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Suzy Shaw


SHINDIG!-#72 BLACK SABBATH-Label: Black Sabbath: The early days of ’60s rock’s dark overlords, earls Before Swine: The singular adventures of Tom Rapp and cohorts, Brian Eno: Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera on his band mate’s groundbreaking ’70s albums, Bagpuss: The story behind everyone’s favourite cloth cat,The Troggs: Primal punk-pop, straight outta the English West Country
BOOKS & MAGS $12 SKU:19185

COSMIC TRAVELERS - Live At The Spring Crater Celebration (70s psych with Drake of Paul Revere and the Raiders)Label:GEAR FAB Between 1965-67, Drake Levin made his name as the lead guitarist for Paul Revere & The Raiders during their heyday. Joel Christie played bass as a session player for Lee Michaels. Dale Loyola was the drummer for Hook and many other LA-based bands. In 1972, they formed The Cosmic Travelers and relocated to Oahu, Hawaii. This Ultra-Rare live 1972 recording of them in the extinct crater of Diamond Head in front of 7,000 fans is full of long, crazed fuzzed outguitars, thundering bass, and pounding drum jams. The liner notes are written by Drake’s widow Sandra who was there with them and tells the whole story of this psychedelic adventure in the tropics!! CD $10 SKU:14699

DRYWATER - Backbone of the Nation *(Ultra rare 60s garage psych)-Label:GEAR FAB 24Page Digipak with lots of band photos!! THIS Ultra-Rare (R6-Only 30 pressed) Garage/Psych record from a small rural Pennsylvania band first saw the light of day last year on vinyl from Time-Lag. Now the band members have licensed us the exclusive rights for compact disc release on Gear Fab includes 2 previously unreleased tracks!! Featuring fuzzed out guitar, luxurious 12 string guitar and driving drumming!! CD $10 SKU:19186

JULIUS VICTOR From the Nest(1969 Jefferson Airplane style rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Another undiscovered and Ultra-Rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. CD $10 SKU:11551

LESLIE’S MOTEL - Dirty Streets (Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers style) Label:GEAR FAB 8th installment of the Louisville Music Series. The unreleased 1970 concept album "Dirty Sheets" by Leslie's Motel, featuring Blues Project/Seatrain drummer Roy Blumenfeld. Great sound in the same vein as the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers!! CD $10 SKU:19300

MOCK DUCK - TEST Record (60s fuzzed out rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Well, we don't know what else to call this project because there were only 14 acetates made of their live recordings at The Village Bistro in Vancover, B.C. in October 1968. Butnever fear, for we have unearthed the master Tapes form those sessions plus a lot more unreleased live and Studio recordings from this same period, including the 12 minute long studio session of June, 1968. Rising from the ashes of such famous Vancouver bands as The United Empire Loyalists, Cement City Cowboys and Six Cylinder, this band played a style of music that crossed between a fuzzed out John Coltrane sound to one of hard driving rock with Farfisa organ and blazing guitars and hard-edged vocals. Includes all their 45s releases plus other unreleased studio tracks. Don't pay $2,000 for an original copy of the acetate….just buy this release!!! CD $10 SKU:19301

SKEPTICS - The Complete Early Years- 1965-1969digipack - Label:GEAR FAB Finally, on Compact Disc and in Digipak Format, the great and legendary garage band from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Featuring all their 45s, alternate takes, and a rare unreleased bonus track. Many collectors andenthusiasts of this period consider them to be the forerunners of the American Garage Sound of the 1960’s!!
These are the complete recordings featuring their lead singer Jerry Waugh. CD $10 SKU:13799

BREADMAKERS- NIGHT OF THE COBRA ( R & B stompers)Label:OFF THE HIP The Breadmakers recipe (ouch) is timeless. Vocalist Lazy Dic sings rather than bawls and blows a righteous harp. If you’ll excuse a parochial Sydney reference, he sings a little like Continental Robert of the Dynamic Hepnotics with a touch more grit. Sonically speaking, Cajun Spice throws in a generous amount of keyboards, engine room duties are more than capably handled by Deadbelly Stilton (drums) and Cadillac Slim. Blacktop Brierley is a humdinger six-string strummer who pulls out some occasionally eccentric, tightly-wound balls of lead-pickin’ stonk.This band brings home the dough (groan) time after time on this album. It’s a relentless steamroller of suave. Even the Atkins diet couldn’t put the skids under these Breadmakers; their brand of Louisiana stomp is as crunchy as homebaked wholemeal. (194) CD $8 SKU:19220

CHEATS-HATS OFF TO THE CHEATS-Label:OFF THE HIP . Featuring 'Baby Won't You Be My Baby (Tonight)?' as heard on the LG 'Cookie' mobile phone advertisement. Made with two vintage guitar amps and a beat-up drum-kit, here are 13 tracks of live-wire party rock n’ roll that are sure to bring good times! 2 piece garage from Melbourne CD $8 SKU:19224

