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UGLY THINGS- 50 LOST AND FOUND, LENNY KAYE Exceptional cover stories for this landmark issue include the tragic mystery story of the Lost & Found from California, an expansive interview with writer/musician/archivist Lenny Kaye (Nuggets, Patti Smith Group), beat group maniacs the Renegades, and girl garage group the Debutantes. Other interviews include glam rock hero Alan Merrill (Vodka Collins, Arrows) and Mike Tingley, who tells the story behind his sought-after 1968 baroque pop album The Abstract Prince. Plus Bob Mosley of Moby Grape, Dutch beat punks the Selfkick and Dat En Wat, Howlin’ Wolf, the Doors’ Waiting For the Sun, the Pretty Things’ Last Stand, and Cyril Jordan explaining folk-rock in his imitable style. Not to forget popular review sections covering the latest reissues and rock-related books.BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:21082

DEXATEENS - Hardwire healing (US ROCK AND ROLL) - Label:ROSA NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP
American rock and roll band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Formed in 1998 by co-lead singers and guitarists Elliott McPherson and John Smith, drummer Craig "Sweet Dog" Pickering and bassist Matt Patton. Dexateens' name originated from a guitar pick signed by Dexter Romweber, "DEX". CD $5 SKU:21183

REED, LOU -Rock and roll Animal - Label:RCA NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $5 SKU:21181

TANGERINE DREAM -THIEF - RARE! Label:PERSEVERANCE NOTE: NOT SEALED Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $25 SKU:21180


COLLINS, PAUL (NERVES) - King Of Power Pop! BLACK VINYL Label:ALIVE FEATURING NIKKI CORVETTE , WALLY PALMAR of the ROMANTICS , DAVE SHETTLER FROM SSM AND THE SIGHTS, ERIK BLAKELY on guitar, artwork by WILLIAM STOUT and produced by JIM DIAMOND. King Of Power Pop! is the new studio album by Paul Collins, one of the originators of the power pop sound. Paul got his start in the late seventies as the drummer for the legendary NERVES, (with Peter Case and Jack Lee,) later forming The BREAKAWAYS with Peter Case, and finally starting The BEAT, or PAUL COLLINS BEAT in 1979. King Of Power Pop! is a complete return to his roots, to power pop, the sound he helped create and popularize, a sound that has seen a resurgence in recent years, a sound that is here to stay! Produced and engineered in Detroit by Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs, The Go, White Stripes, to name just a few), King Of Power Pop! also features Eric Blakely on guitar and backing vocals, Diamond on bass, and Dave Shettler on drums (SSM, The Sights). Motor City guests include Wally Palmar of the legendary power pop hit-makers the ROMANTICS, as well as pop icon Nikki Corvette of NIKKI & The CORVETTES. The catchy cover pop art is the work of legendary artist William Stout. The album includes 11 new songs, one new recording of the Breakaways classic "Many Roads To Follows" (the demo version featuring Peter Case can be found on the Breakaways release "Walking Out On Love"), and two covers, for a total of 13 great high-energy power pop songs. "For me this is the record that connects the dots, from The Nerves to The Breakaways to The Beat to today? this is the record that puts it all together!" LP $16 SKU:21178

JAMES LEG Solitary Pleasure (BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES blues-powered rock 'n' roll ) BLACK VINYLLabel:ALIVE James Leg, growler, shouter, composer, and Fender Rhodes finger-f*cker, of the BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES, steps out with some friends for more songs of hedonistic excess, crazy ass women, and Southern salvation. On "Solitary Pleasure" he is joined by longtime friend and Cincinnati heavy hitter, Andy Jet Jody (The Gazelles, Pearlene, The Long Gones, The Customs, Oxford Cotton, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages) on drums, and a host of guests on guitar, bass and backing vocals. "Solitary Pleasure" was recorded in December 2010 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, during a record cold snap, in the oldest standing church in Rutherford County, now the home of an all analog studio called Grand Palace Studio. The result was then rushed up to Detroit and mixed by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders. Heavy conditions give birth to heavy records. Rock and Soul all night long. LP $16 SKU:21179

