Mar 15, 2024


This weekend we have a nice batch of $10 cds from our friends at Get Hip, everything from Johnny Thunders to the Miracle Workers and the Cynics. Check the label here!

And more adds to our last copies saale section too, some great bargains.

And another new archival set too, this one from the GONN, with a rare poster and vintage photo. All of our archival sets have unique covers and items like photos, press releases, original letters from the band, Bomp newsletters from the 70s and 80s, and more. Check them out here.

Happy shopping!
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CYNICS- Living is the Best Revenge ( 60s style garage )- Label:GET HIP Living Is The Best Revenge CD completes the jumpstart upon my Ray-O-Vac heart. Alongside the two above-referenced originals and the Prunes tune are stellar covers of the Satans and the 13th Floor Els (what would a Cynics album be without the band genuflecting before the sonic teats that have nourished them since their cub scout years?) plus a slew of prime Cyns’ skree. Among my picks to click are the malevolent, iPsycho”-edged “The Tone” and the interstellar hard rock jam “Shine” which sounds like Coltrane crossed with the old Alice Cooper Group. But there ain’t a duff track in the bunch, and all I can close this appreciation with is — boy fuggin’ howdy!-Fred Mills, assoc. ed., MAGNET Magazine CD $10 SKU:10900

CYNICS- No Siesta Tonight (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP 15 tracks of wild garage punk recorded live in Madrid during the Cynics 1990 Rock ‘N’ Roll tour. This album catches the Cynics at their high-energy best; in front of a live crowd CD $10 SKU:10901

CYNICS - Spinning Wheel Motel (garage ) - Label:GET HIP CD w/ Gatefold Jacket New studio album by Pittsburgh Garage Rock legends! Recorded in October 2010 at Ghetto recorders in Detroit and produced by Jim Diamond CD $10 SKU:12871


KAISERS - Squarehead Stomp (60s garage BEATLES/ZOMBIES style)Label:GET HIP Reissue of the debut album by Scotland’s #1 Beat band...The Kaisers! Classic album featuring equal doses of outstanding mid-’60s Mersey-style covers and brilliant originals all as authentic sounding as you can get! From the vocal harmonies, to the production, to the energy — everything is perfect. It’ll make you want to listen to the Beatles and the Zombies all over again. CD $10 SKU:21407

LAZY SMOKE - Corridor Of Faces ( legendary 68 psych BEATLES STYLE ) - Label:ARF ARF Like the Velvet Underground and Big Star, Lazy Smoke has become more famous in death than life. Basically a local phenomenon during its existence, the Massachusetts band's Corridor of Faces LP has become one of the most revered collectables among '60s enthusiasts. Included on this CD are 12 previously unheard demos produced a few months prior to the recording of the album. All music has been transferred from the original mastertapes. Informative 16-page booklet includes the band history plus rare photos. CD $10 SKU:27017

MULLENS-IT'S HARD TO IMAGINE-(Texas jangly garage-punk )Label:GET HIP 4th album by Dallas, Texas garage-punk combo, this time with the original lineup + a second guitar player! Best songwriting to date includes jangly garage stompers like the beautiful "Esmeralda" and drivin’ punk rockers like the title track & more! CD $10 SKU:21824

NERVEBREAKERS - Hijack the Radio(Anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings) Label:GET HIP An anthology of mid to late 70s studio recordings, some of which ended up on the Nervebreakers' late-70's 7" vinyl releases on Wild Child Records, some on the 1979 Texas punk LP compilation Are We Too Late For The Trend? (ESR Records), some on a volume of Italian label Rave Up Records series of American Lost Punk Rock Nuggets, and others that have up-to-now never been publicly released. CD $10 SKU:13995

THUNDERS, Johnny--Diary of a Gypsy Lover 23 TRAX ALTERNATE STUDIO CUTS,LIVE,RADIO)?Label:SONIC Punk rock guitar hero, earning a cult following for his noisy but epic style a few years before the insouciant new music gained its name. Following in the footsteps of his idol and role model Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders (born John Anthony Genzale, Jr.) lived the ultimate rock & roll life, spending most of his days churning out tough, sloppy three-chord rock & roll and gaining nearly as strong a reputation for his decades-long struggle with addiction as for his music. Thunders made his greatest impact as a member of the New York Dolls, the proto-punk glam rockers of the early '70s. During the late '70s, he was a familiar figure on the New York punk scene, both with his band the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. Thunders performed and recorded steadily until his death in 1991, turning out a series of records that inadvertently documented the struggles of his life and his art. CD $10 SKU:20428

