Jun 1, 2022


We’re back from a long, even lazier than usual weekend and we got some tasty stuff for you guys!

The new Shindig is here, with a nice cover story on Blondie!

Plus 2 new vinyl titles, ltd editions on color vinyl, and restocks on some of those FRESH titles that sold out way too fast last time. You got another chance to get them!

Also restocks on the VERY popular vintage BOMP T Shirt repros, see below and check all of our shirts here.

Gyasi is continuing to blow outta here, thanks in part to our good friend Henry Rollins who is plugging it and playing it on his show. Big thanks to him for helping out with some great music. And he’s even mentioned the Bobby Lees in his stand up show!

Thanks for all guys!
Suzy Shaw



TREES- Palace of Sun (rock/powerpop influences)Label:GROOVE NET •Numbered translucent red vinyl LP edition of 750x copies, which come with download code•First release in more than thirty years by Dallas band the Trees. "GrooveNet/Treblephone Records is proud to announce the release of Palace of Sin, the first release in more than thirty years by Dallas band The Trees. Songwriter/vocalist Patrick McKanna and guitarist Matt Swaney have created a landmark LP which encapsulates rock, country and power-pop influences, combined with solid, insightful lyrics. Patrick McKanna has followed his own muse throughout his entire music career and has steadfastly refused to bow to current styles and influences. His work relies on classic songwriting skills. Matt Swaney’s hookful, melodic guitar ensures that the songs stick in your memory after the album is over. Palace of Sin delivers on the promise of 1986’s Locomotion Vs. Hittin’ The Brake, a seminal record in the development of the Dallas, Texas 1980’s Deep Ellum music scene. The band also appeared on the Island Records 1987 release The Sound of Deep Ellum, a musical snapshot of the fertile mix of styles and influences existing on the Dallas music scene. [Their musical pedigree goes back to the dawn of punk/new wave — Patrick appeared on a local 45 rarity by the U.S. Mods, and Matt was a member of Dallas punk band The Assassins.Proving that stellar songwriting and classic production values never go out of style, Palace of Sin will be an album that is destined to remain on ‘repeat’ on your playlist” Released August 2018, but being made available for distribution for the first time.
LP $25 SKU:25109

LITHIUM XMAS -ST (“Best psych single of the decade” Byron COley) Clear windowpane vinyl- Label:GROOVE NET “Frenetic rave-up of American V.U.” Spin Magazine (Alternative Record Guide)

“In a personal hell of abstract paranoia, a group like Lithium X-Mas is the soundtrack of Life” - Your Flesh

“Psychedelic Bliss” “Jump Into The Fire” (Trance Records Syndicate) “Single Of The Week” - Sounds (UK)

“Best psych single of the decade” - “Message To Charlie” (Rockadelic) - Forced Exposure (Byron Coley)

“Fuzz drenched freakout of godlike proportions” - The Bob

“Lithium Christmas not only sets off on its own direction, in actually gets somewhere.” - Dallas Observer (Tom Maurstad)

Psychedelic art-rock pioneering band from Texas, Lithium X-Mas, re-emerge from a period of relative sedation with a fresh outburst — a new full-length limited-edition LP. This brand-new recording, which finds the legendary band’s core line-up intact, is a culmination of recently resuscitated activity; final tracks were completed and mastered late last year. Lithium X-Mas has an influential history and heritage. Formed in Dallas, Texas, in 1985, it emerged from the punk scene that included the likes of Nervebreakers, Butthole Surfers, Vomit Pigs, and Horton Heat. The band played a diverse array of venues, from seedy warehouses to psychedelic theme parties to Dallas’ legendary, upscale Starck Club. Lithium’s first forte was the excavated cover song, bringing their own twisted spin to tunes such as Nilsson's 'Jump into the Fire,' Lemon Pipers' 'Green Tambourine,' and Ultimate Spinach’s 'Hip Death Goddess.’
While the new record maintains aspects of this distorted bliss, it also incorporates a more wide-ranging sonic palette. Instead of feeding every track through a chain of corroded Big Muff pedals, the new Lithium X-Mas uses a panorama of sonic crayons, from mystic Mellotron to ethereal theremin, fantasias of fuzz to freaked-out Farfisa. Forward looking — but still informed by deep excavation of eclectic record collections.

