Mar 10, 2021


Lots of items on saale this week, and a new psych arrival from our friends at Hypnotic Bridge, check out their entire catalogue here!

Also a restock from our pals at GET HIP, most for $10, lots of cool garage and psych.

Thanks for all, we’re glad things are finally getting back to normal!

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Suzy Shaw

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21721,18871,23224,21722,24324,22744,20698,19301,20277,22180,11162,11408,23588,21200,21201,17086,15855,22181,19503,19504,18654,23589,21824,22331,23590,22755,22016,23591,20406,22822,22637,21821,18759 ,22333,16623,23921,21797,22534,4480,23968,22996,23817,24146,24382,19008,23518,18189,15746,24231,17336,23070,21782,




PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT - Enormous Highs (psych tinged power pop) Label:HYPNOTIC BRIDGE Michael Quercio, Matt Devine, and Chris Bruckner have reunited to bring the Permanent Green Light sound into the third millennium. After the release of the band’s 2018 Omnivore Recordings retrospective and well-attended reunion shows in Los Angeles, the band began work on new material. Once extensive rehearsals and study of texts prescribed by Bruckner were complete, the band entered the studio in early 2020 with Earle Mankey, the legendary producer who recorded PGL’s cult classic Against Nature, as well as celebrated psychedelic records by Quercio’s Paisley Underground band The Three O’Clock (Sixteen Tambourines and Baroque Hoedown). “Enormous Highs” b/w “Silver Girl” on Hypnotic Bridge Records is the first release debuting songs from PGL’s work in progress on an envisioned concept record currently underway. Originally born out of the Los Angeles Jabberjaw coffeehouse scene in 1991, Permanent Green Light’s psychedelic pop sound soon found itself at the top of Rodney Bingenheimer’s playlists and sharing bills with Redd Kross, Teenage Fanclub, and The Muffs. By the time of PGL’s dissolution in 1994, the band had released records that may have fallen out of print but were never forgotten by devoted fans, including the Against Nature LP and contributions to compilations such as Freedom Of Choice: Yesterday's New Wave Hits As Performed By Today's Stars. Fast forward to 2018 when premier US reissue label Omnivore Recordings released the band's retrospective Hallucinations, with Ugly Things magazine declaring Permanent Green Light as “the unsung power pop greats of the decade… what every band on Creation should’ve sounded like.” 45 RPM $10 SKU:24419

EMMA GOLDMAN BUST OUT BRIGADE -ST (free improv/punk rock weirdness) Label:NOMAD EEL Mike Watt of the Minutemen and FIREHOSE was inspired by the revolutionary avant-garde musicians of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Julius Hemphill, Alice Coltrane, etc., Like them, this music is both free-improvisation but also very much punk rock in its ethos of DIY egalitarianism. LP $19 SKU:24417

SPIDERWORKS-Shiver (psych stoner rock) GATEFOLD DOUBLE LP - Label:NOMAD EEL This is psychedic stoner rock at its best. Lots of trippy effects like echo on the drums and reversed stuff. Originally released on CD only in 1992. Gatefold cover, hand stamped inner sleeves, and cardstock 11"x11" insert with lyrics. LP $45 SKU:24418


MILADYS, Les -ST (60s Canadian girl band)Label:GEAR FAB Debut album by French Canadian 60's girl band. French sung with 'jolly' versions of NANCY SINATRA's 'Sugar Town', a SUPREMES song, SIMON & GARFUNKEL's 'Feeling Groovy', and so on. Typical 60's arrangments and female harmony vocals. Nice full color sleeve showing the mademoiselles in full. Most of the tracks performed here would fit perfectly on a 'Swinging Mademoiselles' compilation. (Gearfab Special) CD $10 SKU:21721

MILKWOOD TAPESTRY - ST (60s acid guitar)Label:GEAR FAB Their classic self-titled 1969 LP is a journey into sea ring acid-guitar with touches of soft folky ballads, lots of heavy rock, and some mind-bending manic music that ranges in style from The Incredible String Band to Arthur Lee's Love to Jethro Tull To Fairport Convention to Sgt. Peppers. Fantastic harmonies round out this great album." CD $10 SKU:18871

