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We just got in the new UGLY THINGS for you guys, plus a shipment of strange and rare Mexican CDs. Only one or two each of these, then they are gone forever!

Also just in, a shipment from our friends at NDN RECORDS, including a new 7” by the legendary ANGELYNE!

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UGLY THINGS- 46 THE EQUALS-Label: On the cover this time: THE EQUALS the dynamic multi-racial London group famous for songs like “Baby Come Back” and “Police on My Back,” but whose catalog runs much deeper, as our lengthy interview with lead singer DERV GORDON explains. Also featured this issue, Curt Boettcher’s innovative folk-pop group THE GOLDEBRIARS, Southern California biker rock badass SIMON STOKES, THE BYRDS, THE BALLOON FARM (A Question of Temperature), pre-Dictators ‘70s rockers TOTAL CRUDD, Harvey Kubernik’s examination of BOB DYLAN’s John Wesley Harding album (which turns 50 in December), occult rocker GEOF CROZIER, Texas-to-California garage rockers THE VISIONS, New Jersey’s MODS and the mysterious Revelation VII label, and a mad interview with the late, great CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. Also we reveal the 12 “rejected” tracks from Lenny Kaye’s original NUGGETS compilation, plus the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES saga continues into the “Shake Some Action” years, and of course there’s our acclaimed, info-packed reissue and book review sections. BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:19379

ANGELYNE - HEART- LTD ED OF $100 -Label:NDN The best she’s done since Baby Blue! 45 RPM $15 SKU:19392

ALVARO LOPEZ y Sus Grandes Del Twist- DINAMO TWIST - 1962 2 ONLY -MINI LP SLV Label:VAM Dinamo Twist is an incessantly grooving and energetic album from drummer Álvaro López y Sus Grandes Del Twist from 1962. It's also loads of fun! From the back cover of the original record we learn that Álvaro was something of a musical prodigy, starting on the drums at a very early age and playing in jazz combos by the time he was 17. Not sure how old he is on this album, but he looks about 12 in the photo on the back! The album's notes also tell us that when he heard the twist he loved it so much that he decided to make his own group play in that style. Much of the set is instrumental with a handful of vocal numbers as well. It's all very upbeat, direct dance music -- the twist with a Latino touch -- with the driving drums of Álvaro up front in the mix and supported melodically by punchy horns. This is such seriously groovy stuff, it's a shame there aren't more recordings from this group! Includes a fantastic cover of Henry Mancini's "Peter Gun" plus "Dynamo," "El Gallo," "Ya me voy," "Lo mejor," "Siboney," which sounds remarkably like "One Step Beyond" by Prince Buster/Madness, "La Adelita," "Otro tequila," "Muchachos grandes," and more. CD $15 SKU:19389

AQUALARRE - Siesta - RARE 1975 ARGENTINE SPACE PROG- 2 ONLY! MINI LP SLV Label:SONY ARGENTINA quelarre delivers melodic, elaborate and alternating music on their seven compositions, often warm and a bit subdued with dreamy vocals. The 4th album by one of the most important argentinian bands. Musically heavier symphonic tracks with more use of keyboards than previous ones. CD $15 SKU:19390

EXITOS DE LOS BEATLES CON LOS CARRION- RARE 1966 Beatles cover album 2 ONLY! MINI LP SLV Label:ORFEON EXTREMELY RARE Beatles cover album by Mexican act Hermanos Carrion. First off, the group's name, Los Carrion, refers to the last name of the brothers Eduardo and Ricardo who fronted the group, not to the fact that they scavenge the songs of The Fab Four on this record. Recorded in 1966, the group turns in a great, reverential set of Beatles tunes performed entirely in Spanish. Their cover of "Yesterday" (here titled "Desde Ayer") is particularly lovely with a great, close two-part vocal harmony that calls to mind The Everly Brothers. Songs include "Niña (Girl)," "De mi parte (From Me to You)," "La noche anterior (The Night Before)," "Estoy perdido (I'm a Loser)," "Lo hemos de arreglar (We Can Work It Out)," and "Y la amo (And I Love Her)." CD $15 SKU:19394

