Nov 3, 2023


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SHINDIG! -#145 FREAK SCENE $12 26868

MORE THAN MORTAL- HARDCOVER WITH DUST JACKET Label:-MICK FARREN - Third of The Renquist Quartet. Better known for his UK proto-punk rock band The Deviants, written during Mick Farren's American sojourn. This was given to us by Mick (read it already, want to share it!) BOOKS & MAGS $10 SKU:26870


BLACK KEYS- MAGIC POTION - SEALED JEWEL CASE-Label:WARNER BROTHERS Magic Potion, the Black Keys' fourth album, is a spectacularly stripped-down set of sneakily melodic blues-besotted rock concocted in the Akron, Ohio basement studio of drummer Patrick Carney. Guitarist-singer Dan Auerbach is possessed of a compelling, hurt-beyond-his-years voice and an approach to lead guitar that is both wildly expressive and utterly succinct. The self-taught Carney, who anchors these tracks, may force writers to return "heavy" to the rock-critic lexicon as a seriously praiseworthy term. The Black Keys maintain a punk terseness to their adamantly do-it-yourself sound; they're as single-minded in their idiosyncratic evocation of the electric Mississippi blues as artists like the late Junior Kimbrough and R. L. Burnside as the Ramones were about early sixties rock and roll. However, there is nothing high-concept or ironically distanced about their style; it's all sweat, sincerity and as much swagger as Carney's basement allows. CD $10 SKU:26882

BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS- KAYA 35TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION - SEALED Label:ATCO This expanded, two-CD collection features 24 tracks, all completely remastered to the highest modern standards. Included in addition to the original 10-song release is the non-LP track Smile Jamaica (the original B-side to the 'Satisfy My Soul' single written for the people of Jamaica after the assassination attempt on Marley s life at the Smile Jamaica unity concert in 1976). The second disc features the highly sought-after, unreleased live show, Live at Ahoy Hallen. This rare, unreleased audio recording of a sold out performance at Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 7, 1978 had originally been planned to be released with the 'Babylon By Bus' album but never came out. The Wailers were in top form that night, with stellar performances of 'Is This Love' and 'Easy Skanking' from the recently released 'Kaya,' album plus some of Marley's most beloved songs including 'Concrete Jungle,' 'No Woman No Cry,' 'War/No More Trouble,' 'Jamming,' 'I Shot The Sheriff,' 'Get Up,' 'Stand Up,' and the closing track 'Exodus,' all leaving the packed house in a frenzy. Packaged with the original artwork, Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition comes with a 23-page booklet that includes lyrics, rare photos, plus extensive liner notes. CD $25 SKU:26878

CHRISTMAS - ST (1970 psych Velvet Underground style)Label:PACEMAKER Dreamy and atmospheric, with lovely vocals and understated guitar work suffused with a melancholic vibe every bit the match of that of the Velvet Underground's third album — with a touch of early Grateful Dead rumble — comparisons all the more telling when you hear the ambitious 21-minute instrumental 'Jungle Fabulous' that represented the original LP’s entire second side, and which closes out the proceedings. This is the debut album by Bob Bryden's (Reign Ghost) "dream band", first released on Paragon in 1970 the same day as the second Reign Ghost album! The rarest artifact by this much-beloved Canadian underground band finally sees its compact disc debut — a great event for psychedelic fans worldwide! CD $12 SKU:26893

COOPER BROTHERS - Best of (1974 Southern Rock )Label:PACEMAKER The Cooper Brothers are a Southern Rock band founded by brothers Brian Cooper and Dick Cooper and their long-time friend Terry King. Starting in 1974, the band released several singles under the production guidance of Les Emmerson (Five Man Electrical Band). The group had early regional success with the tracks 'Finally (With You)' and 'Miss Lonelyhearts' under the Polydor label. The band gained more attention in the summer of 1978 when they signed with Capricorn Records and producer Gary Cape. Capricorn was producing several of the most popular southern-rock acts of the time — The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie and Elvin Bishop. Over the next few years, the Cooper Brothers released two albums which sold well; and the singles 'The Dream Never Dies', 'Show Some Emotion,' and 'I’ll Know Her When I See Her,’ all charted on The Billboard Hot 100. At the height of their career the band toured extensively throughout North America, opening for The Doobie Brothers, Black Oak Arkansas, Joe Cocker, Charlie Daniels, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and McGuinn, Clark and Hillman (basically, the Byrds, right?). CD $10 SKU:26887

DR. JOHN’S GUMBO- JEWEL CASE Label:ATCO NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Fifth album by New Orleans R&B artist Dr. John, a tribute to the music of his native city. The album is a collection of covers of New Orleans classics, played by a major figure in the city's music. CD $5 SKU:26877

FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND/ STACCATOS -First Sparks: The Anthology 1965-69-DBLLabel:PACEMAKER Everything offically recorded between 1965-1969 by one of the top Canadian bands of the era, with some extras! As the Staccatos, they had a dozen Top 40 singles — all composed, arranged, played, sang, produced, or co-produced by the group; they later went on to worldwide fame as Five Man Electrical Band, but this is where it all began. It begins with the independently released single 'It Isn't Easy, and runs through the band's Capitol Records singles 'Small Town Girl,' 'It's A Long Way Home,' 'C'mon Everybody,' 'Let's Run Away,' and their massive hit 'Half Past Midnight.' The 2xCD set includes the Staccatos LP, plus all their singles; a rare instrumental they recorded under the name The Smart Set; the first official Five Man Electrial Band LP; as well as the non LP singles 'Catch The Love Parade,' 'Walker Street,' 'Didn't Know The Time,' '(It Never Rains on) 'Maple Lane.' Also has five tracks featured on a Coca Cola promotional LP called "A Wild Pair" (shared with the Guess Who), and three previously unreleased tracks, among them a cover of Buffalo Springfield's 'Sit Down I Think I Love You.' It also has all six tracks from their final three Capitol Records singles: a total of 51 tracks, with the added bonus of a 16 page color booklet. This is the first compilation to include all the band's Capitol-EMI recordings; that and the multitude of rarities makes it difficult to resist.CD $10 SKU:26888

FRANK SODA -Best Of: High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995 ( the Great White North version of Frank Zappa.)Label:PACEMAKER No-brain party rockers like 'Saturday Night Getaway,’ 'Drunk & Disorderly,' and 'Oversexed and Underfed’ from wild and talented Toronto guitarist/vocalist with a frenzied sense of humor, Frank Soda — the Great White North version of Frank Zappa. Soda’s shows involved bizarre getups and climaxed with a television exploding on his head. Between 1975 and 1976, his band the Imps began to gain a cult following. Frank began writing songs, and 'T.V. People' soon became an anthem in the local Toronto clubs. This marked the beginning of the exploding head gear. Since the song was about getting "screwed up" or brainwashed by watching too much television, Frank decided to illustrate this by exploding a T.V. on his head. In Detroit they got the same pyro equipment that Kiss and Triumph were using. Soon the Imps live shows were known for high energy with outrageous antics.At one point of his live shows, he would do a guitar battle with himself on the video screens, as he ran around the audience drinking beer and playing guitar with one hand. He also added his infamous "electric suit". This had hundreds of bulbs that was powered by a battery, and allowed him to run freely throughout the audience or the stage. CD $10 SKU:26891

GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS- JEWEL CASE 1992 Label:ROUNDER NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Digitally remastered from the original analog tapes using DSD and Super Bit Mapping Also plays on all SACD players (SACD stereo hybrid). Originally released in 1977, this debut record from George Thorogood & the Destroyers helped catapult the band to national prominence. A landmark release, it's still regarded as one of Thorogood's best albums. CD $10 SKU:26876

JOHN FAHEY- ANTHOLOGY - Return Of The Repressed: 2 CD Label:RHINO NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Includes 32 page booklet in thick double jewel box case. CD $20 SKU:26875


KENSINGTON MARKET-Aardvark (1969 Cream style rock )-Label:PACEMAKER In 1969, Kensington Market released their final LP, “Aardvark.” This album is a weird and wonderful mini-masterpiece upon which much of Kensington Market’s reputation rests. This time out there were no silly jug-band tracks and many of the album’s ideas are fully formed and well thought out. Some of the songs, like the beautiful, trippy ‘Cartoon’ and the ahead-of-it’s-time ‘Help,’ use primitive synthesizer in all the right ways. ‘Help’ sounds like a lost Flaming Lips track with its open arrangement and blissed-out guitar playing. Other tracks like ‘Think About The Times’ and ‘If It Is Love’ have more of a melancholy air but are equally excellent and reveal a more pessimistic side of the band. Felix Pappalardi of Mountain fame is credited with "musical direction" as well as production this time around, and it shows in the heaviness, and the wistful, surreal weirdness of most of the tracks (similar in flavor to Cream's “Wheels Of Fire” and the Mountain albums), even contributing a short piano piece called ‘Ciao.’ CD $10 SKU:26890

LITTLE WALTER- BEST OF- JEWEL CASE Label:CHESS NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. 2013 remastered limited edition Japanese pressing of the 1957 album. WITH bonus material. CD $10 SKU:26879

PETER FOLDY -Bondi Junction And Other Hits (70s melodic pop classics) Label:PACEMAKER A collection of melodic pop classics, including his number one Canadian hit 'Bondi Junction’ (a melody that is hard to get our of your mind), the catchy ‘Roxanne,' 'School of Love,' and 'Love City,' which sounds like it could have been recorded by the Bee Gees. Singer/songwriter Peter Foldy was born in Hungary and raised in Australia, where he befriended the brothers who later found fame as Bee Gees. In 1965, Foldy moved to Toronto and eventually studied film at York University. After his 1973 hit "Bondi Junction" fared well in both Canada and the U.S., Foldy signed with Capitol (for Canada) and Polydor (for the U.S.) and had additional success with the self-written ‘Roxanne' and the Bill Martin/Phil Coulter composition 'Julie Ann.' CD $10 SKU:26889