MILKY WAYS- ST (Canadian party punk,King Kahn related) SALE - Label:ALIVE Garage punk brewed in Montreal with w/ex members of Spacesh-ts, Del-Gators and the Sexareenos. CD $10 SKU:23224

MILLER, PETE( BIG BOY PETE )- Summerland( 1966-68- more psych adventures of England freakbeat king!) Label:GEAR FAB These tracks were all recorded between 1966-1968 and are ever bit as great as our earlier BBP release: Return To Catatonia. Exact replication of the Tenth Planet vinyl release and off the Master Tapes CD $10 SKU:21722

MILLS, TONY-Cruiser (Glam power pop) Label:Z RECORDS Catchy tunes! CD $10 SKU:24324

MIRACLE WORKERS- Moxies Revenge (60s style garage )-Label:GET HIP This album contains the classic August 1983 recording session that produced some of the Miracle Workers’ earliest releases. Three songs wound up on their debut 45 on Moxie while another two wound up on their Sounds Interesting EP. The remainder are unreleased garage masterpieces! CD $10 SKU:22744

MOBBS -GARAGE PUNK FOR BOYS (British garage punk) SAALE!Label:CRAVAT 'Garage Punk For Boys' has taken its impetus from the title track itself. A "do it yourself" mentality has spurred these three lads to commit the songs to tape. The infectious feeling of jocular silliness, ferocity, calamity and fun will draw you in. With an arsenal of influences, each song is an homage to a variety of current and historic punk rock pioneers - from the mono-tones of 1960s British Beat to a full on undertone of funked up rhythm & blues. 'Garage Punk For Boys' lifts its hat to a Wilko Johnson infused Billy Childish explosion, with a rocket full of ideas inspired by contemporary cult English bands such as The Masonics, and a massive dose of live energy derived from the likes of King Salami & The Cumberland 3! CD $10 SKU:20698

MOCK DUCK - TEST Record (60s fuzzed out rarity)Label:GEAR FAB Well, we don't know what else to call this project because there were only 14 acetates made of their live recordings at The Village Bistro in Vancover, B.C. in October 1968. But
never fear, for we have unearthed the master Tapes form those sessions plus a lot more unreleased live and Studio recordings from this same period, including the 12 minute long studio session of June, 1968. Rising from the ashes of such famous Vancouver bands as The United Empire Loyalists, Cement City Cowboys and Six Cylinder, this band played a style of music that crossed between a fuzzed out John Coltrane sound to one of hard driving rock with Farfisa organ and blazing guitars and hard-edged vocals. Includes all their 45s releases plus other unreleased studio tracks. Don't pay $2,000 for an original copy of the acetate….just buy this release!!! CD $10 SKU:19301

MOCKERS, LOS-ORIGINAL RECORDINGS 1965-1967 (sung in English Stones style)- Label:GET HIP If Los Shakers were (according to the official history of rock) The Beatles of the River Plate region, then Los Mockers were the Stones. Sung in English by Polo Pereira, who (with a slight accent) emulates Mick Jagger's early snarl more accurately than anyone else from the time Some say that Los Mockers were the best group that South America produced during the time. CD $10 SKU:20277

MOD FUN -PAST FORWARD (New England ’80s pop) Label:GET HIP A retrospective of previously unreleased material, UK-only tracks, LP cuts and new mixes by brilliant New England ’80s pop band The Mod Fun. This material was recorded from the winter of 1983 through the summer of ’87. They were doing the “indie 3-piece” sound a decade before it became a fashionable commodity as part of the so-called “alternative” market. These are the songs of relationships gone bad, bad relationships (never) ending and, of course, psychedelics-induced visions and paranoia!This collection is packed with a full color deluxe booklet and tray card with lots of photos from the band’s past and complete information on all their recordings CD $10 SKU:22180

MONDO DRAG - New Rituals ( psych / stoner rock Radio Moscow related )- Label:ALIVE Trip out with Mondo Drag! From deep in the cosmos of Iowa, this psychedelic outfit has created a strange brew of garage, psych, space, sludge and stoner rock. CD $10 SKU:11162