GRUPO LA JUSTICIA- RARE Mexican 1979 2 ONLY! MINI LP SLV Label:DISCOS GAS Though salsa is not a style often associated with Mexico, you would never know that listening to this album from Grupo La Justicia! Released originally in 1979, the arrangements by José Luís Martínez boast bright horns, tight, prominent percussion and great piano. Fondly remembered as some of the finest purveyors of salsa and son in Mexico in their day, give this a listen and you'll see why. Titles include "Alma llanera," "Solo recuerdos," "El porro," "El cimarron," "Rico melao," "El pato a la olla," "Amigo," "Si sabes bailar mi son," and more. CD $15 SKU:19395

LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO- Barbara Ann- RARE MEXICAN 1966 MINI LP SLV Label:VAM terrific set of Spanish-language covers of American and British hits from Mexico's incomparable Los Locos Del Ritmo. On this 1966 album, they tackle surf on "Barbara Ann (Vas a Ver)" and "Fun, Fun, Fun (Voy, Voy, Voy)"; garage on The Kinks' "I Need You (Te Quiero)" and The Sorrows' "Take a Heart (Tomas un Corazón)"; British Invasion pop on "She's Not There" and "Tired of Waiting"; jerk and even a classic tango song from Carlos Gardel. It's all played with fantastic youthful energy and the group is both tight and just rough enough around the edges to give the songs a bit of garage-y immediacy. Check it out!CD $15 SKU:19397

SIZE - PLUS BONUS TRACKS RARE 1993 Mexican 2 ONLY! JEWEL CASE Label:VAM Mexican New Wave band that had two members of RIO band Decibel (Carlos Robledo and Walter Schmidt). CD $20 SKU:19396


BARRACUDAS- What You Want Is What You Get (garage punk ) Label:NDN “What You Want Is What You Get” – Three minutes or more of squalling, screaming and kicking garage punk genius, flipped by “Somebody ‘05”, The Barracudas reinvention of their timeless “Drop Out With The Barracudas” classic, only this time, some 25 years later, the band is tighter, the playing is harder, and the attitude is more in your face. 45 RPM $5 SKU:12452

BRIDE JUST DIED- We Are The Hungry PIC SLV -Label:NDN / All Hallow Eve plus 2. FOur song EP. "We Are The Hungry" is Bride Just Died's debut record. 4 horror punk rippin' killer in-yer-face tunes that will leave anybody with a pair of ears with an unsavory taste for more. 45 RPM $2 SKU:12456

CAPTAIN SENSIBLE -Smash It Up - CLEAR YELLOW VINYL Label:NDN Yellow translucent ("beer coloured") vinyl"All tracks appearing on this EP were sourced from CAPTAIN SENSIBLE'S original reel-to-reel demo tapes. While we've done everything possible to restore and enhance the quality, bear in mind that these tapes have been stored in an attic for some 20+ years. ENJOY!" (from the back cover)45 RPM $5 SKU:18066

DRIPPING LIPS ( Damned /FLAMIN GROOVIES/ NICK CAVE- Such a Lot of Stars plus 3 pic slv- Label:NDN James' latest project, The Dripping Lips, features Scottish-born/Belgium-living Robbie Kelman on vocals, Nico Mansy (ex-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) on bass, and Paul Zahl (ex-Flamin' Groovies) on drums. The EP's first cut and title track, "Such A Lot Of Stars", is a beautiful and atmospheric, yet catchy song. Though "Such A Lot Of Stars", melodic as hell, still carries the signature Brian James edge, it's a bit of an unchartered territory for Brian, who gets to turn his guitar up louder on the B-side's first track, "Powerful", with its power chord grabbing you firmly by the throat from the very first rotation.It should be noted that the version of "Such A Lot Of Stars" appearing here is radically different, and much preferred by both Brian & Robbie, to the one previously released on the "Ready To Crack?" album.
Alan Lee Shaw (ex-The Damned, ex-The Maniacs, ex-The Physicals, & ex-The Rings), who also worked with Brian on his solo album, plays bass on "Abracadabra".
45 RPM $3 SKU:15813

