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Some new arrivals for you this weekend, along with restocks from DIONYSUS and more adds to our famous $5 and $10 sections, thousands of cheapo cds and vinyl records for amazing prices! 

Also just in, The LOST SOULS DOUBLE LP with 8 page booklet.

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ST mid 60s unknown U.S. Brit Invasion/ psych) Label:LION "The Lost Souls never released any records, yet the meager recorded evidence that survives indicates that they were one of the finest unknown American groups of the mid-'60s, able to write both catchy British Invasion-type rockers and, in their latter days, experimental psychedelic pieces with unusual tempo changes and song structures. The band were also unusual in their occasional embellishment of the typical period guitar-bass-drums lineup with flute, sax, and mandolin. Although popular in their Cleveland hometown, they broke up in 1968 to attend college. Rhythm guitarist Denny Carleton, who wrote and sang some of their best material, went on to briefly join The Choir, their chief (and more successful) rivals." —Richie Unterberger

The music scene in Cleveland in the mid to late 1960’s was ripe with talent: the James Gang with Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz, The Choir, Eric Carmen (pre-Raspberries), Glass Harp with Phil Keaggy, the Damnation of Adam Blessing… and the Lost Souls. Of all those bands, only the Lost Souls never released a record. Then again, they were in high school, trying to navigate dress codes and bullies—and playing in front of a couple thousand fans when not suspended. Sure, they lost a battle of the bands at Teen Fair 1968, but it was to the James Gang with Joe Walsh. And somehow it is the Lost Souls who emerge from that time and place with the greatest mystique and some of the most adventurous music, music which few have heard. Lost Souls main songwriter Denny Carleton released a cassette of the band’s original recordings in 1984. It received airplay on hundreds of college and public radio stations in the USA (and around the world), and garnered glowing reviews… and that was it, until now.

Not only is this the first time the music of the Lost Souls has been available since that cassette, our Lion Productions edition is the first release for many additional Lost Souls cuts, including alternate versions of key tracks like the insightful ‘Things That Are Important’ and ‘I’m Falling’ (the closest to a hit the band ever had), all taken from the original tapes and carefully mastered. Seven bonus tracks highlight the work of Lost Soul's main songwriter Denny Carleton (one-time member of The Choir, and more surprisingly, punk legends the Pagans); selections by The Choir, Moses, Milk and Carleton, many in all possible low-fi glory, recorded on various 4-Track devices, ranging from power-pop to grimy garage.

•8-page booklet has the full story of the band and info on the recordings by Carlton

•Includes a multitude of unseen photos from his personal archive

•Carefully remastered from the original tapes (+ the occasional post-Lost Souls 45 single)

•”One of the great lost groups of the 60's.” —Option Magazine
LP $30 SKU:24964


BONNIE RAITT & LOWELL GEORGE - Ultrasonic Studios 1972-Label:ICONOGRAPHY NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $20 SKU:25068

MOODY BLUES- Days of Future PAssed -Gatefold dbl cd with poster & DVD Label:DERAM NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP 50 Anniversary Edition, The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed, features the remastered original 1967 mix on CD for the first time - plus BBC sessions, alternate mixes and single versions.DVD includes 5.1 surround version from the original 1972 Quad mix - plus previously unreleased footage from 1968CD $20 SKU:25066

OTIS REDDING - The Deepest Soul Of- Lonely BLue Label:VOLT Ringwear is part of the artwork. NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $5 SKU:25069