WEIRDOS - Destroy All Music (70s LA PUNK) NEW PRESSING ON STARBURST! -Label:BOMP The Weirdos were in many ways the greatest of L.A.'s punk bands. In early 1977 their mighty sound and singular style were the big-bang igniting the L.A. punk rock scene, as they proclaimed "we're not punks, we're weirdos from Hollyweird!". This wasn't just goofy sloganeering, this was a stance intended to distinguish them from the burgeoning punk rock scenes in New York and London. The Weirdos were not only bringing a new sound and writing teen punks anthems, they were also responsible for their graphics (posters, covers, flyers) and designed their own clothes! Their 1977 Bomp single "Destroy All Music" was a nihilistic anthem, and is now regarded as a classic, and by the time they made their mini-LP two years later they had turned into a powerful, polished band, without losing any of their outrageous attitude. "Destroy All Music - 30th Anniversary Edition " compiles the now classic 1977 EP Bomp and the 1979 "Who, What, When, Where, Why?" mini-LP in its entirety and includes previously unreleased early demos LP $20 SKU:21177


GURVITZ , PAUL -Sweetheart Land (POWER POP Americana roots)Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) The name may not instantly ring a bell, but you'll find Paul Gurvitz just about everywhere in the course of rock ‘n’ roll music history. He first found success in the British outfit the Londoners, backing band for rock ‘n’ roller Gene Vincent. He rose through the ranks playing in the Knack, and then Gun in 1967. Gun had a massive hit song ‘Race With the Devil’ and two cult albums. Paul then formed a hard rocking super-group called Three Man Army and released a string of influential albums. From there he found international success when he joined forces with former Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker in the Baker Gurvitz Army, one of the biggest rock super-groups of the 70's. Now he's back again and fully re-loaded with his new album. "Sweetheart Land" was a long time in the making. Gurvitz spent most of the 1980's and 90's writing and producing hit songs for such artists as Jody Watley, Five Star, Staci Q, Kim Wilde, Melba Moore, Jermaine Jackson, The Fat Boys, JellyBean, and Stacy Lattisaw, among others. While many artists from Paul Gurvitz's generation tread the same ground, he has consistently kept things new. And in fact, Gurvitz's new album will surprise many fans. Not as loud and overproduced as his work from the past, Gurvitz has found a place somewhere between Americana roots rock and driving power pop with a mellow flavor, perfectly tailored for his soulful vocals and guitar playing. Paul Gurvitz is a one man army, a one man band, playing almost all of the instruments on every track—albeit with a little help from a few friends who include drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio); Jeff Silbar (writer of ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’) on guitar; Brooke Lizotte, Stafford Floyd (Force MD's & Sister Sledge) both on piano; Adrian Lee (Mike + the Mechanics) programming and tech support. The production is punchy and showcases Gurvitz's multi-instrumental skills as a player against a cohesive wall of sound CD $12 SKU:20191

HADDOCK -ST (fuzzed out stoner rock)Label:OZIUM Get ready for some heavy riffs, deep melodic bass lines and mesmerizing drum beats that will take you on a trip through awesome rock. The singer's superbly controlled voice keeps it all together, and occasionally kicks you in the face with banshee-like screams that somehow would put angels to shame. The band's blend of fuzzed out stoner rock reeks of influences from Spiritual Beggars, Dozer and Lowrider. Hints of doom, heavy psych and desert rock can also be heard. CD $10 SKU:20049

HEAVY GLOW -PEARLS & SWINE AND EVERYTHING FINE (Classic fuzz rock trio)-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT HEAVY GLOW from Cleveland, Ohio is a classic rock trio that delivers its rock with a fresh and modern vibe, built on a foundation of fuzz-fueled hard rock, appointed with psychedelically-tinted blues and beautifully textured washes of Motown/Memphis soul. CD $10 SKU:20133

HENDRIX, JIMI- Anthology -West Coast Seattle Boy - GATEFOLD WITH CD AND DVD with booklet Label:EXPERIENCE HENDRIX UNSEALED BUT MINT Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP CD $10 SKU:20618

HERONIMUS FIN -BLOODGUILT (UK psych prog)- Label:GARDEN Third album by this psychedelic underground prog rock band from the UK. CD $12 SKU:20510

HERONIMUS FIN -RIDING THE GREAT FANTASTIC ( UK psych guitar band Barrett-era Pink Floyd)Label:GARDEN Reissue of the second album from UK psychedelic guitar band Heronimus Fin, a band with a great love for the UK psych music scene of 1966-1973. A journey through crunching phaser-drenched guitar rock with whipping wah-wah solos and melancholic folk psych ballads. Drenched in Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Beauty! Originally released in 1998. CD $15 SKU:20511