SEMI TRUTH - You Call (Barracudas related ) pic slv. -Label:NDN this Semi-Truth single is the first new recording by ex-Barracuda heart and mind, Jeremy Gluck, in some 10 years. 45 RPM $2 SKU:12454

VINCENT, SONNY- Resistor PLUS 2- PIC SLV GOLD VINYL . Label:NDN Three new songs by this grizzled veteran. Sonny's three piece lineup kicks out the vintage punk jams here. Sizzlin' guitar and a raw sound with more than a hint of Detroit, adding a dose of speed for "Resistor" and "Bringing The Psycho Back Home". Sonny plays a mean guitar too." (Suburban Voice #44, 2004 45 RPM $4 SKU:15814

CARPETTES- ST (super catchy pop 70s pop punk SALE ) -Label:NDN Having started in the now magical year of 1977, The Carpettes all but invented pop-punk CD $5 SKU:12463

MISCHIEF-Hubble Bubble ( ex Damned ) SAALE -Label:NDN Today a trio, Mischief in fact started out being just a duo, comprising the 2 ex-Damned members Alan Lee Shaw and Paul Gray. CD $3 SKU:12464

VINCENT, SONNY- P.I.N.S. (Ltd ed DBL CD with 40 page booklet, 3D plus glasses. W OFFSPRING, DAMNED, MC5, BLONDIE TELEViSION, DEAD BOYS, DOLLS, ETC ) Label:NDN “His music - urgent, raw and wild. A great songwriter with something to say. I am a fan!” (Joey Ramone (RIP), The Ramones) Sonny Vincent (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter) has come a long way since starting his circle in 1976 with “Testors”, a seminal New York City punk band. The musicians backing Sonny up on "P.I.N.S." include Captain Sensible, Brian James, Wayne Kramer, Richard Lloyd, Noodles, Bob Stinson, Scott Asheton, Arthur Kane, Clem Burke, Rick Ballard, Cheetah Chrome and Scott Morgan. The artwork is done by the one and only Marc Rude (RIP). CD $8 SKU:12461

BARRACUDAS- Nothing Ever Happens In The Suburbs, Baby! - Red Vinyl 10”Label:NDN “Nothing Ever Happens In The Suburbs, Baby!” – 8 Tracks Of Pure 'Cudas Fun 'n' Roll! LP $10 SKU:12457

BARRACUDAS - ST -( ltd ed OF 100 color vinyl) -Label:NDN As a cursory look at radio playlists and cult whisperings will attest, The Barracudas reappearance after so long could not be better timed. Garage music is in fashion (again) and so is surf (well, Brian Wilson, and let's face it they might as well be synonymous). Power pop, likewise, from a 45 grave, has risen to reassert its importance. Indeed, all the styles the band have mastered and made their own are now current and selling. And another thing: The Barracudas sounds younger than yesterday but with experience supplying an edge that cuts across time to the heart of the band. LP $10 SKU:4392

CARPETTES- ST - Color Vinyl SALE -Label:NDN The Carpettes are back with “The Carpettes”, their brand new and first States-side released album.
“This is one of those rare cases where a band gets back together and is as good, if not even better than before” (Alan Wright, Cosmik Debris).
Having started in the now magical year of 1977, The Carpettes all but invented pop-punk, debuting on the Small Wonder Records label with the classic ’77 7” “How About Me And You”. After a couple of albums on Beggars Banquet, the group eventually split up in 1981. LP $5 SKU:12458

