Jan 13, 2023


Lots of new stuff for you guys, including another one of those TEST PRESSING SETS we are starting to put together. These sets include items from the legendary Bomp archives, in addition to the actual test pressing, packed in their own heavy plastic envelopes with unique artwork. Most of our archives are promised to various museums, but we are going thru the files to see what we have duplicates of and making some really fun sets for you guys!

Also on offer, we got some BENT CORNER BARGAINS for a great price. Perfect vinyl, just the dreaded crunched corners!

Also back in stock, we snagged a few more of the SUN DIAL - Plains Of Nazca: The Lost EP” lathe cut 12” EP LTD ed of 50!! This is the last of them, so get em while you can.

Also just in, some restocks from the GEAR FAB label, lots of 60s and 70s reissues, most at the $10 price point!

Thanks kids, back at ya Monday, we’re surfing the latest wave of storms here in L.A. but we’ll be here!

Suzy Shaw



25952, 25951, 25950, 25261, 25943, 25948, 25945, 25946, 25944, 25941, 25942, 25947, 17261, 25953, 25850, 25939, 16827, 25940, 22883


24485, 25184, 24880, 25248, 25245, 20365, 25115, 24885, 24886, 24930, 24760, 22041, 24787, 25074, 23550, 23727, 24865, 24660, 25175, 25174, 25041, 25126, 25136 , 25129, 25397, 25044, 25534, 25045, 25433, 25535, 24904, 25649, 25461, 25110, 24905, 25867, 25868, 25537, 25463


VINTAGE 1980 ALCO TEST PRESSING Vintage ORIGINAL proofs from photo session
2 fliers fom the 80s (copies) We created unique artwork for this set, adhered to a 13x13 heavy poly envelope with a reclosable flap. Looks great and keeps your items in one place! LP $50 SKU:22883


ROCKING CHAIR ZINE- OCTOBER 1981 Label: Must be rare cause I cant find it online! WAREHOUSE FIND. VINTAGE 25 PAGE ZINE WITH REVIEWS BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:25952


WHO PUT THE BOMP MAGAZINE- #12- SUMMER 1974 Label: The Standells Seeds Leaves. EXCELLENT CONDITION, WAREHOUSE FIND. Rock music fanzine edited and published by Greg Shaw from 1970-79. This one founded one of the earliest rock fanzines, the mimeographed "Mojo Navigator and Rock 'n Roll News" in 1966. This issue includes articles on bands as The Standells, the Seeds, the Punk rock bands of Northern California, the Knickerbockers, the Leaves, Beau Drummels. A great listing of fanzines. BOOKS & MAGS $50 SKU:25950

WHO PUT THE BOMP MAGAZINE- Winter 76 BRIAN WILSON Label: 64 pages. VG+ condition. Contains articles on Brian Wilson, Abba, Monkee Mania, Boston etc. Plus pictures, ads and reviews There is a letter from Gene Simmons of Kiss in the back BOOKS & MAGS $75 SKU:25261

DONNY HATHAWAY - Everything is EverythingLabel:RHINO NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Originally released on Atco on July 1, 1970, Everything is Everything was Donny Hathaway’s debut solo album, but it was hardly his first foray into music, having started his career as a gospel singer (under the name “Donny Pitts”) before moving to Chicago and eventually pulling a job for Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Records, serving variously as an arranger, composer, conductor, producer, session player, and songwriter. CD $15 SKU:25943

JOHN COLTRANE-THE ULTIMATE BLUE TRAIN -Multimedia CD-ROM-Label:BLUE NOTE SEALED Recorded September 15, 1957 at the Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey.Tracks 6 & 7 are previously unissued bonus tracks. Multimedia CD-ROM portion (retrospective interviews from engineer Rudy Van Gelder and a brief black-and-white video where Coltrane is performing with Miles Davis onstage).
Jewel case with slipcase.
CD $10 SKU:25948

JOHN MAYALL- THE TURNING POINT Label:POLYDOR NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Recorded at Bill Graham's Fillmore East, N.Y.C. on July 12, 1969. This 1969 live recording at the Fillmore East was not just a turning point in Mayall's music but also in his career, becoming his first gold album and his most successful release. A heavy lead-guitar sound was abandoned for an intimate setup of acoustic and slide guitars, bass, sax, flute and percussion. Includes three unissued bonus performances from that night.CD $10 SKU:25945

MOSE ALLISON- I’M NOT TALKIN’-(The SoNG Stylings of Mose Allison 1957-1971)Label:BGP SEALED . Mose Allison left an indelible impression on the history of rock 'n' roll and leaving a lasting influence on at least two generations of British musicians. This is the first compilation entirely dedicated to his vocal recordings across Prestige, Atlantic and Columbia.
CD $10 SKU:25946

MUDDY WATERS - I GOT MY BRAND ON YOU -I Got My Brand on You: The 1956-1962 Studio Recordings-Label:HOODOO NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . The 1956-1962 Studio Recordings by Muddy Waters released in 2013.Muddy Waters created the template for modern electric blues, and most of rock as well, during his famous association with Chicago's Chess Records in the late '50s and early '60s. This single-disc set collects some of Waters' most essential and signature tracks
CD $15 SKU:25944