TOWNSMEN -The Anthology: We're Doing Fine (60s beat and early psych)Label:PACEMAKER Beat and early psych from one of the finest bands to come out of Ottawa, Canada in the 1960’s. Their lush, four-part harmonies and powerful instrumental prowess made them great live performers. "Ottawa was a hotbed of talent during the mid 1960's. Next to the Staccatos (later the Five Man Electrical Band) and the Esquires, the Townsmen were one of the biggest acts in that region. Between late 1965 and 1968 - the Townsmen had some of the most memorable songs to come out of the Ottawa music scene during that time. All their original single recordings are here: 'We're Doing Fine,’ 'Take A Heart,’ 'Funny How Love Can Be,' 'I'm Such A Dreamer,' 'He's In Town.’ and 'Heaven In The Middle Of Town,' and much much more. This is the full picture of the group in an amazing set. Along with the original Townsmen singles, the set includes pre Townsmen incarnations of the group — the Jades, the Continentals and the Darnels and post-Townsmen duo, Harold. Also included are tracks from the female duo, Lori & Diane backed by the Darnels. The 46 song set includes first time stereo mixes, unreleased tracks, rare live recordings captured at the Ottawa Exhibition in 1966 and 1967 as well as from their reunion concerts from 1987 and 1991. All this is accompanied by a full color 16 page booklet. CD $10 SKU:26892

ZOMBIES- ODESSEY AND ORABLE- 50th Anniversary Edition, Bonus Tracks DIGIPAK Label:VARESE NOTE: NOT SEALED, MINT DISC. CD $10 SKU:26880

GAIETY RECORDS STORY- VOL. 1(PEBBLES STYLE Rare Canadian 60s psych punk singles ) VA -Label:PACE A Canadian "Nuggets" compilation, drawn from the vaults of terrific indie label Gaiety Records, a label which featured many obscure, good bands in search of that elusive hit single. “Gaiety Records Story contains some splendid music from the great white north. The Gaiety Records label was active in Canada between 1961 and 1969. Formed by Don Grashey and Lloyd Palmer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the label was an outlet for many relatively obscure Canadian garage and rock bands during its existence. Gaiety Records released its own bands' singles as well as sub-licensing material to other labels, such as RCA, Columbia, Decca, Epic, Musicor, and others. This compilation collects 24 songs taken from the Gaiety vaults—some of the best garage and pop music to be released in Canada during the mid-'60s. This set features tracks by such acts as Checkerlads, White Knights, Tomorrow's Keepsake, the Plague (including their essential track ‘High Flyin’ Bird’), Lexington Avenue, NRG, and Solid Reputation.
COMP CD $12 SKU:26896


BLOODHOUNDS- BENT CORNER BARGAIN Let Loose - bluesy garage-rock! -early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets style HOT PINK MARBLE VINY ! LAST COPIES- Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. We’ll take a triple dose of this bluesy garage-rock! RIYL early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets. The BIG TAKEOVERFrom East L.A., The Bloodhounds play fresh, edgy R&B tinged blues with a hint of punk swagger and latin groove, but always with maximum emphasis placed on good old fashioned rock’n’roll " The MAD MACKEREL LP $10 SKU:26873

BLOODY HOLLIES - BENT CORNER BARGAIN If Footmen Tire You (high octane punk blues ) black -Label:ALIVE 11 tracks of the band's stripped-down and basic sound, signature vocals that comprise the band's unique brand of Rock'n'Roll. "High octane rock-n-roll from a band that has come to practically define the genre.” – Altercation. "Their ability to shift gears -- not their white shirts and skinny black ties -- is what separates The Bloody Hollies from the crowded field of garage-punk contenders." - The Washington Post LP $10 SKU:26872

COLLINS, PAUL BENT CORNER BARGAIN Out of My Head ! STARBURST VINYL! POWERPOP former NERVES member- Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, or Paul Collins’ Beat.LP $10 SKU:25953

OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! Seemingly Solid Reality (glam psych ) RED ViNYL -Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. About to go out of print forever, will NOT be repressed!
After the critically acclaimed glam/psych miasma of 2009's UNIVERSAL MALCONTENTS, and subsequent tours in Europe and the USA, O.C. returned to their analog cave to record Matthew Smith's latest batch of tunes. Throughout SEEMINGLY SOLID REALITY, sweet melodies and harmonies soar over the gnashing of vicious, urban Motor City guitar workouts. Motown-fueled bass and drums throb hypnotically. OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY recently got a lot of love from The NEW P*RNOGRAPHERS who recorded a EP of their songs for Matador titled "Togetherness - The New P*rnographers play Outrageous Cherry" LP $10 SKU:26871