RINGS - ST 70s psych) w TWINK ltd ed 10” EP CLEAR YELLOW VINYL Label:NDN The Rings were formed by Twink (real name John Alder) veteran of many psychedelic bands including Tomorrow and The Pink Fairies. While primarily a drummer he took on the role of front man in the band while Alan Lee Shaw played guitar and wrote the songs. Songs at the time included a mix of originals and Fairies numbers. Rod Latter played drums (later to join the Adverts). Limited edition of 150 copies on black / yellow mixed vinyl.
Also released on limited edition yellow vinyl, 350 copies. LP $14 SKU:7387


GERMS - live at the whiskey ‘77 VERY RARE!!! WArehouse find.. LP $35 SKU:1854

WAGGONER, MIKE & THE BOPS -KINGS OF MINNESOTA ROCK N' ROLL-Label:NORTON Mike Waggoner and the Bops were the originators of Minnesota stomp, well before the Trashmen unleashed Surfin' Bird on America. This 16-track retrospective collects their very best sessions, including "Bye Bye Johnny" and "Hey Mama." (2016) LP $15 SKU:18149

WAILERS- Livewire - Label:NORTON 1965-67 BEST OF COLLECTION+RARE PICS.. LP $14 SKU:16749

WARLOCKS - s/t - ONE COPY ONLY, RED VINYL Label:BOMP Records COLOR VINYL. Debut EP CD. Amazing band, think Velvets, Spacemen 3, 13h Floor Elevators. “On its six-track debut, this L.A. band seems to exist in a kind of opiated haze, redolent of Spacemen 3, a heavier Velvet Underground, and (I suppose) the Jesus and Mar Chain. Occasionally things get a bit more wired, as on the awesomel rollicking "Cavemak Rock." Bomp supremo Greg Shaw is known to be a big fan of these guys, so they'd get my vote even if they didn't have the class to close their album with a 12-minute, 35 second workout entitled "Jam of the Warlocks." - The Big Takeover LP $25 SKU:18156

WE THE PEOPLE (CA)/AMERICAN ZOO -- Visions of Time/ Complete Recordings insert/booklet with rare photos and detailed liner notes -Label:GUERSSEN RECORDS (SPAIN) This superb release tells the story of L.A.-based '60s teen band We The People (not to be confused with the better known Florida outfit of the same name). These guys played an amazing blend of garage, folk-rock and psychedelia, resulting in a handful of cool 45s which they recorded for the Reena label in 1967-'68. Two of those 7-inches were released using the moniker The American Zoo. Guitar player Bill Bottrell later became a Grammy award producer, working with Michael Jackson, Madonna and George Harrison among others. Drummer Jason "Jasun" Martz toured with Frank Zappa and recorded with Michael Jackson. Today, he's a well-known avant-garde artist and sculptor. Steve Zaillian, the band's original drummer, became an Academy Award winning director, producer and screenwriter ('Schindlers List' and 'Hannibal' among others). This collection includes all the We The People/American Zoo 45 sides plus two previously unreleased tracks from 1967, taken from the only surviving copy of the band's ultra rare 10-inch demo acetate. Featuring carefully remastered sound, the release also includes an insert/booklet with rare photos and detailed liner notes by Gray Newell (Shindig!, Ugly Things). LP $22 SKU:16513

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND- Companion (Calif. psych ) GATEFOLD 180 GRAM SALE- Label:SUNBEAM UK Deluxe gatefold 2LP version on 180 gram vinylFew '60s artists have attracted such mystique or so devoted a cult following as The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.This fascinating compilation draws together many of the rare recordings made by its members before, during and after their existence. LP $22 SKU:12874