ROLLING STONES- Black and Blue Collectors Edition Label:VIRGIN NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMCD $15 SKU:25941

ROLLING STONES- Sticky Finger -Sticker "Collector's Edition in original album packaging". CD in special mini-vinyl sleeve with metal zipper.Label:VIRGIN NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Collector's Edition in original album packaging (Mini-LP Replica)CD $20 SKU:25942

WILLIE DIXON- HIDDEN CHARMS Label:SILVERTONE NOTE: NOT SEALED MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP This album features Willie Dixon performing some of his less well-known songs.
CD $10 SKU:25947

Tips zum Selbstmord-Holy Grail Kraut 1971-Label:GUERSSEN 50th Anniversary official reissue of this Holy Grail Kraut album from 1972.Real underground heavy-prog / psychedelic hard-rock with raw, in-your-face production, German lyrics, insane acid-fuzz guitar, garage organ and dark, proto-doom atmosphere…the real deal!

Named after the famous Lovecraft book, Necronomicon formed in the German town of Aachen in 1970, first influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Hendrix… In 1972 they entered a small studio in the Dutch border and recorded in just five days a concept album named Tips zum Selbstmord. The title roughly translates as “Tips on how to commit suicide” but the message the band wanted to give had nothing to do with taking your own life but instead with how mankind was facing self destruction, destroying its own planet by pollution, wars, exploitation and overpopulation.

500 copies of the album were privately pressed by the band, housed in a lavish, cross shaped multi fold-out cover. It was a graphical translation of what they wanted to express musically.

Original copies are impossible to find, making it one of the most desirable and sought after Kraut / German albums ever. Here’s a long overdue new vinyl reissue.

*Limited to 1000 hand-numbered / signed copies

*Faithful reproduction of the original multi-fold-out cross shaped cover

*Sourced from the original master tapes

*Insert with detailed liner notes and photos

“…one of the best and most unique German records of the early seventies.”
– Cosmic Dreams At Play

"…Necronomicon has created a dark and powerful vision that blends psychedelic and progressive music with a proto-punk garage band sensibility” – Rolf Semprebon (AllMusic)


RAYNE - ST (1966 GROOVY GARAGE PSYCH POP!)Label:VOID Previously undiscovered 1966-67 groovy, organ-drenched, harmony vocal-enriched garage pop/psych recordings with a west coast psych sound, from the Rayne, a Yonkers, NY band. Some trippy originals (‘But Come Tomorrow’ in particular, stands out), plus covers of (oddly) Cashman & Pistilli’s ’Sunday Will Never Be the Same,’ ‘Do You Believe in Magic,’ and a pulsating 'Somebody to Love.’ Tracks come from recordings which resulted in a pair of acetate demos by The Rayne, featuring Paul Martin, Lisa Pereira (the future Lisa Sarna), Barry Sarna, Len Epand, and Hank Mishkoff. A little insight into the Rayne from Mishkoff: "Barry Sarna, The Rayne's keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist, posted a classified ad in the Yonkers Herald Statesman on May 20, 1967 to try to induce somebody to hire us. Barry portrays us as 'an established rock and roll band' (sounds impressive!), mentions that we've played at The Jaguar (whatever that was), and points out that we've actually appeared on the same stage as The Chain Reaction — which was Steven Tyler's band way back in high school.” It must have worked, as they ended up playing at the Bitter End in February 1967. LP $20 SKU:25939

YAMA & the KARMA DUSTERS -Up From the Sewers- ST LTD ED OF 150 Transparent Red Label: RTAI 004 / LION Quintessential underground anarcho-Hippie, anti-establishment private press blast by a band (and commune) from Chicago c. 1970, with poetic, sometimes vicious lyrics (Dylan-esque, or Arthur Lee and Love? you decide), and funky, hard-edged bones. Yama & the Karma Dusters, a.k.a. the Euphoria Blimpworks Band, were inter-racial, anti-war, Stop the Bomb, free love Hippies, the wildest of the wild kids. They really cook on the up-tempo tracks, sounding like a cross between The Blues Project and Dylan's early electric period band circa 1966, augmented by a violin player. On the hard rockers, founding member Howard Berkman, formerly of morose garage punksters the Knaves, spits out sharp-tongued protest without becoming precious, while the band simmers and sizzles in sympathy. There are melodic folky ballads too, culminating in the gorgeous ‘Hello Big City.’ The band's ability to mix these elements into a coherent statement — recorded in surprising fidelity — solidify this an overlooked gem of the period. An underground counterculture classic, if ever there was one.Need to know more? Check out the the massive 16-page gonzo memoir of their Hippie commune — you can find out what happened when when Crazy Steve spiked the Gallo jug with acid!150x hand-numbered copies on Transparent Red vinyl•First legitimate reissue of this anti-establishment private press gem •Comes\with an 16-page booklet gonzo memoir of their Hippie commune, w/ tons of photos LP $30 SKU:25940


