Aug 7, 2020


This weekend we have both the new SHINDIG and the new UGLY THINGS. Plus an amazing find, vintage T shirts once worn by the late great Greg Shaw, see below for details.

Also a nice shipment from our friends at GET HIP, everything $10 and under!

Suzy Shaw

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Get a piece of history at an amazing price! I finally decided to dig around in the box labeled “GREG’S T SHIRTS” that has been here in our warehouse for 15 years. Some very cool shirts! A YARDBIRDS T shirt that he allegedly wore to the Monterey Pop Festival sold for $3,000, and his Granny Takes a Trip jacket recently went for $550 on E bay, but I wont charge you those prices! These are not pristine,but neither was Greg, ha ha. No serious damage on any of them but I have left them as is .


INN- West Coast TOur Fall 1986 -ONCE OWNED BY GREG SHAW! Label:SCREEN STARS LARGE - 41 across chest. Certainly given to Greg by the band. APPAREL $100.00 SKU:23599

MONKEES -ONCE OWNED BY GREG SHAW! Label:Fruit of the Loom XL, 44” across chest . 100% cotton APPAREL $ 150 SKU:23594




STEPPES - Europe 1989 Enquire Within Tour -ONCE OWNED BY GREG SHAW! Label:NO TAG NO LABEL but 100% cotton, 41 across chest. Certainly given to Greg by the band. APPAREL $125 SKU:23598



SHINDIG!-#106 MARSHA HUNT OR GET OUR SHINDIG BUNDLE -Pick any 3 issues for $30 SKU: 19985- just SEND US A NOTE your choices with your order
BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:23557

UGLY THINGS- 54 In this special issue we pay tribute to Phil May of the Pretty Things. Included our interviews with those who knew him best, including his close friend and lifelong collaborator, Dick Taylor, as well as an array of rare and previously unseen Pretty Things photos. Also this issue, the story behind the Electras’ gnarly sixties punk masterpiece “Dirty Old Man,” the tale of Midwest psychedelic masters the Paisleys (Cosmic Mind at Play), Southern California garage-psych combo the Search, guitarist Craig Tarwater (Hawk & the Randelas, Sons of Adam, Daily Flash, Arthur Lee & Love), and a night of music and mirth with Hasil Adkins. We also explore the world of gypsy jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo and its intersections with pop and psychedelia in the 1960s, and tell the strange story of the San Jose garage pop group People, who recorded a hit version of the Zombies “I Love You,” only to become enmeshed in the sinister world of Scientology. All this and a lot more, including as always our expansive review sections covering all the latest reissues and rock & roll-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:23516

5,6,7,8 S- ST (great Japanese garage!)Label:THIRD MAN Gatefold reissue of legendary all-girl Japanese garage-pop outfit The's debut album, originally released in 1997 on Time Bomb Records (JP). Features 14 tracks, including "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield," "Oriental Rock," and "Scream." LP $21 SKU:17908

5,6,7,8 S- LIVE AT THIRD MAN RECORDS` (great Japanese garage!)Label:THIRD MAN Live recording from the performance at Third Man Records on October 22, 2010. Features 12 live tracks, including "Teenage Mojo Workout," "Bomb the Twist," "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield," "Three Cool Chicks," "Woo Hoo," and more! (2011) LP $17 SKU:23546

X –ALPHABETLAND Label:FAT POSSUM Now, on the 40th Anniversary of the landmark, Los Angeles, and 35 years since the original band have released an album – X, one of the greatest Punk Rock bands in music history, releases ALPHABETLAND today via Bandcamp. LP $25 SKU:23070


UGLY THINGS- 49 MANFRED MANN Cover stars this time are British R&B hitmakers MANFRED MANN, who are featured via exclusive and extensive interviews with Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness. Also on the cover: Cleveland post-punk glam-infused geniuses DEATH OF SAMANTHA, and one of Chicago’s most revered ‘60s garage acts, THE KNAVES. This issue also includes an interview with HERVE ZENOUDA, who takes you deep inside the ‘70s punk scene in Paris with STINKY TOYS, STRIKE UP, LOOSE HEART and ANGEL FACE. Greg Prevost interviews pop paragon EMITT RHODES, Ric Menck covers LA power pop icons THE QUICK, Mike Stax digs into the world of teenage Dutch beat bashers THE KWYET, and Harvey Kubernik gives new insight into THE ROLLING STONES’ “Sympathy for the Devil” and the Beggar’s Banquet mastering sessions. All this and more—including, as always, our outstanding reviews of reissues and rock-related books. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:20554

CHARGERS STREET GANG -Through the windshield (Cleveland Dead Boys style)Label:GET HIP 2nd album by Cleveland's high energy rock'n roll quintet, acting in the vein of Cleveland's punk legacies like Pere Ubu, Dead Boys. CD $10 SKU:23474

COLLAGE -ST -UNKNOWN 1971 MYSTERY BAND! Label:GEAR FAB This is a weird one kids, even the owner of GEAR FAB doesnt know what it is!!! He says all he knows is that a company in Japan had him put it out. It’s NOT the same as the Texas band on Smash, which we had assumed it was.

