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Got the new Shindig for you guys (coming THURSDAY, so don’t panic if we don’t sent it out right away, keep those panties on and tight until then!)

Also some nice restocks of previously sold out items, AND a bunch more cheapo CDS!

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SHINDIG!#78 BOWIE David Bowie 1968: a year spent between records deals, performing mime and playing cabaret. Something had to give...
Thee Hypnotics Back from the brink
Martha Reeves The Motown legend reflects
Luther Russell The little-known LA journeyman
UK Country-Rock How the Brit school of 1968 embraced their US roots
The Association Time for livin’ a different way
Robyn Hitchcock An in-depth overview of his A&M years BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU: 18237

CRIPPLERS-ONE MORE FOR THE BAD GUYS (ROCK AND ROLL 70S BLUES STYLE) Label:DIONYSUS Emerging from the same fertile soil that produced hooligans Untamed Youth and The Revelators, comes another sprout of rock'n'roll poison ivy. Taking inspiration from the two aforementioned, the band sets off on a screaming trek through elements of dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage, and loud'n'angry rock'n'roll. Growling, explosive, and trashed. CD $4 SKU:19865

JUPITER AFFECT Restoration of Culture.. (catchy pop w Michael Quercio, of the legendary Three O'Clock) Label:ORANGE SKY Restored! The Jupiter Affect return with their second full length CD, The Restoration of Culture After Genghis Khan, following their critically acclaimed release Instructions For the Two Ways of Becoming Alice. The band returns better than ever with their special brand of incredibly catchy pop hooks. This time around they bring in even more outside instrumentation: strings, horns, keyboards and all such wonderful things. From the heavy rock of "Genghis Khan Blues Theme" to the beautifully orchestrated "Do You Remember," the band continues their tradition of mixing heavy guitar and classical instruments. Leading the band is Michael Quercio, former member of the legendary The Three O'Clock, joined again by drummer Chris Bruckner and new members, guitarist Brad Lindsay and Keyboardist Eric Tricket. This latest release is sure to catch the ears and imagination of a public who do long for a Rock and Roll "Culture Restored!” CD $5 SKU:5160

KATANGA: Exotic Music from the Jungle 10” -Label:DOGHOUSE AND BONE Folks, welcome to Bongo Land! Katanga gathers 10 irresistible tracks of vintage exotica from the '50s and '60s and commits them to 10 inches of pristine wax. Features songs by Incredible Bongo Band, Dave Clark Five, Preston Epps and more! (2014) COMP LP $22 SKU:19579

COSMOPOLITANS- WILD MOOSE PARTY “New Wave pom-pom girls with brains.” -Label:DIONYSUS The Village Voice described them as “New Wave pom-pom girls with brains.” The Cosmopolitans surfed the New Wave as leaders of the pack of party bands With their Shangri-La’s attitude, their Hullabaloo choreography, their Sam the Sham spirit, and their deadpan lyrics, it was like watching your favorite Sixties girl group, except the girls did more than just stand with a microphone and sing. They danced wildly, they played instruments, they pounded toy hammers and tossed a baton. It was crazy, liberating, humorous, and very Cosmopolitan… The Cosmopolitans were a dance-troupe-turned-rock combo that caught the fancy of swinging New Yorkers at the height of the punk/New Wave era. They brought down the house at the hippest downtown clubs: the Mudd Club, Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s, Tier Three, the Ritz, the Peppermint Lounge, and Irving Plaza. Made up primarily of Jamie K. Sims and Nel Moore, the band also featured Mitch Easter on guitar. The group is best-remembered for cutting one of the most infectious singles of the era: “(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy” b/w “Wild Moose Party” and “Dancin’ Lesson.” The single originally came out on Alan Betrock’s Shake Records, then was picked up by Albion Records in Britain. The first two songs got heavy airplay on New York’s most popular rock (WNEW) and disco (WBLS) stations, as well as college radio. Goldmine wrote that “Husband Happy” had “an infectious beat, a wild sense of humor . . . The spunky chorus and the band’s cynical musical complement make this record priceless!” This compilation collects not only all three sides from the Cosmopolitans’ classic out-of-print single from1980, but also previously unreleased cuts and live material, including tabloid-inspired “Chevy Baby” and “Doug.” AND two bonus features: the original video of “(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy” and liner notes by rock journalist Parke Puterbaugh. CD $3 SKU:19820