THUNDERS, Johnny-Internal Posession AT Last (Live Recordings)Label:SONIC IN COLD BLOOD LIVE SHOW+STUDIO ACOUSTIC CD $10 SKU:20429


ARF! ARF! -BLITZKRIEG (60's psych/ glam/ and oddities) - Label:ARF ARF This cheap compilation comprise a track from each Arf! Arf! release, so whether you are a garage fiend or a lover of incredibly strange muzak or a glam hound, there is no better way to check out this extraordinary catalog. Including LUCIA PAMELA, SPACE NEGROS, NOBLEMEN, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, THE LOST, THEE WYLDE MANIACS, THE ELECTRAS, etc. COMP CD $10 SKU:20125

BE A CAVEMAN- VA Best of Voxx w Hypstrz, Leopards, Laughing Soup Disch and more ) Label:VOXX Boffo compilation of the best of the Voxx label, featuring such '80s-90s garage heroes as he Stomachmouths, The Hypstrz, The Eyes of Mind, The Things, The Leopards, The Event, The Laughing Soup Dish, and many more. Also included are DMZ, The Crawdaddys, The Fuzztones, The Chesterfield Kings, The Barracudas, Plan 9, The Unclaimed, The Pandoras, The Gravedigger and more. Awesome cover art by Rudi Protrudi. Nicely remastered with 24 page book and liner notes by Greg Shaw. COMP CD $10 SKU:22085

BLOODSTAINS ACROSS CALIFORNIA - VA (rare KDB punk reissue) -Label:BLOODSTAINS Second record in the Bloodstains series. This, along with ...Texas and ...Midwest were the originals of this series. The information given about the bands/records is as often fiction as it is fact. Nonetheless, this is one of the best in the series! COMP CD $10 SKU:10938

DEADLY DOSE OF - WYLDE PSYCH ( 60s Era ) -Label:ARF ARF Here's the 4th installment of our highly acclaimed Dose series. Trip on out to 26 excessive tracks (over 78 minutes) of sparkling '60s psychedelic acid reign. Presented here is elusive American psychedelic rock at it's bestfrom the savage to the sublime, massive to the mesmerizing, and futuristic to flashbacks. COMP CD $10 SKU:27012

FUZZ,FLAYKES & SHAKES- Vol 2: The Day Breaks At Dawn (60’s garage punk psych )Label:BACCHUS/DIONYSUS 60’s garage punk psych series. A fantastic second course of rare delicacies from the Teenage American Chefs of mid-60s suburbia. From poundin' Diddley beat punk to intense minor key laments, it's all here baby! Includes Traces Of Time, Zorba and the Greeks, The Sunrisers, The Amoeba, The Wonders, The Druids, and many more. COMP CD $10 SKU:19017

GARAGEAHOLIC - VA P30 TRACK SAMPLER sychedelic! Outsider Music!-Label:ARF ARF Obscure sixties garage punk and psychedelic rock may be the imprint’s main thrust, but every so often they wander outside such territories and release music that is just plain weird. For those not hip to the Arf! Arf! label, this thirty- track sampler serves as a fine overview of what they’re all about. And for those who have been supporting the record company’s cause all these years, you’re still in for a treat, as how nice it is to have such groovy tunes situated in one place. From the spit and swagger of “I Can’t See You” by The Starlites to the absolutely stupid yet utterly charming “Stinky Poodle” by Tangela Tricoli, here’s a disc that offers something for everybody. On the instrumental front, there’s the acid damaged delight of "Kaleidoscope" from Peter Pan and The Good Fairies and Erik Lindgren’s totally gorgeous version of The Edgar Winter Group’s "Frankenstein," which takes classical muzak to new and improved heights. Erik further shares his talents on “Route 28-American Kids Still Wanna Rock,” a super catchy pop rocker where his inner Rick Springfield meets Bryan Adams is revealed. Charted of shuffling rhythms, The Rising Storm’s “Love Starvation” pays loving homage to Bo Diddley, “Flyte” by The Flowerz pairs social oriented prose with the bracing bite of The Rolling Stones and The Standells, The Legends unveil a dosage of wah-wah battered guitar reflexes on “High Towers” and Changin’ Tymes travel a heavy duty psychedelic route on “Blue Music Box.” A strong Jefferson Airplane influence arises on the rebellious tones of 6 Feet Under’s “Inspiration In My Head,” The Victors turn in a loyal cover of Them’s “Little Girl” and The Litter quake and shake on “Mindbreaker.” Stacked from top to bottom with enjoyable sounds, “Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!” is the best greatest hits album that never was. COMP CD $10 SKU:20009

