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Brown acid VOL 16 is here at long last, the great series dedicated to long-lost vintage '60s-'70s proto-metal and stoner rock, on cd and color vinyl lp! All volumes now in stock, collect them all, and many of the older titles are at a lower price since we bought them for less a while ago! See them all here!

Also just in, two more archival sets with some incredible extras, the DEAD BOYS set includes a cassette from the collection of Greg Shaw, marked “unreleased”, and the GG Allin set incudes an cover autographed by Merle Allin and rare fliers from is personal collection! You wont be finding that anywhere else.

Also a restock of a big batch of out of stock 60’s and 70s reissue cds. Click on the pretty pink box to see em all.

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18501, 18527, 18528, 18529, 18530, 18531, 18761, 18762, 19097, 19534, 19879, 19880, 20507, 20508, 21249, 21254, 22055, 22076, 23029, 23030, 23850, 23851, 24565, 24569, 24741, 24742, 25249, 25250, 25756, 25982, 26591, 26592, 26616


26607, 26608, 26609, 26610, 26612, 26611, 26614, 26606, 26605


26409, 19051, 19087, 15117, 16072, 26038, 24716, 15326, 19937, 19037, 11719, 20094, 26020, 26336, 26516, 23656, 21051, 26517, 26404, 19996, 26518, 20170 , 20169 , 20202, 25291, 25740, 25387, 25126, 25397, 25400, 23288, 26149, 15686, 25738, 25394, 25399, 26155, 25289, 25403, 22930


BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE- ST . VOL 2 - Transparent Seagrass BlueLabel:LION “The music here still sounds as gorgeous to me as it did when I first stumbled across it. The magnificent weight of Jesus’ guitar work is always a surprise. From the midst of the most gently-drawn sand waves, he rises with his scimitar gleaming black in the hot desert sun to fulfill a mission whose orders only he can hear. What more could you ask for? I mean, really?" —Byron Coley LP $32 SKU:26614





IRON CLAW -Saga / Bright Future-1970 RECORDINGLabel:ANCIENT GREASE includes: black vinyl record, cardstock insert, old-style picture sleeve on textured paper
In the annals of heavy metal history, Iron Claw stands as an unsung titan—a band whose heavy riffs and thunderous soundscapes pushed the boundaries of rock music at that time. We are psyched to unveil to the public "Saga" and "Bright Future"—two hidden relics of the Iron Claw canon that are finally liberated from the vaults, ready to engulf listeners in their sonic blaze. These two songs encapsulate the essence of Iron Claw, capturing their raw energy and resolute heaviness, and serve as a testament to their rightful place among the pioneers of heavy rock music.Recorded December 5th, 1970 - Iron Claw were from Dumfries, Scotland 45 RPM $16 SKU:26607

PHIL SEYMOUR- PRINCE OF POWER POP --His Very Best+11 Unissued Tracks-Label:BIG BEAT NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . 2017 collection. Phil Seymour's story reads like a novel: three young hopefuls from Tulsa in love with '60s music and determined to bring back melody and pop songs to '70s rock set off for Hollywood to find fame and fortune. First comes joy as they sign to Shelter Records and crash into the Top 20 in 1975 as the Dwight Twilley Band. Next, frustration as they encounter problems with their failing record company, and the inevitable split as drummer/vocalist/songwriter Phil Seymour goes solo. Initially he struggles to find a foothold but once the new wave hits America, the Phil Seymour Band storms Hollywood and becomes one of the hottest acts on the circuit. Signed to Neil Bogart's Boardwalk label, by 1981 Phil is riding high at #22 on Billboard's Hot 100 with the self-penned classic 'Precious To Me'. More terrific releases follow and, for a while, Phil is the brightest star on the horizon, but Bogart's death in 1983 means the end of his Boardwalk contract. He doggedly continues to make good music but contracts lymphoma and dies in 1993 at age 41. Handsomely packaged with a 20-page booklet sporting rare photos and extensive notes incorporating exclusive interviews with bandmate Michael Anderson and recording engineer Bill Cooper, our collection comprises 13 of Phil's finest recordings and 11 never-before-heard tracks, including nine terrific demos cut at producer Richie Podolor's American Recording studio in Los Angeles. CD $15 SKU:26608

SANTANA -DBL DIGIPAK-Label:LEGACY NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . Disc 1 recorded and mixed at Pacific Recording, San Mateo, CA, May 1969. W. booklet. CD $12 SKU:26609

VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO --45TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION-DBL CDLabel:POLYDOR NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Deluxe two CD edition features an additional five bonus tracks on Disc One plus an entire disc of rare and unreleased recordings including the early Scepter Studios sessions. Digitally remastered edition of this classic 1967 album, a collaboration between New York art rockers The Velvet Underground and German vocalist Nico. From the Andy Warhol-designed banana cover to the music contained within, The Velvet Underground & Nico has become one of the most influential albums in Rock history. CD $15 SKU:26610

THE INDIE SCENE 77 - THE STORY OF BRITISH INDEPENDENT MUSIC-FAMIN GROOVIES, DEAD BOYS AND MORE -1991 JEWEL CASE Label:Connoisseur Collection NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . COMP CD $15 SKU:26612

THE SONGS OF CHIP TAYLOR - WILD THINGLabel:ACE NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP . 2009 collection, the latest addition in Ace Records' prestigious songwriter series. Wild Thing focuses on the songs penned by Chip Taylor, who was responsible for such '60's gems as 'Wild Thing' and 'Angel of the Morning'. Features songs performed by Aretha Franklin, the Troggs, Dusty Springfield, the Hollies, Walter Jackson, Evie Sands, Peggy Lee and many others. These are just some of the great artists included on Wild Thing: The Songs of Chip Taylor. When performers of that caliber record your compositions, it's a sign you're doing something right! 23 tracks. COMP CD $15 SKU:26611


BLOWN FREE Maximum Rock and Roll -A holy grail for 1970’s and 1980’s Metal collectors! Label:SHROOMANGEL (USA) A holy grail for 1970’s and 1980’s Metal collectors! If there ever was a band that could be classified as “obscure, underground rock” this is surely one. The only known release on this band is a sole 45 released on Excelsior (the label owned by the late Bill Holford, SR. of ACA Studios in Houston). Mr. Holford would sometimes take a band under his wing and help them, which is what he did with Blown Free. David Matthews (not that guy) started his career back in the late 1960’s, landing eventually on the Houston psychedelic scene. In 1978, he formed Blown Free, crashing together a fuzzy acid guitar sound with high-energy riffing, brilliantly shown on the band’s single, ’The Wizard.'After the dissolution of the band, and the break-up of Matthews’ marriage, David took off for greener pastures back in Wisconsin where he started his own label and put together another version of Blown Free, this time under the moniker of The Matthew Davis Project. Tracks 1-4 Recorded at ACA Studios in Houston, TX, 1982. Track 4 is an alternate mix of the version on the 7" single. Tracks 5-11 are taken from a rehearsal tape recorded sometime in 1978. Track 12 taken from the band’s only official release, the Excelsior Records 7" single, recorded at ACA Studios and engineered by Bill Holford, SR. File Under: 70's Hard Rock, Psychedelic Hard Rock. For fans of: Josefus, JPT Scare Band, First State Bank and Highway Robbery. Strictly limited to 300x copies. CD $12 SKU:26409

BWANA- ST(1970 funk/psych rare-groove)Label:ACID SYMPOSIUM (Greece) YIKES! Cover way too controversial to show. Didnt know about it or i might not have ordered it. Google if you want.Reappearance on CD (with tasteless original cover art intact) of fantastic latin funk/psych rare-groove special from around 1970; as latin mavens Dusty Groove say, it’s “an insanely wonderful bit of Latin funk! The groove is super heavy, and falls somewhere in between NuYorican soul and Chicano Power rock—with a sound that's pretty close to Black Sugar, but a little bit more psychedelic, due to the heavy guitars and keyboards in the grooves. Hard congas take the lead on most of the tracks—especially the cut ‘Chapumbambe’, which starts with a nice breakbeat.” We say: astral-planar Latin jams, with blazing guitar and organ, laid down over hot funk/psych grooves; leads off with the eight-minute runaway train 'Tema de Bwana'; what's next, you wonder? why it's the intricate twin-guitar progressive call and response jam of 'La Patada'; the rest gets better from there, with songs that shift and flow until they hit an acid freakout point—check out the end of 'Chapumbambe', or the second half of the thirteen-plus minute soul/psych style rave up 'Lolita' that closes the album. CD $10 SKU:19051