HILLARY BLAZE- Exposure (1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press )Label:ROCKADROME Official reissue of sought after 1977 metallic sci-fi hard rock private press record, featuring ex-members of the psychedelic 60s group Paper Garden. Available again for the first time in over 30 years! Recorded and mastered during the summer of '76, “Exposure” was originally released in 1977 on their own 30th Century Fox label. Music fans re-discovered this gem sometime in the 90s and the original pressing has since become a record collector prize. The spacey punk vibe, sizzling guitar and snotty vocals give the album a unique and ear-catching sound for its time. Re-mastered for compact disc from the original tapes, the resulting sound is nothing short of killer! Play this one loud! CD $10 SKU:20195

SRI LANKA - VA GOLDEN ERA OF SINHALESE AND TAMIL FOLK-POP MUSIC DBL Label:AKUPHONE THE GOLDEN ERA OF SINHALESE AND TAMIL FOLK-POP MUSIC' - A 30-track DOUBLE-CD compilation presenting Sri Lankan musical styles that were fashionable between 1967 and 1979. The included booklet depicts the country's historical, cultural and musical context. This selection, which mainly consists of titles from the catalogue of Sooriya Records, presents the most popular artists of the times. Featured are virtuoso sitar and violin player Pandit Amaradeva, singer Indrani Perera, Paul Fernando and his lively baila rhythms, psychedelic Tamil producer Paramesh, Clarence Wijewardena and the Golden Chimes COMP CD $18 SKU:20249

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE- The Very Best of El Records 1985-1988Label:CHERRY RED El Records is considered in some circles to be one of the most intriguing and collectable record labels there has ever been. It is true it has never spawned anything near a hit record, but its innovation, originality and influence on others is recognised by many. Started by Mike Alway in 1985 it is now more than 25 years since El was launched, and this release was created to celebrate that anniversary. The gorgeous booklet contains extensive historical notes and many original images. Quotes about El Records: 'Ten years too early' Alan McGee; 'El is a pint of blue milk' Tim Gane of Stereolab 'I have been influenced deeply by Mike Alway's fantastic ideals towards pop music' Cornelius. Others who have quoted El as an influence include: St Etienne's Bob Stanley, Jarvis Cocker, and Flippers Guitar.” Tracks by furtive, crepuscular art rude boy Momus, Marden Hill, The King of Luxembourg, Monochrome Set, and other COMP CD $10 SKU:2054


GROUP 1850 - Mother No Head-Their 45s (60 psych)Label:PSEUDONYM RECORDS (NETHERLANDS) Though they were a product of the beat group age, Group 1850 were the Netherlands' first progressive band, in every sense of that word. Constantly changing, constantly evolving, Group 1850 were musical extremists on a do-or-die mission to explode all expectations. Sparks flew, ideas flared, feedback swirled through misty nights, the dead walked, skeletons danced, flies buzzed, mountains fell, words rained fire from angry purple skies. Group 1850 raised all kinds of hell. My god, were they good. Although the group made two deservedly revered albums, 'Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth' (1968) and 'Paradise Now' (1969), some of their best work can be found on their singles, where their borderline insane hyper-creativity was focused into highly-concentrated, radically potent three-minute songs like 'Misty Night', 'Mother No-Head', 'Zero', 'We Love Live (Like We Love You)', 'Don't Let It Be (We Have to Do It Now)', and the magnificent 'Have You Ever Heard'. The A- and B-sides of all their singles can be found on this unique CD in their original mono mixes, mastered from the original tapes. A number of previously unreleased demos are also included. 'Mother No-Head: Their 45s' comes packaged in a breathtaking digipack cover with rare archival photos, memorabilia and liner notes by Ugly Things Mike Stax. Exclusively restored dynamic 24 bit remastering from the original master tapes. CD $12 SKU:14760

GRUPA ABC - RAZEM Z NAM(60s Polish psych pop legends)-Label:KAMELEON (ANDRZEJANEBESKIEGO ) A collection of never before released tracks in excellent quality (radio sessions from Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia + live recordings), recorded between 1970-1971 by this Polish psych-pop legends. It's 60's beat with elements of rhythm and blues & soul. CD $10 SKU:19153