GEMS OF ITALIAN CINEMA VALabel:TRIPLE X Twelve sparking gems of soundtrack music from 6 different Italian films of the late 60s and early 70s! Collection of works from Italian film composers Umiliani, Ferreo and Piccioni. Great introduction to film music beyond Rota and Morricone COMP CD $5 SKU:17085

GHOULS NIGHT OUT Vol 1- Killer Halloween Rockers For Your Thrilling Pleasure-Label:SIMPLETONE Groovy and ghoulish groovers from the deeper, weirder novelty scene of the 60s – post rockabilly numbers about monsters, bug eyed R&B about the the boogie man, surf pop with schlockly Transylvanian narrators and more! It's really fun stuff, much of it probably made in the wake of the "Monster Mash" craze, and likely played by stellar session musicians under pseudonyms – but whatever the origin, it's bizarro and wildly fun stuff like they just don't make in today's music rackets! Includes "The Cave" by Gary Spider Webb, "The Mechanical Man" by Bent Bolt And The Nuts, "Summertime" by The Thunderbirds, "Werewolf" by Carl Bonafede, "The Monster" by Bobby Please And The Pleasers, "Vampire's Ball" by Mann Drake, "The Thing (Part 1)" by Curtis And The Creepers and more COMP CD $10 SKU:16768

GHOULS NIGHT OUT Vol 2- Killer Halloween Rockers For Your Thrilling Pleasure-Label:SIMPLETONE GNO Volume 2 resurrects 14 more thrilling, chilling Halloween-themed novelty hits from the twisted minds of the Phantom Five, the Savoys, Hollywood Flames, Jimmy Dee, Al Elias, Lord Dent & His Invaders, Bily Snel, and more! COMP CD $10 SKU:20466


KILLED BY DEATH Vol 3-Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82--Label:KBD COMP CD $10 SKU:22914

LETHAL DOSE OF- HARD PSYCH ( 60s Era ) - Label:ARF ARF Buckle up-- ARF ARF presents the third dose of our psychedelic trilogy. Featured on this 70+ minute collection is the more bombastic and harder slice of '60s American Psych. You'll find a glorious deluge of overdriven fuzz guitar, swirling surreal sounds, hallucinogenic lyrical content and superb songwriting. As with our previous two installments, fans of Vernon Joynson's Fuzz Acid & Flowers book will discover plenty of massively cool testaments from this by-gone era. COMP CD $10 SKU:27007