CREEP OUTS- Hopeless Friends (60s style FOLK POP from the UK )Label:OFF THE HIP Folk/pop from the UK, 60s style. CD $8 SKU:19219

DIMI DERO INC -Sisyphus...Window Cleaning FRENCH R&R STOOGES DOLLS STYLE-Label:OFF THE HIP Dero grew up listening to David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Idol before a friend of his sister gave him mix-tapes featuring punk bands from France and all over the world. “I soon got addicted to The Stooges, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, then a French label called Closer started to release Australian bands: New Christs, Died Pretty, The Fun Things, etc”, Dero recalls. Inspired by the “energy ... the smell of freedom” in The Stooges’ first album, Dero started playing drums in a band by the name of Moby Dick in 1989. “We were mainly playing covers of the bands listed above. I started to play guitar and sing a few years later covering some Johnny Thunders songs then started to write my own stuff,” says Dero. CD $8 SKU:19216

GREEN CIRCLES-TAVISTOCK STREET (PEBBLES STYLE 60s Psych/mod/pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Poppy rock and roll that's fresh and catchy. CD $8 SKU:19221

LONG STRIDES-ST (psych-leaning fuzzed out garage rock..).-Label:OFF THE HIP Psych from perth, band influenced by The Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground, T-Rex, The Stooges, The Modern Lovers, Television, The Saints, The Scientists, Joy Division, New Order, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spaceman 3, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, The Strokes CD $8 SKU:19225

MESS MAKERS- WIPE YOUR FACE (Aussie garage feat ex-Crusaders, Thurston Howlers)Label:OFF THE HIP Great garage from down under. CD $8 SKU:19217

MIDNIGHT WOOLF-TROPICAL DISEASE (Cramps inspired garage )-Label:OFF THE HIP Swamp, blues, surf and garage all go into MIDNIGHT WOOLF’s heady brew. "Tropical Disease" is their fourth, and best, album. Think Cramps, Gun Club, Johnny Cash, or Australia’s own Exotics. CD $8 SKU:19223

PINK FITS-DE JA BLUES (rabid garage punk)-Label:OFF THE HIP If it's more powerpop-ish, it's only by degrees. Wollongong's Pink Fits still kick up a helluva racket on their second full-length for Off the Hip, and do it in a way that will please glued-on fans and win fresh support.Like the EP that prefigured it, this is a progression in the series. For sure there's less noise for noise's sake, but it's been replaced by a bristling intensity that's at the heart of almost every song with Michelle Dilevski's uncluttered production spot-on. Occasional colouring (like Karl Webber's blues harp on the title track) and a bucketload of hooks (especially the catchy "Got Nothing On") shine through again. CD $8 SKU:19227

RECKLESS HEARTS-GET UP AND RUN (Milwaukee powerpop) -Label:OFF THE HIP While Powerpop certainly didn’t take its first steps here in the Midwest (we can actually thank the first wave of ‘60s Britpop bands, such as The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces and, yes, even The Fab Four, for this distinction), it, nonetheless, became fertile ground for many of today’s most respected Power-poppers. Rockford’s Cheap Trick, The Shoes from Zion, IL and Chicago’s Pezband all helped redefine the genre for a new generation of music fans.
Joining the new wave of Midwestern Powerpop bands is the Milwaukee-based four-piece, The Reckless Hearts, featuring Thomas Culkin (vocals, guitars), Ian Lund (bass, vocals), Joel Kopp (guitars) and Jered Piencikowski (drums). Built from the ashes of the late, great Kenosha punk band The Danger, The Reckless Hearts have traded the sweat and saliva from their previous incarnation in favor of melody-driven pop songs filled indelible guitar riffs, hooks galore and unbridled energy. CD $8 SKU:19226

SCREWTOP DETONATORS- 3, 2, 1 I'M DONE (high energy R&R)Label:OFF THE HIP New young combo from Melbourne, tight and exciting live, but with a true ear for melody akin to Redd Kross, Ash, and distinctly Australian acts like the Eastern Dark. A band hitting their peak with a rhythmic gut punch and a sweet melodic centre CD $8 SKU:19222

UPTIGHT- ST (GROOVY ORGAN GARAGELabel:OFF THE HIP Pop Punk from Wellington, Ohio CD $8 SKU:19214

WRONG TURN-NOTHING GROWS FROM SCARS-Label:OFF THE HIP Debut album ex-freeloaders, Lords of Gravity, Philisteins CD $8 SKU:19218


