Jun 17, 2022


Yep, it’s time to take the Brown Acid kids, another new volume just out. CD only so far, due to vinyl delays. Not sure when the vinyl will arrive, don’t hold your breath! Check out all of the titles here!

Also just in, more import restocks and new arrivals. Ltd quantities so get in there fast.

And restocks from the L.A. psych label Hypnotic Bridge, check out the label here.

Thanks for all!

Suzy Shaw 

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25195, 25206, 25200, 25196, 25192, 25194, 25246, 25247, 25248, 25245, 25249, 25250, 25244, 25204, 25242, 25243


25163, 24070, 21479, 24910, 24992, 24068, 24907, 22970, 15699, 24710, 19303, 14512, 19283, 24534, 13444, 13279, 10630, 20821, 25205, 24744, 21159, 16062, 25173, 25039, 20586, 25146, 24798, 24804, 24925, 24826, 23385, 24749, 24228, 25093


BLISS(USA)-Return to Bliss(legendary 70s power psych trio)-Label:HALLUCINATIONS Raw, heavy power trio action from Arizona power trio Bliss (Brad Reed, Rusty Martin and Corky Aldred), and very powerful indeed. This is Bliss' second album, previously unreleased until this disc. How can that be, you ask? During the making of the classic eponymous Bliss LP released on Canyon in 1968/69, the band recorded more material for two albums at once — the second record was never released at the time. "In the summer of 1966, pre-Bliss band The Sect caught the attention of legendary producer Hadley “Madley” Murrell, who had an ear for local talent and made some of the biggest records to come out of the area. He immediately booked them time in the famous Audio Recorders to record the two bonus singles included on this disc. By the end of 1968, Martin, Reed and Aldred decided to reform as a trio under the name of BLISS. They teamed up with Murrell again to record a full album which was released on Canyon Records later that year. It went nowhere, although now it is considered a hard rock/psych classic and is worth a hefty buck. The story would seem to end there, but for the fact that there was another album already in the can, as on the band’s much-revered Canyon label LP, also produced by Murrell. Some of the details of this epic unreleased music are sketchy, but the LP is not. From start to finish this killer — vocally, musically and intellectually — wow!." CD $10 SKU:25246

BRAZDA BROTHERS - ST (Mesmerizing 1973 acid fuzz 1973) Label:VOID /HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS (USA) Mesmerizing acid folk/rock album from 1973 by Canadian band fronted by acoustic guitarist Bystrik and lead guitarist Andy Brazda; features acoustic material with bursts of electric guitar and keyboards; some great acid fuzz guitar work, which means that at times the sound is more garage psych than folk-all that convoluted psycho-jargon aside, a fine album; originals now fetch around $800 each, so here's your chance to own this rarity at a sane price. CD $10 SKU:25247

HOLY GHOST RECEPTION COMMITTEE #9- Collected Works ( 22 psych tunes sure to blow your mind! ) Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS RECORDS Twenty-two cool, raw, psychedelic songs with a Christian twist that are sure to blow your mind. These boys were going to Catholic High in the late 60's, dropping acid, and listening to the Beatles and the Byrds. The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No.9 were a band of young kids bored with regular Catholic hymns. While secretly listening to The Beatles and The Byrds while their parents were asleep, they came up with the idea of singing religiously inspired music with a modern music rhythm. This idea took off right away amongst other young people in their area, and even was accepted by their pastor, who ended up getting them a deal to record their music. They released two albums, both great garage/psych albums. One of the best examples of what Christian psych can be. Both Holy Ghost Reception Committee LPs ("Songs For Liturgical Worship” and “The Torchbearers” — both released in 1969) — on one disc. CD $10 SKU:25248

JAHN, LOTHAR -Dreams of (1975 psych/Krautrock) DBL CD digiLabel:LION Lothar Jahn’s "February '75” single was released by the German label Sound Records in 1977. It was a very unusual record, somewhere between psychedelic, folk, and Krautrock. It was reviewed thus on Discogs: “A mysterious journey through Cosmic Psych Folk Kraut, whatever you may call it. Fantastic, from beginning to end. Another Kraut on 45 milestone.” The newly recorded album, “Dreams of ’75,” is an extended riff on the original single, taking that smaller vision as a starting point and then launching into a weirder and wilder psychedelic/progressive stereoscopic headspace than was evident (or possible) on the original single. Both the rare single and the new album are included in this very limited 2xCD digipack edition. CD $17 SKU:25245

