Mar 2, 2022


Lots of bargains and restocks for you guys this week, and a batch of cool CDS too. Check it all out below.

And don’t forget the new BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES release… pretty great stuff here! “Their attack of drums and keyboards is a mean, gospel punky hybrid and rocks with ragged, soulful passion.” - ROCK SOUND

Lots of adds to our famous ONE ONLY section too, these are the last copies we’re blowing out at really amazing prices.

Thanks for all!
Suzy Shaw

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25005, 25010, 25009, 25008, 25007, 25006, 25004, 25003, 12435, 25013, 25011, 22883


22021, 23474, 24646, 16181, 24445, 18657, 18870, 24551, 19615, 23251, 20614, 22896, 24552, 23189, 19912, 11896, 22904, 23638, 20987, 24647, 24415, 20656, 13697, 20074, 20498, 23637, 23724, 24795, 21045, 21758, 11391, 14389, 24769, 24796, 18300, 24494, 24657, 24683, 11962, 16288, 24567, 13814, 21137, 24744, 18967


MOODY BLUES- In Search of The Lost Chord - Czech Republic pressing-Label:UMC SEALED but a little cover damage from a sticker being removed CD $5 SKU:25005

Paralisis PErmanente El Acto Label:Warner Music Spain NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25010

PRETTY THINGS- 1967-1971Label:SEE NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25009

PUBLIC IMAGE- First issueL abel:LITA NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25008

Question Mark & the Mysterians 96 TEARS- 30 Original Recordings - German release Label:CAMPARK NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25007

RADIO BIRDMAN- Radios Appear Label:RED EYE NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25006

RAMONES- End of the Century-Japanese writing on spine Label:SIRE NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:25004

TROGGS, Les- WIld Thing- French release with obi srip Label:FONTANA NOTE: UNSEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $15 SKU:25003

TRASH BOX- VA - 5 CD Box SetLabel:HIT RECORDS The Trash Box is a 5-CD box set of mid-1960s garage rock and psychedelic rock recordings, primarily by American bands. This box set is similar to the earlier Pebbles Box (a 5-LP box set) and includes almost all of the same recordings in that box set (and in the same order), along with numerous bonus tracks at the end of each disc. Supposedly, the Trash Box collects the first five volumes of the CDs in the Pebbles series (i.e., those released by AIP Records, not to be confused with the 4 earlier CDs that were issued by ESD Records). However, as is generally true of the CD reissues of these five volumes (though not nearly to the same extent), the tracks differ significantly on all five discs as compared to both the original Pebbles LPs and the later Pebbles CDs in the corresponding volumes; and the surf rock rarities on Pebbles, Volume 4 have been eschewed entirely. Overall, there are 109 tracks in the box set (excluding the introduction and ending cuts) as compared to 101 songs on the individual CDs and 72 tracks in the Pebbles Box. Although most of the recordings on the Trash Box were released at some point on one of the individual Pebbles albums, several of the songs have not appeared elsewhere in the Pebbles series. Inexplicably, one of these songs is the well-known hit "I Fought the Law (but the Law Won)" by the Bobby Fuller Four (on Disc Four) – which is also included in the Pebbles Box – in place of the much rarer "Wine Wine Wine" by Bobby Fuller that appears on Pebbles, Volume 2. COMP CD $75 SKU:12435

MC5- 66 Breakout NER 3023 TEST PRESSING - WAREHOUSE FIND -Label:TOTAL ENERGY Recordings from 1965-66, Compiled by Wayne Kramer, Showcasing the Mc5 at their Earliest Stage of Development. Before they found their voice, or took their political stance, these five young Motor City kids were just rocking out and having a blast. Chronicling the first year of the band, '66 Breakout! features songs recorded between '65-'66. LP $50 SKU:25013