This one takes whitebread easy-listening to a whole new level! These guys did NOT take acid! Maybe not even a cup of coffee! CD $10 SKU:19912



DIZBUSTERS- Gun lighter Cricket (RIPPIN POWER ROCK FROM L.A. produced by Jeff Dahl) Label:GET HIP Jeff Dahl produced this rockin’ album that smokes like an out of control funny car on fire from the green to the checkered flags. Dizbuster tears through 10 songs without slowing down, although some cuts aren’t as fast as “In Drag” and fall into a mid-tempo groove instead. Did I mention it rocks?CD $10 SKU:23475

INSTANT FLIGHT- ENDLESS JOURNEY (psych pop rock)-Label:HEADSPIN 2nd and follow up album to their highly acclaimed debut 'Colours & Lights' from 2005. INSTANT FLIGHT is a London based 4 piece psychedelic pop/rock band, who have also worked closely with 'the god of hell fire' Arthur Brown, forming his backing band - they play on the Dvd "Arthur Brown Live at the London Astoria". This second album features 12 glorious psychedelic pop/rock tunes that stick to the mind like bees on honey. All tracks breathe the UK 1968 freakbeat atmosphere, though melodic & timeless, songs loaded with nice lead guitars/slide guitars, mellotron, organs, even the 60's r&b harmonica is present occasionally, as well as flute, trombone, trumpet & bouzouki. Some songs feature typical St. Pepper's type arrangements and shine like "Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds", colourful and surrealistic, while others float on a middle eastern carpet, taking you on a journey beyond the land of dreams. The CD comes with a nice colourful 12 page booklet including all lyrics and is illustrated with surrealistic paintings by Marco Magnani, singer/guitarist/songwriter of the band. An 'Endless Journey' to 'Dreamland' in a 'Universe In A Verse' going 'Back To The Light' where 'The Best Part' of 'The Land Is The Same' with a 'Vanishing' 'Magic Stream' of 'Gentle Waves Of Sound' were we 'Celebrate' and 'Play For A fool' so we can 'Get Away' and fly forever more... CD $10 SKU:18751

JACKETS -QUEEN OF THE PILL(Raw wild Swiss psych fuzz garage)Label: VOODOO RHYTHM 10 songs of pure raw wild Swiss psychedelic fuzz garage at its best fronted by the wildest woman in Europe. This is their fourth full length album and the second released on Voodoo Rhythm. For this album The Jackets have once more assembled their "dream team" of recording engineer Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and His Royal Highness King Khan who produced their single in 2017, but it gets better! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) has joined the team to mix and master and believe me, this album is a blast! Raw amazing full-fuzz-power-punk-beat with a touch of psychedelia! You have never heard The Jackets on vinyl like this before! 10 songs. All killer. No filler! CD $16 SKU:22018

O’JAYS- In Philadelphia(70s R&B soul)Label:BIG BREAK The O'Jays spent time on various labels and released successful singles working with H.B. Barnum and also Gamble & Huff, who were working as a production team for Neptune Records. 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' (1970) was the group’s only studio album to be released on Neptune Records. This album heralded a long run of success and one of the most fruitful partnerships in the history of soul music with The O’Jays becoming the biggest act on Gamble and Huff’s legendary Philadelphia International Records imprint throughout the 70’s. It starts with the amazing ‘One Night Affair,' released as a single in the summer of 1969. The track has an up-tempo propulsive groove backed up with lush strings and horns to compliment the gritty gospel influenced vocal from Eddie Levert as he pleads for a night of passion with no strings attached. The second single was ‘Branded Bad,' a quintessential Gamble/Huff production with some great instrumentation including a crunching organ motif towards the end. ‘Deeper (In Love With You),' the third single, is a swinging soul track in the 60’s style with a demanding ‘walking’ bass line. Single number four, ‘Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl)’ is an energetic track with the group pleading for attention from the fairer sex. Other standout tracks are the stunning ballad ‘Let Me In To Your World’ and the mid-tempo groovers ‘You’re The Best Thing Since Candy’ and ‘I Should Be Your Lover’. BBR is very proud to present 'The O'Jays in Philadelphia' expertly re-mastered and complete with extensive liner notes and the album’s original art work on CD for the first time. Absolutely essential listening for all R&B and Soul fans, especially those who champion the Philly Sound! CD $6 SKU:19083