GRUPO LA JUSTICIA- RARE Mexican 1979! MINI LP SLV Label:DISCOS GAS Though salsa is not a style often associated with Mexico, you would never know that listening to this album from Grupo La Justicia! Released originally in 1979, the arrangements by José Luís Martínez boast bright horns, tight, prominent percussion and great piano. Fondly remembered as some of the finest purveyors of salsa and son in Mexico in their day, give this a listen and you'll see why. Titles include "Alma llanera," "Solo recuerdos," "El porro," "El cimarron," "Rico melao," "El pato a la olla," "Amigo," "Si sabes bailar mi son," and more. CD $8 SKU:19395

GUN - Reloaded - 1968 Brit legends) PLUS DVD-Label:WET WORLD RECORDS (USA) Solid fourteen track collection of non-LP tracks from this legendary English band (it says so on right on the sticker!), which featured the talents of Adrian and Paul Gurvitz, later of Three Man Army, and so on, and Peter Dunton of the Flies, Please, Neon Pearl, and T2 fame—as well as a logo designed by Roger Dean; this package features BBC recordings made between 1968 and 1970, plus three unreleased studio cuts from an 80's reunion attempt. Good-to-great sound quality throughout, plus eight pages of thorough liner notes with rare pics, thanks to the full cooperation of Paul Gurvitz. DVD contains a German Beat Club performance of the band’s massive hit, ‘Race With The Devil. CD $15 SKU:20190

HACIENDA - Loud is the Night ( 60s style pop prod by DAN OF THE BLACK KEYS ) -Label:ALIVE "They're Mexican-Americans who are obsessed with the Beach Boys," says Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). "I told everybody about them" - including Dr. Dog, who guest on the album. - Rolling Stone CD $5 SKU:8721

HACIENDA - Big Red and Barbacoa ( prod by Dan of the Black Keys 60s style pop ) Label:ALIVE BIG RED & BARBACOA is the second album by South Texas' HACIENDA, and like its predecessor Loud Is The Night (Alive 2008), it was produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. CD $5 SKU:11360

HALLYDAY,JOHNNY-The Sound, The Fury (60s French iconic rock and roller) -Label:RPM Johnny Hallyday erupted over France in March 1960. He was the first home-grown rock ‘n’ roller with the fire and the fury of the American originals which inspired him. France had heard and seen nothing like it. He outraged, inspired riots and condemnation in the press. Now, in 2014, he is still an icon and a superstar. The Sound, The Fury plucks 20 hot tracks from his first two years: 1960 and 1961. The first-ever collection of his early years to be issued outside France, this is the foundation of Hallyday’s career. From the beginning, from ‘Laisse Les Filles’ onwards, he wrote his own songs. Eleven of the twenty cuts are written by Hallyday. The Sound, The Fury is not about the hits, the evergreens and the staples of French oldies radio. It is about Hallyday’s wildest, most rough and unmediated music. This is the sound which drove France wild. With in-depth liner notes and a fully illustrated package. CD $8 SKU:20675

HANDSOME JACK- Do What Comes Naturally (blues fused rock and roll ) -digipack -Label:ALIVE REVIEW by Shawn Obnoxious Naturally” hits with blues fused rock and roll that truly grips you. There’s a certain charm in the mix… A real honesty that you find in those nowadaysands that are sectioned off from the mainstream… Handsome Jack deliver a confidence that only you can accept or deny. The truth isn’t for just anyone these days. CD $10 SKU:16201

