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“Blessed Is The Boogie’s ten new songs build upon Datura4’s ‘guitars to infinity’ approach of Hairy Mountain (2016) and the hard rocking, progressive blues and psychedelic stylings of debut LP Demon Blues (2015).” - THE BIG TAKEOVER. READ MORE HERE

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PLEASE -Circus Days: A Collection of Demos and Studio Recordings 1967-69180 gram 68 UK psych,w booklet ,liners & unrel demo -Label:ACME GRAMOPHONE UK A third collection of previously unreleased recordings by this late 1960’s British psychedelic band fronted by Peter Dunton, who went on to form the legendary band T2. Dunton was a key figure in UK psychedelia, founding or playing a key role in many important bands. In brief, here’s Dunton’s pedigree: Neon Pearl (1967), Please (1967) and (1969), Flies (1968), Gun (1969), T2 (1969-1972), and Infinity (1969-70). This release follows on from two other superb albums of unreleased music by Please, "1968-1969" and "Seeing Stars”. The music on "Circus Days" can easily be filed next to that of contemporary bands like Blossom Toes, Forever Amber, Tomorrow, July, and an album which is now lauded as one of the best of the era, "Odessey And Oracle" by The Zombies. "Circus Days" contains such highlights as the original 1969 demo version of ‘Morning,' later to appear on T2’s fabulous "It’ll All Work Out in Boomland" album. There are also some earlier demos including the classic 'Gently As You Feel’ and 'To Dream.’ a track that features additional female vocals. "Circus Days” also includes other previously unissued gems that will fit very well next to your collection of Please, Neon Pearl and T2 records! •Limited edition of 500 copies.•Companion to two other superb albums of unreleased music by Please, "1968-1969" and "Seeing Stars”•Includes the original demo version of ‘Morning,' later to appear on T2’s famous and fabulous "It’ll All Work Out in Boomland" album LP $24 SKU:21085

SIDEWINDERS-Cuacha (First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic)- Label:LION "By the time they recorded Cuacha!, the Sidewinders had almost figured out what kind of band they wanted to be. On some cuts here the Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect. 'I Guess It Doesn't Matter' and 'Blood on Our Hands' are punk-pop masterpieces driven by Rich Hopkins' snarling guitars and Dave Slutes' country-inflected but brash singing... The album is worth having for the first released version of 'What She Said,' a song that the band released on three different albums, each time rocking a bit harder and at greater length. The version here is a dark, mournful folk-rock piece." —AllMusic"More than one observer of the Arizona rock scene has noted that had the Sidewinders not been derailed by legal and label problems, the Tucson quartet might've beaten neighboring Tempe's Gin Blossoms to the brass ring. Or maybe it was just a case of the too-good/too-early American band syndrome in the conservative pre-Nirvana era. Formed around the songwriting core of guitarist Richard Hopkins and vocalist David Slutes, the Sidewinders quickly garnered local acclaim and recorded "Cuacha!” for Hopkins' own San Jacinto label. The album has its share of jangly folk-rock moments instantly familiar to any fan of mid-'80s R.E.M. Yet its traditional feel—part psychedelic pop and part dustbowl blues—suggests influences stretching back at least two decades." —Trouser PressTake a look at a quick list of "Best Albums” from 1987 and you quickly get a sense of the musical mood of the year: the Joshua Tree by U2; Appetite For Destruction by Guns N’ Roses; Sign 'O' The Times by Prince; You're Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr.; Document by R.E.M.; Sister by Sonic Youth; Darklands by The Jesus And Mary Chain; Diesel And Dust by Midnight Oil; Come On Pilgrim by Pixies; and Pleased To Meet Me by The Replacements. It’s not a stretch at all to plunk the Sidewinders “Cuacha” right amongst those records—both in terms of quality and “sound.”The Sidewinders formed in the spring of 1985. The group released "Cuacha!” in 1987 (and again in 1988), and subsequently signed to RCA/Mammoth Records, with whom they released two full-length albums, 1989's “Witchdoctor" and 1990's "Auntie Ramos' Pool Hall." “Witchdoctor" cracked the lower echelons of the Billboard 200 on the strength of two rock radio hits. The band scored exposure on MTV and VH1 and embarked on a worldwide tour. But the Sidewinders were soon sidelined due to legal problems stemming from a challenge over the band’s name. As the Sand Rubies, they released an album on Polydor/Atlas in 1993 (at one point, Pearl Jam served as their opening act). However, the strain of the legal tussle led the Sand Rubies to dissolve during a tour in 1993—just as two other Arizona rock bands, Gin Blossoms and The Refreshments, attracted mainstream attention.
•First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic
•Insert includes band memories •"The Hüsker Dü-goes-West mix of acoustic textures and roaring guitar is almost perfect.” —AllMusic LP $23 SKU:21229

SWEET SLAG -Tracking With Close-Ups (1969 heavy dark psych cult rarity )-Label:ACME/LION Formed in 1969, this 4-piece UK outfit went on to record one ultra collectable album in 1971 for president records. originally the album was going to be titled "guerilla jazz rock" but came to be renamed "tracking with close-ups." The band toured extensively supporting the likes of Deep Purple, Stray, Nucleus, Graham Bond, Black Cat Bones and Third Ear Band. Over the years the album has built a cult reputation with collectors. the album is certainly different to many released at that time and has a unique heavy dark psychedelic aspect running through the album, almost borders on proto-metal on several tracks, as well as some darker progressive elements and beefheart and zappa moments, making it such a unique and classic album of the time. the real deal early 70's UK underground!"Tracking with Close-ups" is impossible to find nowadays, and now, for the first time, here is the first official reissue of this superb album taken from the original master analogue tapes with printed insert containing archive band photos many previously unseen from the bands' own archives LP $23 SKU:21250