OCTOPUS SYNG -VICTORIAN WONDERS(mystical brew of modern psychedelic sounds)Label:MEGA DODO A rich, dark and sometimes mystical brew of modern psychedelic sounds, 'Victorian Wonders' is a sensitive and melancholic record that, like its predecessors, draws on the spirits of Syd Barrett and early Floyd for inspiration. It is, in parts, dissonant and eerie, and in others whimsical and diaphanous. It's a luscious experience, a trippin' musical creature, where each note is a short journey to unimaginable places in our minds CD $19 SKU:22541

OS HAXIXINS - S/T (garage punk Portuguese psych ) Label:GET HIP Out of the southern hemisphere comes the fuzz laden OS HAXIXINS. Garage in the style of the great sixties groups the Music Machine the Standells & We the People. Portuguese & English vocals only adds to the uniqueness of OS HAXIXINS music. Influenced by hard to find 60's records, garage punk and psychedelia, CD $10 SKU:9641

PEP GIRLZ- Down N Dirty ( all girl NY garage-trash hcore punkLabel:ALIVE ST Mid-90s NY garage-trash-hardcore by this all girl punk band. They never got to tour, and it's too bad because they were amazing. Do not confuse with the AC/DC tribute band with the same name ... CD $5 SKU:4464

RAYMEN-THE GOO GOO MUCK SESSIONS (legendary 84 recordings) SAALE! -Label:TRASH WAX Starting in 1981 as the Garbage Groupies, Ray, Toulouse and Co. started to feel their vision and tested their way through Earths music. The Raymen emerged with their back-from-the-grave, swamp-blues meets death-country and psychobilly sound in 1985, debuting on their "Going Down To Death Valley" album. "Desert Drive" and their double LP, "From the Trashcan To the Ballroom" followed the next two years. Legendary recordings, made in 1984 and originally released as a limited fanclub cassette. This issue comes with completely remastered sound and artwork inspired directly bt the cassette release. The title takes its name from one of the very first cover versions of a song made famous by The Cramps. CD $10 SKU:21525

SIGMUND SNOPEK III- Virginia Wolf (1973 classic 'Sgt. pepperish' masterpiece)Label:GEAR FAB The 1973 classic 'Sgt. pepperish' masterpiece from former member of BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE, a progressive 60's pop band. Sigmund Snopek's style of PROGRESSIVE ROCK and fragmented classical passages, left field lyrics and unexpected time changes are all part of his musical stew. An outstanding and trippy experience. has 2 previous unreleased tracks. CD $10 SKU:22031

SYNDICATE, THE -The Egyptian Thing : L.A. Garage 1965 (in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos )-Label:BREAK-A-WAY The “Egyptian Thing” album presents the band’s four A's & B's alongside four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from the same period, and an earlier 45 by the Ris-Kays featuring Syndicate front man Bill Rash. An in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos compiles the legacy of a band, whose 45s are among the top wanted items in their genre, making this release the ultimate Syndicate collection and an unforgettable garage punk adventure. CD $10 SKU:15963

THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT- Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter- PROMO Label:ALIVE The band’s last studio album. “I don't know where the Japanese equivalent of the Motor City is, but Thee Michelle Gun Elephant must be from near there. The quartet's third U.S. album, Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter is a triumph of high-octane, melodic proto-punk in the tradition of the Stooges and the MC5. It's easy to tell on songs like "The Loneliness Of The Citroen" and "My Heart With Its Brakes Broken Loose" that subjects of love and cars are dominant images. The rhythm section of bassist Koji Ueno and drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara provides the horsepower. The flash comes from the soaring bluesy-punk rock lines of guitarist Futoshi Abe. Topped off with singer Yusuke Chiba's gruff, emotional bleats, this is some good ol' foot-stomping, head-shaking stuff.” - Brian J. Bowe / Creem Magazine CD $10 SKU:21700

THEE PSYCHO DELMATICS - Tough Guys Can DAnce (PRIMAL GARAGE)Label:OFF THE HIP Primitive, primal rock n roll, and project an image that is heavily in vein to the can say it has a 50s-meets-garage sound. CD $5 SKU:18912

VERA SIENRA-Nuestra soledad” (1969) + “Vera(1972) Label:LION Two complete albums of wistful, world-weary (mostly) acoustic songs of quiet, pulsating sadness from Uruguay, aided on the first (c. 1969) by iconoclastic genius Eduardo Mateo, who added his guitar playing and arranging skills to the album. What’s it sound like? Think of a sad Vashti Bunyan song sung by a more mature MARIANNE FAITHFUL and you’ll get there.