CRUSADERS- FAT, DRUNK, AND STUPID (manic Aussie garage punk rock 'n' roll )-Label:DIONYSUS Skull-crunching, out-of-your mind, manic garage punk rock 'n' roll from Sydney, Australia. An ultra lo-fi, hi-energy blast that will have you pinned to the nearest wall. CD $3 SKU:19821

DEAD SHERIFF- ROCKAPOCALYPTICA (70s/80s style hard rock)Label:DIONYSUS Great Scandinavian band, inspired by both the hardest rockin' groups from the 70s & 80s, along with the fury of the aggressive punk rock, you are gonna just love DEAD SHERIFF! CONSIGN CD $3 SKU:19819

GILMORE, JOHN- LAID BARE -Label:DIONYSUS Laid Bare is the perfect soundtrack to Los Angeles' seamy underside, combining critically-acclaimed true crime author John Gilmore's riveting spoken word accounts about Hollywood’s famous and doomed icons (Black Dahlia, James Dean, Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Manson, and more) with Skip Heller’s hip breezy jazz score. CD $3 SKU:19817

HELLER, SKIP - Career Suicide The Skip Heller Anthology: 1994-2001 -Label:DIONYSUS featuring Joey Altruda, Big Sandy, DJ Bonebrake*, Uri Caine, Robert Drasnin, Doug Fieger, Lalo Guerrero, Katy Moffatt Here's a neat collection of some stuff from compact discs, live shows, cartoon and film scores. It's a plethora of unreleased material from "Los Angeles' worst-kept or best-kept secret", depending on who you ask. Put this disc in and you'll swear it's a soundtrack from your favorite movie CD $5 SKU:19826

HONEYRIDER- SUNSHINE SKYWAY (infectious pop gems)Label:DIONYSUS/ORANGE SKY Florida's Honeyrider are one of the more widely buzzed about bands in the indie underground. Their first two releases on legendary UK label Damaged Goods Records—All Systems Go! (1998) and Splashdown (2000)—are infectious pop gems that won the group praise in publications such as the NME and Rolling Stone. The group has just completed their third album, Sunshine Skyway, which is their best effort yet. Like its predecessors, the new record is full of buzzin' Jesus and Mary Chain/Primitives guitar sounds, Beach Boys-styled melodies, and soulful psychedelic pop, but the songwriting here is even more potent, the lyrics displaying a personal side that vocalist/guitarist Gary Strickland has only hinted at previously.CD $3 SKU:19816

SAMMY MASTERS- EVERYBODY DIGS (50s Rockabilly legend)Label:DIONYSUS The groundbreaking return of '50s Rockabilly legend, responsible for songs like "Pink Cadillac" and "Some Like It Hot!" This new recording has Sammy returning to his roots with an all-star line up featuring Skip Heller, Ray Campi, and Deke Dickerson. CD $3 SKU:19813

VOLTA SOUND- MY ALL AMERICAN GIRL(BJM, SPACEMEN 3 STYLE)-Label:ORANGE SKY Cleveland's The Volta Sound play an enticing blend of space pop rock and roll, kinda like Spiritualized meets Josie and the Pussycats. Fans of seminal groups such as The Dandy Warhols, Spacemen 3/Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Jesus and Mary Chain will flip over these guys. CD $3 SKU:19810

LYRES- Some Lyres (essential GARAGE) RED Label:TAANG Fabulous collection of absolutely essential Garage tunes by Boston's finest! Limited Edition RED VINYL Exclusive! Includes plenty of hits like Busy Body, How Do You Know, Here's A Heart, Touch, She's Got Eyes, Don't Give It Up Now… every song's a hit! LP $21 SKU:19697


SHINDIG!-#75 1968 Label: 1968 The highs and lows, changes and music The Banana Splits1968’s greatest, bubblegum-band-come-TV-show, Superpop
1968’s young faces, big voices and instant melodies The Temptations, Norman Whitfield & The Changing Face Of Motown
Going Technicolour in ‘Cloud Nine’ BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:19487

UGLY THINGS- 47 LOLLIPOP SHOP Label: In this issue (and on the cover)a tribute to the recently departed FRED COLE and a feature story on his ‘60s era bands THE WEEDS and THE LOLLIPOP SHOPPE, including rare and unseen photos.
Also, pre-teen garage combo THE LITTLE BITS, British R&B punks THE BETTERDAYS, Swedish beat rockers THE SHAMROCKS, THE BOUGALIEU (“Let’s Do Wrong”), madcap Dischord punks THE SNAKES, shady producer CHARLIE DREYER (Flat Earth Society, Shaggs, Hamlet), OMEGA RED STAR from Hungary, TERMINAL MIND, and interviews with surf vocal maestro CHUCK GIRARD, psychedelic songwriter WOLFGANG DIOS (“Black Roses”), STIV BATORS’ drummer David Quinton, NICO collaborator LUTZ ULBRICH (Agitation Free), and PAT PRIEST (Marilyn on THE MUNSTERS TV show).
Not forgetting our regular PRETTY THINGS and FLAMIN’ GROOVIES columns, and of course our info-packed reissue and book review sections. (2018) BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:19726