NEW RACE - TEST PRESSING NER 3013 The First and the Last w/Ron Asheton, Warwick Gilbert, Deniz Tek, Dennis Thompson, Rob Younger.-Label:TOTAL ENERGY This is the record that united members of RADIO BIRDMAN, the STOOGES & the MC5 for a one and only Australian tour in 1981. This U.S. release presents the original LP plus one bonus track, re-mastered from the master tapes.LP $50 SKU:25011

ZANTEES- ORIG 1980 ALCO TEST PRESSING Out for Kicks with EX CRAMPS DRUMMER BOMP 4009 Label:BOMP This revivalist unit was formed in October 1977 in New York City, USA. The Zantees (named after an episode of the science fiction television show The Outer Limits) drew on the raw rock ‘n’ roll styles of the 50s, particularly rockabilly music, emphasizing its primitive qualities rather than trying to update the sound. The original quartet comprised Billy Miller (vocals), Billy Statile (guitar), Paul Statile (guitar) and Jimmy Devito (drums). Devito was replaced after only one performance by Miriam Linna, ex-Cramps drummer, who remained throughout the band’s history. Although they originally had no bass player, four musicians eventually occupied that position: Chuck Forssi (whose brother Ken had been in the 60s band Love), Rob Norris (the last bass player of the Velvet Underground and later a founder member of the Bongos), James Stephanik and Mike Lewis (formerly of DMZ and the Lyres). The Zantees’ first record was ‘Francene’, a flexi-disc single released in conjunction with the US record collector magazine Goldmine, in 1979. Other singles followed, as did Out For Kicks, on the Bomp Records label in 1980, and Rhythm Bound, released on the US Midnight label in 1983. They also released a self-titled EP on Midnight in 1983. The Zantees toured the USA, as well as Scandinavian countries in the early 80s, and disbanded in December 1983. Miller, Linna and Lewis subsequently started the A-Bones, a band of similar qualities, in 1984. Miller and Linna also launched the popular independent record label Norton Records, and published their own fanzine, Kicks. LP $20 SKU:22883


CHAPLIN HARNESS-ST (1969 New Jersey fuzz psych)Label:GEAR FAB From New Jersey, their great 1969 Psychedelic studio project that features great fuzz guitar and screaming organ!! CD $10 SKU:22021

CHARGERS STREET GANG -Through the windshield (Cleveland Dead Boys style)Label:GET HIP 2nd album by Cleveland's high energy rock'n roll quintet, acting in the vein of Cleveland's punk legacies like Pere Ubu, Dead Boys. CD $10 SKU:23474

CHARLEY NO FACE-THE GREEN MAN(Psychrock/fuzz masterpiece)SAALELabel:FORBIDDEN PLACE Psychrock/fuzz masterpiece. Charley No Face draw on a wide range of influences reminiscent of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, and early '70s prog rock. Delivering a powerful blend of heavy guitar, haunting melodies, and psychedelic explorations, they are notorious for their high energy performances and head turning guitar solos. Grab your copy today!! CD $17 SKU:24646

CHEEPSKATES- Confessional (60s style power pop) -Label:MUSIC MANIAC 6th lbum showing singer-songwriter-guitarist Shaun Faubert at his best ad at his melodic CD $5 SKU:16181

CHIC- Cest ChicLabel:COLUMBIA NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. Formed in 1977 by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, Chic are widely considered to be one of the most creative and innovative bands of the 'Disco Era'. CD $5 SKU:24445

CHILDREN - Rebirth (TEXAS PSYCH 1968)Label:GEAR FAB Great psych from Texas band who released only one classic album in ‘68. Starting out as Stoics back in 66, they evolved into Mind's Eye. Inc all their 45's as Stoics, Mind’s Eye and Children lp from ‘68 plus more unre material as Children from 1969-1970. 77 min. 26 tracks. From master tapes CD $10 SKU:18657