HARD ON’s Very Exciting (Motorhead meets the Beachboys)LAST ONES! Label:BOMP Records Called "Motorhead meets the Beachboys" and the "Motorhead Archies of your dreams". Yes, that's right. Beautiful and Brutal. The Hard-Ons returned in 1998, toured Europe in ‘99 and then went on the road with Foo Fighters. This is their second new album on the Chatterbox label since their return, licensed for US release by Bomp.
ALL MUSIC REVIEW “ And for some, the endless series of punk revivals And not the kind the Algonquin Round Table went on about. Guitarist Blackie, bassist Ray, and newish drummer Pete went into a studio again and proceeded to do exactly what they love doing, which is of course why Very Exciting! is such a fun album. If you don't like catchy punk-pop in any version, never mind and steer clear, but otherwise this is grand, ridiculous, and just wanky enough (after all, what else to call the chugging solos and the like in "Sunny," the winningly sung kickoff to the whole thing?). The idea of the Hard-Ons being reflective may cause bemusement in some corners, but it's the easygoing singing on songs like "Killing Me" and "Caravan Man" and the high harmonies on "Olympic Diver" and "Race Track" that gives the band a great reason to keep on keeping on. Not that Blackie can't be as blunt and brutal as needed -- the grindcore metal parody kicking off "Cat's Got Your Tongue" may be a bit late, but dang if it isn't hilarious anyway (and making the rest of the song a merry singalong is all the more fun). Then there's the rather foul-mouthed trading off of numbers on "Race Track," its own form of a cappella goodness. Calling one song "Punk Police" and making it a merry trashing of the "self-righteous" title characters may not be as political as the Dead Kennedys' "Nazi Punks Fuck Off," but clearly the sentiment is the same. Best song title, even if the sentiments aren't universally agreed with? "(Everytime I Hear) Techno (I Pray for Death)" -- though logically the band follows that up with "Breakfast Caramel," a sweet motorik/new wave chug that's perfectly danceable too. CD $10 SKU:2335

HAUNTED- ST Canadian 60s garage) 2 LPS on one CD Label:VOXX Arguably the best-remembered Canadian garage band of the '60s,All their recorded output, from the 2 LPs previously released by Voxx (a total of 22 songs), with extensive, informative liner notes. Two classic LP's on this CD. CD $10 SKU:2127

HAWK- Live and Well (1974 African psych gem) Label:FRESH Live and Well', Hawk's final album was released on vinyl in 1974 and is now officially released on CD for the first time. Another gem from South Africa's rich progressive 70s underground, at last available for all! Bonus cuts include a rare live recording. CD $15 SKU:12041

HAWK- She Too Can Cry (1974 African psych gem) Label:FRESH South Africa’s Led Zeppelin! What do you get when you cross Cream with traditional African tribal vocals and the deep baritone of a master storyteller? Or, what would it sound like if Led Zeppelin swapped out tales of Gollum and the evil one in the depths of Mordor for yarns about brave hunters and village-attacking elephants? It would sound something like South Africa’s Hawk (also known as Jo’burg Hawk). In truth though, even trying to draw any such parallels falls flat for we have never before or since seen the like of Hawk. Their contemporaries were bands such as Freedom’s Children, The Otis Waygood Band and Abstract Truth, all legends in their own right, but no other band flew as close to the African sun and captured its glorious warmth as Hawk did. Arriving on the scene in the early 1970s, Hawk’s unique mixture of progressive, psychedelic rock was informed by a deep reverence for their African roots CD $15 SKU:20057

HAYMARKET SQUARE- Magic Lantern (60s Acid Psych ) - Label:GEAR FAB An Official CD reissue of this brilliant US '60s acid psych album. US '60s acid psych album.Magnificent and powerful classic by this Chicago area band. Catchy drumming, screaming fuzz guitar, and the beautiful and powerful voice of Gloria Lambert make this one of the most sought after releases of the late 60's. And finally the whole story told by the band members themselves!! CD $10 SKU:2727

HE PUT THE BOMP-- VA W unreleased tracks by RADIO MOSCOW, BLACK KEYS AND BUFFALO KILLERS Label:BOMP his is not a tribute album per se, but more of a remembrance of Greg Shaw and his unique perspective.We asked the bands to go into the studio and cut the cover song they felt was most in tune with the idea of the label and the result is a nice brew of garage punk, power pop and psychedelia that we think captures the spirit and sound of Bomp records.The Plimsouls and Lyres covered the Easybeats and the Outsiders respectively, the Black Keys surprised us with their rendering of the Cramps "I Can't Find My Mind", while the Dwarves and the Briefs sent their versions of punk classics by the Weirdos and the Zeros.We also got some nice surprises with the teaming up of Captain Sensible (The Damned) and the late Nikki Sudden for an acoustic cover of Iggy's "Kill City", Chris Wilson of the Flamin' Groovies joined the Barracudas to capture Rocky Erickson's "Two Headed Dog," and a Cleveland super group of sorts tabbed The Dukes Of Earls was formed with ex-members of the Dead Boys and the Stiv Bators' band.Also included is an amazing rendition of Rockin' Horse's classic "Don't You Ever Think I Cry" by Buffalo Killers (currently on tour with the Black Crowes), a cover of Spacemen 3 by The Warlocks, and much more. The Last even dug up for the occasion their previously unreleased rendering of Jonathan Richman's "Pablo Picasso" recorded back in 1977. There's a lot of cool music on this comp which we hope fans and collectors will enjoy. CD $10 SKU:19890