BANANA SPLITS /HERE COME THE BEAGLES- 2 LPS on one cd plus bonus tracks ( mid 60s pop rockers ! Label:HOLLYWOOD LIBRARY This 1,000-copy limited-edition CD reissue does collectors -- a favor by putting a wealth of material by the group on one disc, with plenty of rare tracks... ten tracks from the rare 1967 LP by fellow kiddie TV group the Beagles, who are actually not bad mid-'60s pop/rockers with a Beatles-Merseybeat influence to the songs and harmonies CD $14 SKU:15159

MIRACLE WORKERS-Moxies Revenge (60s style garage)Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers’ earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! CD $14 SKU:361

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 1 (rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS U.K.Compiling power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles 75 thru ‘86. 8 page booklet full of pictures and extensive liner notes. w.. Invaders, Boyfriends, Slowguns, Quads, Squares, etc. 24 tracks.Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:741

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 2(rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Infidels, Notes, Zippers, Puppet Rulers, Boys, Secrets, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:742

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 3(rare 70s power-pop, mod,and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS Feat. Strangeways, Kick, Spys, Moondogs, Speedmetors, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:743

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 5(rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Invaders, White Heat, Jolt, Tours, Questions, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:745

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 6(rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA All Around The World- This series compile s power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. The Spliffs, Badge, Rousers, Vertex, Tweed, Mops, Esqueletos, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:962

WYLD SYDES - Vol 7(RARE -60’s garage U.S. garage ) - Label:RETRO GENE Yes, there's just too much great '60s garage to stop at one. Every volume is a MUST for the garage fan, and features tracks that have never been comped, never been on CD, or never even issued in the first place! There's also rare classics that have been unavailable for a decade or three. COMP CD $15 SKU:16946

BLACK KEYS - Rubber Factory 180 gram -Label:FAT POSSUM 2004 release, the third album from the acclaimed Alt-Rock/Blues duo. Rubber Factory continues the Black Keys' tradition of raw, heavily blues-influenced indie rock. Rubber Factory was recorded in an abandoned coal burning power plant in the Black Keys' hometown of Akron, Ohio, and like Thickfreakness, was recorded and produced by Patrick Carney. LP $16 SKU:16536

FLAMIN' GROOVIES- Flamingo ( 70s garage gods ) GATEFOLD- Label:KAMA SUTRA Killer 1970 rock n' roll from Roy and Cyril and the gang! Monstrously cool sound!Original gatefold cover! WOW!LP $22 SKU:16641

VELVET UNDERGOUND & NICO -ST- Banana cover GATEFOLD YELLOW VINYL Label:VERVE Limited Edition, Reissue, Stereo, Yellow, Gatefold LP $16 SKU:18293

BLOOD GROOP- Revolution Blues (LIME SPIDERS frontman- garage pop ) - Label:OFF THE HIP Mick Blood is best known as the iconic frontman/ singer/songwriter for the LIME SPIDERS. According to Juice magazine in Nov ’04, “Mick Blood has a knack verging on genius for penning three minute garage gems”Mick Blood has finally decided that two guitars just isn’t enough and the explosion of sound on this recording is courtesy of Julian Poulsen (Moler, Stiff Kittens, Green Mist), Andrew Kentler (Glide, Gamma Rays) and Ollie Laurie (Exotics, Hoss). Completing this superb line up is the awesome rythmn section of Pete Leeming on bass & the hired gun of Michael “Kaos” Glenn on drums. CD $13 SKU:9609

BREAKAWAYS- Walking Out On Love-The Lost Sessions 1978(NERVES related POWERPOP - Label:ALIVE After spending nearly 30 years gathering dust in a closet The Breakaways makes its worldwide debut! Born in 1978 after the demise of The NERVES, this short lived combo was formed by PAUL COLLINS and PETER CASE, just prior to the formation of The Plimsouls and The Beat. "Walking Out On Love - The Lost Sessions" compiles all the band's known material, including c. "This is the sound of pop on the streets of Los Angeles circa 1978." -- Paul Collins. "I'd forgotten these tapes even existed. We were definitely homing in on something." -- Peter Case. CD $10 SKU:10804

DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT- Sound for Two EPCD (Aussie psych paisley) w 2 exclusive tracks. (OTH7070) - Label:OFF THE HIP More Sydney psych greatness from Dan Poulter's doped-out paisley brigade. 2 songs from the coming DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT album (due Feb'09), plus 2 exclusive tracks. It's gonna be a trippy summer to be sure. CD $8 SKU:9607

GIRLS WANT THE BOYS! -SWEDEN'S BEAT GIRLS 1966-1970 - 180-GRAM / WHITE VINYL-Label:ACE Ace's 12-course smorgasbord of Swedish she-pop opens with early solo sides by ABBA's lead singers, Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. The rest of the album includes cuts by Plommons, Lill-Babs, Mona Wessmen, and Plums. (2016) COMP LP $19 SKU:18014

GOLDEN GRASS -VA 4-Way Split Vol. 2 (trippy psych!) -Label:HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (ITALY) After spacing out fiercely on the first volume of the Heavy Psych Sounds 4-Way Split, it's time to hit the ground running! The HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 brings funked-out '70s boogie down the highway with heavy hitters Wild Eyes, recent HPS-signees Banquet, Brooklyn sunshine rockers The Golden Grassand fuzz traditionalists Killer Boogie. All four bands bring a fresh sound to classic heavy rock, and after uniting Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes to highlight trippy psychedelic groove, HPS 4-Way Split Vol. 2 gives an earthier take while continuing to feature some of the underground's best up and coming acts! COMP LP $25 SKU:17746

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale- ( great UK guitar psych ) SAALE -Label:ALIVE Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange CD $5 SKU:9674

JERK BOOM BAM- Vol 1 killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! -Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! COMP LP $13 SKU:18349

JERK BOOM BAM- Vol 2 (killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! )Label:Jerk! Boom! Bam! Records Fantastic series of killer late-1950s to mid-1960s American rhythm'n'blues and pre-soul and greasy soul! COMP LP $13 SKU:18350

LAST OF THE GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS - VOL 8 GATEFOLD HEARTBROKEN AMERICAN GARAGE JANGLE MISERY 1965-1967-Label:CRYPT 15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk MISERY - garage punk SADness in gatefold sleeved luxury with liner notes, band photos and label scans. (Note: This is an entirely new series and none of these tracks were on the old series 'Garage Punk Unknowns'). COMP LP $18 SKU:17687

LEFT LANE CRUISER-All You Can Eat digipack - Label:ALIVE "All You Can Eat!!" showcases the band's high-voltage punk blues style they're known for and it is everything fans of their Alive debut expects and a lot more! Follow up to their acclaimed 2008 release "Bring 'Yo Ass To the Table," this new album was recorded in Detroit at the infamous Ghetto Recorders, and produced by legendary Jim Diamond. If you're not hip to the Cruisers yet here is the lowdown : hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Left Lane Cruiser is part of the new punk blues scene and is formed by Freddy J IV (Joe) on slide guitar, and hoarse vocals, and Brenn Beck (aka Sausage Paw) on drums and assorted percussion (washboard, trash cans, cowbells).
"Left Lane Cruiser plays North Mississippi style blues like a lot of blues bands do these days, they just play it louder and harsher than anyone else, and that includes the North Mississippi AllStars - their sound comes across big enough to fill a stadium." - Blogcritics. "R.L Burnside, Seasick Steve, trash cans, hub caps, meth smoking two dollar pawn shop mics and all sounding as cool as that all sounds." - Organ. "This is the blues in their purest form, rough and ragged, rubbed raw by too much hard living and too many tough breaks." - AMG. "Left Lane Cruiser's high-voltage blues sound is downright nasty. Blistering electric slide guitar and leering vocals distill old-school Mississippi blues down to its rowdiest essence." - Casual Listening CD $10 SKU:10684

LEGEND CITY - Ferocious mid 60s gems from the vaults of Phoenix’s Viv Debra Studios 65-67 LAST COPIES Label:BACCHUS The first in a series of comps detailing the mid-'60s garage scene in Phoenix, Arizona. 18 lethal fuzz-stompers, rave-ups, folk rock janglers and psychedelic freak-outs from the vaults of Viv Records. The Door Nobs, The Hearsmen, Destiny's Children, The Outcasts, The Wild Flowers (Michael Bruce pre-Alice Cooper) and more! Detailed liner notes and photos of all bands COMP LP $14 SKU:17521