STONEWALL - ST (The ultimate hard rock holy grail!) Label:PERMANENT So you're addicted to hard rock from 1972 and getting tired of LPs that don't take you for the full ride. You check out tons of 'em. Stonewall? Hmmm... only the most potent and rare stuff can get you off nowadays. Kicks intense enough to remind you why you got into it in the first place. Jams you can't wait to lay on your friends so uncontrollably alive you know it's gonna wipe 'em out. Yeah... you really need Stonewall. It's ritual time.I hear people all over the world saying Stonewall is a 'Holy Grail'. I agree. 'Holy Grail' status for an LP requires the most extreme and exciting combination of quality and rarity. That's not all. It has to have mystery. It has to reek of humanity. There can be no other LP that beats it at its game. Top dog. It has to be a mindfuck capable of destroying anybody who hears it, including those who have previously only experienced the usual killer classics. Finding a copy must come as close to impossible as possible and remain that way even after everybody knows about it. As an original pressing, Stonewall fulfills all of the 'Holy Grail' requirements and I am jacked that a legitimate reissue finally happens some 30 odd years after it first blew me away!" - Paul Major LP $22 SKU:21265

MONDO DRAG - New Rituals - PINK VINYL! Ltd. to 200 copies (psych / stoner PSYCH discovered by Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow) - Label:ALIVE Trip out with Mondo Drag! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. "New Rituals," their debut for Alive, is an incursion into extended psychedelic blues guitar jams and haunting vocals over heavy, steady bass lines and thumping percussion. Mondo Drag has shared the stage with bands such as Witchcraft, Dead Meadow, Pentagram, and Radio Moscow, to name just a few. "They rock. Most songs clock in at over 6 minutes, yet you don't notice the time go by because they seem to take that long just to rev up. Each song stretches, cries, screams, and tears itself apart." - Berkeley Place LP $18 SKU:21266


BOSSMEN - Personally Yours: The Complete Anthology w liners, rare photos, booklet. -Label:LION Liner notes by Dick Wagner + reflections on the Bossmen by Bo White and Ryan Sparks ,Massive color booklet with rare photos, Limited to 500 copies.Dick Wagner and his guitar. The Frost. Ursa Major. Lou Reed's "Rock 'n' Roll Animal". Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare". Kiss. Aerosmith. Peter Gabriel. Wagner's contribution to rock 'n' roll is immense. And it all started a little bit north of Detroit with the Bossmen. In just three years (1964-67), The Bossmen amassed an impressive run of no less than eight regional number one singles. When you listen to these eighteen original compositions you can sense the long hours and the countless amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into creating them. Whether it's a stinging guitar solo (the sonic blast of an intro on 'Sunshine' comes to mind), a regal four part vocal harmony or a soaring arrangement, each tune bears the distinct early characteristics of the ‘Wagner’ sound that would later bring him success on a global scale and write him into the annals of rock ‘n' roll history. "I look back on the days of The Bossmen with a sort of reverence. These were my first days of recording my own original songs, entering the concert scene and learning the basic trials of making it in the music business. I get chills even today just thinking back on the two or three block line that formed every time we played our home town venue, Daniel’s Den. The Bossmen were the heroes and purveyors of the primal Rock energy for that angelic group of screaming youth. MAN… those were the days!" —Your Boss man, Dick Wagner • Liner notes by Dick Wagner + reflections on the Bossmen by Bo White and Ryan Sparks CD $10 SKU:15879

LOVEMASTERS w Ron Asheton - ST (Detroit Stooges style) digipack SAALE - Label:TOTAL ENERGY - Hot Pants Zone. Detroit guitar action featuring ex-Ramrods Robert Mulrooney, and with Ron Asheton of the Stooges making a guest appearance. “The groove-savvy, born-in-the-garage-set-the-world-on-fire sound explosion of Motor City's MC5 and Stooges - the same sound that drove Radio Birdman, the Scientists, Big Chief, etc all to create such great fare - is alive and kickin' on the Lovemasters' six-song EP. Led by local legend Bootsey X, a.k.a. Robert Mulrooney (ex Ramrods), the Detroit band cranks it up, puts it into drive and rocks - hard.” - L. Anderson / CMJ CD $3 SKU:2234

LUCIFER -ST(1970 NY wasted garage rockers Iron Butterfly style)-Label:VOID Only real legit! CD reissue of one and only album by legendary NY wasted garage rockers. Originals of this album go for 4 digits buks, so we very much welcome this reissue. Sounds like an early garagy GRAND FUNK RAILROAD mixed with IRON BUTTERFLY magic. This CD version has 1 extra track, NOT on the AKARMA and a nice group picture aswell, (void) CD $14 SKU:19992

MACKAY,DUNCAN- Chimera (70s prog w bonus track)Label:FRESH first time reissue of this 1974 debut album by ex Cockney Rebell/10CC keyboard player (he also played with Kate Bush and Camel), Duncan Mackay. It’s an epic prog rock album in the vein of Rick Wakeman, ELP and Patrick Moraz and is highly recommended for keyboard driven prog rock fans. Remember those heady days of the early 70’s, when a trio of keyboard wizards—Keith Emerson (ELP), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Jon Lord (Deep Purple)—were winning all the polls and dominating the album sales? Duncan Mackay's “Chimera,” recorded in 1973/4 and forever forgotten by all but the most devout, is a brilliant slice of 70s progressive keyboard-based rock. All three of the wizards mentioned above are obvious influences, but McKay clearly stamps his own sound onto this three-track album. (only three tracks? well this was 1974, the era of 'Tales From Topographic Oceans' by Yes). This reissue includes a bonus track, to make it an even four. CD $15 SKU:20405

