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This weekend we have the NEW SHINDIG, get our 3 issue BUNDLE for just $30. Also another batch of WAREHOUSE FINDS, rare BOMP 45s, magazines, and other rarities from the big BOMP treasure trove. Dig in.

Plus some IMPORT RESTOCKS, and more more more from GEAR FAB RECORDS.

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SHINDIG!#99 ELTON JOHN Label: OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just your choices with your order. Elton John on the cover plus interview / features with Ariel Pink, Nicolas Godin, Bill Fay, Whyte Horses, Don Shinn and more.BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:22308


NOTE: I take photos of multiple cassettes at at time because Im lazy, but this is NOT a set, only the cassette described here is being sold with this listing.
We found a handful of cassettes in our storage area that were recorded and owned by the late, great GREG SHAW. Each cassette has a label either typed or handwritten by Greg himself, most of them from the 80s. These were tapes he used to trade with other collectors and for his own listening enjoyment.
DONT BE ALL ASKING ME WHAT’S ON THEM, these are being released because they are rather historical, not for their specific content. SOLD AS IS!

IGGY - Mantra Studios 3/28/77 - ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE $75 SKU:22314


IGGY POP - SOLDIER Roughs and Rehearsals 8-27-79 ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE $75 SKU:22313

IGGY- Boston Metro 11/11/86- ARCHIVAL GREG SHAW CASSETTE $75 SKU:22311



IGGY POP & the STOOGES - I'm Sick of You /Tight Pants/Scene of the Crime Label:Bomp Records LAST COPIES ORIGINAL PRESSING WITH PICTURE SLEEVE 3 Demos written by Iggy and guitarist James Williamson for the Stooges’ third Album Raw Power. 45 RPM $5 SKU:17551

FLAMIN GROOVIES Featuring Chris Wilson - A Collection Of Rare Demos & Live Recordings -1993 Label:MARILYN Rare LP. LP $50 SKU:21537

ALLAN, DAVIE & THE ARROWS - Vanishing Breed-Label:TOTAL ENERGY Sleeve a little messed up but MINT VINYL 45 RPM $5 SKU:22293

BATORS NOT THAT WAY ANYMORE - PIC SLV ONLY! Label:BOMP We have a stack of gorgeous picture sleeves but no records to go with them. Perfect if you already have the single but no sleeve, OR for hanging on your wall! 45 RPM $8 SKU:22287

FLAMIN GROOVIES- You Tore Me Down - PIC SLV ONLY! Label:BOMP We have a stack of gorgeous picture sleeves but no records to go with them. Perfect if you already have the single but no sleeve, OR for hanging on your wall! 45 RPM $8 SKU:22288

LEOPARDS- Psychedelic Boy ORIG PRESSING 1986Label:VOXX MINT VINYL original pressing with INSERT 45 RPM $25 SKU:22295

PANDORAS - HOT GENERATION - PIC SLV ONLY! Heavy cardboard Label:VOXX We have a few gorgeous picture sleeves but no records to go with them. Perfect if you already have the singe but no sleeve, OR for hanging on your wall! 45 RPM $5 SKU:22291

STREET WALKIN CHEETAHS with Cherie Currie - Cherry BomB-heavy cardboard slv Label:ALIVE 1998 release with CHERRIE CURRIE OF THE RUNAWAYS -MINT 45 RPM $10 SKU:22290

STREET WALKIN CHEETAHS with DENIK TEK - DO the Pop/ MORE FUN -heavy cardboard slv Label:ALIVE 1997 release with Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman MINT 45 RPM $10 SKU:22289


FLIPSIDE MAGAZINE -#27 HALLOWEEN ISSUE Label: Assorted punkers! Light wear
BOOKS & MAGS $50 SKU:22299


BROWN, JAMES- Sex Machine Label:HIP O SELECT 2005 release rare. CD $20 SKU:22306

IGGY POP & James Williamson & The Stooges CD AND MAGAZINE SEALED Label: Les Inrockuptibles Présentent (Titres Rares, Live, Demos) CD $20 SKU:22296

