardcore. And as a bonus there's an almost 3-minute freak-noise jam! This limited DIY-style edition comes with white labels, a paper inner sleeve, a plastic protection bag and a folder cover featuring artwork and lyrics.
"Musically, imagine Mudhoney at their fuzzed-out best, in a snotty, sneering collision with the Angry Samoans... trust me, it works really well. This is a great record and you really need to hear it!" - Fear And Loathing (UK online fanzine)
"This release manages the tricky ability to sound both classic/vintage and at the same time, contemporary and vibrant. It's fast, moderately heavy and catchy as fuck." - Issue (#114 - UK punkzine) 45 RPM $10 SKU:24724

GERMS -Forming/Live - PINK VINYL Label:ALIVE/WHAT RECORDS The untitled live song on side-B (The Germs Live) is "Sex Boy", recorded at the second Germs live show, at the Roxy.Originally released in May 1977 by What Records? 45 RPM $20 SKU:25165

GREEN PAJAMAS- FLEXI DISC Such a Lovely Daughter ( Brit -style paisley underground psych former VOXX BAND! ) Label:GREEN MONKEY Very rare early flexi disc Warehouse find of "British-style psychedelia” paisley underground band from Seattle , 1980. 45 RPM $5 SKU:21915

LOOSE - Untamed - 4 songs (2000 Italian punk release)- Label:ROCKIN HOUSE Italian swagger punks that sound like they like to fight. "Untamed!" is a fitting title, what with the gang-land vox and the psychoactive guitars, and Loose play some seriously muscular sleazepunk here. Of the four tracks, I'm gonna finger "Cool as Fuck" as the highlight, both for it's winning subject matter and it's punchy chorus, but any of 'em ought to get your motor running. 45 RPM $5 SKU:24256

LOS BABY ROCKS- 4 WILD SPANISH ROCKERS from the 50’s - SAALE! Label:RCA HECTOR Mexican rock'n'roll band from the 1950's he group began performing together in 1958, at which time it was composed of the four Avila Aranda brothers. They debuted at the Fantasio theater in Mérida in 1960, then performed in Belize, where they took the name Los Baby's del Rock. They recorded their first sides for Discos Orfeón in 1959, but the label did not release them until 1962 once rock & roll began to become popular in Mexico. They toured throughout Mexico in the middle of the decade, and around this time they also made numerous appearances in television advertisements. In 1964, they made their first recordings for Discos Peerless, often covering the hits of foreign groups to great success. They became one of the most popular native pop acts in Mexico in the 1960s 45 RPM $5 SKU:19845

PREMONITIONS-Some Strange Lust (Elevators and LSD) -Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE ” b/w “Once In A Blue Moon We wanted to make a solid A-side that represents our sound and what we go for, but let us be honest here: “Some Strange Lust” is about dropping LSD—the romance of it and the lust for the feelings it brings. You might notice we threw on a bit of electric jug in tribute to The Elevators.
45 RPM $10 SKU:24906

TRIPTIDES-Nirvana Now (sun-drenched psych)-\Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “Nirvana Now” b/w “She Is Dressed In Red” An ecstatic reflection on a dream shared by “all who were there”, the paean to enlightenment encapsulated by “Nirvana Now” takes Triptides’ sun-drenched psychedelia to new glorious new heights. Awash in aural delights emanating from a Wurlitzer electric piano along with Epiphone Casino and fuzz guitars, the song has all a seeker of psyched-out bliss could ask for. Shimmering with dronalicious sitar, Farfisa organ, 12-string guitar and Beatle bass, “She Is Dressed In Red” is the perfect marigold comedown after spinning the A-side at maximum volume. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21476

VIBRAVOID-The Secrets In Her Eyes” b/w “When The People AriseLabel:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Immersed in the maelstrom of mind-bending music emanating from the Krautrock capital of Düsseldorf, Vibravoid emerged from the city’s 1990s underground music scene as Germany’s premier pioneers of visionary, “Neo-Krautrock” influenced psychedelia. Blending influences from early Pink Floyd, Electric Prunes, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Iron Butterfly through Spacemen 3 and beyond, the band creates psychedelic sounds that reflect both then and now. 45 RPM $10 SKU:26181

VIOLET MINDFIELD Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w Moonlight Love . The Violet Mindfield is a five piece American garage, psych band based in the Inland Empire of Southern California 45 RPM $10 SKU:25831