MICHIGAN MAYHEM!- Vol 1 (top notch 60S compilation, featuring garage, psych and hard rock entries)Label:MORE FUN 28 forgotten 60’s Michigan garage gems. TRACKS: Sweet Cherry – Eight Day Blues, Blues Co. – Love Machine, Illusions – City Of People, James T. & The Workers – I Can’t Stop, Quests – Scream Loud, Outcry – Can’t You Hear, Psychotics – If You Don’t Believe Me Don’t, Chevrons – Hey Little Teaser, Grifs – Catch A Ride, Undecided – Make Her Cry, Aardvarks – I’m Higher Than I’m Down, Black Rose – Love Handles, Pagens – Mystic Cloud, Jammers – You’re Gonna Love Me Too, Ebb Tides – Séance, Terry Knight & The Pack – How Much More, Olivers – I Saw What You Did, Quests – I’m Tempted, 9th Street Market – I’m A Baby, Beaubiens – Times Passed, Rationals – Little Girls Cry, Sweet Cherry – Funny Things Floating, 9th Street Market – You’re Gone, Ruby – Confusion, The Old Exciting Scot Richard Case – Get The Picture, Rationals – I Need You (alternate take), Ascots – So Good, and Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die. DESCRIPTION: For fans of riff-driven, raw garage rock, Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 is a good place to start. Most of the tracks on this are good and it's a fairly eclectic compilation—from the acid rock of Black Rose to the psych-pop of the Pagens to the to the R&B-influenced garage rock of the Rationals to the countrified homage to beer by the Pleasure Seekers. Not all of the tracks on Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 work but the range of styles represented here makes this compilation an interesting and essential documentation of the time period. Seance by the Ebb Tide provides an example of the low-budget horror film music that a number garage revival bands focused on several years later. I'm not sure why this was the case—music like this too often just plods along. The last track in this collection What a Way to Die by the Pleasure Seekers is notable because they were an all-female band with a young Suzi Quatro on bass. The song asks her boyfriend not to make her choose between him or beer, which she loves above all, apparently. The title comes from the acknowledgement that beer does not lead to a healthy lifestyle, "I may not make it to 21 but what a way to die" (Hey, remember when alcoholism was funny?) The flip side of this single is much better but not included here. Both sides of the Pleasure Seekers' single are available (with much better sound quality) on the compilation Friday at the Hideout, but that's not to say that Friday at the Hideout is a better compilation than this one. The driving, infectious garage rock on Michigan Mayhem Vol. 1 more than compensates for its occasional inconsistency and less-than-perfect audio quality. As indicated in the title, all of the bands on this compilation came from Michigan, which had thriving scenes of all sorts of music, particularly in Detroit. Perhaps what makes Michigan such a good source of garage rock of the sort on this compilation is that it incorporates eclectic influences while still retaining the inspired amateurism of garage rock. Highly recommended! COMP CD $10 SKU:27046

MURDER PUNK- Vol 1 ( Rare Aussie 70’s punk ) - Label:Murder Punk Killer 23 track coll. of ultra rare Aussie punk EP’s. Chosen Few, Victims, Suicide Squad, Babeez, Psycho Surgeons, Scientists and Tough Criminals. Imp COMP CD $10 SKU:22920


OZ DAYS LIVE- VA (rare 70s Psych) sAALE! DOUBLE- SALE! Label:OZ RECORDS CD reissue of the super-rare 1973 set commemorating "the 'Oz Days' benefit festival for the owner of Tokyo's legendary Oz rock cafe, which had been shut down after one too many drug busts." (Japrocksampler). Authentic packaging, with hand-stamped outer bag . The Les Rallizes Denudes and Taj Mahal Travellers sides have been briefly reissued before, here's the complete picture! COMP CD $10 SKU:19044

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 4 (legendary 60s garage psych) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:20085

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 8 (legendary 60s garage psych)Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:27031

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 5 (legendary 60s garage psych) - Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $12 SKU:27032

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 7 legendary 60s garage psych)Label:SCRAP Another ace volume in this legendary series sees a reissue. Great remastered garage tracks from the 60s. COMP CD $10 SKU:27034

PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS- Vol. 9 ( 22 rare psych tracks, rare 60's psychedelia & Pop Best Series ) - Label:SCRAP RARE 60'S PSYCHEDELIA & POP BEST SERIES FEAT. REGENTS, ONE WAY STREET, PURPLE HAZE, LIVERPOOL SET+ COMP CD $10 SKU:27047

RARE SURF VOL. 1-THE SOUTH BAY BANDS (rare vintage surf tracks)Label:AVI Mostly unreleased tunes! 25 tracks!Includes:PJ and The GalaxiesPJ and Artie Journeymen COMP CD $10 SKU:27036

COMP CD $10 SKU:27006

SEARCHING FOR SHAKES- VA Swedish Beat 65- 68 (THE SWEDISH NUGGETS) - Label:Amigo "The Swedish Nuggets! Twenty-six killer tracks from The Friends, Lea Riders Group, The Namelosers, Tages, etc. Thankfully available again, expanded digital edition of the original LP release, no overlap with the Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils series, liner notes by Alec Palao and Lindsay Hutton (Next Big Thing magazine). COMP CD $10 SKU:23131