BROWN ACID - The 14th Trip (long-lost vintage '60s-'70s proto-metal and stoner rock) -Label:RIDING EASY The 14th edition of the popular compilation series featuring long-lost vintage '60s-'70s proto-metal and stoner rock singles, curated by L.A. label RidingE asy Records and Permanent Records. Some of the best thrills of the Internet music revolution is the ability to find extremely rare music with great ease. But even with such vast archives to draw from, quite a lot of great songs have gone undiscovered for nearly half a century -- particularly in genres that lacked hifalutin arty pretense. Previously, only the most extremely dedicated and passionate record collectors had the stamina and prowess to hunt down long forgotten wonders in dusty record bins -- often hoarding them in private collections, or selling at ridiculous collector's prices. Legendary compilations like 'Nuggets,' 'Pebbles, have exhausted the mines of early garage rock and proto-punk, keeping alive a large cross-section of underground ephemera. However, few have delved into and expertly archived the wealth of proto-metal, pre-stoner rock tracks collected on 'Brown Acid.' Lance Barresi, owner of L.A.-based Permanent Records and Permanent Records Roadhouse has shown incredible persistence in tracking down a stellar collection of rare singles from the '60s and '70s for the growing compilation series. Partnered with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy Records, the two have assembled a selection of songs that's hard to believe have remained unheard for so long. COMP CD $12 SKU:25249

BOOGIE - IN FREAK TOWN (1968 S.F power trio)w insert Label:OUT SIDER Here's an LP of awesome, previously unreleased recordings of a very loud power trio from San Francisco, modeled after Cream, Blue Cheer and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Included are a fantastic studio demo from 1968 plus raw and wild live tracks from 1969. Comrades of Moby Grape and The Sons Of Champlin, this power-trio was formed by Barry "The Bee" Bastian (Canned Heat, Lee Michaels...) on guitar and vocals, John Barrett (The Rhythm Dukes) on bass and Fuzzy John Oxendine (Roky Erickson & The Aliens, Jerry Miller Band...) on drums. The LP comes with an insert featuring rare photos and detailed liner notes, and a download for the full album plus bonus material. LP $32 SKU:25204

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT - PURPLE JOURNEY THRU THE MOD MACHINE-(late 60s garage psych, freakbeat ,west coast folk style)Label:BLACKSPIN After 15 years, The Dolly Rocker Movement's 'Electric Sunshine' debut is mastered and released on vinyl for the first time since the 2006 CD release! "Many questions to answer. Many answers to question. You 'll find them on the outside. Where our world is filled with electric sunshine by day and a yellow moon by night. Ears tuned into a blend of flowering psychedelia, chemical country and a dusty garage vibe. One way to get high is come along for the ride..." With ideas derived from the more primitive side of rock'n'roll, The Dolly Rocker Movement embodies a sound that bears a true influence of late 60s garage psychedelia, freakbeat and west coast folk. LP $28 SKU:25242

PRETTY THiNGS - Philippe De Barge - 1st pressing Label:UT RECORDS Limited edition deluxe vinyl edition. 1st pressing (orange label) of just 1,000. Recorded ca. September 1969 at Nova Studios, London, England. LP $50 SKU:25243

LES CALAMITES - ENCORE! (80s Go Go style!)? Label:BORN BAD French band The Calamités consisted of three teenage friends, Caroline, Isabelle and Odile from Beaune, Burgundy. The band was formed in the early '80s and soon they recorded their debut album 'A Bride Abattue' released on the label New Rose. They made it to an appearance on regional and then national television, and their sound was compared tot he U.S. female band The Go-Go's. When all the doors in the music industry seemed to be wide open, they decided to focus on their studies instead. Caroline quit the band, while Odile and Isabelle once again released another hit single: 'Vélomoteur' produced by Daniel Chenevez, one half of the succesful pop duo Niagara. What remained is a dozen of recordings, earlier reissued on the label Last Call, affiliated to its parent label New Rose, a number of TV appearances on video hubs and a thorough fansite. All this to remember one of the most poppy sounding French girl-punk bands, with a talent for writing a handful of good songs turned into classics. And that is a rare gift. CD $18 SKU:25195

LES OLIVENSTEINS-ST (77 French punk KDB style) Label:BORN BAD The best ever french 77 punk band with Metal urbain. Killer and cult.....best lyrics/bests songs. A must have for any KBD-PUNK77 lover. This is an official reissue, included 24 pages booklet, coming with "Silver" sleeve and including unissued tracks. CD $17 SKU:25206

REACTION (UK) -THIS IS NOW, THAT WAS THEN- (80s Mod REvival) Label:HEAVY SOUL The Reaction was an infamous Burton On Trent band that supported many of the '79 Mod Revival bands at the Bridgehouse etc., culminating in a support slot for The Jam. Bruno Gallone was the original singer/songwriter and during discussions with Heavy Soul he came up with six new tunes that are very much in the old Reaction style and these have been paired with six recordings from 1981 - all fully restored and available to you now. Digipak format. CD $18 SKU:25200

SANT ANNA BAY COCONUTS - HARBOR CITY SURFING (Belgian surf rockers) Label:SURF COOKIE The Sant Anna Bay Coconuts is a 4-piece band from Antwerp, Belgium. 'Harbor City Surfing' is their debut album, released by Surf Cookie. It presents twelve surf instrumentals, taking the listener around the world. CD $16 SKU:25196