Lithium’s fans included Sonic Youth, with whom they shared bills and who advertised them on their guitars; Nirvana, who were inspired by the name for some of their source material; the Butthole Surfers, whose drummer King Coffey signed them to his record label; and many others.

This long-anticipated release, economically titled Lithium X-Mas, is on Texas label, GrooveNet Industries/Treblephone. Lithium X-Mas is pressed on clear “windowpane vinyl” and encased in an elaborate and very-limited-edition foil-printed gatefold cover. LP $25 SKU:25110


BOMP VINTAGE YELLOW SHIRT WITH RED LOGO- Repro of vintage 70s shirt-PREORDER!Label:BOMP Seen here worn by Paul Collins, and that's Marci Marks from the M&M’s with Paul. Shirt not available since the 70s and not for sale online anywhere at any price. Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL APPAREL $20 SKU:24486

WHO PUT THE BOMP!- Repro of vintage 70s shirtLabel:BOMP NOTE- THESE SHIRTS ARE A PREORDER, PLEASE DONT ORDER WITH OTHER ITEMS! If you have an order going out when we send the shirts we will combine post. 100% COTTON Repro of the famous 70's "surfing record “ shirt, drawn by one of the original BOMP MAGAZINE artists, Jay Kinney. Seen here worn by the legendary Del Shannon. Shirt not available since the 70's and not for sale online anywhere at any price. Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL APPAREL $20 SKU:24485


10630, 12043, 20408, 24485, 24486, 25099, 25114, 25115, 25116, 25118, 25119, 25120, 25122, 25173, 25183, 20063, 19014

INVADERS - There’s A Light , There’s A Way (70s African fuzz ) - Label:FRESH South African rock classic from 1971, filled with fuzz psych guitars, funky organ riffs, and great vocals: it sounds like these guys had been listening to Rare Earth, and judging by the guitar solos, maybe some Jimi Hendrix as well!. Errol Gobey (rhythm guitar, vocals) recalls: “It was a lot of hard work and we had very little sleep. In October 1966, we decided to visit Cape Town. The audience loved us, they went crazy, they wouldn’t let us off the stage! Our name spread quickly throughout the Cape. Somehow Trutone Records, which had a branch in the Cape, got to hear about us. One day we were travelling on the N2 in our panel van. We had ‘The Invaders’ painted in huge letters on the side. A white car pulled alongside us and asked us to pull over. We thought we were in trouble and were going to get a fine of some sort. A white guy approached us and asked us if we were interested in a recording contract. We immediately answered, ‘Yes!’” In 1969, the Invaders decided to try to break into the overseas market. They toured in Europe for two months (Germany, Holland, and England); but they had endless hassles and red tape trying to get work permits. The constant hurdles made them decide to go home. In April 1971, shortly after this album was released, The Invaders disbanded “for religious reasons,” (according to Gobey). The CD version has two bonus tracks—covers of ‘Born on the Bayou’ and (strangely) the Creation’s ‘Painter Man.’ CD $14 SKU:12043