LOVE- The BLue Thumb Recordings - 3 CD BOX SETLabel:HIP O SELECT Limited 3 panel digipak 3 CD set, with remastered Out Here and False Start albums, plus previously unreleased live set recorded in England 1970. CD $40 SKU:22305

WAY, THE - FREQUENCY OF SPIRIT(CLASSIC POWERPOP) Label:DEKO Classic style power pop from a trio featuring (ex-)members of a.o. Angel, Shotgun Symphony, Prophet, Surgin and Corey Glover's backing band. CD $14 SKU:21971

ZZ TOP - Chrome Smoke & BBQ - 4 CD BOX SET Label:WARNERS Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP Sealed promo copy( Small slit thru bar code) 4 CD Box Set Including FlipBook, 88 page 'Menu' Booklet, promo sticker & action figure playset. Comes in a hard-plastic/cardboard 'roadside shack' box. CD $60 SKU:20709

BOLAN, MARC-ELECTRONIC MUSIC(Archival recordings)Label:EASY ACTION Another excellent release of archival Marc Bolan recordings. This LP is a compilation of tracks from '60s tapes that were stolen from Marc's home many years ago, and retrieved only recently. Included are cuts with the legendary John's Children (the mod-psych band which Marc joined for about three months in 1967), plus solo outtakes of material used for singles in 1965. One of these, the song 'Jasper C Debussy' features top session musicians Nicky Hopkins (piano) and bass player John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). This is an essential addition to any Bolan fan's collection LP $32 SKU:22145

DWARVES-Horror Stories Label:VOXX/ COXX SEALED 1985 release LP $30 SKU:22301


FULLER,BOBBY - Tapes Vol 1 ORIG PRESSING 1984 WAREHOUSE FIND - Label:VOXX With insert and BOBBY FULLER FAN CLUB BOOKLET. Mint vinyl and booklet, cover some wear and cut corner LP $30 SKU:22303

SURF TRIO - ALMOST SUMMER LAST COPIES orig pressing Label:VOXX last copies , early release on Voxx. Get this release before it’s gone gone gone. Okay, so they're really a 4-piece and they definitely ain't just a surf band. But before there ever was a surf revival, before punk rock was topping the charts, there was the Surf Trio, combining the best of both worlds with a sound that owed as much to the Ramones as to Dick Dale.” LP $20 SKU:4495




BOLAN, MARC -PICTURES OF PURPLE PEOPLE:(Archival recordings)Label:EASY ACTION Another excellent release of Marc Bolan's archival recordings. This LP is a compilation of tracks from '60s tapes that were stolen from Marc's home many years ago, and retrieved only recently. On offer are rare acoustic demos, dating back to 1965. Many of these tracks already lean towards the sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex material that would be recorded and produced by Tony Visconti a year or so later. In other words, this is an essential addition to any Bolan fan's collection LP $32 SKU:21888

AGAPE -The Problem Is Sin: Live And Unreleased (1973 blazing acid jam but with Jesus!)-Label:HIDDEN VISION Collection of rare material, much of it only previously available on an extremely rare promo-only 8-track tape (!) from one of the first hard rock Jesus music bands, formed around the talent of Fred Caban during the early stages of what became known as the Jesus People movement. Most of it is live from 1973, the stand-outs being a blazing acid jam versions of ‘Wouldn’t it Be a Drag’ and ‘Change of Heart’, live at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. Upon graduating from high school in the spring of 1968, Hendrix-influenced guitarist Fred Caban and his bandmates squeezed into a small Volkswagen van in search of venues to perform. One night, at Huntington Beach's Lightclub, they met a group of enthusiastic teenagers whom Caban described as being "totally immersed with the message of Christ." Though not totally understanding the "Lightclubber's” message, Caban began praying for an introduction to "whomever was out there." When he returned to the van he shared his experience and found that fellow bandmate Jeff Newman had also undergone a spiritual conversion. Caban formed another band naming it Agape, the Greek word for God's love. Having established himself as a guitarist of some merit, the band capitalized on his name to gather crowds. Agape's vision became evangelistic–desiring to share their experience with their peers. "We'd play one or two songs, we'd jam, we'd blow them away and then boom, we'd start preaching..... and people would actually stick around and listen." Within six months a group of fifty young converts had joined the trio as a loose amalgamation of spiritually searching teenagers who gathered together for Bible studies and strategy sessions to promote the band's concerts. CD $10 SKU:19053