MORGAN, SCOTT- ST (Sonics Rendezvous /RAtionals ) - Label:ALIVE The legendary Scott Morgan (Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The Solution) has teamed up with some of Detroit's most highly regarded underground luminaries to make his definitive solo album. Scott Morgan is a first rate rock singer, admired by everyone from Mitch Ryder to Nathaniel Mayer, from Rob Tyner to Iggy. Since his 70's stint in Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Scott has made a lot of great music with a variety of bands, a lot of loud motor city style stuff, and some straight up soul music as well, but this is his first proper solo outing. Scott Morgan, the album, is a point where Detroit soul tradition meets Ann Arbor music history in a blast of Downtown Detroit contemporary rockn'roll culture. It is brought to you by the producers responsible for records by Nathaniel Mayer, The Go, The White Stripes, The Sights, Outrageous Cherry, and a whole lot of other good stuff!
CD $10 SKU:11408

MORNING DEW - No More ( 60s Kansas psych ) SAALE!-Label:CICADELIC RECORDS Along with The Blue Things, The Morning Dew were one of Kansas' finest psychedelic bands of the '60s. This CD presents over one hour of their recordings- the 1966 Audio House session, all the singles (with bonus alternate versions), the 1968 Fairyland sessions (including newly discovered psychedaelic stereo version with special effects-headphone use suggested). An in-depth booklet with a cache of photos, radio surveys, and posters, traces the genesis of an instrumental group called The Impax in 1963 to The Morning Dew in 1966. By 1968, The Morning Dew forged a complex psychedelic sound the culminated with their famed Fairyland summer '68 sessions. This release is the first of two covering the history of the band. The second release will contain their much sought after 1970 Roulette album, known as At Last with alternate versions, plus their unreleased second album." CD $10 SKU:23588

MOTHER MARS - On Lunar Highlands (Aussie blues psych) SAALE! -Label:Pepper Shaker The fourth full-length album by this Australian band is a bluesy, psychedelic space trip to the rocky outer realm and back! CD $14 SKU:21200

MOTHER MARS - Steam Machine Museum (Aussie blues psych) SAALE! Label:Pepper Shaker 2013 album by Australian bluesy psychedelic band Mother Mars. Fuzzed-out jams with nice interplay between guitar and bass, and plenty of wah wah to go around. CD $14 SKU:21201

MOTHER SUPERIOR - ST Label:TRIPLE X Produced by Henry Rollins of Black Flag fame. MS was Rollin’s backing band on many tours and in the studio. CD $3 SKU:17086

MOUNT CARMEL - GET PURE Digipack (for Radio Moscow fans! ) - Label:ALIVE Amid the current industry of cool, Mount Carmel’s lack of gimmick is a welcome anachronism. The trio’s third album “Get Pure” is full of swagger, packed with great songs and inspired performances. This is true rock music like you haven’t heard in years. Crank it up!
Mount Carmel reeks of surging guitar riffs and thunderous backbeats. They’re a power trio in the truest sense of the term and certainly nowhere near as anonymous as their cover art would have you believe.As you may have guessed, this is an album for the heavy blues guitar freaks. – 194 CD $10 SKU:15855

MOUNT MCKINLEYS -INDESCRIBABLE HIGH RISE SOUNDS OF TODAY (Spacey psych garage) -Label:GET HIP The Indescribable High Rise Sounds of Today! is the second album by The Mount McKinelys (featuring ex-Cynic David Vucenich). Originally issued on vinyl by Swiss label Max Picou, it features the band's strongest material to date.Like the McKinleys' debut album, High Rise was recorded at Lee Hollihan’s cave-like studio, set in the woods surrounding Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inspired by the dark atmosphere, the album is permeated with fuzz guitars and anguished shrieks of terror, evident on live favorites like “Got Nothing” and “Reattach Your Head” and a cover of the Missing Links’ “Drivin' Me Insane.” CD $10 SKU:22181