These albums are known for their authenticity and "a striking sensuality that brings something of the sea to the voice of a little girl, sometimes tired as if extracted out of a very dark interior.” 28-page booklet contains background on the remarkable poetess/artist that is Vera, plus lyrics in English and in the original Spanish, historical background on the Uruguayan scene, photos, and a brief overview of the legendary Sondor label. CD $10 SKU:20353

VIBRAVOID-INTERGALACTIC ACID FREAK OUT ORGASM-Label:STONED KARMA Connoisseurs of krautrock know about its roots - Vibravoid brought back, with their Pink Floyd interpretations, an essential source of inspiration of krautrock to the legendary Finkenbach Festival. This also reveals the crucial differences between Vibravoid and the current hipster bands, who misinterpret Pink Floyd songs in gothic or heavy metal garb as alleged psych rock. CD $15 SKU:21359

BORN TO LOSE - LA Punk , unrel tracks by Zeros , Iggy, Modern Lovers and more ) LAST COPIES -Label:ALIVE Soundtrack to underground punk rock movie periphery of the LA music scene. Witth rare and unreleased tracks by some of the coolest bands around : ZEROS, LAZY COWGIRLS, JONESES, FANCY LADS, WHITE FLAG, DARLINGS, etc COMP CD $10 SKU:1871

BROWN ACID- THE SECOND TRIP (60S PSYCH RARITIES) Label:RIDING EASY A series of compilations of 60s and 70s bands Wikipedia doesn't even know about—but absolutely influenced the sound and direction of your favorite doom, heavy psych, stoner, sludge, and straight up, no-frills rock 'n' roll bands, without ever making a dime. From Flash Beverage to Cold Swett, this compilation will transport you to a time when only two things mattered: the music and the mojo.Kick back and take the trip, but still, don't take the brown acid. COMP CD $10 SKU:18530

BROWN ACID- THE THIRD TRIP (60S PSYCH RARITIES)-Label:RIDING EASY A series of compilations of 60s and 70s bands Wikipedia doesn't even know about—but absolutely influenced the sound and direction of your favorite doom, heavy psych, stoner, sludge, and straight up, no-frills rock 'n' roll bands, without ever making a dime. From Flash Beverage to Cold Swett, this compilation will transport you to a time when only two things mattered: the music and the mojo.Kick back and take the trip, but still, don't take the brown acid. COMP CD $10 SKU:18531

ChOP SUEY ROCK - VA Vol 2 - Songs about the Orient (obscure 60s garage) Label:HOT AND SOUR Fantastic mix or rare and obscure 60s Rock & Roll tracks with an oriental flavor. COMP CD $10 SKU:11455

FADING YELLOW - VOL. 13 Lazy Days (U.S 60s Pop Psych and other delights) Label:FLOWER MACHINE Another mighty fine collection of magic US 45s on a compilation for the very first time. Limited edition of 1000 copies COMP CD $16 SKU:13484

FADING YELLOW - VOL.14 Spanish Popsike and Other Delights -67-73-Label:FLOWER MACHINE HAND NUMBERED EDITION OF 500!A unique trip into the Spanish late 60s/early 70s "pop-sike and other delights" music scene. All the trax on a compilation for the first time. 14 high class Fading Yellow tracks with 3 bonustracks on the CD COMP CD $16 SKU:14583

LAUGH WHILE YOU CAN, MONKEY BOY - VA w Spacemen 3 Brain Jonestown Massacre - Label:ALIVE This compilation showcases fifteen songs by cutting edge psychpop artists Brian Jonestown Massacre , ultra-punkers U.S. Bombs, and garage popsters Amanda Jones, Ten High and The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. It also includes new work by recognized artists such as ex-Spacemen 3 members Sonic Boom (EAR) (with a traclk not available elsewhere) and Pete Bain (Alpha Stone). The diverse comp also includes the legendary Mick Farren (Deviants), and the recent deliveries of acts like hardcore godfathers RF7, the acoustic rock of Thomas Anderson and punk-popsters Stop. This is true independent music ranging from esoteric to pop and punk, held together by the quality of expression in each performance. A kaleidoscope of what underground rock culture is about: passion, fun, love and rebellion. LAST COPIES COMP CD $3 SKU:2099