CYNICS- Learn To Lose ( 60s style garage )- Label:GET HIP This is the moody 1993 followup to the critically acclaimed Rock ‘N’ Roll album. With a batch of new material, the band took it’s time in the studio to take the music to the next level. Includes a cool cover of the Lollipop Shoppe’s “You Must Be A Witch CD $10 SKU:10898

DAMON- Song of a Gypsy -DELUXE EDITION WITH BOOKLET DBL CD Label:NOW AGAIN Deluxe reissue of the legendary late '60s Los Angeles psychedelic masterpiece: restored/remastered transfer, pitch/speed corrected for the first time ever. Bonus second disc contains the entirety of Damon's '60s recordings, plus never-before-heard demos. Extensive booklet with dozens of unpublished photos and images—a thorough investigation of this landmark album, through the prism of an extensive interview with Damon. Damon's "Song of a Gypsy" is generally regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records and has, for more than twenty years, been one of the most sought after late '60s American rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars. CD $22 SKU:26180

DARXTAR-TOMBOLA (Swedish psych heads! Hawkwind/Pink Floyd style) SAALE! Label:RECORD HEAVEN Swedish psych heads! Mixing the best elements of HAWKWIND and FLOYD, they present us a heavy psychedelic journey CD $10 SKU:20598

DAVID - ST (1969 psych pop Airplane style)- Label:GEAR FAB Canadian band David released this self-titled psychedelic pop album in 1969. It features the dreamy, spacey, Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane style female vocals of Deborah Kelly, who sings of the ideals of the youth of the time & features some fine fuzz CD $10 SKU:23183

DAY BLINDNESS- ST (1969 San Francisco psych) - Label:GEAR FAB Day Blindness- Yes, the great San Francisco Psych band that bear an uncanny resemblance to the Doors and Iron Butterfly!!! Late 60's West Coast Pysch at its Best!! CD $10 SKU:23184

DAYBREAK-ST(rare garage psych 1971)-Label:GEAR FAB This is one of the rarest Garage/Psych lps ever recorded. From 1971, this Pearl River, New York High School band recorded this album in an old town church over the course of Just 5 hours. Featuring both original and cover versions, original copies now fetch upwards of $3,000 in the collector world. CD $10 SKU:18840


DEAD MEADOW-THE NOTHING THEY NEED(60s psych /early '70s hard rock influenced style)SALE! -Label:XEMU Another superb delivery from Dead Meadow, continuing in its very own '60s psych and early '70s hard rock influenced style! The album features eight far out tracks that won disappoint the ever growing legion of fans. CD $14 SKU:19733

DECASIA-AN ENDLESS FEAST FOR HYENAS (heavy psych Krautrock style)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS An Endless Feast For Hyenas' is the Decasia debut album. A creative turning point is gradually taken, looking for more heavy psych and krautrock touches. The first trials of this debut album are directly tested on stage to feel their live impact. This album is a complete and deep dive into the Decasia's universe : a wide, eclectic and powerful effort. The trio drags us quickly with a psychedelic rock sound nuanced with stoner and almost narrative instrumental passages. Taking the path of improvisations to write and compose, the album was recorded in the middle of the countryside in Auvergne (France). The house was transformed into a studio with instruments installed in the barn and the control room in the living room. CD $14 SKU:25313

DEEP PURPLE- Machine Head - digipak some cover damage but mint disc Label:WARNER BROS 1566 NOTE: UNSEALED but mint disc. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP No hard rock or heavy metal collection can call itself complete without this 1972 masterpiece that cemented Purple's place in hesher history. This is the legendary lineup of Blackmore / Gillan / Glover / Lord / Paice and maximum volume is required for: "Highway Star," "Space Truckin'," "Lazy" and more, including the immortal, "Smoke On The Water." CD $10 SKU:25806

DEERFIELD - Nil Desperandum (1971 Texas Buffalo SPringfield style) - Label:GEAR FAB This classic 1971 Texas band features great harmonies and instrumentation, very much in the vien of America, The Eagles, and Buffalo Springfield. The original Flat Rock releases, right off the Master Tapes!! CD $10 SKU:19635