MCCULLY WORKSHOP INC-AGES (S.African 60's psych KINKS,YARDBIRDS, PRETTY THINGS style ) Label:FRESH In the early 70’s, the promise made by the improvisational bands in the late 60’s like Cream, Iron Butterfly, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and many others, had started to bear fruit. It was a time of rock music becoming really heavy and progressive, but also a time of the Singer-Songwriters and Folk Rock. Medieval themes á la Lord Of The Rings and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ were the order of the day. Keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman had released an instrumental album about the ‘Six Wives Of Henry VIII’, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow had sang about ‘The Man On The Silver Mountain’ and Uriah Heep celebrated ‘The Magician’s Birthday’. When McCully Workshop used to perform live around that time, the set list would include their arrangements of classical pieces like Bach’s ‘Toccata in D Minor’, Grieg’s ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ and Strauss’ ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ (better known as the theme to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey)’ alongside ‘Every Little Thing’ by The Beatles and ‘The Man From Afghanistan’ by Curtiss Maldoon. Quite an eclectic mix. The “Ages” album (EMI, 1975) was born from this mixture of elements. The album opener, ‘Avenue’ is a bass-driven rock track, which echoes ‘Salisbury’-era Uriah Heep, whilst ‘Carbon Canyon’ is an up-tempo Steve Miller Band-influenced blues boogie with rollicking piano and cool guitar licks from Richard Black, who had been in rock power trio Elephant, with George Wolfaardt (Abstract Truth) and Savvy Grande (Suck). When asked about his favourite song on the ‘Ages’ album, Mike McCully says without hesitation: ‘I Walked Alone’. “This song had very difficult drumming, and I was influenced by Jim Keltner at the time. And the drumming on ‘Guinevere’ features double-tracked triplets... I used to play this with four sticks (a la John Bonham) for audio and visual effect.” Includes seven previously unavailable bonus tracks, updated liner notes and photos. CD $14 SKU:25115

MCCULLY WORKSHOP INC-Best of(S African 60's psych KINKS, YARDBIRDS, PRETTY THINGS style ) Label:FRESH McCully Workshop, arguably South Africa's top psychedelic progressive bands, dominated the airwaves in the 70's with six songs in that nation’s top 10, ('Why Can't It Rain', 'Birds Flying High', 'Sweet Fields Of Green', 'Guinevere') including two number ones ('Buccaneer', 'Chinese Junkman'). Known for always recording and producing their own material they were innovative in the extreme and were a loss to the industry when they disbanded in 1979 (although all members pursued lucrative solo careers). Perhaps the highlight of their career was their run at the "Canterbury Inn" in Rondebosch, Cape Town from 1977 to 1979, during which they showcased all their original hits along with rocking covers of groups like Jethro Tull, Supertramp and many others. In addition to their music, they were almost infamous for their irreverent comedy, ripping off all the celebs and politicians of the time (including Tully's notorious Vorster!). In December 2004 the group was persuaded to get back in the studio where they wrote and recorded 'Reaching For A Dream' due to their affiliation to the Reach for a Dream Foundation, included herein. All the band’s key tracks are now available in this expanded version of their own self-released disc from the days of yore; with liner notes and rare photos
CD $14 SKU:25116

MCCULLY WORKSHOP INC-ST(S. African 60's psych KINKS, YARDBIRDS,PRETTY THINGS style ) Label:FRESH Excellent debut album (the first of four albums by this group), a real rarity, originally issued on Trutone in South Africa in 1969; a great album with an early Pretty Things vibe. I absolutely don’t understand everyone saying that this record has a heavy Sgt. Pepper influence (for example, The Psychedelic-Music.com website had this to say about the record: "Of all the albums we've heard from South Africa this one scores top! What a beautiful masterpiece. Pepper-influenced underground music with great songs, lovely vocals, strong harmonies, great distorted guitar work."). Even the band say that the “Inc.” album shows a variety of styles and influences, including The Beatles, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd. “'Sgt Pepper' was very important, as were the pop charts at the time”, recalls Tully. Another big influence, according to Tully, was The Moody Blues 'Threshold Of A Dream' which was released in April 1969. That’s fine and well, but to me, it sounds like psych blended with R&B; it’s loaded with garage punk tunes—great songs, with strong harmonies and super distorted guitar-work; booklet includes liner notes about the album with quotes from the band about this, their stellar debut.
CD $14 SKU:25114