HEATH GREEN AND THE MAKESHIFTERS- ST (70s style ala Humble Pie, Joe Cocker)Label:ALIVE ALIVE NATURALSOUND RECORDS are proud to announce the signing of HEATH GREEN & THE MAKESHIFTERS, a group of incredible deep-feel musicians hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.The band is fronted by Heath Green, a singer who bears the Eddie Hinton mantle as much as anyone living does. The Makeshifters’ heavy sound has been compared to Leon Russell and The Shelter People, Humble Pie, and Joe Cocker. CD $10 SKU:18297

HEIRS OF FORTUNE-Circus of Mirth (GREAT POWERPOP- FREE! -Label:COUNTERFEIT What the reviewers say about Circus Of Mirth;Terry Carolan and Robert Woodrich, formerly of Just Boys and New Movies, along with Ralph Smith and Robert Watkins, formerly of Amnesia, have united as Heirs Of Fortune to create this mainstream pop-rock album. The four, all part of Tampa's mid Seventies music scene, united after decades to work on an album whose songs and lyrics reflect their shared experience with friend, fan, supported and benefactor, Gary Littleton.
If you like Paul McCartney, Badfinger, the Beach Boys and ELO... you may love this album! Circus Of Mirth is lyrically mature, sophisticated pop, laced with melodies, choruses and rich harmonies. CD $0 SKU:20460

HELL ON HEELS- ST ( girl glam punk ) LAST COPIES Label:BOMP Records These four Phoenix foxes deliver furious punk rock and roll blended with perfectly crafted pop harmonies with so much passion that you just know they were meant to come together. This debut album for BOMP records has been produced by JACK ENDINO, the man whose hands have been on the knobs for bands like The MAKERS, BLACK HALOS, MUDHONEY and countless others, and the result is a knockout release. CD $10 SKU:2305

HENRY’S FUNERAL SHOE- Everything's For Sale- ( great UK guitar psych ) SAALE -Label:ALIVE Quite possibly the best airboat cruisin' music since Mountain's Mississippi Queen." - Crawdaddy. "Deeply rooted in the blues rock traditions, at the same time bringing something refreshing and new to the genre with a great ear for hook-laden songwriting and tremendous musical talent. - Disc Exchange CD $5 SKU:9674

HERNANDEZ, LUIS ''VIVI'-Napoleon (Great 1960s Mexican offbeat garage)Label:DIMSA Worth it for the ocer alone, I love this guy!!! Great offbeat garage rock from 1960s Mexico. Luis "Vivi" Hernandez was the vocalist for Los Crazy Boys and, fittingly, the album begins with "Napoleon XIV," where he plays the role of a frantic lunatic who thinks he's Napoleon and is being carried off to the asylum! The album also features great Spanish-language covers of classics like "Tobacco Road" and The Strangeloves' "Night Time." If you enjoy '60s garage rock, you'll like this record! Other songs include "Huaraches con Tacón," "La Bruja," Baila La Pulga," "Estoy Loco," and "Flamenco." CD $10 SKU:19755

HIGH TREASON ST- ST (1970 spacey, bluesy psych Airplane style) Label:GEAR FAB Yes, that's not a replication of the American Flag on the top left of this's a packet containing actual American Flag rolling papers, compliments of High Treason!! This 1970 self-titled LP was recorded in Philadelphia and actually featured several musicians that played with Perry Leopold. Featuring the beautiful and haunting female vocals of Marci Rauer, this music is spacey, bluesy, and psych. CD $10 SKU:20321

HOJAS-MIS SUENOS PIDEN (Uruguayan 60s Psych/Powerpop Beatles style) -Label:LION Hojas (meaning The Leaves), like Limonada, emerged from the late 60’s-early 70’s Uruguayan rock scene.A melodic rock/powerpop outfit who wrote excellent psychy songs influenced by The Beatles and Badfinger. CD $10 SKU:4368