CHIRCO - Visitation (1972 fuzz guitar)-Label:GEAR FAB This 1972 rock opera LP was first released in Denver, Colorado but recorded in New York City and Connecticutt. It is full of fuzz guitar, fine vocals, and outstanding vibes.
CD $10 SKU:18870

CHOPPER-ST (Guitar power pop W British invasion covers)Label:ZERO HOUR Debut album from Connecticut Power Pop band. Crunchy, riff-addled guitar pop seizes the moment on this near-perfect bakers dozen, which happens to feature three British Invasion-era covers: The Creation's "How Does It Feel (to Feel)?, the Small Faces timeless "Itchycoo Park," and an obscure George Harrison penned track, "The Inner Light," CD $15 SKU:24551

CIRCUS- 1974 (hard hitting Wisconsin R&R blues)-Label:GEAR FAB Another great undiscovered band from Wisconsin. This hard hitting Rock and Roll and Blues band played with Tayles, Yancy Derringer, SOUP, and Tongue and toured the mid-west from 1969-1976 to crowds of thousands. Their Loggins & Messina/Allman Brothers sound comes out loud and clear on their 1974 self-titled LP. Off the master tapes, this release also features bonus tracks not on the original LP. CD $10 SKU:19615

CIVET-Massacre( all girl punkband LAST COPIES!-promo)Label:DISASTER All-girl punk band, a ltd. edition released on their backyard label.The LA Weekly says about Civet : "Punk rock kicks best and hardest when presented at its rudest and most elemental. PROMO COPIES IN PLASTIC SLV wth HOLE thru bar code but new and perfect CD $15 SKU:23251

CLARK, TODD TAMANEND -NOVA PSYCHEDELIA DBL CD 1975-1985Label:ANOPHELES (2CD) A complete collection of the entire vinyl output recorded between 75-85 under the names THE STARS, THE EYES, TODD CLARK GROUP, and TODD CLARK. Thirty-three tracks of ambitious, out-there psych and experimental proto-cyberpunk action, packaged with a 20-page booklet with history, track notes, photos, and artwork. CD $14 SKU:20614

-Label:GEAR FAB n 1998, Gearfab released a limited 500 vinyl pressing of this great early '90s Pacific Northwest Psychedelic band. They came to the attention of the label through a tape sent to them and, immediately upon listening to it, Gearfab was in awe of how much their music sounded like it came straight from the 1960s: twangy guitars with lots of reverb and wah-wah, haunting farfisa organ, pulsating bass riffs, great harmonics, and fantastic drums!! In addition to the original 12 tracks, the band guys have dug up 10 more tracks. CD $10 SKU:22896

CLUB WOW -NOWHERE FAST - A RETROSPECTIVE 1982-1985-(Dead Boys connection)-Label:ZERO HOUR Here's a little gem of a lost power pop band. After the break up of the Dead Boys and the Stiv Bators Band in 1981, Jimmy Zero started recording with two friends Billy Sullivan and Jeff West. On January 1st, 1982 they asked their old friend Frank Secich from Blue Ash and the Stiv Bators band to play bass in their new group. Only playing live on a few occasions but in the studio on many and this is the result. 18 rare unreleased songs and 2 live songs. It's all here for your listening pleasure. CD $15 SKU:24552

COL. KNOWLEDGE & The Lickity Splits - Fall In Love All Over Again With (Genius 60s pop style) -Label:ALIVE "Absolutely genius 60s pop by kids who have silliness, soul, power pop sensibilities and sycadelic sexiness." - Roctober.

"Pure, extremely adulterated genius, through and then through again." - Gary Pig Gold.

"The band's Alive Records debut is a kitschy, poppy nugget that'll make you long for nights you spent dancing in the headlights with your teenage crush, even if you didn't go to high school in the early '60s." - Harp Magazine

CD $5 SKU:23189

COLLAGE -ST -UNKNOWN 1971 MYSTERY BAND! Label:GEAR FAB This is a weird one kids, even the owner of GEAR FAB doesnt know what it is!!! He says all he knows is that a company in Japan had him put it out. It’s NOT the same as the Texas band on Smash, which we had assumed it was.