RISING STORM-I'm Coming Home/She Loved Me-Label:PENNIMAN RECORDS (Spain) Remastered sound. Hard cardboard sleeve with never-before-seen pictures and liner notes by Greg Prevost. Limited edition of 400.
The Rising Storm were six students at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, who formed a garage band that performed from 1965 to 1967 and, within this brief time, recorded an amazing album called Calm Before . This 45 honors the 2015 50th anniversary of the band's 1965 inception. It is the only authorized vinyl pressing of two of the most powerful original numbers on Calm Before . . . ("I'm Coming Home" and "She Loved Me") since the album's original 1967 release (when only 500 LPs were pressed) and it is also the only 45 of The Rising Storm's music. 45 RPM $10 SKU:17450

WEAD -BY THE WHEY / AND I & SHE-Label:SLOVENLY You’d figure that with the recent release of two new volumes of Crypt Records’ Back From The Grave series, and a vast stack of Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns comps finally getting their due, that the well of unheard '60s garage band recordings finally got sucked clean dry. Enter Tom Shannon of the mighty CHEATER SLICKS who dialed us up last year with a story of a customer he met while on the clock at Columbus, Ohio’s famed Used Kids Records, where he holds down hours and takes all the good stuff. Said customer delivered a perfectly preserved time capsule 7” acetate from his Cleveland juvenile delinquent combo THE WEAD: drummer Mike O’Callaghan allowed Mr. Shannon home recording privileges on proper gear where the resulting files were handed over to Black Gladiator / Slovenly Recordings for release. Much to garage kingpin Tim Warren’s chagrin, we sent him the tracks to apply his Crypt-style audio tweaking and manhandling, and we now present the first ever issue of this lost 1966 teenpunk masterpiece. “By The Whey” is a rabid punker wrought with menacing mod riffage, a twisted break and lead vox that shows the singer sounding like puberty was still miles away. The flip “And I And She” is of equal unhinged quality - a storming raver that would have easily fit on the “Teen Jangler Blowout!” volume of Teenage Shutdown, and it's as unique as we’ve ever heard 45 RPM $8 SKU:17873

SHINDIG!-#62 GEORGIE FAME It’s Happening Volume 3 A guide to our exclusive compilation The Best Of 2016 The highlights of the year, as voted for by the team BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:18209

SHINDIG!-#63 KINKS FEATURESThe Kinks Banned! The ’65 and ’69 US tours in the words of Ray and Dave Davies themselvesWayne Coyne Getting trippy with alt-psych forefather Simply Saucer Out-of-time Canadian psych-punks
Mary, Mungo & Midge Flowers and social commentary in a ’60s tower block
Brazilian Psychedelia Our guide to 10 essential long-players
Fred Neil Behind the enigmatic folkie’s best-loved song
Long Chris French pop journeyman does baroque psych!
Be Bop Deluxe Bridging the worlds of prog and new wave BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:18305

BANANA SPLITS / HERE COME THE BEAGLES- 2 LPS on one cd plus bonus tracks ( mid 60s pop rockers !) . Label:HOLLYWOOD LIBRARY This 1,000-copy limited-edition CD reissue does collectors -- a favor by putting a wealth of material by the group on one disc, with plenty of rare tracks... ten tracks from the rare 1967 LP by fellow kiddie TV group the Beagles, who are actually not bad mid-'60s pop/rockers with a Beatles-Merseybeat influence to the songs and harmonies CD $14 SKU:15159

BLEU FOREST-A Thousand Trees Deep( 1968 ACID ROCK)Label:GEAR FAB From 1968: An unreleased album which drew the interest of Tower Records until 2 of the band members got their draft notices and the band broke up. Heavy organ driven and Seeds influenced acid rock CD $10 SKU:18876

DOUGLAS FIR -HARD HEART SINGIN (Classic 70s rock)Label:GEAR FAB Their classic 1970 LP, recorded in the great Pacific Northwest State of Portland, Oregon. Great heavy and haunting organ, driving guitars, and outstanding "Guess Who" style vocals make this reissue the favorite choice to look forward to for the summer of 2000!! CD $10 SKU:18724

ELDERBERRY JAK - Long Overdue (1970 Hard Rock/Psych classic )Label:GEAR FAB The great 1970 Hard Rock/Psych classic from this long-lost West Virginia band!! Lots of never before seen photos too!! CD $10 SKU:19002