SHADOWS OF YOUR MIND - Best of Void Records One The ultimate party CD for psych heads- Label:HALLUCINATIONS Excellent compilation of psych gems from this always fascinating rarities reissue label. "The ultimate party CD for psych heads. The best of Void Records' psychedelic side with tracks from: Hunger, Bliss, Plastic Cloud, Its All Meat, The Deep, Jarvis Street Review, etc. All of your favorite tracks, full of fuzz guitar, organ psych, trippy lyrics—Void Records has released more than forty-five LPs and these are the best 'trippy' tracks that could be compiled from those releases. 'Five Years Ahead of My Time,' 'Shadows of Your Mind,' 'Mind Machine,' 'Hippies and Cops' and many more. Great cover of near all of the Void's releases, informative inner panel, 'alive' sounding CD." COMP CD $12 SKU:13279

SUMMER TURNS TO AUTUMN - Ember Rock, Vol. 2 (RARE 60S PSYCH& PROG)-Label:FANTASTIC VOYAGE British indie label Ember released a number of rock albums and singles between 1969 and 1972, which today are much sought after by collectors of psychedelic, progressive and folk rock sounds. Many of the best tracks from these are gathered on “Summer Turns To Autumn”. Foremost among the artists compiled here is progressive rock band Blonde On Blonde, represented by tracks from both of their Ember albums. Fantastic Voyage has salvaged two tracks from Blue Beard s album. An early songwriting/production project for Bob Welch, who next surfaced in Fleetwood Mac, the album was only released in Italy, but the single ‘Sly Willy’ was more widely available and is highly prized by collectors of funky rock. Tyrannosaurus Rex-style acoustic hippy duo Knocker Jungle and progressive folk group 9.30 Fly each managed one now highly collectable long player for the label. The remainder of the material ranges from the fuzzy psychedelic rock of Canadians The Dorians and the melodic folk rock of Paddy Maguire, backed by heavy friends Steve Winwood and Jerry Donahue (of Fotheringay), to the soul-rock fusion of Milt Matthews Inc, here interpreting a Blind Faith song, and a previously unissued folk rock rendition of ‘East Virginia’ by Polly Niles. “Summer Turns To Autumn” complement Fantastic Voyage’s existing, highly popular compilations of Ember Beat and Ember Pop, with no duplication of tracks. Nice shrink-wrapped slip-case packaging. COMP CD $10 SKU:19046

TAPESTRY OF DELIGHTS- VA Tribute to UK 60's/70's psych!-Label:BLACK WIDOW A trip through, and tribute to UK 60's/70's psychedelia with four psyche revival groups STANDARTE, SUNDIAL, FANTASYY FACTORYY and the Isle of Wight folk-psyche group BEGGARS FARM. These bands are covering late 60's/early 70's bands like ATOMIC ROOSTER, GODS, SOFT MACHINE, ACTION, HAWKWIND, HIGH TIDE, PINK FARIES, JANUS, ARCADIUM, ARZACHEL, and more. (Black Widow) COMP CD $12 SKU:20602

ULTRA CHICKS - VOL 2 - VOL 2 lolita ( 60s French pop ) - Label:MATRIX
French-language, female-sung '60s pop and rock on this 24-track collection, subtitled "Lolita Ya-Ya!" Not a name here that'll be familiar to anyone except the French and hard-bitten collectors of the ye-ye style, although there's a novelty song by actress Anna Karina (Serge Gainsbourg's knowingly ludicrous "Roller Girl," which despite the title is in French). You might also recognize the name Gillian Hills, the British actress who starred in Beat Girl, and who offers one of the best songs, a pretty bluesy, menacing item called "Maintenant Il Telephone." Much of this sounds caught between lightweight early-'60s twist music, continental European pop, and mid-'60s mod rock (there's some pretty scorching guitar and organ), performed by one-named singers such as Dani, Ariane, Aline, Elsa, Clothilde, Cleo, Eileen, and Joanna. T COMP CD $10 SKU:24914