This one takes whitebread easy-listening to a whole new level! These guys did NOT take acid! Maybe not even a cup of coffee! CD $10 SKU:19912


COLLINS , PAUL BEAT - KIDS ARE THE SAME (NERVES / BREAKAWAYS )-Label:COLUMBIA Paul Collins Beat’s second album followed in the footsteps of his brilliant debut to rave reviews, an apathetic record company and a clueless public. Despite featuring some of his greatest songs – “The Kids are the Same,” “On The Highway,” “Dreaming,” “I Will Say No” – Columbia Records dropped the band as they toured relentlessly while “On The Highway” poured out of FM radio airwaves across the country and the newly launched MTV channel aired the videos for “The Kids Are The Same” and “On The Highway.” CD $15 SKU:22904

COLLINS, PAUL (NERVES) & THE BEAT - Another World- Best of the Archives- Label:ALIVE PROMO CD -Culled from Paul Collins’ personal archives “Another World - The Best Of The Archives” compiles previously unreleased material going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat. None of the recordings have been released before and all have been carefully remastered.

Complete with extensive liner notes by the man himself, this is an album for rock & roll lovers everywhere. The CD version includes a 6 page booklet and 4 bonus tracks not on the vinyl.
CD $10 SKU:23638

COLLUSION - ST (Obscure Prog rock 1971) Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES Reissued on compact disc, this is a genuine prog rock obscurity from 1971, originally released in a tiny run on the custom SRT label. Collusion was a Dagenham-based six piece with twin guitars and interwoven male/female vocals as the main ingredients. Expect hard-edged prog-rock with tasty folk and jazz elements. This engaging CD features seven original tracks with the stunning 'Bluebirds' and the epic 'Sweetbread Line' as the undisputed highlights. The CD is presented with a special poster sleeve offering rare pics and memorabilia. There also are extensive sleeve notes and a band history by singer Tony Davison, plus an additional comment by their manager and esteemed promoter Darrol Edwards. CD $10 SKU:20987

CONNER, GARY LEE- THE MICRODOT GNOME (psych)-SAALE! Label:FORBIDDEN PLACE The long awaited FIRST album by Gary Lee Conner, the Screaming Trees guitar player and author, recorded in 2010. Originally only released digitally and on cassette. 11 tracks of totally psychedelic music! CD $17 SKU:24647

COOL GHOULS- AT GEORGE'S ZOO (SF based garage pop)-Label:EMPTY CELLAR The San Francisco-based garage rock and pop band celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of 'At George's Zoo'. This album will please fans of The Beach Boys and Stooges alike! CD $17 SKU:24415

CORBETT, DAVE & FRIENDS- STONED, BROKE & FED-UP (1973 trippy psych/ jug band!) SALE! -Label: AUDIO ARCHIVES On CD-format, here's an ultra rare album recorded in 1973 and originally pressed on the Deroy customs label in a tiny quantity and issued in a bizarre, oversized custom-made sleeve. The album contains 11 home-grown songs featuring strong lead and backing vocals atop acoustic and electric guitars alongside piano and harp. Some songs, f.i. the head-weaving 'Smashed-out Carpet' have a prominent eastern, tripped-out psych feel throughout, whilst others straddle jug-band and folk areas. This title is recommended to heads into the likes of Synanthesia, Panama Jug Band, Astral Navigations, etc. CD $10 SKU:20656

COSMIC MICHAEL-ST PLUS After A While (rare 60s mayhem ) - Label:GEAR FAB One of the strangest albums you will ever hear. In 1969 and 1970, Cosmic Michael released two bizzare albums of unknown origin. A cross between A CId Symphony & The Unfolding!! CD $10 SKU:13697