RABBITT -A Croak and a Grunts (1975 S African Beatlesque glam rock) -Label:FRESH Glam rock from this South Afrcian band, who dominated that nation’s charts in the 1970’s. "If you are interested in the music of Trevor Rabin, South African rock or are partial to 70's glam rock with Beatlesque influences then this album is certainly worth a listen. Rabin fans see this album as a great milestone in his development as musician, composer and producer. Back in 1977 it was a huge musical happening for South Africans of European descent. In cloistered, apartheid South Africa, this was the country's closest experience of rock mania, with sold out concerts, teen girl hysteria and the fastest selling album in the history of South African rock music. On many a girl's school bag or book the statement "Rabbitt rules okay" was adorned. Rabbitt dominated the pop charts, the awards and entertainment news for that strange, tumultuous South African period of 1976 to 1979. "The title 'TC Rabin in D minor', the opening Brian May-like instrumental track, conveys the supreme confidence of Trevor and this band - and when you hear Rabin's powerful multi-layered guitar you realize this is indeed special as it segues into the ballad with strings and the plaintive singing of 'I sleep alone.' Then the drums kick in and the title track punches in. You are aware of slick 70's production and expressive guitar which ends with an extensive wah-wah inflected solo over Rabin's characteristic use of a full studio of strings.” Singer and lead guitarist Trevor Rabin later became a member of Yes — and then a prolific film composer for Hollywood blockbusters like Armageddon, Flyboys, National Treasure, Remember the Titans and others. Singer, guitarist and keyboardist Duncan Faure went on to join the Bay City Rollers. CD $14 SKU:25119

RABBITT - Boys Will Be Boys (1975 S African Beatlesque glam rock, really good! ) -Label:FRESH Debut studio album by South African rock band Rabbitt, released in 1975 on Jo'Burg Records. The album reached gold certification in the country faster than any other previously released album in South Africa at the time. It also earned the group a Sarie Award in the Best Contemporary Pop category.” Includes their 1972 single cover version of the Jethro Tull classic 'Locomotive Breath’. Singer and lead guitarist Trevor Rabin later became a member of Yes — and then a prolific film composer for Hollywood blockbusters like Armageddon, Flyboys, National Treasure, Remember the Titans and others. Singer, guitarist and keyboardist Duncan Faure went on to join the Bay City Rollers. "'Boys Will Be Boys' rocks. It is not raw rock, but rather has the polished production I associate with their sound (at times reminiscent of 10cc). It has creative songs and wonderful musicianship. Six of the ten songs from 'Boys Will Be Boys’ were hits. The four songs on 'Boys Will Be Boys' that were not hits mostly git up and go. Songs like 'Something's Going Wrong with My Baby' and 'Looking for the Man' add jump to the album. Overall, 'Boys Will Be Boys' is like a 33 minute rocking live set that also has a few slow numbers thrown in for close dancing. CD $14 SKU:25118

SUCK - Time to Suck ( 1970 South African hard rock ) Label:FRESH The loudest, most controversial and obnoxious revolutionary fist-in-your-face rock album not to come out of Detroit! An album (Parlophone, 1970) that is all howling feedback guitars, explosive drumming, and muscular vocal antics‹and why not, as the album includes cover versions of songs by Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, plus a slow-burn 'Season of the Witch' that would spook Donovan, and the most schizoid '21st Century Schizoid Man' imaginable; the band rampaged through conservative South Africa for almost one year, then split; original album plus an EMI compilation track as a bonus; liner notes and photos tell the whole story of Suck. CD $14 SKU:20063

TIDAL WAVE-Spider Spider-Best Of The Tidal Wave (S African psych pop 1969) Label:FRESH The Tidal Wave were one of South Africa's foremost exponents of psych influenced pop music in the late 60's and early 70's with hits like ‘Spider Spider’ (1969) and ‘Mango Mango’ (1970) and ‘With Tears in My Eyes.’ Although they existed for a relatively short time, the band is regarded by many as the bridge between pop and the then developing 'underground' South African rock scene. This compilation gathers together for the first time all the hit singles, B-sides and rarities. Yes, they did play pop and had a few hits, which were featured on the top radio stations at the time, Springbok Radio and LM Radio. However Tidal Wave also played very interesting psychedelic pop rock enhanced by the fuzz guitar sounds of Mike Pilot. There is a wide variety of music styles covered on this Tidal Wave retrospective. Lovers of end-of-the-sixties psychedelic pop and rock will discover many hidden gems, including the progressive rock sounds of ‘Get It Out Of Your System’ which would not have been out of place on an Abstract Truth album. This disc also includes the funky soul sounds of ‘Town Girl’, featuring Peter Vee’s lead vocal, which was previously unreleased. Tidal Wave is fondly remembered by many and now all their music—the hits, misses and rarities can be found in one place. CD $14 SKU:20408