BLACK LIPS -BENT CORNER BARGAIN! We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Label:BOMP PERFECT VINYL, sealed. Just a bent corner, great deal! The fabulous second album by one of the leading bands of the new garage scene. Wallows in the same glorious mud of reverb and gothic tales! Ltd edition LP $5 SKU:17261

COLLINS, PAUL BENT CORNER BARGAIN Out of My Head ! POWERPOP former NERVES member- Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, or Paul Collins’ Beat.LP $5 SKU:25953

TWO GALLANTS - BENT CORNER BARGAIN The Throes- Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Equally adept at dark, brokenhearted ballads shot through with a whiskey-soaked wit that belies their youth and punked-up jigs that make the duo sound like a paired-down version of The Pogues tackling Harry Smith's anthology ofAmerican folk music. "A gloriously passionate, valorous, booze-stewed stumble". - Mojo. LP $20 SKU:16827


SUN DIAL-Plains Of Nazca: The Lost EP” lathe cut 12” EP LTD ed of 50!!1 Label:ACME LION This 12” lathe cut EP includes four Sun Dial tracks that were destined for release around the time of the band’s epochal "Other Way Out” album, but have never seen the light of day until now.

Available (if you want to call it that) in a micro-edition of 50x total copies — with six different vinyl colour variations (black, white, clear, red, green and blue copies), housed in one of three alternative sleeves.

All four tracks are previously unreleased and remastered on 180g vinyl and provide an exciting insight into early Sun Dial. Comes with a double sided printed insert, and outer resealable bag with hype sticker.

Side 1:
Plains Of Nazca (Early Version) (8:47)
Hole In The Sun (3:46)

Side 2:
Inner Space (3:24)
Sunset Park (Demo) (5:29)ACME/LION LP $80 SKU:25868


WHO PUT THE BOMP!- Repro of vintage 70s shirtLabel:BOMP 100% COTTON Repro of the famous 70's "surfing record “ shirt, drawn by one of the original BOMP MAGAZINE artists, Jay Kinney. Seen here worn by the legendary Del Shannon. Shirt not available since the 70's and not for sale online anywhere at any price. Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL APPAREL $20 SKU:24485

FREEDOM’S CHILDREN- Battle Hymn of the Broken-Hearted 1968 (60S S AFRICAN PROG PSYCH) W bonus track Label:FRESH This is Freedom's Children's first album, recorded in 1968 in South Africa for EMI. This album has all the wonderful excesses of early progressive rock; the deep meaningful poetry, spoken words, majestic organ-playing, sound effects, choirs, long guitar solos, etc. Ramsay MacKay's unusual Scottish/South African accent guides us through this album of contrasts. From the country sounds of "Country Boy" to the Traffic-style rock of "Judas Queen," this album does not let up for a moment. It rocks, it soothes, it challenges, it even refreshes (thanks to the inclusion of an old Pepsi advertisement). A great album and a mind-blowing debut. CD $14 SKU:25184

GNIDROLOG- LIVE 1972 ( 70s Brit prog) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A remastered new edition release of this superb UK progressive-rock band's live performance captured in Birmingham 1972. Contains rare, extended bonus track 'Sixpence For A Handstand' which is a non-LP track. Gnidrolog were one of the most respected prog-rock bands of the early 70s alongside Gentle Giant, King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator. Excellent soundboard recording. CD $12 SKU:24880

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9- Collected Works ( 22 psych tunes sure to blow your mind! ) Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS Twenty-two cool, raw, psychedelic songs with a Christian twist that are sure to blow your mind. These boys were going to Catholic High in the late 60's, dropping acid, and listening to the Beatles and the Byrds. The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No.9 were a band of young kids bored with regular Catholic hymns. While secretly listening to The Beatles and The Byrds while their parents were asleep, they came up with the idea of singing religiously inspired music with a modern music rhythm. This idea took off right away amongst other young people in their area, and even was accepted by their pastor, who ended up getting them a deal to record their music. They released two albums, both great garage/psych albums. One of the best examples of what Christian psych can be. Both Holy Ghost Reception Committee LPs ("Songs For Liturgical Worship” and “The Torchbearers” — both released in 1969) — on one disc. CD $10 SKU:25248

JAHN, LOTHAR -Dreams of (1975 psych/Krautrock) DBL CD digiLabel:LION Lothar Jahn’s "February '75” single was released by the German label Sound Records in 1977. It was a very unusual record, somewhere between psychedelic, folk, and Krautrock. It was reviewed thus on Discogs: “A mysterious journey through Cosmic Psych Folk Kraut, whatever you may call it. Fantastic, from beginning to end. Another Kraut on 45 milestone.” The newly recorded album, “Dreams of ’75,” is an extended riff on the original single, taking that smaller vision as a starting point and then launching into a weirder and wilder psychedelic/progressive stereoscopic headspace than was evident (or possible) on the original single. Both the rare single and the new album are included in this very limited 2xCD digipack edition. CD $17 SKU:25245