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS - Buried Treasures-Label:SAN JACINTO "If Neil Young released Buried Treasures, it would be hailed as a return to form. And when Drive-By Truckers evidence similarly unselfconscious immediacy, we praise their ability to inhabit characters. But Rich Hopkins is for real, a regular guitar-toting guy who grew a conscience in the Peace Corps, cowriting his best songs to date with his hair-salon-owner girlfriend, Lisa Novak. The Tucson troubadour’s 28th studio set offers Crazy Horse-style workouts and plangent psychedelic feedback jams, but, as shown by the bleakly beautiful Friend of the Shooter, they are increasingly engaged with the southwest’s dark underbelly." —Stewart Lee"It’s a wonder Rich Hopkins finds the time. When not playing with the Sidewinders or the Sand Rubies, he remains the prolific and creative backbone of The Luminarios. This time around he’s turned the guitars up again for a psychedelic mash of band jams and slow-burning grooves best typified by the brooding, elongated epic, Friend Of The Shooter, which sits well in Hopkins’ canon of storytelling songs. Outta My Head (Outta My Mind) is the flip side to Hopkins’ denser jams with its 60s pop rock feel, while Strutter glides along on a colourful swell of organ with Lisa Novak’s chiming vocals bringing the chorus to life. It seems churlish to not mention the extra disc (A Long Walk Home) too, a set of field songs from Hopkins’ time spent with the Peace Corps in rural Paraguay, both scratchy demos and studio recordings and all with a charm of their own." —Classic Rock CD $10 SKU:25060

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS -Enchanted Rock (country covers by the Gosdin Brothers and Patty Smith & a new original song that sounds very Raspberry–esque-)Label:SAN JACINTO Enchanted Rock was recorded live at Halversonics Studio in Austin, Texas in two days and mixed in one day. What makes this album different is there is a mix of country covers by the Gosdin Brothers and Patty Smith to a new original song that sounds very Raspberry–esque ('Nobody Told You') to acoustic renditions of some of Hopkins' older songs like 'Paraguay' and 'Dark Side of the Spoon'. This album captures the band in a new light." CD $10 SKU:25061

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS -My WAy or the Highway-Label:SAN JACINTO Known for his work in the ’80s with the Sidewinders and in the ’90s with the Sand Rubies, guitarist and songwriter Rich Hopkins formed his own band Rich Hopkins and the Luminarios in the early ’90s. His former side project became his full-time passion, combining the talents of many of the musicians he had been working with in the Tuscon, AZ, area. Their independent debut Personality Crisis was followed by Dirt Town in 1994, Dumpster of Love in 1995, and a solo album entitled Paraguay. The band’s 1996 release, El Paso, was followed by one of many European tours and 1997’s The Glorious Sounds of the Luminarios was the first to feature bassist Mike Davis from the MC5 and a reunion with Bruce Halper from the Sand Rubies. The subsequent tour produced the live album 3000 Germans Can’t Be Wrong and 2000 brought about their sixth studio album Devolver. CD $10 SKU:25062

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS - TOmbstone- Label:SAN JACINTO "As a long time fan of Rich Hopkins (singer and guitarist from The Sidewinders/Sand Rubies), I can't say enough about this album. Personally, as a whole I think it's his best solo effort yet. Each song seems to follow each other perfectly. The sound quality of the music is so amazing. It's hard to pick favorites but I like "Tombstone", "Private Shaw" which is followed by a corresponding song called "Mourning Song". The thing I love about the album is it is based on a theme and the liner notes explain each song. Theme or concept albums of the seventies seem to be long gone these days so it's nice to hear one again. Pick this up and I think you will be glad you did." —Amazon review CD $10 SKU:25063

SIDEWINDERS (SAND RUBIES) -Cuacha (First-time reissue of this 1987 sleeper rural rock classic)Label:SAN JACINTO More than one observer of the Arizona rock scene has noted that had the Sidewinders not been derailed by legal and label problems, the Tucson quartet might've beaten neighboring Tempe's Gin Blossoms to the brass ring. Or maybe it was just a case of the too-good/too-early American band syndrome in the conservative pre-Nirvana era. Formed in 1986 around the songwriting core of guitarist Richard Hopkins and vocalist David Slutes, the Sidewinders quickly garnered local acclaim and recorded ¡Cuacha! for Hopkins' own San Jacinto label. (San Jacinto has released numerous regional records, including some by the Gin Blossoms.) The album has its share of jangly folk-rock moments instantly familiar to any fan of mid-'80s R.E.M. Yet its traditional feel — part psychedelic pop and part dustbowl blues — suggests influences stretching back at least two decades... Hopkins' expansive "big guitar" references Neil Young and Crazy Horse; his uncomplicated melodies are as immediate and hummable as Tom Petty's. And Slutes' enigmatic lyrical concerns (the drug of love, the mystic powers of the sun and moon, the dark edges of the soul) — delivered in the best romantic baritone since Neil Diamond— make for a charismatic combination." —Fred Mills, Trouser Press CD $10 SKU:25059

THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT- Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter- JAPANESE PRESSING WITH OBI (Japanese cult rock and rollers IYL Who, Iggy,Ramones)-Label:TRIAD UNSEALED BUT MINT ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE- The band’s last studio album. “I don't know where the Japanese equivalent of the Motor City is, but Thee Michelle Gun Elephant must be from near there. The quartet's third U.S. album, Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter is a triumph of high-octane, melodic proto-punk in the tradition of the Stooges and the MC5. It's easy to tell on songs like "The Loneliness Of The Citroen" and "My Heart With Its Brakes Broken Loose" that subjects of love and cars are dominant images. The rhythm section of bassist Koji Ueno and drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara provides the horsepower. The flash comes from the soaring bluesy-punk rock lines of guitarist Futoshi Abe. Topped off with singer Yusuke Chiba's gruff, emotional bleats, this is some good ol' foot-stomping, head-shaking stuff.” - Brian J. Bowe / Creem Magazine CD $25 SKU:21700

THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT- CASANOVA SAID- Live or Die W BONUS DISC - Japanese press with OBI (Japanese cult rock and rollers IYL Who, Iggy,Ramones)-Label:TRIAD SEALED “I don't know where the Japanese equivalent of the Motor City is, but Thee Michelle Gun Elephant must be from near there. High-octane, melodic proto-punk in the tradition of the Stooges and the MC5. CD $25 SKU:23874

THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT -Gear BLues- with OBI (GREAT JAPANESE GARAGE ROCK 1998 ) LAST COPIES -Label:TRIAD SEALED JAPANESE PRESSING 17 track collection of rare material A unique and ultra hard yet melodic approach to rock n’ roll. CD $20 SKU:25067

TOWNES VAN ZANDT- Flyin Shoes Label:FAT POSSUM NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP .Originally released 1978 CD $10 SKU:25065

MC5 LIVE 1968-1970 12" POT LEAF PICTURE DISC- WITH GARY GRIMSHAW ARTWORK with tracks first time on vinyl ltd ed Label:TOTAL ENERGY SEALED . With tracks that are 1st time on vinyl - original art for "Kick Out The Jams" by Grimshaw; ltd. ed LP $150 SKU:25064


BLACK LIPS - S/T(Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll ) - Label:BOMP Records garage/punk's new kings of mayhem! "Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. Youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!" CD $10 SKU:23104

BLOODHOUNDS - Let Loose (early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets)Label:ALIVE We’ll take a triple dose of this bluesy garage-rock! RIYL early Stones, Yardbirds and Nuggets. The BIG TAKEOVER CD $10 SKU:16265

BLOODY HOLLIES - Yours Until the Bitter End digipack - Label:ALIVE The trio’s hybrid of punk rock and hard blues really, really works. High-energy rock with good songs is pretty rare these days. With stratospheric vocals, take-no-prisoners guitar work and a rhythm section that won’t quit, this crunchingly-produced CD is one of the best hard rock albums I’ve heard in a while. Also they have an awesome name. Bloody Hollies – get it?" – Blogcritics

"Yours Until the Bitter End" is a work that reflects a lengthy career that fully embraces The Bloody Hollies' vast influences while at the same time maintaining the band's unique sound of explosive, over-driven mayhem balanced with intelligently thought-out songwriting. What is most impressive about The Bloody Hollies, however, is the diversity of their strengths, ranging from 70's classic rock, Americana blues, to an even power-pop songwriting style.

Many who are familiar with the band’s sound know them by their trademark murder-themed blues/rock anthems that remind listeners of the 60’s and 70’s golden age of rock & roll. The new album still embraces the dark side of raw garage punk, but comes armed with a more eclectic array of songwriting and musicianship. But don’t let the touches of organ, violin, and xylophone fool you, the band’s hybrid of blues and rock & roll continue to shine more impressively than ever. The Bloody Hollies recorded in San Diego, but enlisted the expertise of Jim Diamond in Detroit, a familiar friend of the band’s that helped bring the sound of this record to its full potential.