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - BENT CORNER BARGAIN! The Perch -Buffalo Springfield, Creedence style )Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Obscure ALIVE release... Great record, last copies! Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Springfield and Creedence Clearwater Revival are among Trainwreck Riders admitted musical references, but it is said that the boys main influence is Rob Kerwin's, Steve and Andrew's dad, music collection of old timey country and fiddle playing. Their new album, "The Perch", is filled with the band's unique brand of romantic urban country, bohemian folk and dirty punk blues, and displays Pete Frauenfelder's and Andrew Kerwin's amazing songwriting evolution, both lyrically and musically. The band has toured the US with Langhorne Slim, Two Gallants and The Black Diamond Heavies LP $10 SKU:26436

TURPENTINE BROTHERS, The - BENT CORNER BARGAIN We Don't Care About Your Good Times (bastard lovechild of 60's soul and Nuggets proto-punk ) -Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. The Turpentine Brothers are two parts Kings of Nuthin' (singer/guitarist Justin Hubbard and organist Zack Brines) and one part Mr. Airplane Man (drummer Tara McManus). "Get this album or miss out on one of the most exciting and important new releases of the year." - Kopper / LP $10 SKU:26874

COLLINS, PAUL BENT CORNER BARGAIN Out of My Head ! STARBURST VINYL! POWERPOP former NERVES member- Label:ALIVE SEALED, perfect vinyl, just a bent corner, great deal!. Paul Collins is one of the most enduring cult rockers of the late seventies and a founding member of the legendary Nerves (with Jack Lee and Peter Case). He started his solo career in 1979 and has released more than 11 studio albums as Paul Collins, or Paul Collins’ Beat.LP $10 SKU:25953


49TH PARALLEL- ST (60’s psych) w 11 bonus tracks and 12 page booklet. - Label:LION First proper version of this legendary Canadian psych album, supplemented by eleven bonus tracks, two of which have never seen reissue before now. Strong melodies, great playing and sympathetic production, make for a must own collection of songs./The twelve page booklet includes two slightly different views of the band's history, as well as the notes from the original LP release. CD $10 SKU:23018

BALDRY, JOHN - Good to be Alive (1973 UK blues) Label:PACEMAKER Roots rock, blues and folk from the "Father of the British Blues movement”’s last great moment on record. Baldry was already legendary for his sets at London's Eel Pie Island when he discovered young Rod Stewart wailing on a harmonica at Twickenham Rail Station. Later, after shifting to pop with the chart-topping UK hit, 'Let The Heartaches Begin', he acquired Bluesology as his touring band, impressing their keyboardist Reginald Dwight enough to adopt stage name to Elton John, in tribute. But Baldry s pop success had alienated his original fan base at a time when many of the bands he'd inspired — the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Yardbirds and Savoy Brown — were beginning to establish UK Blues rock in America. He'd strayed from his roots and needed help if his career would have a another act. Rod and Elton, feeling a debt of gratitude, agreed to introduce Baldry to the USA in style. The plan was to reestablish Baldry as a rocking bluesman, with a trilogy of return-to-roots albums — the first two of which garnered him US FM radio airplay and his first US tours. Come time for the third of the trilogy, Elton and Rod were far too busy, so enter house producer, Jimmy Horowitz, who had replaced Elton in Bluesology. Horowitz recalls the "Good To Be Alive" sessions at IBC Studios in London: "We had good musicians, and everybody played well. They were actually some of the most comfortable, and fun, sessions we ever did.” Horowitz brought his wife, singer Lesley Duncan, and guitarist Sam Mitchell, and added powerhouse singer Liza Strike as a powerful foil for Baldry on the Gram Parsons song, ‘She.' In addition to Baldry’s own 'Maggie Bell’ and 'Song For Martin Luther King', the singer and Horowitz handpicked songs like Zoot Money and Colin Allen's 'Good To Be Alive', Bo Diddley's 'Let Me Pass' and Rod Stewart's 'Gasoline Alley'. "I remember Roddy turning up one night when we were recording the backing vocals to 'Gasoline Alley'," says Horowitz, "and he was fucking blown away!" The label issued "Good To Be Alive" in the UK only, in 1973. Despite some initial buzz for the single ‘She', the record, as strong as it was, failed to complete what the first two comeback albums had begun. It would be two years before an American release, via Neil Bogart's Casablanca label, was arranged; but the moment had passed. Baldry archivist Jeff Edmunds believes that, had Warner Bros issued Good To Be Alice in 1973 as planned, it might have cemented his reputation in the United States. "John often said it was his favourite," says Edmunds, "because it was really the first album where he'd truly merged his folk, blues and roots-rock sides. It would be nice if it were someday recognized for its greatness.” CD $10 SKU:19931

CHILLIWACK - All Over You(Canadian 70s pop) LAST COPIES Label:PACEMAKER The third album, “All Over You,” came out in 1972, and contained the hit ‘Groundhog,' which showcased Henderson's incredible slide-guitar work. The song was actually a loose interpretation of a 200-year-old British traditional song that had previously been covered by Buffy Saint Marie and the Every Brothers (their version was called ‘Muskrat’). Also on the record was the cool little ditty ‘Chickenshit Man.’ There was an Edmonton Journal article around the time of this album's release in 1972, in which Chilliwack front-man Bill Henderson commented that while “All Over You” “may not have the philosophical depth of its predecessor, it is perhaps more exciting.” Many of the songs seem to have their roots in basic blues melodies, but thanks to Henderson's soaring vocals, some finely textured harmonies and a liberal dose of slide guitar work, the songs are transformed into unique and exciting compositions. CD $10 SKU:19932