LOST SOULS--ST mid 60s unknown U.S. Brit Invasion/ psych) SAALE!Label:LION The Lost Souls never released any records, yet the meager recorded evidence that survives indicates that they were one of the finest unknown American groups of the mid-'60s, able to write both catchy British Invasion-type rockers and, in their latter days, experimental psychedelic pieces with unusual tempo changes and song structures. The band were also unusual in their occasional embellishment of the typical period guitar-bass-drums lineup with flute, sax, and mandolin. Although popular in their Cleveland hometown, they broke up in 1968 to attend college. Rhythm guitarist Denny Carleton, who wrote and sang some of their best material, went on to briefly join The Choir, their chief (and more successful) rivals." —Richie Unterberger The music scene in Cleveland in the mid to late 1960’s was ripe with talent: the James Gang with Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz, The Choir, Eric Carmen (pre-Raspberries), Glass Harp with Phil Keaggy, the Damnation of Adam Blessing… and the Lost Souls. Of all those bands, only the Lost Souls never released a record. Then again, they were in high school, trying to navigate dress codes and bullies—and playing in front of a couple thousand fans when not suspended. Sure, they lost a battle of the bands at Teen Fair 1968, but it was to the James Gang with Joe Walsh. And somehow it is the Lost Souls who emerge from that time and place with the greatest mystique and some of the most adventurous music, music which few have heard. Lost Souls main songwriter Denny Carleton released a cassette of the band’s original recordings in 1984. It received airplay on hundreds of college and public radio stations in the USA (and around the world), and garnered glowing reviews… and that was it, until now.Not only is this the first time the music of the Lost Souls has been available since that cassette, our Lion Productions edition is the first release for many additional Lost Souls cuts, including alternate versions of key tracks like the insightful ‘Things That Are Important’ and ‘I’m Falling’ (the closest to a hit the band ever had), all taken from the original tapes and carefully mastered. Seven bonus tracks highlight the work of Lost Soul's main songwriter Denny Carleton (one-time member of The Choir, and more surprisingly, punk legends the Pagans); selections by The Choir, Moses, Milk and Carleton, many in all possible low-fi glory, recorded on various 4-Track devices, ranging from power-pop to grimy garage.•Whopping 32-page booklet has the full story of the band and info on the recordings by Carlton
•Includes a multitude of unseen photos from his personal archive
•Carefully remastered from the original tapes (+ the occasional post-Lost Souls 45 single)
•”One of the great lost groups of the 60's.” —Option Magazine CD $12 SKU:20365

MCCULLY WORKSHOP INC-AGES (S.African 60's psych KINKS,YARDBIRDS, PRETTY THINGS style ) Label:FRESH In the early 70’s, the promise made by the improvisational bands in the late 60’s like Cream, Iron Butterfly, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and many others, had started to bear fruit. It was a time of rock music becoming really heavy and progressive, but also a time of the Singer-Songwriters and Folk Rock. Medieval themes á la Lord Of The Rings and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ were the order of the day. Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman had released an instrumental album about the ‘Six Wives Of Henry VIII’, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow had sang about ‘The Man On The Silver Mountain’ and Uriah Heep celebrated ‘The Magician’s Birthday’. When McCully Workshop used to perform live around that time, the set list would include their arrangements of classical pieces like Bach’s ‘Toccata in D Minor’, Grieg’s ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ and Strauss’ ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ (better known as the theme to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey)’ alongside ‘Every Little Thing’ by The Beatles and ‘The Man From Afghanistan’ by Curtiss Maldoon. Quite an eclectic mix. The “Ages” album (EMI, 1975) was born from this mixture of elements. The album opener, ‘Avenue’ is a bass-driven rock track, which echoes ‘Salisbury’-era Uriah Heep, whilst ‘Carbon Canyon’ is an up-tempo Steve Miller Band-influenced blues boogie with rollicking piano and cool guitar licks from Richard Black, who had been in rock power trio Elephant, with George Wolfaardt (Abstract Truth) and Savvy Grande (Suck). When asked about his favourite song on the ‘Ages’ album, Mike McCully says without hesitation: ‘I Walked Alone’. “This song had very difficult drumming, and I was influenced by Jim Keltner at the time. And the drumming on ‘Guinevere’ features double-tracked triplets... I used to play this with four sticks (a la John Bonham) for audio and visual effect.” Includes seven previously unavailable bonus tracks, updated liner notes and photos. CD $14 SKU:25115

NILSSON -ONE: The Best OF Nilsson DBL CD in slipcase Label:Music CLub Deluxe Brilliant two CD anthology from the American singer/songwriter spanning his decade long career with RCA. CD $10 SKU:24885

PICKETT, WILSON-- In Philadelphia/“Don’t Knock My Love DBL CD Label:EDSEL wo funky soul albums in one set — excellent stuff. The ninth and tenth Atlantic albums on two CD's plus 17 bonus tracks recorded between 1969 and 1973.