DEVIL’S KITCHEN BANDBeen A Long Time Coming, Be A Long Time GonE (late 70s S.F. psych)Label: Covers their entire rambling, gigging, rubbing-shoulders-with-a-multitude-of-famous-bands in the legendary San Francisco psychedelic scene of the late 1960’s existence. Duplicates only one track from the Lysergic Sound LP release of the band’s recordings, one of our best sellers here at Lion Productions… which means eleven recordings get their debut on this disc! "Devil's Kitchen Band was a four-piece rock and roll band that lived and performed in San Francisco from the spring of 1968 through the summer of 1970. They were the “house band” at Chet Helm’s “Family Dog on the Great Highway,” opening for, and often jamming with, many of the most well-known groups of the times. They performed at all of the major West Coast venues from San Francisco’s Fillmore to L.A.’s Whisky A Go Go. This CD is a collection of live recordings from 1969 and 1970 in San Francisco and is an attempt to give the listener the feel of being at a show at one of the venues of the times. The tracks were recorded on different days, in different halls, by different engineers. We have remastered these tracks to sound as much as possible as if they were all recorded the same evening as a coherent set of live music. We hope you enjoy this set of twelve songs from the late 60s San Francisco by one of the very talented but little known bands of the era. Peace, Love & Music, from Devil’s Kitchen” Legendary stuff, available at a crazy low price, in the least expected format in this day and age. So why hesitate or wonder? Buy it in profusion and be well satisfied! •Limited edition of 300 copies. •Companion to superb vinyl-only album of unreleased music (info below) •Different versions of 6 of the 8 songs on the LP release—duplicates only one song, Farm Bust Blues CD $10 SKU:26194

DIAMONDHEAD- ST (1971 Denver West Coast Pop Art Experimental member) - Label:GEAR FAB An entire album's worth of unreleased material from 1971 from this Denver-based band. Featuring Bob Yeazel, former member of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Superband, and Beast CD $10 SKU:19636

DIANA ROSS- DIANA- DELUXE EDITION-GATEFOLD DOUBLE DISC- Label:MOTOWN NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. This gatefold, double CD is lavishly packaged, with candid essays from Nile Rogers, Russ Terrana (re-mixer) and Brian Chin. Issued in 8-panel Digipak with plastic slipcase
CD $5 SKU:25997

POWERTRIP- When We Cut, We Bleed - Label:TRIPLE X drilled promo copies Legendary L.A. Punks circa 82-84 w. Jeff Dahl. All the trx from expensivo and impossible to find lp plus singles trx . Stooges meet Motorhead. Great!. Nice bklt too CD $5 SKU:22789

THUNDERS, JOHNNY- Endless Party LIVE -Label:TRIPLE X ENDLESS PARTY is a live set that captures a typically sloppy but occasionally inspired solo show by Thunders. As usual, the set starts with a thunderous version of the classic surf instrumental "Pipeline," careens through a collection of solo, Dolls, and Heartbreakers classics, and ends with Thunders' signature ode to heroin ("Chinese Rocks") and the rave-up "Pills." CD $5 SKU:16219

GEMS OF ITALIAN CINEMA VALabel:TRIPLE X Twelve sparking gems of soundtrack music from 6 different Italian films of the late 60s and early 70s! Collection of works from Italian film composers Umiliani, Ferreo and Piccioni. Great introduction to film music beyond Rota and Morricone COMP CD $5 SKU:17085

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS NORTHERN IRELAND-VA 1979 DIY punk SAALE!Label:BLOODSTAINS If you thought all those volumes of D.I.Y. sounded too well-landscaped, then let's turn over the punk rock roundabout 1979 and see what crawled around where the sun hardly shone. Often these Bloodstains Across... (pick any country from the Western hemisphere) are dedicated to your more scabby, shouty punk rock but since Ireland took to the more pop/glam side of things, you're gonna get a whole lot more hooks per rpm here then elsewhere in the series. So while some raw-as-shit punk can also be found herein, pop runs amok with The Moondogs, Midnite Cruisers, Protex, The Xdreamysts and Rudi. SIDE 1: 1. Rudi - Time To Be Proud 2. Ruefrex - The Perfect Crime 3. Midnite Cruiser - Rich Bitch 4. Electro-Motive Force - Conscious 5. Electro-Motive Force - Wanted 6. Ex-Producers - The System Is Here 7. The Androids - Bondage In Belfast 8. Protex - I Wonder Why 9. Victim - The Teen Age SIDE 2: 1. The Detonators - Cruisin' 2. Ex-Producers - Behind The Door 3. Pretty Boy Floyd And The Gems - Sharon 4. The Doubt - Fingers 5. The Doubt - Lookaway 6. The Defects - Guilty Conscience 7. The Xdreamysts - The Heat Is On 8. The Moondogs - You Said 9. Midnite Cruiser - Striker William It Was Really Nothing COMP LP $22 SKU:25298