The Bloody Hollies was one of the last bands to be invited to play on John Peel's "Peel Sessions". Although John Peel passed away a week before the session was scheduled, The Bloody Hollies went on to record three songs and their "Peel Session" was played on BBC Radio 1 at the end of November 2004 by interim DJ Rob Da Bank. CD $10 SKU:13357

BUFFALO KILLERS- 3 ( digipack ) - Label:ALIVE Here is the long awaited third album by Ohio trio The BUFFALO KILLERS. The band, formed by brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard, with Joseph Sebaali, released their first “Self-titled” album in October of 2006 on Alive Naturalsound records. They drew the attention of Chris Robinson, who invited the band to open a string of dates for The BLACK CROWES. That road trip spawned the songs for the band’s second long player, “Let It Ride” produced by Dan Auerbach of The BLACK KEYS. Most recently, the Buffalo Killers collaborated with Kelley Deal on the just released “Sing For Your Meat: A Tribute to Guided By Voices.” CD $5 SKU:13222

COLLINS, PAUL - Feel The Noise POWERPOP by former NERVES memberLabel:ALIVE Produced by Detroit studio legend Jim Diamond, who also plays bass and guitar, and features Dave Shettler (SSM) on drums, Eddie Baranek (The Sights) on lead guitar, and Nikki Corvette.Paul Collins is a guy who's been around the block. He was one of the progenitors of the early power-pop movement in the '70s in not one, but three influential bands of that era - The Nerves, The Breakaways and The Beat (the latter even appearing on Dick Clark's American Bandstand back in the day). He later turned towards a decidedly rootsier approach to his music, exploring country and folk rock, before returning to the more driving, high-energy sounds of his youth on his acclaimed 2010 Alive Naturalsound effort "The King Of Power Pop". His music has been covered by a host of talented musicians, most notably his song "Walking Out On Love," which Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong performed as part of the punk band's hit Broadway musical American Idiot.CD $10 SKU:16122

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa prod by Dan of the Black Keys-Texas 60s/70s style pop)CD Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. CD $10 SKU:11360

JOHN THE CONQUEROR - The Good Life (great bluesy heavy rock) Label:ALIVE There's more soul in the opening 10 seconds of "Get Em" than in most major label output combined in the past decade. - Benjamin Ricci / PERFORMER MAGAZINE CD $10 SKU:15749

JULIUS VICTORFrom the Nest(1969 Jefferson Airplane style rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Another undiscovered and Ultra-Rare LP from 1969. With heavy influences of Iron Butterfly and Jefferson Airplane, this album features prominent organ and was produced by the famous jazz musician Ahmad Jamal. CD $10 SKU:11551

LOONS - Red Dissolving Rays of Light ( 60s style garage psych) - Label:BOMP The third album by critically acclaimed San Diego garage rockers featuring ex-members of the TELL-TALE HEARTS (the infamous Mike Stax of Ugly Things) and the DIABOLIKS. The album features all new material in the band's distinctively original style, which combines the hard, kinetic drive of European freakbeat, the melodic cool of the '66 Sunset Strip, and intense, atmospheric psychedelia. Features special guest appearance by legendary psychedelic steel guitarist GLENN ROSS CAMPBELL of the sixties band the MISUNDERSTOOD CD $10 SKU:11567

Great 1991 album by Canadian blues singer, guitarist, and pianist Dutch Mason. Mason's career started in 1959, but it's in the 70s that he got mainstream recognition, tirelessly touring Canada, building an audience for the blues, and earning the nickname "Prime Minister of the Blue CD $15 SKU:13114

MC5- POWERTRIP - WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Found a few of these kicking around the warehouse from long ago and far away! "POWER TRIP was the first MC5 release on Alive/Total Energy and it is just superb: Not only are the performances excellent and sound great but also most of these tracks are unique to this disc only. The three instrumental outtakes from late October/early November ‘70—“The Pledge Song”, “Head Sounds (Part Two)” and an early version of “Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)” named “Power Trip”—are all killer 5 moments as is the extended raw, noised-out improv “I’m Mad Like Eldridge Cleaver” and the previously-mentioned tracks from “Dialogue ‘68” which are trudgeworthy, pre-Kick Out the Jams live assaults played at the same ear-splitting volume but at a fraction of the pace. Highly recommended. (Note: although not credited as such, the version of “Black to Comm” on here is from Saginaw.)" Arthur Magazine CD $10 SKU:16757