MADS -En Concierto 1969 ultra ltd mini-LP sleeve DOUBLE CD-Label:LION Limited to only 200x copies!Glossy 20-page bi-lingual booklet with band history and photos.Two bonus tracks come from their sessions at the Stones' studio in London, and are in the same hard-edged vein.The first (and so far only) live recording of a Peruvian rock band from the 1960's, and therefore of incredible importance to lovers of rock from that exciting scene! Those of you who already have our previous Mads/Molesto release might remember the story of the Mads: early television performances in Peru; the chance sea-side encounter with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards that got the Mads the chance to go to England; Stones' manager Marshall Chess giving the Mads recording time in the Rolling Stones' studio and at Jagger's Stargroves castle. They played the Marquee, the Lyceum, the Roundhouse. They jammed with Steve Winwood and Brian Davison (The Nice). They played with Jeff Beck and Carmine Appice. Molesto's guitar player, Alex Ventura, worked in a clothing boutique alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. But before all the craziness in London, the Mads gave a farewell concert for their fans in Peru, on 18 December 1969, at the Auditorio del Colegio Santa Ursula. The recordings on this disc come from that show. One quick listen makes clear that the Mads demonstrated a lot of Jimi Hendrix Experience influence at this stage of their brief career. Still, it's clear straight away why the Stones were impressed, why Dennis Hopper told them during the intermission of this very concert how great they were (he wanted to hook them up with Phil Spector), and why they are legends of Pervian rock. Heavy, hard, and loud. CD $14 SKU:16782

MADS Molesto (Psych Rock Wild Masterpiece 1968-1971) Label:LION Deluxe ed. w glossy insert full of photos Bi-lingual booklet with band history + lyrics & gig poster- Los Mads started out in the mid-1960's, playing covers and a few of their own songs on Peruvian television. But a chance sea-side encounter with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards after a private party got the Mads the chance to go to England; interest from Stones' manager Marshall Chess got them backstage to see Hendrix at the Isle of Wight—and recording time in the Rolling Stones studio. Some demos recorded there and at Jagger's Stargroves castle (recorded live to studio truck, just like Led Zeppelin did for their third and fourth albums) plus a name change to Molesto got them gigs at the main venues in London. They jammed with Steve Winwood and Brian Davison (The Nice); they played with Jeff Beck and Carmine Appice; Molesto's guitar player, Alex Ventura, worked in a clothing boutique alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. They were in the musical heart of England. And at that point, faced with growing friction within the group, Molesto disbanded. This disc collects recordings from all three stages of Los Mads/The Mads/Molesto's six year career, including two tracks from the Stargroves session. The early tracks are groovy post Summer of Love stuff: 'Birds in My Tree' is a musical creamsicle, just right for summer nights. The excellent eight plus minute instrumental 'Tumor Bossa' has a Santana-esque feel. But the flamethrower guitar on Molesto tracks like 'Feels Like Love' and 'Fly Away' (which luckily clocks in at more than seven minutes) needs to be heard to be believed. Hard driving and heavy; wild, fast, rhythmic, and furious: top of the table stuff. Most tracks are sung in English. Like all Repsychled titles, this is available exclusively from Lion Productions and our friends. CD $14 SKU:15326

MAINLINERS - ST (guitar riffs and catchy pop)Label:CRUSHER The Mainliner's self-titled album contains ten varying but inter-twining songs. Ranging from Is This Satisfying with feedback, distorted guitar riffs and catchy pop melodies, to Round Five with driving bass and distinctive guitar chords to Saint's March In The Sunrise with it's warmth and soulfulness. Plus there's much, much more. The Mainliners won't let you down! CD $5 SKU:20696

MALADY - ST (Finnish prog) Label:SVART Even though the band are deeply into the retro aesthetic, and building the album with the right kind of sounds took plenty of effort, the music is not just about being vintage. The storytelling mood of the meandering songs is supported by an analog soundscape. Malady's music is at the same time subtle and substantial. CD $10 SKU:20697

MANAL-ST -ST(early Argentine rock 1970)Label:SONY/BMG (Argentina) Manal was an early Argentine rock group. Together with Almendra and Los Gatos, they are perceived as the founders of Argentine rock. The band members were Claudio Gabis, Alejandro Medina and Javier Martínez. Manal was the first act to sign to Mandioca, the pioneer label created by producers Jorge Álvarez and Pedro Pujó. First came a string of great singles, and then the first Manal album (1970). The lyrics are thick with references to the streets; the music is imaginative blues rock with sinuous guitar lines. The most remarkable moments are ‘Jugo de Tomate’ (Manal's most popular song), ‘Avenida Rivadavia’ (about the longest avenue in Buenos Aires), ‘Una casa con diez pinos,’ ‘Informe de un día’, and ‘Avellaneda blues’ (a tango-blues about the suburbs). The trio sounds great and Gabis’ performance is brilliant. The second LP, “El León” (RCA Vik LZ 1176, 1971), is a more rock oriented LP, but still well within the basic sound outlined on the first album. It features great songs like ‘Blues de la amenaza nocturna,’ ‘Paula,’ and ‘Si no hablo de mí.’ Shortly after it was released Manal split. Medina and Gabis went on to join La Pesada, and record albums with (and for) Billy Bond, Kubero Diaz, as well as under their own names. These limited edition CDs come in a nice digipacks. CD $12 SKU:20441