FALLEN ANGELS- Mad Hatters Meet The Fallen Angels (unreleased 1966 Byrds style) Label:CICADELIC In 1965, Barry Seidel formed a music company called Traydel Productions. The first band Seidel signed was the Mad Hatters from Washington DC. In the course of one year the band released three stunningly great singles, 'I Need Love,' 'Go Find a Love' and 'I'll Come Running,' all with Dylanesque-PF Sloan sounding folk-rock songs as the B-sides. Mad Hatter live shows were legendary as well, as is exemplified by the explosion of the amps during their electrifying medley of 'Since You've Been Gone/I'm All Right/The Mad Hatter Theme' and their rocking version of 'I Need Love,' both included on this album along with all their singles, making this the most complete collection of Mad Hatters' material ever released. The Fallen Angels were the second band Seidel signed and they are represented by a six song set of singles and unreleased recordings from 1966. These are the earliest recordings by the band and range from folk-rock ('Pebble In My Sand,' 'Hello Girl,' 'I Have Found') to Love (Arthur Lee) type ballads ('Have You Ever Lost A Love,' 'Every Time I Fall In Love') and garage ('Who Do You Love?'). In addition to all this excitement are two previously unreleased 1966 folk-rock Byrds sounding gems from the Loved Ones, plus a 1967 version of 'I Need Love' by the Time Stoppers. Rare photos and radio promos make this a complete trip back to 1966, when the Mad Hatters and the Fallen Angels were the two hottest bands in Washington DC and 'I Need Love' mania swept the airwaves." CD $10 SKU:19087

FONGUS- Guadalajara Rock (First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album. mini-lp papersleeve)-Label:ORFEON First ever reissue of this 1978 Mexican hard-rock album... great fuzzed-out guitar here and there, and mostly sung in English. CD $10 SKU:15117

IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO - Serio 2222 - W 12 PAGE BOOKLET ( Raw-edged heavy rock JIMMY PAGE STYLE ) -Label:LION Raw-edged heavy rock, fronted by Lino Ajello's powerful electric guitars, channeling the dark, jagged energy of Jimmy Page, Adrian Gurvitz, and Jeff Beck.

Il Balletto di Bronzo absorbed their influences (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Yardbirds), but moved from there into an inspired, hard-edged musical space; the band's overwhelming power and great melodies make them irresistible.

‘Un posto’ and ‘Neve Calda’ are centered around simple but effective guitar riffs. ‘Eh eh ah ah’ starts like a nice mellow ballad, but gets into a hard blues rock groove. On side two, there's the seven-minute mammoth heavy grind of ‘Incantesimo’ and the colossal ‘Missione Sirio 2222,’ almost ten minutes of droning acid rock with whirling guitars and heavy pounding drums, sandwiched between an acoustic intro and outro. No wonder Nurse With Wound cited Il Balletto di Bronzo as an influence. CD $10 SKU:16072

JUAN DE LA CRUZ-HEMIG NATIN(GREAT 70S GARAGE PSYCH from the Philippines)Label:VICOR First release of this essential album (1973) by hard-rock powerhouse power trio (a band, not a man) from the Philippines, who flourished in the 1970s-their first studio only album .Includes the garage-psych great, I Wanna Say Yeah. CD $10 SKU:26038

LIC --Just a Taste (Texas ROCK DYAMONDS series 1976-79 )Label:SHROOMANGEL a new limited edition TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS series of small press-run CD releases One of the top club acts in Houston during the years 1976 through 1979 was undoubtedly LIC. They built a reputation for high energy performances and in 1979, they recorded their lone album and one year later the "Bomb Iran" single. Like so many great bands of the late 70s, they quickly vanished, leaving a short but impressive legacy. Presented in a revamped cover, on a 6-panel digipak with rare photos and band history, remixed and remastered from the original tapes. Includes the rare single "Bomb Iran" as bonus tracks. File Under: Hard Rock, High Energy Rock & Roll. For fans of Ted Nugent, Rex, Teaze and Diamond Reo. (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES - TEXAS ROCK DYAMONDS SERIES) CD $12 SKU:24716

MADS Molesto (Psych Rock Wild Masterpiece 1968-1971) Label:LION Deluxe ed. w glossy insert full of photos Bi-lingual booklet with band history + lyrics & gig poster- Los Mads started out in the mid-1960's, playing covers and a few of their own songs on Peruvian television. But a chance sea-side encounter with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards after a private party got the Mads the chance to go to England; interest from Stones' manager Marshall Chess got them backstage to see Hendrix at the Isle of Wight and recording time in the Rolling Stones studio. CD $14 SKU:15326

MANDALA - Soul Crusade (1966 heavy soul psych) Label:PACEMAKER “Soul Crusade” LP was released in 1968 and happened to be the first and only album by MANDALA. It presented a bunch of original songs with rich, gorgeous and quite heavy arrangements built around solid beat grooves, blistering guitar riffing, and powerful Hammond-organ chords. The vocal duties were taken over by Ray Kenner who had powerful, soulful, and charismatic voice. Stylistically, Mandala were one of those hard rockin’ bands who performed original Psychedelic Art-Rock with strong influences from Soul, Funk, and Rhythm-N-Blues music. IGOR G ALLMUSIC CD $10 SKU:19937