BANQUET -JUPITER ROSE (70s style fuzz-psych from S.F)Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) EDITION ON CD. The debut album by a '70s influenced, retro rockin' fuzz-psych quartet from San Francisco. Banquet is one of the bands of the current Californian scene, also including a.o. Earthless, Hot Lunch, Wild Eyes, Joy and Loom. Featuring ripping lead guitars, howling vocals and a rhythm section that can make a pregnant woman's water break, this album offers the perfect soundtrack for a biker who wants to travel the US from coast to coast. CD $10 SKU:18480

BRIMSTONE HOWL- Big Deal What’s He Done Lately - GREAT 60s STYLE GARAGE ORANGE VINYL Label:ALIVE Lincoln, NE's favorite garage sons, and their third LP for Alive records.LAST COPIES, tghe other two are out of print. This time the gang went to Costa Mesa, CA, to record "Big Deal. What's He Done Lately?" (the title references a quote from Johnny Ramone about Phil Spector) at The Distillery under the guidance of engineer/producer Mike McHugh (known to produce some of the most heinous, blown-out sounds this side of the galaxy, including Black Lips, Jon Spencer and Andre Williams). The result is considerably more fuzzed than their previous work with Detroit producer Jim Diamond but still pummels. The main characteristic of this album is its heat. Analog from start to finish. Recorded to tape. Mixed to tape. And from tape the wax was cut. This record sounds hot! LP $15 SKU:10948

CHEEPSKATES-Remember ( power pop )- Label:MUSIC MANIAC Long overdue CD version of this early 90's album by singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert finally released Shaun with his CHEEPSKATES at his best and at his melodic. Cheepskates music belong to the best sixties influenced pop the nineties. CD $5 SKU:18773

COSMIC DEAD PSYCH IS DEAD(STONER PSYCH) LPLabel:MONORAIL Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland who share their music through good vibes and better vibrations. Known for their improv, chaos strewn, Buckfast smashed against the wall take on space music, they have roamed from Roadburn to Las Vegas, Dundee to Bangalore with each album offering a meditative window into a certain time and space. LP $14 SKU:18802

DIMESTORE HALOES- Ghosts of a Saturday Night (Notorious Punk Rock 'N' Roll Weirdos from Boston, Mass)-Label:FULL BREACH Notorious Punk Rock 'N' Roll Weirdos from Boston, Mass. Equal parts the Replacements, Slade, and the Clash. They existed from 1995-2003. Several CDs, vinyl LPs and singles, as well as multiple compilation appearances are out there if you can find them. They appeared in virtually every punk fanzine of the day and opened for everyone from Nashville Pussy to the Casualties to the Groovie Ghoulies. CD $5 SKU:18808

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 1( 60s Pop / Psych) - Label:FLOWER MACHINE REPRESSED!! AT LAST, HERE IT IS - The second press of much sought after Fading Yellow Volume 1 CD. Already considered a bona Fide Classic! Including magical 60s Popsike & other delights. Out of print since 2003. Limited edition of 500 copies. From the people who brought us the mighty 'Diggin'; For Gold' series comes the long awaited CD version of the FADING YELLOW comp. from 1995. 25 Tracks, 8 of which were on the original vinyl version. Mostly UK acts, but also some unique tracks from Europe. Included is a track by KOOBAS,(only available as a 7" b-side in Denmark) + other timeless pop-sike COMP CD $16 SKU:18692

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale - ( great UK guitar psych) LTD ED PURPLE vinyl LAST COPIES -Label:Alive Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange LP $16 SKU:11962