WAYGOOD, OTIS BLUES BAND-Ten Light Claps And A Scream(1969 acid blues from South Africa)Label:FRESH One of the lost treasures of EMI-Parlophone’s heavy rock catalog, the third and final LP from South Africa’s Otis Waygood has finally been presented on its own, thanks to the folks at Fresh Music. Originally released in 1971, Ten Light Claps and a Scream smacks of the influence of England’s heavy psych movement, particularly the rumble of such bands as Bloodwyn Pig and the Groundhogs. Otis delivered the rock with a little more bite, thanks to the band’s unbridled devotion to the blues and the killer production of South African rock mavens Julian Laxton of the South African prog group Freedom’s Children and Johannesburg-born, UK-based record executive Clive Calder. Laxton made plentiful use of his famous "magic box": a kind of phasing/echo machine he'd built and used on stage with Freedom's Children. Any fan of old, loud, trippy acid rock from the Vietnam era would be wise to check out this onetime collector’s item from one of the era’s great, unsung acts. This version includes all the original songs and a rare 1977 bonus track, plus updated liner notes and some newly discovered photos.
CD $14 SKU:25120

WILDEBEEST- Bushrock 1 (1981 S African prog)Label:FRESH Recorded in 1981, “Bushrock 1” is the sound of a truly African progressive rock band in full flight: thundering African percussion, hard rock guitars, swirling Celtic violin and soaring vocals all combine to form a heady musical brew. The "Bushrock" concept was ex Freedom’s Children drummer Colin Pratley's brainchild. On Wildebeest's live set “Bushrock 1,” the audience is advised to "settle back and relax"— then the music grabs you, throws you around, and does not let up through nine songs and nearly 45 minutes of adventurous rock. Take a sharp guitarist (Boet Faber), a thundering, driving bassist (Piet Botha), add an exuberantly talented drummer (Colin Pratley) and a rocking violin (Dave Tarr), sweeten with some lovely female vocals (Karlien van Niekerk), crank up the volume, and you’ve got the basis of Wildebeest's thundering, stampeding rock album. The songs are primarily driven by beat and rhythm—Piet's bass punctuates and emphasizes as it drives along, the rock steady and creative drumming is ever present, and the violin becomes an essential rock instrument. Then the guitar sears and soars. Masterful rock, with the great Colin Pratley flailing away on the drums. I think of it as Progressive Jungle Music.” The album was recorded live in 1981, and before that makes you pause, remember that the concept of energetic jungle rock music has rarely been better served before or since; the album features two different “covers” of Freedom’s Children tunes from their classic “Astra” album... not a surprise really, as Tarr and Pratley were both former members of that band. CD $14 SKU:25122

ZOOT MONEY-Transition (LOST 70S PSYCH GEM)-Label:RIGHTEOUS An excellent album! Featuring the same players who were in the Big Roll Band (including future Police guitarist Andy Summers) on all tracks, Zoot Money came up with this tip-top set, which has soulful ballads, up-tempo mod material and a couple of dreamy sitar numbers written by Summers; 'Soma' inspired Summers and Money to push the boundaries and encouraged the band to wig out further, and in a state of psyche-pop bliss, they decided they were so far out of the Big Roll Band sound that they should change their name to Dantalian's Chariot. They played shows with the Pink Floyd and featured a couple of the tracks from “Transition” in stranger incarnations; Dantalion’s became a cult classic in the process, but turned their existing mod following off and failed to ignite. After the Dantalion hiatus, “Transition” was finally released (in 1968) on the Direction label; by that time, the mods had embraced the psychedelic bug and the album slipped into obscurity, and became one of those buried treasures that is talked of but seldom actually even seen. Finally, this lost gem has made it to CD. Remastered from the original quarter inch tapes, with all of its glorious sweeping sounds, aching vocals and groovy upbeat tunes intact, it's the epitome of cool. CD $10 SKU:19014