MARCUS (Rusty Evans) - Original LP and Outtakes DBL CD ( 60s psych w 32 bonus tracks and 20 PAGE BOOKLET) - Label:LION fter the release of the Freak Scene album, psychedelic guru Rusty Evans made his way from NYC to San Francisco, a geographic shift that resulted in work for the legendary San Francisco Sound label, producing bands such as It’s A Beautiful Day, Tripsichord, and Indian Puddin’ and Pipe; it also led to a drastic shift in style from the psychedelic "happening" of the Deep album for Cameo Parkway and the raga rock of the Freak Scene album for Columbia. And so it came to pass that Evans reclaimed his birth name of Marcus, and recorded a very mellow LP in 1969 for Kinetic Records, a label formed by the Kinetic Playground Ballroom in Chicago. Like much of Marcus’ work, the album is a fascinating relic of a particular time and place, in this instance San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district in the post-Summer of Love era. The Marcus LP is richly orchestrated psychedelic-folk music, with a pronounced Donovan and/or Tim Harden flavor to it, something that did not escape its creator. The mood is dreamy, the songs reflective, the voice vibrato, the album a yin to the yang of the Freak Scene "Psychedelic Psoul" album which precedes it by two years. So we have the hot and aggressive Freak Scene album contrasted—some might say perfectly balanced—by the diffuse and tranquil Marcus album two years later. To our mind, further proof of the excellence of the artistic mind behind both albums. This is the first actual re-issue of the vastly under-rated Marcus album since 1969; the only previous CD edition used alternate takes and not the album versions. Our fulsome edition indulges any completionist fantasies we might harbor, as it also serves up thirty-two bonus tracks, nearly two hours of alternate takes and acoustic demos (plus a few non-album tracks). There are guitar/voice demos recorded several months before Kinetic came along and offered a deal; other home demos have Marcus with acoustic guitar, bass and cello. There are guitar/voice demos were recorded six to eight months before Kinetic came along and offered a deal; other home demos have Marcus with acoustic guitar, bass and cello. There are also abundant demo studio versions, some of tremendous quality. The end result is (apparently) our first "interactive" release, as you can create your own ideal version of the Marcus album. Budget-priced double disc package includes a 20-page booklet, with an introduction by Marcus, his incredible history in music, as well as lyrics. Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. CD $10 SKU:14223

MERRELL FANKHAUSER and the HAIKU BAND -Visitor From 2000 AD (west coast surf-psych legend)-Label: This is an obscure CD release from west coast surf-psych legend, Merrell Fankhauser. Released right before the year 2000 hit and barely anyone noticed—it is a sad and beautiful world we live in. To some folks, this is the best thing Fankhauser has released since his Mu days! The track "Under A Maui Moon" is a mind-melter in particular. This recording is a breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock-jazz-surf-psychedelic flights with vocals inserted in the perfect places to complete the circle of musical life. This music speaks of the ancient Hawaiian mysteries that lie asleep waiting to be awoken. A rare and collectible CD. Very limited micro pressing. And more to the point, Fankhauser is very deservedly a legendary figure of the American psychedelic movement.

Merrell Fankhauser (vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards), Tim Fankhauser (vocals and guitar), Divino (guitar, sitar and bass), Art Dougall (Drums), Ed Cassidy (Drums on “Visitor From 2000 AD), Rudy Esquire (sax), Steve Morrisey Sax and Trumpet on “Dolphins Cry” & Ancient Song”, Ralph Lewis (bass), Stephen Be (Vocals, percussion and flute), Chris Olsen (Percussion), Maui Joe (percussion), Mike Murphy Graham (congas).

"The CD was recorded over a three day period in 1997 in Maui, right on the edge of the rainforest at Divino's Celestial Studio. For a jam session, this music has a startling uniformity and constitution. The opener 'The Elders Return', sets the mood with a mystical sitar while 'Beyond The Rainbow' is an exceptional excursion into the heart and soul of a traveler looking for answers. 'Into The Crater' is a tribute to the beloved Randy California, whom Merrell and Cassidy were very close to. Randy lost his life while trying to save his drowning son in the prevailing ocean tides. He is truly missed. This recording is a breathtaking mixture of instrumental rock-jazz-surf-psychedelic flights with vocals inserted in the perfect places to complete the circle of musical life." CD $12 SKU:21223

UGLY DUCKLINGS - Somewhere INSIDE ( W historic interview and radio segments ) -Label:PACEMAKER January 1967 appearance on CHUM radio in the Ugly Ducklings’ hometown of Toronto. Framed by on-air interview segments are six live in studio recordings, three demos, and one alternate mix. The live in studio tracks are all of good fidelity, and of the familiar numbers also recorded for their lone album, ‘Nothin’’ features a more elastic and loose Roger Mayne lead guitar, while this ‘My Little Red Book’ is a bit faster and more like the Love version. Another of the tracks listed as “live” is ‘My Watch’ which is an original Dave Bingham and Glynn Bell composition and has a solid funky blues quality to it. The cover of ‘I’m A Man’ did turn up previously in Sundazed’s Garage Beat ’66 compilation series, but it goes well with the short take on ‘Home In Your Heart’. Of the three songs listed as demos, all are covers. There is also a great alternate mix of ‘Postman’s Fancy,’ which has more psychedelic effects than the original side. With all the historic interview and radio segments this disc makes a good addition to the Ugly Ducklings collection CD $10 SKU:4956