CHIFF CHAFFS -UP TO NO GOOD! -Belgian garage punk incl Mummies The Fly cover-Label:TRASH WAX The long awaited debut album by The Chiff Chaffs 'Up To No Good' delves deep into the darker side of garage punk with a nod to what's gone before, however it's no retro styled opus. Young, brash and totally 21st century with only 1 cover version, The Mummies instro 'The Fly' played at breakneck speed. This album was recorded over several weekends during 2021 and given the final once over tweak by Doyley of Diablo Studios and now pressed in glorious vinyl for your listening pleasure. The killer artwork was done by 'K-rat' (Who is also Gilles, the guitarist of The Chiff Chaffs). The usual references to a little surf/garage influence for sure, but it's a full, more mature sound where you can hear hints of early Gallon Drunk or The Vibes. LP $24 SKU:25192

FIFTY FOOT COMBO- EVIL A GO-GO!!! (garage punk repress of legendary title) Label:TRASH WAX Yes! At last... The phenomenal Fifty Foot Combo album 'Evil A Go-Go' is available again, 20 years after its original release. Now you can own this slab of garage punk influenced surf for a mere fraction of the collectors market price! LP $24 SKU:25194


BEVIS FROND - A Typical Freakout (incendiary psych!) -Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE With influences ranging from Hendrix to Cream and The Byrds to The Wipers, The Bevis Frond has been making some of the most astoundingly incendiary psychedelic songs of our time. The legendary initial albums were recorded by the band’s guiding force, Nick Saloman, in a bedroom studio in London during the last years of the 1980s, and with the pandemic-induced lock-down in full force during the first years of the 2020s, Nick returned to playing all the instruments for his newest release on Hypnotic Bridge. Using his typical set-up, multi-instrumentalist Nick Saloman employed a 1960s Vox Continental keyboard, 1970s Burns Flyte guitar, 1990s Epiphone bass (which somewhat resembles a Hofner Violin), and a house kit for the drums. All sounds emanated from a 1970s Carlsboro Stingray amp. 45 RPM $10 SKU:25163

COMMUNICANT-- She Moves the Day (psych) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE A love song at heart, “She Moves The Sky” exalts a love so powerful it shifts the universe itself, controlling everything from the wind to the gravitational pull of the tide and even time and the sky itself. Musically inspired by the crunchy, Revolver-esque ‘60s UK psych that melts your head with melody, the song draws inspiration from July, The Factory, Tomorrow and, naturally, The Beatles. Band leader Dylan Gardner plays all instruments on the song, with a vocal sung through a telephone mic built by his brother, Mark, which lends a Lesley-style effect reminiscent of those on the legendary July album. A Rickenbacker bass provides a quintessential driving thud, while the drums were inspired by Ringo’s on “Rain”. After writing the guitar parts, Dylan learned them backwards on his Gibson SG, then reversed the recordings to achieve the desired psychedelic “volume swell.” 45 RPM $10 SKU:24070

MAD WALLS- It Turns (Floydian sounds drifting within a stream of dreamy psych).Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE MAD WALLS- It Turns “It Turns” b/w “Eternal Light” Curated to complement each other, the songs on this single are among the trippiest yet from The Mad Walls. “It Turns” arrives like an echo from the past broadcast from the future, with early Floydian sounds and sentiments drifting within a stream of dreamy psych.“Eternal Light” gallops with muted hooves through a fever dream of dense butterscotch brilliance, an Edwardian ghost swirling alongside holding a spliff the size of a torch, illuminating facets of strange, undulating gems along the path. 45 RPM $10 SKU:21479

MARK & THE CLOUDS-You And Me In Space” b/w “Clocks-Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Psych pop for the 21st Century, “You And Me In Space” takes us on a cosmic trip to the edge of the galaxy, fueled by love and a blissed-out dissolution of all that keeps us from soaring beyond our everyday confines. Recorded in an industrial estate in North London, the band set the scene by filling the room with multi-colored lights before deploying a full range of vintage equipment and psychedelic effects: backwards Telecaster through a Big Muff pedal, Hofner bass, space-age organ and even high-pitched, fuzzed-out vibrations made by blowing through blades of grass. Recorded during the “Waves” album sessions and selected specifically as an exclusive song for the Hypnotic Bridge 45, “Clocks” is dedicated to those who love the sound of the wah-wah guitar in its most psychedelic setting. Drummer Shin Okajima’s dramatic drum on the intro was inspired by the style and sound of the traditional Japanese Wadaiko. 45 RPM $10 SKU:24910

RED RIVER DREAM-Silver Ship (West Coast psychedelia meets moody folk rock)Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE b/w “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” While “Silver Ship” sails through a hypnotizing yet perilous red river of fuzz, organ, and lyrical naivety, “Somewhere At The Edge Of Time” emanates a haunting, tumbleweeds-under-apocalyptic-skies atmosphere. Both songs reverberate with the iconic glory of the American West, serving as a psychedelic soundtrack for high adventures as yet unrealized.Singles are pressed on 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl records 45 RPM $10 SKU:24992