RANDOM PROMO BUNDLE!- 5 SURPRISE ALIVE or BOMP cds for $5! Label:ALIVE We have a few boxes of random promo cds (same as regular CDs, just with a hole punch thru the bar code ) that we hate to go to waste, we’ll give you a great deal on these. It’s a SURPRISE, so just have some fun and order away. BUT ...
(1) Dont be all driving me crazy asking me what’s in the bundle
(2) Dont send me a list of all the cds you have on ALIVE and Bomp to make sure you dont get a duplictate , I know you want to! COMP CD $5 SKU:16741

ROCK EN AREQUIPA- ST (Rare singles from 60s Peru )Label:RE-PSYCHLED Twenty-one tracks (72 minutes), the best of the rare singles recorded by bands like Free Love System, Los Texao, Los Incógnitos, Madera Fresca, and Opus who thrived in Arequipa, Peru during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Arequipa? yes, Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru, up in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 2,380 meters (7,800 feet) above sea level; Arequipa, nicknamed La Ciudad Blanca (The White City), nestled beneath the snow-capped volcano El Misti. Arequipa. Get your Peruvian beat fix with groovy tracks from Los Incógnitos and Los Texao. Want some face-melting psychedelia instead? check out Los Texao’s ‘Stone’ or their fuzz-guitar laced instrumental ‘Swarlb’—both a musical style called "Niebla" (Fog), because of the effect produced by the band’s rotor amps and reverb and echo effects. (Los Texao were the first group in the province to record using FuzzTone effects, using powerful Dynacord amps imported from Germany). Prefer a more laid-back style? then you’ll love Free Love System. Looking for some heavy grooves? ‘La pelea del gobernador’ (Los Texao) or ‘Un paseo por el recuerdo’ (Free Love System) might do it for you. Sixteen-page booklet has mini-biographies of all five bands in Spanish and English; all tracks are from the master tapes, with the exception of Madera Fresca’s freak out ‘Any Time’—a classic at parties—and their acoustic version of ‘La lenta que apura,’ both rescued from the obscurity of a rare cassette. The first regional rock compilation from Peru's rich and mostly undiscovered musical history, but certainly not the last! COMP CD $12 SKU:20202

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 2 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave singles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Infidels, Notes, Zippers, Puppet Rulers, Boys, Secrets, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:742

SHAKE SOME ACTION- Vol 4 - ( rare 70s power-pop, mod, and new wave sngles )Label:SSA RECORDS This series compile power-pop, mod, and new wave gems orig released on 7" singles between 75 and 86. Feat. Rattlers, Code Blue, Pop, Rousers, Colors, Speedies, etc. 24 tracks. Imp COMP CD $15 SKU:744

SIGH CRY DIE 29 Tales of Woe and Despair (60s garage classics )Label:ARF ARF 29 ultra obscure tales of woe and despair show how gifted songsmiths all across America expressed their longing, loneliness, and depression. COMP CD $12 SKU:20058

SLOWLY FROM THE SOUTH - VA DBL CD (proggy gems and post psychelic rock from South Africa 70s and 80s) DBL CD Label:FRESH A two disc set of proggy gems and post psychelic rock from South Africa -- largely selected from 70s & early 80s numbers, with a few from more recent years -- sprawling tracks from Freedom's Children, Abstract Truth, Neill Solimon, Duncan Mackay's Chimera, Jackhammer and many more. Lots of heavy rhythms, spacey keys, jamming guitars and passionate vocals -- some more rocking, others with a jazzy groove. 24 tracks on 2CDs COMP CD $18 SKU:10630

THE ECSTASY OF GOLD, VOL. 1VA 23 KILLER BULLETS FROM THE SPAGHETTI WEST 60s and 70s--Label: FLOATING WORLD Selected from one of the most complete Spaghetti Western audio archives, this 5-volume series showcases the most inspired tracks in this legendary genre. Digging deep to excavate a treasure trove of obscure and rarely-heard tracks by some of the genre's greatest composers and vocalists, Ecstasy of Gold is the definitive series for aficionados of Euro-Western films and the music that they created. COMP CD $14 SKU:20589