MOUNTAIN -Canadian Festival Express 1970 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT Scorching live recording by Leslie West's legendary band of rockers, recorded at the Canadian Festival Express in 1970. The tenth volume in the Mountain Bootleg Series was recorded on their Canadian Festival Express tour in 1971. As with all the other volumes in the series, all of the recordings come from Leslie West and Corky Laing's personal archives. Some of the performances are not sonically perfect, but the quality of the performances are never in question. When 1970 began, New York hard rockers Mountain were one of the most promising new bands. Their 1969 debut (while the album was titled “Mountain,” it was credited solely to Leslie West) had led to a highly coveted spot in the original Woodstock festival, thrusting the band was into the spotlight. By the year's end, due to their exceptional sophomore effort, “Climbing,” Mountain were one of the US's premier rock outfits CD $10 SKU:19503

MOUNTAIN -Live in San Bernadino, CA 1971 LAST COPIES!-Label:VOICEPRINT Mountain was formed in 1969 by guitarist Leslie West and bassist and former Cream producer Felix Pappalardi. The two met while West was a member of Long Island R&B band the Vagrants When West left the Vagrants to record a solo album it was agreed that Felix Pappalardi would produce the said album which was entitled Mountain. The sessions for the album went so well that it was decided that the pair would form a band and the band would take its name from Leslie’s album. So it was that Mountain was born. Joining Leslie and Felix was drummer N.D. Smart who had also played on Leslie’s album and keyboard player Steve Knight. The band started to gig and whilst the response was positive no one would have dreamed how big the audience would be for the bands fourth gig. In August 1969 Mountain along with the likes of the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash and Young—and of course Jimi Hendrix—played at the Woodstock festival. CD $10 SKU:19504

MOUNTAIN BUS-SUNDANCE (70S GRATEFUL DEAD STYLE)Label:GEAR FAB The Grateful Dead sounding band that was sued by Windfall Music and Columbia Records for using the name "Mountain", although they actually had been together for 4 years before Mountain was officially formed!! Their classic "Sundance" LP from 1971 plus unreleased live and studio material off the Master Tapes from this Chicago band- A total of 13 songs and 70 minutes of music. Don't bother with the French bootleg, the original pressing was poorly done and nothing the piraters did have helped the quality!! CD $10 SKU:18654

MOURNING DAYZE- LOST RECORDINGS (1967 Wisconsin psych) -Label:GEAR FAB This Wisconsin band appeared on "Psychedelic states Illinois" with their swirling psychedelic track "Fly my paper plane". Now the band have discovered six other original tracks recorded in the fall of 1967. The music is powerful, loud and reflective of their sound. There's also a previously unreleased alternate version of their single CD $10 SKU:23589

MULLENS-IT'S HARD TO IMAGINE-(Texas jangly garage-punk )Label:GET HIP 4th album by Dallas, Texas garage-punk combo, this time with the original lineup + a second guitar player! Best songwriting to date includes jangly garage stompers like the beautiful "Esmeralda" and drivin’ punk rockers like the title track & more! CD $10 SKU:21824

MULLENS-ST -(Texas jangly garage-punk )Label:GET HIP On their eponymous debut album, Dallas garage-punk combo The Mullens stay true to their wild Texas roots. Fellow Lone Star Staters The Outcasts and The Changing Times would hail songs like "Step on the Gas," "You Thought Wrong," and "All Fours" as the best rock'n'roll since Kenny and the Casuals were all drafted in the Summer of '66! CD $12 SKU:22331

MUSTANGS - And That’s for Sure- Riverside 60s garage legends Label:UGLY THINGS Full-color 16-page booklet packed with rare photos of the band, plus full liner notes by Mike Stax ) Two minutes and five seconds of tough fuzz, stomp and bad attitude, the Mustangs' 1965 single "That's For Sure" is considered one of the Holy Grails of '60s garage rock. That one, hopelessly rare 45 would be their only release. However, in January 1966 the Mustangs went into Locy Sound in Riverside, California, where they recorded 14 more songs, demonstrating not only their dynamism and versatility as a live cover band, but also their remarkable talent for original material, from wailing rockers to haunting Beatlesque ballads. Those tracks are presented here for the first time, along with "That's For Sure" and its grooving instrumental flipside "Nova Blues." This CD only release includes a full-color 16-page booklet packed with rare photos of the band, plus full liner notes by Mike Stax. CD $10 SKU:23590