LIGHT-Turn on the (1967 psych) Label:UGLY THINGS The LIGHT was a dynamic, multi-talented supergroup from California's Inland Empire. Formed early 1967, the group united the brightest talents from two of the area's most popular garage bands, the Bush and the Northside Moss. After attracting the attention of Music Machine producer Brian Ross they recorded a single for A&M Records, a Jekyll & Hyde pairing featuring a gorgeous Left-Banke-style A-side "Music Box" and a fuzz-guitar monster flipside, "Back Up." By the end of the summer they had evolved into an incendiary West Coast psychedelic rock ensemble comparable to the Buffalo Springfield or Moby Grape, but with the dual lead guitar firepower of the Beck-Page Yardbirds. CD $10 SKU:6519

LOONS, The - Paraphernalia ( 60s Nuggets style sound ) -Label:UGLY THINGS Second album Led by Mike Stax of Ugly Things Authentic Nuggets-style sounds, performed with taste and accuracy, with songs echoing the Yardbirds, the Pretty Things, and the usual suspects. CD $8 SKU:2039


MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST- VA VOL 4 ( 60s garage ) -Label:CAVERN Garage 45s that are indeed from 'The Action Sixties' just like the tagline claims. Iowa kids with 12 strings make like the Hollies, side projects of the slurpriffic Little Phil & the Nightshadows, teen project by the manager of Cheap Trick. And best of all the adorable, deplorable Dinks from Beloit, Kansas with their novelty that proves you don't need lyrics to make a great singer, the follow up to 'Nina Kocka Nina': 'Kocka-Mow-Mow'. COMP LP $14 SKU:12708

MORNING DEW - Early Years (60s psych ) W INSERT AND PHOTOS - Label:Break- A-way The Morning Dew are mainly known for their highly regarded 1970 psychedelic album recorded for Roulette Records. Between 1966 – 1969, the band had already established a live-and recording history as a local and regional garage and psychedelic band and along with The Blue Things, were one of Kansas' most exciting regional top-acts. This LP presents fourteen early recordings including the 1966 Audio House session, both their 1966/67 singles A´s & B´s for Fairyland Records and alternative versions on side one. Side two features the band‘s 1968 Fairyland summer sessions, which forged a complex psychedelic sound that culminated in a record deal with Roulette Records. This release covers the band’s local years from 1966 – 69 and includes material never before released or unavailable on vinyl for years. LP $16 SKU:10857

NOW PLAYING IN A STEREO NEAR YOU! - Promo CD housed in a movie tin! Label:RHINO NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP COMP CD $15 SKU:21042

NURT - COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS 1972/1974 (first Polish heavy rock band )Label:KAMELEON urt was a band from Poland playing some sort of jazzy prog, though very eclectic in the sense that they seemed to pla whatever came to them. That can be a good thing but could also spell confusion and bewilderment. But! I do feel that they get away with it.The sound on this album is very raw and though recorded in the studio for radio airplay I get the feeling that this is the way they sounded live and that makes me very interested indeed. The music is very bluesy and quite typical, to some extent, of the early progressive scene that came out of jazz, rock and blues. You won't find many classical ingredients, rather a stripped down and dirty progressive rock, bordering on hardrock. CD $14 SKU:19156

SAN UL LIM THE FIRST CD (1977 psych power pop garage) - Label:WORLD PSYCHEDELIA (Korea) Gentle garage psych with a dreamy west coast flair and tons of awesome fuzzed out guitars with lyrics in Korean language. It clearly sounds like the best psychedelic power pop and garage stuff you could get in the UK and USA ten years earlier, a typical 1966 garage sound with fuzzy axes and some thin but sympathetic Farfisa organs. They released this debut album back in 1977 while the compositions actually have been conceived from 1971 to 1975. They heavily remind of The Zombies. Even though San Ul Lim play in a way more direct fashion, they do have these heartwarming vocal melodies and are all in all gifted players. Other acts we could take as references are The Flies (UK, Pre-T2) or The Petards (Germany). A lovely flashback to the golden age of music.. CD $10 SKU:16721

SIXTIES REBELLION Vol 16 The Living Room ( U.S. 60s garage ) - Label:WAY BACK This volume has been complied by Freddy Fortune, and features 17 amazing tracks of orare 60s American garage :. Artwork by Rudi Protrudi of the Fuzztones. Import. COMP CD $5 SKU:1699