CHILLIWACK - ST (Canadian 70s pop)- LAST COPIESLabel:PACEMAKER With their catchy, easygoing hooks and bright, melodic style — distinguished by the soaring falsetto and tasteful guitar playing of lead singer and principal songwriter Bill Henderson — the Vancouver rock band Chilliwack produced some of the most enduring Canadian songs of the 1970s and early 1980s, including “Lonesome Mary,” “Fly at Night,” and “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone). CD $10 SKU:19933

CHILLIWACK - RIDIN HIGH(Canadian 70s pop)- Label:PACEMAKER With their catchy, easygoing hooks and bright, melodic style — distinguished by the soaring falsetto and tasteful guitar playing of lead singer and principal songwriter Bill Henderson — the Vancouver rock band Chilliwack produced some of the most enduring Canadian songs of the 1970s and early 1980s, including “Lonesome Mary,” “Fly at Night,” and “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone). CD $10 SKU:19946

DIAMONDBACK -1974 (1974 blues tock rarity)Label:PACEMAKER Diamondback were a short lived blues rock band whose album from 1974 was never actually released....until 2008! This album is a gem and the song, 'One Track Open,' is a funky track that deserves to be heard. Diamondback featured Toronto legends Mike McKenna (Mainline, Luke and the Apostles, Ugly Ducklings) and Scott "Professor Piano" Cushnie. "Diamondback was an ambitious project I got into after Mainline finally folded in 1974. It involved alot of very talented musicians and I always felt we really played well together. We used to play in and around Toronto on pretty well a regular basis for awhile. We recorded a great album back then but somehow it was never released and the band members ended up drifting onto other projects. I felt I did some of my best playing on those sessions and the songwriting and vocals were really strong – everyone’s performance was stellar. It was too bad that “Diamondback ’74” never hit the shelves." —Mike McKenna CD $10 SKU:26195

ELECTRIC FLAG --Best of the Electric Flag (1967 POST PAUL BUTTERFIELD-Label:FLOATING WORLD he short-lived but successful Electric Flag was formed in 1967 by guitarist Mike Bloomfield after he'd left The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, ostensibly to give original guitarist Elvin Bishop, in Mike's words, "A little space." Undoubtedly he had also become uncomfortable with Paul Butterfield's position as bandleader and was anxious to lead his own band. When Bloomfield left, he brought vocalist Nick Gravenites with him. The rest of the original group was a collection of seasoned professionals from some of America's most successful bands. Drummer Buddy Miles had done session work with Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, bassist Harvey Brooks had been with Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and Judy Collins. Keyboard player Barry Goldberg had previously played with Steve Miller and Mitch Ryder, Peter Strazza on tenor saxophone had also played for Miller. Trumpeter Marcus Doubleday had backed The Drifters, Jan And Dean as well as Bobby Vinton. Herbie Rich, a well seasoned session man, completed the ensemble on baritone sax . CD $10 SKU:26514

HOWELL, PETER & JOHN FERDINANDO - Tomorrow Come Someday w dvd ( 60s private press rarity) - Label:LION The second release (1969) from the home studio of future BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer Peter Howell and his musical partner John Ferdinando, makers of legendary albums under the names Alice Through the Looking Glass, Ithaca, Agincourt, and Friends. This private press album was recorded as the soundtrack for an underground film production by (later to be) renowned television director Ian Hamilton: "Tomorrow Come Someday." The soundtrack album, now presented from the master tapes, was originally pressed up in a tiny quantity for friends and people involved in the production; certainly no more than 70-80 copies were made. So what do we find here? A concept piece revolving around a village threatened by motorway expansion, and the efforts of short-skirted guitar-slinging young painter Emma Stacey and a local boy to save the day, and perhaps preserve their growing love. The film is described on the album jacket as “a musical comedy, shot on location in the Sussex village of Lurgashall, during August 1969,” which of course, doesn’t begin to tell the tale. Think perhaps of the Kinks’ “Village Green Preservation Society” characters come to life. See for yourself! For this is both the compact disc and DVD debut of “Tomorrow Come Someday,” film and soundtrack, together at last in a double-disc set. Chunky booklet with plentiful photos gives the full story of what we like to call The Wonderful Musical World of Peter Howell & John Ferdinando. CD $10 SKU:11958

INDIO - Big Harvest (80 lost classic) Label:PACEMAKER A lost classic. Contains the original version of "Hard Sun", later recorded by Pearl Jam leader Eddie Vedder for the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s film, Into The Wild. Indio is the stage name for Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Peterson who released one album, “Big Harvest,” in 1989, which includes the top 10 hit ‘Hard Sun.’ The album involved high-profile artists, including Bill Dillon and David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel) on guitars. Larry Klein played bass; Brenda Russell sang background vocals, as did Joni Mitchell. Other collaborators included Indian violinist L. Subramaniam. But none of Indio's material charted in the US, “Big Harvest” did not sell up to the record company's (A&M) expectations. Peterson was subsequently dropped from his label and left the business. He remains a reclusive figure to this day. The album is often noted for its message of conservation and spirituality through nature CD $10 SKU:19934