SIMIAN LIFE-Another Way Down(Rob Campanella) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Largely inspired by the lush, semi-orchestral soundtrack work from late ‘60s and early ‘70s Europe, this track layers a repeated string theme and solos by sitar and saxophone over a driving, rock backbeat. n making “Another Way Down,” the brothers Campanella were joined by Misha Bullock on drums and vocals along with Gabriel Lazar on piano. In producing the track, they were inspired by the studio wizardry and experimentation that came out of the latter half of the 1960s, much as it did with Revolver-era Beatles. For example, a Roland Space Echo tape delay and ADT (Artificial Double-Tracking) were applied to the vocals for an otherworldly vibe. Additionally, they used a recording technique known as varispeed on the guitar solo, which was purposely recorded at half-speed and an octave lower, thus giving it a frantic effect when sped up to song’s actual tempo. The flip side, “Briefing,” is an excerpt from a forthcoming Simian Life song that took on a life of its own. On it, Matt Cooker provided the cello, Isabel Escalante the violin, Garret Wayne Walters the saxophone, and Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone the sublime sitar. 45 RPM $9 SKU:24068

TIMOTHY EERIE-I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me--Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE “I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me” (inspired by a serious dose of mushrooms and the resulting experience of dissolution and rebirth) and “Acid Lake” were both recorded in a few different places. Bass, drums and rhythm guitar were tracked live at a studio on a college campus. The band slipped into BB King’s as they were closing one night and recorded the organ parts on a vintage Hammond and Leslie setup in about 15 minutes. The vocals and other overdubs were all done in the bedrooms of the various band members. The idea was to make the songs sounds as loud, fast and energetic as they sound live. 45 RPM $10 SKU:24907

ANT TRIP CEREMONY-24 HOUR (1968 psych Hendrix Airplane style)Label:CICADELIC RECORDS With photos and the story of the group as related by its members. The Ant Trip Ceremony album was recorded during two sessions. the first session was in February of 1968 in a rented hall at Oberlin. Steve was there for the first sessions but had left Oberlin by the spring of 1968 and was not present for the second recording session. The album was called "Twenty Four Hours"because that was the feeling behind the sessions. The band felt ready to record their original songs. These were performed live before student audiences. During live shows, the band was wild, but sadly no live tapes exist. Thus the original songs done on the album when performed live were more psychedelic and improvised. The band was known for getting into strange and long jams. Furthermore no song was ever done twice exactly the same. They were, in some ways like the Grateful Dead of the region. When the band played it was a happening, a genuine psychedelic event. Shows went on for hours, with the audience in a wide variety of states of consciousness. The artwork for the album was of its time with psychedelic-mind-zapping art work. It was without a doubt a counterculture statement!! Musically the whole album has a strong west-coast feel and influenced of Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver but also Hendrix are felt troughout the album. A classic psychedelic album. CD $10 SKU:22970

JEREMY DORMOUSE - The Toad Recordings (Legendary Canadian hippie psych rarity from 1967-68 w liners & original cover art) -Label:VOID/HALLUCINATIONS (USA) Legendary Canadian psych rarity from 1967-68 — one of the hardest to find collectable albums there is. Dormouse (aka Cris Cuddy) had previously been with a late sixties folk outfit, The Rejects, who also put out an ultra-rare privately-pressed album. He is supported by a range of backing musicians on this incredibly rare privately-pressed album, which was housed in a beautiful silk-screen sleeve. There are interesting interpretations of Dylan's 'Baby Blue' and Bo Diddley's 'Who Do You Love', but the highlights of this superb album are the vocals of Reign Ghosts' Linda Squires on 'High Flying Bird' and Leonard Cohen's ‘Suzanne.’ "While playing with Gullison, vocalist Lynda Squires and bassists David McKay and Nick Corneal, the concept of the Jeremy Dormouse LP arose and led to the living room sessions with Mike Clancy from another rare band, Hyde, engineering while the Waddington/Cragg/Tapscott songs were recorded at the university language lab by Peter Northrop." CD $10 SKU:15699

KHAZAD DOOM-Cherry Town (60s garage-psych) Label:HALLUCINATIONS A brilliant album of fantasy Beatles-esque garage psychedelia and organ-driven psych/prog, recorded prior to Khazad Doom's legendary' "Level 6 1/2” album. In 1964, the band who was later to be called Khazad Doom started to dream of ‘making it’ in Bob Davis’ basement in Morton Grove, Illinois. After twenty-nine members and multiple names (The Vibratos, The Laymen), three musicians and a ‘Crow,’ they formally became Khazad Doom and the legend was born. Khazad Doom made a name for themselves during the early 70's with their unique style of progressive rock music, metaphorical lyrics, and stage presence. Their music was driven by pumping bass lines, dynamic Hammond swells, and multi-dimensional guitar work. On top of that, three of the four musicians contributed to beautiful three-part vocal harmonies, and counterpoint. CD $10 SKU:24710

PLEASE- 1968/69 (SUPERB COLLECTION OF UK PSYCH)-Label:ACME Superb and historic collection of 1968-1969 UK psych—excellent somber, moody, minor key demo material taken from original master tapes and restored acetates. CD $12 SKU:19303