3-panel gatefold card sleeve, includes a 16 page booklet. CD $14 SKU:24886

SAVANNA SILVER BAND - PURE SILVER ( 70s dark folk)Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)From the darkling psychedelic folk of Anaconda, through the bathetic psychedelic anguish of Arcadium, Miguel Sergides finally arrived from London at the Antipodes in a mid-seventies disco frenzy and recorded his ultimate masterpiece as The Savanna Silver Band. Long a cult item for disco and funk collectors, this is the first reissue of a classic masterpiece, where Sergides aptitude for long complex progressive compositions morphs seamlessly into a gorgeous funk disco setting, the result slots perfectly alongside the jazz funk perfection of Chic, Shakatak, The Average White Band and Sister Sledge. CD $20 SKU:24930

BEAT FROM 20.000 GARAGES-Rebels 3 (Pebbles/Nuggets style comp)Label:RAVING POP BLAST! Made in the mould of 'Nuggets' or 'Pebbles,this compilation features bands all different, but all with a healthy DIY attitude. A collection of garage-punk, R&B, surf, pop-psych, indie-scuzz and freakbeat. This is Raving Pop Blast!'s third in the series of 'Rebels' albums. Real music played by real people. It's garage rock, garage punk, rock and roll, modernist grooves, pop-psych... it's weird and it's wonderful. COMP LP $28 SKU:24760

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS SPAINVA Spanish punk rock 1977-1982-Label:BLOODSTAINS The cream of the crop of Spanish punk rock 1977-1982. 17 essential punk rock blasts from Spain COMP LP $22 SKU:22041

BORED TEENAGERS - Vol 11-25 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82-Label:BIN LINER The eagerly awaited eleventh instalment of this highly collectable and cult series. The Pebbles series of the punk rock scene... Rare tracks from England and Scotland. COMP LP $22 SKU:24787

BORED TEENAGERS - Vol 13 (long lost and hidden punk rock gems.)-Label:BIN LINER Bored Teenagers Volume 13' hits the streets after a hard two-year delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Volume 13 is not unlucky but brings some more long lost and hidden punk rock gems. COMP LP $26 SKU:25074

COLOGNE CURIOSITIES-THE UNKNOWN KRAUTROCK UNDERGROUND 1972-1976' - DBL Label:MENTAL EXPERIENCE Cologne Curiosities' collects, for the first time on vinyl, all the otherwise unpublished/un-reissued material that originally appeared on the three 'Unknown Deutschland - The Krautrock Archive' CD's, released by Virgin in 1996. These recordings date from 1972-1976 and were made at studios in Cologne and surroundings. The material was produced by Toby Robinson, mainly to have fun at the studio. Bands would come in for practice sessions, to record demos, and during slack periods impromptu jams would happen. Most of these sessions were recorded by Toby, and they feature Toby himself plus a revolving cast of friends and musicians (some of them apparently big Kraut names using made up monikers). The music ranges from killer proto-new wave to far-out space rock, proto-ambient electronic, dark kraut psyche and raw kosmische sounds with lots of analogue synths/Moog. COMP LP $30 SKU:23550

DIGGIN FOR GOLD- Vol 11 (obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world)-Label:BUSY B Since 1993 the 'Diggin' For Gold' series has unearthed obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures. Busy Bee are proud to help put out the 11th installment in the series, jam-packed with delights you've never heard of. After two volumes of only US bands this one goes back to the initial formula -45's from all around the world- and once again lets you explore great sixties punk and pop from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Unfortunately no tracks from Antarctica. Maybe on vol 12, right? Limited edition of 500 copies, vinyl only. Grab it while you can! SIDE 1: 1. DICKIE LOADER & BLUE JEANS - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning (South Africa) 2. MOON SPINNERS - Soul On Fire (Norway) 3. LEX RELAX - Quatre-Vingt Cavalliers (Switzerland) 4. PRINCE OF ISRAEL - Try To Understand (Israel) 5. BOYS - Walk Back To Me (Singapore) 6. KANO Y LOS BULLDOGS - Todo Quedo Atras (Uruguay) 7. LIGHT STONES - Mary-Ann (Liechtenstein) 8. LES VIPERES - Please Go Away (Belgium) SIDE 2: 1. MENACE - You Don't Even Wink Your Eye (Hong Kong) 2. MAVI ISIKLAR - Ain't That So (Turkey) 3. TEENAGERS - I Can Hear Them Play (Sweden) 4. LES HOU-LOPS - Lonely Riverman (Canada) 5. LOS FLECOS - Estas Lejos (Spain) 6. RACKERS - Love Is Lavish (Germany) 7. LES MARQUIS - Silence On the Shore (Austria) 8. JUDGE WAYNE & THE CONVICTS - I'm Crying (United Kingdom) COMP LP $24 SKU:23727

FEEL LUCKY PUNK?!!Killer compilation of archetypal 77-78 U.S U.S and Australian punk rock-Label:GONZO HATE BINGE Brings together many of the best tracks to be found on the various volumes of the 'Killed By Death' series. Featuring Queers, Child Molesters, Nervous Eaters and many more... COMP LP $22 SKU:24865

HAI NOROC! -GARAGE,BEAT AND POP ARTIFACTS From 60s RomaniaSAALE! Label:667 From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning COMP LP $24 SKU:24660