BORED TEENAGERS - Vol 13 (long lost and hidden punk rock gems.) SAALE! -Label:BIN LINER Bored Teenagers Volume 13' hits the streets after a hard two-year delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Volume 13 is not unlucky but brings some more long lost and hidden punk rock gems. COMP LP $22 SKU:25074

BUTTSHAKERS SOUL PARTY. -VOL. 13(60s)SOUL LOVER RHYTHM & BLUES NORTHERN SOULLabel:MR LUCKEE Another great volume in one of the best compilation series ever! Again, this is an amazing selection of very rare and groovy cuts, this time focused on Latin soul, boogaloo and beyond. COMP LP $25 SKU:22221

COLOGNE CURIOSITIES-THE UNKNOWN KRAUTROCK UNDERGROUND 1972-1976' - DBL SAALELabel:MENTAL EXPERIENCE Cologne Curiosities' collects, for the first time on vinyl, all the otherwise unpublished/un-reissued material that originally appeared on the three 'Unknown Deutschland - The Krautrock Archive' CD's, released by Virgin in 1996. These recordings date from 1972-1976 and were made at studios in Cologne and surroundings. The material was produced by Toby Robinson, mainly to have fun at the studio. Bands would come in for practice sessions, to record demos, and during slack periods impromptu jams would happen. Most of these sessions were recorded by Toby, and they feature Toby himself plus a revolving cast of friends and musicians (some of them apparently big Kraut names using made up monikers). The music ranges from killer proto-new wave to far-out space rock, proto-ambient electronic, dark kraut psyche and raw kosmische sounds with lots of analogue synths/Moog. COMP LP $30 SKU:23550

DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION -VA 70s punk soundtrack- Label:SURVIVAL RESEAR Penelope Spheeris' ground-breaking documentary 'The Decline Of Western Civilization' captured the agony and the ecstasy of the Los Angeles punk scene of the late 1970s and its excellent soundtrack is required listening for all west coast punk fans. The raw, jagged live sets by icons such as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, the Germs, and Fear must be heard to bebelieved and the numbers by X point to their later commercial breakthrough; Catholic Discipline, with Claude Bessy of Slash magazine, provide another nugget. Totally essential! COMP LP $26 SKU:25291

DEFILED- A Heavy Medication Triute to NEW BOMB TURKS BLACK VINYL w download and CD Label:HEAVY MEDICATION POLISH IMPORTWe here at HM HQ have been loving the Turks since “Destroy Oh Boy!” first piledrove our skulls in 1992. Almost 30 years later, we’re still finding traces of the Turk’s flamethrower DNA in hundreds of other bands, so it’s in their honor we put together an international tribute of bands interpreting their songs, from garage-punk to motorpunk, from speedrock to action rock — and a few surprises too! Only 200 of the splatter edition will be pressed, of which only 100 are being offered for sale (the other hundred will go to the contributing bands). Includes a CD copy of the record as well as a two-sided color insert with information about the contributing bands. COMP LP $22 SKU:25416