PERVIRELLA - VA MOVIE SOUNDTRACK -Label:DIONYSUS A tremendous collection of music from the movie, and more! Exotic sounds from Alessandro Alessandroni, Francois Evans and the London Gay Symphony Orchestra along with stars from the British Trash scene; Bruce Brand (Headcoats) The Diaboliks, Sexton Ming and more. The most exciting and swingin' soundtrack since Goldfinger! COMP CD $6 SKU:19774

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 1-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18601

PSYCHEDELIC STATES- FLORIDA In The 60’s VOL 2-Label:GEAR FAB Featuring many never before heard bands. Many unseen photos and stories COMP CD $10 SKU:18604

DOWN IN THE VALLEY- Vol 4 -A heavy dose of Garage Rock & Psych-Funk tracks SAALE! Label:PERFECT TOY A heavy dose of Garage Rock & Psych-Funk tracks. The Perfect Toy label continues its righteous quest to unearth the finest rare sounds from way out with Volumes 3 and 4 of its Down In The Valley series and in doing so delivers what is most certainly “A heavy dose of garage rock & psych-funk.” Vol. 3 opens with a characteristically inspiring cut - Sand's cover of Down By The River - one of the best (and certainly one of the most obscure) versions of the Neil Young classic. This is followed by two fine examples of garage rock with a funky twist - Pegasus' Honeysuckle Willow Pride and Enalpria's Sliding, in the slipstream of which follows Heart and Soul's raw psych cut Afterthought. Also featured on this volume are two tributes to Jimi Hendrix that the big man himself would be proud to hear - The Fabulous Troubadores' version of Hey Joe (here literally entitled Tribute To Jimi Hendrix) as well as a psych-soul cover of Stone Free by the The Good Earth. Side B kicks off with Lifeless, the farewell 45 from La Crosse, Wisconsin outfit Today's Tomorrow and also includes two cuts occupying the nexus of garage and psych-funk from Milk & Cookies and Sound Inc., along with the Del Counts's fierce organ-led funk instrumental Who Cares and a very special contribution from GIN whose Louisville Luck is one of two previously unreleased tracks.
Deepest respect goes out once again to crate-digging supremo, Chan The Man, the curator of these two brand-new volumes in the Down In The Valley series. His ambition to search for the impossible and get his hands on private pressings that no one except the freakiest vinyl nerds knew existed has set the path to the release of these two discs. Accompanied by detailed liner notes and never-before-seen photos of the artists, Down In The Valley 3&4 continue the same attention to quality and detail set by their predecessors. COMP LP $19 SKU:22125

JOHN THE CONQUEROR - ST LTD EDITION of 100 on MELLOW YELLOW VINYL LAST COPIES! - Label:ALIVE John The Conqueror’s self-titled debut album is an amalgamation of the many sounds and styles (old and new) mined from both the North and the South. Cousins Pierre Moore (vocals & guitar) and Michael Gardner (drums) are natives of Jackson, MS, while bassist Ryan Lynn hails from Philly – where the trio now call home. Together they mix a bedrock of raw deep blues with funk, soul, punk and scuzzed-up rock-n-roll into one helluva potent musical Molotov cocktail. Moore and Gardner have been playing together in bands since their college days in Oxford, MS, and Moore learned to play guitar in his early teens from a homeless man who slept in the back room of an auto repair shop. LP $20 SKU:14630

WITCHES- A Haunted Person's Guide To.(.ltd ed yellow). psych LAST 5 COPIES!Label:ALIVE YELLOW VINYL LTD. EDITION -"The best band that you never heard" of is a term that is commonly thrown around with much ado but in the case of The Witches it may well be true. Born in Detroit in 1996 from the mind of bass player Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs, Killing Joke) and with the help of fellow Michigan natives John Nash (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem) on guitar, and producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Von Bondies) on electric twelve-string, The Witches went on to record five amazing albums between 1996 and 2006, with the help of a revolving line-up of Michigan musicians, before vanishing into thin air. "A Haunted Person's Guide To The Witches" compiles material from the band's five albums, and is a comprehensive introduction to the band's unique sound. LP $20 SKU:12503