MORGAN, SCOTT- ST (Sonics Rendezvous /RAtionals ) - Label:ALIVE The legendary Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The Solution) has teamed up with some of Detroit's most highly regarded underground luminaries to make his definitive solo album. Scott Morgan is a first rate rock singer, admired by everyone from Mitch Ryder to Nathaniel Mayer, from Rob Tyner to Iggy. Since his 70's stint in Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Scott has made a lot of great music with a variety of bands, a lot of loud motor city style stuff, and some straight up soul music as well, but this is his first proper solo outing. Scott Morgan, the album, is a point where Detroit soul tradition meets Ann Arbor music history in a blast of Downtown Detroit contemporary rockn'roll culture. It is brought to you by the producers responsible for records by Nathaniel Mayer, The Go, The White Stripes, The Sights, Outrageous Cherry, and a whole lot of other good stuff!CD $10 SKU:11408

MOUNT CARMEL - GET PURE Digipack (for Radio Moscow fans! ) - Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 CD $10 SKU:15855

NERVEBREAKERS - We Want Everything ( 70s Texas punk) - Label:GET HIP Hailing from Dallas, the Nervebreakers first got together in 1973, but didn’t take off until the mid-’70s punk movement started to affect most larger urban areas of the US. Nervebreakers quickly rose to the top of the pack in Dallas releasing three singles which are now hard to find. This album was recorded in 1980 and was to have been their debut LP. The reissue on Get Hip has been remastered and is finally out on vinyl again on 180-gram wax! EV originally released a limited edition along with the Get Hip CD in 1995. CD $10 SKU:11536

PLEASE- 1968/69 (SUPERB COLLECTION OF UK PSYCH)-Label:ACME Superb and historic collection of 1968-1969 UK psych—excellent somber, moody, minor key demo material taken from original master tapes and restored acetates. CD $10 SKU:19303

PLIMSOULS- Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal (80s POWERPOP!!)Label:ALIVE Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal" showcases the PLIMSOULS at the height of their power, tearing the roof off and on the verge of starting a riot on L.A.'s old Sunset Strip. Recorded at the Whisky A Go Go on October 31, 1981, this previously unreleased 18 song live album includes many of The Plimsouls' classics as well as plenty of surprises. It has been stunningly remastered, features previously unpublished and gorgeous photos by renowned photographer Bob Matheu, and also includes three pummelling tracks with special guests The Fleshtones (CD only).
The first vinyl pressing of the record includes a poster and is limited to 1,000 copies. Considering that all of The Plimsouls official studio releases are currently out of print, this explosive live document of the band igniting The Whisky nearly three decades ago stands as not only a highly anticipated release from the band, but also as a testament to the power of pure, unadulterated rock & roll.Formed in 1978 by Peter Case (vocals, guitar) following his departure from The Nerves and The Breakaways, with Louie Ramirez (drums), Dave Pahoa (bass) and Eddie Muñoz (guitar), The Plimsouls effectively blended roots, British Invasion and garage rock into one unique soul-punk, garage-pop combo. "They boasted a soulful front man and gifted songwriter in Peter Case; a brittle, unconventional lead guitarist in Eddie Muñoz; and a gutsy, power-packed rhythm section in bassist Dave Pahoa and drummer Lou Ramirez. The ‘Souls didn’t just replicate the cliches of power pop, as so many others did – they, and especially Case, were intent on putting their own imprint on the rock and R&B styles they derived their sound from. Their keen originality and their ‘let’s-rock’ attitude removed them from the run of the mill. Despite the misguided notions of observers intent upon categorization, The Plimsouls were always their own men." — Chris Morris CD $10 SKU:11185

SILENCERS ST 60 style Detroit surf set ala Link Wray, Ventures andDick Dale - Label:TOTAL ENERGY The twistin twangers of the Detroit surf set ala Link Wray, Ventures andDick Dale . The Silencers add a heap of individuality and creativity to the saturated surf genre and all that , so open up yer wallets and spring for it. Artwork by Detroit illustrator Mark Arminski. CD $5 SKU:13104