YEAH YEAH YEAH- 28 Mega-Manic & Elusive '60s Garage Punkers- Label:ARF ARF Vintage punkers and bona fide garage monsters . COMP CD $10 SKU:27041


SHUTDOWN 66 -COME ON GIRL GIMME HALF A CHANCE (60s style garage punk/Brit R&B style SAALE!Label:SOUNDFLAT Melbourne's neo-garagepunkers Shutdown 66 are back. Again they present their own sound, strongly influenced by '60s garagepunk and British R&B. Their fourth album 'Come On Girl Gimme Half A Chance' is now available, for that dose of stomping garagepunk with a strong R&B-infusion, flaunting dirty fuzz-guitars, farfisa-organ and harmonica, and Nicky Shutdown's screaming voice. LP $15 SKU:24496

SIDEWALK - ST 1976 PRIVATE PRESS REISSUE BLACK VINYL Label:JACKPOT Private Press rock lost classic originally released in 1976 in a pressing of 100 copies. Sidewalk combined high-level chops with innovative chord progressions and advanced studio production to create a serious contender in the 70's AOR Rock genre. Originals go for upwards of $10k. Sourced from the Master Tapes. Liner notes by Doane Perry of Jethro Tull LP $25 SKU:26926

SILOAH -Sukram Gurk(STONER TRIPPY psych-Kraut 1970 ) W insert plus bonus 7” Label:WAH WAH This is drug influenced psych-Kraut of the highest level.Reissued on vinyl, including a bonus track and reproduced\ artwork (improved printing!), is the second album (originally from 1972) by Munich-based kraut/psych band Siloah. The strange title of the album was the name of member Markus Gurk spellt backwards. This edition of only 500 copies is issued in cooperation with the family of the group's leader Thom Argauer. The sound is taken from the original master tapes and the insert offers background liners and images. LP $22 SKU:24776

SNOWY DUNES- SATRUGI (ORANGE) (70s style rock)Label:OZIUM There was a time in the mid to late '70s when a modicum of mellowness and melody started creeping into heavy rock, it was a period that saw the rise of bands like Bad Company, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Boston and early Foreigner, bands who when called upon could rock like a cradle in a hurricane but also had in their locker songs that could tug at your heartstrings and didn't just rely on a riff to grab their listeners attention. Sweden's Snowy Dunes, Niklas Eisen (lead vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar), Christoffer Kingstedt (electric guitars, guitorchestration), Carl Oredson (bass, keyboards, mellotron) and Jonathan Wårdsäter (drums, percussion) do not exactly work from the same blueprint that those bands used to propel their careers into the stratosphere, Snowy Dunes' grooves are a little bit too gnarly and gritty, but they do bring to underground rock many of those same attributes of songcraft, melody and soulful gravitas that saw those other bands become staples of worldwide rock radio stations, attributes that can be found scattered quite liberally throughout the five songs that make up the band's third album 'Sastrugi.' LP $18 SKU:26269

SOJOURNER-- WIngs Like An Eagle-Original sealed copies 1979 (Xtian prog psych) SAALE! Label:NO Private press Christian prog psych from 1979. Long haired Jesus-rocking male foursome from Baton Rouge, LA play melodic folk rock. Also includes the more hard rock 'Stumble Bumble'. Reportedly only 500 pressed. Cool custom looking cover is still sealed, and comes with the original lyric insert LP $22 SKU:24379

SOLUCION MORTAL-ST (1981 Mexican HC) SAALE!Label:RADIATION Formed in 1981 in Tijuana, Mexico, Solucion Mortal is one of the longest serving HC punk bands of the area. This retrospective includes the first LP 'Live At Fairmont,' the self-released cassette 'En Iguanas' and one track from the 1998 album 'Al Filo De Abismo.' This is Mexican hardcore at its best! Released in cooperation with the original members and the sole rights holders (Bam Bam Discos). Comes on yellow vinyl. LP $15 SKU:25235