SORROWS - Bad Times Good Times (1977 power pop gems) LP RED VINYL Label:BOMP "Bad Times Good Times" marks the first time ever SORROWS music appears on CD as well as a LIMITED EDITION VINYL. Filled with never released recordings of their power pop gems, demos and live performances, the album is a feast for post-punk new vave fans and collectors who have been asking for years to be able to get their hands on SORROWS music.Formed in 1977 in NYC by Arthur Alexander (ex-Poppees), Joey Cola, Ricky Street and Jett Harris (ex-Poppees), SORROWS were all about the songs. Their tunes are filled with strong melodies, irresistible hooks and creative harmonies supported by their powerful backbeat and hard driving guitars. SORROWS two critically acclaimed albums and several singles on CBS Pavillion have become highly praised and are sought after collector items. LP $16 SKU:12069

TEEN TRASH #11 -STRANGE FLOWERS (60s style garage psych)Label:MUSIC MANIAC The Strange Flowers are regarded as one of the most original and valuable acts of the psychedelic and garage scene in Europe. CD $5 SKU:10072

TEEN TRASH VOL.10- Falling Spikes (60s style garage)-Label:MUSIC MANIA The FALLING SPIKES have been making great music in the Northwest corner of the United States since 1985. This collection is theirEntire recorded output, with two exceptions: the master tape of 'My Baby Hurt My Head' was destroyed and 'The Twitch' remains available only on Chaos Records. CD $6 SKU:18775

THOMAS FUNCTION - CELEBRATION LTD edition ORANGE VINYL (GREAT overlooked Southern pop psych - Label:ALIVE Mellifluously mixing genres like country, R&B, psychedelia and blues underneath a sheen of jangly pop, Thomas Function has crafted a stunning collection of epic, memorable pop that builds up to a stunning release." - Flagpole LP $10 SKU:10951

TONY JOE WHITE Swamp Music: The Complete Monument Recordings BOX SET -Label:RHINO HANDMADE UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP PROMO COPY- black line thru bar code. CD $50 SKU:22069

UGLY THINGS- 38 Headlining feature in this issue is a massive, exclusive, detail-packed interview with Dave Davies of The Kinks by Richie Unterberger, who also got access to internal memos from Warners/Reprise (the Kinks US record company) that shed new light on the band's story. Also present is a big story on US '70s art punks The Screamers, including an extensive unpublished 1978 interview by Jon Savage, rare photos and more. Then this issue pays attention to Texas garage-psych icons The Golden Dawn, cult hard rock trio Dust, Swedish beat innovator Hazze Hep, Dutch beat group The Lazy Bones, '70s punkers Elton Motello, Norway's Borres Kork, Unsettled Society (of "17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs" infamy), Blue Cheer, Vanda-Youngs Marcus Hook Roll Band, the early years of Lester Bangs, and mind-melting interviews with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), Johny Barbata (Sentinals, Turtles, CSNY, Jefferson Airplane), and Johnny Strike of Crime. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin Groovies shares his experiences of 1968, and we take a journey deep, deep into The Diamond Mine with legendary DJ Dave Diamond. And, as always, the comprehensive review sections covers all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:14719

UGLY THINGS- #39 Brian Jones -Label: Two attention-grabbing cover stories this time... Brian Jones was one of '60s rock's most iconic stars and also one of its most maligned and misunderstood. Harvey Kubernik sGHets the record straight, weaving together interviews with many people who knew or worked with Brian. The Clingers were one of the first all-female rock groups, four beautiful sisters whose story is a gripping saga of teenage drama and determination. We also have an in-depth feature one of the ultimate UK freakbeat groups, The Mickey Finn, and an interview with Michael Des Barres about his rock 'n' roll days with Silverhead. Other interviews include Chris Bailey of The Saints, Tim Warren of Crypt Records, and Aussie rocker Ross Wilson of The Pink Finks and Daddy Cool. Plus stories on the San Pedro garage band The Grapes of Wrath, The Soul Vendors, French Ye-Ye girl Annie Philippe, and folk-rock duo David & Anthony. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies revisits 1969-70, and of course there's our comprehensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock 'n' roll-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:16729