MICHIGAN MISFITS VOL. 1 14 RARE AND CRUDE GARAGE PUNK OBSCURITIES FROM THE MOTOR STATE MID-60's-Label:TOMAHAWK - Including liners, this edition is limited to 300 copies, so order fast! COMP LP $22 SKU:17887

OLIVE, BRIAN - ST (Proclaimed to be "the most talented musician I've ever met" by Dan from the Black Keys. Get this and you wont be disappointed. - Greenhornes/Soledad Brothers _ Label:ALIVE Henry Oliver (aka Brian Olive) is ex Soledad Brother and Greenhornes guitarist whose solo debut is a richly imbedded Stax-influenced late 60's, early 70's rock & roll circus. If you're a fan of the classics like I am, look no further, this is your album of 2009. - Electric Soul. "A pretty impressive self-produced affair that takes the trashy, rollicking, Brit invasion revivalist sound of his former groups and then injects a healthy dose of bluesy soul backbeats and N'awlins horns to the mix." - Other Music. CD $5 SKU:10246

PAUPERS- Ellis Island w bonus tracks ( 60s Byrds style )- Label:PACEMAKER ENTERTAINMENT (Canada) The second album from The Paupers -- a mix of searing guitar jams, more easygoing psychedelic pop bigger arrangements, even a little bit of a comic take on Byrdsy country rock-- CD $14 SKU:11175

PEBBLES - Vol 5 STARBURST VINYL LTD ED. Label:AIP Incredible STARBURST vinyl of the legendary first five PEBBLES albums.There was a total pressing of 200 on this one, with 100 copies available individually and 100 used in the 5 LP bundle)
You have to see this vinyl to believe it, it’s so great you’ll want one just to put on your wall. Even the images dont do it justice. You wont be disappointed! COMP LP $20 SKU:17221

PLIMSOULS- Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal w 4 bonus tracks- Label:ALIVE Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal" showcases the PLIMSOULS at the height of their power, tearing the roof off and on the verge of starting a riot on L.A.'s old Sunset Strip. Recorded at the Whisky A Go Go on October 31, 1981, this previously unreleased 18 song live album includes many of The Plimsouls' classics as well as plenty of surprises. It has been stunningly remastered, features previously unpublished and gorgeous photos by renowned photographer Bob Matheu, and also includes three pummelling tracks with special guests The Fleshtones (CD only).
The first vinyl pressing of the record includes a poster and is limited to 1,000 copies. Considering that all of The Plimsouls official studio releases are currently out of print, this explosive live document of the band igniting The Whisky nearly three decades ago stands as not only a highly anticipated release from the band, but also as a testament to the power of pure, unadulterated rock & roll.
Formed in 1978 by Peter Case (vocals, guitar) following his departure from The Nerves and The Breakaways, with Louie Ramirez (drums), Dave Pahoa (bass) and Eddie Muñoz (guitar), The Plimsouls effectively blended roots, British Invasion and garage rock into one unique soul-punk, garage-pop combo. "They boasted a soulful front man and gifted songwriter in Peter Case; a brittle, unconventional lead guitarist in Eddie Muñoz; and a gutsy, power-packed rhythm section in bassist Dave Pahoa and drummer Lou Ramirez. The ‘Souls didn’t just replicate the cliches of power pop, as so many others did – they, and especially Case, were intent on putting their own imprint on the rock and R&B styles they derived their sound from. Their keen originality and their ‘let’s-rock’ attitude removed them from the run of the mill. Despite the misguided notions of observers intent upon categorization, The Plimsouls were always their own men." — Chris Morris CD $5 SKU:11185

RADIO MOSCOW - Brain Cycles CLASSIC STONER PSYCHLabel:ALIVE rain Cycles is Radio Moscow's second album, a new psychedelic trip into the musical territory originally charted by artists such as Randy Holden, Groundhogs, Peter Green and Flower Travellin' Band, just to name a few. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, an unlikely rock n'roll town if there was one, and formed in 2006 by guitar prodigy Parker Griggs, Radio Moscow released their self-titled debut in 2007, with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys handling the production. Stoner Rock called the album "an astonishingly good debut," Pop Matters hailed it as an "awesome and slutty and cool," and Modern Fix described their sound as "dirty-ass psych-powered blues rock ". After a full year on the road, Parker Griggs has headed back into the studio to cut the long awaited follow-up. On "Brain Cycles," he once again plays all the instruments (guitar, drums, and percussion) and assumes vocal duties as well as production credits, while the bass guitar is in the hands of young Zach Anderson. Conceived as an homage to the thrilling days of yesteryear, when vinyl was king and analog stereo ruled the world, "Brain Cycles" is a guilty pleasure best experienced at maximum volume while wearing headphones, if you want your brain to catch the waves! CD $10 SKU:9783