COUNTDOWN FIVE -Complete Recordings 1969 GARAGE psych ) DBL CD Label:GEAR FAB Finally, the complete recorded history of Galveston’s Premier Psychedelic/Garage band. All 7 of their Pic, Toucan, Cinema, and Cobblestone 45s PLUS 20 previously unreleased recordings from 1966-1969. With the exception of their first 2 45s on Pic (Tracks 1-4), all are off the master 4 & 8 Track tapes!! Featuring their complete biography with photos, posters, and other memorabilia from their inception to final break up!! Take a trip with the band members through the greatest period of American Rock Music!! CD $14 SKU:20074

A FINE DAY AND A BRILLIANT EVENING -Cherry Red Rarities 1983-85 (willowy pop)Label:CHERRY RED More willowy pop of yesteryear from the vaults of Cherry Red. The second release in the Cherry Red Rarities series, is a collection of rare and upstanding tracks from three of Cherry Red’s most popular artists: Jane And Barton, Grab Grab The HaddocUk (yes, they really did exist) and In Embrace. “The juxtaposition of the three artists here seems coincidental, yet they successfully present different facets of the sound of the label during the early 80's. Jane & Barton start with the acapella 'It's A Fine Day' which was later turned into the Opus III dancefloor smash. Flute and percussion accompany Jane on 'I Want To Be With You' to nice pastoral effects a la Virginia Astley, although the latter would have never named one of her songs 'Ha Bloody Ha', which poses such thought-provoking questions as "Did you hear about the woman who died" or "What part of a vegetable can't you eat". Simple voice and piano arrangement on 'There Is A Man' and 'You Are Over There' makes ideal lazy afternoon listening, only to be rudely disturbed by Mr.Barton's grating screech on 'You Are Over There Part Two'. Onto the marvelously named Grab Grab The Haddock, which included two of the three Marine Girls after Tracey Thorn went on to form Everything But The Girl. They pretty much carried on with the style of their previous band, only now augmented to a four-piece. Lightweight summery guitar pop, the stuff that made Cherry Red famous. In Embrace played moody melodic pop with guitar and synths. Although once described as 'introverted and emotionally unfathomable' the songs are actually quite classy and the sentiments deeply felt. 'The Darkest Horse' features a spine-tingling chord progression slightly reminiscent of the Cocteaus. They should have been big. The CD ends with a bonus video of 'It's A Fine Day'. COMP CD $10 SKU:20498

COLLINS, PAUL (NERVES) & THE BEAT - Another World- Best of the Archives BLUE VINYL Label:ALIVE Culled from Paul Collins’ personal archives “Another World - The Best Of The Archives” compiles previously unreleased material going back to 1978 and the early days of the Paul Collins’ Beat. None of the recordings have been released before and all have been carefully remastered. LP $20 SKU:23637

CONCRETE WAVES-2002 skatepunk on DUANE PETER’S label JFA* / Blue Collar Special / The Worthless Label:DISASTER Five songs by three bands each make up this release of skatepunk tunes, whose 15 songs, in keeping with the economy of the genre, pass by in a mere 33 minutes. Five songs each by J.F.A., Blue Collar Special, and the Worthless, sometimes blatantly or subtly skate-themed, take up the program,Tom D. Kline LP $5 SKU:23724

FULL MOON-Moon Fools (1976 progfolk gem LP (140 gr., 300 gr. sleeve) + CD Label:PQR-Disques plusqueréel First ever reissue of the Dutch progfolk gem “Moon Fools”, limited collector’s edition of 200 copies also featuring an exclusive CD with the previously unreleased album “Eternal Rhythm” (1976).