VIP VOP TAPES- Vol 3 (legendary compilations put together by Lux Interior himself) GREEN VINYL Label:MMR Volume three in the 'Vip Vop Tapes', legendary compilations put together by Lux Interior himself. Lux compiled these tapes to be played before The Cramps would take to the stage, mixing obscure and rare rockabilly, doo wop, surf and just plain weird tracks with crazed voice overs and excerpts from B-movies and worse! Should be considered as complimentary to the 'Born Bad', 'Songs The Cramps Taught Us', 'Purple Knif Show' and 'Forbidden City Dog Food' albums. This is an ultra-limited edition and will sell out in a matter of weeks. COMP LP $22 SKU:19575

WALLRUS- Burn the Shivers (GROOVE ROCK) -Label:FREEBIRD On their second full length release, WALLRUS brings you 12 brand new tracks of dirty, sincere and unpolished groove rock. After having re-released "The wind blows witches from the sky" Freebird Records it took almost two years to complete the album. But it was worth the long waiting. WALLRUS takes you on a rollercoaster ride of groove rock, while vocalist Rob Rietdijk is turning his lungs inside out to create the biggest variety in vocal styles ever presented in this genre, and way beyond. Includes a video by willem de Roon for viewing pleasure on your PC. And they managed to include a track name longer than "The wind blows witches from the sky" this time.... CD $8 SKU:18812


LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE HAPPINES$ VENDING MACHINE -PINK/WHITE VINYL Label:HEADSPIN ..ARTHROPODA LEPIDOPTRA'. Limited edition of 150 copies on PINK/WHITE vinyl, housed in a thick (280-gram) carton sleeve with a 3mm spine. Also included is an authentic TLoEH monetary note. The single offers two psychedelic pop jewels that serve as a taster for the band's 2015 full-length, 'The Acceleration Of Time'. The A-side is a gallopping, stomping song, drenched in mellotrons and catchy fuzz guitar-licks, and with a twangin' interlude. On the flip 'Anthrododa Lepidoptra' provides a multi-colour floating tapestry of dreampop, inspired by '60s UK freak-beat and Toytown popsike. Goosepimples!! 45 RPM $8 SKU:18745

LUCK OF EDEN HALL-THE END OF THE LANE/BLOWN TO KINGDOM COME (NEO PSYCH)Label: MEGA DODO Neo-psychedelic rock band The Luck Of Eden Hall has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene since the 1990s. The band's 'The End Of The Lane' pays tribute to the classic psych singles of yore, featuring lush guitars, plenty of echo on the vocals, the warm sound of the mellotron and a rhythm section with an uncanny gift for melodic fills. 'The End Of The Lane' is a song that was inspired by Neil Gaiman's book 'The Ocean At The End Of The Lane'. Mr. Gaiman himself created a drawing for the front cover of this single. Limited to 150 copies on BLACK VINYL. 45 RPM $8 SKU:19119

TOMCATS/LOS JUNIOR'S- A Tu Vera/Te Fuiste (60s nuggets PSYCH FUZZ ) -Label:MUNSTER RECORDS (SPAIN) Special split 7" featuring two untamed '60s nuggets from Munster's Algo Salvaje compilation (MR 314CD/LP). English band Tomcats visited Spain in 1965 and they recorded this rifftastic and fuzzed out version of the classic copla song "A tu vera." On the other side, "Te fuiste" by Pamplona's Los Junior's is a spectacular mid-tempo driven by an imposing rhythm and an undulating organ of clearly lysergic reminiscences. 45 RPM $7 SKU:16675

AURA- Sativa (70s SF w band memorabilia, three unreleased bonus tracks) - Label:CICADELIC S.F. based psych-funk band that formed in 1974 and played extensively throughout Northern California. Replete with rare band memorabilia and three previously unreleased bonus tracks. CD $8 SKU:12753