SPLASH 4- Shame Shame Shame (70s punk inspired )- Label:DIONYSUS The Splash Four make the kind of records you play at those 'blow-out' parties: the kind of parties someone else throws, where the plaster has just about all fallen and the cops are due to arrive any minute" - Mick Collins. Engineered by Liam Watson, this '70s punk inspired disc will add that needed boost of mayhem to any collection. CD $5 SKU:17508

ELECTRIFIED NEPTUNE STAIRCASEVA- lost bands spanning prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness.Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Fifteen track compilation of selected Audio Archives label classics alongside several unreleased & forgotten songs from long lost bands which span prog-rock, mellotron-psych and cosmic quirkiness. Bands featured are: Fantasy, Airbridge, Elder Kindred, Guggenheim, Cirkus, Whitsuntide Easter, My Cake, Second Sign, Mother Superior, Graphite, Witches Brew, Northwind, Gringo and Narnia.
COMP CD $14 SKU:24864

EXXXILE ON MAIN STREET - VA W Miracle Workers, Gun Club and more DRILLED Label:TRIPLE X Triple X Records Collection gathers an eclectic selection of songs from the label's artists, including the Miracle Workers, Spongehead, Jeff Dahl, the Dickies, and L.A.P.D. Urban Dance Squad's "Shade Deeper of Soul," Jane's Addiction's "Whores," the Adolescents' "Brats in Battalions," and Bo Diddley's "Wake Up America" reflect the album's diverse track listing, which also features contributions from the Angry Samoans, Rozz WIlliams, Gun Club, and Cradle of Thorns COMP CD $5 SKU:13121

PURE EXOTICA -As Dug By Lux &Ivy- DBL CD- Label:ALONA'S DREAM Focussing on the recent resurgence of interest in exotica, space age bachelor pad music and the weird side of easy listening. The Cramps' Lux And Ivy dug into their collection for the exotica genre compiled on this 2CD set. COMP CD $34 SKU:24812

BEST OF BOMP- VA POWER POP, PUNK AND GARAGE (Poppees, Shoes, Zeros and more )Pink Vinyl LTD EDITION -Label:BOMP Records Greg Shaw's Bomp label released some of the finest power pop, punk, and New Wave of the 1970s and '80s, but it wasn't until 1978 that Bomp made the move from singles to full albums. THE BEST OF BOMP was the inaugural full-length, a compilation that featured tracks from a dizzying array of Bomp artists, from Iggy Pop to power-poppers 20/20 to Boston garage-rockers DMZ, and many more, painting a vivid picture of the underground music scene of the era. (Jim Allen ) COMP LP $20 SKU:23663

BOOTBOY DISCOTHEQUE -14 BOVVER ROCK BRUISERS 1969-1979- CLEAR VINYL Label:YOU BETTER RUN If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, "sickening violence", a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn't anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider's web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. COMP LP $25 SKU:23522

DIGGIN FOR GOLD- Vol 11 (obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world)-Label:BUSY B Since 1993 the 'Diggin' For Gold' series has unearthed obscure '60s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sources and packaged with informative liner notes and pictures. Busy Bee are proud to help put out the 11th installment in the series, jam-packed with delights you've never heard of. After two volumes of only US bands this one goes back to the initial formula -45's from all around the world- and once again lets you explore great sixties punk and pop from Africa, Asia, America and Europe. Unfortunately no tracks from Antarctica. Maybe on vol 12, right? Limited edition of 500 copies, vinyl only. Grab it while you can! SIDE 1: 1. DICKIE LOADER & BLUE JEANS - I Hate Getting Up In The Morning (South Africa) 2. MOON SPINNERS - Soul On Fire (Norway) 3. LEX RELAX - Quatre-Vingt Cavalliers (Switzerland) 4. PRINCE OF ISRAEL - Try To Understand (Israel) 5. BOYS - Walk Back To Me (Singapore) 6. KANO Y LOS BULLDOGS - Todo Quedo Atras (Uruguay) 7. LIGHT STONES - Mary-Ann (Liechtenstein) 8. LES VIPERES - Please Go Away (Belgium) SIDE 2: 1. MENACE - You Don't Even Wink Your Eye (Hong Kong) 2. MAVI ISIKLAR - Ain't That So (Turkey) 3. TEENAGERS - I Can Hear Them Play (Sweden) 4. LES HOU-LOPS - Lonely Riverman (Canada) 5. LOS FLECOS - Estas Lejos (Spain) 6. RACKERS - Love Is Lavish (Germany) 7. LES MARQUIS - Silence On the Shore (Austria) 8. JUDGE WAYNE & THE CONVICTS - I'm Crying (United Kingdom) COMP LP $24 SKU:23727

