Apr 26, 2022

Thanks for the good vibes

Alive/Bomp is such a good find for me. It helps me keep the faith regarding new music/bands. Especially these days, when I can only imagine how difficult it is for bands and the smaller labels/support to just keep your head above water! I know I couldn't do it. I've picked a few James Leg and Black Diamond Heavies over the years. As he has come through cork in here. Great performer. Left Lane Cruiser was another one, played midweek to an almost empty place. I was disappointed at cork and I was gutted for the band. The band then played for free and were awesome. I was so impressed, great blokes. Found Handsome Jack on youtube, brought me to your goodselfes again!! Love this band, especially the first two records. Alive recordings again!! What is going on with this label? Gotta be witchcraft? Checked out Bomp/Alive. Picked up Heath Green. Wow total gold, a future classic. Love it love it. An album that I can see me playing for the next twenty years. After buying three copies of it already. I'll probably buy another one or two for gifts. Sulfur City, the Bobby Lees! Fab. Then to top it off. Through your emails, I'm informed that the Bobby Lees are playing Limerick! Which is about one and half hours drive away. I'm taking 5 buddies up to the gig. We are staying the weekend. Our first group getaway since before the pandamic and we going to go mad! So a big thank you back at ya! A tip of the hat and a pat on the back. The folks at Bomp/Alive have good ears and great taste. Long may it continue. Cheers, Jay