MICHAEL ANTON AND AMOK- Jesus Makes You High (STRANGE 70s GERMAN GARAGE PSYCH)Label:GERMANOFON A very strange project for Achim Reichel and legendary Krautrock producer Conny Plank and the Gorilla Musik production company (owned by Achim Reichel, coincidentally): a professionally produced German hard rock record with heavy Jesus lyrics... although it's more for the sound collage elements here that this album has attracted some notice. The title track from this album has attracted attention from appearances on “Prae Kraut Pandemonium” and “Obscured by Krauts” garage/psych compilations. First-ever reissue includes full lyrics and two bonus tracks from their only 7" release. CD $10 SKU:19037

OHO - Okinawa (70s prog psych ) Comes housed in high gloss tri-fold bismal pink digipak Label:ROCKADROME Official reissue of this rare tripped-out progressive psychedelic rock private press record out of Baltimore circa 1974. Should appeal to fans of the Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Gentle Giant school of progressive music as well as those looking for something original, psychedelic and/or bizarre and daring. Comes housed in high gloss tri-fold bismal pink digipak CD $14 SKU:11719

OPHIUCHUS-ST (obscure 70s psych blues) Label:LION This ambitious album somehow manages to blend grungy psychedelic rock, acoustic blues, and densely orchestrated French pop/psych (in an Ilous & Decuyper vein) into an impressive and cohesive whole. Sandy Spencer, cellist and member of Mormos contributed wonderful playing on ‘Ne cherche plus’ and ‘Inachevée.’ This reissue includes the original album plus eight bonus tracks in English meant to be the basis of an international album that was never issued. CD $10 SKU:20094

PARRISH & GURVITZ BAND -S/T (1971 West coast sound) Label:WET WORLD fter disbanding Gun, Paul Gurvitz reunited with former Londoners/Knack band-mate Brian Parrish. The pair were soon signed to George Martin's Regal Zonophone label, which led to the release of their sole LP—fully infused with the US west-coast sound—in late 1971. Martin produced a second album that was never released, featuring the talents of Mike Kellie (ex-Spooky Tooth), Micky Gallagher (pre-Ian Dury) and Rick Wills (pre-Foreigner), who would collectively go on to become Peter Frampton's Camel. This double-disc set compiles the 1971 LP and ten tracks from the unreleased follow-up, with liner notes and unreleased pictures. For those who like details, here is a more complete band history, from Paul Gurvitz: “Brian Parrish & Paul Gurvitz met in 1963 in London. Paul was a hairdresser and Brian a client. They talked about playing in a band and then formed The Londoners. The Londoners started playing U.S. army bases in France and Germany and finally made their way to Hamburg where they became a resident band in the famous Star Club. They made several records for the Star Club label before returning to London to start a new band called The Knack. The Knack disbanded in 1966—Paul Gurvitz formed a band called Gun (featuring Peter Dunton of Please, Neon Pearl, and T2 fame), and later, Three Man Army. In 1971 both Paul and Brian had started solo projects but decided to drop the solo projects and form Parrish and Gurvitz. They recorded their first album with producer Lou Reizner, and after it was finished, their managers took the album to George Martin, who decided to re-record the album and sign Parrish & Gurvitz to his own label. The first album, "Parrish and Gurvitz," featured Brian on vocals and guitar and Paul on vocals and bass; on drums was Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth). Parrish and Gurvitz put a band together to tour the U.S. which consisted of Brian Parrish on guitar and vocals, Paul Gurvitz on guitar and vocals, Mike Kellie on drums, Micky Gallagher on keyboards, Ian Drury and Rick Wills on bass. That lineup recorded a second album with George Martin that was not released until now. Paul Gurvitz went on to record a clutch of gerat albums with Three Man Army, the Graeme Edge Band, and of course, Baker Gurvity Army with the legendary Ginger Baker on drums.” $10 each (2xCD)
CD $16 SKU:26020

PIANO SLIM -Look At Grandma WatusILabel:CICADELIC THE INCREDIBLE SOUND OF PIANO SLIM, FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!Piano Slim—Willard Burton of Houston, Texas—played with legendary musicians such as T-Bone Walker, Johnny Winter, Johnny Copeland, and Bobby “Blue” Bland; even so, he is often confused with another Piano Slim, Robert T. Smith. While Willard Burtons’ recording career lasted nearly thirty years, this compilation concentrates on his solo outings from 1959 to 1962, including his first two singles, plus a bonanza of previously unreleased masters. These songs range from the Sam Cooke influenced ballad of 'Raise Your Head' to the Little Richard and Fats Domino inspired rocker, 'Lotta Shakin’, Lotta of Jivin', to instrumental ravers such as 'Key Jammer', 'Do It Now', 'Aw Get It', and 'Pat Your Rock', to dance-craze themed songs such as, 'Look At Grandma Watusi!', 'Mister Twister', 'Spinning Top', and 'Ennis Lee'. So take a journey back in time with Piano Slim as your guide, it’s a trip from which you may never want to return. CD $10 SKU:26336