INFLUENCE - ST(Canadian 60s rock) Label:PACEMAKER For a brief moment during 1967 and 1968, Influence was one of the most exciting outfits to emerge on the Toronto rock scene. No other Canadian band at the time could boast such an international flavour, and no other Canadian group, with the exception of The Band, could arguably embody such an eclectic mix of styles. CD $10 SKU:19935

LONDONERS/ THE KNACK - 14 MOD BEAT NUGGETS 65-67- Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Presented here are The Londoners and The Knack's complete discography—fourteen mod/beat nuggets plus an unreleased take of ‘Back In The USA,’ plus unreleased pics and liner notes spanning their haberdashery roots to the present day. CD $10 SKU:20192

LUST -Hollywood Roxx: 1976-1980 Studio Sessions (Calif heavy 70s Rock) Label:Dyamond Roxx Presented with a 12-page booklet including the lyrics, archive photos and song-by-song comments by Austin himself, this is a release not to miss! Lust were the best kept secret from the prolific California Heavy Rock scene of the 70's that spawned bands like Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Y&T, Legs Diamond, Motley Crue, Dokken, Snow and many others. CD $12 SKU:26411

MARCUS (Rusty Evans) - Original LP and Outtakes DBL CD (60s psych w 32 bonus tracks and 20 PAGE BOOKLET) - Label:LION fter the release of the Freak Scene album, psychedelic guru Rusty Evans made his way from NYC to San Francisco, a geographic shift that resulted in work for the legendary San Francisco Sound label, producing bands such as It’s A Beautiful Day, Tripsichord, and Indian Puddin’ and Pipe; it also led to a drastic shift in style from the psychedelic "happening" of the Deep album for Cameo Parkway and the raga rock of the Freak Scene album for Columbia. And so it came to pass that Evans reclaimed his birth name of Marcus, and recorded a very mellow LP in 1969 for Kinetic Records, a label formed by the Kinetic Playground Ballroom in Chicago. Like much of Marcus’ work, the album is a fascinating relic of a particular time and place, in this instance San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district in the post-Summer of Love era. The Marcus LP is richly orchestrated psychedelic-folk music, with a pronounced Donovan and/or Tim Harden flavor to it, something that did not escape its creator. The mood is dreamy, the songs reflective, the voice vibrato, the album a yin to the yang of the Freak Scene "Psychedelic Psoul" album which precedes it by two years. So we have the hot and aggressive Freak Scene album contrasted—some might say perfectly balanced—by the diffuse and tranquil Marcus album two years later. To our mind, further proof of the excellence of the artistic mind behind both albums. This is the first actual re-issue of the vastly under-rated Marcus album since 1969; the only previous CD edition used alternate takes and not the album versions. Our fulsome edition indulges any completionist fantasies we might harbor, as it also serves up thirty-two bonus tracks, nearly two hours of alternate takes and acoustic demos (plus a few non-album tracks). There are guitar/voice demos recorded several months before Kinetic came along and offered a deal; other home demos have Marcus with acoustic guitar, bass and cello. There are guitar/voice demos were recorded six to eight months before Kinetic came along and offered a deal; other home demos have Marcus with acoustic guitar, bass and cello. There are also abundant demo studio versions, some of tremendous quality. The end result is (apparently) our first "interactive" release, as you can create your own ideal version of the Marcus album. Budget-priced double disc package includes a 20-page booklet, with an introduction by Marcus, his incredible history in music, as well as lyrics. Printed on FSC recycled, chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer fiber paper manufactured using biogas energy. CD $10 SKU:14223

MCKENNA MENDELSON BLUES- ST (bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968) -Label:PACEMAKER Another great album from Canada's legendary Paragon label, a set of super bluesy psych demo tapes from 1968; the band’s album “Stink” was received not just as a great album of electric blues, but as some sort of revelation when it appeared in the second half of 1969. Lead guitarist Mike McKenna spent time ('67-'68) in the Ugly Ducklings, but he had already developed a 'local hero' tag by playing hard electric blues as a member of the legendary Luke and the Apostles. Together, he and Joe Mendelson made arrestingly earthy music, which soon attracted another of Toronto's rock gods of the day, bassist Denny Gerrard from the Paupers, whose legendary talents had served him well on the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival, where his work with the Paupers was (and still is) considered a highlight. The material included on this disc, which was demo material that now the band claim was “bootegged” by the legitimate Paragon label (a little revisionist history, perhaps?), is arguably even more rare and interesting than that on their classic McKenna Mendelson Mainline "Stink" album. CD $10 SKU:16071