Limited Edition Mono PressingInitially Released in 1968
Includes Printed Inner Sleeve with Rare Master Reel Photos
Released in July 1968 on Reprise Records, "Vol.3: A Child’s Guide To Good & Evil" is considered to be the band's most accomplished work and a masterpiece of the psychedelic genre. Released just nine months after vol. 2, the band explores their incredibly creative psychedelic pop song writing with an accomplished mastery of studio techniques . Featuring iconic original artwork by John Van Hamersveld (Beatles, Rolling Stones) A long awaited MONO reissue from the master tapes. Includes printed Inner sleeve with rare master tape box photos. LP $19 SKU:18677

WHITE LIGHT - Parable (scarce high-powered bluesy garage/psych ‘74)-Label:SOMMER Super scarce high-powered bluesy garage/psych hard-rock beast, packed to the gills with cheesy organ, jubilant fuzz guitar, and frenzied drumming”. – Ken Scott (The Archivist First ever reissue of this ultra-obscure private pressing (as featured in the last Hans Pokora’s “7001 Record Collector Dreams” book with the maximum scale rarity). Done under license from the band members. Insert with liner notes and photos. “Parable” was released as a private pressing in 1974. Housed in a mysterious looking cover, the music is Xian hard psych straight from the garage with lot of raw fuzz guitar and Vox Continental organ.Combining hard-rock with heavy blues and dreamy moments, it features the monster sidelong track “Prodigal”, which has to be heard to be believed. LP $22 SKU:17291

WIZARDS FROM KANSAS- ST 180 GRAM (70s U.S. psych ) SAALE- Label:MERCURY Exact repro of the 2nd album by screaming psychedelic heavy three-piece from USA. originally released in 1970. LP $15 SKU:11867

YORKS, LOS - El Viaje: 1966-1974 DBL LP (Peruvian garage psych) Label:MUNSTER This collection brings together the greatest tracks from Peru's Los York's, taken from their four LPs and 25 singles, between 1966 and 1974. LP $18 SKU:14714

YUM YUMS - PLAY GOOD MUSIC (power pop) Label:SCREAMING APPLE Yum Yum's deliver real POWER-pop, with the word power written in capital letters. Putting together the essential ingredients of the music of the RAMONES, the PLIMSOULS and the OHIO EXPRESS, the 6t's and the 7t's, bubblegum and punk, pop and rock'n'roll, just to create their very own YUMMY sound. LP $15 SKU:17670

ZAHIR , AHMAD - Hip 70’s Afghan Beats! (70s Psychedelic Folk-Pop)Label:GUERSSEN . First time ever out of Afghanistan, listen to the hypnotic, psychedelic folk-pop sounds of Ahmad Zahir! Remastered from the original mastertapes and including extensive linernotes.” LP $18 SKU:13312

ZAHIR , AHMAD - Vol 2 Afghan 70s Psychedelic Folk-Pop DBL LP Label:GUERSSEN Following the success of the first Ahmad Zahir release, here's a stronger second chapter: a full double LP set.

A new exciting selection from Afghanistan's proud legend's discography, with his very own sound blending folk with pop and hits of psychedelia, the Afghan way!

The surprising marriage of Western music with Afghan melodies, the crooner voice of a one-of-a-kind artist that happened to shake his country's musical and cultural foundations forever LP $18 SKU:17123

ZAKARY THAKS- Form the Habit 180 gram gatefold (60s psych) -Label:BEAT ROCKET Both sides of all six of Zakary Thaks' singles are on this last-word compilation, along with three instrumental versions of tracks from the 45s. All of this material has been reissued before on Eva's J-Beck Story 2, with the exception of instrumental versions of "Face to Face" and "Green Crystal Ties." Still, this marks the first time everything's been available in this fidelity in the U.S., bolstered by the inclusion of a lengthy interview with lead singer Chris Gerniottis in the liner notes. It takes its place as one of the very best single-artist '60s garage reissues, the songwriting and musicianship at a far higher level than most '60s garage bands could boast, with just as much insouciant youthful energy. From the punk of "Bad Girl" and the mind-blowing fuzz guitar of "Face to Face" to the Beatlesque pop of "Please," the folk-rock/pop of "Mirror of Yesterday," and the San Francisco-like psychedelia of their final releases (at times even sounding like early Moby Grape), it's all good-to-great stuff. Note, however, that different mixes are used than were heard on some of the original singles, which is particularly noticeable on "Mirror of Yesterday" (where the high mariachi horn parts in the break have been erased) and "Please" (which adds some poppy backup vocals to the bridge). Richie UnterbergerLP $19 SKU:16800