THESAURUS VOL. 4 -(2LP) GATEFOLD- Inédits Punk/Cold/Synthpop 1979-1984 SAALE!Label:CAMELEON 29 unreleased French tracks from 1979-1984. Featuring bands like Hologram, Vortex, Nec+Ultra, Noids, Megaherz, Lust Sacrifice and many more. 2LP in gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 copies. COMP LP $28 SKU:25175

THESAURUS VOL. 5 -(2LP)GATEFOLD 25 Titres Inédits 1978-1986 France Rock/Punk/Cold SAALE!Label:CAMELEON Thesaurus 5' brings 25 unreleased French rock, punk and coldwave tracks from the period 1978-1986. Featuring RAVACHOL, STRIDEUR, COCKPIT, GAZOLINE, VOX DEI, NAGAIKA DJINNS, REGAL, ELECTROBUS, SURPRISE, LES ACTEURS, CEREMONIES, SEATON, REGAL ZONE, TIERS ETAT, CLEAN WISITORS. COMP LP $28 SKU:25174

THESAURUS VOL. 6 -(2LP) Panorama Punk Rock France 1982-1984 SAALE!Label:CAMELEON The sixth volume of 'Thesaurus' brings 33 rare French punk rock tracks recorded between 1982-1984. Includes 6-page insert. COMP LP $28 SKU:25041

THIRTEEN ROSES SINGING IN A MALE WORLDVA- Splendid collection of jazz, soul and blues hits from way back when,-PURPLE Label:8M ssued on PURPLE VINYL is a splendid collection of jazz, soul and blues hits from way back when, recorded by leading female artists s.a. Dinah Washington, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Tina Turner. COMP LP $22 SKU:25126

VINYL CHARCUTERIE- Vinyl rarities from Belgium and Holland- Label:STOFFIGE VINGER The Stoffige Vingers crew is back with more vinyl rarities from Belgium and Holland compiled on a 12" EP: new beat pianohouse, funky souljazz, groovy coldwave, sleazy dubdisco, blue-eyed boogie and franglais synthpop. Extended DJ versions by George Hysteric, cool sticker artwork by Turbo Island. COMP LP $24 SKU:25136

VROOMING CREW AVEC DOLORES- LAISSE-MOI RESPIRER O.S.T (lost cult '60s soundtrack).-Label:GREEN COOKIE he second reissue of a lost cult '60s soundtrack by Green Cookie Records. In 1963 French-Italian director Bernard Fabriano presented his independent movie 'Laisse-Moi Respirer'. The original motion picture soundtrack was performed and composed by The Vrooming Crew with Dolores. All audio remastered and comes on black vinyl. COMP LP $22 SKU:25129

WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU- VA-Roky Erickson tribute black Label:Third Eye Stimuli We're Gonna Miss You' is the first posthumous tribute to one of the most influential pioneers of 'psychedelic' rock, Roger 'Roky' Erickson. Despite leaving his earthly incarnation in 2019, echoes of Roky's creations, particularly his work with '60s Austin rockers The 13th Floor Elevators, are certainly alive and well today. COMP LP $32 SKU:25397

WEIRDSVILLE!-Oddball '50s and '60s tunes to get any party swingin'-Label:MONSIEUR Originally released by the folk who had previously released the 'Born Bad' series, all during the '90s. A fine mix of oddball '50s and '60s tunes to get any party swingin'. '60s trash, '50s rockin' and exotica from god only knows! 300 copies only. COMP LP $25 SKU:25044

WILDSVILLE-VA Label:Monsieur Records We already have 'Weirdsville' and 'Wowsville' and now the collection is complete with 'Wildsville'... Oh yeah, 16 tracks of weird and wonderfully whacky tracks including the Gamma Goochee himself, The Creep, The Lifeguards and sooo much more.
If you don't already have the other couple of volumes in this series, you really should. These were compiled by the same folk that originally did the 'Born Bad' series. Good enough pedigree for you? COMP LP $24 SKU:25534

WOWSVILLE!-'60s trash, '50s rockin' and exotica from god only knows-Label:MONSIEUR From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning COMP LP $24 SKU:25045

CURTIS KNIGHT ZEUS -Sea of Time- (early 70s Psych hard-rock with soul/funk influences) Label:SOMMER Psychedelic hard-rock with soul/funk influences and even some raw proto-punk moves. In the early 70s, Hendrix’s old friend & collaborator Curtis Knight moved to London and formed CURTIS KNIGHT ZEUS, recruiting a young guitarist named “Fast” Eddie Clarke (later of Motörhead fame). Sea Of Time was recorded at Olympic Studios in 1973 but never actually released in the UK, only in a few European countries. All songs were written by Curtis, showcasing his versatile songwriting talent, and he’s also on lead vocals / guitar. Includes the underground heavy-funk-rock hit “The Devil Made Me Do It” and more! Recommended if you like Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Lee’s “Vindicator”, Chubby Checker’s “Chequered”. *First ever vinyl reissue. *Featuring “Fast” Eddie Clarke (Motörhead) on guitar. *Original gatefold sleeve artwork. *Insert with liner notes by Kingsley Abbott with a foreword by Kathy Knight-McConnell (Curtis widow) and photos. “It's hard to imagine any rock fan not finding something to enjoy on this Sea Of Time album with the quality of the playing and the instantly memorable songs.” - Kingsley Abbott LP $32 SKU:25433