MYSTIC EYES-Whole World is Watching (primal ‘60s garage rock sound.)Label:GET HIP While each song on Watching is a polished gem, special mention must be given to a few. “Reality Is No Friend of Mine” is an ominous psychedelic pounder, and “So Far Away From Here” is only slightly less intense. While the whole album fits loosely into a modernized folk/rock genre, “I Can’t Wait to Love You” pays loving tribute to the Phil Spector/Jan & Dean sound. CD $10 SKU:22755

NAHUATL - ST Vol 1 ( stunning 1971 nMexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK )-Label:DENVER Reissue of stunning Mexican HEAVY PSYCH ROCK piece from 1971. Great heavy FUZZ leads all over with some backward guitars and other effects. Remastered for CD. CD $10 SKU:22016

NAMELOSERS- Fabulous Sounds From Southern Sweden ( complete collection of 7", flexi and unreleased tracks )-Label:GOT TO HURRY Swedish beat produced to absolute perfection, complete collection of 7", flexi and unreleased tracks from Sweden's leading proponents of wild beat, recorded 1964-1966 CD $10 SKU:23591

NATIONAL WAKE- ST (80s South African rock)Label:FRESH National Wake, the band Ian Kadey led in the late 70s and early 80s, were South Africa's first, and indeed only, multiracial punk band. CD $14 SKU:20406

NAVINS- NOT YOURSELF TODAY (100% guitar rock !) SAALE! Label:GREEN MONKEY The Navins are 100% guitar rock dudes from Seattle. They favor vintage amps and vintage guitars. You might say they are somewhat vintage themselves. They have a teensy bit of organ, but sometimes that's just what guitar-band dudes do. T'aint nuthin' weird or freaky here, just one tight band with great songs living at the crossroads of indie, alternative, garage, jangle, twang and power pop, where absurd pop notions tinged with chemical longing meet the psychedelic, late-night creakings of the devil present in our every nature. CD $10 SKU:22822

NEANDERTHALS-THE LATEST MENACE TO THE HUMAN RACE (killer 50s style rock and roll)-Label:GET HIP This album is full of killer ‘50s style rock ‘n’ roll tunes with hilarious lyrics! Featuring the songwriting talents and guitar mastery of Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets and Planet Rockers) and a singer that’s certifiable, you know you’re in for a good time with the Neanderthals whether live or on record! Includes two CD-only cuts CD $10 SKU:22637

NEATBEATS - FAr and Near (Beatles/Hollies early ‘60s beat sound)Label:GET HIP AWESOME 60’S STYLE GARAGE-POP FROM TOKYO. Featuring former members of the Death Dealers, Tokyo’s Neatbeats are Japan’s number one Beat band. This, their debut album, is the perfect companion to 'Squarehead Stomp' by England’s Kaisers and is sure to please fans of that combo as well! Here, the Neatbeats have cleverly combined great ‘60s covers along with several originals in the style of early Beatles, Searchers and Hollies. If you’re a fan of the early ‘60s beat sound, you’ll love the Neatbeats! CD $10 SKU:21821

NEGATIVE FX_ Government Warplans 1982 demos As seen in the documentary AMERICAN HARDCORE - Label:DISTORTIONS Contains a 4-page booklet with detailed liner notes, rare flyer scans and photos of this legendary Boston hardcore band."

Contains the pre-Taang LP demos from early 1982, much rawer and more powerful than the later Taang sessions.