Long due for a place in the pantheon of 60s and 70s European progfolk, acid folk and psych folk gems, Full Moon’s first release, Moon Fools, is finally brought back to life. Originally released in 1976, as a limited private pressing of 500 copies that were mostly sold in gigs, "Moon Fools" is a journey to the East, a constant interplay between darkness and light, in quest of musical illumination. Foregrounded by an instrumental dialogue between Johannes Luttik’s unique guitar and Lucas Amor’s tantalizing, weeping violin, a mesmerizing tapestry unfurls. Every second is like a chronotope that combines Johannes’ memoirs from his musical expeditions in India with Lucas’ travels to the Middle-East. Driven by Norman Halsall’s slow yet seething tablas/bongos, the compositions alternate between an utmost of lyricism and free-floating jams. Moon Fools is reissued by PQR-Disques plusqueréel, fully remastered, in a limited, collectors’ only vinyl edition of 200 copies, and includes exclusively a cd with the previously unreleased album "Eternal Rhythm" (recorded in 1976) LP $34 SKU:24795

GLASS FAMILY -SMALL CRUNCHED CORNER BARGAIN! Electric Band ltd ed of 250 DOUBLE LP reissue for fans of US '60s psychedelia - Label:MAPLEWOOD FANTASTIC DELUXE DOUBLE LP REISSUE TAKEN FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER! DELUXE REISSUE. The Glass Family released their LP 'Electric Band' in 1968, an acid-, folk- and blues-rock album, with distorted guitars, swirling organ and dirty vocals, that since then has never been reissued until now. Along with a nice remastering of the original LP, this double vinyl package also includes a second disc full of never before heard unreleased tracks from their initial 1968 recording sessions. Standout tracks from the second disc that has a far rawer sound are 'Where'd You Get That Smile' and 'Two x Two' and includes an alternate take of 'House Of Glass'. Within the gatefold packaging of this double LP are unique band photos and a biography of the band's experiences in psychedelic 1960s Southern California. The Glass Family where a part of the 1960s cultural revolution playing gigs and hanging out with people who are now legends. A very relevant release for fans of US '60s psychedelia.




GREEK THEATREBROKEN CIRCLE (:west-coast influenced psych Label:SUGARBUSH The long awaited second album by Sweden's premier west-coast influenced psych act. This time around the material dives much deeper into full-on psychedelia, yet retains -and even improves on- the band's excellent songwriting. While a lot of contemporary psych bands revel in endless blasts of somewhat monotonous spacerock, it has become a rare thing to find an album of song based psychedelia, which is exactly what 'Broken Circle' is. This edition is limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl. LP $22 SKU:21758

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa ( prod by Dan of the Black Keys ) (YELLOW VINYL ltd ed last copies ) Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Recorded on the tail-end of a year playing clubs and festivals across North America, Australia and Europe (opening for Dan Auerbach and Dr. Dog, and more recently for Alberta Cross), this new album brings heavier grooves and flavor to the '60s harmonies sound the band is known for. The result is a blend of Tex-Mex roots rock, retro-pop and R&B that can only be described as South Texas Soul. BIG RED & BARBACOA captures the attitude of a band ready to throw pretension to the roadside and play rock'n'roll the way it was intended. LP $18 SKU:11391

HACIENDA - Loud Is The Night Beatles style pop prod by DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS ) - Label:ALIVE LTD ED of 200 on green vinyl ( From first note to last, Loud Is The Night is rammed with youthful rock and roll that flails around like a nun with a fork in her eye, raw riffs tussling with sleek 60s harmonies and intricate pop melodies to create something that's more than a little special. - Bearded Magazine LP $18 SKU:14389

HANUMAN- ST - (1971 German prog Krautrock)180 GRAMLabel:MISSING VINYL Hanuman was a post MURPHY BLEND, that recorded this excellent German progressive Krautrock album on the KUCKUCK label in 1971. The lyrics are strongly politically and socially engaged, while it is musically very similar to the first two OUT OF FOCUS albums, but more lyrical. This album, is a perfect example of the early 70s German progressive Krautrock scene and should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection.Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing.Classic German Krautrock album from 1971 Post Murphy Blend outfit.Fully authorized. Limited, deluxe exact reissue on 180g vinyl.Expertly remastered from the mastertapes. First ever exact reissue.” LP $28 SKU:24796

HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTERS-ST (Amazing 70s style Eddie Hinton style deep blues) STARBURST VINYL CMON, TRY IT!!Label:ALIVE ALIVE NATURALSOUND RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of HEATH GREEN & THE MAKESHIFTERS, a group of incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.