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS - ST(70’S PSYCH) Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) A very welcome reissue of this excellent and unheralded album (Mercury, 1970) that has developed a big reputation and price tag over the past decade--and why not, as it's one of the best US psych albums around, with fine versions of classic songs like "High Flying Bird" and Buffy St. Marie's "Codeine," as well as excellent original compositions like "Misty Mountainside," "Country Dawn," and "She Rides With Witches." Includes keyboard help from MARK NAFTALIN from PAUL BUTTERFIELD's BLUES BAND (who remembers the record fondly), as well as additional aid from a cast of hemp pickers, superdooperchicks, and other friends. CD $10 SKU:13802

MR TOYTOWN PRESENTS -Vol 3 VA Nightmares at Toby's Shop (60s psych ) - Label:TOYTOWN RECORDS The long awaited third volume of this highly regarded series continues to explore the wonderful world of obscure and unknown 45s released in Europe during the late 60s and early 70s. You won't find a more eclectic compilation anywhere! Psych-pop, weird psychedelia, folk-pop, popsyke, sunshine-pop, soft-pop, toytown pop, it as you want but they're simply just cool songs that deserve to be rediscovered. This time the focus is on UK sounding psych-pop but there are still weird, obscure and fuzzy sounds, featuring bands from UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Paraguay, Holland, USA... Highlights are the Barret-esque sounds of Fuzzy Phases, the Beach Boys "Smile" era pastiche of Marshall & Newell, avant-garde acid psych by Popera Cosmic, Beatlesque pop-psych by Jigsaw and Uruguayan duo Iodi, devastating toytown pop-sike by Mathusalem and Kenny Everett, dreamy folk-pop by Justice, Peacock and Timon, insane bubblegum-fuzz by The Others...and more. Remastered sound, nice full colour 12 pages booklet featuring detailed liner notes about each band and pictures COMP CD $12 SKU:20879

CHILDREN - Rebirth ( 68 TEXAS PSYCH)- Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) Great psych coll. from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes. LP $15 SKU:19347

COLLINS, PAUL - King Of Power Pop! LIMITED EDITION of150 on GREEN MARBLE LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE FEATURING NIKKI CORVETTE , WALLY PALMAR of the ROMANTICS , DAVE SHETTLER FROM SSM AND THE SIGHTS, ERIK BLAKELY on guitar, artwork by WILLIAM STOUT and produced by JIM DIAMOND. King Of Power Pop! is the new studio album by Paul Collins, one of the originators of the power pop sound. Paul got his start in the late seventies as the drummer for the legendary NERVES, (with Peter Case and Jack Lee,) later forming The BREAKAWAYS with Peter Case, and finally starting The BEAT, or PAUL COLLINS BEAT in 1979. King Of Power Pop! is a complete return to his roots, to power pop, the sound he helped create and popularize, a sound that has seen a resurgence in recent years, a sound that is here to stay! Produced and engineered in Detroit by Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs, The Go, White Stripes, to name just a few), King Of Power Pop! also features Eric Blakely on guitar and backing vocals, Diamond on bass, and Dave Shettler on drums (SSM, The Sights). Motor City guests include Wally Palmar of the legendary power pop hit-makers the ROMANTICS, as well as pop icon Nikki Corvette of NIKKI & The CORVETTES. The catchy cover pop art is the work of legendary artist William Stout. The album includes 11 new songs, one new recording of the Breakaways classic "Many Roads To Follows" (the demo version featuring Peter Case can be found on the Breakaways release "Walking Out On Love"), and two covers, for a total of 13 great high-energy power pop songs. "For me this is the record that connects the dots, from The Nerves to The Breakaways to The Beat to today? this is the record that puts it all together!" -- LP $16 SKU:13294

CRAMPS- BAD MUSIC FOR BAD PEOPLE - YELLOW VINYL-Label:DRASTIC PLASTIC Released in 1984, Bad Music is a compilation of songs from The Cramps' earlier records, as well as B-sides and covers, including"Human Fly" andCharlie Feathers' "Can't Hardly Stand It." Reissued on Uranium Yellow vinyl. Limited to 2000. (2016) LP $19 SKU:19490

CRAMPS- Flame Job (Garage punk legends)LTD ED 200 GRAM VINYL Label:DRASTIC PLASTIC Flamejob is the sixth studio album by the American garage punk band the Cramps. First vinyl pressing since its very limited original vinyl pressing in 1994. Mastered for vinyl by Masterdisk. Faithful, updated rendering of original art LP $22 SKU:15941

CRAMPS - DE LUX ALBUM -Label:ILLEGAL Do you still remember the limited and numbered 'De Lux' box set? This is all the 12"s of the box (minus 'Smell Of Female') on just one album with the same great artwork. Almost exactly the same as the 'Off The Bone' compilation, as it covers ALL early Cramps 7"s and 12"s, but it sure looks better... LP $18 SKU:20479

CRAMPS, THE- BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE (UK)- CREAM VINYL OVERSTOCK SALE! Label:BIG BEAT Garage? Rock'n'Roll? Psychobilly? Punk? The Cramps are all that and then some! Here we add even more pzazz to this legendary Cramps album and it is pressed on linen coloured vinyl. LP $18 SKU:19766

CRAMPS, THE-Frank Further and the Hot Dogs,Live at CBGB's, Friday, January 13, 1978. -Label:NO LABEL (EUROPE) Live at CBGB's, Friday, January 13, 1978 LP $17 SKU:16852

CRAWDADDYS, THE - Crawdaddy Express (great 80s garage classic!LAST COPIES! Label:VOXX LAST COPIES The classic album from this San Diego band which started the 80's garage revival. Truly great mod/R&B sound recorded in righteous mono! LP $20 SKU:2115