Includes the unreleased title track, as well as CD-only college radio commentary on the group from old '80s hardcore radio shows! CD $10 SKU:18759

NEIGHBOURS - Prime Numbers(early British Invasion crossed with The Beach Boys)Label:GET HIP Prime Numbers captures a sound reminiscent of the early British Invasion crossed with The Beach Boys, leaving you with a feel that it is still mid-July. Prime Numbers contains a unique blend of the surf, garage rock, and soul sounds. CD $10 SKU:22333

ALIVE RECORDS 20th ANNIVERSARY SAMPLER - Rock and Roll is a Beautiful Thing-- With original tracks by BLACK KEYS, LEFT Lane cruiser , RADIO MOSCOW and more. Label:ALIVE DOUBLE GATEFOLD LP LTD ED CLEAR VINYL -

1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE - Unfinished Business-(Garage punk legends)Label:CACOPHONE 13 never-before-heard recordings from garage punk legends 1313 Mockingbird Lane! What we have here is a mixed bag of songs the band never released, combined with unreleased versions of songs that are totally different from the released versions LP $19 SKU:23921

ACT-UPS-Something To Forget LP + 7-inch` (Iggy/Pickett/style) SAALE- BIG CORNER BEND DISCOUNT! Label:CHAPUTA SOmebody messed up in the packing, there’s a big corner bend but the vinyl is perfect, and you could probably iron out the crease with your fingers with a little work! 14-track comp. celebrating 15 years of Act-Ups! Includes free 7 with 4 new songs. Ltd. Ed. 500 copies with Ricardo Reis cover art. “A monster made up of one volt of Iggy, one hambone of Pickett, one shot of Hank & two injections of Jeffrey Lee" -Ruta 66 LP $14 SKU:21797

ALACRAN -ST (1971 powerful West Coast psych/prog)Label:SOMMER Powerful hardrock with West Coast, psychedelic, prog and Latin-rock touches from Spain, released in 1971. The missing link between Los Brincos and Barrabas. 'Alacran' was the only release by this short-lived band, recorded in 1969 as a self-released edition. It was released in Spain and Brazil but despite the good reviews and interest from some record labels in the U.S.A., the band never got to play live and soon after they split. LP $22 SKU:22534

ALLAN DAVIE AND THE ARROWS - Arrow Dynamic Sounds ( 60s Surf/Fuzz ) LAST COPIES -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Starting in the '60s as a surf group, Davie Allan & the Arrows took instrumentalmusic a step further, hot-wiring their sound with the abuse of fuzz pedal. "Talking about pop culture, baby? Allan was an architect, a natural fact rock & roll artist. Allan's ax rocks, stalks and talks with heat, assurance and (believe it or not) a maturity that transforms the oft-shallow rock-instro into epic-scale slabs of rock & roll expression. Dazzling." - L.A. Weekly LP $10 SKU:4480

ANDREWS, RUBY- Everybody saw You - 1970 pressing VG+Label:ZODIAC Cover is in great condition. ARCHIVE COPY BELONGING TO EITHER THE OWNER OF BOMP OR ALIVE LP $50 SKU:23968

ARROGANTS - No Time to Wait (Wild Garage psych)SAALE! Label:DIRTY WATER Top-notch garage-rock from France, with a sound that's pure, minimal, psychedelic and WILD! LP $19 SKU:22996

ARTHUR BIG BOY CRUDUP- Look on Yonder’s Wall SEALED 1985 blues Label:DELMARK ROOTS OF JAZZ LP $20 SKU:23817

ATILA-REVIURE(1978 Spanish hard prog/symph)Label:SEELIE COURT The rare third LP by Spanish hard prog/symph outfit Atila, originally released in 1978, sees a wonderful reissue on vinyl! Imagine King Crimson jamming with Pink Floyd, after having absorbed a fair dose of '70s cosmic kraut delight, and also adding bits of jazz experimentation! This edition is limited to 500 copies, including an 8-page booklet full of liner notes and rare photos. LP $26 SKU:24146