DIGGIN FOR GOLD- Vol 11 (obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world)-SAALE1Label:BUSY B Since 1993 the 'Diggin' For Gold' series has unearthed obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures. Busy Bee are proud to help put out the 11th installment in the series, jam-packed with delights you've never heard of. After two volumes of only US bands this one goes back to the initial formula -45's from all around the world- and once again lets you explore great sixties punk and pop from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Unfortunately no tracks from Antarctica. Maybe on vol 12, right? Limited edition of 500 copies, vinyl only. Grab it while you can! SIDE 1: 1. DICKIE LOADER & BLUE JEANS - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning (South Africa) 2. MOON SPINNERS - Soul On Fire (Norway) 3. LEX RELAX - Quatre-Vingt Cavalliers (Switzerland) 4. PRINCE OF ISRAEL - Try To Understand (Israel) 5. BOYS - Walk Back To Me (Singapore) 6. KANO Y LOS BULLDOGS - Todo Quedo Atras (Uruguay) 7. LIGHT STONES - Mary-Ann (Liechtenstein) 8. LES VIPERES - Please Go Away (Belgium) SIDE 2: 1. MENACE - You Don't Even Wink Your Eye (Hong Kong) 2. MAVI ISIKLAR - Ain't That So (Turkey) 3. TEENAGERS - I Can Hear Them Play (Sweden) 4. LES HOU-LOPS - Lonely Riverman (Canada) 5. LOS FLECOS - Estas Lejos (Spain) 6. RACKERS - Love Is Lavish (Germany) 7. LES MARQUIS - Silence On the Shore (Austria) 8. JUDGE WAYNE & THE CONVICTS - I'm Crying (United Kingdom) COMP LP $22 SKU:23727

IT'S NO GOOD!-'60'S ANTI-WAR-DRAFT-PROTEST ROCK- Ltd ed of 300 copies on blood red vinyl.Label:SMOKIN' PEACE COMP LP $30 SKU:25740

KILLER CUTS-VA 14 rockabilly-surf-primative-stomp-a-rockin'-smokin’-hot-killer tracks SAALE!Label:GET OFF THE ROAD Killer follow up to the 'Creature Cuts' series! 14 rockabilly-surf-primative-stomp-a-rockin'-smokin’-hot-killer tracks. Fantastic collection of late '50s and early/mid '60s killer tracks! Thee totally awesome sleeve design is done by Marcel Bontempi! There's Fat Man! There's Mad Man! There's Darlene on the loose! There's Lorna, there's Sue, there's Little Latin Lupe Lu! The vinyl is oh so pretty too in transparant violet! Another essential slab of wax on Get Off The Road Records hot from the press! COMP LP $22 SKU:25518

KNUCKLE GIRLS-Vol 3- 14 Territorial Turf War Tunes from the Tomboy Goons in Split-Knee Loons)Label:ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN An extract from the novel 'Bovver Birds Rool' (...continuedDawn's preferred nickname was "Demolition Girl." Or, "Demolition Dawn," if needs must. She would never answer to just plain old "Dawn," though. "Dawn" was completely out. She was tired of blokes asking if they could see her "crack," for a start. That was never funny, to Dawn. Or the blokes, after they'd said it and got their comeuppance. And then there was Jane. Her friends called her "Jane Pain," because she liked to inflict it on her enemies in lethal doses. Her enemies called her "Plain Jane," which she wasn't, but she was hardly the Daily Mirror's wartime glamour girl Jane, either. A one-girl war? Yeah, sometimes. Especially if you were one of the chancers attempting to call her "Plain." Or, if you were attempting to cause aggro for her beloved Dawn. And these were The Knuckle Girls. Well, two of them, anyway. The others were many but lesser-spotted, like their Bovver Bird adversaries, unless there was a crisis, which was most weeks. Most days, sometimes. Friday nights were the worst. (To be continued...) COMP LP $25 SKU:25387

ROXIES -DON'T WANNA DANCE BECAUSE..('77 punk rock, garage, post punk, power pop style) SAALE! Label:FAMILY SPREE The Roxies are a band from Berlin, formed in 2018. Musically drawing influences from '77 punk rock, garage, post punk, power pop - The Roxies present this through their energetic live shows. After their self-released debut single 'The Roxies Are Coming' from 2019, their debut album 'Don't Wanna Dance Because I'm Told To' sees the light. LP $19 SKU:25054

SEPTIC DEATHNOW THAT I HAVE THE ATTENTION (Classic maniac HC punk from 1986...SAALELabel:HARTO DE TODO WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?'- Classic maniac hardcore punk from 1986. 18 songs. Comes with the original Pushead artwork. LP $22 SKU:25289