CRAWLING WALLS- Inner Limits - Great Pebbles style psych garage LAST COPIES- Label:VOXX LAST COPIES! This one stands side-by-side with the teenage garage anthems of the Pebbles or the Moxie records, which apparently the band had studied very well, alongside with the ? and the Mysterians. LP $15 SKU:2292

CRIPPLERS-ONE MORE FOR THE BAD GUYS (ROCK AND ROLL 70S BLUES STYLE) Label:DIONYSUS Emerging from the same fertile soil that produced hooligans Untamed Youth and The Revelators, comes another sprout of rock'n'roll poison ivy. Taking inspiration from the two aforementioned, the band sets off on a screaming trek through elements of dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage, and loud'n'angry rock'n'roll. Growling, explosive, and trashed. LP $5 SKU:18042

CYKLE -ST (US garage / psych 69)Label:OUT SIDER Top notch US garage / psychedelic album from 1969: Vox organ, fuzzy guitars, snotty vocals and impressive songwriting / recording quality. Featuring all-time acid-punk classics such as “It’s Her” and “Walkout Of My Mind”. Cykle was formed in 1968, North Carolina, when gifted musician and songwriter Jimmy Sossamon (previously in famous local band The Young Ones) heard a local group, the Glory Cykle. He was so impressed that he approached them about becoming their manager. The band -- guitarists Ralph Stevens and Jeff Hardin, bassist Grady Pope, organist Rick Wilson, and drummer/vocalist Ken Allen -- practiced at the studio Sossamon had built in his parent's garage, and by the end of the year, Sossamon took up the drummer’s seat to free up Allen as lead vocalist. Band’s name was shortened to Cykle and in early 1969 they began recording an album consisting entirely of Sossamon originals. The resultant eponymous LP was released later that year as a private pressing of 500 copies on the band’s own Label Records. But despite the 1969 release date, “Cykle” sounds straight from the 1966-67 garage-punk-psychedelic book. *Insert with detailed liner notes *LP housed in an old- school- style tip- on sleeve. “When the most popular garage bands of the day were moving further and further away from the genre’s “less is more” production ideal, Cykle offered a raw, authentic take on what garage rock was meant to sound like.” - Psychedelized. LP $15 SKU:17886

CYMBELINE-“1965 - 1971” (garage psych Nuggets/Pebbles style) Label:GUERSSEN *Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath
LP includes digital download card Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teenbeat and fuzz-psych/prog by this amazing Swedish band, 1965-1971!! LP $15 SKU:19310

DEAD MOON - TRASH AND BURN (punk w psych edge) - Label:MISSISSIPPI One of their harder to find and more perfect records. An absolute monster of a rocker. Killer high energy songs. Once again DEAD MOON deliver a record of all hits with no misses. Pure as can be. The record has a slight psychedelic edge and some definite roots in early rock and roll. The record that started to define the aesthetic that would later inform what Fred and Toody accomplished with Dead Moon. Nuts and bolts great songwriting on songs such as Teenagers, World war 3, Social Indigestion and more. LP $17 SKU:19736

MU-ST Label:GUERSSEN 2018 repress. West Coast psychedelia/bluesy acid-rock by this true hippie band led by the legendary Merrell Fankhauser (Fapardokly, HMS Bounty) and genius guitar player Jeff Cotton (Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band). This is their classic and sought-after first album from 1971. Remastered sound, insert with lyrics, photos and extensive liner notes by Patrick Lundborg. "The mix of bluesy urban L.A. exhaust fume vibes and tribal desert mystique is as archetypal an early 1970s SoCal trip as you can find. With strong songwriting and a pro-level recording, the album is given a clear musical identity via the excellent slide guitar, harmony vocals, and occasional sax." --Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) LP $24 SKU:21187

OMNIBUS - ST (70s psych double LP plus 7”) Label:WAH WAH New Jersey's Omnibus formed from the ashes of garage bands from the New Milford area: The Cliffhangers, The Forerunners and The Vandals. Original members came from these three local bands and consisted of Jay Polt, Al Raimondi, Bob Wegrzyn, Bobby Marcinczack and Jerry Garino. They soon hit the local scene and got in touch with brothers Steve and Eric Nathanson who would become their managers and finance their first recordings. A United Artists recording deal was the next step, through wich the band issued their debut 45 "The Man Song" / "It's All In Your Heart" plus their eponymous LP in 1970. Omnibus had an amazing psychedelic sound that took all the right elements from West Coast bands like The Doors or The Jefferson Airplane, Bosstown sound acts like Ultimate Spinach or Chicago hipsters like H.P. Lovecraft to produce their very own Made in Milford, N.J. mixture. Strong, dramatic vocals, tons of fuzz guitar and swirling organs built up their magic sound. Wah Wah proudly offers the first ever reissue of their original 1970 album, plus a whole second LP compiling previously unreleased recordings from rare acetates with earlier recordings of some of the LP tracks and some non released songs. Also added is an extra bonus 7" with the garage killer "The Farm", which would have been an explosive 45 for the band had not been withdrawn from release. A luxury remastered 2LP + bonus 7" set that includes a facsimile of a vintage Omnibus gig poster in a gatefold package respecting the original artwork, plus an 8 page booklet with photos, lyrics and liner notes written by Jay Polt himself and reissue curator Ezra Lesser - all this in a strictly limited edition of only 500 copies, get yours while still available! If you like bands like The Doors, The Children, Ultimate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union, Fever Tree or Clear Light you ought to have this one on your collection LP $45 SKU:21159

SUN DIAL- REFLECTER (1992 PSYCH first time reissue w poster insert) Label:TANGERINE First time vinyl reissue from the masters of this classic 1992 psych album, now long out of print. This was the band's 2nd album release but in fact, was their third album after "Return Journey" (which wasn't issued until 1994) that went top 5 in the UK Indie charts at the time. Comes complete with a poster insert. Sealed. "So high it hurts, So high it works." - NME Track list: Reflecter, Easy For You, I Don't Mind, Slow Motion, Tremelo, Never Fade, Sunstroke, Mind Train LP $17 SKU:15106

ONLY ONLY, last copy!