AYERS, JAY - ST (1980 yacht rock perfection)-Label:TAM Jay Ayers’ self-titled album from 1980 opens with 'Midnight Lady,' three minutes of yacht rock perfection. High-pitched doo-doos and la-la-las hover overhead as the supple rhythm section lays a rock-solid foundation and Ayers yearns desperately for love, even if it’s from a pro. Prominent acoustic guitars give the song rhythmic propulsion like some of the best country-rock hits of the era, and an unexpected clarinet appears midway through to sweeten the mix. 'Easy Way Out' connects, delicately addressing depression with an appropriately melancholy backing and topped with a memorable vocal hook from Ayers in the way he sings the song’s title. The mood suddenly changes on side B, opening with a lively mashup of 'Different Drum' and 'Mr. Tambourine Man.' The guitars are jangly and the sound is more primitive. When he sings, Ayers sounds like a filthy drunkard wailing for quarters on a busy street corner. Instead of shortening the songs and butting them together to create a traditional medley, the tunes are carefully interwoven together, and the seams never show. The more reckless sound on side B shows more personality than the first half. The cover of 'American Girl’ perhaps doesn’t contain the conviction of the original, but the Petty-influenced 'It’s So Hard' is an engaging power-popper with some nifty vocal interplay. I wonder if the mix of the slithery 'One More Night' was intentional. The distant instruments and echo-heavy vocal create a smoky haze, enhancing the lyrics about foolishly holding on to someone." LP $26 SKU:24382

B GIRLS- BAD NOT EVIL -HOT PINK (1971 girl power pop produced by Blondie!) w insertLabel:BOMP FIRST TIME ON VINYL!!!LTD. EDITION PINK VINYL! ONLY 300 WILL BE SOLD THRU MAILORDER.INCLUDES GREAT INSERT with LINER NOTES BY CYNTHIA ROSS, and photos by Rodney Bowes, Theresa Kereakes and Bob Gruen BAD not EVIL’ is The ‘B’ Girls first full-length Vinyl release. It includes the band’s only single on Bomp!, plus studio recordings from1977 up to 1981, and two live tracks. The songs are produced by Debbie Harry of Blondie, Mick Jones of The Clash, Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell, Suicide, The Zeros), Liam Sternberg (Rachel Sweet, Kirsty McColl, The Bangles), Bob Segarini (The Wackers) and The ‘B’ Girls, with engineer Robin Brouwers (Teenage Head). Peter J. Moore restored and digitally re-mastered all tracks. LP $20 SKU:19008

BANG BANG BAND GIRL/TRASH COLAPSO SPLIT LP- -ONE FOOT ON DEATH ROAD (Gun Club/Suicide/Cramps mash up )-Label:TRASH WAX Fantastic album from these two South American trash mongers... Gun Club/Suicide/Cramps mash up with haunting vocals... Hailing from Chile, Bang Bang Girl Band should need no introduction as she's rather well known already through her other releases, radio show and frequent tours/gigs... Trash Colapso is from Argentina and a bit of a local legend (Bloodshot Bill style). n a world populated by plenty of power duos and one man bands,here are a couple that really stand out, if you like your trash bluesy with solid Gun Club influences, you'll love this, if you like your rockabilly primitive and menacing, you'll love this... If you've a decent pair of ears, you'll love this! LP $22 SKU:23518

BATORS, STIV (DEAD BOYS)- Disconnected (1978 POWERPOP) LTD ED. STARBURST VINYL with cool printed inner sleeve! Label:BOMP Inner sleeve includes photos and lyrics. Bators' first solo album, Disconnected was recorded in Los Angeles following the breakup of the Dead Boys. It's got more of a garage pop/Nuggets vibe than the work of the Dead Boys-he even covers the great Electric Prunes track 'I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night.' But even though he professes to be an evil boy, he does it with a charm that's pretty irresistible." - Creem. LP $22 SKU:18189

BEACHWOOD SPARKS-Desert Skies LTD ED of 100 on INCREDIBLE STARBURST VINYL (PRE GOSPELBEACH)Label:ALIVE Desert Skies" is the previously unreleased debut album by LA-based cosmic country-rock combo the Beachwood Sparks. The album includes their first 1998 single, as well as never-heard before recordings, all carefully remastered. A must-have for fans of the band, and for Southern California psychedelic pop lovers everywhere. LP $22 SKU:15746