PRITCHARD, DAVID - Nocturnal Earthworm Stew-Label:Artoffact A pioneering Canadian composition that combines minimal electronics, prog, tape loops, industrial, and musique concrete, first released on Island Records in 1977. The Artoffact reissue contains bonus tracks, updated cover art, and a new essay celebrating the life and work of David Pritchard. The work features contributions by Nash the Slash, as well as Martin Deller of famed prog band FM. CD $10 SKU:26516

REICHEL & MACHINES, ACHIM - AR 3- (70s Legendary underground freak Label:GERMANOFON If this album wasn't made in Germany and was entirely instrumental, one could easily mistake it as a "psychedelic/space rock" album, because it's made up of mostly kosmiche, spacey jams. It's the occasional vocal chants and keyboards which give it a nice Krautrock flavor. A superb album with no major flaws, indeed an excellent addition to any prog/psych music collection. Especially recommended for fans of spacey and psychedelic music, and essential to Krautrock enthusiasts. Happy listening..." -progarchives.com "For Achim Reichel's 1973 release, and first on his vanity label Zebra, the talented Okko Bekker and noted Krautrock producer Thomas Kuckuck were invited along with many others, with the results being a higher-level mix of echo-guitar excursions, imaginative ensemble playing and kosmische folk-blues. Essential A.R.!" CD $10 SKU:23656

ROMANOS,GEORGE- Two Small Blue Horses (1970 Greek heavy fpsych fuzz guitar) SAALE! -Label:LYRA (Greece) If you like the thought of songs overrun by heavy fuzz guitars and immersed in studio effects, then this is an album for you! It’s a record (released by Zodiac in 1970) that bears comparison to the first three Erkin Koray albums, in part due to it’s Middle-Eastern psychedelic intensity; really great stuff—exotic melodies coupled with a full-force fuzz assault; a slight nod to the Byrds (‘Eight Miles High’ riff makes a dramatic appearance), but with baroque pop/psych tracks of a Left Banke type (‘Maria’ springs to mind) thrown in for added spice. Infused throughout with Greek-tinged raga fuzz guitar freakouts that float in and out of orchestrated psychy pop, "Two Small Blue Horses" is a gem of an album that should be in any serious European psych collection. To top it all, this is one of the rarest psychedelic records ever pressed, with original copies changing hands from time to time for more than $1,000. Great sounding reissue of a weird and wonderful record.
CD $10 SKU:21051

SANTA Y SU GENTE- (SANTA & HIS PEOPLE) Urgente Label:LION In the 1970's in Chile, recording anything was complicated. The state-owned IRT label was administered by the military. Domestic releases gave way to an invasion of foreign music. At most, a Chilean group like Santa Y Su Gente (Santa and his People) could hope for one appearance on television, or a very low-key event-this was the reality of the music world after the coup. Few groups had the good fortune to overcome the prevailing censorship: this was the case with Santa Y Su Gente (Santa and his People). Santiago Salas was a percussionist stepped in jazz. It was he who assembled a band with musicians of the caliber of Lautaro Rosas and Mario Lecaros. The latter was a powerful musician, who would appear in other jazz fusion projects in those difficult years, and then leave Chile together to do an impressive job abroad with his group Comet. The one and only album by Santa Y Su Gente, "Urgente," was released by RCA/IRT/Alba in 1974. This album is very rare, and therefore not well known, apart from the collections of a few dj's. But it contains all you can ask for-a burbling brew of Latin Afro-jazz fusion, half salsa and half Afro, with something powerful to say. Highly recommended! Comes with a bi-lingual booklet which explores the story of Santa Y Su Gente in the context of the rich Chilean rock music scene. CD $10 SKU:26517

SUN DIAL-Return Journey (psych classic)Label:GALLIUM ARSENIDE (USA) More recordings from the same time period as their stone cold psychedelic classic "Other Way Out” album, including some less-polished interpretations of early Sundial tracks, and an incredible cover version of Open Mind's 'Magic Potion’. Tripping the flashing trip fantastic, with characteristic great guitar from Ramon. Slightly revised artwork for this U.S. reissue of the out-of-print Acme LP/CD. CD $10 SKU:26404