LOTUS EMPEROR- ST (Greek psych, garage and stoner rock) Label:REBEL SOUND PRODUCTIONS This is the debut album by an upcoming band from Athens, Greece, blending psych, garage and stoner rock elements and showcasing an adventurous approach. CD-version! CD $14 SKU:20051

LOVE- False Start-Label:BGO By the close of the 1960s, Arthur Lee was joined by a new Love lineup featuring a rhythm section of Frank Fayad (bass) and George Suranovich (drums), with Gary Rowles (lead guitar) holding court as the band's primary stringman. One positive factor is the combo's consistency and cohesiveness. This can be traced back to Love having just completed a successful European tour and Lee being able to collaborate with his longtime pal Jimi Hendrix, who not only helped Lee write the LP's jammed-out opener 'The Everlasting First,' but also stuck around long enough to lend his unmistakable firepower to the recording. The catchy 'Flying' typifies the early-'70s boogie that Jo Jo Gunne was able cash in on. Interesting is the heavier poppy (think the Raspberries) sound of 'Gimi a Little Break' with engaging chord progressions that conjure up Lee's work on "August" from their previous outing Four Sail. The concert extract 'Stand Out' does just that as the spirited side was derived from the then-recent round of live dates that preceded False Start's creation. It's packed with a compact, hard-edged energy that could be mistaken for Grand Funk or even a mellowed-out MC5. Proving his uncanny ability to jump from genre to genre, Lee heads down-home for the countrified 'Keep on Shining'.... Like 'Stand Out,' the soulful 'Anytime' is another reason to praise this album. Rounding out the disc are the seductive rocker 'Feel Daddy Feel Good,' and the syncopated 'Ride That Vibration' which brings to mind 'You Set the Scene' from "Forever Changes." Perhaps this is a fitting nod back to Arthur Lee's undiminished skills as a composer, since it was the final song prior to the breakup of the band literally weeks after "False Start" was issued. CD $8 SKU:19086

LOVELY EGGS - This is Eggland (kraut-influenced psych punks)Label:EGG The mind-melting 2018 album by England's kraut-influenced psychedelic punks The Lovely Eggs. Be prepared for a joyous riot of a ride! CD $12 SKU:19668

LOWBURN -DOOMSAYER (STONER PSYCH)-Label:ARGONAUTA Stoner rock from Finland, blending the doomier side of the genre with heavy riffing and a seriously psychedelic vibe. For fans of High On Fire, Sleep, Monster Magnet, Cathedral, a.s.o. CD $12 SKU:19512

LULA CORTES -Rosa de Sangue (Brazilian 1973 private press monster rarity)-Label:TIME LAG deluxe reissue of this Brazilian private press monster rarity, the closing chapter of the amazing Recife psychedelic movement that flourished briefly in the Brazilian sun, centered around the singular talents of Lula Cortes. The Recife story began in 1973 with the creation of “Abracadabra,” Lula’s loose art/music/design collective. By the time of “Rosa,” Lula had produced and privately released Satwa, as well as Marconi Notaro’s “No sub reino dos metazoarios” LP (both in 1973). Cortes then started the legendary but incredibly short lived Solar label, releasing only two albums: 1975’s “Paebiru” double album under his own name, and a year later the lone album by Flaviola eo bando sol. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also heavily involved in other productions, and performed on seminal albums coming out of the region, including collaborations with Alceu Valença. By the end of the 1970’s, the Rozemblit recording studio/pressing plant had been destroyed by repeated floods, Abracadabra had run its course, and along with Lula’s marriage, the Solar label was no more. So, “Rosa de sangue” was conceived as a final tribute to the dying era. As Lula himself said, “I want to close all of this with a golden key”. Lula created an album overflowing with ideas. Along with the backing of his power trio, he was assisted by old friends, including Alceu Valença, Flaviola, Ze Ramalho de Flauta and Paulo Rafael. With hints of the past era and also of things to come, it is a truly wild audio experience, covering many styles and moods, from crazed ethno folk-rock, to magical, gentle, jungle folk/psych zones, to hard hitting, coke dusted fuzz rock, to insane mutant disco dance floor groove, to acid vocal raga trance, and way beyond. Compact disc version in a heavy mini LP style cover with exact reproduction original artwork, and a full color foldout mini poster insert with new liner notes by Lula Cortes. CD $10 SKU:20302

MAGIC BUS-PHILLIP THE EGG (sunny psych)Label:HEADSPIN The third album from MAGIC BUS rolls on into the distant future by way of the golden streets of the past. If sunny psychedelic progressive rock is your bag...then jump on the Bus and forget about the fuss! CD $10 SKU:18752