The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker. Heath Green and The Makeshifters’ self-titled debut album will be released early 2017 on Alive Naturalsound records. Check them out performing live in the studio for the Spectra Sonic Sound Sessions here. Prepare to be blown away! LP $15 SKU:18300

HECK- HECK YEAH!!(Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio) SALE! Label:SOUNDFLAT 'Heck Yeah!!' is the second album by the Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio The Heck. Musically the band still moves somehere between The Sonics and Reigning Sound, with a touch from The Hives as well, while never losing their main focus: writing future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. LP $19 SKU:24494

HECK- WHO? THE HECK!!! (Dutch '60s style garagepunk-trio Sonics style . SSALE! Label:SOUNDFLAT The Heck, all the way from the North of the Netherlands, Drenthe that is, writes sixties-garage-stompers that easily might blow you away! Frontman Henri was the preaching frontman of de Keefmen and the Miracle Men. This debut album 'Who? The Heck!!!,' which is out on Dirty Water Records (London, UK), contains some future sixties pop classics, served with the power and intensity of punk. Living legend Frans Hagenaars managed to capture the energy of their live shows in the studio which resulted in this timeless debut! Musically the band can be placed somewhere in between the Sonics and Reigning Sound. Their personal favourites Dead Moon, Seeds, Real Kids and Pagans are present and obviously also the Nederbeat influence; Cuby and the Blizzards, The Outsiders and Q65 can be heard when listening to The Heck! Some other good news is that their sold out and sought after singles 'Waiting In Line' and 'For Cryin' Out Loud' are included on the LP! Limited to 100 copies! LP $19 SKU:24657

HELLMET -Judgement Day (1970 proto metal)Label:SEELIE COURT Thought to be lost forever, Hellmet's legendary 1970 LP is the proto-metal find of the century. Long rumoured to exist amongst hardcore prog collectors, it used to be considered as the missing VO5 Vertigo cata!ogue number. In 1970, two acetates were cut at Oak studios (a 12” and a 7”) and then promptly lost, and those who knew of its rumoured existence decided it was mere myth or permanently lost or destroyed.But in 2021, this doom-laden metal psych masterpiece finally emerges from the Stygian depths of prog legend. Hellmet's sole lp is the ultimate incarnation of Leviathan and the Mike Stuart Span, and on this record, they hit a peak — almost like a raw undergound Led Zep 1 with elements of Cream. Hellmet's sound is characterised by a howling lead guitar tonally similar to High Tide but played in a heavy blues psych style; at times Steve Day appears to be wrestling a demonically possessed lead into submission. Three tracks are classic heavy prog proto-metal, then ‘Trust' gets into 'Dazed and Confused’ territory with its violent tale of resisting torture under the Inquisition; the dark epic 'Judgement Day' closes side one, a tale of heroin addiction and facing one's maker in an inevitable slide towards alienation and death. The song has astonishingly ornate and complex almost baroque guitar playing, with exquisite and beautiful passages, and treads a mournful path with an atmosphere akin to ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica. The LP benefits from repeat playing: it is heavy, but also deep, and has a vibe that combines anger with melancholia. A significant and historic find, if you ache for more true vintage Heavy Prog. LP $31 SKU:24683