THIRD ESTATE, THE-Years Before The Wine & AGONISTES (1976 psych )DBL Label:LION Third Estate’s “Years Before the Wine” is an ambitious and intricate psychedelic concept album from 1976 about the French Revolution (!) which blends warm Southern summer sounds (the band were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana) with baroque song structures. Never fear, the serious subject matter is no match for the strong songwriting and light, flowing music. Stunning vocals from Fae Ficklin on the title track are lovely, but even without them this album would richly deserve its status as a psychedelic classic. Stark, intimate production, with tasty fuzz guitar, backwards tape-loop soundscapes and beautiful treated acoustic guitar, puts one in mind of the Ithaca/Agincourt/Friends trilogy from England. The sound of exploration is evident everywhere, as the band spreads its wings, and glorious harmonies flow forth. The previously unreleased album recorded as Agonistes (1973) shows that the later recordings were no fluke—it can stand alone as one of the most beguiling folk/psych albums we’ve ever heard. Additional bonus tracks include singles and home demos. Budget-priced double disc package includes a 28-page color booklet, with histories of both groups by band co-leader Robert Everett, as well as lyrics for all the songs included herein. CD $10 SKU:19996

VANAY, LAURENCE- (JACQUELINE THIBAULT) Evening Colours-Label:LION Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of this 1975 album including bonus tracks. Laurence Vanay is the pseudonym for Jacqueline Thibault, wife of music producer and musician Laurent Thibault (Magma). Pure genius: almost all instrumental, with gorgeous keyboards of many types (Hammond, Fender Rhodes, etc.), acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. Shimmering, dewy, mysterious, deeply emotional examples of melancholic musical beguilement; anyone with an affinity for golden age 4AD bands like the Cocteau Twins or Dead Can Dance will find much to love here. A devastating high-fashion follow-up to the legendary Galaxies. Comes with 24-page booklet. CD $10 SKU:26518

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 2Label:LION A superb album, compiling electronic synth pop, cold wave and minimal tracks from the Color Tapes label, spanning 1981-1985. The Color Tapes label was the brainchild of a young Gary Ramon after being inspired by cassette labels such as Fuck Off Tapes, Weird Noise and other underground UK labels; also by the music of the late ’70’s and early ’80’s such as Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Throbbing Gristle, Fad Gadget, as well as electronic musicians such as John Cage, La Monte Young, Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, Moondog, and others. The tracks from this compilation originally came out only on limited cassette runs of 100 copies sold at gigs, mail order and record shops. COMP CD $10 SKU:20170

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 1Label:LION Blinding (not literally — this CD will NOT cause blindness if used properly) volume of cold wave/minimal synth obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid 80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between. COMP CD $10 SKU:20169

ROCK EN AREQUIPA- ST (Rare singles from 60s Peru )Label:RE-PSYCHLED Twenty-one tracks (72 minutes), the best of the rare singles recorded by bands like Free Love System, Los Texao, Los Incógnitos, Madera Fresca, and Opus who thrived in Arequipa, Peru during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Arequipa? yes, Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru, up in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 2,380 meters (7,800 feet) above sea level; Arequipa, nicknamed La Ciudad Blanca (The White City), nestled beneath the snow-capped volcano El Misti. Arequipa. Get your Peruvian beat fix with groovy tracks from Los Incógnitos and Los Texao. Want some face-melting psychedelia instead? check out Los Texao’s ‘Stone’ or their fuzz-guitar laced instrumental ‘Swarlb’—both a musical style called "Niebla" (Fog), because of the effect produced by the band’s rotor amps and reverb and echo effects. (Los Texao were the first group in the province to record using FuzzTone effects, using powerful Dynacord amps imported from Germany). Prefer a more laid-back style? then you’ll love Free Love System. Looking for some heavy grooves? ‘La pelea del gobernador’ (Los Texao) or ‘Un paseo por el recuerdo’ (Free Love System) might do it for you. Sixteen-page booklet has mini-biographies of all five bands in Spanish and English; all tracks are from the master tapes, with the exception of Madera Fresca’s freak out ‘Any Time’—a classic at parties—and their acoustic version of ‘La lenta que apura,’ both rescued from the obscurity of a rare cassette. The first regional rock compilation from Peru's rich and mostly undiscovered musical history, but certainly not the last! COMP CD $10 SKU:20202

DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION -VA 70s punk soundtrack- Label:SURVIVAL RESEAR Penelope Spheeris' ground-breaking documentary 'The Decline Of Western Civilization' captured the agony and the ecstasy of the Los Angeles punk scene of the late 1970s and its excellent soundtrack is required listening for all west coast punk fans. The raw, jagged live sets by icons such as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, the Germs, and Fear must be heard to bebelieved and the numbers by X point to their later commercial breakthrough; Catholic Discipline, with Claude Bessy of Slash magazine, provide another nugget. Totally essential! COMP LP $26 SKU:25291

IT'S NO GOOD!-'60'S ANTI-WAR-DRAFT-PROTEST ROCK- Ltd ed of 300 copies on blood red vinyl.Label:SMOKIN' PEACE COMP LP $30 SKU:25740

KNUCKLE GIRLS-Vol 3- 14 Territorial Turf War Tunes from the Tomboy Goons in Split-Knee Loons)Label:ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN An extract from the novel 'Bovver Birds Rool' (...continued)
Dawn's preferred nickname was "Demolition Girl." Or, "Demolition Dawn," if needs must. She would never answer to just plain old "Dawn," though. "Dawn" was completely out. She was tired of blokes asking if they could see her "crack," for a start. That was never funny, to Dawn. Or the blokes, after they'd said it and got their comeuppance. And then there was Jane. Her friends called her "Jane Pain," because she liked to inflict it on her enemies in lethal doses. Her enemies called her "Plain Jane," which she wasn't, but she was hardly the Daily Mirror's wartime glamour girl Jane, either. A one-girl war? Yeah, sometimes. Especially if you were one of the chancers attempting to call her "Plain." Or, if you were attempting to cause aggro for her beloved Dawn. And these were The Knuckle Girls. Well, two of them, anyway. The others were many but lesser-spotted, like their Bovver Bird adversaries, unless there was a crisis, which was most weeks. Most days, sometimes. Friday nights were the worst. (To be continued...) COMP LP $25 SKU:25387

THIRTEEN ROSES SINGING IN A MALE WORLDVA- Splendid collection of jazz, soul and blues hits from way back when,-PURPLE Label:8M ssued on PURPLE VINYL is a splendid collection of jazz, soul and blues hits from way back when, recorded by leading female artists s.a. Dinah Washington, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Tina Turner. COMP LP $22 SKU:25126

WE'RE GONNA MISS YOU- VA-Roky Erickson tribute black Label:Third Eye Stimuli We're Gonna Miss You' is the first posthumous tribute to one of the most influential pioneers of 'psychedelic' rock, Roger 'Roky' Erickson. Despite leaving his earthly incarnation in 2019, echoes of Roky's creations, particularly his work with '60s Austin rockers The 13th Floor Elevators, are certainly alive and well today. COMP LP $32 SKU:25397

BASH DOGS -DISCO COWBOY- surf/garage/psych WHITE VINYL Label:GREEN COOKIE After cementing their status as the hosts of the grooviest party in town, Los Angeles quartet The Bash Dogs are gearing up to release their debut album. Coming from the city where surf/garage/psych bands are never in short supply, the recent times have felt repetitive and stale to the band. Now influenced by classic funk and disco, their sound has been transformed. With the spark of this newfound energy and the space to push their songwriting and playing to new levels, surf disco was born. Comes on white vinyl. LP $25 SKU:25400

BIKINI WIPEOUTS-ETERNO VERANO AL SOL (Teenage 60s pop styleLabel:FAMILY SPREE The Bikini Wipeouts bring their debut album with fourteen tracks, full of instrosurf, melodical vocals, reverb and fuzz. An album full of pop melodies and teenage sixties spirit. Cover artwork by Roberto Arguelles. LP $19 SKU:23288

CRYPT TRIP -ROOTSTOCK (raw Texas stoner psych) red orange Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Repress of 150 copies on half half red and orange vinyl with new cover. Take a trip with 'Rootstock', the 2018 album from Texas natives Crypt Trip. You'll find that the use of mind-altering substances is not necessary to feel the raw psychedelic power of the band's sophomore effort. With its many peaks and valleys, 'Rootstock' will take you on a journey through musical dynamics and diverse musicianship. You will be confronted throughout with both high-energy rock and gentle moments of refined delicacy. LP $24 SKU:26149

HAYMARKET SQUARE- Magic Lantern with poster and liners NEW BLRURB (Chicago 60s psych garageLabel:GUERSSEN HARD CARDBOARD SLEEVE + OBI + RESEALABLE OUTER SLEEVE.

Originally from Chicago, Haymarket Square released in 1968 one of the rarest vinyl artifacts from the US underground psychedelic scene: the “Magic Lantern” album. Originally conceived as the soundtrack to a psychedelic lightshow art installation, the album offers crude, dark, psychedelic rock featuring trippy fuzzed out / wah guitars, male-female vocals and long tracks.