GLADSTONE - From Down Home in Tyler, Texas U.S.A.-Rural flavored rock, and country rock sleeper from 1972(sealed original, with drill hole)Label:ABC Rural flavored rock, and country rock sleeper from 1972, featuring good vocal harmony reminiscent of CS&N, or Batdorf and Rodney. Has a nice rustic, very listenable vibe throughout without really containing any outstanding tracks. The second side is the stronger, with the first track 'Peace in the Valley' perhaps the best on the album. The last track, ‘Dalarna’ is also strong, kicking in with some heavier rock midway through the track.
LP $14 SKU:25535

GOLIATH - ST (1970First album by US hard-rock band )Label:GUERSSEN First album by US hard-rock band GOLIATH (of Hot Rock & Thunder fame), recorded in 1970 but never released at the time. Goliath was formed in 1969 when the Sons of Sound, Kicks and the XL’s dissolved. They were: Steve Peters (drums), Bill Peters (bass), Paul “Doug” (the Golden Throat) Mason (Hammond B3 Organ), George “Charlie” Egy, (lead vocals), and George Phelps (guitar). In 1970 they entered Allen-Martin Studios in Louisville, KY and registered what should have been their first album. The tapes remained unreleased until the Gear Fab label recovered them and did a CD edition in 2009. This is classic hard-rock with psych & prog touches, prominent Hammond organ, hard guitar, melodic vocals… *First ever vinyl edition. *Master tape sound and insert with liner notes & photos. LP $30 SKU:24904

ILL WIND - Flashes...(U.S psychedelic / acid rock classic from 1968!)Label:OUT-SIDER US psychedelic / acid rock classic from 1968! “Flashes”, the sole album by Boston based band ILL WIND, was produced by Tom Wilson (Simon & Garfunkel, Mothers Of Invention, Velvet Underground…) and originally released on ABC Records. Terrific West Coast styled sound with male/female vocals, strong guitar interplay and inventive songwriting, featuring titles like “Dark World”, “People Of The Night”, “Hung Up Chick”… and wait till you hear their cover of “High Flying Bird”! *Hard cardboard sleeve + OBI *Includes insert with liner notes and photos. * Includes digital download card. RIYL: Jefferson Airplane, Growing Concern, Moby Grape, Yankee Dollar, Big Brother, Peanut Butter Conspiracy… “…an excellent gateway drug when building a psychedelic LP collection” – Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives). “…some of the finest psychedelia conceivable.” – Mojo LP $30 SKU:25649

LARD FREE- Unnamed (LP+7")- Orig 1997 cover- 180 gram ltd ed of 500 with bonus 7” Label:REPLICA ** 500 copies ** Never heard before until its release on CD in 1997 (on Spa-lax Records), Unnamed was recorded a year before Lard Free’s first album and shows a band that totally foresaw the Rock In Opposition movement. Aventurous, never afraid to explore unknown musical lands, Lard Free definitely owns its place in the great History of Rock Music.Recorded in 1971/1972, these Lard Free "lost" recordings document an interesting, primitive period of the band and shows Artman and Co. moving freely in different directions : jazz, noise and the most radical musical improvisation. Truly stunning from start to finish, Lard Free’s “lost” album, “Unnamed”, is a truly groundbreaking body of work. It’s both tragic and mind-boggling that it remained unreleased as long as it did. Replica Records’ brand-new reissue of this stunner beautifully reproduces the 1997 cover, and is pressed on 180 gr. vinyl in a limited edition of 500, and also includes a bonus 7”. Not for the faint of heart! LP $28 SKU:25461

LITHIUM X-Mas-ST -ST (“Best psych single of the decade” Byron COley) Clear windowpane vinyl- Label:GROOVE NET “Frenetic rave-up of American V.U.” Spin Magazine (Alternative Record Guide)soundtrack of Life” - Your Flesh
“Psychedelic Bliss” “Jump Into The Fire” (Trance Records Syndicate) “Single Of The Week” - Sounds (UK) “Best psych single of the decade” - “Message To Charlie” (Rockadelic) - Forced Exposure (Byron Coley)“Fuzz drenched freakout of godlike proportions” - The Bob “Lithium Christmas not only sets off on its own direction, in actually gets somewhere.” - Dallas Observer (Tom Maurstad)
Psychedelic art-rock pioneering band from Texas, Lithium X-Mas, re-emerge from a period of relative sedation with a fresh outburst — a new full-length limited-edition LP. This brand-new recording, which finds the legendary band’s core line-up intact, is a culmination of recently resuscitated activity; final tracks were completed and mastered late last year. LP $25 SKU:25110