ROTOMAGUS - The Sky Turns Red: Complete Anthology(1971 protopunk) Label:LION On Julian Cope’s excellent Head Heritage web-site, the Seth Man raves about Rotomagus thus: “The first time I heard this track (‘Fighting C*ck’), I did not freak out. I merely walked into a nearby closet and screamed my head off for a minute solid, beat the floor and ripped my t-shirt... then I cowered when it hit me: this thing came out in 1971? Before “Raw Power”?! I just lost my mind... The only thing that predates this monster in terms of being a full-on amassing of all things heavy are all the many key points on Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Kingdom Come” LP and THAT’S it, brother. Hard to believe this is all pre-1971, as much of the demo is not just proto punk but proto hardc*re—with enough fiery attitude to make you want to scream along. The vocals are wild, while the guitar riffs and grinds and approaches a Stooges via Motorhead apocalyptic grandeur. Amazing! CD $10 SKU:14512

ASTRAL DAZE - VA 4 (tracks from the heydays of South African psych)Label:FRESH MORE SNAPSHOTS OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN ROCK UNDERGROUND' - The fourth part of this compilation series features 19 classic, rare and obscure tracks from the heydays of South African psychedelic rock. COMP CD $15 SKU:19283

COME BACK BIRD- ABILINE Texas Teen Scene 1965-67-Label:CICADELIC RECORDS There were vigorous garage band scenes all over the U.S. in the mid-'60s as young musicians, inspired by the British Invasion sounds of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Who, and the Kinks, picked up electric guitars and had at it, usually resulting in music that was more about attitude and approximation than it was about originality or skill. Abilene, TX had such a scene, and this fun set collects four of the region’s most popular garage outfits, the Chevelle V, the Livin' End, the Continentals, and the Coachmen. Of course, being Texas, there was also a lot of Buddy Holly bubbling under these bands’ singles, too. Highlights here include the Chevelle V’s 'Come Back Bird' (there are three versions of it collected here, of which the original single version is the best) and their version of the surf classic 'Koko Joe'; the Livin' End's sizzling takes on ‘Roadrunner,' 'All Alone' (essentially 'I’m a Man' with different lyrics), 'My Destination' (a fuzzed out near-cousin to the Beatles' 'Day Tripper'), and the Who-like 'Makin’ Time'; and the Coachmen's reverb-soaked 'Hush Broken Heart'. Nothing here is much different than the garage sounds happening elsewhere in the country at the time, and nothing here rewrote the history of pop and rock, but it’s fun all the same.” —AllMusic review by Steve Leggett COMP CD $10 SKU:24534

DALLAS 66 - ESQUIRES & THE EXOTICS Dallas '66 ( psych-pop gems )w rare radio promos and unreleased materialLabel:CICADELIC Subtitled The Now Sound is Here. "In 1966 Dallas was a Mecca for great bands and two of the best, The Exotics and The Esquires, are included on this album. The Exotics began as a rock and roll band in 1959, but by 1966 were recording psych-pop and folk-rock gems. They released three singles, one of them, 'Come With Me,' reaching the top ten. The Esquires formed in 1965 and recorded four singles, mixing folk-rock with a hard edged sound. The wild 'Come On Come On' and 'Judgment Day' are what make The Esquires legendary today. Dallas '66 contains all seven of The Esquires' original songs and seventeen tracks by The Exotics, including rare radio promos and unreleased material." COMP CD $10 SKU:13444

SHADOWS OF YOUR MIND - Best of Void Records One The ultimate party CD for psych heads- Label:HALLUCINATIONS Excellent compilation of psych gems from this always fascinating rarities reissue label. "The ultimate party CD for psych heads. The best of Void Records' psychedelic side with tracks from: Hunger, Bliss, Plastic Cloud, Its All Meat, The Deep, Jarvis Street Review, etc. All of your favorite tracks, full of fuzz guitar, organ psych, trippy lyrics—Void Records has released more than forty-five LPs and these are the best 'trippy' tracks that could be compiled from those releases. 'Five Years Ahead of My Time,' 'Shadows of Your Mind,' 'Mind Machine,' 'Hippies and Cops' and many more. Great cover of near all of the Void's releases, informative inner panel, 'alive' sounding CD."COMP CD $10 SKU:13279

SLOWLY FROM THE SOUTH - VA DBL CD (proggy gems and post psych rock from South Africa 70s and 80s) DBL CD Label:FRESH A two disc compilation of South African rock from 1970-2008, including many artists previously unavailable on CD. “In the early 70’s South Africa was in it’s third decade of self inflicted political and cultural isolation. Despite a concerted effort by the then Nationalist government to ‘protect the youth’ by blocking the flow of progressive cultural ideas via a series of bannings, restrictions and high import tariffs, rock music per se, and all it represented, managed to reach these Southern shores and inseminate a flowering home grown rock revolution. Although some groups simply emulated the sounds of their international counterparts, other South African bands embraced their African roots, drawing on home grown melodic and rhythmic structures, meshing them with European influences and producing a heady variant of progressive music that fits snugly alongside their international compatriots. “Slowly From the South” showcases the cream of South African prog rock of the last 40 years. Tucked inside you will hear the music of some of South Africa’s heavyweight musical sons & daughters—some familiar and others only recognised in name but never heard outside these southern shores, until now. It is the culmination of close to two years of research and planning, tracking down long lost masters, photos and information. This double disc compilation is unique. It is the first indigenous compilation that showcases the South African musicians who explored both jazz and prog rock genres during the seventies and beyond. This official release is artist and label approved, and includes rare artist photos and information.
COMP CD $15 SKU:10630