BWANA- ST(1970 funk/psych rare-groove)Label:ACID SYMPOSIUM (Greece) YIKES! Cover way too controversial to show. Didnt know about it or i might not have ordered it. Google if you want.Reappearance on CD (with tasteless original cover art intact) of fantastic latin funk/psych rare-groove special from around 1970; as latin mavens Dusty Groove say, it’s “an insanely wonderful bit of Latin funk! The groove is super heavy, and falls somewhere in between NuYorican soul and Chicano Power rock—with a sound that's pretty close to Black Sugar, but a little bit more psychedelic, due to the heavy guitars and keyboards in the grooves. Hard congas take the lead on most of the tracks—especially the cut ‘Chapumbambe’, which starts with a nice breakbeat.” We say: astral-planar Latin jams, with blazing guitar and organ, laid down over hot funk/psych grooves; leads off with the eight-minute runaway train 'Tema de Bwana'; what's next, you wonder? why it's the intricate twin-guitar progressive call and response jam of 'La Patada'; the rest gets better from there, with songs that shift and flow until they hit an acid freakout point—check out the end of 'Chapumbambe', or the second half of the thirteen-plus minute soul/psych style rave up 'Lolita' that closes the album. CD $15 SKU:19051

COLOURS- S/T (60s psych Pop )- Label:World Psychedelia A reissue of the 1968 self-titled album from this psychedelic pop combo, whose liner notes claim the band "have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid." Orchestrations, disturbing time and key changes, and sitar drone are all added to the mix. Includes the standouts "Bad Day At Black Rock Baby," the commune-song "Brother Lou's Love Colony"--later covered by Moon--and the eerie "Cataleptic." CD $10 SKU:3258

MILKWOOD TAPESTRY - ST (60s acid guitar)Label:GEAR FAB Their classic self-titled 1969 LP is a journey into sea ring acid-guitar with touches of soft folky ballads, lots of heavy rock, and some mind-bending manic music that ranges in style from The Incredible String Band to Arthur Lee's Love to Jethro Tull To Fairport Convention to Sgt. Peppers. Fantastic harmonies round out this great album." CD $10 SKU:18871

MOUSTAKI ,GEORGES - Le Concert (French 50s/60s outsider) LAST COPIESLabel:PAZZAZZ (Germany) lAthough he achieved his greatest fame in France, singing French-language songs in a distinctly French style, singer/songwriter Georges Moustaki was more a citizen of the world—or, as he often put it a “citizen of the French language.’ Christening himself a cultural “mongrel" in his signature hit ’Le Métèque," Moustaki’s first love was the classic-style French chanson—but he often appropriated world folk music from Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Brazil (bossa nova and MPB), Argentina (tango) and other parts of Latin America, the United States (blues and jazz), and anywhere else his travels took him. Simplicity was a hallmark of many of his own recordings; possessed of a soft, warm voice, he often sang with only his own guitar for accompaniment, creating an intimacy that translated to his live gigs as well. A successful artist in his own right, Moustaki initially made his name as a songwriter of some renown, composing material for many of the top French singers of the late '50s and ’60s, his one-time lover Édith Piaf (including the massive hit ‘Milord’), Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Dalida (including ‘Gigi l'amoroso’), France Gall, and Cindy Daniel. Moustaki has moonlighted as a poet, actor, novelist, and journalist at various points in his career, and remains one of France's more ambitious artists as his trademark beard and long, flowing hair have turned white. CD $8 SKU:19057

NATURALS -We are the Naturals (60s vibe KINKS,BEATLES STYLE) Label:OFF THE HIP Their 1960's vibe and songwriting prowess is something that comes very naturally to both Aaron and Keiren having eagerly picked up instruments during their teen years whilst simultaneously "discovering" such bands as The Beatles, The Kinks and The Zombies. CD $8 SKU:19147

WAX ON RADIO- Exposition ( American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois. )Label:Downtown Radio Promo hole in Barcode, never been played. CD $5 SKU:17864