MAQUINA- Why (1970 underground Spanish prog psych) Label:GUERSSEN Guerssen Records presents a reissue of Màquina!'s Why?, originally released in 1970. Along with Smash, Cerebrum, or Pan & Regaliz, Catalan band Màquina! were one the truly pioneers when talking about the underground Spanish psych-prog scene from the late '60s. Why? was their debut album, originally released in 1970 on the Diábolo label and housed in a striking surreal sleeve designed by band member Jordi Batiste. English vocals, wicked acid fuzz-wah guitars, Hammond organ, flute -- including the legendary self-titled track, 24 minutes (split in two parts) of wild psychedelic improvisation. Featuring Josep Maria "Tapi" Vilaseca (later of Tapiman) on drums, Josep Maria París on fuzz guitar, Luigi Cabanach on wah guitar, Enric Herrera on organ, and Jordi Batiste on bass/flute/vocals. Highly sought-after by psych collectors worldwide, this is a long overdue vinyl reissue of this cult album featuring. Newly remastered sound. Original artwork and eight-page color insert with detailed liner notes by Àlex Gómez-Font and cool photos; heavy cardboard sleeve + OBI. LP $30 SKU:24905

SILVERBEATS -ST- Transparent coke clear vinyl LTD ED OF 150-Label:RTAI/LION First reissue of rare cassette-only underground neo-psychedelic punk steeped in Pebbles-era rock, from this Milwaukee band which featured Dan Mullen (Plasticland) on guitar and the talents — songwriting and otherwise — of iconic underground maven Tess (James Tessier). ‘I Want Speed’ shows The SilverBeats’ affinity to West Coast psychedelia. And it’s no coincidence that they cover the Human Expression’s ‘Calm Me Down,’ rich with harmony vocal, and The Pretty Things’ ‘Midnight to Six (Man),’ replacing the original’s rough R ’n’ B-edge with a slight psychedelic tinge — a real showpiece for drummer Mike Hughes. Another killer is ‘Over And Over,’ penned by Tess (like all the other originals on this album). It layers beautiful, trippy guitar, a catchy vocal melody, lots of echo, strange effects, and weird sounds before it closes, and we move on to the jolly, jumping ‘Love Comes Knockin.’
Comes with an 8-page booklet featuring a description by journalist David Luhrssen of the Milwaukee underground music scene which produced Plasticland, Daszu, the band Ör, and the Violent Femmes, among others.
•Lion exclusive: 150x hand-numbered copies on Transparent Coke Clear vinyl
•Comes with an 8-page booklet featuring an overview of the Milwaukee underground music scene by David Luhrssen.
The first time I saw the SilverBeats… the band took the cramped stage at the window near the front door. Fronted by James Tessier, who appeared to be the missing link from The Standells, the band’s sound was simple, fuzzy and perfect. These cats were no strangers to reverb. Tess’ original compositions came to life with electrical transmissions from Dan Mullen’s lead guitar. The primal garage rock sound of ‘Over and Over’ was balanced by Tess’ soft-spoken vocals. ‘You Did Here Wrong’ could have been plucked from any top shelf album of lost nuggets. ‘In the Sound Room’ points to endless possibilities of mind expansion. This is the good stuff. LSD before it was cut with strychnine." — Blaine SchultzLP $30 SKU:25867

SWAMPWATER- ST (1971 Byrds style sealed original, with drill hole)Label:RCA A great swamp-pop/country rock release from 1971 by this group with ties to The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and Linda Ronstadt — they were her pre-Eagles, post-Stone Poneys band — housed in an elaborate fold-out & die-cut sleeve and notes from Arlo Guthrie. Breathtaking harmonies that, at times, approach The Louvin Brothers, and superlative songcraft. I've never been to the bayou, but I can't imagine getting closer than 'Ol' Papa Joe.’ 'Mama Lou,' meanwhile, sounds like a cajun-style inspiration for Bob Seger's ‘Main Street.' The album ends with a ferocious fiddle stomp that gives way to a few seconds of 'The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.' The vocalist ends the album saying "that's all folks". It's a line that proved sadly prophetic, as it marked the end of the band for a decade and a half. It's good enough to make even the most cynical city-slicker feel at home on the front-porch. LP $14 SKU:25537

TRUTH AND JANEY-Topeka Jam Live 1974 ( 70s midwest power trio Psych ) DBL LP -Label:ROCKADROME /LION Double album of recently unearthed live recordings from 1974 by legendary Midwestern underground hard rock trio TRUTH & JANEY, captured stretching out on extended jam sessions over several nights in Topeka, Kansas.
Celebrated Iowa hard rock trio Truth & Janey are captured here doing what they did best, stretching out into raw extended jams featuring heavy guitar action from Billylee Janey, booming fuzz bass from Steve Bock, with Denis Bunce locked in the zone behind his drum kit. 'Midnight Horsemen,' originally released as as 3-minute single in 1972, is featured here as a side-long 22-minute jam — and is a prime example of vintage Truth and Janey. Included are several songs otherwise unreleased in any form (live or studio), as well as early versions of 'Down the Road' and 'My Mind,' from their 1976 underground hard rock classic debut album, "No Rest for the Wicked.” A new pressing of this double album collection of live recordings excavated from the archives of a long-time roadie, made over several nights in Topeka, Kansas in 1974. LP $35 SKU:25463