LEOPOLD, PERRY - CHRISTIAN LUCIFER (60s father of acid folk) - Label:GEAR FAB Long lost LP from the father of Acid Folk. '...a masterpiece ... one of the most artistic, intellectually mature, and haunting albums of its era.' -- All Music GuideReview :Although his incredibly rare first album, Experiment in Metaphysics, was a sensational and dynamic slice of progressive acid folk, Perry Leopold took a phenomenal leap forward on the follow-up, 1973's Christian Lucifer. (It is a small miracle that the recording ever saw the light of day, since the studio at which it was recorded was sold and then closed, and all the master tapes from the sessions were erased and used again, leaving only a few mixdown copies.) The songs on the first album, while all strong individually, didn't quite hold together, but Christian Lucifer is conceptually a whole, impossible to imagine as anything other than what it is. Leopold's melodies again shine like slowly uncovered gems. Complex melodic lines and protracted vocal melodies stretch and build ominously, like the sight of a wise, enigmatic monk concealed beneath a woolen cloak. The religious reference is not an empty simile. If the songs on his first album came across as parables or ancient narrative tales, then Christian Lucifer is a collection of hymns, prayers, and litanies conflicted with the dualities of life, full of metaphysical depth. Whereas the first album stuck to the folk basics, this second album was stunningly produced. Gorgeous layers of acoustic guitars, bass, clavinets, bassoons, recorders, oboes, cellos, tabla, MiniMoog, and explosive timpani and bells gave the album a rococo-styled grace and wispy beauty, invoking everything from medieval madrigals to Bach and Vivaldi to Middle Eastern musics to psychedelia and the Doors. And yet, it is none of those things. There are imprecise similarities to Nick Drake's oppressive but beautiful fragility, the theatrical majesty and scope of David Bowie (who is quoted at the beginning of "Serpentine Lane," a dystopian reply of sorts to "Space Oddity," with Leopold's deep voice infusing the music with the same alien quality), and the visionary mystical musings of Merrell Fankhauser and Jeff Cotton's cult band Mu. The foreboding keyboards of "The Windmill" are pulled directly from "Riders on the Storm," but the album is an entirely unique and novel amalgam. There is a Renaissance Fair feel, particularly in songs such as "Sunday Afternoon in the Garden of Delights" and "The Starewell," harsh and pretty at once, and intriguingly arcane. Leopold was, in fact, a troubadour in the truest sense of the word, singing his music for whoever would listen. Ultimately, the album is a very individual struggle with the duality that lies at its heart and is the crux of everything humanity is and does. Christian Lucifer is both terrestrial and ethereal, both tangible and transcendent. It is unquestionably Leopold's masterpiece, and one of the most artistic, intellectually mature, and haunting albums -- released or not -- of its era. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide CD $10 SKU:18869

OUBA - Freak Out Total (rare 1968 psych)Label:GEAR FAB Another ultra-rare Canadian lost classic. From 1968, this 30 minute long free for all psychedelic party features wild screaming organs and guitars and VERY LOUD drums.. CD $10 SKU:19001

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18601

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18604

BREAKAWAYS (NEW ZEALAND)All For One (Wild, mid-60s, Pretty Things-esque) Label:BREAK-A-WAY Wild, mid-60s, Pretty Things-esque trash R&B from New Zealand
Features rare 45s and tracks from the band's two albums
Mastered by Steve McGough and Midge Marsden at Stebbing Studio Auckland Limited to 500 copies LP $18 SKU:18186


DEAD BOYS - 3rd Generation Nation 180 gram pink (rare outtakes and liners by Cheetah Chrome-Label:BAD BOY THESE ARE PRE-MIX RARE OUTTAKES OF “WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN”. RAW AND UNADULTERATED, THESE ARETHE REAL THING FOR TRUE PUNK-ROCK FANS. CHEETAH CHROME’S LINER NOTES:in January of 1978, the Dead Boys, for some ungodly reason, were sent to Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, to record a follow-up to “Young, Loud & Snotty”. While it was nice hanging out with Andy Gibb & Co, it could have been done cheaper and more happily in New York. Somehow, we felt as comfortable as 5 men sitting in one electric chair, as Disco and Southern Rock ruled the land, and we had spiked hair and dog collars! The result was probably the most disappointed 2nd album in history. Felix Pappalardi, the producer, didn’t understand us, and didn’t want to, as he got paid no matter what, and had plenty of drugs to play with. The songs and performances however, were fine, but you sure couldn’t tell it from the mix, though the cover was nice! Here is a re-EQ’d mix of the pre-EQ’d session, bringing some of the energy and spirit that was the band out front where it belongs. Give it a second chance, it’s been worth the wait! “Big City” still sucks though! LP $16 SKU:16567

TOM THUMB-ESSENTIAL RECORDINGS 1966-1970Label:BREAK-A-WAY During the period 1966-1970 two incarnations of Tom Thumb, a band from Wellington, New Zealand, cut eight singles and one ground breaking prog rock EP. This LP collects the essential tracks, including excellent fuzzy covers of The 13th Floor Elevators, Small Faces, Alan Bown and Jim Pepper. The tracks from the 1970 EP 'The Ludgate Hill', New Zealand's first ever progressive rock record, are also featured. Presented with rare photos, this LP is a treat for fans of 'that kiwi '60s sound', which ranges from garage to psyche. An awesome release! LP $18 SKU:18899