SEX PISTOLS - SPUNK: THE DEMOS 1976-1977 SAALELabel:RADIATION In the history of punk, the Sex Pistols reign supreme; the anarchic quartet changed the history of popular culture forever with their caustic rupture of rock, a mixture of shock and awe that gave two fingers to the establishment, kick-starting a musical revolution. Recorded a few months before their 'Never Mind The Bollocks' debut, 'Spunk' is a revelation, raw demos cut in late 76 and early 77 by producer Dave Goodman, with Glen Matlock's bass far more melodic than what Sid Vicious cut on 'Bollocks'; this edition has bonus demos of 'Anarchy' and 'Pretty Vacant' cut at Denmark Street, as well as an unedited 'No Fun.' Absolutely crucial! LP $22 SKU:25290

SHAKERS (SWEDEN)- TRACKS REMAIN (Sweden’s Stones, 1968)Label:BUSY BEE Fnally a The Shakers collection on vinyl! If Tages was Sweden's Beatles then The Shakers were Sweden's Stones. They were a little darker and a little more dangerous, but alas very short lived. They released a string of singles between 1965 and 1968, but did never manage to make an LP. So here it is, the first LP, 'Tracks Remain,' which compiles the band's best tracks remastered, of which several have never before been released on vinyl LP $30 SKU:25723

SHOES - Primal Vinyl -LTD ED of 150 COBALT BLUE VINYL- POWERPOP LEGENDS! - LAST COPIESLabel:ALIVE EPRESS ON BLUE ViNYL of our Record Store Day release! Limited edition on gorgeous blue vinyl.POWERPOP gods. The disc features 12 songs culled from past albums, demoes and even includes a NEW live version of I Don't Wanna Hear It, from the 2013 tour! LP $20 SKU:17112

SHROOMS CIRCLE - THE CONSTANT DESCENT (stoner/doom rock LTD to 200 copies)- SAALE! Label:DHU Hailing from Vevey, Switzerland, Shrooms Circle return with a new magnum opus entitled 'The Constant Descent.' Heavier, darker and more captivating than previous releases, 'The Constant Descent' shows the band becoming a considerably powerful entity within the ever evolving stoner/doom rock scene of the underground. The riffs are deep. The voice; majestic. The rhythm; seductive. Comes in a glossy gatefold jacket and includes A2 poster with the fantastic cover artwork by Christine Sefolosha and also includes a Bandcamp download code for the complete album. Limited to 200 copies. LP $29 SKU:25230

SHUTDOWN 66 -COME ON GIRL GIMME HALF A CHANCE (60s style garage punk/Brit R&B style SAALE!Label:SOUNDFLAT Melbourne's neo-garagepunkers Shutdown 66 are back. Again they present their own sound, strongly influenced by '60s garagepunk and British R&B. Their fourth album 'Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance' is now available, for that dose of stomping garagepunk with a strong R&B-infusion, flaunting dirty fuzz-guitars, farfisa-organ and harmonica, and Nicky Shutdown's screaming voice. LP $19 SKU:24496

SILOAH -ST (STONER TRIPPY psych-Kraut 1970 ) booklet and 7” Label:WAH WAH This is drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level. Private press debut from 1970 from mostly acoustic trippy hippie ethnic LSD-dropping folks from a Munich commune; some Hapshash & the Coloured Coat, Amon Duul I, and Incredible String Band action, which puts them in excellent company, although the music of Siloah is more coherent; tracks like ‘Yellow Puppets Hanging in the Sky’, and ‘Krishna’s Golden Dope Shop’ (featuring Ali on guitar) certainly stake their claim to your attention if you like ethno folk psychedelic head trips. Includes a generous 16-page LP-sized booklet. LP $28 SKU:19427

SILOAH -Sukram Gurk(STONER TRIPPY psych-Kraut 1970 ) W insert plus bonus 7” Label:WAH WAH This is drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level.Reissued on vinyl, including a bonus track and reproduced\ artwork (improved printing!), is the second album (originally from 1972) by Munich-based kraut/psych band Siloah. The strange title of the album was the name of member Markus Gurk spellt backwards. This edition of only 500 copies is issued in cooperation with the family of the group's leader Thom Argauer. The sound is taken from the original master tapes and the insert offers background liners and images. LP $28 SKU:24776