PAUPERS- Ellis Island w bonus tracks ( 60s Byrds style )- Label:PACEMAKER ENTERTAINMENT (Canada) The second album from The Paupers -- a mix of searing guitar jams, more easygoing psychedelic pop bigger arrangements, even a little bit of a comic take on Byrdsy country rock-- CD $10 SKU:11175

UMBRA - ST(Brown ACid 70s heavy)Label:LION Umbra’s story is that of a band from the early 1970’s who recorded what they wanted to record: heavy, heavy music from the start of the “American Comedown Era” as we’ve seen it described by our friends for their “Brown Acid” series; a band whose music, terrific though it is, has never to this point been released out into the wide world. The tracks are hard-edged and heavy, verging on acid rock at times. Makes sense, as Umbra was a power trio most of their too-brief existence. Yet the songs (heavy though they are) have a deft touch. Spacey intros and weird effects were created by recording guitar licks, then re-recording them played backwards at double speed. There is an utterly refreshing category-free approach to writing songs that makes Umbra’s music exciting to hear. Comes with a 16-page booklet, with lyrics, photos, plus interesting and funny things that can only happen to musicians, and did to Umbra. CD $14 SKU:21740

UNRELATED SEGMENTS-Where You Gonna Go (66-75 Michigan proto hard rock)Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Sixties punk, garage, moody sounds and proto-hard-rock of the highest order! Complete recordings (1966-1975) of this legendary band from Michigan, including their three killer 45s plus unreleased recordings and alternate takes. Master tape sound, insert with photos and liner notes. The Unrelated Segments created some of the most celebrated garage-punk anthems of all time. Tracks like “Cry, Cry, Cry” with its teenage-angst vocals and out of control fuzztone guitar break, “The Story Of My Life” with that bizarre and ultra-punk bass line or the moody-punker “It’s gonna rain” have been included on countless garage comps (Back From The Grave, Acid Dreams, Nuggets, etc) and have been covered by numerous bands who worship them as 60s punk Gods. Sadly, the band never got the chance to record a full album. After three outstanding 45s, they recorded a projected fourth single that never saw the light of day, just when the band had changed its name to U.S and had started playing in a heavier vein, similar to early MC5. Soon after, the band split up and some of their members formed psych-rock band Lost Nation. On this collection, along with their official 45s and alternate takes / rehearsals, you’ll find the unreleased 45 from 1969 plus some demos recorded by an unnamed post-Unrelated Segments / Lost Nation band in 1972. An amazing find which shows the band playing pure Detroit high-energy hard rock! “The Unrelated Segments emerged from the same downriver suburbs that had produced the MC5, and their suburban mutation was almost as unique. Singer Ron Stults had an unforgettable style somewhere between punk snarl and Brit erudition and the songs he wrote with lead guitarist Rory Mack were catchy and substantial” – Ben Edmonds (Creeem, Rolling Stone, Mojo CD $10 SKU:22973

COLD WAVES OF COLOR -VA VOL 1Label:LION Blinding (not literally — this CD will NOT cause blindness if used properly) volume of cold wave/minimal synth obscurities sourced from hard or impossible-to-find tapes originally issued in the early-mid 80s! Color Tapes again reveal a hitherto unheard slice of British garage cold wave recordings ranging from certifiable dancefloor aces to synth escape pods and integers between. COMP CD $10 SKU:20169

FADING YELLOW - Vol 15 SUNSHOWERS - US CANADIAN POPSIKE AND OTHER DELIGHTS Ltd numbered edition of 500 - Label:FLOWER MACHINE Limited numbered edition of 500 copies. 'Fading Yellow' Volume 15. This volume digs deep in the American and Canadian late '60s scenes and offers 16 tracks. All these songs appear on a compilation for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl with laminated sleeve and detailed linernotes. Presented with lovely cover artwork, liner notes and rare images. This classic compilation series aims at collecting the best popsike of the '60-'70s. COMP LP $21 SKU:15078

AVON -DAVE'S DUNGEON (L.A. DESERT ROCK) YELLOW VINYL Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by James Childs, 'Dave's Dungeon' presents a group that is totally on fire! Avon is led by Alfredo Hernandez who has played on some of the very best desert rock albums ever, including 'And The Circus Leaves Town' by Kyuss and the critically acclaimed self-titled debut-LP by Queens Of The Stoneage. Edition on YELLOW VINY LP $24 SKU:26147

BISCUIT -TIME FOR ANSWERS (60s style psych freakbeat) -SAALE! Label:NO TOMORROW Biscuit is one of those (rare) bands than take their inspiration mainly from 60s sounds (beat, garage, psychedelia, freakbeat, hard-rock, folk-rock, soul, rocknroll) but do not sound like just another 60s band. Their sound is uniquely their own, and trying to compare them to another band is so silly that lazy reviewers come out with comparisons as diverse as Urge Overkill, Soundtracks of Our Lives, the Byrds or The Prisoners in the same line. Which of course are all wrong. What is sure right is that these guys have a good thing going when it comes to combine meaty, solid guitar riffs with beautiful melodies. They know the secret of how to make well-crafted, passionate songs, the kind that grow with every listen. They can rock as fuck one minute and melt your heart the next. You can feel the anger, rage and desperation in their songs, but also the gratefulness, love and tenderness. You can feel the people behind the music. In a phrase, they've got soul. In my book, a truely classic record". LP $19 SKU:19899