FINCHLEY BOYS -Lost Tributes (8 unrel. heavy psych tracks recorded 1968 - 1971)Label:ANAZITISI “Lost Tributes” consists of eight unreleased heavy psychedelic tracks recorded between 1968 and 1971 by this prolific Illinois band. Included is the scheduled, but never materialized 7” single from 1969, which would have contained different, punchy and more wild, recordings of two Finchley Boys standards, 'Hooked' and 'Outcast'. It also includes the almost 9 minute long 'Who goes there?', perhaps the most psychedelic offering by the band. LP $34 SKU:20821

GRUPO GEYSER -SINGLES 1970-1973 (Fuzzed out acid psych Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS aHiling from Venezuela, Grupo Geyser was a pioneering group in fusing fuzzed-out psychedelic/acid rock with Latin and Afro Cuban rhythms. This is the band's first ever vinyl retrospective, including the tracks from the four singles originally released during 1970-1973. The included insert offers detailed liner notes by band member Publio Garcia and photos. LP $32 SKU:25205

ISOLATION -ST with DVD Label:SEELIE COURT One of England's rarest privately pressed progressive LPs, Isolation is barely known and generally misunderstood. It's a concept LP tackling the sense of loneliness and loss after the breakup of a relationship, and was performed with an accompanying experimental film. The LP has fantastic compositions of melodic progressive rock and includes a DVD with the original art film. Variant facsimile cover, 100 made, so be fast! LP $34 SKU:24744

OMNIBUS - ST (70s psych double LP plus 7”) - Label:WAH WAH New Jersey's Omnibus formed from the ashes of garage bands from the New Milford area: The Cliffhangers, The Forerunners and The Vandals. Original members came from these three local bands and consisted of Jay Polt, Al Raimondi, Bob Wegrzyn, Bobby Marcinczack and Jerry Garino. They soon hit the local scene and got in touch with brothers Steve and Eric Nathanson who would become their managers and finance their first recordings. A United Artists recording deal was the next step, through wich the band issued their debut 45 "The Man Song" / "It's All In Your Heart" plus their eponymous LP in 1970. Omnibus had an amazing psychedelic sound that took all the right elements from West Coast bands like The Doors or The Jefferson Airplane, Bosstown sound acts like Ultimate Spinach or Chicago hipsters like H.P. Lovecraft to produce their very own Made in Milford, N.J. mixture. Strong, dramatic vocals, tons of fuzz guitar and swirling organs built up their magic sound. Wah Wah proudly offers the first ever reissue of their original 1970 album, plus a whole second LP compiling previously unreleased recordings from rare acetates with earlier recordings of some of the LP tracks and some non released songs. Also added is an extra bonus 7" with the garage killer "The Farm", which would have been an explosive 45 for the band had not been withdrawn from release. A luxury remastered 2LP + bonus 7" set that includes a facsimile of a vintage Omnibus gig poster in a gatefold package respecting the original artwork, plus an 8 page booklet with photos, lyrics and liner notes written by Jay Polt himself and reissue curator Ezra Lesser - all this in a strictly limited edition of only 500 copies, get yours while still available! If you like bands like The Doors, The Children, Ultimate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union, Fever Tree or Clear Light you ought to have this one on your collection LP $45 SKU:21159

ORANG-UTAN - White ST 1971 hard rock/psych- w insert ,rare pix and liner notes -Label:SOMMOR BIG BARGAIN for a very small crunch. Included is an insert featuring rare pix and liner notes telling the bizarre story of the band for the first time.Orang-Utan was a London based band that was actually named Hunter. The line-up featured vocalist Terry "Nobby" Clarke (of psych-pop legends Jason Crest), guitar player Mick Clarke, drummer and songwriter Jeff Seopardi and bass player Paul Roberts. They recorded their sole album in 1971. In a bizarre twist of events, their producers/managers took the tapes to the USA, where they arranged a release on Bell Records under a new band name, Orang-Utan, without telling any of the band members. The album is a lost classic of blazing, early hard-rock with minor psychedelic hangover vibes, a twin-guitar attack, and waves of fuzz/wah, along with powerful vocals. Think Leaf Hound, Budgie, Bang, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hard Stuff... This first ever legit reissue is done in co-operation with the original members. LP $34 SKU:16062