SOULS OF INSPYRATAION -ST- (1970 psych jewel reissue 2022) ORANGE VINYL SAALE!~ Label:LION Sought after 1970 Columbia Records release— and deservedly so, with stellar keyboard-driven, melodic songs, strong vocals, and an overall sense of cohesion. Terrific acoustic driven songs like 'Eyes of Nature' and 'Sun Shines in the Winter’ merge beautifully with hard-edged, progressive-tinged offerings like 'Dil Kusha (Heart's Happiness) and 'Of Lambs and Wolves.' Beautiful 12-page insert booklet. Now's the time to discover this beautiful aberration, one of the unspoiled jewels of the late psychedelic era — on vinyl cut from 24-bit/96kHz transfers of the master tapes! LP $18 SKU:25100

STEVE BROWN BAND- Soul Full of Sin (70s killer rarity)-SAALE!Label:SEELIE COURT Steve brown formed this outfit in 1971, and they quickly developed a tight style of cool but potent jazz rock, characterised by lengthy powerful instrumental breaks and sax, and infectious beats. This LP pieces together what should have been a debut record on Transatlantic from remaining studio tapes and acetate sources. The six tracks are pure killer, opening with ‘Hitman’ which is sung first person from the point of view of an assassin for hire; stone cold cool with a fantastic bass-line and rhythm it conjurs up early seventies nihilistic film and tv imagery. The side ends with a genuine lost anthem in ‘Shine A Light,’ epic and melancholic. The lyrics are fab, and have a worldly wise quality about them. One of the greatest bands no one has heard of, hereby rescued from slipping into the ether, despite once being on the verge of a deal with Transatlantic and garnering a massive live following in their native Newcastle area during the early to mid seventies. A completely pro band, with brilliant songs, and a unique style. In 1973, the band hit a bad patch, burnt out by extensive gigging, they crashed their Transit Tour Van on a motorway, miraculously surviving. LP $25 SKU:24688

STEVENS, MEIC - SEPTEMBER 1965: TONY PIKE SESSIONS ( lost acid folk classic) SAALE!Label:TENTH PLANET Regarded as a national treasure in his native Wales. In 1965 however he was just another Dylan/Donovan folkie. In 1965 he recorded this batch of songs to hawk around the various labels as a finished album. Unfortunately the acetates were lost. Recently rediscovered and including previously unheard songs like "Winter of the clan", "Not for me mister MP" and "It ain't for me to ask the reason why". This is the first ever release of this long lost demo album. 190 Gram, vinyl only pressing including liner notes by Meic and limited to 1000 copies. LP $15 SKU:24291

STING-RAY, BAL -RECORDED LIVE AT BEDLAM FESTIVAL (Sting Rays and X Men) Label:TRASH WAX In March of 2020, 3 of the original 4 members of cult 'trash' band The Sting-Rays, plus 2 original members of The X-Men were tempted to play at the Bedlam Festival in the UK. Although having played with his various combos (Ug & The Cavemen, Earls Of Suave), this was the first time since the mid-'80s that Bal had managed to get the guys together and perform live. Unfortunately, Alec Palao lives in San Francisco and couldn't make it! 300 copies only. LP $15 SKU:25052

SWAMPWATER- ST (1971 Byrds style sealed original, with drill hole)Label:RCA A great swamp-pop/country rock release from 1971 by this group with ties to The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and Linda Ronstadt — they were her pre-Eagles, post-Stone Poneys band — housed in an elaborate fold-out & die-cut sleeve and notes from Arlo Guthrie. Breathtaking harmonies that, at times, approach The Louvin Brothers, and superlative songcraft. I've never been to the bayou, but I can't imagine getting closer than 'Ol' Papa Joe.’ 'Mama Lou,' meanwhile, sounds like a cajun-style inspiration for Bob Seger's ‘Main Street.' The album ends with a ferocious fiddle stomp that gives way to a few seconds of 'The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.' The vocalist ends the album saying "that's all folks". It's a line that proved sadly prophetic, as it marked the end of the band for a decade and a half. It's good enough to make even the most cynical city-slicker feel at home on the front-porch."Theirs was a brand of well-sung Cajun rock, straight out of the Louisiana bayou (except for the harmonies, which would've done credit to the Byrds). They had no prior equivalent in rock music, and the group's singing was considered so unusual that they got a fair amount of session work just singing backup to other acts, including Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Country Joe McDonald, and Odetta. It was Guthrie who finally lured them away from Ronstadt in 1971. Swampwater did a second self-titled album for RCA with Herb Pedersen added on guitar and vocals, and then went their separate ways. While the Eagles, Firefall, and other country-rock groups made regular runs up the charts and embedded themselves in the popular consciousness, Swampwater was largely forgotten except in Los Angeles and by dedicated early Ronstadt fans. After the breakup, Gib Gilbeau joined the Burrito Brothers, and John Beland performed on a number of session dates before going solo.” —AllMusic LP $14 SKU:25537