BEATRICE-TAMADAS! (70s Hungarian power trio) Label:KEPT ALIVE Punkish, boogie-ish, ironical, but at its roots it is blues rock - played by a Hungarian power trio (guitar/bass/drums) and led by Nagy Feró, singer and lyric writer. Beatrice caused a huge scandal in Communist Hungary during their 1978-1981 period, which ended with a total ban of the band! Here is their legendary September 1980 gig played for a public of 10.000 fans, titled 'Támadás!' (Attack!). Some excerpts were already published, but the entire set remained unreleased to this day. Limited to hand numbered 350 copies. LP $32 SKU:24231

WORLD OF DISTORTION - All The Volume... Twice The Distortion! 1987 ORIGINAL TEST PRESSING - LTD ed of 5 - VOXX 2055Label:BOMP Test pressings are the white label copies issued to the record label in advance of the actual pressing , there are normally only 5 of these made. There are no jackets. Comes in a white sleeve with a sticker. LP $20 SKU:17336

X -ALPHABETLANDLabel:FAT POSSUM Now, on the 40th Anniversary of the landmark, Los Angeles, and 35 years since the original band have released an album – X, one of the greatest Punk Rock bands in music history, releases ALPHABETLAND today via Bandcamp. LP $25 SKU:23070

ZEROS - STARBURST! Don't Push Me Around -1977 punk w orig. insert Label:BOMP Records WITH INSERT featuring photos and liner notes by Javier Escovedo! Classic '77 punk, previously unreleased. This album gathers up all their early singles and demos for Bomp, as well as other early and unreleased recordings. LP $22 SKU:21782


MIRACLE MEN - They’re Coming (cool r'n' roll garage)SAALE! Label:TEEN SOUND If you like cool r'n' roll garage with the right sounds and attitude they're gonna be your next fave act. There's just a bit of everything we like in here: timeless garage riffs, a touch of moody Nederbiet, and a singer that will probably reminds you Jeff Conolly's voice, more than the Mono Man himself! They also look cool and have real nice vintage gear, so whattareyouwaitingfor? Get ready because the Miracle Men are coming CD $15 SKU:22554

MJ HALLORAN - Comes the Light (Aussie blues punk style) SALE! - Label:OFF THE HIP Australian-born artist MJ Halloran formed The Sinners in New York during late 2009 as a platform for his blues/rock/punk songs of perversion and antipathy. MJ has played and recorded with Spencer P Jones, Brian Hooper, Dee Pop, and John Nolan, recorded in New York, Gijon(Sp.), Melbourne and Berlin, and toured Europe. CD $5 SKU:20224

MOOT -Peel it to Reveal it (Paisley-hued pop psych) SAALE! Label:SELF PRODUCED Thee Moot are purveyors of Paisley-hued melodic pop and psych. Formed in early 2016 by former Onlookers Nick Stone and Mark Leech with ex-Transients Freezer Pinch and DC, they launched an EP entitled 'Tomorrows Calling' in 2018 and as a prelude to their much awaited debut album 'Peel It To Reveal It'. CD $15 SKU:24022

ANUBIS ST (1983 Zep and Brit hard rock style gem) 180 GRAM - SALE! Label:REPLICA (France) 180g vinyl. Originally released in 1983 this is Anubis' unique long-player filled with LED ZEPPELIN and British hard-rock influences. Remastered from the original tapes, this hard-to-find gem is now finally available again!” "The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.” LP $19 SKU:21348

BEATSTALKERS-SCOTLAND'S NO. 1 BEAT GROUP(63-69 recordings pop psych) SALE- CORNER BEND Label:SOMMER Complete recordings from 1963 to 1969 by this legendary band from Glasgow. Fabulous mod-beat, wild R&B and pop-psych, including all their 7" sides for Decca and CBS plus early demos. Formed in Glasgow in 1962 during the early beat boom by Alan Mair and Eddie Campbell, their line-up also included Davie Lennox, Tudge' Williamson (replaced by Jeff Allen) and Ronnie Smith. Playing an authentic brand of rhythm 'n' blues and soul covers, they soon took the city by storm and were famous for their live shows, attracting hordes of screaming girls and young fans. Between 1965 and 1969, The Beatstalkers would go on to release a total of seven singles. All these sides are featured on this reissue. LP $17 SKU:22685