CLAMPS- BLEND, SHAKE, SWALLOW (stoner/rock'n'roll)GREEN vinyl Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS This album by the three-piece stoner/rock'n'roll band from Italy contains 11 speed-rock'n'roll tracks in a hi-quality production. The perfect soundtrack for a fast and furious car ride on the highway to hell! Fans of Motörhead, Hellacopters and Nashville Pussy will be delighted! Cover artwork by famous comics designer Maurizio Rosenzweig. LP $22 SKU:26148

CRYPT TRIP -ROOTSTOCK (raw Texas stoner psych) red orange Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Repress of 150 copies on half half red and orange vinyl with new cover. Take a trip with 'Rootstock', the 2018 album from Texas natives Crypt Trip. You'll find that the use of mind-altering substances is not necessary to feel the raw psychedelic power of the band's sophomore effort. With its many peaks and valleys, 'Rootstock' will take you on a journey through musical dynamics and diverse musicianship. You will be confronted throughout with both high-energy rock and gentle moments of refined delicacy. LP $19 SKU:26149

DOCTOR CYCLOPS-LOCAL DOGS (70s heavy rock style)black SAALELabel:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS The third album by Doctor Cyclops offers an explosive mixture of '70s heavy rock, NWOBHM and doomier Sabbath-style riffage, ready to take you back to a different era. Groovy riffs and gloomy paths coming straight from the woods feel like the epic saga of the '70s is truly likely to continue its course. LP $15 SKU:26151

FREEKS - SHATTERED (L.A. desert rock'n'roll) SAALE Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) The third full-length by the LA-based quintet featuring former members of Fu Manchu and Nebula. 'Shattered' blends heavy fuzz riffs of desert rock'n'roll with a fresh breath of new wave, adding synthesizers, keyboards and more special arrangments. LP $15 SKU:26152

LITE STORM- WArning (”Genuine underground freakiness”– Acid Archives) Label:OUT-SIDER “Genuine underground freakiness”– Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) Screaming psychedelic garage from L.A. with fuzzed out guitars, Vox organ, killer vocals, early Oriental vibes...Recorded in 1967-68 but not widely released until 1972. File next to Music Emporium, Tiffany Shade, Seeds, Rebecca & The Sunnybrook Farmers … Formed in California in 1967, Lite Storm was the first incarnation of spiritual seekers Johnima & Kalassu Wintergate (later on Lightstorm, One…). A pioneering psychedelic band, Lite Storm played at all the hip Sunset Strip clubs, were friends with Kali Bahlu and travelled to the Orient and Far East, touring in Vietnam in 1970. “Warning” was recorded at a four-track studio in 1967-68, first released as a custom tiny pressing before being licensed to the Beverly Hills label for a proper release. This is the first ever vinyl reissue. *Includes insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby). LP $25 SKU:20953

RALLIZES DENUDES -AZABU STUDIO DEMO, VOL.1 (Japanese psychedelic noise legends)Label:TAKE IT ACID IS More unearthed demo recordings by the Japanese psychedelic noise legends Les Rallizes Dénudés. Recorded in Azabu, Tokyo 1985. SIDE 1: 1. Yoru Yori Fukaku Part 2 (Take 2.1) 2. Tori No Koe SIDE 2: 1. Shiroi Mezame 2. Eien Ni Ima Ga LP $30 SKU:26268

SNOWY DUNES- SATRUGI (ORANGE) (70s style rock)Label:OZIUM There was a time in the mid to late '70s when a modicum of mellowness and melody started creeping into heavy rock, it was a period that saw the rise of bands like Bad Company, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Boston and early Foreigner, bands who when called upon could rock like a cradle in a hurricane but also had in their locker songs that could tug at your heartstrings and didn't just rely on a riff to grab their listeners attention. Sweden's Snowy Dunes, Niklas Eisen (lead vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar), Christoffer Kingstedt (electric guitars, guitorchestration), Carl Oredson (bass, keyboards, mellotron) and Jonathan Wårdsäter (drums, percussion) do not exactly work from the same blueprint that those bands used to propel their careers into the stratosphere, Snowy Dunes' grooves are a little bit too gnarly and gritty, but they do bring to underground rock many of those same attributes of songcraft, melody and soulful gravitas that saw those other bands become staples of worldwide rock radio stations, attributes that can be found scattered quite liberally throughout the five songs that make up the band's third album 'Sastrugi.' LP $24 SKU:26269

TV IDOLS - 17, DESPERATE & ALL MESSED UP (Japanese late 70s style punk) SALE! Label:SCREAMING APPLE Japanese late 70s sounding punk outfit, featuring 2 members of the PHANTOM RATS. Great songs, catchy hooks, and a hard edged guitar sound + a really driving rhythm section is their trademark. LP $12 SKU:26156