T2 1971- 1972 (Obscure 70s psych prog)180 GRAM with insert, liner notes and photos LPLabel:GUERSSEN Certainly one of the reissues of the year: Unreleased studio recordings from 1971 and 1972, which were originally planned as an album release.If this had been released at the time, they would have certainly gone to the premier league of major rock stardom along with Free, Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster etc. Sadly, this was never released and so we are happy to present this previously unheard underground masterpiece.î Tough to argue with the notion of a masterpiece, judging by the bandÍs only other recordings which have seen release to date. Track list: And Time, Looking Back, Questions & Answers, Seventy-Two, The Clown, Closing Your Eyes, Into The Red, PDQ 180 gram vinyl edition; Shrinkwrapped LP $22 SKU:14790

TELESCOPES-- Between Dimensions Vol 2- LTD ED CLEAR ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE "Between Dimensions" compiles on 2 separate albums (Vol. 1 and Vol.2), all of the band's EPS originally released on the Creation, What Goes On, and Cheree labels. Produced by Stephen Lawrie. LP $22 SKU:23795

TELESCOPES- Between Dimensions Vol 1- LTD ED CLEAR GREEN VINYL Label:ALIVE "Between Dimensions" compiles on 2 separate albums (Vol. 1 and Vol.2), all of the band's EPS originally released on the Creation, What Goes On, and Cheree labels. Produced by Stephen Lawrie. Vol. 1 comes on clear green vinyl LP $22 SKU:23796

TELESCOPES -#4(2LP)Timeless 20th anniversary edition.SAALELabel:Weisskalt Records Timeless 20th anniversary edition. Tomorrow music from the past, forever in the present. First time ever on vinyl. Double vinyl at 45rpm for better and more expansive sound quality with new album artwork. Released on Australian independent record label Weisskalt. Manufactured by long-standing Australian pressing plant Zenith. Like the missing soundtrack to a David Lynch film. Created between 2002 and 2004 using unseen forces and home made/improvised instrumentation. Shape shifting audio druidry and stone age free drone repetition. Mindscapes of merge and misheard whispers. Death rattles pulse driven twangs and broken bones. Limited to 300 copies on clear red vinyl. LP $28 SKU:25906

THEE ESCAPEES- BREAKING OUT (1960s garage-beat-trash inpsired)Label:SPINOUT NUGGETS Thee Escapees are a trio of runaways, re-grouping to make and perform musical happenings, some of which are now laid into two continuous grooves. Inspired by the sounds of 1960s garage-beat-trash, with a mixture of rhythm & blues, and a rock'n'roll beat, that's gonna knock your towelling socks off!! Based in London, England, they've played in some cracking bands over the years, and recently decided to combine their strengths to create this powerhouse garage beat trio. With Alan Walshe on gutsy lead vocals, raucous guitar and organ (at some point also Lancashire Bombers, The Trick Noise Makers, The SD5, The Voyd and others), Dave Prince skilfully manning his vintage Trixon Speedfire drumkit, vocals and screams (at some point The Voo-Dooms, Lancashire Bombers, The Untamed, The Sundowners, and also with The Hi-Fi's and Diamond Daddio's) and Mark 'Fazza' Farrington on bass guitar and vocals (previously in Long Tall Shorty and Joe Public), Thee Escapees found themselves in Jim Riley's Ranscombe Studios in Medway, and this is the result.
Since the recordings, Mark has since 'escaped', and Sean 'Cookie Boy' Pereira has joined Dave and Alan on bass guitar (also of The Spellbinder Project). Their influences are The Vibes, The Yardbirds, Nine Below Zero, The Milkshakes, The Sonics and Bo Diddley. Get the picture? LP $18 SKU:25784