ELEPHANT STOMP- 12 INSTRUMENTAL FREAKY STOMPER ROCK GEMS FROM THE 70s'-Label:NAUGHTY RHYTHM The team that compiled the 'Cosmic Discotheque' series, move the spotlight on the rock scene from the '70s. Killer drum breaks, tribal freak rock, instrumental psych rock and proto-disco are a few of the explosive ingredients of this compilation. Side A 01. Galahad - Elephant Stomp 02. The Damned - Theta 03. Electric Team - Rocket Man 04. The Rockets - Rock And Roll Drummer (part two) 05. Blitz - B Side Stomp 06. T.N.T. - Big Trouble (Part Two) 07. K W Winston - Slow Rock 08. Angelo And The eighteen - Flight 2 09. Electric Cokernut - Jungle Juice 10. The Rocketters - Safari Rock 11. The Sloopers - Sloop 12. The Cats'N' Jammer Kids - Disco Drum (part 5) COMP LP $25 SKU:24872

FIVE DAY RAIN - ST (Rare 1970 UK psych with insert and liners)P Label:SOMMER Originally only manufactured as an extremely rare test pressing, this fabulous UK psych and proto-prog album from 1970 is now available with remastered audio and renewed artwork. The members of Five Day Rain had connections to a.o. Scots Of St. James, Fleur De Lys, Iron Prophet and Hopscotch. The LP includes an insert with detailed liner notes, rare photographs and memorabilia. LP $26 SKU:24150

GOLIATH - ST (1970First album by US hard-rock band )Label:GUERSSEN First album by US hard-rock band GOLIATH (of Hot Rock & Thunder fame), recorded in 1970 but never released at the time. Goliath was formed in 1969 when the Sons of Sound, Kicks and the XL’s dissolved. They were: Steve Peters (drums), Bill Peters (bass), Paul “Doug” (the Golden Throat) Mason (Hammond B3 Organ), George “Charlie” Egy, (lead vocals), and George Phelps (guitar). In 1970 they entered Allen-Martin Studios in Louisville, KY and registered what should have been their first album. The tapes remained unreleased until the Gear Fab label recovered them and did a CD edition in 2009. This is classic hard-rock with psych & prog touches, prominent Hammond organ, hard guitar, melodic vocals… *First ever vinyl edition. *Master tape sound and insert with liner notes & photos. LP $30 SKU:24904

IGGY POP & THE STOOGES- Michigan Palace 10/6/73 BOMP 4079 2000 pressing -Label:BOMP Records VERY RARE Part of the IGUANA CHRONICLES series BOMP 4079- 2000 pressing - Unsealed but mint. LP $75 SKU:24089

NORMAN HAINES BAND -DEN OF INIQUITY(UK hard prog 1971 LP PLUS CD Label:MAGIC BOX Reissued on vinyl, including a CD with six bonus tracks, is a highly regarded UK hard-prog album from 1971, featuring legendary Birmingham keyboardist Norman Haines (ex-Locomotive). The LP was recorded at London's legendary Abbey Road studio. LP $24 SKU:24640

SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND -DETROIT (10")-Label:EASY ACTION Presented on 10-INCH RED VINYL are the recordings of a mythical 1978 show featuring Fred 'Sonic' Smith (MC5), Scott Morgan (Rationals), Scott 'Rock Action' Asheton (Stooges) and Gary Rasmussen (The Up), collectively known as Sonic's Rendezvous Band. LP $25 SKU:24635