SLOWLY FROM THE SOUTH - VA DBL CD (proggy gems and post psychelic rock from South Africa 70s and 80s - ) Label:FRESH A two disc set of proggy gems and post psychelic rock from South Africa -- largely selected from 70s & early 80s numbers, with a few from more recent years -- sprawling tracks from Freedom's Children, Abstract Truth, Neill Solimon, Duncan Mackay's Chimera, Jackhammer and many more. Lots of heavy rhythms, spacey keys, jamming guitars and passionate vocals -- some more rocking, others with a jazzy groove. 24 tracks on 2CDs COMP CD $18 SKU:10630

SOFT MACHINE- Turns On Vol 2 - ( 60s ) Label:VOICEPRINT (England) Second vital collection of archival live Soft Machine recordings from 1967 and 1968. Robert Wyatt's drumming is nearly miraculous, and Mike Ratledge's organ is at its daring and explorative best. Admittedly this is not meant as an introduction to the band for novices, but lovers of the Soft Machine will be blown away by the alternate versions on this disc; they are even more daring than the official releases. Soft Machine (billed as The Soft Machine up to 1969) were formed in the summer of 1966 by Robert Wyatt (drums, vocals), Kevin Ayers (bass, guitar, vocals), Daevid Allen (guitar) and Mike Ratledge (organ) plus, for the first few gigs only, American guitarist Larry Nowlin. Wyatt, Ayers and Hopper had been founding members of the Wilde Flowers, later incarnations of which would include future members of another Canterbury band, Caravan. This first Soft Machine line-up became involved in the early UK underground, featuring prominently at the UFO Club, and subsequently other London clubs like the Speakeasy and Middle Earth, and recorded the group's first single ' Love Makes Sweet Music.’ During July and August 1967, promoter and manager Giorgio Gomelsky booked shows all along the Cote d'Azur, with the band's most notorious early gig taking place in the village square of Saint-Tropez. This led to an invitation to play at producer Eddie Barclay's trendy "Nuit Psychédélique"; the band performed a forty minute rendition of ‘We Did It Again,’ singing the refrain over and over, achieving a Zen-like quality. This made them instant darlings of the Parisian "in" crowd, resulting in invitations to appear on leading television shows and at the Paris Biennale in October 1967. Meanwhile, upon their return from their summer sojourn in France, Allen (an Australian) was denied re-entry to the United Kingdom, so the group continued as a trio, while he returned to Paris to found Gong. The tracks on this disc are drawn from three live performances: tracks 1-5 are from Amerstdam, 10 December 1967; track 6 is from the Middle Earth Club in London, 10 November 1967; tracks 7-14 are from Col Ballroom, Davenport, Iowa, 11 August 196 CD $10 SKU:10918

TEEN TRASH #11 -STRANGE FLOWERS Aeroplanes in the Backyard (60s style garage psych)Label:TEEN SOUND The Strange Flowers are regarded as one of the most original and valuable acts of the psychedelic and garage scene in Europe. CD $5 SKU:10072

WITH LOVE- VA- A POT OF FLOWERS ( 60S PSYCH ) 180 gram Label:MAINSTREAM Originally issued in 1967 by Mainstream Records ostensibly to cash-in upon the growing fascination with San Francisco. In 1966, label boss Bob Shad had issued several unsuccessful singles by Bay Area groups, and by collecting them together on LP he unwittingly created one of the more satisfying surveys of the scene at the time. The groups included on "A Pot Of Flowers" were the Wildflower, pioneering folk-rockers who were an early fixture at the Fillmore and Avalon; San Jose's popular garage band the Otherside; legendary East Bay punks the Harbinger Complex; and, from southern California, the idiosyncratic Euphoria, whose off-beat take on psychedelia has given the group a cult reputation. Doubling the album's original tracklist, Big Beat adds a swathe of rare material, including folk-rock and proto-psych sides by associated West Coast acts such as the New Dawn, Word, Ariel and Unusuals, and several stellar unissued garage rockers from the Ban and Montells. Detailed liner notes provide context with both the group's individual histories and an overview of Mainstream's activities on the West Coast COMP LP $15 SKU:17230