THREE O CLOCK MERRIAN WEBSTER TIME - 22 Psych Sounds from Texas. 66-68Label:CICADELIC RECORDS (USA) By the time 1966 ended, many of the groups in Texas that started out playing British Invasion and folk-rock music, were now immersing themselves in the newly emerging psychedelic music. The five groups that comprise this album reflect the changes that occurred during this period and four of them even changed their names to sound more psychedelic. The Nomads became Smoke, Carrols Mood became The Sights And Sounds, The New Imperials became The Front Page News, and The Boys became The Remaining Few. Represented by twelve tracks on this album, The Nomads/Smoke, started out playing folk-rock music, but by 1967 went psychedelic-as witnessed by their “freak-out” version of “My Little Red Book” replete with backwards tapes. “Carrols Mood” went from singing ballads to surreal songs such as “Mystical Bells”. The Front Page News went from the soul of “Baby Let Me Bang Your Box” to the fuzz drenched “Thoughts and Afterthoughts”. If the 13th Floor Elevators were the epitome of what a Texas psychedelic band was, then the groups on this album were not far behind in trying to emulate that state of existence. Here then are twenty-two tracks compiling the changes that occurred from late 1966 to 1968, when the Texas bands went metaphorically speaking from “Kool-Aid” to “Electric Kool-Aid Acid” COMP CD $8 SKU:13278

TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS- VA 23 global Beat 'n' Garage raves from 64 -67 - Label:APE RECORDS 23 global Beat 'n' Garage raves from 64 -67 feat swinging beaters, tough and dirty RnB and boss punkers incl. band fromGermany, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, France, Finland, Yugoslavia, Chile etc * All tracks first time on CD COMP CD $10 SKU:7352

TRASH ON DEMAND - Vol 3 20 of the finest trashiest punkiest bands from around the world (1999) -Label:TRIPLE X drilled promo copies Beat Angels, Crystal Ecstacy, 440s, Cuban Rebel Girls, Jeff Dahl Freddy Lynxx, and more, Texas Terri, Snatchers, Dave kusworth. 1999. COMP CD $3 SKU:15560

TRIP IN TIME- VOl 1 Delighted By Psychedelic Rock -Label:WORLD IN SOUND While music industry continuously looks for 'new' concepts, trends and music styles to serve the mainstream, Trip in Time ventures look to the past. We present the artistic, emotional and intensive side of music, the concept of progressive psychedelic rock. It appeared in the public consciousness for the first time in 1966, created by the ,13th Floor Elevators". By 1956 the English psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond had already formulated: ,To fathom hell or soar angelic just take a pinch of psychedelic." - 50 years later, we invite you to join the bride uncensored spektrum of music with a fine feel for intensity and a variety of interesting influences. On Trip In Time events, , we build an audio-visual bridge from 1969 to today, creating by a sensitive choice of artists, an electrifying, mesmerizing ambience. - TRIP IN TIME, a sub-label of WORLD IN SOUND (Germany) presents their first CD-issue, an 11-track compilation (73 mins), 12p. colour booklet, containing some of the hottest acts from the international Rock Underground. It features, well remastered, fresh live-recordings as well as non-album tracks and other exclusive material. - COMP CD $16 SKU:19720

BEST OF BEAT BEAT BEAT - Vol 2 (ALL REGION) MINDBENDERS -Label:ABC Entertainment This volume in the Beat Beat Beat series of releases is another eclectic collection including performances from PJ Proby, P.P. Arnold, The Mindbenders and The Creation. The Mindbenders minus Wayne Fontana perform ‘A Groovy Kind Of Love,’ and a version of ‘Land of 8A Thousand Dancers.’ We also have Texas wildman P.J. Proby performing ‘What’s Wrong With My World ‘and P.P. Arnold performing the Cat Stevens classic, ‘First Cut Is The Deepest.’ Last but certainly not least (!), we have The Creation running through three tracks including their massive European hit ‘Painter Man’. Running Time: 25 minutes.” DVD $5 SKU:11420

LIBERMAN,JEFF -ST (70s heavy psych guitar/west coast/acid rock) -Label:OUT-SIDER (Spain) “This album is full of strong instrumentals and a myriad of guitar styles, all impressively performed” – Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives) Chicago born Jeff Liberman is a guitar player in the best tradition of 70s guitar Gods like Hendrix, Trower, Clapton or Zappa. The perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling with a gift for brilliant songwriting LP $18 SKU:20787