SILVERBEATS -ST- Transparent coke clear vinyl LTD ED OF 150-Label:RTAI/LION First reissue of rare cassette-only underground neo-psychedelic punk steeped in Pebbles-era rock, from this Milwaukee band which featured Dan Mullen (Plasticland) on guitar and the talents — songwriting and otherwise — of iconic underground maven Tess (James Tessier). ‘I Want Speed’ shows The SilverBeats’ affinity to West Coast psychedelia. And it’s no coincidence that they cover the Human Expression’s ‘Calm Me Down,’ rich with harmony vocal, and The Pretty Things’ ‘Midnight to Six (Man),’ replacing the original’s rough R ’n’ B-edge with a slight psychedelic tinge — a real showpiece for drummer Mike Hughes. Another killer is ‘Over And Over,’ penned by Tess (like all the other originals on this album). It layers beautiful, trippy guitar, a catchy vocal melody, lots of echo, strange effects, and weird sounds before it closes, and we move on to the jolly, jumping ‘Love Comes Knockin.’
Comes with an 8-page booklet featuring a description by journalist David Luhrssen of the Milwaukee underground music scene which produced Plasticland, Daszu, the band Ör, and the Violent Femmes, among others.LP $30 SKU:25867

SINO HEARTS -LIGHTNING THE DARKNESS (Chinese late '70s oriented pop) SAALE!Label:TOPSY-TURVY After their debut album 'Leave The World Behind' and their second album 'Mandarin A Go-Go,' the Chinese trio now releases their third studio album 'Lightening The Darkness.' It follows their craze of retro power pop like their two previous releases, yet it also continues to explore the depths of late '70s oriented pop music and approaches musicality and instrumentality differently from the band's previous efforts. This album marks a musical departure from previous efforts, infusing '80s synth pop like The Style Council, The Cure, post-punk like Bauhaus and '90s indie pop as the Muffs and Weezer. LP $22 SKU:25403

SLAVE-The Lover, the Madman and the Poet (70s downer psych)Label:SEELIE COURT Slow, echo-laden and atmospheric, using a psyched out twangy guitar and Doors- esque vocals intoning strange and twisted tales: a depressed Jim Morrison colliding with Hank Marvin and Lord Byron in a sonic suicide pact of downer psych prog mystery. A few sleeve-less copies of Slaves sole Deroy LP exist, but devoid of information — and thus no one has been able to find out anything about the band. Seelie Court believes it to be connected to 9.30 Fly but they deny involvement, although Barbara Wainwright did concede that "it does sound a bit like us.” The Shadows on a bad acid trip? It’s a love or hate LP that leaves some listeners awe-struck and others deeply confused. LP $32 SKU:24687

SNAILS (UK)- SAFE IN SILENCE (60s psych pop style)blue vinyl SAALE!Label:FERAL CHILD Repress by the band themselves of 500 copies on blue vinyl. The debut-LP from Bristol's Snails is a beautifully consistent work which more than builds on the early promise shown on the band's two 45s for The Great Pop Supplement label. "Succulently wrapped in a classically toned pop vintage that cools with a deceptively soft stroke of '60s psych pop bubble grooves." ~The Sunday Experience. LP $19 SKU:25909

SOJOURNER-- WIngs Like An Eagle-Original sealed copies 1979 (Xtian prog psych) SAALE! Label:NO Private press Christian prog psych from 1979. Long haired Jesus-rocking male foursome from Baton Rouge, LA play melodic folk rock. Also includes the more hard rock 'Stumble Bumble'. Reportedly only 500 pressed. Cool custom looking cover is still sealed, and comes with the original lyric insert LP $25 SKU:24379

SOLUCION MORTAL-ST (1981 Mexican HC) SAALE!Label:RADIATION Formed in 1981 in Tijuana, Mexico, Solucion Mortal is one of the longest serving HC punk bands of the area. This retrospective includes the first LP 'Live At Fairmont,' the self-released cassette 'En Iguanas' and one track from the 1998 album 'Al Filo De Abismo.' This is Mexican hardcore at its best! Released in cooperation with the original members and the sole rights holders (Bam Bam Discos). Comes on yellow vinyl. LP $22 SKU:25235

SONIC DAWN - ENTER THE MIRAGE (Blazing psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground. LP $22 SKU:22930

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - DETROIT TANGO (2LP/BLACK )Label:SVART The vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic's Rendezvous Band's 'Basement Tapes' from 1976! Previously only available as part of a six CD set. This album includes some outstanding live rarities as bonus on the second disc, original photos, new liner notes and a new vinyl master! Released on deluxe band-approved double LP. LP $32 SKU:23356