WAYGOOD, OTIS BLUES BANDST (1969 acid blues from South Africa)Label:FRESH Excellent album from one of South Africa's best kept secrets, this is slow acid blues with amazing fuzz guitars and gentle passages with flute playing to die for. Long extended jams on certain tracks get heavier and heavier. The first nine tracks on this disc are their complete Parlophone label album from 1970, including their classic takes on traditional tunes 'Watch 'n Chain' and 'I Can't Keep From Crying', plus their burning version of 'Fever'—not blues rock as one might think—it's bluesy no doubt, but with flute and saxophone giving a hippie jamming Sweetwater vibe to the proceedings; three bonus tracks are from their jazzier 1971 Parlophone album "Ten Claps and a Scream"; liner notes and photos have complete band history. They came from Rhodesia in 1969 and had people freaking out straight away at their high-octane live shows; by 1971 they were gone—and rock in Africa was never the same again! CD $12 SKU:11153

GAIETY RECORDS STORY- VOL.2 (Rare 60s garage, punk & psych singles) SALE! Label:PACEMAKER At last, a second collection of rare singles from the label that produced the cream of the mid-sixties crop of Canadian garage, punk, and psychedelic music! The Gaiety roster was rich in talent (the 49th Parallel, Jarvis Street Review, and Souls of Inspyration, not to mention the Checkerlads, White Knights, Dewline, Tomorrow's Keepsake, NRG, Merriday Park, and Portland Street South)—but it was not rich in resources, which is why these singles are so incredibly rare. This second Gaiety Records volume has twenty-four tracks in all, ranging from the ferocious punk psych of Solid Reputation’s ‘Lies’ to the wonderfully druggy (and truly demented) ‘Ode to a Cucumber, A Berry, and A Flower", a song that deserves to be in the pantheon of weird psychedelia right alongside the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s ‘Help, I’m a Rock’. NRG’s UK psych-inspired ‘Magic Man,’ much in demand in collector’s circles, is here in all its glory—along with six other tracks by this underrated band, including the psychedelic groover ‘Withcraft’. Other highlights are four more terrific beat/pop songs from the Plague and Lexington Avenue (bands who would become better known later as Jarvis Street Review). Tracks by the Checkerlads, Tomorrow's Keepsake, Flying Colours, Portland Street South, round out the disc, and (we hope) bring pleasure to everyone. COMP CD $10 SKU:16069

SCHNITZELBEAT Vol 2 -You Are The Only One (Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970) Label:DIGATON Raw Teenage Beat And Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970'. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock made in Austria, 1964-1970. Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), 'Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2' is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity. You'll find instro rock smashers, beat ballads, straight-up rhythm'n'blues pieces, jangling, folksy harmonies, savage proto-punk blowouts, and, of course, the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. COMP LP $22 SKU:16877

SEARCHING IN THE WILDERNESS- V/A( Marvelous Dutch 60’s garage-beat-psych)- Label:MUZIEK EXPRESS Marvelous Dutch 60’s garage-beat-psych and more. Feat. Namelosers,Buzz,Outlaws,Cherokees,Q65,Outsiders,etc. Photos and liner notes COMP LP $14 SKU:233

HAIR- The Original Japanese Cast Recording 1969 pressing WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:RCA The Japanese version of Hair! Rarer than rare, stranger than strange
GATEFOLD COVER , stereo 1969 . MINT DISC, COVER VG++ Performers credited both in English and Japanese in gatefold six-page sleeve. Tribe members credited only in Japanese, lead cast members credited in abbreviated form in English on labels. LP $25 SKU:17355

TREE PEOPLE- Human Voices SALE!( late '70s Oregon hippie folk band)Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) his is the second album from Oregon's The Tree People, the late '70s Oregon-based predecessors to the ongoing new folk movement in the USA. You already know about their 1979 debut album and you know it's a masterpiece, but did you know about their second album recorded in 1984? Surely not, especially because it was a cassette-only release with a very short print-run. The sound quality on this reissue is splendid, and the music itself is equally as good, if not better than, their self-titled debut and is a real must for any folk and psych-folk lover. Acoustic guitars, subtle percussion, pastoral flute work and some warm vocals make The Tree People's music absolutely ahead of its time. A real beauty! Includes an insert with liner notes by the band's leader Stephen Cohen, as well as some nice pictures LP $12 SKU:10638