ZIPPS - Kicks and Chicks Ever Stoned (60s psych ) -Label:PSEUDONYM With much unreleased material. Such as the original versions of Marie Juana (Give Me Your Smell) and Benzedrine Bass Player (Hurry I Need Benzedrine), the never-released single The Singer Was Stoned/Lotus Love, instrumental versions, extended versions of Kicks and Chicks and When You Tell It, Tell It Well ..!, a live version of Roll The Cotton Down in 1965 by The Beat-Town Skifflers and the previously unreleased Watch What Happens! from 1971. All these wonderful sounds are packed into a stunning psychedelic sleeve ... LP $20 SKU:12880

ZODIAC- COSMIC SOUNDS (1967 weirdness!) Label:SWORDFISH (England) The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds was an album released on the ELEKTRA label in August 1967 in the U.K. It was heavily played by John Peel on his Perfumed Garden shows, where he used it as a basis for a competition (He had been sent a copy by Clive Selwood, the then head of Elektra’s London office and later to become Peel’s manager). The LP was extremely popular with Perfumed Garden listeners and was mentioned in the lyrics of Geoffrey Prowse’s fan tribute to the program, “The Perfumed Garden Blues, or John Peel’s lament”. ''He played the Mothers of Invention and the Velvet Underground / He played some freaky music called the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds..." The 12-track concept album featured both music and spoken narration on the theme of signs of the zodiac. Based on an initial idea by Elektra chief Jac Holzman, it was a collaborative effort with music written by Mort Garson, words by Jacques Wilson, and narration by Cyrus Faryar. The early use of the Moog synthesizer was by Paul Beaver. There was no artist called either The Zodiac or Cosmic Sounds, a fact which confused some buyers of the LP. The back sleeve informed listeners that the record "MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK". In 1994, Peel played the LP again in full over three months on his BBC Radio One shows in a regular spot shortly after the 5.30 news on Saturday afternoons.
This album, complete with psychedelic illustration of the twelve sun signs set on a black background with hand drawn groovy letters, always intrigued me. Not least of all the bright pink legend on the bottom of the back cover which cryptically stated: “MUST BE PLAYED IN THE DARK.” Why? Was it satanic? Would I go mad? Or would I simply forfeit its true meaning by playing it in broad daylight? I mean, later rock albums like “Ziggy Stardust” or “Let It Bleed” would simply require the listener to play at maximum levels, but this? For some reason it vexed the living daylights out of me every time I thought of it. Years later I saw it again in a used record shop. ‘Oh, no,’ I thought by reflex, ‘that Zodiac album again’. As I inspected it, it came to me: Hey... It’s on Elektra. 1967. Released two albums after The Doors’ first. And it’s psychedelic as all get out. It’s just GOT to be a classic. So just buy the thing and leave a note for the puzzle farm indicating manner of present mental condition: sheer unbalanced madness. Cause: mysterious rock album on Elektra. I bet this never happened to anyone, I thought, “Cosmic Sounds” under my arm and heading home with me in broad daylight, destined for immediate turntable spinning.
I laughed like crazy when the needle hit the first track -- an unmistakable Moog synthesizer WOOOOOOOO came out of the speakers and backed by a totally L.A. sessionman-styled rock out armed with extensive harpsichord action. When it broke down to random sitar strums and the first emergence of three sentence narrations on “Aries-The Fire Fighter”, then I really started to laugh. Looking at the credits, I saw no group credited as such, just “original music composed, arranged and conducted by Mort Garson,” Paul Beaver on electronic instruments and Cyrus Fayar on narration. As well as Elektra’s president, graphic designer, producer, et al., all with their respective zodiac signs in parentheses! The instrumental segment continued for a bit, then crashed to a stop, giving space for the narration with: “Nine times the colour red explodes like heated blood.” I had been laughing at my ridiculously overblown 14-year old paranoia, but now I started laughing at THAT all the way until “Cancer-The Moon Child.” Here I quickly hushed as it had finally reached the cosmic territory promised in the title, an eerie beginning courtesy of the first Moog on a rock album ever. But then it slid into a lighthearted romp with a fuzz guitar straight out of a late sixties commercial for the ultimate airline for swingers! If it continued like this at least until “Virgo-The Perpetual Perfectionist,” I thought, this record will drive me over the brink with laughter. So drew the shades and TURNED OUT THE LIGHT and began again. By the time I did get to “Virgo-The Perpetual Perfectionist” I began to hear the record in a completely different light: Opening with click clack percussion and acoustic guitar and flute, it soon weaved into a harpsichord and Moog texturing that, despite its brevity, was quite beautiful. Side two’s cosmic raga opener, “Libra-The Flower Child” opened with some extremely quiet Moog, accompanied by tablas and sitar. By complete contrast, “Scorpio-The Passionate Hero” was all strident drums marching off to war and many a Moog whoosh as a menacing harpsichord pattern emerged, building with a fuzz guitar. Early synthesizer corkscrews were jettisoned into my darkened room, and I began to notice the how great the album sounded, with a dynamic range approaching that of a classical record. The cheery “jumping Jupiter things” of “Sagittarius-The Versatile Daredevil” appears, all circus-like and the complete opposite to the Capricorn track, the eeriest trip-out on the album. A thin, thin fuzz guitar is plucked against a continual swelling of descending chords, and was VERY effective in the dark. “Aquarius-The Lover of Life” begins as a Latin-based shuffle theme from childhood, all Moog sooth-out and peaceful vibes. “Pisces-The Peace Piper” is just as cosmic, drum-less save for hollow bells struck and atmospherically-correct vibraphones. Echoed, hollowed bells are struck twice in finality, ending an album of timeless themes with a psychedelic perspective that could only have been recorded at this time. The whole integrated package still speaks to me after all these years, and taught me never to be superstitious about liner notes ever again."
analogue masters and sounding like you’ve never heard it before… LP $32 SKU:18219