ASTRAL DAZE - VA VOL 1 (70 s Psychedelic South African Rock) - Label:FRESH This collection brings together rarities from artists we know (tracks from Abstract Truth, Suck, Otis Waygood, Freedom’s Children, John & Philipa Cooper, McCully Workshop, Third Eye, and Hawk), as well as others we’ve not heard before, like Omega Ltd., the Bats, the Fireflies, the Idiots, Tidal Wave, and the Invaders. Although the South African rock movement of the late sixties and early seventies was not a major commercial success, it's participants heralded an exciting new age in South African rock and started a movement aimed at changing the musical tastes of fans in a spectacular way. Stadium concerts became the vehicle for feeding the youth with heavier rock sounds, and behind studio glass were producers like Clive Calder, Billy Forrest, Graham Beggs and Selwyn Miller who acted as change agents to transform conventional pop into heavier 4 to 5 minute songs. The movement's struggle for recognition through airplay remained unanswered and only the true fans of rock knew about their existence. COMP CD $15 SKU:25183

SLOWLY FROM THE SOUTH - VA DBL CD (proggy gems and post psych rock from South Africa 70s and 80s) DBL CD Label:FRESH A two disc compilation of South African rock from 1970-2008, including many artists previously unavailable on CD. “In the early 70’s South Africa was in it’s third decade of self inflicted political and cultural isolation. Despite a concerted effort by the then Nationalist government to ‘protect the youth’ by blocking the flow of progressive cultural ideas via a series of bannings, restrictions and high import tariffs, rock music per se, and all it represented, managed to reach these Southern shores and inseminate a flowering home grown rock revolution. Although some groups simply emulated the sounds of their international counterparts, other South African bands embraced their African roots, drawing on home grown melodic and rhythmic structures, meshing them with European influences and producing a heady variant of progressive music that fits snugly alongside their international compatriots. “Slowly From the South” showcases the cream of South African prog rock of the last 40 years. Tucked inside you will hear the music of some of South Africa’s heavyweight musical sons & daughters—some familiar and others only recognised in name but never heard outside these southern shores, until now. It is the culmination of close to two years of research and planning, tracking down long lost masters, photos and information. This double disc compilation is unique. It is the first indigenous compilation that showcases the South African musicians who explored both jazz and prog rock genres during the seventies and beyond. This official release is artist and label approved, and includes rare artist photos and information.
COMP CD $15 SKU:10630

SUGAR BEAR -ST (1972 super rare rural rock/swamp psych)Label:VOID A charming chunk of super rare rural rock/swamp psych from the Sunshine state, c. 1972 — released as a private pressing on the Gaff label and later bootlegged by the execrable Radioactive outfit. Sugar Bear were a four-piece from Florida featuring guitarist John McLaughlin — no, not that one (Mahavishnu John McLaughlin), another one! — named after the hip American 1970s singing and guitar playing cartoon character. The album is typically described as a blend of rural rock, and country rock. But hey, the term ''rural rock'' covers quite a lot, from swampy rock ’n' roll to country rock in the style of The Outlaws or Pure Prairie League. In this instance, Sugar Bear produced an album of high originality, defying categorization. This is a record of real depth and intelligence, covering many styles, and with some psychedelic touches to note. There is some slow and some fast material (a blend that is far from unusual), with a few Grateful Dead moves too. Still not sure? Some people say when describing this album to “think of a cross line between Jefferson Airplane and the Byrds, with drops of Santana.” Legitimate 450x copy pressing on black vinyl, with insert. LP $22 SKU:25173

UMBRA -ST ((heavy, heavy music from the start of the 'American Comedown Era) Label:LION Lion ltd ed of 300 LP edition comes with an 8-page LP-sized color booklet, with lyrics, photos, plus interesting and funny things that can only happen to musicians, and did to Umbra.. LP $25 SKU:25099