SUGAR BEAR -ST (1972 super rare rural rock/swamp psych)Label:VOID A charming chunk of super rare rural rock/swamp psych from the Sunshine state, c. 1972 — released as a private pressing on the Gaff label and later bootlegged by the execrable Radioactive outfit. Sugar Bear were a four-piece from Florida featuring guitarist John McLaughlin — no, not that one (Mahavishnu John McLaughlin), another one! — named after the hip American 1970s singing and guitar playing cartoon character. The album is typically described as a blend of rural rock, and country rock. But hey, the term ''rural rock'' covers quite a lot, from swampy rock ’n' roll to country rock in the style of The Outlaws or Pure Prairie League. In this instance, Sugar Bear produced an album of high originality, defying categorization. This is a record of real depth and intelligence, covering many styles, and with some psychedelic touches to note. There is some slow and some fast material (a blend that is far from unusual), with a few Grateful Dead moves too. Still not sure? Some people say when describing this album to “think of a cross line between Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds, with drops of Santana.” Legitimate 450x copy pressing on black vinyl, with insert. LP $22 SKU:25173

THE WHOLE ENCHILADA - -3 LP set w 70 page book! A deluxe multimedia package detailing the history of Desert Rock from 1976-1994Label:San Jacinto Records From the mind of Rich Hopkins, co-founder and guitarist of the Sidewinders/Sand Rubies and one of Arizona’s most accomplished rock ’n’ roll exports, comes THE WHOLE ENCHILADA: The History of Desert Rock 1976-1994. This whopping three-LP + 70-page book + access to film multi-media set, a who’s-who anthology of Tucson, Arizona’s musical trailblazers — and its woefully overlooked — arrives in April from the San Jacinto label.
Painstakingly compiled, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA is a veritable Tucson musical family tree, leading us from from the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s, from the swoony Bob Meighan Band and the honky tonk of the Dusty Chaps (both whom signed to major labels in the 1970’s) to international indie giants Green On Red (Serfers), Howe Gelb’s pre-Giant Sand 1970s electro-rock band Giant Sandworms, Naked Prey, Al Perry and The Cattle — as well as Desert Rock breakouts The Sidewinders, Yard Trauma, Black Sun Ensemble, and many more.
With varying styles covering honky tonk, power-pop, country and cow-punk, fusion, punk rock, eclectic and art-damaged, amped up bluegrass, blues and straight up sunbaked rock ’n’ roll, the album is full of pleasant surpirses (unsung country great Ned Sutton, for example), collectible rarities, popular numbers and outright gems you’ll wonder how you ever missed.
Accompanying the three-record set is a 70-page companion book with rare photos, obscure histories and anecdotes, and dozens of biographical essays by many of the artists themselves, plus others by writers, journalists, photographers and deejays, placing the reader centerstage at Desert Rock’s halcyon days — compiled by Tucson natives Brian Jabas Smith and Douglas “Fini” Finical.
In addition, this set includes a code that allows fans to view the 30-minute Whole Enchilada documentary, featuring a handful of stars and coulda-shouldas who are included in the LP/book project, helmed by film-fest winning director Maggie Smith.For those familiar with the era and area, one listen will recall the tangy scent of monsoon-drenched mesquite trees; dark, top-down drives to Mexico; the murky interiors of neglected old-man-bars-turned-music-venues and all their jovial inmates.
LP $49 SKU:25039

AKBAYRAM, EDIP -DOSTLAR- NEDIR NE DEGILDIR? (70s Turkish fuzz) Label:PHARAWAY SOUNDS As Turkey's political factions turned more aand more violent in the late 1970s, Buscemi-eyed Edip Akbayram was nearly beaten up by rioting audiences for daring to sing about rural points of view that were naturally critical of Istanbul's political leaders. This second album of Anatolian psychedelia, originally released in 1977, showed defiance even in its gatefold art, with a drawing of the band members seeming to grow straight out the ground, covered in plant tendrils. Akbayram poached members of Mogollar and Baris Mano's Kurtalan Ekspres to get the best fuzz breaks and hammond slams & put 'em straight in your ears. The band also tried out some mixes that pushed the vocals or a particular instrument way up front, and of course long, low, reverberant welcomes from Edip's echo-covered voice. CD $12 SKU:20586

BLACK SPELL- THE PURPLE SKULL (psych occult doom band)Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE The Purple Skull' is the 2022 album by the psych occult doom band from the North East of Italy, Black Spell. Acid fuzz doom psych perfection... CD $19 SKU:25146

FAUBERT, SHANE- SQUIRRELBOY BLUE (70s power pop)Label:MUSIC MANIAC Shane's carrier started in New York in the late 70's with the power pop rio "The Cheepskates". This 3rd solo album is a beautiful pop album full of close harmonies, great ballads and well crafted pop songs. CD $10 SKU:24798