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale - ( great 70s style UK guitar psych) LTD ED PURPLE vinyl LAST COPIES -Label:Alive Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange LP $20 SKU:11962
HOMESTEAD & WOLFE- Our Times (1975 psych folk w. insert, bio and photos -SAALE! Label:ANAZITISI (GREECE) The first -ever vinyl reissue of Homestead & Wolfe's lone and excellent album. One of the most unknown artifacts that ever came from the American psych-folk land. Originally released in 1975 by TOPO records. This is an official reissue, fully licensed by Ernie Bringas (H&W founder) and Anopheles Records. It has an exact reproduction of the original cover, label, 4-page insert and poster as well as extra triptych insert with bio and photos. Two extra tracks are also included." "Despite being recorded at Gold Star in L.A. and featuring heavy session names such as Hal Blaine and Al Casey, this irresistible femme-vox melodic folk rock/psych delight has remained mysteriously unknown for 30 years. You'll be hard-pressed to find faults with its mix of various late 1960s California styles, ranging from lyte Neighb'rhood Child'n top 40 psych over Carolyn Hester Coalition/Yankee Dollar folk moves into all-out West Coast acid rock a la Ill Wind." -- Acid Archives LP $30 SKU:24567

HOOKER- Rock and Roll (Ltd ed Houston 1978 blues guitar) ltd color vinyl - Label:SHROOMANGEL Previously unreleased Houston hard rock band from the late 70’s with that ripping Texas twin guitar sound. This album was taken from sessions recorded in 1978, painstakingly unearthed, edited and remastered for proper release. On multi colored vinyl, limited to 500 copies! Hooker had been around in various configurations since 1972. First recordings began in 1974 at Rampart Studios under the direction of studio engineer Jeff Wells. Those early demos featured Hooker as a three piece hard rock/blues rock band, it wasnt until later that they began to take a decidedly heavier approach in sound and style. With the addition of Robert Hampton in place of Tim Cannon on lead/rhythm guitar, the band began to find their direction and hit the clubs hard. Influenced by bands such as Tin House, Ted Nugent, and Black Oak Arkansas, Hooker had it all on stage - flash, great songs, lots of groupies, and of course all the best drugs! Well, that couldnt last, and the band called it a day in 1983 when the lifestyle finally caught up to David Howland. The other members soldiered on in various reconstructed versions of Hooker, with varying degrees of success. The short lived post Hooker band Stallions was a highlight, with all the same elements of Hooker including three of the four members. Eventually, David would rejoin the band and Stallions became Hooker for all intents and purposes. Unfortunately, the music world had changed too dramatically since the days when a band could play the kind of loud, aggressive, dual guitar riff-rock that Hooker so convincingly played. This record represents the pinnacle of the band, the long lost 1978 Inergi Studios recordings that never saw official release all those years ago. This album is the one that should have come out in 1978. Better late than never. LP $28 SKU:13814

INDEX - Originals Vol. 2 (1969( the holy grail of psych! )-Label:LION In February of 2009, Jim Valice of Index discovered three reels in a cardboard box stuffed in a closet of his parents home in Michigan. These songs from 1969 were on those reels. Fourteen original compositions by Index, seven making their vinyl debut, the other seven released for the first time ever, all transferred from the original tapes!
•All tracks are new to vinyl +this is first release in any format for seven out of the fourteen total tracks•Includes a 4-panel color insert, written by Index drummer Jim Valice, detailing the band's rock and roll adventures, replete with rare photos. LP $24 SKU:21137

ISOLATION -ST with DVD Label:SEELIE COURT One of England's rarest privately pressed progressive LPs, Isolation is barely known and generally misunderstood. It's a concept LP tackling the sense of loneliness and loss after the breakup of a relationship, and was performed with an accompanying experimental film. The LP has fantastic compositions of melodic progressive rock and includes a DVD with the original art film. Variant facsimile cover, 100 made, so be fast! LP $34 SKU:24744

MC5- Powertrip 10” - WAREHOUSE FIND LAST COPIESLabel:TOTAL ENERGY LAST COPIES !! 6 track 10” on Total Energy label. LP $25 SKU:18967