ZOOM -Sweet Desperation ( 76 pre punk Bowie/ Velvets/ Sparks inspired )-Label:UGLY POP (CANADA) "Bored of cover bands and Toronto's stagnant bar scene, Chris Haight and John Hamilton formed Zoom in 1976, inspired by such pre-punk touchstones as the Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, Bowie and Sparks. The band quickly set to gigging locally, but were soon caught up in the punk scene that exploded to life around them. An obscure but seminal 1977 45 -- arguably Toronto's first punk record-- was their sole release before the band dissolved as Haight joined the Viletones and Hamilton began drumming for the Diodes. Despite their duties in two of Canada's leading punk bands, however, the pair didn't want great songs like 'Schoolgirl Hitch Hiker', 'My Baby's Got No Brains' and 'They Only Come Out At Night' to go undocumented, so they entered the studio in 1978 to get this stuff on tape. Produced by Bob Segarini and BB Gabor, and with musical contributions from members of The Ugly, The B-Girls and The Curse, the session captured a pretty special time in Toronto music history. It seems especially poignant that it would then remain unheard for decades. In 2014, Hamilton, who had gone on to an illustrious career of his own but had never entirely forgotten Zoom, located the tapes and had them professionally baked and restored. A trove of photographs, flyers and graphics was similarly uncovered, and now Ugly Pop is very pleased to announce a 13-track LP." LP $15 SKU:17598