FLUX -ST (1973 monsterpiece King Crimson style)Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs) Searing art rock monsterpiece dominated by a relentlessly coruscating lead guitar sonic attack as if played by a demonically possessed John McLaughlin. Flux is ex-Babe Ruth, ex-Motiffe, with lead guitar by John Grimaldi before he joined Argent and worked on their prog masterpiece 'Circus'. This album is taken from a mono mastertape recorded on a BBC Mobile Unit at a live gig in 1973. A shocked Record Mirror journalist witnessed the concert and described it in a published Record Mirror review as 'a new form of music'. Sound quality is great and this is a band in top form playing exactly what they want, in a zone a bit like King Crimson's 'Red', but with insane guitar leads that bludgeon the listener to death. The vocalist later joined Italian prog rockers Flea On The Honey. Play this with a hangover and you will die in screaming agony. One very short track, and four very long ones. The gig ended with an IRA bomb scare. Yes really. CD $19 SKU:24804

GREAT CRASH - DEADFIRE ECHOES (70 rarity Elton John/ 10CC style) Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)A genuine masterwork that sounds like a lost classic. This album from The Great Crash includes exquisite songwriting with piano led art rock that conjure the best of early melancholc Elton John and 10CC, recorded in an abandoned mansion in Wales. Put put into modern hands, some of these songs could become hits. Others are so poetically English they may appeal only to those with a certain sensibility and frame of reference. When The Great Crash gradually left their Mansion after decades there, it became Loco Studios, where the the ghosts of the Great Crash's songs swirled unknown around The Verve and Oasis as they recorded their 90's masterpieces. CD $20 SKU:24925

RUDI TCHAIKOVSKY- The Castles Equivalent (rare 1975 prog, CD ONLY)-Label:SEELIE COURT 380 copy limited edition first pressings in mini card gatefold sleeves, from Glass Masters (not cdrs)Their blatantly deranged name conceals Yes and Genesis-like progressive rock artistry and British progressive neo-classicism from the intellectual leftfield choice. Extended complex tracks, keyboard and guitar interplay and unusual lyrics. From 1975. CD $19 SKU:24826

PLUNDERED, VOL. 1-THE MUMMIES UNWRAPPED PART 1 -Label:RED BARON From the ashes of the mythical Argentine duo Sandhy & Mandhy—who recorded in 1969 the intensely rare and beloved album “Para Castukis” (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), a record suffused with beat and psychedelic influences—comes this resurrection by Mandhy of his "Celestial Stories." Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) resumes his musical tale with twelve tracks written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analogue essence and sound of the 70s, using vintage instruments like Farfisa and Hammond organ, and fuzz guitar. Features Argentine rock legends Nexus as the backing band. A record which brings together all of the various crucial elements of Argentine rock music: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock, and progressive rock. Stunning COMP LP $22 SKU:23385

BITTER SEEDS/ROCK SHOP -STATE OF YOUR MIND (superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings)Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) A superb psyche release of remastered sixties recordings from a Monterey-based gang, active between 1966 and '70. In those heady days The Bitter Seeds were gigging regularly at all of California's legendary venues, opening for a.o. Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf. In 1967, The Bitter Seeds recorded their only 45, issued under The Rock Shop moniker, as they wanted to avoid confusion with The Seeds. 'State Of Your Mind' b/w 'Is That Your Halo' was released on the Rowena label and is a brutal garage-psych double sider. The following year the group recorded four studio tracks which have remained unreleased until now. These are perfect examples of the transition from R&B-garage to early psychedelia. Also including rare live recordings from '66, this is an exciting release for all lovers of obscure and lost West Coast psychedelia. Also included is a 4-page insert with liner notes and lots of photos and memorabilia. LP $28 SKU:24749

EYE (USA) - VISION AND AGELESS LIGHT (70s epic psych odyssey ) Label:LASER'S EDGE BACK IN PRINT! Eye's music reflects the progressive sides of '70s icons Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, ELP, Yes and cult favourites Nektar. Add some DNA from bands such as Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple for extra toughness, and you've got a potent and mighty tasteful cocktail. LP $28 SKU:24228

FAR OUT- NIHONJIN (WHITE) (Rare 1973 gem)Label:EVERLAND Repress. Some albums are certainly a kind of holy grail for music lovers and collectors of a certain genre, style and era. Far Out with their eponymous debut and unfortunately also farewell album from 1973 have created such a sacred gem. Original copies in good condition change hands for up to $2000 and there are certainly a few not so official reprints on vinyl and CD out on the market which do not even come close to do justice to the greatness of the old original black gold. But here we go with the first ever official vinyl reissue taken directly from the original mastertapes supplied by Nippon Columbia. Everland Music did a brilliant job as usual with their reissues. The cover art with a white glove hanging on a washing line to dry comes on an awesome heavy gatefold sleeve. Including 2 inserts with live photos from back in the day when the band was going wild on stage. This is the real thing for those who still miss the melodies and atmosphere of the late '60s and very early '70s when people had a dream of a peaceful world and who enjoy early German cosmic kraut rock like Amon Düül II, Organisation (later to become Kraftwerk), the debut album by Tangerine Dream and more obscure stuff but also international bands like Pink Floyd, Gong, Twink and Hawkwind just as an East Asian version. A real gem and finally available with the real sound and package again. LP $26 SKU:25093