Newly remastered sound, insert with liner notes, repro of the ultra-rare Baron & Bailey Lightshow poster.

“Magic Lantern is as fine a display of American psychedelia as late-'60s albums by It's a Beautiful Dayand Jefferson Airplane. This will appeal to fans of the fuzzed-out guitar antics of Cream and Blue Cheer."
Dean McFarlane (Allmusic) LP $34 SKU:15686

KID GULLIVER -Kismet (power-pop band from Boston.)Label:PLATO UTRECHT Kid Gulliver is a power-pop band from Boston. Their music is a powerful blend of driving rhythm and sweet, hooky melodies with vocal harmony. Their songs draw on influences from a vast catalog which includes everything from 1960s British Invasion and 1970s classic rock and punk to 1980s new wave and 1990s alternative and indie pop. Yes, a bit "old school," but always fresh sounding and original. No need for auto tune pitch correction here. Never needed it, never will. Singer/guitarist Simone Berk, whose previous band Sugar Snow garnered critical acclaim with her moody compositions, delivers vocals with a style that is instantly recognizable. David Armillotti, former member of Cookiecutter Girl and Hall Of Mirrors, brings a guitar style both aggressive and melodic. Their prelaunch single on Red on Red, 'Forget About Him,' reached number 1 on the Radio Indie Alliance Top 75, a global chart compilation from hundreds of indie terrestrial, college, streaming, and satellite radio shows, and they've been dominating the indie charts ever since. Previously only available on CD, Plato Utrecht Records is proud to offer this on the only format that matters. LP $22 SKU:25738

LUCID GRAVE-COSMIC MOUNTAIN (heavy psych rock 70s style) YELLOW SAALELabel:ELECTRIC VALLEY Lucid Grave is a dark heavy psychedelic rock band with stoner-doomy tendencies from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their haunting inspiration emerges from the '70s heavy rock from like Black Sabbath/Coven/Hawkwind, and to the '80s punk scene like Black Flag/The Nuns. They been described as a tribute to the howling occult cinema from the '80s. In 2021 they released a single called 'Surfer Bat,' a bloody upbeat '70s heavy rock inspired song. They went back to the studio in early 2022 to record their first full length album 'Cosmic Mountain.' The album is a journey through your favorite drugs of life, the highs and the lows, being chased through the desert and fighting a haze of demons. Comes on opaque yellow viny LP $25 SKU:25394

NEPAL DEATH- THE BOOM SHIVA EP (trippy psych) Label:KOMMUN2 The 'Dhyana Mortis' LP by Swedish music collective Nepal Death is NOT yet another catchy heavy rock album! This is a psychedelic death meditation. Think four pieces of transcendentally trippy, hauntingly beautiful, slow droning music of liturgical worship. The album features Indian tanpura, heavy bass drones, Tibetan bells, bone flutes, singing bowls, layers of heavy guitars and magical chants. All pieces are tuned differently to resonate and speak to various chakras of the body. Get ready to enter the cosmos of ethereal spaces you have never visited before. Inside and outside of yourself. LP $28 SKU:25399

PROTO IDIOT -STILL STUPID (Great trashy power pop)Label:RED LOUNGE Andrew from the Hipshakes getting wacked in the head by his instruments and desperately trying to defend himself! Great trashy power pop. LP $17 SKU:26155

SEPTIC DEATHNOW THAT I HAVE THE ATTENTION (Classic maniac HC punk from 1986...SAALELabel:HARTO DE TODO WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?'- Classic maniac hardcore punk from 1986. 18 songs. Comes with the original Pushead artwork. LP $22 SKU:25289

SINO HEARTS -LIGHTNING THE DARKNESS (Chinese late '70s oriented pop) SAALE!Label:TOPSY-TURVY After their debut album 'Leave The World Behind' and their second album 'Mandarin A Go-Go,' the Chinese trio now releases their third studio album 'Lightening The Darkness.' It follows their craze of retro power pop like their two previous releases, yet it also continues to explore the depths of late '70s oriented pop music and approaches musicality and instrumentality differently from the band's previous efforts. This album marks a musical departure from previous efforts, infusing '80s synth pop like The Style Council, The Cure, post-punk like Bauhaus and '90s indie pop as the Muffs and Weezer. LP $22 SKU:25403

SONIC DAWN - ENTER THE MIRAGE (Blazing psych)-Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Arguably the most blazing and powerful album yet by The Sonic Dawn. It has an unusual live feel for a studio album, packing much of the raw energy and electricity that has made The Sonic Dawn's psychedelic concerts famous in the rock underground. LP $22 SKU:22930