MAGIC LANTERNS - Shame Shame 1969 w Albert Hammond & Black Sabbath' lead vocalist Ozzy Osborne.!) -Label:COLLECTABLES The main claim to fame of the Lanterns, besides the hit 1969 single 'Shame Shame,' was the inclusion of future stars, Albert Hammond & Black Sabbath' lead vocalist Ozzy Osborne. Over the course of the band's career between 1968-1971 the Magic Lanterns released three albums in their native UK with only one being released in North America (on the Atlantic label). This collection contains highlights from all three albums including the hit 'Shame Shame' from the album of the same name & the only album to contain Ozzy as a band member. Includes eight non-LP tracks, 'Melt All Your Troubles Away', 'If You Don't Know Me By Now', 'Country Woman', 'I Don't Wanna Go to Sleep Again', 'Stand for Your Rights', 'Caught in the Act', & 'You Ring a Bell'. BR Records. 1995. CD $8 SKU:20320

MANDRAKE MEMORIAL:-3 Part Inventions ( 60s psych) -Label:FLASHBACK (UK) Having made two superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone. Long thought to be lost, 3 Part Inventions anticipates the woozy, dream-like vibe of their 1970 masterpiece Puzzle, combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics to create a unique whole. Transferred directly from the master tape, it's released here for the first time, together with a detailed band history, rare images, two previously unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate, and a rare radio interview. CD $12 SKU:18294

CIRKUS - One (73 Brit prog with 7”, bios and photos) Label:ANAZITISI Official vinyl reissue of one of the best progressive albums ever resurfaced from the British Islands.Despite being self-recorded, the 1973 debut by this British progressive quintet is one of the most accomplished albums in its genre, recalling the work of Yes, King Crimson and the Moody Blues, with plenty of imaginative keyboard and guitar work. LP $21 SKU:20819


COSMIC DEAD PSYCH IS DEAD(STONER PSYCH) LPLabel:MONORAIL Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland who share their music through good vibes and better vibrations. Known for their improv, chaos strewn, Buckfast smashed against the wall take on space music, they have roamed from Roadburn to Las Vegas, Dundee to Bangalore with each album offering a meditative window into a certain time and space. LP $14 SKU:18802

COSMIC MICHAEL- St ( Ultra-crude basement garage psych and acid-boogie-blues from 1969 ) - Label:OUT-SIDER Ultra-crude basement garage psych and acid-boogie-blues from 1969!!! First ever vinyl reissue, original artwork, insert with reproduction of the original poster plus pasteable reproductions of original LP labels like those that came with the original release. Newly remastered sound
Who was the mysterious Cosmic Michael? Nobody knows for sure…rumour goes that he was a freak from New York who later relocated to the West Coast after living the Woodstock dream. That’s all we know about him. But before vanishing without trace, Cosmic Michael self-released a couple of primitive, home-made albums on his Bliss label. This is his first one, DIY stoner bluesy garage psychedelia with crude organ, guitars and vocals. Featuring underground classics like “Cosmic Michael Theme” (covered in 2013 by neo-psych band Psychic Ills) and “Now That You’ve found it” among others.. “One of the least “cosmic”-sounding cosmic LPs around, with a loose urban soundcheck vibe using equal parts Vox organ, piano and crude guitar, on top of which Michael semi-improvs lyrics to a steady basement boogie beat. An unusual LP that falls between any genres you can think up; The top attraction is Cosmic Michael’s “Theme” which describes in third person the acid-indulged transformation he’s undergone: “…some kind of chemical change is going on in poor Michael’s brain…” set to a rockin’ garage fuzz beat” - Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) “…Stoned '60s DIY rock 'n'roll. You can call it lo-fi or home made, but the message remains: Cosmic Michael preaches love and freedom, and he's a mean boogie-woogie player too. The songs run one after the other, as if part of one spontaneous recording …” - Forced Exposure. LP $15 SKU:19525

COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH -ELECTRIC MUSIC FOR THE MIND AN BODY (1967 Bay Area psych masters) -Label:CRAFT Reissue of 1967 debut album by Bay Area psych-rock band Country Joe & The Fish. Audiophile pressing from the original analogue masters. LP $25 SKU:19709

COZMIC CORRIDORS-ST ONE ONLY! (Underground 1972 Kraut-Kosmische monster)Label:MENTAL EXPERIENCE Underground Kraut-Kosmische monster, recorded / produced circa 1972-73 in Cologne by Toby “The Mad T--ST (Underground 1972 Kraut-Kosmische monster)widdler” Robinson for his Pyramid label. Apparently released as an ultra-limited handmade edition back at the time, but no original copies have ever surfaced. Featuring Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen Pütz on percussion & effects, alongside synth / keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet / vocalist Pauline Fund and mysterious guitarist Peter Förster. Tripped out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmosphere, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric & 12-string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects, horror cinematic vibe… *Insert with detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman (Ultima Thule / The Crack In The Cosmic Egg); *LP Includes digital download coupon. “Fans of Terry Riley’s “Shri Camel” or Julianna Barwick’s “The Magic Place” will like this one…meditative synth drones and soundscapes that sound almost sacred in places” – Faris Badwan (The Horrors / Cat’s Eyes); “…haunting and seductive, recalling the atmospheric minimalism of Brian Eno and conjuring up images of celestial angels drifting like ribbons of smoke through the darkness of deep space…” – Bobby Switchblade (Will The Fire); “…Even the albums I did for the Cosmic Courier label seemed fairly commercial in comparison to what I really found fun…” – Toby Robinson (Pyramid) LP $18 SKU:20607

DAYBREAK-ST(rare garage psych 1971)-Label:GEAR FAB This is one of the rarest Garage/Psych lps ever recorded. From 1971, this Pearl River, New York High School band recorded this album in an old town church over the course of Just 5 hours. Featuring both original and cover versions, original copies now fetch upwards of $3,000 in the collector world. LP $15 SKU:19345